The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK. MB. THURSDAY. MAY 19, 1932. THREE HUGH- 45 3!G JOd NOWADAYS 'S FJTTI14G A CRtMP IN THE CP-ME - c r i-U. C H Sl-.-s '. s.i!i-. report. M" M \V H. :lo ffci-y Frc^i Here At Affair In j ,- I "· » *· OFFICERS A RE E L E C T E D s.- 1 " -.« : n. . ,,· try,'? 1 °JO ^·-·siir^.'b O- ·ui^ and to faulititc i.i* work of the ci.. strpetsvreeper On the c\.deuce. Uie ' magistrate disrated the charges _ ,.,, t ; ru , 1Kmal ? ; o MJ^ Loa^e r\\ Four.d guU v of Sisault and baitcrv ^.^ 0 ^ .,,, jj^a-j.^.j .,.., *i\,v.:v.s i s-ince from the ev.der.ce. it appeared ^; f i^« \jocf M/crs "injtr... u'n'V. t:xat ihe s-truck ihe Jat bio.v in a ^. J ".' ^J^. jj^- i0 ^ r x e _ UK J quarrel \Vedastia afternoon. Edna n-.^.,,^.," , va ' w ; Do:uld L-.rher- Bartlett. Water s-iree'. was fuicd $10 Jj.'j,, -^-..f^., v j'/-ilstor oSer.:.;. o^ni ec upor. payment af all costs and a p-c-rcis? of lutu-e good beha\:cr Th.- R w _ a -.j a ^ Mr s E H I U I ^ - u p Men i.rl S:.«Ut a:n! udtt,:; O 1 ' - M n I S - Baui: I ' lM" i I !' i ·. II i s \ ^ ' i l l V"'t ' - . ' -I .i ! -AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 8 a"d batter;. giit o: Mrs- C.a-cue looe-v JACOB RUPPERT .r tne ni^-th Tne Bar:" ' .-^ec Mrs. Toben o: ca 1 . :rie f^ht b-. cal-cs her MX-S acnu tin? s;r-k^ig llie other n-x C."..ef c::Pto! t eWiL=.-n F Sw-ner an- B A R L E Y MALT S Y R U P O":cer Ecgar Crar.i ntace :r.e arrest CX notable Ssiitl; ^er\ec the of tke en a pari-ng Ladies' Aid Program Given. T:.e .'oiio^uis 1^-*- A.d pr *! reudc.-ec ^ S- Mara.* L.-.vra:; scr.p-.-re r r» :i_n^ Indelinitr Limits Lrad Maj r Verdi'- 1. B .-^rc- i^p--::. csneral. G: .r. \ V , ' C r-e-'a::= grind cap- . . . , ,. p , ,, B :,-tfr\,; vr r;.^.? i 1 ^ -'--^ -TM» ^ : ~ P- s --:: M= gra:.c ;o PARKING CASES DISMISSED :rate fc.i.rni_n P B ivrs -o ciaat." _l'~:or' 1 -arc":.. J ·· -.-.c.^-d tsr-r--- Ecv. -. S W!:. · Ea i.oior.-. sia:.d sAord bearer Perry \V We.iusr. Lcs A:;gel?5. Cal f o ^ cn ;-. -- M J C-^s;j.r- ^"C R \V Karba^gh at ti.y-. Tn» cars or M»-r^ Crogha:: aj::d HjJ"o.-.i^.^ ^cr- tasgtfC Cv c , " » c-:. .a c._ At th- hrara.^ \Vecr.e.-ca-. » The Dandelion Poet Says: rf "WAen your livzr's upside down; And upon yoar face a frown, Just you go without a risk And take m Dandelion Disk." large box Sl.OO -a; - are of r;-:a Tias a pa- iternu» and a rec?" .on and dar:ce at the Stat-e Armory tn te evening Trie parade started at. 4 clock and aoo;::. 800 Templars were 2 line. Beausearit CotraEandery. 3ai- a^arded the ?~JK for ihe es; dr.lled commardery ui Une. ani ne llon^nentai Coajraaadery. Balt;- itore. 'a as awarded the prrse -or trie jest appearance. The Predenci knights rade an excellent appearance. Among the dist^tgu^hed v^it-ors were fohn CoT.-les, Washington, so-.ere^n rand master of the Supreme Council. : Rites, Southern jar^diction; ' rand masters of the suites of Pennsyl- j ariig. Xevi Jersey and Virginia: HOTT- ' rd TV*. Jackson, major o: Baltimore.' ind others. A -,erv large cro^rd. a nuin- r of the coattnandery, at- i ended the reception and dance at light JLsial arrangements for the event, .ere made by a committee composed f Albert; XI Gtsblentz, Harry O Schroe- er, Guy C Hcser, Arthur H. Doll. AI- ert L. Br.ce and Alasr; Y. BoJc-a^. *A WASHINGTON At Vour Druggist s or Dealer's r^r half a:; hc'^r Pol.ce ·1-e Grand Crnt- ra:( j :t T ^ longer T.".e crd;na:ice :^ndery of the Un-teti States. John referre-a ~o and l.'tod r.o definite lenj'h : Dunran. Balt.n^r? retires s« c f tint" as unr£^-ri2D for .:-.niancer of a:2rUi.d. and other t.-L- to -a; cis-retion of tne ;j»- .a.-'' of.'i^-jils^ei the parade. ; . ;e o ; ;3e peace T.y- parking ordinance a:er co-n;ctit-ve drills and ej^rc^es Wa5 ma^il..- passed to force o^-ners of i ere r.elc. ^.tn pnz«s to Sionu- i^^chines park^is all n_gh* cn the' ^ten'a! Conimincer". Baltimore ^tre^rts to rrmo*»e them from the streets 91 From Frederick. K-nef.-one members of Jacques de. em^Ar^r oS c^m|rg' ^^^^^^ ^ da-.. the Vrbana F. T. A. The regular monxilj- meeting of the -bana Parent-Teacher Assoc^tion ·as held May 17 The president, Dr larry J Kefauver presided. Dunns ie business meeting, the folloTrmg of- .cers were' elected" President, Carol r.ent. -iu:e-presideni.. V.'Uharja Wilcom; ecretary. M^s Betty H-teshe-sr; ass^st- n; secre^ry. ILss Virgin-a. Thomas, reasurer, yirs John Stup. ass^tant reasurer, Miss ilary Smith. It also decided to ha'.e a sup- fr on the evening cf June 1, -a hen a icentennial program v ill be presented n tite la^rn. Readings ivere c-.ien b..- 'ather-ne CeeJ. Gecrge Exrusn ano .avr?nce The subject, for tne meeting ·sai. The Scnool Budget" Dr. Kefaurer are a she-- tali en the subject. C O M F O R T for COLICKY B A B I E S . . . T H R O U G H CASTORIA'S GENTLE REGULATION The best ~ay to prevent colic, doctors say. is to a\o.d gas in stomach and bowels by keeping the entire intestinal tract open, free from ~asie Bat. remember this: a tiny oaby s tender little organs cannot stand liarsn treatment. They must be gently urged This is jast the time Castana C2.n nelp most Cas- ;oria. yoi: kno*", is made specially for oabies ac5 children. It is a pure vese- taole preparation, perfectly harmless. It contains no harsh drugs, no narcotics For years it has nelped mothers through trying times witrj col.cky babies and children and suflenng with upsets, coids and fevers Keep genuine Castoria on hand, -rn name" C A S T O R I A C H - I L D R £ N C R Y F O R i,T ^nlinuou5 EVER ON AND ON Following the true, natural course of sound business principles, this Bank continues on and on in the service in which it was originally ordained. Reco.irnizing its specific sphere, abiding by the dictates of both open-niindedness and experience, it remains safely in the bounds of conservatism while pi-acticiug sound proirres-ivencss. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 Special Price on Spring Frying Chickens »Sc pound. Let ase fill yonr order for that Memorial Day o-ctms:. Fhone 6JKR. 3abr cb --k5 BBUCHEY'S Monroe Are ace. East of Fairgrounds. and 4^9 West South Street. Frederick* Marjcd. I F MM K\DIO THOSE S9O--S26W RELIABLE E.IDIO SERVICE ROGER F. LIPPS I EXPERT KADIO SEK^ ICE. BOUSE WIRING. FIXTLEES AND REPAIRS Xo Job Too SmiH--None Too i "§ J ON TIME T HEKE'LI. n:ver be any question atoot rromptness of delivery vrheri 500 order yoar Ice frcni U«L Rest assured it will be whenrrrcr yon order it. PHONE 33 Hillside Coal Ice Co. OfSre ea Witt- Str«t- St'tMrR COM. PRICES ·'·OW IN crrrct ONE CENT HOS1FRY SAT F I I V/OlJUjIX i jJ/TLi 11 i THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY Prominent Hosiery Manufacturer's Surplus Stock FULL-FASHIONED PERFECT Chiffon cr Service "Weight Ten New Spring Colors I i Sold Regularly at $ 1 .OO a Pair 2 PAIRS $1 .01 1 well known make--we cannot mention the name of the manufacturer, but you will recognize it instantly. BE PREPARED TO BUY A DOZEN PAIRS AT THIS REMARKABLE SAVING! · AND HOSIERY 33 NORTH MARKET ST. ^gg-f^ggg KSR8?S Nol' 1 :. ""A: v i-^.t t j ' · RIGHT Nonli M.iikes Strce:. Frederick 1 0 \ 1 H Jordan Almonds \\ ant! ii.c;. I", xx* -· GOc full pound 5c Cigars \ our t hi K r »f I L \ 1 K M O K L Kazor Blade-, FAMOUS TOILETRIES r.Zi Kleenex 1 ivsue 2ic ;;r"" 98c iM- Mrnnrn'v Talcum . SI 00 v llc r-T t h imms m ^ Jcr^rn's Bath Tab 3 f o r 25c Kromo seltzer S1.30 Cotj's Face To«- der and Oflv» ,- , . f, Q^(* lj«" Jcr^rn s Ghcmnc Soap. f\ for -j ·* Tcrfumc S3.00 Eleclric wamc (jo OQ 5 I o n K W- Ilr):ircr " s Irons tlJO.iTO QQo C re-am Ot/V- nnpoLitors. QQ/ -' r ^ r " 1( ' "i Q.«i 5-cup /O*-/ ^teratc JLt/v^ Si.OO O\=H:n hooti Drink CALL 1049 FOR FP.EE DELIVERY oarirein rir-cirnt v-i|p-»?cnp Til! ; ·!**· *»ur t » r « l - j r. · c** ti*3i »t IN *»roror-* fil'r I TM n d hiT^- it j 1 delivered (o ^ou F K f t : | Large 50c Jar PEDICRE1IE \ C"r2'«t'Ir^s KIJV^JC tic rr^Jiirt for t i f ^ d a c h i n g or suollpn f r r t th^t ' put-* *t-a on a. n-w fo it.n- for ·»«i i '- d j . I TO"! " 5 KtF w i l h rar-Ji f t r'ia*r «f Pr ^^hcll ^ Trod. - I n a-Ti' nti-j; ;o ' or fc ^ \ r v\\! IR -. H!I 1 ilfn--. In- if Reliable Remedies! 59c size OO, sl -"° ^'^ 7Qf» Ex I^xx O*C Or^!t.r..- · t/V^ SCc California Q M '-I 00 s-/r s-j-np Fic^ '3^L Mu='ictonr O^7L ·TQ Si 20 F i c n c ^ Gold-ri _ r^ 98c '-\r _ ^ 98c ="! L^ (. oJonl- irffjvy 10c ;;' a ":',;TM'" 7 44c 57 HKt l l l t t - t I - K O f t l t l l LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URiNER SI li \h=or- »7 bir.c Junior Toilft Paper Beef. 1\ inc Iron. PtL 1i^ Lippincott \ppi- BuU-r £v ( t r i l r of » I ^ ~ n r v,_ Baby Rubber Pants loc Heavy Turkish Towels I3c Plantgro. 5 ibs. 39c Zinc Ointment, tubes I9c Peroxide, pints 19c Castor Oil, 4 oz. 21c Osaka Molh Crystals. Ib. 30c YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly auci expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer Du^t and soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt '.'.ceil Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely S.ife) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY t K L l t K H h * O L l H - ^ r I ' . I O C . l s l %M U I S I CLEANERS AND DYERS Fresh Salted PEANUTS 1OC lb. __ ^ 7^?fSi^ Ji: Puzzles ALL SIZES TO 500 PIECES Cards and Booklets FOR ALL OCCASIONS CRANE'S FINE STATIONERY CONKLIN PENS AND PENCILS EA.-.tlAN KODAKS--FILMS-Developing and Printing Leonard Electric Refrigerators Storm . Shipley ELECTRIC RADIOS $25.00--SEE WINDOW Extra Value Extra Savings On Your Purchases Twirl Mesh A !o-.ciy r"". rr.esh fabr. In plain paste. s::ac.cs Colors ElJc. Green Go.d. O-cnic \V:iitc 29c yd Sleeveless Suits 25c each Girls' Style Nazareth Nainsook Union Suits B:xmer 3e^ Sacs 2 u 12 r-- t.T" ..'." bv. Size.-. 2 -J Crepe R..-. :r C-cp- prs--rd in the Another Sale of Chinele Rugs 95c 5 1.29 Size 24 by 36 Sue 24 by 48 A Sale of Fine Hair Nets 29c the half dozen A BETTER Chiffon Stocking at $1 .00 I New Sox and Anklets r rear--belter l2a..r^-- ..-c?3 A r.c'sr sh.pment of -V,". .--- ' :.T .-.-ia:s f:r :re Palmolive Shampoo 39 SHOP S FOR STYLE AND VALUE

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