The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 14, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRISBUKG," ILL.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 14. 1948 PAGE FIVBt 1'raudulciil Check Informations have been tiled in county court churning Lacy 1'ar- tuin with issuance ol a fraudulent check. Seeks Divorce Ignatius Howcrs seeks a divorce from Thelma Bowers in a complaint filed in circuit court. The Daily Register. 20c a week 53,337 Children Paid State Aid During December SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 14 - IM'»_A total of M.331 children in 21,220 needy families received al- i December from About Town And Country (Continued from One) coining Saline county Centennial c( Iteration. Kdward was critically in- lowanees during December from Kdward Fonvc was critically '»· the slate aid lo dependent chiklien I j,| K .(| a t Sulphur Springs wncn fund, it was announced today. j] 1 ( . r v ii while roofing his house. The Illinois Public Aid Commis- c.ipl. Art Dufelmcier of Ihc uni- sion .said the average monthly al- \ , , s i t v of Illinois football team sion .said the average monthly a l - , lowancc was $33 per child. ?54 per i family, and $24 per pci.son. | ISoxlng Kcgulations Air Commission Report Warns of Danger of Atomic Attack after '52 WASHINGTON. Jan. 14--U.I!-- Ihc joint congressional aviation i csidcnt Truman's air policy com- policy board, which is making a , . of those originally announced by W A.-Gavin, an Englishman. Males Aiiornuy i\. '-'···". f r( viewed the acliviticf. .of his 01,, )K , 0 for a one-year period t o I h t Rofiulntions which generally rule I hoard of supervisors. It was1) , boxing In the United States today j \rilcd that his collections totalleu date back to 1919 and aie olTshoots ?7,8G7. · - - · Da it. Wilson, county saperinlen- dint of schools, said Ihcic would be no teacher shortage in Saline I county. . . ' T h e Bankslon Creek Coiliencs Co. opened its new No. 2 sir mmr south, of Pankcyvillc with Clifford Goodwin the superintendent and the new Blue Bird J rune west of Harrisburg trans- polled its first coal over its new " N Tho^Yntcinal Revenue Service ir.o-.ud its office to the city hall, , n f i ,t might be a good thing at i:,, time to lemember this fact WAKE LIVER Picsidcnt . . mission urged this nation today to ,MI j^u^....~.-- : . - . , - - , _ ,, -- prepare its air arm to meet the of Illinois football l cam | .^rious danger" of atomic attack m Harrisburg briefly. i a f t c r 1952 K. C. Ronalds . Thc commission said lhc United Stales can not expect to have an alomic monopoly after a "tar- gel dale" of Jan. 1, 1953. And fiom now unlil that, it added, is a short time to mount air power strong enough to lurn back a possible Iranspolar or transocean assault by supersonic planes and missiles. i mil til* vuc*y» i * w JLVI«H»V-» u\. ^ \. *«uv »· v^.--* -.-.»» . The commission proposed reor- returned to their home in Man- ganization of the Commerce De- leno. Sunday. Rudement By Mrs. Ellen Wassou The sick are some better at this time, with the exception of Mrs. John Milliium. and Mis. Otto Wasson and j.soii, and Miss Bonnie Gribble yi»i S Arabian early B«U«f , ,,-·* All mctnJj w«rlo compound J iub«* stances made up of mercury t and 5 sulphur In different proportion*, «·, cording to early beliefs of Arab, chemist?. , A Men Felt Like His j Bones Were Broken, * j ted 'relatives here last week. Tlieyj Due tO RheumOtlSni; parlmcnt. To balance the pow Cnbble has purchased a has mo\ed on the Without Calomel--And You'll Jump Out of Bed in tiie Morning Raria' to Co Tho lurr i ; ioulJ pour out nlvut 2 jnN of bile juice into your iHiwiJs i-vtrj J_y. If Uui bile a not tlow.:i,; fr«4y, jour loo'l may not diilutt. It m.iy J«-ay in th' 1 l»ow ·!·!. Tti' n »;u» bluuU up your ntvtnath. V o u i"'- «m- Ktiputoi. Vou K-U tour, sun!: ai:J tne world look] punk. It Uik.-t tliov milil, cpntl' 1 Ca'lrr'i I.ittlc J,iur I'lllt to i;i I thi-v 2 pi 11.1 of bile OOA- inc frtil/ to »i-kf ,ou fn.1 "up .iinl up." (ill ii This warning and a proposal to spend billions of dollars on aerial preparedness starling now topped scores of recommendations in a report released by the White House and tilled "Survival in the Air Age." Mr. Truman in a statement accompanying the 166-page document, said "the judgments of the commission should be studied with care by the Congress and the peo- p a r m c n . ar n er of the military establishment pail O f mules. it said, commerce should have i Lcc faihcl has two sub-departments, one for civ-,j.. rank Ncttlon p | a(:c . il aviation, one for industry a n d ] j3 CCC i, cl . Williams will soon have trade, each with a secretary. |j, JS new ) lomc lca( j y to movc into. The report also advocated a! Lorcn Osman and family visited "double-barrelled" foreign policy. | his brother. Henry, Sunday, in The commission said the United Hardin county. States seeks peace through t h e ' Oral Cribble spent a few days United Nations and simultaneous- 1 last week in Mantcno and Chicago. y builds its air defenses for the Benson Milligan spent Saturday possibility of war. night with his parents, Mr. and nu w i^..v».~~- ----- carc bv tnc congress anu uic yew- Stale Depar^cnt of Aero Thomas K . Finletler, New I'ftnmnmnndCu l«w 3111-3 u t _ ;, . ., . i.._,i~i 4k« dr-Aiin i- m niut..n^ lute flo-v f."i!/. \»k for Carter's l.iUle Livtr I'lll j. recommended two Poute 34 betv.ccn Hai Raleigh for a proposed Raleigh airport. Claims Negro Seeks To Escape Hanging (Conlinued from page one) · (1II | }'*'-"· * "*/*»*»*M .» ·· -- - - _ , and York attorney, headed the group. It spent five months on the job, held 206 hearings and meetings, heard testimony of 150 witnesses NEWLY BUILT CAMERA ROOM SPECIALIZING IN PORTRAITS P,Y APPOINTMENT PHONE 1280 J. R. METCALF, 18 S. MILL ST. (SAFE SPEED LITES I'OR KABY'S EYES) I Jsten to "CLAUDIA 1 \\KI5Q. 10:30 A. M. Ask for it ettkcr way ...both trade-marks mean the same thing. EOTTLcD UND2R AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Harrisburg © 1947, The Coco-Cclo Coffpony '$13.95 and.up $1.30 For Old Battery ! S SUPER SERVICE I MESJ HOW , the ,,-, ea ,v to »in a glamorous now Frazcr or n big bca»«,f»1 .fcnt Kaiscr-Frazcr contest. It's easy to w,n anv ; CS " ^d cash awards «o«ling S17.MO. Here's aH vou to do Visit vour ».earby Raiser- F«er dealer and ask for vour free contest entry blank- With it you'll ftt containing the official rules of the contest, a 1, nnd somc'hclpM facts about Kaiser and cars R ad o ,,p sheo,. Then complete this sentence in * -rds ^ . s - ^ c - Kaiser and Frazer cars appeal tome because ... Tha «1U e is ,o it. There's nothing to to bu. So fcct your entry in the mail, today. 2*5 BiG CONTEST WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED NEXT TUESDAY On Newscope over your Mutual Brcoc/cost/ng Stelfon! Burroughs Motor Sales, Harrisburg, III. Jcrrcl's Motors A. J. Brandt Co. KOSICKAKE, n.L. CAR.MI, IU- Wend*" 1 ) NoiV. 5'ret over and took several fiel^ Irips. Spending Trend Upward The money proposals would increase the present $10.098,000,000 military budget to $11.590,000.000 in calendar 1943 and $13,200,000,000 in calendar 1949. The trend ot expenditures, subject to proposed re-study in 1948, Evanston, 111., authorities to investigate his story of the killing of a wealthy woman and her maid there. Two Men Cleared Wallgren only last week commuted the sentence of 17-year-old Joseph Henry Maish, 66 minutes before he was to have died for slaying a girl. Green sent his request to Wallgren after Bird confessed to knowledge of how Mrs. Lillian Galvin. 45, and her maid, Edna Sibilski. 28, were killed on Oct. 22, 1942. Bird implicated three men, two of whom were cleared in lie de- One man recently stated that? for years lie felt like the bone£ in Ins legs were broken. This was; due to muscular rheumatism. HiE( muscles were swollen and his legs, so .sliff and sore lhat he couldn't walk without limping. He w^is, in misery. Reccnlly he started, taking TRU-A1D and says Ihe feeling like his bones were broken disappeared Ihe second ,day. Tho swelling and stiffness has gone from his muscles; now he can walk without suffering and sayt he feels like a new man. TRU-A1D contains Three Great Medical Ingredients which go right to the very source of rheumatic and ncuiitic aches and pains, Mis, . . . . . r crablc people soon feel different each man must marry a woman of all over. So don't go on suffering! Mrs. John Milligan. inmans Had a System A system of marriage consanguinity practiced by American Indians, Ganowanian. provided that another tribe. Only through females was descent recognized. Get TIIU-AID. Sold by All Drug Stores here in Harrisburg. . jCCL IO UI U[JUj*-u ni-juvivij 1 **» ^w*vj ^^ vvjiuiii wv.j.1- v.*v-*»* **·*· - , - would be upward after 1949. The t ec tor tests yesterday. The third, program %vould be "exiremely ex-iis serving 25 to 40 years at the [ / 1 U £ I U 1 I 1 , » u w * v . « w -- - - _ . - - - ,, pensive." the repoil said, but "self- preservation comes ahead of econ- ny.'' ,,, Sen. Ov;en Brcwster, R., Me., said, after reading the report that it "will be of great value in con- cessional consideration of the national security as related to aviation" Brewster is chairman of Truman Calls For Stabilized Prosperity (Conlinued from page one) said he felt no shame. "If I served all the time m hades I deserve," he said Id be there as long as it would take a seagull to move the east coast beach, grain by grain, to Japan Gov. Dwight H. Green of Illinois sent a telegram today to Gov. Mon C. Wallgren of Wasn- ington, asking him to stay Birds execution long enough to permit the dominant problem m our economic affairs." That one line set the one for Southern Michigan Penitentiary! for another murder. . In his most recent outburst o f | confessions, Bird added seven slayings to his list. | Olher Slayings He said he killed a grocer on Central Avenue, Los Angeles, in 1923; and lhat he and an accomplice killed a man and a woman m Cleveland in 1928 and disposed of the bodies in Cleveland's Bull Run area. He also said he beat a man to dealh wilh a brick in Cleveland, August, 1923, and partially dis- Imembered him. He claimed he slit the throat of a white man at Chicago, 111., Jan. 3 or 4, 19±2, and dumped the 'stecl-weightea this message Mr. Truman listed at Sutton Garage SHAWXEETOWN, Cox Motor Co. ELDORADO. ILL. iVli. 4- * U l l l a i i AA«JV~W. v eneth the economic progress ot 1047 He showed that employment, production and income had risen 'to new" highs He said the production rate for 1947 was $237,000,000,000 as compared with 5204,000,000,00 for 1946. Consumers generally, he said, spent $3,500,000,000 more than their incomes increased. But this consumer spending, ne added, was bad and contributory] to inflation. : "The record of prices, wages and profits during 1947 shows how they" f e d upon o n e another m a developing process of Ration. he said. "In spite of the heartening production record of the year, this inflationary trend was profoundly disturbing. It not only produced great inequities among our people, but also created the danger of a serious setback The President proposed three basic - economic objectives for 1948" 1 ' "The first . . - must be to halt the inflationary trend." It was here he repeated the basic goals of his anti-inflation program which was largely turned down by the recent emergency session o£ Congress. . .. ,2 "Our second main objective for" 1948 should be to maintain maximum employment, achieve maixmum production, and adjust the price-income structure so as to slop the inflationary spiral without production cutbacks or extensive unemployment." . 3 "To establish firmer foundations for the long-range growth and prosperity of our economy in the years ahead." The President tacked on a list of long-range ° b i c .ctivcs. one of which was the goal of 64,000,000 employed within 10 years. '\bove all. the President asked for programs of earnings by management, labor and af »«»M«re that would result in what he called "stabilized prosperity. He Jwas as specific as his generalized 1 approach to he broad economic S problem seemed to permit. In this vein, he asked for a ! level of (government) revenue i above expenditures in all except depression years which will per-, mil systematic reduction of the, public debt: and second, a tax j structure which will promote stab-, ilized prosperity through adjustment of particular taxes to stimulate or to check consumer cxpcn : diturc as circumstances require. Miss Evelyn Wiedemann Elected Secretary- Treasurer cf Pilots Ass n Miss Evelyn Wiedemann was elected secretary-treasurer of the Egyptian Pilots Association at its meeting last night at Thurmonds icafc in Herod. She replaces MnLJ i Blanche Summers, who is leaving ! The club voted to build painted, 'metal runway markers at the air' iwi ai Mud'dv and Jimmy Cara- l£S? of Eldorado will donate the !pninL .., n \ Facilities for making coffee: win ibc placed at the field by the club · for all cross-f-ountry pilots stop" l pl l?«nSrtiiifi * ' hc association! ] will DC Jan. 27 at the wuntry club. I anu uumjjtu !·"- ovi-x,. ··-- 0 ---- , body in Lake Michigan five miles south of Kenosha, \Vis. Bird said he shot to death a delicatessen operator in Hells Kitchen New York City, September, 1942- and that he and an accomplice killed a white woman during en attempted purse-snatching on a bridge "near State street, Chicago, in September, 1942. They disposed ot hei body in Lake Michigan, 30 miles-south ol bt. Joseph, Mich., he said. Bird said three cases were too painful to discuss." He-said the were committed in Racine, \\is-. 1942, New Jersey in 1922 or 1923 and in Illinois at an undetermined date. --" *" '*^^* M ~* Ai *ju4, Monuments and Markers ,; O/ Everlasting Beauty No matter how simple, a monument or marker speaks eloquently of an honored name, of faith and devotion, preserving for all time the memory of the^one who has departed: A monument is the tie which binds the living and the dead. Let us help you make plans for the erection of a stone to mark the grave of a member of your family. Our experience will prove invaluable. YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS :; Including Missouri Red, Solsbury Pink, - ^ , Berkley Blue or Grey.. . : ; 4 l , Write or Call Latest Designs 914 S. Webster Karrisburg have some wonderful values left. COME IN Textron Bedroom Ensembles $17.95 6- 22.50 Double Spreads 15.95 19.95 Single Spreads ._. 13.50 13.95 Draperies 10.50 9.95 Vanity Skirls 3 only, Tufted $7.95 Double Blanket^ S $12.95 15.75 10.95 14.50 9.95 8.25 7.95 Going at $8.50 ,, Sale S5.95 Originally $3.95 F^ oi Clearance V5c pa A number of good patterns in Drapery and Slipcover Fabrics at Vz price or less. "S *! 3 .. i *i Nf** I? » m ij

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