Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 15
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 15

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 15
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HOMES FOR SALE 821 HOMES FOR SALE hit " mm FOR 81, HOMES FOR SAt! 821 HOMES FOR SALE 82 AUTO TIRES SI NI. \ v i v iTV ,.. , ' licit-• I .Mir. illlnil M.i< ii,K u c. v " l "» l ' | l 1 ' terms (•/.,,!,(•«" H'>b Bilirh 2-II7D3 or Town A ('. ' excellent, i", " - jwt MUCK fiiiv tN THW,«r e Ihnn y.m'vo ever scon, 'iwi *opnr»t<>.« kllrhcn Ami .. 11. with location. 3 BR i n> wlth flr «nl«' l e. fuliv . »' D doub 'f K"™ 1 "' n " brlcK, him*' M. Cull Ray .Inhninn 7S2.I5»| or Town Country Real female M .n , - - fil f,' 1 dr "l'«l. Hie fenre an,) s' ,r«g<.. flcrlrlo (.ye mi fl.mhtr R.UIW nlor „',""""• »»•""" '"a" •>'*" M »r Marie Dandrea 7(13 Qualify Budget Plan SERVICE SPECIAL AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLED COMPLETE 24 MO. OB 24,000 MILE WARRANTY 50 $1140 CARS PICKUPS '28 DOWN 12 DOWN 12 MO. MO. SALESMEN Harry Donthcy \ t i \ ttae sale/' 762-4427 five r»ii PMllI .ll'i* |.i\vn ,n JU'rh'Cl r.inili' iKvucr win »f\\ MIA aiiiirilHiil. cull Jnr<< Wlnl.,11 Really i'/uit, ittt/ti, il?H MAIN ONLY S75|| down will nn' 5 ,;j in thin rh.ilrp ni.ut nenr C'luvln Hl(?h H hitilni.iin«. I 1 )', bath*, built- in oven and rflnifn, fwely wtll in Wrill rnnit't, 2 par RnrnRp, pnnl.v nhclvoa. rMt'ls nml mure ri.iMi*. Infills or ci p- h.ianl ipare In the klirhi-n, hath and RanRc, l/ivelv patli). all lanjr«p*ii. central nesting nnd rtrnoos. Move rlghf In. Call .Inve atone 7n4.:tsii3 or 7(j:< 44rii. Sli.MKV AnA AKlKll llllljllS I'llll.XC !tV OttMKrtl ipaiifu-'i, (1-iinc, cn IM» iwil.i Uf.iikithiiii drM'ii's .'in iii'1 An I'n nt. Ki'Mp N''li; ..... Mh,i.nt .-nil .iw.iei al hrcnkWui fl HI IMlllfi . , [r- oxponnivi ; In A ti.DKi; (If ».( linr, l.iftrU ol ... »viih vnni- lies. nh'B pall, i dnrt fenr*. Illnw In'.s, exrellciil area. I'Aymi-ntl $S4 Bfi m.nilh. .1 inn Afnott ?H!l-liM or 7n;j-«W •IT -lacM Kniiman 71W-HI33 ciovl* Ktai Eitate Inc. **tt> r«nl Br*«n llnn.Mifi W.t Joy»« Slimn DM 'tiMi:t ^nanlia I'Anl tltt-HIKA 32SOA (Jramfna grnm ranrn, (puil water H4HA ( A wheat land, $73 ner A New Bilch, carpeted, den A fireplace Kurnl»hed 2 BR A «mall rental, ttrml IXJT A Trailer ipacen brlnff $70 mo. equality brick like new, jt»Kl terms FARM • HANI H . lltltldAMON I.OANS lhl» o MUCH for to iiitte-w«ll loratud ftum with n«w patfti, nlre Itwti. Penned hack ;*nA oftd only t;au NOW. JSi KiNisniNt! 3 ai< itrick hornet In esrhnive area. ro» many nice feature* to list. Be fure to ire EUBANK SWACKHAMMER :'n. ,iu • I'll i,(i* Vii".iivi''tii«r mm IthNIHKll i IMtr».itn wllh ftaras* ft|inrlrnonl. iM-tccrl to RI»M SICK, i'i.KAN 2 liCiiin..m n->. >f. n»»r Prtrlt view Si-hoo!. i'« 4 »mi>nl« W4 ft mmlh. W. A, Brtmwy l*2__*_jc«iih RJILOffffiS" f oFSAlf 84A • fit . * fi' t ft. l»nt» WWAChlt \MMBn .. 1<tt-M«4 ItliHMIll KliRANK .......... 1KM17A «. 1. HA1IOHMAN Lois Oberthler Res. 7W 3637 LICENSED BONDED REALTORS 110W. GRAND AYE. 762-4779 1«1 AIM HAVE CUENT will buy 3 or 3 bedrcom hiima North of il»t. Have cash buyer for 2 wdjiwm clou to Chrtitam Church on W, 14th. 4 UEimtxJM home, tH bathi. den and fireplace. Nurth of 2UL Cannon Real Estate 113 Main 7 62-457 S BMiil* (ijtmrn, ret ......... Mr*, •lolln* Mlcvet ........ lR<-imii Ralph irult ................ 1«!.|7J9 Kttlmrt llumphmr t nt.itCK to S( HOIII, . 2 year old, 3- bedr<xim 2-hlth and double Kara Re. loti of cabinet* and »lnr»ge, large brcakMtt bar and family room, air conditioned, fenced corner lot, nice landsraplnn. buy equity or on new r'HA appraisal. A real buvi! E,I» Shryock TM-Sw? or 783-5503 or Neal Walll 783-5575 UloVli R«»l ElUte Inc. FURNISHED Duplex. WWI ConitCuctBd, (food rondlllnn, two block* from Dew pnst.ifriee lite. Buy It for half the cost Of buying the lot and building It IF IT'S A REAL BUY that you ar« looking In a 2-HR In fine neighborhood newly decorated Inside and out carpets fenced easy financing SEE! THIS UNI! TODAY. CLOSE IN LOCATION tor multiple unit " nUi 0. C. KENNEDY REAL ESTATE U9fl Axtflll St. Dial 763-Slfifl W. J. EVANS Roltl K -»(• 14M Asteii P«. im-aun IDEAI, LOOAriON WMklnr dlitanee to Hl«h nrhixrt and Or»de nrhixilt But • home MOW In \VK*I KHN HII,U, Call \V«lt«r< * HlnU C«m«t. Co.. 76;l- ai«l or »iwr f«vuf lie realtor ....... CASH RA»KV (JIAJVIH, N.M. Box 328 Ph. I'O 8-5031 Nltfl FO 8-B8S6 8ALKSLAJJV KTHKL II V MAN I'O 3-5806 100 i CLASSIFIED 100 KXTKA (|()i)l> itMnC hulldlnB to he movert. Wfteftt Mr «r|ln attiriitt I.8W) w. ft. Worth the m.m*y. Ifttnilri H«d i tt*t Shop T«3M4*. EXCHAHGE REAL ESTATE W TRAOE equity In nice S hcrtronm. 1'A bath home located In Belmonl addition for late rhodel car, pickup, farm tractor or cotton trailers of equal vfllue. Call 3S5- 4124 or 38S-560R or write Walter Branllcy 121 E. llth Llttlcfleld, Texai, FARMS UCREAGE FOR SALE 89 160 A. Raw Land in Colorado with 1 IrHffftllon well. $SO per acre. PH 783-4U23. AUTO WRECKERS flA Lot* Of Lmt* MndM 8Mf»|* 3KB AT CLOVIS BODY SHOP AUHUSS Kl'.OM YUCCA DRIVE-IN 7KM441 AUTO TIRES MOHAWK TIRES Are ftmr B««l Bur. CLOVIS SAFETY LANE 616 W. 1th 768-7777 CLASSIFIED 100 a Th«r« It A Dlffirtnce See... DICK MARTIN for a 1965 Pontlac Rierson Pontiac SALE: 1983 Super Bawk Honda. See at 3a;- N. Prince, Apt. 13, CARS-KKS WANTED f4 »B PAY top BMffil fof w! 1 ur<md. «-^ HOUSE * notmtii* MOBILE HOMES t&M W. 716 - WM7IW IAVB MVB MV» Pierce Marine * 8«f»lc» OtitnttMtn - Ufttrnlter - »«« Moiffl fln»nrHit h.» d^neral Itltrtfle Oftdlt Onrp. »r ttott. KmnlnjeM 1100 Maliry Dr. 1KMMM MOBILE HOME for iale 10 X 85 2 bed room, drapes, would conalder furniture for equity. Take up payment*. Call 762-1210. 4« X 10 Uieat Uk*t «MI5 auwart, Ttsiiera — *W1 W. 1th TRAILERS 95A FOR 18' Boat—Arrow Camplnf Tfttler, Sleepi Five. PH. 7B2-216fl AUTOS-TRUCKS 59 PONTIAC Bonnevllle 2 door hardtop all power, factory air, extra iharp. Can be teen at Burfter Chef Drive In bet* ween 7-11 P.M. CLASSIFIED 100 •••••Hllt>t> BANK RATES AUTO LOANS TRUCK LOANS COMPf.ETK INSURANCE 0»ll 1IH-4171 BBS 1KI-9AIIU Col Blochberger Agency 115 E. 6th Clovfsif CtOVW AL, 1|||f; TOR Sjltf \jm ,.._J8! '» PftftftM, 4 .rttftdafd transntiHilim. ,.„. Call 763.9108 after » P.M. FOR SALB \m (,*Wvy Van, Moo milei. ——— eoTMJliiofl. CalliSMOM tfttf un OMC l $j& ri itonn Boot CLASSIFIED 100 CLASSIFIED MAY SPECIAL A.R.A. - THE WORLD'S FINEST AUTO AIR CONDITIONER BEG. $333.50 '279 BIO PAN INCLUDES? INSTALLATION FBEON AUTOMATIC NATIONAL UNIVERSAL • A.R.A. Built The 1st Auto Air Conditioner ~~"""" • Fits Nearly All Cars From 1055 thro 1965 Meodors-Stewart Co. BUICK — CHEVROLET 301 PILE DIAL 76344fo! Greatest Tire Value in Town NATIONWIDE... CURE SALE 5 BIG DAYS MAY PLUS INSTALLATION MOST FORDS & CHEVS. FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE Buy One Tire at Regular Price Get Second Tire For Only 14 Botteriei HEAVY DUTY Exchange GROUP 24 S FREE INSTALLATION GUARANTEED 36 MO. OK STARMASTEB ifimst dtftcts in workmanship m] mjterUh *nd <ll nonnii ro*d htards for ttn life of the odfjra) tfi»d Rtpitcwnents are prtKited on tnad »«ar and bawd on th« prki that yn KtnDy M tor tte tH-oot oo i fictitiow list prtca. ALL SIZES Compacts to Big Cars Highest'Quality O.K. Tires-Premium or First Line. When you purchase one tire at the regular selling price you g«t the second tire for only n additional one penny.* WHEELS BALANCED 00 per wheel ALL TIRES MOUNTED FREE! ^mmmmfiSMSSSHUifHHfffffgK. r.KL,^ A&ShoCk Absorber I Alignment SPECIAL I. SPECIAL 3 WEIGHTS INCLUDED P!u» FAMOUS "BEAR" BRAKE SERVICE «**?• FAMOUS O.K, RETREADS Sold with the O.K. Nationwide Money back Guarantee tit-It M H» II i<*. rtu 1*4 nciti Ui M two IUM TIRE Kl.STORES J.\KE SMTES & SONS, INC. 1121 W. 7Hi 763-3454 Clovif, N,M. NEW UV1VGS CX)MPLETEl.\ INSTALLED ON 4 HOST FORD ft Your Complet e Car Care Center OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION W* NIW MCXICO KAKI&UWT IAPCTY MILLER TIRES Hj^j^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^JBJJJJJJJJJJJJJ^J^^JJJ^^^J BUY ON CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS MILLER COMMODORE BRAND NEW NYLON TUBETYPE BLACKWALLS Nylon Tubeless 670-15 or 750-14 EXCII. PLUS TAX 670-11 Exchange Plus Tax ALL APPROVED CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED MAJOR OIL CO^ITANIES MONTGOMERY WARDS SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. J. C. PENNEY CO. MANY OTHERS FIRST LINE . . . BLACK Or WHITE SETS OF 4 95 Plus Tax and Trade-In 750-14 AND 800-14 OTHER SIZES ON SAU TOO! DISCOUNT OIL CENTER ALL MAJOR IRANDS Hovoline, Quaker State, Fewuoll, Amalle, Pbillit>f, Mobil, Conoco ft Gulf 39 Otl STP 4Mt A V 7 ^ A. w o* cu JiAw 63'liluEFUM 29* OIL FILTERS TO FIT AIX FOPULAJI

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