The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 14
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 14

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14RK0ISTER RTAR-NEWS Siinrltink.v, o., Thor*., Dpr. >S. Mats Union Comers Club Enjoys Yv^e Party At Russell Home Iloliflay fifloininonl Ri-arrd ;\Irs. Fr/ink HiissoP's .illrariiv" home In Milan W'IOM <lir and her diiiiuhlor, Miss loanrlfe niissrll, rnlcrfainofl llir ''nion Coiners rhih at a potlnck rlinncr Mondav pvoninp. The business session iiicliidi'd fl comniitloc ropoti \)\ Na's Charles Sonlliard on literature ,ind one b\' Mis. Ihissell nn mov ic>s. Christmas Kreelinj^s (o shut-ins and ser\'icc men are to be sent by the Suii-hine eom- mittee. Mis. Cliliord WoinieM announced the I 'j ir-co I'ederal iori LAUSCHE CLAIMS NO CAMAIGNING IN OTHER STATES mpnta1 .«i of Rankinf" for a total of 25 epnseciitive weeks. Sessions are held at the Union Hank and Savings Co. for one and one-half hours each lesson period. Richard Raish, a.s.sf.stant cashier of the '^irst National Bank, here, is instructor. Politico Says Tax Hein Po«l Members To Be Redeemet' roHJMBIJS. Dee. 15 (UP) — Ohio's popular Gov. Frank ,f. l/aii.sohe left the door open today for (he Demoeratic presidential nomination. The five-term governor made hi.s Ions-expected announcement Wednesday' that ho would be a candidate for Ohio's convention delegates in the st.ale's primary ne.\t May. Lausehc did not say "yes" or "no" when asked if he planned to campaiRn for delegates in other siatos. He indicated he would Reveal Engagement Of Couple In Area f O L i; iM B ir S. Dec. 1 .5 (IN .S) — Senate Ma.lorftv Leader <:. Stanley iVIeehem (R-Nelsonville) promised to- da.T that the state of Ohio would continue to redeem cancelled sales tax stamps "into the foreseeable lu- ture." not. and said his "present inten-^,,, s employed at the Pullman boarr' neetiim In be held .it Ihr h< c of Mrs. Nell .tones mUton was to limit his campaign-, „,.j„. vVillard. M,i.,„ !•),-(• •>] It P ni ^^'if^''^ 'I*' ^^i" seek: ' oli ^ltioi: was voted to the|:^« 'IHe.ates in the May 8 pri- Su. an Korean ^ 'i;;';'; ['"Th^ governor said ' jhis position ' i.s not chanKed in ,.|.,,{.|iimsi''"'"'"^"''"^ upon the announce RKLLEVUF-:, fJec. l,"i--Mr. and; Mrs. .August H. Weber, rural Ilevue, have announced the; engagement, of their (iaughter, Verna Kafhryn, to J. Robert Shaan .son of Mr. and Mrs. | John Shaarda, Celeryviilc. jfor religious Miss Weber is a graduate of '"homp .ion High school and is employed by Cockshutt Farm ^alue would be ended Dec. 31 Kcuipmenf, Inc. Shaarda is ^^,^5 branded bv Mechem as graduate of New 'avcn High am ' ' " j»rhol,i ,'5tlc find athletic activitie,«! ril llieir respective schools. >icxt Tuesdays program wiJI con sist of Christmas selections to be presented by the Sandusky High Regular .meeting of Louell c. i('li'"'al Knsemrne, under the direc- Hein Po.sf. 2m. Veterans of For- "f Harold C. Kaufman, eigii Wai>s will be held Thursday . ' _ evening, at post club rooms. with;COCl©T OrtmQn MOS >.'omman(ler Carl (Jriiber prcsi-. ,'ing. I j Frank oiivani, chairman of the, I children's Christmas party, re-: ported that his committee has Dean List Rating Cadet F. David Ortman. son of .Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Ortman, Imade final arrangenunts for the ^'''^.f';'^' ur 'n '"•^''v^^ ipariy on Sunday afte.noou. OeclV 'T, ^"H " '"S^V": ii« iho vt'iv 1 u . ^ Military Academv at West M M the VfW club, on the sccondip„j„, j,,^ ,„„^„^ of October. A rumor that the redemptionsiflw'i;-Santa will be there with gills,! The includes cadets who groups, charitable! candy, fruit, etc., for children, organizations and handicapped j Victor P. Kuzma, district No. I), persons at three percent of face j '"•''P'^*''"'", will attend tonight's meeting and inspect the post. iin- w ho Many Attend Fete For Area Couple ment-. Tiic iiiforeiicc was that he' NKW LONPON. Dec. lr> -stood on his ollcii-madc stat*--. (Jnesls from Penn.sylvania, Ober- nients of '.he past—lliat he might||in. "uyahoga Falls, Greenwich, 1 1 n.vpi, in '"'"^^''••^ '"'"^ t 'l^l Fitchville. New London, and sur­ as the sioiy ^ • . ; )rimary as a favorite son to pre-| rounding towns were pre.sent at airy -V '-^l '\ 'cu .-.n esi's • ••selfish political"i. norothea Tulk residence here h<. A gift c .N .h.uiKc ^'^'rom gaining control of the dele-, for open house in ob.servance of 'the '^.ith wedding anniversary , of her twin sister, Gwen Smith The governors best chance of, 3,,^, husband, Norman of Oberlin. The evening was spent social, „ , . n„ IV, with each guest served re- lendlock in the convention. Then| ^fl^, ,igning the ,0 mn-bf bp . .omn,.nn.,cn I ^^^^^^ register, Many floral trib- The (111!) n from .Mrs. (Jnl nulr' /orn Is \ ac.'ilioniiiy in !''lnrida. •'riie Kilc\ First Cliristnias was tlie stoiN- Kiven hv .Mr Hai and Mrs. Kdward Sclieid won awards. winning the nomination next Au- Delicious re reshments uoie probably would be from ""'-.u served to conrliKle the fvening ,j(,^^fi,oj.k ,1,^ ^.onvenlion. Then^'-'' "'"^ ^""^ •'^"'^'^ he might be a compromise choice, i - iites and gifts werp received by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. ^ictii Nurse At OSSHi"'*'^^^'"'^''' ^'^f* because mail ViUTbG t\\ KJuJiJMn. j^j^ generally conservative Feted By Associates As chairman of the l.egisla- |tive Service Commission, Me- (cliom stated: j "It Is true that the committee sfud.\ing ta.xes is analyzing the Student Guests At Kiwanis Meeting are academically in tlie upper 20 t)ercent of their class. Cadet Ortman is in his first \car at the acadein.v. He re- icei\ed a Congressional apixiiiit- imeiit Id the academy from Con, ^rcssm,iii A. D. Maumhart of the * Kith district, i He is a 1 !)5,'> graduated of San- I dusky High school. j\iev\s. acceptable to other sec I'.ions because of his demonstrated; in 1 " Members of the nursing staff at |:'hility to win in a big industrial; UttlCialS^ LUiplOyeS At this week's meeting of the; value of the stamp system as a Sandusky Kiwanis Club, a program.' (-^n 'iuy Providence Island tax-enforcement method. Slill, in charge of Kiwani;ins William! ""''"i of Madagascar the hearts its study is unfinished. Organiza- P.V'scn and Scott Abell. leaturedjof coconut palm tress provide a Hons and persons who rely upon I<he club's current "future build-i delicacy known as •'the million- redemption of sales tax stamps ier.;," Dick rjcflavcn. .foe Hill andj aire's salad." says Hie National for important income will belfavr Frohman of Sandusky High' Geographic Society. .'\ palm heart given an opportunity to appear school, and Chuck Brady and Mikel is obtained by cutting down a before the committee before fi- I'eCaro of St. Mary's High. mature tree. To serve ten per- nal recommendations are draft- 'fie students spoke on phases otj.sons costs about $200. ed." — — -— --^ - Sulphur is an important in- ' ^ gredient that helps give the skunk's secretion its evil odor. Paradoxically, the skunk's musk [provides a component for making perfumes. the Ohio Stale Soldiers Home Hos- i'^''"''-*'' ^ pital were guests when Mrs. Ches-j-, _ , " ter Wilken entertained at her home lU'lVe Dridal ShOWer in Forest Hill, Huron, for Jjois Ann Ringel, an assoi'iale. Both the holiday and the shower theme were combined in the decorations. (James presentation of gifts to the bride-elect and refreshments highlightcfl the event. Winners of game awards were Mrs. Annamae CuUen. Mrs. Wilma Winter and Miss Margaret Miller. PERSONALS Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Sowash, 616 Camp-st. will spend the Christmas holidays in Key West, Fla. as guests in the home of SoT.jrman John C. Sowash of the U. S. Navy and his family. The navymi.n is stationed in Key i •^Vest as an instructor in the fleet! Sonar School. For Sally Mayhew Among the pleasant holiday events was a bridal shower honoring Sally Mayhew, Dec. 2,3 bride- elect of Thomas Smith, given by Miss Carol Ann Sloan, 808 Vine-st Sunday, Dec. 11. Games provided afternoon entertainment for the group, after which a luncheon was served. Guests included the Misses Peggy Tyler, Ann Mariotti, Nancy Milne, Eleanor Muehling, Gloria j Lester, Marilyn Feaga, Mary Ann Green, .Janice Sandersen, Mrs. Harold Sloan and Mrs. Ray Faulhaber. , Get Wage Boost SALEM. Dec. 1.5 flNSi — Elected officials and all employes in Salem will receive wage in- f ases ranging from 10 to 100 percent effective .Ian. 1. The council voted two ordi- iiames wh'ch hike the pay scales, including doubling of council- manic sal ies, from $.300 to $600 The Salem mayor will get $7,1.'50. Bankers Attending School At Bellevue William Gibeaut. son of Mr. and Mrs. Webb Gibeaut, 1001 Carr-st, has been elected trea.s-i BELLE'V'UE, Dec. 15—This city iirer of Sigma Chi Fraternit,y atjis playing host each Tuesday at Ohio Slate Univei'sity where he is maintainijig a high average 7:30 p. m. to 21 men and women from Sandusky, Attica, Norwalk, jn the College of Metallurgical I and Bellevue banks, who are at- Kngincering. ! tending classes in "The Fimda-'cause Ask Kilpatrick For Bolton Seat W^ARREN, Dec. 15 (INSi — D( icratic chairmen of the five counties in the llth Congressional District have asked Bishop Kilpatrick to run for the U. S. House seat which will be vacated by Oliver Bolton of Mentor, Kilpatric. serving his seventh term in the Ohio house, said Wednesday he had not yet made up his mind whether he would seek the post. 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