The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 6, 1948 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 7
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Oldtimers At Ijamsville Win Ijamrrill* OidtiBMV* New Market Hai-BMtu. 7-1. the annual Fourth of July baseball game of the "Once Greats" ^of the neighboring towns, this ^year at Ijamsville. But three innings was all the aging muscles of the erstwhile top athletes could stand. IjamsviUe took the starch out of the diamond feudsters from New Market. with a five-run rally in the initial frame. So great was the strain ef the Ijamsville offensive. New Market had lr employ a new pitcher each ^ " inning, while Harry Linton went the "distance- ror the winners Each visiting hurler left the mound defiantly shouting "Wait 'hi next ear when we get warmed up." The Fourth of July meeting of baseball players over 35- years of age. is a yearly event, for ijamsrUle and New Market. N. M. Oldti'ers AP R H. O A. E. xBatte4 for C. Hargett in 3rd. Sc«r« fcy iMttecs New Market 1 0 0--1 Ijamsville 5 2 0--7 Summary: Earned runs--New Market. 1; IjamsviUe. L Two- base hits--D. Thomas. H. Linton. H. Willis. Stolen bases--C. Har- .gett. J. Ganley. Double plays--P. ! Zimmerman, uoassissted. Base on ! balls--Off R- Burgee. 1; Griffen. 1. Struck out--By H. Linton. 1. Hit by pitcher--H. Tobery by Griffen. j Losing pitcher--R. Burgee. Hits {--Off Siockman, 0 in 1 innings; I off R. Burgee. 3 in 1 innings: off ' Griffen. 1 in 1 inning. Umpires-- iPfeifer and Oland, Scorer--Smith. J Ganley, is P. Zim'man. Ib . 1 C. Davis, Ib 1 M. Burgee, cf . 2 W Bargee, rf 2 t L. Falconer, If 1 A. Nicodemus. 2b 1 H. Burgee, p 1 H. Willis. 3b ... . 1 W Willis, c . 1 2 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 (POINTERS WIN · Gene Hahn and Jimmy Green pitched Point of Rocks to a 10 to 3 i win over Dickerson in a holiday · exhibition game at the Point Mon,day afternoon. The pair held the j visitors to four hits and their mates kept them in front all the · wav. J The score: R H E Dickerson 3 4 4 Pomt of Rocks 10 7 3 ; P. Belcher. Stonestreet. Poole and Robertson, Lewis; Hahn, Green and R. Hartman. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Stockman, p GrifTen. p 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 13 1 4 lii'iHe-Oldt'ers AB R. H C. Hargett ss . 1 1 1 P. Strine. 3b . . 2 2 0 H. Tobery. Ib J. Grubbs, c H. Lmton. p R. Grubbs. rf Myers, 2b D. Thomas, c f 2 0 M . England. If 1 0 0 *C. Moylan .. . . 1 0 0 xTregoning 1 1 0 2 0 0 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 3 4 O A. E 0 1 0 0 2 0 6 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 MOTORCYCLIST HtRT ' Hamilton, O.I July 5 if---Mercy ' Hospital authorities today reported 1 a youth identified as Donald Blank i of Baltimore, was in critical condition from injuries received , when his motorcycle struck a guard rail near Camden. Ohio Hospital attendants said he ivas suffering from fractures of the skull and jaw. 1,100 Fans See Deirick Team Win Probably ttie largest gallery of fans ever to attend a local softball contest. 1,100 Frederickionians descended on Staley Park. Monday evening to be rewarded with a 6-5 thriller won by Camp Detrick over the Civic League composites, in an i extra inning exhibition. j A home run by Lank Stull play| ing first base lor Deirick. broke I a five-all tie and won the game, i His clout into deep right-center. : paced the .500 batting of teammates 'Taibot and Murray, on four tries I each. Frank led the Composites ' \\ ith two hits out of three times up | The fielding of Engle for Camp ' Detrick All Stars and that of White. j Frank and Hammond of the Ci\ ic League composite team. \\as outstanding i Wednesday evening. Staley Park j re\ erts to league play u hen the I Junior Firemen play NEC A. at ' 6 30 p m . for the Civic League, j first-half championship. The score- ' R H E. . Camp Detrick 6 9 1 1 Civic League 5 7 1 ' Jorden, Underwood and Taibot, 1 Michael. Lewis and Garrett I Alligators are the only reptiles capable of making a loud noise Their bellowing can be heard for more than a mile. National ! Saturday'* Eesulta Boston. 11. Philadelphia. 6. ! Brooklyn. 7: New York. 5. ! Other club* not tdMduled. SanAay'c Brooklyn. 13: New York. 12. Philadelphia. 7-5; Boston. 2-2 Pittbsurgh. 5-6; Chicago. 1-2 Cincinnati. 8-1; St. Louis, «-8 Cleveland. S. St Louis. 2. Sturtajr'* Remits New York. 6, Washington, 5 Boston. 18. Philadelphia. 5 Detroit. 8-1: Chicago. 3-12. Cleveland-St Louis l2 lain Ke*wIU Yesterday Washington. 3-5. Philadelphia. 1-12 Cleveland, 6-5; Detroit, 3-7 Chicago. 3-5. St. Louis. 2-4 Boston. 6-3, New York. 5-7 Tecterday's Kesolts Brooklyn. 4-10. Philadelphia. 3-1. Pittsburgh. 10-4; Cincinnati, 3-6. ' New York. 6-1: Boston. 5-4. St Louis. 6-5. Chicago. 3-2. Games Today 'Boston at New York. "Brooklyn at Philadelphia ·Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. 'Chicago at St. Louis ·Night games Standings of the Te: ' Games Today I * Philadelphia at Washington I *St Louis at Chicago. j 'Detroit at Cleveland i "New York at Boston 'Night games slon of the first-half schedule, Sunday Opening of the second- half was held up for the playoffs, no" other loop game being scheduled for Fourth of July. With one other postponement to I play with Ballcnger. Harmony still j has a mathematical chance of tie' ing up top position in the circuit and must playoff the pending ! ganie i The score: R H E t Harmony . 5 8 1 'JeSferton ! 5 2 Earl Ropp and Roland Chne; H Lakin and House. The New*. Frederick, Md , Tuesday. July 1.1941 ·EVZH RALPH W, BOYttR I STEWART HOBBS BROWN Modern brick dwelling on Military Road Close to entrance to Camp Detrick »rxj near city bus, 5 rooms I and b«th first floor. 3 rooms and bath I apt. 2nd floor with private entrance j Annual income from apt $SOO A new j privately built home and good Investment. Apartment houses on W. Pat. St. j S Market St *ad E. 2nd Street j Your Real Ectatc Listing! Arc i Real Estate Bond* STEWART HOBB9 BBOWlf 13 Norm Court St Phone 14M HARRY B. MOHLER Standing of the Trams , Boston St Louis. Pittsburgh New York Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati Chicago W. 41 33 37 34 36 31 32 29 L 30 31 31 34 37 33 39 41 Pet .577 551 .544 .500 493 470 451 414 (Philadelphia . 'New York ! Boston · Detroit Washington 1 St Louis Chicago W 42 44 41 35 33 32 25 23 L 25 29 2°. 32 37 33 42 43 Pet 627 586 522 471 457 373 34$ ' Artificial dairy breeding a^socia- ' iion represent one of the fastest groxvms developments in modern agriculture in the United States lots Jor dwellings or com- btuldings. weil located RALPH W BOYER BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY Frederick Representative For Murray C Sohn N\» 1 N Court St. Tele 2214 NOAH E. CRAMER SON ~ PUBLIC SALE · HARMONT WINS Harmony defeated firsJ-place Jefferson. 5-1 in a County Softbal! ' League playoff o£ a rained out game to further postpone conclu- C!TY HOMES FOR SALE Six roo»n jnoderu bncV residence No 3 West Seienth Street Priced for a quick sale Flight room brick duelling o:l heat bath We»t Third Street Immediate 5»s*esM0n. o«ner chancmc residence Modern reiidence. Mi. rooms, oil heas ^ a r d w . ood floors Garage Grounds landscaped with lo»e!* -hr.!b»»«T'* 3i* *-ecs Owner Iravruc csl\ Ear!\ ix3^C5*ioT Western *ec- ADMINMSTRATOK S PUBLIC OF VAIA'ABLE PERSONAL \ American League Saturdays Results Philadelphia. S Boston. 2 New York. 5. Washington. 3 Detroit. 6 Chicago. 2. 1 0 0 ,, 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 | The "missing link" between ' birds and reptilies is » peculiar i creature. Archeopteryx. that lived ] about 125 million years ago. f "Teen-age" j racial blotches To cleanse skin carefully--rebev* ; pimply irritation and ao aid heal- ' " :, us* these famous twin help* Totals' . 15 7 '4 9 3 0 "Batted for M. England in 3rd. FOR TOCR ELECTRICAL REPAIR WORK and HOUSE WIRING SEE HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Are. Phone 1601 KMT Cliim RE 9 1 II O L AM SOAPi KEYSTONE PAINTS When the best costs so little why compromise on quality? Complete line exterior. Interior finishes. NICODEMUS Paint Store It NORTH COURT ST. Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 9 SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK. MO. F. H. S. MIMNI ASS'N. Inc. BAXQUET CANCELLED Due to lack of interest by Alumni members as shown by the very email number of tickets sold. Money will be refunded at Y. M. C. A. DANCE WILL'BE AS SCHEDULED ADM. 51.00 TAX INCL. Election of Officers Charter No. 13747 Reserve District No. 5 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE Frederick County National Bank OF FREDERICK, IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30, 1948. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211, U. S. Revised Statutes. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash, items m process of collection 5 812,318.69 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 2 659.093 12 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 80.886.00 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 290,206 19 Corporate stocks (including $6,750 00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) . 6,750.00 Loans and discounts ^including S.22 overdrafts) 603.074.30 Bank premises owned 49,000 00 Real estate owned other than bank premises 1.00 Other assets ,,..,,, -- -- - 382.79 Total Assets 84,501,712.09 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S1.873 883 99 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 2.124.350 69 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 34420 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 143.390 91 Otaer deposits 'certified and cashier's checks, etc 1 010 57 TOTAL DEPOSITS - S4.147.98G 36 92 35 liabilities TOTAL" LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock- Common stock, total par S100 000 00 Surplus Undivided profits . _ _ Rosen, es TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $4 148 072 71 S 10000000 125.000 00 89 595 61 39.043 77 S 35363933 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. $4,501,712.09 MEMORANDUM Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes , $ 150,00000 State of Maryland, County of Frederick, ss. I. Glenn E Biehl. cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly svear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. GLEXX E BIEHL. Cashier Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of July, 1948 W. MEREDITH S YOUNG, Notary Public Correct--Attest: L HOMER MILLER. ARTHUR V. MYERS, J. W. L. CARTY, Directors MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Hotpoint Appliances Hotpoint Electric Ranges Hotpoint Automatic Dishwashers Hotpoint Automatic. Hot Water Heaters Hotpoint Home Freezers and Refrigerators Hotpoint Washers and Ironers COME IN AND MAKE YOUR SELECTION MELVIN M. ENGLE BUDGET TERMS HOME OWNED HOME OPERATED Back of Post Office Phone SO Frederick. Md. FOR SALE MODERN HOME IN WESTERN SECTION Located In the finest residential section of the city, strictly modern and up-to-the-minute in appointments. First floor, larg-e living- room with open fireplace, center hallway, dining room, modern kitchen, and pantry. Second floor, three bedrooms and bath, larjre closets. Cellar cemented and oil heat. Screened porch. Hardwood floors and completely Insulated. Garage. Beautiful lawn, trees and shrubbery- Owners leaving city. Inspection by appointment. For further particulars apply: NOAH E. CRAMER SON REALTORS 114 Court Street Frederick, Md. Charter No. 1267 Reserve District No. REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE FARMERS MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON* JUNE 30, 1948. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211. U S Revised Statutes. ASSETS Cash, balances ivith other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collections $1.343.477 11 United States Goierament obligations, direct and guaranteed 6,434 500 00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 507.273 56 Other bonds, notes and debentures 1.11485312 Corporate stocks (including S24.750 00 stock of Federal Reserve baak 24.75000 Loans and discounts (including S168 09 overdrafts) 3,03116514 Bank premises o-.vned , 10.000 OO Other assets . - - 25890 Total Assets $13,066,277.83 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $4,781 261 39 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 6,431.285 37 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings^ 309.13245 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 404.809.77 Deposits of banks 23425476 Other deposits (certified aad cash ers checks, etc ' 58711 61 TOTAL DEPOSITS $12019,45535 Other liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock. Common stock, total par S125.0CO 00 Surplus Undivided pro5;s Reserves TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 58 944 39 S12.073 400 24 S 12500000 700 000 00 107.721 23 55.15636 S 987.87759 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. $13.066,277.83 MEMORANDUM Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes S 920 000 00 State of Maryland. County of Frederick. «;s I N Wilson Schley cashier of the above-named bank do solemnly s'vear ihat the abo\e statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. N WILSON SCKLEY, Cashier Srtorn to and sub=crioed before me this 3rd d?% of .Tu!v, 1943. WM R. SLEMMER, Notary Public Correct--Attest. WILLIAM B. BENNETT, KENT C. NICODEMUS, ROBERT B CROTHERS, Directors MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST Cjes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St- Phoue S35 For further particulars. appl : NOAH E CRAMER i SON KeJiftors S S 4 N Court S' Frederick. Md Canning Supplies PEOPLES FINANCE CO. Could You On $50 co -- »i5ooo -- raooo or rnora in cash i to help meet tri» expenses which ! usually ans* at 'his time Ot y«art l If 10 w* corliall inv.t« rou to »·- ! cept this invitation to call OB ua. for I the money you need- PEOPLES bC^ANCF CO 11 Nortb Court St (A horn* Sromll Loan Co I DAVID O. GRIFFIN B\ virtue of an order of the Orphan*" Court of County Mar\l*nd passed on the 17 Ih day of | Ma*t. 1948 tlie undersigned Admirii- i trator c t a ot the male oi Laura V iProctor) Procion oy William B 'Hilton, agrnt. w i l l sell at Public Auci tion oa the premises % nere the uid j Laura V (Procters Procton resided 'about t\»o mile* from Dickerso:: near Ml Ephnam m Frederick Count). , FRIDAY. JVLY 9. 1948 at the hour of 2 o cloc. I* M . D S T all the follow inj valuable personal I propert}. lev-wit i Kitchen range, chunk sto\ e oak drop 'leaf table, pie cupboard, \\alnut rocker ladder back chair uatnut side board, tuo \\«rdrobes small slamf* .dresser. »*!nut marble top wash' *land. hat rack, hed^ bedding and ' quilt*, wine che*l. liquor cabinet, heavy brass kettle, miniature milk glas lamp. berrv set. 12 wheat head plates, lot of kitchen utensils lot gla»s- uare and old dishe picture framrt. I ruic »nd man) other articles not men| uoned. j A number of the abo\e articles are ! antique TERMS OF SALE--Cash «t time o! , tale. ' JOHN W PROCTOR Admnr c 1 a b WILLIAM B HILTON. HOLDtN S FELTON . Emmert R Bowl us. AucS- I R L Kell). Clerk rooms and bath on e*ch floor, h. w. noon steam beat, concrete 1mmil nl Quick pos 6 room brsck modern semi-bungalow, h w Boors garage, steam heat. N. ·ection of aty. concrete basement. 6 rooi» brick bouse in good coodi- tion bath «nd fornace About 4 blocks from the center of to%n Early po*. If ou want to buy real estate or a business consult me. as t have some real good values. HARRY E MOHLER Real Estate 113 East Third Street Phone 3074 DELBERT S^ NULL DELBERT S NULL Desirable city dwelling 6 rooms and bath, hard wood floors, steam hot. POM 3O dars East Church St. Comer building lot. »th Bentz St. Price $1 TOO DELBERT S NULL Auctioneer , Keal Estate Insurance St. Phone 1193 W » » \ V * I 7 r » * OU AKJLJ A. NOTICES 45 boutn Market St. I G. H. MERCER SONS I WINDSTORM INSURANCE With its ternfyins strength, a tor- i nado or violent w-indstorm can de- I molish your property in a single rip. ping twist or howling rush. \ou can t ' stop the wind--but you can obt.iln 1 low-cost protection Against Its dis- l astrous effects. Ask us about It today ' 4 room modern bungalow, steam heat immediate possession. 6 room modern brick duelling on Military Rosd. hardwood door, cement basement, laundry tubs, steam hent with smoker, garage, extra lot xw-ith 50 ft. frontage. $13.500. 6 room modern duelling. 719 E Potomac St. Brunswick. Md. Immed iposs. j 6 room modern brick dwelling h w , -floors, oil heat, cement basement, im- ' U OD O r any other Insurance matter* mediate possession. 33 acres along macadam road 4 miles west of Frederick improved with 6 room dwelling. GRAYSON H MERCER *: SONS Real Estate Loans Insurance Pythian Castle BIdg. Phone 537 DAVID O. GRIFFIN ! INSURANCE ! 27 N Court SU Phone 6OO 1 HAROLD U. FRUSHOUR j Do not hesitate to consult thU of- j flr« on Fire, Automobile. CompenM- HAROLD u musaotm 28 We«t Patrick St. Phon* 1133 Fradenck. Md PUBLIC SALE REAL ESTATE PERSONAL PROPERTY NEAR URBANA, MD. I am moving to Canada, and will sell all of my household roods on the premises of my farm located along the Thurston road, Z mi. S. of UrbaiUt^n Frederick County. Md , oa FRIDAY. JULY 9, 1948 AT 10:00 A. M- (DST) TO-WIT: WestinRhouse 7 cu. ft. refrigerator, vacuum sweeper with attachments, 2 bnrner kerosene stove, electric hot plate, radio, floor and table lamps, bookcase, dining- room suite, rujrs, Z beds with springs and mattresses, chests of drawers, bureaus, washsUnds, single bed and springs. 2 oil stoves. 2 wood stoves, electric clocks, end tables. 5 kitchen chairs, cooking utensils, glass and china, electrical appliances. Rubber tire lawn mower, garden plow, lawn and garden tools, tubs, buckets, 28 ft. extension ladder, garbage cans, churn, many small tools of all kinds, and many items needless to mention. TERMS -- Cash on day of sale- REAL ESTATE On the same date at the hour of 12.00 noon, I will offer my farm consisting of 60 acres of land, more or less, improved with 7 room frame dwelling, electricity, water in kitchen, ground barn, 2 chicken houses, corn crib, turkey house, meat house, other small buildings. This farm is watered from one well, 2 springs, and Bennett's Creek. Can be inspected at any time. This farm being all and same real estate conveyed to Peter Roger and Winifred L. Roger, Joint Tenants from George E. Morris and wife by deed dated. January 17. 1947 and recorded in Liber 460, Folio 223 of the land records of Frederick County, Md. TERMS ON REAL ESTATE-- A deposit of 10^ of purchase price will be required in cash on day of sale, balance in cash on or before thirty days therefrom. Possession will be given immediately upon complete settlement. AH conveyancing costs at purchasers expense. Further details can be given by owner on the premises, or by contacting the auctioneer. PETER ROGER, VRBANA, MD. EMMERT R, BOWLUS, Auctioneer Frederick. Md. H. M, ALEXANDER, Clerk SCRVTV1NG EXECUTORS NOTICE This is co give notice that the su» scriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Frederick Countv m Maryland, letters Testamentary on the estate of NANNIE GROFF late of Frederick Countv. Marvlnnd deceased All persons having claims against the deceased are warned to exhibit the same, uith the vouchers thereol. legally nuthenticnted to the subscriber, on or before the 9th day of January. 1949 next, they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate Those indebted to the deceased are desired to make immediate payment. Given under mj hand this 7th d.i of June. 1948 DAVID G EVERHART. JR . Surviving Executor Holden S Fclton. Attorney. dJe 8 15 22 29-Jy 6 1 FOR SALE i New filling aUuon and store, separate 9 room new modern brick dwel- ' ling situated on main highway. JO miles from Fredenck Fine opportun- itv for good tourist business Every- I thing new ! Man other listing-* For particulars HOWARD A GROSS -Realtor" · Court St. j Phone 87.' Frederick. Md. ; P. B. ROOP 1 157 acre farm below Covers Corner. .6 mi from Mt Airy on county road. 18 room frame house, electric, large 1 bnnk barn, partly modern for shipping n-ilk. and other buildings in fair rc- | pair 13 acres timber (some onk for | sa\Mng» 30 meadow and permanent pasture Bal tillable Only $7 50O Poss. : on on before April 1st 1949 j P B. ROOP I Phone 86-J New Windsor. Md EXECUTORS' NOTICE This is to give notice that the subscribers have obtained from the Orphans' Court of Frederick County, in Mwyland. letters Testamentary on the estate of HENRY S B DeG RANGE late ol Frederick County. Maryland I deceased All persons having claims ' against the deceased are warned to j exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, legally authenticated to the subscribers, on or before the 23rd fln of January- 1949 next, they mav otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate Those indebted to the deceased are desired to make immediate payment. Given under our hends this 21st day of June 1948 JACOB E. ENGELBRECHT and EDWARD J. SMITH. Executors Edward J Smith. Attorney. dJe 22 29-Jy 6.13.20 Very good little property handy location »t Thurmont, Full cement basement, nice porches, large combination kitchen-dining rm . kitchenette, pantry, living rm 2nJ floor hns 2 nice bed- rms. bath and hallway. Good attic. Elcc . city water, ^torm sash. Garage, poultry house, large lot. nice lawn, car* den In addition to large truck patch. Widow owner offers for quick sale at onlx $6 000 Earlv possession R. L. Zentz STROUT REALTY, Taneytown. Md. Ph 158-J. ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE This is to give notice that the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans Court of Frederick County, in Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate of JAMES K CAREY late of Baltimore County. Mar) land. deceased Ail persons having claims agaiost the deceased are warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, legally authenticated to the subscriber, on or before the 30th day of January. 1949 next, thcv may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate Those indebted to the deceased are desired to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 28th da;, of June, 1948 HUTH S CAREY. Administratrix dJc 29-Jy 6.13 20 27 HUBERT P. BURDETTE 212 ncres near Mt Airy. 7 room frame dwelling with bath, clec. -water system furnace, converted dairy barn with 18 stanchions, granary and j other outbldgs Early poss. $18.000. 8 room frame dwelling on st»t» highway with l'i acres of land. elec. v-ater sjstcm. bath, furnace, a modern house in good location. 35 miles from Baltimore. 12 from Frederick. Immediate possession. J7.900. H P BURDETTE tc. SON. ML Airy. Md. Ph 123 MURRAY C. BOHN PUBLIC SALE Wednesday, July 7th, 1948 PROMPTLY AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK A M D S T. At farm -where I reside, about 4 miles west of Mt Airy, Maryland. 100 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 50 5air cattle. KoKtein and Guernseys, number of fresh cows, ·springer*, and fail cows, heifers, balls and steers. Some arc ·vac- cinated for 5 HEAD FARM HORSES Most are jonny. w i t h several single line leaders. 45 HEAD HOGS Weighing- from 40 to 100 Ibs. SOW AND PIGS FARM IMPLEMENTS AND TRUCKS Mowers, horse rakes, wagons, corn planter, barshcar plow-s harrows, and smaller plows, pick-up truck, in excellent mechanical condition: one and one-half ton International stake body track in extra good order, also lot of Rood harness. TERMS-- CASH in full on day of sale. Lunch by Locust Grove Church GEORGE E. RUNKLES MT. AIRY, MD., ROUTE NO. Z. GLENN TROUT, EMMERT R. BOWLUS «nd JOHN W. NULL, Aucts. RAYMOND L. KELLT, Clerk. NOTICE TO BIDDERS FORM OF ADVERTISEMENT The Board of Education of Frederick j Countv will receive scaled bid* for the ! erection ant! completion of a two room ! brick veneer Elementary Colored School which shall be located at Pleasant View, near Doubs Maryland All bidi are due at the office of the , Superintendent of Schools rrodcrick Count located in the Oid Church Street School Building East Church I Street. Fredenck Marv land, not later jthun 10 o'clock A M Daylight Saving Time. Wednesday. Jul 21 1148. at l u h i c h time and place all bids w i l l be opened and read aloud The successful bidder v ill be re! Quired to turnish «^iisfactor perform, ancc and pat merit bond or bonds. No j bid bond will be required j Drawing* and specifications includ- ; ing Form of Propowl maj be obtained from the office of the Superintendent of School* Fredenck County, by depositing Ten Do'lars i S l O O O l for each j set of documents so obtained The 'amount of deposit w i l l be refunded ; -when 5aid dra\V7n~« and specifications are returned in good order but the «"d deposit will be forfeited bv the partv making the deposit upon failure to return the aforesaid dra-x.ngs and specifications The Board of Education of Fredcncfc Countj reserves the rignt to reject anv or all of the bids It is understood that no bid may be withdrawn for a , penod of thirty (30) days from the open-np date EUGENE W PRUTTT Secrelarv THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF FREDERICK COUNTY j xoTICE Application has been made to the "HErUIAXX FISCHER SchJey Inn. Braddock Heights, Md Bracdock District for a license to sell On Sale VTme the said hcense to be 1 tno.' n as a SCHLEY IN1C Schlev Ave. Braddock heights. Md the said license to be known as an license -ahich vould permit the li- cen^ee to sell the aforesaid Beverage at retail, a* ihs place therein described, for the consumption on the premises or elsewhere The application is made ia accordance -with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland. Special Session of 1933, and is on file in this office. Anv exceptions to the issuance of the license must be filed with tne undersigned \\ithm a oenod of one ueek from the publication of the second advertisement The manner of fil- , ing exceptions is described in the act, a copy of which is on file j in the Office of the License Com- J missioner. 1 Any hearing on application will be held at the Court House. Date be given. G. CLEVELAND TROUT. License Commissioner for Frederick County, Md 155-A. 9-room bnclc house, electric water system, modernized bank barn. 30 stanchions and cups, new block dairy never failing water, all bldgs. in fair repair, mostly metal roof, land very productive, tractor farmed. Poss. this fall. 3 miles from Union Bridge, '2 mile mostlx- stoned drive to State rood Quick sale. S16.500. 53-A, 6-room frame house, electric, well water at house and barn, also cistern at barn, all bldgs in fair repair, metal roof, some woodland, good meadow. 2nd grade dairy, 12 A. wheat. 8-9 A corn 2 A sweet corn. 14 A, good srass for ha. 2 A tomatoes, all above for $7300 owing to bad health and will give immediate poss to handle crops, house later in summer. MURRAY C. EOHN i Real Estate 1 Phone Union Bridge, Ud_ S-J | ^J^D-JIARJP^AGENCY^^ , 5 room oungalow Northwest section H W floors. Ulc bath, full concrete cellar. Tidrn kitchen. Nice lot- Early poss GI pnor approval I 6 room brick dwell In fine condition interior and exterior No expense 'involved for new owner to move in. Nice location Early possession. 6 room home Modem in every rc- | spcct. Large hvine room, fireplace. , Circulating hot air heating plant, fuel 'oil Located 711 Fairview Axe- Large lot Immediate possession 6 room complete!v modern dwell. · Nice location Fuel oil heat. Large lot. ' side aid rear entrance. Best state of repair Change of occupano could i be made with no expense of redecorat- iing or reoair Early poss ! Small Farm located just 5 mi. from t Frederick. 17 acres of land with large · frontage on State Hghw Improved with 4 bedroom .nodern dwelling, ! sioker heat- Other improvements in, elude bank barn chicken houses. 2 'car garage, and other necessary out- j buildings, all in fine state of repair. Owner occupied for number of years. ' Immediate possession 1 8 room partly modern dwell. One acre of lard Large frontage on Route 40 Suitable for two family occu- pancv and is ideal business locabcr. 2 four-room dwellings Located just * mile* from Fredenck Priced at 53 509 aid S2 500 Both pood locations. M- D H'VRP AGENCY PytJuan Castle Building Phone 729 Howard S Fink--Hep Gordon W Spurrier--Broker "KEY CHEV. SALES. INC. HERE ARE SOME GOOD USED TRUCKS 1947 Ford 1-2 ton stake trucSc. Excellent condition throughout. Low 1946 Ford 1'r ton chassis and cab Low mileage, good tires- Lo-w I pnce. 1940 Chevrolet cab-ov er-cngine stake trucK. 1 l a ton 11 bo 19-51 GM( dition 1935 Chevrolet Tr ton chassis and , cab If vou need a good truck at j a low pnce this is it 1933 Chevrolet school bus 36-passenger. body and chassis condition. Let Key Care For Your Car- KEY CHEVROLET SALES, INC. 106 E«st Patrick St. Phoo« 707 NF'WSPAPFEJ

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