The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 4, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
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$125, ntitPOftTttto city'* mail owtty fir* m year* raged through tmttne**** M tto MM> Btoak of (MB tht* morning, tamwd by * atrong wind aad eawttng a ton uttmated at *ltS,MOormore. comal*t*ty oatnoilatofl IB tto fir* * Sfbray • HontvaiM Call end TvrmiiMt Oi^ unit wtor* tto Vatueo Poet 00** Subetattea wa* former* tytottte*. AtrMM i» FrwtMft, CJtte JUd into J*ck*on firemen br«»jM e«ji«pme*t It tto •**•*> water to*** war* later* trtetJ Hto *pagtotU for about i bloat at fiaf Blvd. and ru along adf»ini*g atreete *apolM**»taproedblo6k«*nd •leered early morntnt traffic around tto fir* *a*n». Freeport firemen war* «att*d out at »i» a.m. when tto fir* we* reported to a poItoediapaHtorby a telephone operator. A ahoft Urn* later Ctato firemen arrived, with Lake Jukaoa nremen aummtmed at esM a.m. a* ttoflr* dontlimed toapread. Freeport Fire Manhal C. P. Kennedy wu making u laveatigattoa today to determlu tto «*«** aad extent of daraag*. H* MM to wo*M gww that Ito feu would ma at teut tlM.OOO at mot* bat to had no td*a tb* **tent of tto Monk tot*. ' . ."- 'T . Kennedy antd tto fir* apptared to hav* *tnrtod at tto war of Stoarer'* Shoe Store bet he wa* not yet MTe (U further iBvcatigtUoo. He tajd than tod been no limilar major fir* toM tnthecKytayeara. CM* Fir* Chtet Lee MM wu among ll Clttte firemen who foaght tto fire, wlBi three nremen atayrog behind at the CM* Station u n eafety maarar*. Chtet Price cald that when to arrived on tto aeene, tto cafe waa net yet on fire but the roof * had burned out and noUapMd on tto ehoo ator* and exterminator firm. Whipped by atrong wind*, tto flamu than apread to tte cafe at about tto center of tto building, Chief price aald. H* aald there were no opening* on the weat aide of the lengthy *ef* Mum* ana only «*» aide teat en tt* ***t *We «o note* were eat M flu eafe'a reef to (at hMM »i»i water tothenrt. At IINMW firemen evpetred to be anM«i bwdmiy in 4MUlB« the Mario, then e*ety «u*t» w«MM aetthen«Ne In MUM etal*. THa Paal Meat* seed ear bnatwaa M ts« *Mt end of tha Mofti of bMUUga «aa net damned and tere hM bee* ao eftort to mow Me wMelee end a boat away ff«Hi tlw are*. ef the bnrbar ahop nitwrea he* MM atowd oat, Freeport business block However, the ahoe company was a maaa of nftbte along with the eHemitnattn* firm an firemen atoll teafM *a fire in Me eafe erooad « t.m, today. The ON eonttnnad to ronamne the <•«» atnetore aa firemen aimed hem from the top of the barber atop bWMrtu, from UMde Hie MM* ator* aad from tin) aideiand r*ar of Smoke billowed akyward, vtttm* for mtte*. freeport poliee who were *at on duty tnanday night w«r* tailed net thla moraiat to rettave thon* who had been werttnt road, bloek* for hour*. A Lake Jetkaoa fwttee unit atalated with tntfHe In Freeport* A Ctate patrolman, eAer ennoHim that elty'a fire «dta to Freaport, remained awhUe to halp wttt traffin at a buy Lake Jktkaon'e nine firemen returned to their station about ••.A.wttheMe tlremMtahuf their eqtdpmeot back to the Station abeat »!» a.m. rreeport flremm rematHad on the aeene, howeter, to be «aw the ftome* did not reear. By 10 a.m. tha fire appeared to be atoat doaaed, a rreepart flremaaaald. ! Lake Jaekaon flremen made food me of their auxiliary »an truck at the aoane, whteh baataeiltttta for makiac coffee. Firemen eapreaaad their appreciation to eafea andperaona who furnlahad hot ooffee for them thl* momttf alne* none had breakfatt before belnc called oat. 8PM AD tr«. e FreepnM eta* More en* etMMtnattat flna to een* MM* a calk In the •*» tarn at Mm o»w m* momMt tntat* »*>w. ithm afcoM 7;JO n>m.. flrtttMn •ere battta* the calk tire with the o»h»r two tw»i. netne* already atouitoa^ and amoha and water dam. at* to two otter mute ef the baataen Nock. At time*. Bremen made hand- way to Jietttt* Ow Damea. (hen atroet font wtnta woeM fan the Are back to- toMlki*H«flemea.lto*d. block* were nwlatamed by police to detoar traffic away from fire bonee atnmg acraee Calf Blvd. and aurrwndtat atreett. Aroaad M Fiaefiort. Chtte and Uh* Jetkecn Bremen were on the eeene with eqatpment after t*e fir* we* Brat reported at 8:10 *.m. today. By » a.m. it had keen aabdeed and aa Inveattfatlcn atarted tode. temlM the cam* and the extent of th* atoek to** la addition to the bwlneee atruetarea, -Facto aUtt photo THE VOL. 52., NO. 4 RAZOSPORT FACTS icy T* fefctrftt. C A timaWrJ •* ** i AMQCiQifjQ rmi fVMnDBjr W6DNESDAY, MARCH 4, 1964 Waekdoyt I0<-Suodoy DOW PUNE CRASHES, PILOT HURT N* tolllmlhaB, "Tkere are three of ua." «•«• **» liAKB JACK80H-A Yetoran, Dow pilot we* kitted and U* two paaaencer* bufly tajand late Tueedax when a twin•mine ahot the runp*y to Ik* the pilot wa.*. CW«, 49, ottOS Va^Be^t wMw •MM . Jtfcn M coafen*t ,,plojM of lha«UMl Oapart- m*« of Bnt^a on amtOM. H**M»red pfjMtttaf pat- waafte *alt*ictory ca ition today «t Coammalty Man fined for swing at A nrafcaru cwity Coart ]unr delOltatid onljt 18 mw* «*» before lunttnt e •J.yelr'- oH let* Barbara man caJNy of ItrikHt * Lake jaekeon polleeman kud breaklai HU PLAME CBASR at Lake JackMo Farm* la»t nlfht I* belnj ImeetKatod by Federal Aviation Aaaney offlelala. Pictured ere th* right wine and cabin of the twla-eanne Dow Chemical Co. CMSB* Sia Th* nttot wa* killed and two men wan lajored when the plane went down » half- mile from the end of a Dow Airport runway. Company official* aald the plane waa approaching the runway for a Undlaf at tha time of the craah. Hirti ti net ANOLETON-A alxtb candidate haa filed for the three coen poeta on the Anttoton School Board. Ha la Dan Hurta, An«l*ton Inanraoee and real estate atent. nunt deadline I* B p.m. today. Candidate* are to file with School Board Secretary Dr. qwtolph Brantby. election set B* THB AeMOCtATCD **••••• am • and Heard PETE TODDtrfUfc* Jack- ae*,mifMypnMt«f*B*»tn. early annlveraary gift, a new weddlac rim *»W> k*r ha*. band DAVE »«* to tor al> •o*t two awntk* in *dvanee of their April l» *aat«anary. KATHLEW §OMl*tmKO of weat Columbia and Damon realdent* will (o tothepolla to vote for a new alato of tnwto** far their newly -or- taniaed Kocpttat Dlrtriet on Saturday, AprUi. Voting aUtlona will to at the American Ugton UaU In Waal colambte and the Fire Station »t Damon. The preaent board rf *- rector*, who** term* all *x- pire, are Karcua weema, Mr*. France* Ranfrow, C. a Htnng. and E. T. Jem. AU tear, atom with the late Mr. Hooper of DUMB were appointed by County Commla- •tonar* Court ahortly after the di*trict wa* organ- WASHJNOTON -Democrat* on the Senate committee U- ***tl|nUnc Bobby Baker** af- fairf *ay the inveatitntton la near the end. Retmbllean«dU- Officers • fcAKE JACKSOK - Student Cotmeil oincer* haw teen •laetod far Uw 1»M^M ton* at Lah* Jackaon junior High d«y onTbttr*4*y,**lfcCOIWlE OAIWBII, JACKIE STILL. M1KBY LOCA«. ORBO NOHTHHUP and fO||*r wtikfiflji Fi u *»«•* Bryaat,pr**identt Stew MeGnlfk}, twaatiwfj ttt t 0*1* n*«noy, awretary. Att .wmbeaintk - - - - Tto poaltioB new byitoDa- mon mu to now vacant, but WMRU, board ehalrmaa. aald that aomeone will to appointed prior to tto election to re- plat* Hooper. . In tto Mar* dlwctor* terawwiUeuireonaUenate y*«r», rather Mu all at M* ttme u la happening ihla *•*•» Candidate* wteking to fff* *M*>t obtain a p*UU<M wMk aad We wttk c. K, Hatug of ^_^*f tto 1 d^gk ' HkigvC vtalMlggaMg*j •to^g^a^audW LOS AMOEU»-Jad|a WU- llam a En*t bu net * ttu* fet datit of Friday tor M* Jary to retire la the trial of throe men charted with Frank siMtim Jr. AUSTIN - Tea**' Court refueed Wedneeday, tor a aacoad Urn*, to hear argw. aaaata that tetovtoto* viewer* who aaw Jack Ruby akoHLM Harvey Oawald. cannot *erve a* IHWT* tnr Rtdty* mvnhtr MM. HEW OSLJBA»|.0*»oerml Jen* J. hfctttthe* to LowiaT lana 1 * ant governor bat OK election** wo* aw alter the Mat*'* political flatten, intn MIW out of wtodowaarthalr at lae time, atw the Juat bant* of Oame. Mr*. M* Tod IhoegM that * gaa pipeline which ran* along the area had eapledad. Mr*. Peal aoodyeart Initlal reaction waa that a car bad turned over and waa baming. Th* Charte* KrolU, too, thought Itjn* another wreck on'wd- clde curve." But Paul Goodyear, who bad been backing out of hia driveway to 6» bowling, remitted, that a plane had craahod. H* aad hi* wife mold hear the erlee of the Injured awn. call- lag tor kelp. Ooodyear wa* amonc ike flrat of MVeral aelghbora to reach the aeene. Seventeen-year«flM Bobby Tod pat hie Boy Steal training to gocdea*, taktagadamp- ened bkuket alcag a* kerau from the bonce. W. K. Milk*, whOMkomela kMt acre** Bayoa Road from Me creak ace**, wa* earfker •jiliiiate. fe<*aj cna *ald l*acJi* all day tod togMJ^\ lift* Im OCUll eAAMHWl M>M naUO, Mwnt.ofihkcraakwMa 1 ., U-K«^ed UO yaw* of Dow-owned p»*tar*l*nd northwut of tto >aya« Road, tt wu atoat a mile aad a half from tto udofttorw*. way U wu approaching. Ttow war* flajam Immediately aftertto creak from a gu lank that nvtered when tto ptenehtt*Uee,udcragg» wu bamed. DawagtelaUuM thte wu notttoeaiMoofdeath, however,, Dow otflctel* aald tto pku* waa arriving from Lafayette, La., wtow ttopu*us*wh*d vtelted Loatekiu toMlas* *t Braau oil aad Ou, a Dew •utoldtery. Tto plan* wu • medium (CoattaaidoaFag*l» ,'M|a u Hibbette jr, * Bat Jtomieal Co. employ** al tta Winding Way, •mettoflftt Board of Eda- whutofitodTtHMday. M are Mat atatjb E. Gray aad meant* Bait* Dr. Philip crow, H. c. White aad Earl Little. JMadUu for filing la 4,30 Ml. today. flU> **»«i LAKE JACKSON— 1"9J^j4a4wttV * D*» Ctemteal Co. awployu^hutUadtorapiam on tto Otty Cowcll. Deadline fcr ailat U tonigkt. Ttor* are two CoaneU po- atttoto aad that of tto mayor opu thle year. AU three la- eumbente taw fltod, Blue two 8rn*i epeilif set FUEKPORT-A rtbhea^wt- ting ceremcay will mark the grand opening of Salman Shoe* In Tarpon Inn Village at 1a.m. Tkereday, Ctty aad Biwoaportcham- tor of commerce offlelala wUI b* pr**ent tor the event, wttfc Beater Carry of the Chamber a* muter of cere- Jim Bishop Reporter TJbese aj:e things I can believe in: wjaa* * " " at Maw *at nbroed. n fiat* laVttim* to write < fa> etony wto teak tt* tta* to " wur**eated»akwMtn (C*e»ia«**w!***|*) •)•*) % Mfc *al| *Jtor •»** ^^M^W ^^T f^W'JB'aWfr «» *" ****** •ft W if derfndanl. L. A. Ivy • Jr. of 121 Ukewood Drive, wu flned |SS and eourt coal*. Tkla waa the minimum fine poaalble Inlhecaae. Ivy wa** charged with atrlk- ing Palrolmin ctenn Loagino after Longino altempteC to Ucket Ivy'a brother %f anottor driver for ruing a* Highway 331 at apeed* up to N mil** p»r hour. 'ivy wu a pu**ng*r In hi* brother'* auto al Ike time. Teetlmony indicated that Ivy became belligerent about 0M> ticket* and kept badgering Loagino who finally aakedhlm to mow to th* other car. ivy compiled with Uwreqtnii, but returned a tew minuto* later, uktng If the officer had called him 4 name. PTA asked to visit classrooms SWEENY-"A Vlall to the Ckuaroom" In <jtiaenranc<> of Teua public School Week will to held Thuredev night In lieu af the program al the Parent- Teechcra Aaaoclailuo meet- Ing. llow*v«r, ite urgulaation will eonven* al 7 p.m. In the High scbuol auriUarlum for r««uUr bualne**, whlck will Include Ih* eteclloaofoffleere fur th* niuHiliHl yvnr, end ad- Kwra to *»»i»i tchuol ofllebO* with UM vlallatlon pNgrem. Parent* and palrana will be lavlt*i] lo »l«li all teactora who will t» at ih»ir regular eteairoom «iailim«. but ••- pMlaily IIMHWI ttet Ikeir chll- dru attend. The Thurada) ntfM e**M la Ito only pbMed «fblr larec. ognUion of public ackoei week, a lekool effletel aa- Mninci d, tart he pointed out Mat - parent* an MrMed to vtelf and obacrve ID* aetun- MM of the aeaoul at aU ilmee. awtlfied Tuaeday thalh»denl*dtkUalthetia|i< ft.tfnW troaM* mMede* Ik. referring to ivy, Aawrdtng to the toaumoar. tvy eenUmml to badger Lea- glno. TbeBntrolmandeeMedto arreet try, enme ap behMI him aad oaagbt Ivy by Ha> . collar. Longtoo aald he bed a \ fla*Ulght la Ma hand, bat a that he dkt aol rat** H tef etrlka Ivy. ( Ivy whirled, and *trwk Uafpr tfmo with hi* fM. fraeterxfe- tng Loagtao** now aad dS*»": plaeu* it atoat u ineh, n*»' ' , aotdlng to the toatlmony. 'jweefiaeilyl '-• Tto« " IliM on Highway! •on. Oaf**** aUoraera Bug and Anthony willy **MJ that the )edgmeat be de>f rai until earlgmsrU. They mad* no motigo ferine*trialead did not iiv* aauc* of apaaal. Proaecetor mr the ca**9ag*^' den Be**, who aald he wte ptoaned wtth Ike trial'* net- come aad that to (*• tte verdict "toad* to vindicate tto officer." j, County jada* AMoa Araeakif preekted. The en** came to » at 6t4S p.m. Tueeday a fall day Apartment project planned •WMHV - A madam **« nan apartment iMiMteeUte*- uuvely alnemii tor Sweeny by thU tall. BMa tor Ike project af* new heinc recelimd by Hay kl. wkumtte and A**4*nikNi Mr*. Abldi eatfftt fen*) aiA^Mttankeft naa^CS WPW WVU *W nNNnWaWPHI 4 P-m, Tkataday. Bttrak If, told TkeraatoMt* TW ily tl.OM gram |» fonKjaetten wllk the PTA kteetin* haa proved meet payeter wua th* parente *»r- l*g M* pe*t eeteral wera. It attafd* Ike mmrlnnH/ ui e<4 e*4y kKomf *MT* at* miiiar ww» Mir (MM 1 * •kMereom, Ike kvltttie*. a«* * <M*pla; of w«tk accoei. pM***tf. M alee ikevtaltette* ptfagram pnwMe* tt* **•*»• the Went *a kae* u Informal «t*u w*» «h* h*n*M. Tk«y witt *a*»Mt*a*riatr< ****•'• **** "•*•** we«M he mt* •«. neaaM.

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