The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 1, 1967 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1967
Page 7
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CARMACK'S SUPERMARKET 331 North Market Street Open 8 A. M. Until 9 P. M. Monday Thru Saturday ~~ GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5-lbbag. 55 C ' SNOW WHITE SUGAR (Granulated) 5-lbbag. 57° DEL HAVEN SHORTENING 3-lbcan. 59° CAMPBELL'S PORK BEANS 2 l-lb.-12oz.can 49 C LiBBY'S PINEAPPLE JUICE 1 qt!4oz. can. 25 C WASHINGTON LAYER CAKE MIXES 8- 3 /4 oz. box FRITOS CORN CHIPS ll-ozbag. 49 C FANCY STUFFED OLIVES 5- 3 /4 oz. pail 43 C ALL CRISP KOSHER DILL SPEARS 1-qt. jar 35 C FIRESIDE FIG BARS 2-lb. box 39 C SCHINDLER'S SALTED PEANUTS 1-lb. can PICNIC PAPER PLATES pkgof40's 39° PICNIC PAPER CUPS pkgof25's HICKORY CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 10-lbbag 57 C OUR VALUE ICE CREAM Vjgalctn. BtUE RIBBON MARGARINE C,-lb. Print*) 3 l-lb.pkg 49 C Quantity Right* Rr*rrvr4 Effective Thru Wrdne»d«y, Sept. K. 1XT7 didate. They haven't elected a state official this century. Winter, head bowed but trying to smile, conceded shortly be- f«re midnight, congratulating Wil'iams and pleding "my cooperation in all his endeavors to fdvance our state." Return for 1957 of the 2,124 precincts gave Williams 348,771 votes and Winter 294,109. THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday, September 1, 1967 P»f«9 pies. They also used holly dur- old -- the oldest American holing the midwinter feast. Satur* nalia, to convey good wishes to The Holly Society of America . . . i which was founded in Balti- inenos. .'more in 1947 continues to grow. The English probably copied, Besides being used for deco- some of the ancient sacred cus- ration, holly is used for hedges toms of the Druids and added and its leaves, wood, and bark Facts About Holly Holly trees grow naturally in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. The ancient Romans used holly wreathes to express congratulations to newly married con- many more. From the English the Pil- serve many purposes. The yeUowhammer is the grims carried the old traditions state bird of Alabama. to America where they added more uses and customs, for the Indians had long valued the holly tree. A seventy two foot high holly tree in New Bern, N. Carolina The Bank of Norway was is thought to be 450,500 years founded on June 14, 1816. Wild turkeys were first o- mesticated by the Aztecs. MESS TOE KIDS FQRSC THIS Ft i POLITICAL STUDENT IN VIETNAM--Studying a campaign pamphlet, a barefoot South Vietnamese peasant squats beside road as girls head toward speaker's platform in Mekong Delta city of My Tho last Saturday Eleven presidential candidates were making a joint appearance before crowd of 2,500 persons in search for votes in the national elec lions this Sunday. ^ MTJT--*£**--« ·--"* the American Way! Bobby, Sue, and Tina are returning to classes in snappy new outfits Mom was able to buy with cash from American. Mom talked to the people at American. Then she paid cash for the children's clothes to get them at pre-season savings. The American Way helped her buy more new clothes for less! ·*^lTM«««^^""^^^^TM up to $1500 nost anoints »J«tt ytw sfeMtm | MOS. CASH MYMTL 60.00 11.08 125.00 12.56 11 123.79 9.00 152.42 9.00 CASH MTMT1 TOO BUSY TO COME IN? PHONE OR MAIL COUPON TODAY i 1257(X)23.07 World Today WASHINGTON tax (AP) vote, an £ increase it will be -- If , c utting than has yet been unde COme laA Ulticnac »v TM»ii "»· j.g from conviction that the chroni- j cally borrowing U.S. economy i can't stand competition from a government trying to float $29 billion in loans in a single year. This technical, banker-like argument--more than fear of in- tlation or appeals to back the Vietnam effort--is the one apparently having the most impact on the House Ways and Means Committee as it continues its hearings on President {·£ possibility of reducing it Johnson's 10 per cent income enoug h to substitute for a tax in- other main alternative offered to Johnson's program is lo uernand tax reform, loophole closings to raise more revenue without imposing a greater burden on all taxpayers. Many, of course, call for a combination of tax reform and spending re- btraint. To all this administration spokesmen say the government is making an all-out effort to cut but there is no realis- white candidates to victory in all 22 local runoffs when Negroes opposed white candidates, dashing Negro hopes for winning sheriff's posts lor the first time since Reconstruction. Mobbed by several thousand well-wishers at this downtown motel headquarters early Wednesday Williams blurted his thanks into a microphone, then issued a statement through his press aide expressing gratitude, humility and hope for the future. He praised Winter as "a worthy and able man" and cal'ed on Democrats 10 close i ranks to defeat Republican challenger Rubel Phillips of Jackson ] in the Nov. 7 general election. 'On a state level, the GOP of| fered only a gubernatorial can- TO: AMERICAN FINANCE NAME ADDRESS (Mail to office nearest you) . AMI. WANTED PHONE 12 11 410. 504. 40 3 16 : 18.00 2.00 I 444.64 22.00 CASH PATMT1 WIFE OR HUSBAND'S NAME EMPLOYED BY __ . -ADDRESS PHONE AGE LIST 3 PLACES WHERE YOU HAVE USED CREDIT: 1 300.00 12 1.380.00 125T( It 1.334.96 83^3 24 1,290.00 6210 Schedule ·*··· luclwtai duff* on leant to S30»y«d*tlM nor- land Small Loan Uw IM fro* $300 to 11,500 undtr ttn Marian* 1-dusUial fhiiitet Act AMERICAN FINANCE IMCMBC 18 S. COURT ST. 19 N. POTOMAC ST. FREDERICK, MD. 663-4103 HAGERSTOWN, MD. 773-3272 ve ry ns id, le- ns »b- er Dt. ith ed re v. tax surcharge proposal. The argument gains force from a painfully practical demonstration last year of what happens when money gets tight--when the demands for credit by the government and the millions of individual and corporate borrowers press against the national total of sav- ·ngs and bank funds made available through the Federal Re-1 serve System. Interest rates soared. Worse, credit for some purposes simply dried up. Small businesses got elbowed aside in the scramble business -- hosing -- suffered as higher interest rates offered elsewhere sliced away savers' funds from the institutions that traditionally finance home building. Unemployment in the building , trades went up and industries associated with construction took fright. Students seeking government-backed c o l l e g e loans found banks uninterested.' Congressmen heard plenty fi om affected constituents and thev haven't forgotten. So, for many of them, the -rospect of the government, faced with a deficit on the order of $29 Diiiion, having to go into the still not- too-easy market and soak up that much credit is simoly not to be contemplated. Those who continue to oppose Johnson's proposals usually take one of two position One is that the government could cut spending enough to bring the deficit down to man- cseable proportions--nobody thinks it can be erased --without a tax increase At least, those who take this line insist, no tax increase should be voted until the administration has done much more f :udget- VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.ONLY LICENSED DRIVERS ELIGIBLE. crease. As for tax reform, they have promised to send a bill to Congress later this year, after the increase measure is out of the way. The need for more revenue, they insist, is immediate, v/hi'e loophole closing, which crlls into action the last ditch defenders of every loophole, is a long and painful process In the fiscally happier days of 1962 and 1963, there was an effort to combine reforms with a tax jutting measure. The arguments over reforms stretched out interminably; one by one thev were drooped, and the bill that finally passed had practically nothing in it but tax reduction. Johnson's formula for han- dl'ng the budget is to save i some, tax some and borrow some. More and more, the argument in Congress appears to be not so much whether to accept ( o r reject the formu'a, but in what proportions to spell it out James Marlon, who usually v. rites this column, is on vacation. BEAIJTY-DIGNITY WARMTH and GRACIOUSNESS \ll very important in our Funeral Home DAILEY'S Ft NERAL HOME 12«l NORTH MARKET ST. C. E. CliRf Son evr. TrxtitkM-- » AtttatkMi »t IK and «1wav« Williams Wins Miss. Nomination JACKSON, .VIiss ( A P ) -- Rep John Bell Wi'hams, firebrand foe of the national administra- t'on, won the Democratic nomination for Mississippi governor in a smashing conservative victory that left Negro voting hopes wrecked Wednesday. Flie 48-year-old veteran of two decades in Congress, who lost his seniority for supporting the Republican presidential ticket three years ago, rallied hardcore .segregaiionibis and mid- ole-of-t'ie-roaders to his cause with a blistering attack Dn liberalism. With reports from the last precincts from Tuesday's voting trickling in, Williams' lead over Ftate Treasurer William Winter approached 60,000 votes. Winter, who topped first primary voting three weeks ago, led this time In onlv 20 of the 82 counties. The Williams vote carried How "Safety Pays at Mobil Mobil's got a new game called "Safety Pays . i ne explanation is big because the prizes are big. And your chances of winning are big. 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