Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 20, 1942 · Page 11
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 11

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1942
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TWENTY-TWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Friday, February 20, 1942 4343 For TJhe Avqlnnehe-Journc1,Offic« Britain's Naval Base At Singapore Said Blown tip Before Abandoned To Japl \$) ———: " ' .. . i . . i.i-i , ._ • • • -- _ L . ... _. - .. _ j j_ .. „ ,--- - - - •— -. ^^ _ ,- • " S Installations Of 15 Years Blasted By HAROLD GUAHD United Press Staff Correspondent' BATAVIA, Feb. 19.—Britain's $400,000,000 naval base at Singapore, British naval officers said today, was blown up before being abandoned to the Japanese. Demolition of the huge installations on which l!i years of effort had been spent was in progress steadily during the final days of the Singapore campaign. {Supplies Equipment Remarked Vast quantities of suppiies and equipment were removed by naval personnel. What could not be removed was destroyed. This work was well in progress when f last saw the base Feb. 5. Before the area was abanooned Feb. 70, naval officers said, the destruction was virtually complete. The base itself, located on the north side of the island, was fitted for repair and maintenance of naval vessels. It had no defenses of its own, depending for protection upon the great forts and guns guarding the sea approaches to Singapore. Couldn't Use Giant Guns The only guns at the base were some anti-aircraft installations and some light field artillery t moved up when the Japanese reached the Johore side of the straits. I do not believe that any of the great 15-inch and 18-inch batteries on which Singapore relied for defense ever went into action. They were pointing the wrong way. The British strategists never thought an attack from the land side was possible. I never heard any of the big guns fire. Outside of a few guns of larger caliber, the main batteries at Singapore were 25-pounders. When the British forces withdrew to Singapore island, they blew up the causeway to the Jo- hore shore but caused only a 30- yard break. They knew the Japanese could easily repair this gap but they also knew that the main invasion effort of the Japs would be made at other points along the straits where better cover was available. In this, the British officers proved correct. Causeway Nol Important The causeway was never an important factor in the Japanese attack. What was important, of course, was the lack of aircraft. In the last days of the battle I visited the Selecter airdrome, the biggest Royal Air Force station in Malaya. There were only three planes out of commission. The Tenga airdrome on the west side of the island was also devoid of planes. The Kallang airdrome was the only field where planes stayed in action in the final hours. Lacked Maneuverability Kallang had a detachment of Brewster Buffalo fighters. They caused great enthusiasm among RAF pilots when they arrived in March, 1941. But when real-action came Dec. 8 tne enthusiasm wilted. Pilots said the Brewsters lacked maneuverability and gunpow- er. 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Broad Powers Contractors Of South Plains Area Will Be Given Preference in Defense Housing Work tingapore island there were few Hurricanes left on the island. The Japanese landed on Dec. 8 n. north Malaya, 300 miles above Singapore and quickly took the Cota Bharu airdrome. Eleven days ater, the British evacuated Pen- ang island. In that time, the planters, fleeting their plantations, left Dehind rubber trees that will be producing at capacity within three or four months. The trees will require curing for a few weeks because they haven't been "milked" since the invasion started. However, rubber stocks were burned and tin supplies, machinery, and oil tanks were damaged. Really Scorched The Earth After the fall of Penang, the imperials really scorched the earth. A Penang volunteer told me that le personally fired his tommy gun nto a great pile of canned gasoline, starting a fire that swept Given Mayors CHICAGO. Feb. 19. <U.«—Blackout and war emergency ordinances enacted by cities since war "was declared have broadened extensively the nowers of mayors, city managers and local defense agencies, the A m e r i can Municipal association revealed. Ordinances enacted ' fall into four classes and range from the type that delegates all authority to the city executive to the.type that merely outlines complete orders on civilian conduct during blackouts. Seattle, first American city to enact such 'an ordinance, has a new law which vests the mayor with all authority to proclaim emergency rules with the force of law. Washington, D. C.. Baltimore and Richmond follow the Seattle model. Portland, Ore. has an ordinance which specifies degrees and types of illumination in a blackout and nakes it unlawful for "any person "Irm or corporation to refuse or icglect to comply with such orders]'... promulgated by civil au- '.horities or by the army or navy. In Atlanta, the power of making through Penang town. Around Kuala Lumpur I saw great rubber industries turned into the funeral pyres of the hopes anc ambitions of men who had spent their lives building them. I watched great piles of sheet rubber go up in flnmes and watched the estate manager distribute all food stocks to the natives. The story was the same down through the Negri Sembilan, and Selangor anc Johore states to everything use able, the torch v.-as applied. Batavia is a heavenly refuge af ter the last two months in Singa pore. Food is not rationed, there is plenty of gasoline, the beds are comfortable and there aren't, a least yet, daily bombings. People move freely about the streets, bu there is an undercurrent of ap prehension like that which wa felt in Singapore in late Decem ber. Notification that contractors of his area who can qualify will be given preference when contracts are let for the defense housing project to buUd at the northwest- rn edge of the city was contained in £ telegram to the chamber of commerce Thursday from Con- ressman George Mahon. The congressman said-that he las been given this assurance by Washington officials of the Pubic Buildings administration, under vhose supervision the project vill be built. Information Available He advised nlso that he is send- ng by airmail a supply of ques- rules rests with the Municipal De- 'ense council, without specifying srocedure as it relates to duties performed by regular civil author- ties. Additional provisions for combat action are provided. A fourth type of ordinance adopted by Los Angeles directs the police chief to sound blackout and all-clear signals only on notification by the U. S. Air Force Interceptor Command and authorizes police and firemen to enter illuminated premises during a blackout. Violations of provisions of various city blackout ordinances are punishable by fines ranging from $200 to $500 or prison terms ranging from 30 davs to 12 months, or both. tionnaires for the use of interestpJ contractors. They will be available at the chamber of commerce. 'Jbamber officials asked, however; :hat prospective bidders who will want them to call without delay, as this information will be of assistance in the distribution of the forms. No information has been received as to when contracts will be let or what the total estimated cost of the project will be, Estimates here are that it will be $400,000 to $500,- G'JU lor the 140 units that are to be built. Congressman Mahon advised '.hat only conti'actors with sufficient financial backing to injure performance of contracts will be considered in the letting. The project is to pros-ide housing for families of non-commissioned officers and civil service employes at the air base west of the city. SKIN A 11T ? 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