The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, July 12, 1934
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•4 TODAY'S NEWS WffiLfi ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA if Yov F*m News U Not On Yw Porch By 5:15 o'Clock, CaA Tb« News Office Before 6 o'Cloek For Prompt Ddiv- •ry/PHone 164 or 165. Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE -DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VQL.LXVNO. PARIS, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1934 TEN PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 T. W. Russell To Be Paris Postmaster Attorney General Holds Negroes Can't \ Hunter Asks Vote In Coming Democratic Primary iEAST TEXAS NEEDS ! j MORE WATCHMEN! Attorney General Asked For His Opinion On Hiring Men (•Pi —Attorney General i The attorney general's decision j The attorney general's opinion j James V. Allred Thursday handed ! was based upon a resolution adopt-| reviewed the. various decisions of down an opinion holding that!ed at the state convention of the the United States Supreme court, i negroes are not entitled to vote in Democratic party in Houston May including the five to four decision ! i in Nixon vs. Condon, written by \ th* coming Democratic primaries. The- opinion prepared by the attorney general's department was •tut.-here for Alired's approval, due to its importance. It -was addressed to XX B. Wood, county attorney of Williamson county. IS32, reading as follows: "Be it resolved that all white citizens of the state of Texas who are qualified to vote under the constitution and laws of the state shall be eligible to membership in the Democratic party and ajs such /"** j-±-j* ^^ ^%-j, S\~f\4- I Tl f V « 111 Till Til X_J Vr T V/J. • •IHV/JJ.%* Allred said his de.,Artment had j entitled to participate In its delib- received numerous inquiries from ' erations." election judges, officials of the j This resolution, in effect, limit- party and from officers and can- I ed the right to participate in Dem- I "Whether lldates for office, as well as from ! ocratic party primaries to whites j Texas has i themselves wishing to ! and consequently excluded lie-j before the passage of the resolution, by the party in state convention. In the Nixon case the Supreme Court of the- United States held that the Democratic state executive- committee was without authority to bar negroes, but said: Candidate Says Business Badly Handled Under Present Plan DALJLAS, (& —Texas railroad commission members Thursday sought the opinion of Attorney General James V. Allred on a; proposal that 200 additional men; State's L ; * dd _ e ?_ t ° !r, Campus Girl Death Story To Be Probed Postmaster Approval Is Forwarded By Patman 5 of Beauty Sudden Death Still Remains Mvsterv OTHER ASPIRANTS FOR OFFICE ACTIVE v,: procuction. Col. Hrnest O. Thompson, member of the commission, proposed, that the men be hired, saying "it is or-Tfirrkv VSIT a. question of having enough ^/L'.4CA. /vfeMjbl/Jt 1\IJ1 watchmen and investigators." Further meetings of the commission will be held next week to BELIEVED TO BE CAUSE jtroea, Allred ruled. a pohtica! party m : Voters In Coming Primarv , continue plans jor the addition of: Fiance of IS ^herent power today; V-V T« * j the- men after it has been studied! -wrcli r>- 4,1- I Hear Candidates Ex- ] by Aiired, Thompson said. j >V ill Be^Ask plain Platforms See ATTORNEY, Page 5. Col. 5. Norman Girl I to Aid Probe JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER AT 95 Three Dead In Gunf ight After Holdup »*o Bandits President Die* In Exchange of Bullets MIAMI. Okla-. (AP)— la m. jrun battle between t\vo bandits -who robbed tlie Bank of Ketchum. Craig: county. Thursday, and a posse of officers led by Sheriff John York of Vtnita, the two robbers and Ealojn Gregory, president of the bank- were^ killed at noon. The battle occurred l Vi miles sooth of Grove, in the northern part of Adair county, lon^ JL hill-land retreat for outlaws. Officers said the license on the car used by the robbers, No. 347-A-O37, was fcs=acd to a. Vlan mail, not believed implicated in Uie robbery, aj- this rno-ii and his brother botli are brOtt>ers-in-law of Charles Gotner, recently convicted and sentenced to prison for a bank robbery at Galena. Kan. Gregory's S"» : Imthcr Gre^or>\ casliier of the Ketch um bank, was kidnaped by the robbers Thursday morninsr bat was released unharmed near ! AUSTIN, fJP\ — Tom F, Hunter; I pleadin?- for votes at San Angela. ! • said it was impossible for the j i state's business to be effectively ; = and economically administered ! 1 through its present 131 units of , j government. i i "An individual's or corporation's i [ business operated, to incoherently; j as that of the state's -would soon i I be bankrupt," he said. Se told i and Bank. ] his audience the state government' ; must be reorganized. carefully • formed and its duties cautiously: (assigned. j j He renewed advocacy of a • | "board of public relations, or gov- ; j ernor's cabinet/" consisting of five ; ; members. - ; ! JIaury Hughes completed a busy i i day at Cleburne. where he said, he : j was confident: his North Texas j support would place him in the ! run-off primary, - • I "My friends in every county in ' I North Texas tell me that I have I beers training rapidly and will lead | j the ticket," Hushes said. "The lib- ; •• era! JDernocra.ts are ; aware O ! not afford to spli West Coast Strike Area Spreads Out Strike Threat Conies Closer As More Unions Join Move HOVSTON. (J?) — I>etec- conducted an intensive search here Thursday for Neat Myers, University of Oklahoma student wanted for questioning in Che d.ea.tb at Norman, Ofcla~. of Marian, Mills, co-ed beauty, after a youth believed to be Myers Wednesday ni^ht abandoned an automobile belonging to Myers* father. Question, Long of Interest To Parisians.. Is Geared Up Thursday COMMISSIOXER'S RACE ALSO IS SIMPLIFIED Tony Booth, Russell's Opponent In County Race Has Clear Field See THRKE. Page 5. Col. 1 SAN FRANCISCO. (.-?%—Threats ; of a. general strike increased I "*•"u^~scLs.v as o TOO t^iiclc drivers I of San Francisccj bay cities walked i out to tighten the commerce-"] blockade of striking Pacific coast | *Ti3.~itime ^ ors^rs. | The action of the teamsters un- i ions of San Francisco and. the east I bay cities of Oakland. Berkeley ; and Alarr.eda came despite an ap- j vea! of a federal labor disputes \ board which reportr^ its first cefi- < becomlEg S1 j te s tep towjtreL possible settle- ; the fact rhat they can- ] i>;ent of the strike winch, has crip- I between Char- 1 pled coast shipping. . i (lie McX>ona.j-d -and-myself. Th'e; Union after tinion on hoth sides-: ! strongest liberal must be put into ; of San Francisco bay and in Port-; j the runoff if the Anti-Saloon \ land. Ore., fell in line toward a • ; League is to be defeated in this I possible general strike by delegat- i ; race," ! ing authority for action to "strat- j i Attome-.- General James V. All- * egry" committees. ! red at McKinney, touched on a I The San Francisco waterfront. j I new subject. He told his audience t patrolled by national guarcsmen. I expansion of the •work of the child " welfare program would serve as a! i deterrent to crime. He said <r.v- ; , . ,-.,,,„- t strike May S- shots were t:rec a-. , _ police patrol boat. Four men I ~vere wounded by buc-kshot from S.police grans. The Portland city j council demanded that Mayor Jo- Carson remove Police Chief liet, but at Portland, where blood wss shed for the first time lonirshorems-Ti startec trie perience had proved ""incarcera- i ^.^ See HUNTSR, Pa?re 5, Coi. 2. • ' Thi* t* th* official "birthday plctur*" of John O. Rockefeller, taken !th« d»y before he celebrated his nsnery.fffth birthday. Departing from ;cu«tom, R&ck«f*Mer had no birthday party th»» year, but *p«nt the day ) quietly *t ht» early summer home near i^akewoo<l, N. J. (Copyright |C. E. Englebrecht—from AMociated Pre*«5 Program For Road Meet Is ConnallySet Held In Hugo T>etectives said they were virtually certain that Myers was the youth who Jumped out of the automobile Wednesday nijrht when another motorist gave chase, then disappeared in tiie woods In the Cottage Grove section of the city. A suitcase found in the automobile contained a cla>> pin with the inscription **N. H. Myers. "35" and a letter addressed to the youth"? father, Br- P. B. Myers of T£l Reno- A check of the license number showed the car wa~ owned by J>r. Myers. An *O. "C. Sooners^ sticker was OH the side of the suitcase and v officers found a box of small yellow pills inside. J. IT. Stephenson was the motorist who forced the boy to abandon the automobile. Stephenson said that late lost nLrht he saw a youns: man standing beside 3. car beartne: an Oklahoma license. *-The boy jumped in the automobile real quick and hurried off." Stephenson sa,id"His actions struck me as be- See DEATH. Pace 5. Col. 3 Tax Revenue Here Shows Large Jump Fia^ire Reported By Collector Far In Excess of Last Year . H. P. Anderson to Preside. Jim Caviness to Introduce Speaker B. K. I-awsor. from striKe cuty^ alter the shooting and ur^^a shippers to cease operation lint;! tne dispute is settieci- J3espitc the teamsters" walkout, which it had hoped to avert the -—, . . . 'federal board said it would ?ro- Zil Association C eed with a referendum among ^•j^T-ir^n^a unions on its request for voluntary acceptance cf mediation. Waterfront employers of Hitler Faces j Major Crisis Session Dravs Big Cro'H'd From Paris Some twelve of fifteen members ' the Chamber of Commerce left major ports and 4C snippir-.c corn- parties subrr-itted uncGna:ticnal.y . Critically Mind' _ __- ." -j-j-. ed. Tensely VV aits JttlS Storv of Police Homicide Squad Ma ke Intense Investigation of Circumstances In Conn ection \^' ith Mysterious Death; Sifter of Dead Woman Is Held of bank ro'..!>es>. day. The ^tllS-warm 1^-!:- ,>f St*;"»vArt "was V-r^'Ush? m -1:31* a. TII- Jfr?*, K«»j*a Ij"?'" Harncs. 33. A Ntst<*~. Dr. J. \V. Turner. ho* attache, found no *>Tid*rnc'^ of a \ioiTi; he & vat'.nh;c for a-1 who are hand to h-ear the address o* *" the j 8 ^**^ at o T". i* hss r^*e^i s^td b^~ : nis, she had ferousht her sister {'ariyJar!* irt ch.ircre of Senator; from a nearby country rt«ad. the ConaUy's visii here. A band cor.crrl at 7:15 o'clock xvit' prece-if* th-? addrws. : \V. H. P. Ar"i*rj? -n wTu b? in '.•rfw^rt: Jim Cav:rs«sts, who will in turn inlroduc*- the senator. r Connai'y is seeking: his erm. I^is record in con- fiirr^st's a-.-t ivltjes to police. Mrs. cre; 5 ^ bf^er; on*? o' ^tau^ch •ivsji h*-ld for further <ju*s- support of President Roosevelt! United States Senator Tom Con- nallv will speak 5n Paris Saturday night at S o'clock at Byvaters Thursday morning fo- Hugo to attend a 10 o'clock m?etirig of the newly organized lT*^hwa.y r > 1. association. At this rneetinc pa to arbitration. rax collecuons in. I^amar county i during the month, of June totaled ; 5-^5.924.51 more than during- the i sarae period last year, according • to a firal report on June eollec-; \ tions from Tax Collector Clyde j. • iixiiiLphrey Thursday. Whiie -rbe ; increase in collections of current • taxes amounted to only SI. 942.73 i there was a jump or over $41.009 ; in delmotient tax collections, ac- < cording' to the report. ' Collectioris during: June, 1533. ; induced ?43.377.10 for current: taxes and S3.643.35 in delinquent i account-. During: June 1334. cur-; rent collections amounted to $51.-' SIS.S3 Wh:i«> delinquent collections totalled ?43.0I9.52. Total coilec-; tions d'jringr June 1533 -were ?53.- ; 4S4.02 as con^pared to 5SS,4'3S.53 ] thfj year. \ The Increase in collectiens of ' lax accounts this year is said to i have been largely due to the fact; that the penalty and interest ' diaries on delinquent tas: accounts i became effective on July 1. ; Another contributins: factor to : • payment of tases was the fs.ct ; iha* n:any H^s.rr.s.r county property ' •,. : ^v~ners received payments from i : "his gro v erntnent d,urinc the latter part of June for land rented in connection I'ark. his P HAMMAN CAPTURES ROOT) MATCH ten critically minded than it has been tor ir.on;h.s waited somewhat h^ Question as to -who win obtain the office of postmaster at Paris was virtually settled Thursday morning "when. Congressman %V right Patman recoromended. ^EO "^."ashin^ton the appointment ot T. "W. R.usselL Hecorimendation "by *. congressman is tantamount, to ;appointment. "When th« office b»^- came vacant here last Kovemb«r follo^ins the death, of Captaia i. J. Dickerson there ~wrere a. number cf applicants for the place. Interest in the appointment rose to a. his^h pitch, but abated sometvlia.t with the naming of C. "W. Cot>ira.n as temporary posrmaster. TVhen the list of eligible candidates •was announced recently, interest again increased. Mr. .Russell, Mr. Cothran and TV, H. P- Anderson were declared eligible and TrheTj, Congressman Patman visited here this -week, he -was besieged, by friends of each, of the candidates. Mr. Parzaan. made- nonncenaent of the recommeads:- tion from Tescarkaaa Thursday raorning. The appointment is expected to be made within a. short tlnse and -will probably become *f~ fective immediately after. '>a- nouncement. In. addition to settling tlis q^'es- ttort of the local postni'aswr'* 'office- the recomnrendation of 31~r- Russell -srill also probably settle the question cf the conxmissiOEer's race in Precinct 4. Mr. Hnssell has been a candidate for reelection as commissioner of JPrecinct 4. appointment as postmaster leave his opponent- Tony clear field. The lime for filing; for a place on the ticket i» past aad Mr. Sooth ^scill probably be elected. Mr. Russell, -who made the hi^rnes: razing of ail applicants for the postmastership here, is a. na.tiv« of Lan~ar county, aboat f:ve miles northeast of Paris. He i? a veteran of t^vo -wars. the Spanish American and the "vVorld. Vi'ar- He ^*as also employed, in the Paris postoffice for abocr. I? years, resigning to assist in the organisation of the Paris Battery. He "-vas a first lieutenant in that organization. Mr. Russell is also past pose commander cf Winfiel-I See RUUSSSXiL. Page 5. Col. 2 rjy Thurj»da.y •uar", 32. f5- <'\a.ct '^ration of which she said -nsbrr of ihc vh*> did not r«rnembcr. Shortly \xn* iJ"'.- su*'- St<«t\-ari <licd in a Cniv^r^ty park £H!,i«-vn t.»y the rrs:d«.-nc<>. hcrv Thuns- Because of The confli<:t;njc nature «>£ her j>;<iries, and h«?r Hi'pnr- tionins:. Mr>. St»w»rt. WA,-* Iftjst ;<?en alive by her parcntst, Mr. and Mrs. B. ' \ Kins at 5 i». m. \\>dnesday in and he has mad* rec- d^l^^otc3 expected to be i> resets r from Oklahoma points between the river a.nd to Fort Smith. Ark. Towns i>een asked to s=end delegrities- TT>, addition to towns on "T*. .-i r:umber of delegates irt towr.* between Paris s"d Dallas have been inviifd to attend the meo:- jng with a view of discussing the ^ossibii:;it_'s of getting a. U. S. des- jsmation frcm "Paris to Dalian th:s however to catrs^e no cha™ge« -r: whic-h conies jroes ci;t over Some observers fee; thai ^"h OKLAHOMA CTTT. <.f' —.i-eianc Karr.mar: of \Vaco, Texas. Trans- • -K »-. - ^. — ^» -5 •*• >-» j& ;" T-T »rT^i -F " .••» -5 ,-S -^*a^^ -s^ ~r f^ e* TV. ^* * C t^ "^ S. ^~ *il^3?i5^»^ £* * C113Tl"i >?1OTT. ^»*^.tr.vt* w •.* * it <. ^- •- * *_*_i»_,^^.^tr^ -,-w ^ -^ _ second'ro-jn- 3 . of thr? Western Ama- I Friday -ight he will be facing a te-ar"to-r7U!rnet;t here Thursday i major crisis o: his chancellorsh:?- by defeat iris: "\V. C. Francis. Jr.. c-f • Official staterrier.ts have ap- Fsris. Texas, •? sisd -- He plays plauded H--tier's ao:; T. ir- t:-.e execution ot sTorrrt troop leaders, but T^e-lt Eaton of Ok:ahorr,a «..ity. raedalist, :n his second round many questions are unanswered in rnatch Thursday afternoon. the public rr.ind. and Germans are vliirk Kvar.s of Chicasro. eisrht swer those -questions :r» their satis- csrr.-?s "Western champion. ! u?- faction in his Reichstag speech, flnisnins: with a seven on th~ Far 4 Storm troops wonder who s ?o- eisrhteevLTh to r^t. r.o better tha.r. Mattress Factory Obtained For Paris; To Be One Of 32 Chamber of Commerce Take* Lead In Getting the Plant to Be Manned From Relief Rolls; Products Go to 1^ : :r!t(> Far5s °- 1 " ha , ve h . er .^ ' ? lo s through Import an Sh<- m«y h»vf d>d fron> a h«*r: attack rAsu'Unc from thyn>!<-I trouble, wuh ^hi«-h ^hr «»•< af- fltcteiJ, I>r, Turner j*aj<i. Rustic* of the ,P**acr B»*n K!y h*-ul a o>mn*»r'» Jn^a^siit MsJ w:thhr«;1 hi^ v p<r,»|itije «. prolwib!* 1 autoi^y. MVSTERV. Page T>. Col. 1 r " ; neck and neck through the first 1 A: . h ., ^^^ ^ — e ~ar.y r.on- • rtine, Harnman rteedir.s: a -par or. -,^ z -;« who hitherto have resrarde^i Jack I>eL,ys;e who was na:r.?d -fj^ i or .c; f::'th for .= T i:r- lead n: -V;-Tp--,;~ -o 7 e-T.- i "v •-«--«" rT^^- executive manager of the 27: as-' the tiirr:. They r-lr,yed errat:c^"y J*U^'"V_V>'^-V^'."',_,» "'"J,.~. "'^. Will Rogers MT'I.KSHOK. Tr\ns. — Klt«xv nU ;':sh<*rf t* outfit ?<> the calf brand- r»c l-£*»li*«5rs«. an oM boy- Allred Will Talk Friday Candidate For Governor to Be Heard On Plaza 8 o'Clock Jnc at Industry James V. Th«»y an* brandJus : s""V^rrtor of Texas, to crnt can' for to *3<, **wt th* wrtol*' t-attlie ; sprak h»»r^ FrMay nJxht »t S rnf.ehfy dry. Th<? ROV- ; o'clock on th* plasn, »<x*or<3insr t» M<>ini; what Th-ry ran ! artnouncfirifnt iasufrd Thurf«!ay S>y > ouu t-ut r>vr«n it I>fnto- i I";<ris« and LARIAT county fri<*nd. i s rri:«k»* it rnin. KuT in<«y . who wS'l b» In charge of h*s ay>s 10 l-nnt that up at th*r . jx»»rano* h«r#. r.jrrrv. j Jini Maxwrll of Roxton will in- i* n<> f£n»-r str.d mf>r^ sat- ; trr>t1»c# th* !»p<»nk<»r. l»M.*in<»^s in th<» u or'»<l than; Mr. Ai3r<*«1, incumbent attorney ^^** cow hrlf a c It* i«»n «-«««, n-hon VOM when the for Texas. - i K\jb»rnftt«iria! cantl mcnts nro .twin you. you ar*» just hrff. Other ts th* fifth te to «*peak who have can«tli1ate that's run a<*coml. { Keen heard by Paris aui<!i«nce* In Tt»lsi t» •'* part of the interest or ihelr candJrtacy for X.I.T. ranch, that was th* htjrseat ernor hav« been Kdjrnr Witt, who In th« world. An Kngltah syn^Ti- her* Jun« S; Maury <r«t<? irot Jf f«>r huJldlnR *'Mn" and ] who appeared June IS; Tow Hun ->rd 5n ;h* matter of the introduc- ;; O n of b<?n<-f :c:a! measur*!». He was the firs: to propose d?valuation of the dollar aa a moar.s of «:!n^!attnc na:;onrx! recovery. Th<* ad*Jres5 here Saturday rsigb: sociation. vrill attend the meeting. : eorninsr STI. Tb.r-?<? f-' xvill be jhe t^:rd of th« day for Bringing with him a number of - do-wnfa!! of Frar.ois. S^r>«ior Corsr.aTiy. who 5s sched- '• bcsiaess men from Fort Srr.'.th. At .. Kair.rr.aTi OUT — 454 u^<? to spo.ik Sarurdsy r.fT^mocr; : *h*» noon hour the delegates w-:' • ; FVanri?: <^":t i -5-t at * oVI-~ck at Shermsr, snd at 4 ; attend a luncheon. soon afi^r : Hatnman in .. 455 o'clock at Bo-ih.irr;. ; which the meeting wi!S adjourn. .. our ^54 the match. -Anris battled pr uarantee that :h» Nazi will b? ptit into effect: iorseer leaders gone. American Business Men Sponsor Plane Jaunt Around The World For Good Will pubiic to know what is really happeriir.a: xvas apparent fron-. a 'lock •foreiscn s ? :airs, launched an a:;ack on France because of the vi«!t to I,ondon of T-cuis Barthot:. French the Bri?:*h. The* r.e%\> papers charge •..-.forr!:a::-->n sriven cut by K. B. ^^jmton. n»zm3£Ter o' tr^e Fciris • •Jr ot v i o::in:crc ii . R. C. L^me. T'~ie <ij;-e of the I'l.-uit ; n Pa-"s ;-"i:i.I- of "h^ TeN""« R-»" - -'*" COTI- r.-'osivn. Norn^a! sires of he vsir-• tn-riy n-. a't ressrs a. day and f he \ ,^.--r. is :c be d^ne ^y h.-ind. re -1 cu:::?^: n--- s^rfoia' -„ -jst. It is ' ' v s I :C ho.w- ver. that this plan •-vi!; c- en:ar;;e- * v Par:s_ this \ ,-rkar - ar-J H'ichita Falli TO m^V*' : it;.- --si-vs. The pro^-aiv; also :•:.'% officials by Friday on the n^m- -^er of tr3,i~ed v.-oriv^rs on th^ r^— !ief ~o";is in Paris arsd the avaiJ- a.b!.e equipment in an effort to gee larger production for the Paris i.'ar>T, At *he present tints th* minimum number of -workers in the -work ?rt each plant tvill be 30 per day. GOVERNOR t»ENTKS PKTITION BOSTON. Mass.. L-?) — Gox-ernor Joseph 3. E-y Thursday denied the petition of Charles Fonzi. on«- making "friendship from t!;e Soviet hops" • altitude record houJer. with "T." feet, both made ir where fue'. wilt be waiting, day it will so To T;§rit on th? Goinjr by way of Bermuda, the' Radio offic-er wi!: h«> Capt • Kanichatkart Fensnsy-a, The third wres. Paris mnd Berlin, they Arthur Fsnrh of :h* Merchant • day 1: win .cc to Xorsir. routed their return across Siberia ! Marine, Flight mechanic be i From Nome t:* i3fj>*nds A l*»k«, to Chicago. john F!tka.:. 1: was possible » on th* Canadian govern r«er:t. If "Jim' j»tat«» cnpitol In Austin. Youm. TO VISIT DAVCHTER SACRAMF.NTO, CaV.f.. ^.^ — pavirjst a tritn»-con*irjental air- lane here Thursday morning. re- for Tahoe, Xev,. to join her ter. hpr» on Juna 19 and C. C. *Mc-i'i n.c station *t P«»n»»co!B. Fla,. will I as ttfehnieal officer. fit vil! go to Porr'and, therjc-e to ; rtausrhier. Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Donald, h»r* on Jun« SO. (b*» in command of th« pl*n«, { Th« plan* will jpo first to New j Minneapolis and to Chicago. i I>all. L4eut. Comm. WiJIiam H. A!*x-»s:Nth man, either Charles KeaJeyl* permit is granted fly over ! Mrs - Fr-xnkhn D. Roosevelt nnder of New York, former chief ! day or SL A. McCl*nan, both off Canada, it will come to Chicago ; portedly left by automobile Instructor at the. £. S. navy train- | New York, would accomiw.ny them i by way of \Vinnipes- Otherwise The s;overnm*rt* will a How !o-' <.'al relief officials 10 buy cotton ar.J tic-kTrsr locally for J«Jy, afr- *r -.vhich purchay^s will be ma*3e by \Va.ahin.s:'or; officials Th« sov- ern::v?m wilJ purchase a. quarter of rt TTTil'.on l»a.!es of surplus cotton . :"or this purpose. The mai:ress»-s ! wj ¥ j N» made from a. JIOCKJ srad«? ; of cotton, each mattre»» to weigh ' fifty pounds ; * The local Chamber of Com| inerce is to make a report to state • tiTrse "wizard of finance.** for A pardon which PORSI sought to prevent his deportation to Italy. WEATHER With terrtperafures varyinjc lit- zle n-.ore than 2*J dftsrees daily ar«-i rsearirii; the c-erstury mark each day. th-, d-^-rni-.d for cold drir.ks. :c« cr*am. arvi other hot w^ath-^r 5tp«cia.!s ct-Tti* 1 , 'jjt*s s'rona;. While i:>h Pr-s reported to b« strlkiris in all T h-.- nv:-ir^y iakes. on'y th* moj>'. h^r-.i. 1 - r'.^^^rrrier: v*nrur* out ;R th^ h-i-rf^.. T^n'tperatures W*«i- from 74 to 99 de- EAST TEXAS: Partly dowfy Thurxtsty niaht ami Friday, ex- ttrpt |»,»s<hl,v «*catt«T««d shower* on the t-oa>t, t-Vklay. l^ij;ht \*ri«blc \vln<l?> on tl>«r <x>a>r. OKU\HOM.\: Partly cloody to unxru!ed and tx>nciRo<xl warm on ThurMl«y nticht MJM! Prkl»y» em- «,trpt M>r?htiy fooler Jn tbc exvreim* north western port km Thur*d»y 1

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