The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 21, 1987 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1987
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

4-B THE BAYTOWN SUN Friday, Auguct 21, 1997 DfADHNFS fc-]:00 p ; m. Monday thru Thursday for ads starting the next day. 1:30 p.m. Friday for ads running Sunday and Monday's : Paper' Th« same deadlines apply to cancellations. W»»*nr <Wi-(Bordered Adver tisements) 2 Days prior Monday thru Friday at 9:30 am. (For Example: 9:30 Monday for Wednesday) Ads for Tuesday due at 5:00 p.m. Friday. !••;.;!.:.. : • 103 Trucks-Vans KM Work Cars 105 Autos Wanted 106 Antique Cars 107'Auto-parts Service 108 Motorcycles 10B Utility Trailers 110 Aircraft (Sport Leases W'Cimpers/Covers 310 Houses to Move 311Mobile Homes S1Z Trailer Spaces 311 Monuments-Lots 101 Automobiles ; 102 Imported Autos 201 Boats 202 Boating Equipment 203 RV's 20iRV'stoRent 20? Sporting Goods 3»1 Houses for Sale JOla Condo/Townhouses 302'Acreage XBBusiness Property 303a Multi-Unit Property JH Vacation Property ' •8 Out of Town Property 30t Farms 4 Ranches • 307 Waterfront Property 301 Lots for Sale 309 Property Wanted 501 General Services 502 Child Care WSluilding Contractors 504 Instruction 401 Houses to Rent 401 a Condo/Townhouses 402 Apartments to Rent 402a Motels/Hotels 40J Trailers to Rent W Bedrooms to Rent 40*5 Roommates Wanted 106 Articles to Rent 407 Business Rentals tOSa Machinery-Equip W Livestock-Supplies 107 Pets-Supplies CM Food Fare m,Soil-Fertilizer 609a Nurseries (10 Articles Wanted (11 Garage Sales (12 Articles for Trade (13 Games-Hobbies 704 Medical 705 Technical 708 Trades 707 Clerical -708 General 709 Part Time 710 Temporary 711 Work Wanted 712 Business Opportunities tt Lost* Found MS Car Pools N7 Card of Thanks WlnMemoriam 809 Travel News 810 Entertainment 601-General Articles 602 Furniture G02a Antiques 603 Appliances 604 Musical Instruments 605 Building Materials 701 Professional 702 Management 703 Sales SOI Legal Notices 802 Loijge Notices .803 Personals 804 Special Notices HOURS Mondfjy thru FrW.y 8o.rn.-S p.m. IKE KALMAKHfMAIl says, "The deal you get from me doesn't end when you drive away" 84 FORDF 150SUPERCAB 351 Automatic. Air conditioning. Tilt. Cruise. Captains Chairs. *6995 85 CHEVROLET SILVERADO ViTONP.U. Nice! Loaded! Low Miles! *7495 85 OLDS DELTA 88 ROY ALE Loaded! M995 85 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4 Door. Loaded! '7995 83PONTIAC GRAN PRIX U Full oower equipment! 83 FORD ESCORT 5-Speed. Moon roof. *2495 77 FORD LTD 4 Door. Good Work Car! S 995 86 FORD THUNDERBIRD Ford Motor Company Executive Car. 22,000 Miles. Loaded! SI MERCURY LTNX WAGON 5 Speed. Air conditioning. Runs Good! , */795 85 FORD DIESEL ESCORT ' Econoplus. 5-Specd. 86 FORD F150P.U. 6-Cylinder. ''-Speed. Cruise. Tilt. *8250 86 FORD TEMPO 4-Door Automatic. Air conditioning. Stereo. Interest Rate as Low As 1.9% APR on Selected Models or up TO '1000 CASH BACK 1*10 ctFM 563 (Exit 110) (My 15 Mfawtts E«tt Of SM .tocbito NtoN IAYTOWN ANANUAC 1-W-44$-S07S (401)319-2291 We never met a deal we couldn't b«at : SHAKE HANDS WITH AUTO WHOLESALERS INRANTCMM ItMN. BANKREFO 1*6 Buick Century Limited. 31.OW mite. EictUent coodWon. KM Call Mr.Braun,C7-5Ml. BAYTOWN NISSAN- will bur your import, paid for or not. Late model, dean earsonly. lN.Main 4E-MJ6 ttfeN TURNED DOWN- Before on a new car? 1 can get you financed. Contact meai«l-Moo, Regie. Dlr. BUKE,1M1 RIVIERA taoo. 422-ssu BUICK, Ml- LeSabn. Automatic. power steering/brakes. Overdrive. Air. No net Ewellmt condition. «4-E7S. BUICK, I* U6ABRC- Limited. Loaded. Cold air. 127.100 one o»ner miles. »12M. or best oiler. 43-illM. BUICK 1»~ USabre Limited. \'-t. 58.000 miles. KSOO. CalI4*-7WS. EASY FINANCING NKX CLEAN CARS t nudCS PARTAJN AUTO SALES IWN.IUta W-tMl rotio, am MUSTANG- Good body, good mechanical condition. Needs upholstery. MOO, Call 4S6-3K3. FORD. tM ESCORT WAGON- For sale or trade. Call Rbooda. 455-1716. After POM), IfS MU5TANG U- Good shape. Runs, but needs tune-up MOO cash. Call 32J-S76C GOOO SELECTION- « can. We Delate i IW.TEXAVE.. IT YOU HAVE- Had repossessions or foreclosures 4 have a good jot), 1 can help get you finifcced oo a new car. Call Rm-. «!-!*». Dlr. BUICK. INI REGAL- Grand National T-tops. Pooer steering 4 brakes HBO. Call 424-163. CADILLACS, PONTlACS, GMC TRUCKS- New and used We want trade-ins. Financing and Insurance available. Your fulj service dealer. Baytown Motors. TO) W,Texas, 4341(1 CADILLAC. Ml B1AMUTZ- Loaded, leather inlenor. 40.WO mite, excellent condition. t.Vfl 42-SS15. 4SMOK CHEVROLET. 1M RELAlRE- nw Also. 1971 Capnce Classic- Mo). Both negotiable, 436-rti. LINCOLN, IM CONTINENTAL- Loaded.Only 66.WOmiles. PricedtoMM. Auto Wholesalers. 1014 S. Alexander, MAZDA, im door, BWO Call4a-5CT. Silver »ith blue. FONTUC, 1MT FTERO GT- Maroon. loaded. Take up notes! CallaflerSpm. 4J7-TO4I, FONT1AC, UH- BooneviUe Brougham. Loaded. Only 56.WO mlto. Priced to «d! Auto Wholesalers. 10H N. Alexander. 422-B95. ; PONTUC. im TRANS AM- In great condition. Has brand new burgundy paint job. 13300. Call 43-CS4 alter 6pm" SAVE YOU I USED CARS 19W Ditsun. Lo« miles ISTt Chevrolet Pidtup. HH down 1ST? Omni. B« cash 1?7S Chevrolet Pickup. O.1B ASKFORDAVEDVE SUBARU, MR GLT- Gwd school car, oev tires, air. F.M A.M. good shape, JEW. Call I2T-IW1. VOLVO. lf»- 2U DL Loaded CM C'all42?-anior 424-9S5S fOlU). LTD lf»- Good dependable •ori car. Runs good EsceUeni body H9S Call 43H4C MAZDA. !•!"•»-! door, air . spied. AM/FM cassrtte Good dabieear.ll.Toa SO-DI6 MERCURY, Ml MAAQUIS- : door Gwd. dean wort car 11500, Days: 43 »«2 Nlghu: 4J7^HJ MERCURY, lf?» ZEPHYR- Aulomalic Power iteensg * Draies * Olinder Air AM>KM. Very ciean MERCURY. UB LYNX- auto air. caurtte. Woor, miles Prwr reduced, JICa 4JHlKlor 417 1741 1985 CHEVROLET CAMARO Luiun Sport. Fully loaded Eicellenlj condition IWSO Call 576-JTn, "oa^^oLETTii^rcAnucE^ CLASSIC MK Call 42-tBWl door, loaded «4,twJ actual railn IJ4X) j Auto Wbole%a!en, WI4 N Aleianoer.! V-l. automatic, , .. ^ _. a-. AM F.M casartte. rail) otmla. tilt rrube. tinted *tndo«\, pm sinpn BaysboreDod^ToyoU Les Marts Used Cars SAVE YOU I 1-MS EMucl Kr(al I* PlynxuUi Carai-rik Puegeot,Poncte Mercttfcs,Fiit,Ditsun Toyota, Audi, Triumpti Volvo, Suban^Roault H<HU,VW,Etc! DW OM jmft Ite ktylm Sw 1W WILLYS MXP- I1SO CailXS-MM . am «» TON- p**n> auto, nr« Una, Loots 4 nna p iUM. Call.OVlTK &<• CHEMWUT, lf» CKYEOflt- N« uro. tl.TW nrfouabk CaU Goie aner 1 Abo, 1«3 rX)RO F1B5 dean, air K4X, Si!«-erado, oc s2 or* aa roan. ittK .-«»l RVHOMlii . !•«- V u*>. Atr tat utliK) brd MBC tl< N fnrf «sui Auto Wholnaicn. Loaded IM SILVERADO- Aiso Cbnitfr !>H •MERE WALTTy ISCOWSlSTEJiT CHEVROLET. 1114 CAPRICE,! CLASSIC- ( dtw, 37.MM miles im Chevrolet S*v« 1«S CMC Sutra OiHtr IWiSubcrliiR Ljtucjn!' MIST UWIDATE. MAKE OfTOl! j Aii lor Dave tHe irilral rart&tKK KM) *afjon I9.000 miles. Air 13710 NKe.'Clean Call 4r-7SS5 or 4T--liJ< tT CMEVETTE ,Wt/FM cawrtte Air. SMW milr* Ccw) shape ««50 CaiIW»tm»-5 42-OW7 CHEVROLET. If7» MOWTE CARLO- Sfi.uwmite. Ongmal o»nrr DATSUN. 1 AMiFMcassrtir One owner Mu»i! _ *"'RJBCC»O'- ':« < dear. iull> loaded, 11 «»J ir.:lcj, nn-ll«! ' condition 4S. auto, air, or* Ittttw, nn* tlrr*. alla.lKil.Call 43017!* 6tD«M«£tTii^"oi«Tai' Air 4 po«er Ne» tim and batierv Ki ceilrtil c«vdltKKl J7Wt733 rtiii" 1 DELTA 1 ""ii«,- Breusham Autc ;xn*rr atr 4H-2424 on MOTOR'S me! ! automate air (SM Cteudrr PAjrTAW AUTO MUD. «**!_ till rii^" t loo aaiij It H*r in : K.KVT A<'AK !rwr. Ita' ' c*b A«a,au. AX fill tuwtir V *c Cood ccad^tK**.' n (xud tw Cl SIC roki)'."ii«'r'-u»-^''u'i K ABU. Km ' 1:<TEJJ1 C>- rajl «•«« i Hiwb, wi'pratup-Via ] rctH;^. KKAOT i « KIT um ~1.. Market at Loop 201 HECHLER/TWARDOWSKI BAYSHORE MOTORS 422-8261 3E RENAULT i CHRYSLER TOYOTA 4 DR. 1987 CHR 1987 CHRYSk£R lit BARON COUPE Le»Wf interior, TH*4tfengin«7"autom«lk:. »ir ste«ing/braKM, power W^Ntows A door loa«M*M, crulw, entr^rslem, «tectronic AM/PCTjierfto pr^HTMund, IMhW stserlg wtw«, intermrtttnt wim*£. wir LIST:«8.559 1987 PL CASH REBATES SELECTED MODELS ,590* VISIT OUR CHEVROLET STORE IN CROSBY. 328-2591 Ucii, ffuud iftapr »tot U Ur, trallcf CJSK B»l«s. M3BA5, II* r*IC«Vl i - Ifl.tKft cttlfr* Vttfcl »»ii I CailO-Wi HU!«TniS SPtCUL- I«I<J4 fiaM Hard 4 wn L-^ii ptiat 4 ntn Um SMITH'S AUTO SALES AXD SALVAGE- Opra e SJTI i •«* fnt fxt 151 or )ua» can HS Cnatj C'eda.- Haiou Hxwd 43 ICTt USED CARS AW TRUCKS Les Marts CbevroW LaPm Ml CALAJUE M>- K.---I nr» palnl ricrilml Sw anrt uj taw W CHEVROLET ENGL<flt- »4 totl mate Complrtri; rrna«il»rtur»< Call IM YAMAHA MERIT ACE- Sf S» re BUD »i-idihietd, ne« rear tirt UKi Ho fn Y AMAKA wiw^T <wf Is iw mild Hatotni he*fii(»t. or* batter) pnanlj lisnu. lu««(fr r»e», trarei ta». nykw nxxomr-k cwrr. 1 helmeu Al«»>» carajed, eireiters commuter bike »TOU4 !«J or 43- SHI Ukerm Call Ol- lt» [*He lop eod KM two Hooda CR IS Ebtnorr. new pulan. rtafj 4 clutch DM or trade botli lor jt-m bile 1«M Yamaha YZ so. ne« pmon t nncs Call _ HONDA," I»S C» tirrv Tom man. IWO rall«*.7»7l Kicellent condition »nh chrome eitra* _ ^_ _ CUSTOM— 1 wheel mrtoroTtf «iUi trailer VT»' powerrd Call alter f p l» K CuBom Motorcycle 7,Minlln 11.ISO CallaniBl i»» MManSiammS^n na& tfaMKtm DIRT BIKES: Hmla OM. HM*a CRl» I*' m»VT PVtT 1HMMM- TW IM MUM

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