The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 2
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TWO THE PARIS NEWS, JULY 11, lft»4; <- «•» \jj- -» „ ^ •* " Society Chu rcnes s Miss Leverett Is Luncheon * Honoree nentinc Mis? L-eo:a Leverett. whose rr.arriare to \Villjaip Flnney wi:l take r-la-re July l~Miss OHvia Hunter entertained wfih s. luncheon Wednesday at the XAxstem s«a room for 24 friends of The honoree. The .ctief--.? were seated at rwo larsre TaMop. The T.aV."v. where ih« bride-elect was seated. was laid with a lace cloth and had as a centerpiece a large brimmed straw hat with ^reer, and white streamers filled with burb-.nk daisies a_nd maidenhair to-rn. i •-".•?• -~*i^- r tables also carried cmt the srreei- a.nd white color scheme. Sma'.l card? carrying ovst tht bridal motif an-d the color scheme marked the places for the following: Misses Lteots Ijeverett. and of KotrstOT*. Isabel Thielen. K.ath- crine Peyton. -«"ar>~ Virsrinia Johnson. Mary Jo snd Georgia B- -vlayse. I_c>u;* Fleming and jr"e=t. X^aci:3e Galloway of Denison. Dorris •VTil.Uams and cr-est. Elizabeth Alexander of Fort T .Vorth. Made- Ion Crawford, L.OU Wa'ker. Vir- ; SJnia Alexander. Virginia Baxter. Sara'Sims. Ecwina Bo>-r.tor: of San Diego, California, who is the houses-nest of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johcson. Eleanor Wood. Martha Stewart, Early Flemir.r. Jesse Scott Price. Mrs. Peter Crow. Mrs. Lelaad Hamman and the hostess. ^fter the luricheon the honoree was presented with a linen shower. Miss Hel&n Hall to Wed Joseph Maxe}- WilUum-s Xhe Heverend and Mrs. Ancer- sori ** •S.G.ST ^3.-^-^. o_ _!...:_ »• *.-** *•-— ; bave sac ounces the approachinEt : > of their cla-as:bter. Helen, •to-.. Joseph Maxey Williams, "v\"ed- diug^ to take place on Saturday, July 2S. f at 7:30 o'clock, in the eve- .sla&, 3.t Klrby Hall. Southern Metfeo^Sist University, in Dallas. . Miss Sail is well know here, -ug-ht English in th-5 Paris ior colieg-e for the past two 35T. "vTilliams is the sc-n of 3Cr.---2.iiS Mrs. Joe F. Williams of 'Paris- • . Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern LAURA WHEELER FINDS CROSS- STITCH A FAVORITE TO DO \ CLEVER DESIGN . - . WITH i KERCHIEF 1XC!LVDEI> PATTERN 1S5S i By ANNE ADAMS j "tVheu you come risrht down to it ; th-ere :.s not s;> very much to this? frock . . . just a row of buttons do\vr. the front and. the cleverest • '::t"e voke in the world. That is; \vhat is r.iear.t by good designing, j It takes :nspira*:oji and experience to create a frock tike this . . . yet the zr.erest beginner can make it : a clever girl will take with her on • her vacation ... I" white and sev- ' r-ra: colors . . . and her mother \vil! choos-r to wear at r.oir.e for . ness. It's perfect for cotton, but 'Ps.t'ftr" 1559 is svailable in size;14, It. IS, -~'. S-. 34. 36, 3S s.nd 40. Size 16 takes 3 3-S yards 35 . inch fabric. Kerchief takes 3-4 yard Si- contrasting. Illus- tions inc'tided. i i-e:id r"Ii~Lt.£N CENTS (15c) lu i coin? or stamps ccoins preferred) ' for this Anne Adams pattern ', Write plainly name address an*i ; stvle number- BE SURE TO STATE The smartest warm -weather fs^-hioES. the nevrsst fabrics, and tho Samper season's outstanding accessories are illustrated and described in the NS\v ANNE ADAMS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUMMER. ORDER YOUR COPY OF THIS HEI-PFUL NEW SUMMER BuOK_ PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY- FIVS CENTS, Address orders to The Paris X-S-TTS Pat-em Department. -43 Wes-t 17th Street. New Tcrk City. Scarfs, in-beiween cloths, chair back sets, buffet sets, and pillows are only a few of the articles thai are effective decorated with these lovely cross-stitch baskets. The simplicity c-f the embroidery makes the work 50 quickly. The design. i effective in one color or in a. va- ; riety of colors, is easy to carrj- out, : in tie latter way as the parts of : the- design are so-distinctly separ- I ated. as to make them easy to dis- i tingiiish.. The snaaller bow knot [ and rose zrtotif does-for the small- CROSS-STITCH LINENS PATTERN 771 er parts of buffet or vanity set or ier.ds itself to other uses. Pattern. T 71 comes to you with a transfer pattern of two basket motifs twith ed-gins) measuring lO^xlSti inches &nd two S inch motifs; color suggestions; material requirements and suggestions for a. variety of uses of the motifs. Send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) for this pattern to The Paris Xews. Xeedlecraft Dept., S2 Eighth avenue, Xew Tork. X. Y. four weeks; sne ^as assisted ; past week by Mrs, w. s. Lynch. I People Attend GreenviUe Conference Honey Grove Marriage Civic Meet At Bogata Eact troop from now on, will? ^^ fo , lo _ v . i ~;^ t , r , s , people o f me=T; on its resplar meeting aav , th ^V^-st Presbyterian church are at tie loiisre for a swim at 4:1 ° - aitendins: til e Intermediate con- P- **- \ ference "at the Greenville Club ~ I: lake this week: Mary Jim Gee. Ann . CHICAGO— Attendance tigrcres j Wood, John I* Clark. Virsinia at the- Century of Progress are ' Paty. Robert A-e-xarider. Thomas The D ay's All hours Central Standard Time, P.M.— «:00 CBS Evan Evans, orchestra; NBC Rudy VaHee't Orchestra. 6:30 CBS Philadelphia Summer concerts. 7:00 CBS Philadelphia. Concert: NBC Capt. Henry's Show Boa*. 7;SO XBC Goldman Band concert. 8:00 CBS •'Conflict," drama; KBC Paul "Whiteman's Music Hall. S:15 CBS Hotvard Barlow's Orchestra. S:30 XBC Kchoes of the Palisades. S:45 CBS Fray and BraxsJoti. piano team. 9:00 CBS Vera Van. contralto; XBC 'Amos "n* Andy. ?:15 CBS Xews, followed by Kessrie Childs* Orchestra: XBC Gene and Glenn as "Jake and Lena." S:30 XBC Xews. followed, by Guy Lornbardo's Orchestra, 9:45 CBS Henry Busse's Orchestra. .10:00 CBS Ben Pollack's Orchestra: XBC Ralph Txirbery, followed by Mills Blue Rhythm Band. 10:30 CBS En oca Light's .Orchestra; XBC I>axiciny in tfc.* Twin Cities, 11:00 CBS Jack Husse'.l's Orchestra; XBC Clyde Lucas' Orchestra, ACDIBUB CBS STATIONS Station Kiloc KRU>. Dallas ....... . ........ 1.C** K"MOX. St. Lt«i* ---------- — » 1.0*6 WKAS. Ix>Tri*vtn» WBSM. ' Chlcn^o ............ >T»C STATTOXS •W3AP. Ft. WI/W. Cis WOAI. Wortb. ..,..-"-- Jrrsatl Anton!* ---- ... 500 .. l.i?o .. «t« UOIAR COUNTY CLUB } AT ETSTC HAS PICNIC j COMMERCE — Fifty mem- * bers of- the Latnar County club j Wednesday evening went to Green- ! vill« on a picnic and swimming j party. Afterward al lof the off- } icers made speeches, and Miss Rose 1 Dunlap led a, sing-song. ' XAME CHOCTAW REGISTRAR HUGO. Okla.. — M, A. Fly. formerly engaged in relief work here has been named registrar for the new re-employmeat office here- in the courthouse, quarters formerly occupied by th« CWA. The newr_.setup includes Choctaw. and Pushmataha counties and Me- Curtain may be added later. On Sale At All Leading Grocers Friday and Saturday Wfun showing- an upward swing. The to- • Baker. Charles Bauer. a.nd tal attendance fig-ares for th.e year j well Powell. to date are given, as 3.7SO.S13 as | The conference opened Monday compared with 4.3S5.SS3 lor tiie i evening: and will close Saturday same t>€rlod a year a^o. . ^ morninc. t>ont endure 9 1 pimply blotchy. complexion quickly relieves «»CTI 1 skin def« Fects COOK BOOK With Each Purchase Begin Evangelistic Services At Minier .-"' Trie -Hfivj. Jin^ Angrii-n. paster of tli* ilinter church, has a^riornced iba-t lie Trill conduct a series of evangelistic services to begin 5un- •twp -w&eks. Elrsa ~. r i;i;=,nis will direct the choirs, with two chcrtis- ns. -of jtasicr-s and datilts will rend-^r ss>ecl£4 features.. Services wi" i>~ Ijelfi twice daily in the op~r. a'r . Air-ons other s--ejects, the T f-•. Tbe Hls-h Cost of Sin. Heart D;s•ease. The Three J-edges of Hell. ViSfeas. Is "Wrong; 'Vitr. Arr ; erica., i he I r oiir" Greatest 'vrarrj.r,r 1 ? of the C ,-I-"T*» — ^-^ ? ~T~i~ z. "^V:=~~ T J= ~?~ ^ "^ V£ <-•• *~ C-oIIw^* . <i~* — — -- - —* .„._--- -- HoTT.e. is invitee tc- a*.- tf-3.d. the s-eri'ices- HOXET GKOVE.—Joint installation of officers for the L.ioas was featured at a ri-inic Tuesda.— •evenlner at the lake, Fras^ ilor- ^an, superintendent of schools ciu'o "^"ere Z>. T >V. Rc'w.'ton. presi- cer.ts; and "vX'. rl. I^a^-siter. ?-ecre- tary-treasurer- J. ">v. Er-<v:r: is the retlrir.e pres:c^r:t. The sanse ci- PARIS PROGRAM V^ story hour" will c-e p-jt on by the sl^e: Soone Hitharcs. =*''•---: '">,r- rye Betii Berley. so-g:: Ne":e lean •pheTiis. reading: James B. X;"*- eil, readinsr. ANTLERS PERSONAL LOCAL _ j ? 3OGATA. — The marriase of | Mss -uary Ana Underwood t.o ; L?avid I-=i:nox Hudson took place | \Vedneaday ever-ins: at S o'clock a.t | the. home of the bride's mother, j Mrs. J. A. Underwood, the Rev. ) C. S. v.'ilhire. pastor oi the Deport ! JN-lethodist church, olficlatins- | The -c-eremonj- wa-s held before ; ... „ ~--__ 2 _~ b*ar:ns the family Bible i itnd ci-----£i^ r £- -p-'ith lighted "white J ts-pers- On each side were ta.1! gilt i basket iviih orchid and yellovr j : "^h^- bride "«ho az>?roache«i the ; altar c^ the arm of the groom. 1 w-ore a tailored wr:i:e crepe cress ; •iviLh a shoulder bouquet of ptnk j After the -A-edd:n^. refreshments; >v*£re .server ^n tn.-s ctiniti^ ro.^-.- *. : where the ttvo-tiered -».-eddins | and the tiuneh bowl at the ether, • flO'is-ers ajid, with white t.a- ; •c"t th* cak." and her mother an<i : vViie-* Hudson, mother of the '. Here's some people you probably know They bought the SENSATIONAL fifi NEW ue^t-* -were received en GIRL Scout News WHAT FOOD these morsels be t stout the c } * th rdon and Grace Ma.r;« | G- 3 ALL-WEATHERS New Goodyear Tires frith 43^ more non-skid mileage are greatest tire success in years/ TOOK at the names published JL^ here. They're representative of the kind of people who are riding on the wonder tire of 1934 —the new "G-3" .Ml -Weather. Keliogg's Rice Krispies have a delightful taste-appeal. A treat for the whole family. So crisp, they crackle and pop in milk or cream. All the nourishment of wsoiesome rice. JL.:gnt ar.c easy to "digest. Ices! for breakfast or lunch. Fine for the children's sapper. Always oven-fresh in the patented saner WAXTITE bag. Made by .Kellogg iri Battle Creek. Listen!— REVIVAL MEETING AT BVRDTOVTS -'.r., D---r: a Ivy, Caro- •: sniyr. Gordon. | Cor- i urey. Ks.z*rl Gr^en. ;! tt^, Isabel Graham. | . bie!rr*&e, j b*-r>. Virg-tnla Dobbs, j i'-. Mary Bell Bari3*«. 1 ' „*»• <;=-! f the camp! new You can bank on it — this tire £os fo &# good to win such owners as these. And it has to be good to be what it is today — *&e fastest -selling tire in the world! How about YOU? When wiD you join the rapidly growing list of wise buyers who ride on this spectacular new "G-3"? You get a broader tread — a Hatter tread — a heavier tread (2 pounds more rubber per tire on the average)—you get extra grip in the center of the tread where it counts for safety, because that's the spot where the tire contacts the road. You get patented Goodyear Supertwist in every ply—and that's the only ply material that makes such a husky tread successful. And it all adds up to more miles of non-skid safety —43% more non-skid mileage according to actual test ileet records. Surely you can't afford to miss all these extras when you consider that you can have them at no extra cost. Paris Coca Cola Co. 247 Booham Street Simmons Grocer Co. Bonh*m Street J v 1C Shirley 230 Pine Bluff Street Dr. M. A. Walker 240 SootH Main Street J. M. Glaze, Jr. 150 East Price Street Russell Roberts 583 Simpson Street W* N. Furey 73 Sooth 23rd Street Jas. H. Gooch 301 Lamar Avenue Burk Bryan 430 Lamar Avenue E. N. Crafton 457 Hubbard Street world alfiance a.* Toronto. Canada a few years &£o ft*, a rr:ismb*r of «. rn.a.;* qaa.rT*c. frcrn Baylor tiniver- ssty, He is w*r. »no ry fcai .njer cr^n<3u :ns:s ir, t±'r and rr.i;r coun- o? in Kress, i^j aM tftt* <.-c«j« i JtiRity aj~t cof<liai.'i" in.iited. » For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 XV* art- stSH psyjrig- NRA wagrft^ and hO'jrs ar,<5 doir^g: a. quality ] Tvp< of drj- eJesnlns W"E*/. i} I X **. C | for , - - . , . Southern Cleaning 4cr Dye Works Norman Cok«*% Owner McClain's Service Station PHONE 2SS ROAD lEftVICE WILLARD BATTWIU From 7:30 Until Noon WASHING GREASING

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