Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1975 · Page 45
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 45

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1975
Page 45
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Page 45 article text (OCR)

— Thursday. Evening. April 3. 1975 Woman Doctor Finally Leaves South Vietnam SAIGON, .South Vietnam ,any assurances from the other (AH) — Forced to abandon lieHsicie. Rut I know the Montas hospital for Montagnards after (minis would die hel'oi'f thc~y Iti yca.'.s in the Central Hi^li- ;would betray rliem." lands. Dr. Pal Smith lel'l South; Dr. Srniih" said tlie Monia<» Vk'lnam loday for Seattle be-Inards (he tribal people na cause she can'i find refugees to IKc 1 to the western'highlands livai. reacted lo the Communist "We're up against a sumo takeover with resignation, wall," she .said. "The refugees' ''They have run and run." are not available for cure. Fewlshe said. "Some had died a '.jet down lo an area halfway {dozen times over the years, secure, I've deckled lo j?pl omjAnd they think ol' the moun- before the panic hits Saigon." 'tains as their country, if they She took along her Uvojwcni to the coasl, they would adopted ."Uomaynard sons, Dot,!have boon out of their country. S. and \Vir, S, now both Ameri-1 "They are resigned lo the can citizens. Out she left behind'Control of the VC. They have no ; two colleagues who chose lo re-.delusions. They know they will main with her hospital in Kon- not have onough to eat. They, 250 miles north of Salmon, know they will he forced to oftor the town was abandoned I spend time in propaganda to 1hc North Vietnamese. meetings. Dr. Sniilh, -IS, lof'l Komum on : "Konlum is highly Catholic. March H with just l,"i minute's (They feel there isn't £oin£ to be notice. ju church for them once the VC "It wasn't .so hard to leave,''. : < - u'e established. Thai i.s impor- shc said. "I felt what is hup-ilant lo them. IJfiiin^ now to Vietnam would' Peace And Freedom have happened eventually. Vicl- "But they'll have some peace num was like a patient on a land freedom from attack. So it I'espiiator, It was a mailer of i will be ;;ood in some ways, bad just wailing lov ihr heart heat '" oilier ways.'' She plans to setle for a while, in Seattle where she attended Trash Mountains Turn Into Hill (Continued From Pag* O«e) i trend in Uic decrease in wastes. "It mostly seems to be packaging materials, things like the jslyrol'oam cases a transistor radio comes in," he said. "I would say it's because cf the 1 recession; people aren't buying." Zralek said another change in lifestyles has resulted in less waste for his department: As houses become more expensive and older homes are lorn down lo make way for apartments, his men's work is eased because large apartments are handled by private refuse firms in Chicago. Housing- Vacancies In Atlanta, Director Fred Arlis of the city's Bureau Of Sanitary Services also tied the garbage decrease to changing housing patterns. He said the don't feel it's noticeably due to the recession. The major exception to the di'op in wastes was in Miami, where officials said Florida is the nation's fastest growing state and they expect the increase, some 5 per cent yearly, lo continue. And in New York officials say some middle class neighborhoods are actually producing more The officials said they theorize it's because residents are spending more time at home and taking shorter vacations. One improvement. that New York officials tied to the rcces sion Is the decrease in abatv doned cars on city streets. In 1971-72, 82,000 cars were abandoned each year; last year td» figure was 51,000. lo stop." Her associates who stayed •-• were Di', George Christian, an the University of Washington American from Massachusetts. Medical School. ' and a New Zcalandcr, Dr. Ed-1 "Once 1 stop being shook up,! SKETCH OK RAIL CAR—This is an artist's rendering of the upper and lower .section of a coach ear of the type to be built for Arntrak. Amtrak announced Wednesday in Wash- ington thai it has ordered 235 of the double-decker cars to be used on the long distance trains. (AP VVirephoto) ric Baker. "They arc both'very attached to the hospital and I he people,' I'll look for a paying .job for change to put aside money .for' the boys," she said Just Wait Until 1977 To Ride Amtrak city has an increasing number of housing vacancies, some through foreclosures and some through a switch to apartment living 1 . Dallas, Seattle and Los Ange- iles also noted a drop in s !bage, but Los Angeles officials i say the amount has been down j 'for several years and thcyj she said. "They felt they could' J 5r. Smith came to Vietnam woik I here under (he oinrr;in 1959 lo work at the hospital, Nidi'- jwhich had more than 100 beds "I don't know if 1 want in set | ur "l 300 patients when .she left, into "he mailer of their {lettinc;! She doesn't think she will rc- s turn. "1 don't see how. unless I here WASHINGTON API sengers traveling long distances on Amirak will he able to ride in l>85 new double-deck- er cars to be delivered in 1977. The new cars, to be built by Pas-: Pullman-Standard Co. of Chicago, "will drastically change l!ie took and the style of American train travel," Amtrak President Paul Reistrup said Wednesday. \'J is a miracle." \ Letters I (Continued .From I'ugc One) led lov educational channels. Some Oi Harry's Store Wrecked Every Seats in these cars will be equipment, which will cost a to- spaced as far apart as first- class seats on airplanes and will have folding-tray tables on their backs. The c'.imate will be electrically controlled, and the ears wil have an intercom system, new air bag suspension systems and sound-absorbing materials. in addition to the Pullman (double-deckers. Amtrak has oe- tal of $253 million, will enable i Amtrak to improve its cost-to-.' revenue ratio and insure great-! er reliability. Expansion '. The petition evoked an al- '\° . ^ n flCl0! '' 'mosi unprecedented response.; 1 " ..'^| :RV 1 "' The only comparable reaction in 'ihii (Con tinned {•"roil) Paig.B One) ,says Mary Alice. "They botlle.s ytid ,,,, were going lo the FCC considered what! wet JL d own lo stop the'dust but <il ii" 1 -' li »-i r\l nr>oi^ ».••« v- n»%r1 , i • •. . . violence, sex ami;they haven't." in children's tele- rlo do :ji advert isinsf i, vision. i Most, ol liie Sellers <n e onc- ipase handwritten protests, wiih '(some bavins several signers Jn'.v 0 ni i petition form. But most ai-eipjle ,,. m getting mo damned promises." lot of After U\o weeks only about a tli of the 13-story hotel is me but already a four-story of concrete and Uvislerl mi. PAT SMITH signed by individuals or has-| s teel climbs beside it. Hallway bund and wife. Relatively i'ew|carpet flaps in the breeze six are obviously form letters. 'slories up and an I-beam have anything cheap." idered 200 single-level passenger : tax icars from Ihe Burld Co. of won - t |Phnadclphia. (Continued T'lom Pajve one) more land lor less men with And vcgu'.ar they are customers. This order is an extension of all »ood, a previous Amtrak order for money gleaned from! American citizens who are' Disaster many ot them have been in for two weeks. The barricade guarding the demolition site extends from the hotel, past Harry's and all the wav to the end of the block, five stores asyay. There are two large signs' telling pedestrians lo walk on the other side of the street. Without the sign on it's hard tc tell whether the place is open. When the door is open the dust comes in. Duhvorlh's Only not|->2 stainless steel passenger er asked. already suffering from Con-1 gross' deficit spending" Coop-i cars similar to the Metrolinerj cars used between New York and Washington. The first of these cars will be placed within Among letters picked al ran- twisted in the shape of a "U"l ^-"worths average lak- , dom: lies within three feet of Harry's j d £ wtl fl ' om S(JO ° a da >' Lo sl ' take is MOO or :\Irs. Barbara Pici'cc of Doug-; front door. (Continued P'runi l':\i;e One} ph eric instability and ' On the 15t - "• lasvillc. Gu.. said the Lansmai;-; Wrecking company officials!,,"" "' e , ' J "\' * Milan petition is "an invasionjliave "'•'""''••'"•i "">•• "<• <^<*'><- •' s[an:ecl •a" U11S . in service by the next few Amtrak months, hile delivery of the double- decker cars won't begin until January o{ 1077. AH -4S'_' Budd cars should be delivered by June of that year, according to Amtrak. Reistrup predicted the ne'.v were This In June. 19- stationed is twice , !)5,000 men at Ft. Hood.i the present amount of men on one-third less land during a critical national emergency. With thcj Army's supposed need for the[ land, are nation is conflict even more severe than World War HV" we to assume our about to enter a Little Money Speas Pink Pickled Eggs Juice from a 11b. can ot beets 1 c. SPEAS CIDER VINEGAR 1/2 c. brown sugar 6 whole cloves 1 stick cinnamon 12 hard cooked eggs Combine all except eggs. Boil 10 minutes. Remove cloves and cinnamon. Pot" over eggs. Cover and refrigerate overnight, or 2 to 4 nfgMs lor spicy flavor. Great Taste sp tht llsvor with f/it good tang cooffs hav» dspendtd on sine* IBBS. SPEAS VINEGAR Apple Cider • Distilled • Corn FfiEE BECIPE BOOK. Write Speas Company 2400 Nicholson Ave.. Kansas City, Missouri 64120 j promised tiiey or their a means j of our riyht of Christian cUi-| insurance company svill pay for ol' initialing vertical motion of I-/ens to express our belief inidamajies but Dulworth hasn't the air can combine lo brow up[ public." iseen any of the money. "He is ilmnrterstonns which, in turn. Mr*. Clarence Swensoniworking through the city can create tornadoes. 'wrote: "We have a Christian (officials to get it and has hopes'. Uaragau prcseuteii siaiisiics, station in Minneapolis, Minn.,! Bui the destruction continues, which indicated an n^KTTS. which means much to IE very ni«ht the ball swings, a mo. number ol lornacloos report-! many, wanv people. The ones i little "of Harrv's dies .•fi in the Lubbock area. vhc , lllin ]. ' - tt • na7 . mv . , proi .| T . Jan . y wa * s the Tornado llotsjKrt ;udicial. one-sided, blind, stul-jowiietl the place 25 years ago A cumpilation of i'O yoars ol' : tifying' can just turn the knobi'ifd Dulworth took it over when (.ifitu. llararrnn said, .-howcdjand put on Ilieir 'own thing.'" i'lis father suffered a heart fhat more tornadoes occurred ou! M,\ and Mrs. Carl Samuelson^Uck after 18 years behind the ,'iio Oklahoma-Kansas border; O f Fort Myers. Fla.. wrote : ;counter. lhan anywhere else. -. T j ie more' we' nreaeii lo Hip! Harry's isn't one ol your But. by bruakitis ibis inl'or it., niaiion into two .Kl-ycai 1 sos-'| ove , IK me'.Us, tlevnloixnenl of an _ap- ir(wMe w man who VOIIHK. and adults, thai j csus; 'modem ^package stores, it's anc j barely 15 feet wide and it's of the less crime will have.'' "We need more not Ie.s~ ' ti( " vlllo «'n. There are two liquor Christian radio and 1elevision! st ^ CS '. tw ° bars aml a ... . . cofl'eeshoi) in the same block Virginia; am} rtround Ulc i place where corner js a, you can quickly. ,,,,,..,,0 „., „„. ,,,,v,. 'located on the west end parent U'eiul can !>.• seen. IXir- m.2 the years 19r);!-!f)t>l! the first lit yeai's in the ^0-yoar insiaJI- mcni. the- maximum number 0 flP'' 0 srams wrote lorniKbi-s w;, ; ; in Oklahoma. ' u<se nl PlUe ' ix - V But Uic socond IK year*. -W « ^ (hat radio undi^ a p;i c spor t pholo made. IW;:;-197L'. showed the ••m;,xi-, tf! !^ l ' s1011 '« the only eontac-t;- Harry's sells some Mad Doc mum number in the world Ls^'l' prber Chri.stian.s and wor-; wine and a , ot of , vhish lo harc j ii!?hi h.jrp.'- l-lara^m saixl. "I. shippm" available to Ihousands: drinking pjst al workers from ..-yn'l -ivi; you an cxjilanation; pf those >n homes lor the aged, across the sfj-ect -oing home to lov why this occurs. ' ho added, i hospital (uiiienip and shut-in in-iSouth Dallas for the ni"tit Tv.o Tech ou-iuccrin- profcs- valkls. j - Thcy in ^ c lhe g(K £ ; sU]f( . .. sor-; vvho have done research ~" — —• — inuj toi'nado damage. Dr. J'.>- •.eph Minor ;)in} Dr, ICishor C. McliUi. desr-ribed llie liosr. mov.^s in tile event of severe v\o:nhcr to in:-urt! protcrjlion of iiccii|i:ints of Uuiklin;;s. Aviiiil fOvti'rior M-.ill> In school.--, for example, \iuc.u- pan! 1 ; should .stay ?iwa\ from o.terior \valls and trlass and "am, thint; that will i'all" such, as cltimin ys, Mcfita explained.) The pla.r-e for school! i-liikireii, ho .said, is in or interior P'ooms which do not' havr; ijn fix'lorinr wall. In houses, the engineers explained, a pai'ticuiai 1 problem j arises with lhe additlo.n of' flying "missilos"' such as iwo- by-four buarrls. i "One liiin'i U'P have found is Ilia I. the central p;iri of Ihcj house is loll slandins" more of-i Inn than ain oti)<>r par 1 !. Mftlua| said. , Salurday. we just bad to close up after that," says Mrs. Dulwortli. "That l'al!o«^ing Monday we made S?,',',. We stay long as we can. But there ain't noboby goiijs to come down here and take a chance of getting killed with all that stuff falling around." The city wants to widen j nearby Wood street and make a' parking lot next lo Harry's when it is all over. "You know if they ever get it : down and get it done it woiiJrl; probably he a help to ouri business with that slrect going througli there," she says. "But, my gosh, they're gonna break us before they finish." Somebody Finally Did It Somebody finally took it. it. Meredith Harper of Slaton told s h er i f l"s deputies Wednesday- that someone had kicked in the back door of a vacant house he owns near Posey. Several fixtures were removed—including the kitch en sink. But as if shattering a fa- v o r i t e saying weren't enough, Harper's uninvited visitors took it a step further. They also stole the bath tub. TUFTWICK CARPET and LEES... the best selling name in carpets SEMI-ANNUAL SAVINGS On VITALITY • CELEBRATION CAPTIVATE and RISING STAR IROWNFIELD HWY & SLIDE RD. Phone 795-5251 Heufj *-5:30M«n.-fri., 9-5 Sat. gsaSHUGART COUPON SB TOY BOX CAPROCK CENTER MON. thru SAT. MAR. 31 thru APR. 5 9 WALLET SIZE COLOR PORTRAITS Extra charge for GROUPS 330 rrnrri Before YOU buy GLASSES or CONTACT LENSES check our LOW INFLATION FIGHTING PRICES Single Vision ONE C ^ 4 AA GLASSES ^'^ PRICE u i mu S 21 I Bifocal and Trifocal j GLASSES ONE PRICE $2690 Bring your OPTOMETRIST'S or M.D.'S prescription lo bf accuralely tilled in ih» frame ol your choif p •from on' Imgf selection. CONTACT LENSES ONE An additional pair of contact lenses only twenty dollars more wh*n purchased al ihs p Q i /•» c same lime as original pair. r fi I L« C S 59 50 MEOICAID WELCOMp. CREDIT TEFJMS AVAILABLE IN LUBBOCK 2531 34TH STREET TELEPHONE 795-6884 OPEN ALL DAY MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY

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