The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 21, 1987 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1987
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWiN SUN Friday. August 21, 1987 3-B •VO WW\ A \7 • aP*H y ft* fkf if aVt^^ ' • ' • • gi^L_ u JLJL_ b j^.' J _ _•_.» _^4aW^A §_^| ^^___^^ ^^____^^_a__ -t^^ ^^^ r niuA I I!* v dpi INU HHHH MM Mt iviww •VHMHPPV pn§raHBB§ MM§M • ID liJ (U ID O llJ OH ,(lfi) <D US) ID • E 3D (2J). • i ® © SZ) • 9 5:00 News Monkees 5:30 NBC N«ws NICK Rocks 'Centennial Summer' Cont'd SportsLook Racing Cartoons Garden WikJskte Lady Slue Violets/Blue Mouseterpiece News Newswatch Live at Five 6:00 News Can't on TV L 6:30 Hollywood Sq. Sptrtakus 7:00 7:30 Rags to Riches Donna Reed Mister Ed Movie: "Blood Alley" SportsCenter Auto Racing Airwolf MacNeil / Lehrer Newshour Crisis Our Group 8:00 Miami Vice My 3 Sons 8:30 Ann Sotnem 9:00 9:30 Hunter Car 54 Movie: "Centennial Summer" Auto Racing: Grand National Series Benny Hill Business Rpt. Wall St. Wk. Kay O'Brien Movie: "A View to a Kill" Zorro CBS News Showbiz ABC News Movie: "The Horsemasters" News Moneyline Wheel-Fortune Crossfire News Movie: "The Corpse Came C.O.D." Major League Baseball Sports Page Garfield Family Album Bugs Bunny, PrimeNews Webster Mr. Belvedere Movie: "Making Contact" Utlte House on the Frame Inside/Racing Odyssey Movie. "Julia' Down to Eartn Beaver Davy CrocKen at me Alamo Major League Baseoali Greatest American Hero Sanlord i Son TcoCtese Benson Sanlora 4 Son Hawaii Five-0 Bill Worrell Monkees 10:00 News 10:30 Carson I Spy Movie: "Blood Altey" AWA Championship Wrestling Movie: "Legend of the Dinosaurs" • Wash. Week Night Flight SportsCenter Live from the Grand Ote Opry Movie: "Hot Rod" Movie: "Target" Movie: "Escape to Witch Mountain" Dallas Larry King Live Max Headroom Addetly CNN News Starman Movie: "Breaking Away" Dr. Ruth Show Movie: "At Close Range" Ozzie News Moneyline News Comedy Duchess/Idaho Divorce Court Sports Tonight •Nigntline "Feliciry" Movie: "Twelve O'Clock Hwh" Major League Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers Movte: "Back to the Future ' Major League Baseball; Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves 3's Company Soap B. Buddies News Current Affair Brothers Sanford 4 Son G. Shandlmo Ml. Baseoall Paper Chase - Graduation Night Tracks: Power Play Movie: "Thou Shaft Not Kill" Movie: "Coach of the Year" Man Houston News INN Hews Movie: "Dirty Hands" Nkiht Tracks Late Show Tales-Darks kte Barney Miller Trapper John Bennv Hill FRIDAY LATE EVENING 11:00 11:30 L 12:00 12:30 1:0 B Carson Davw Lenerman Frxjay Night Vioeos (_3J Donna Seed Mister Ed My 3 Sons Ann Sotftem Car yi (33 'Btooc .ABey Mov-* • Cefitennsal Summer " C5J SoortsLoo*. Speeowsy C 6 ] i Nigr,: Right Damaged Lives •J MacNesi ; Letter Newshour Q3 Re?,s Pitt* &iow - Q H Mov*: Ai CX*e Range' Cent C (1Q) "Duchess o! tesfo Cor.! o CD tn Person "100! tne' Palace QD NMwgK. fD Mov* ' The s»vn ' HE Mov* F-etaV Ccr:c 89 !M.T MOCK ! A. .tancoo 1 Auto Raong: Otymcus Raily SpeedW Nignt Flignt Nite Fight Nicfit Fin 0 1:30 Love Connec, Mor*«s 2:00 2:30 3:00 Sor-Of! 3:30 4:00 i 4:30 I Spy Movie: "Made for Each Other" j Movie: "BSooo Alley" eek SportsCer.ter gnt: Directions in Jazz Sign-OS Investment Advisory 1st 4 Ten Steven When: Move "Otnong m t? 1 * Oar*.' Movie "Tf* Pirste Mcv*' Crsss&e j Newsftgftt Upca:e Gort; Free Meyer Cnafienge Fnoays Night Flight: Dar Investment Advis Move 'Final Justice' Mov*: Cease f Socra Move "Escape to Mountain" Ne« 1 Country Muse Television News Overnicfii • Larry King Overt Se*-s Movie.. : 0*TKjnos ?or S'ea'tisst ' | Mcv* 'One M<ye Sairtay N'>c*i! Sanace* (21j ! M*jCf League BaseCss Ocsgo White So* at Texas Raiders Co" c ^V , «*-•%- j <-j BH N-^~! T'ac*.s Ccn: C iJA Tat; B*isc<". (J27) Trsjj*r ,/OIYI I Mo* P-iSPut • » Cw c< Centre* Sign-OS Bahamas Fam. island Regana lagec Uves Night Flight Nile Right •ory ire' Waft Disney Presents >gn; j Crossfire Snowaz Movie: Twenty Mule Teem" Mew ' Bres<ung All tne Rules ' Movie "Tne Money Pit" | Mcne. '.'ungie Cass-.e 1 &gr,-OS &cnO- I . a j Mc-ne ?nca> S* I3ni. Part'/) 1 Jason L%«' Movie: "Scarecrow ; SffS Tr S .>s Oo: Cc«x*e ; Ne*s i c u. Gw 1 VCK T.rac>.s NCf't Traces Wone Wxte Une Fever j White Mane Sett Traces j Mov* "Of Mice ana Men" i ~< Mas h^orv i U>*r** ! Laveme INN Hews I Mcv* 1 "Urie Mircers" MS C«y '. Provr^ Gr^c - : Marsa's Far-.i/v i Mov* The O"»C'.e<i Cfyoracies' Comsat* Mama s Family SATURDAY MORNING ! 5:00 5:30 I 6:00 6:30 7:00 : 7: O i v»* s*«; ; « sx« ; K«,V : G^-, 30 i 8:00 ! 8:30 ! 9:00 9:30 E-ea's ; S/nuts , I AJvr. (T) i KO wr-« i SO' Rx».» &•*•> S"o* ! Cvt s' Co^fo 1 W' w^r; . Cn»« ;' &w: ; Soana-^s | Lass* i *ur\ey Te=ev. BaSNewsB. 3D ; • : . (T) S»*Ji'iw. ' t^il't'-s- R>« c -ccc*5 ! A^'D&ci S?y;y:srie' San.*ca> B>S Cares Fishmg UsJ . ^"5^ ^'-**r'' . J^^j $*&^J4~ Gc 'C 1 ' "v 1 ^ D*^iit ! Kers-Succe$s Prabr>e Success Your S'.m 10:00 Footur Dancermouse Tom Mann Badness: Fact 10:30 ?urty Dennis Sfxjrtscemer \VeiOht Loss (U j iVay, Vie^». Vti-" S'- AV Or* 01 C 1 ^ ir.*ftr»sis Fa*^y Tcwers (T) ! ln!or-atcr i IMA YON Ctnc >^i*s!n*r! icnvyy O H | Sv^^*' S»'t:ri • wci* CrSfj ! Vc-f* @ ! C^w Dx.. ' Ccwcw i wa^ea* i ^ i v« KC i DJ^ : Morr 0 i Cox?> UJM: !cw,<w i »?cJt US* : G-^v ; Be-enKir , w«v« MaKt,fisiwn Attitudes P* Lon;s.-<s Move "The Goes Must Be Craiy" ^o.ei i Poos Corner Ocna« Due- WocAWtows Movie: "Rnm' of tne Navigator" Wuooet Sa&ts °e«-««* °ia> | Twn WoW Dungeons © Ot,yti» ; : C«r«p^ . DUSTM, Scxxs 03,^1. E.;Stor> j Woneyweet | Style Wffi Elsa Ktens* O ] CarrtKo Wa HcwstC"- i C'Ctysafis j 'ft ttvr« Cs^e 5*ars ! fV'tstone X« j GftoKSuste's ^uca*s O E Mfft' S*>ir. Vtx'.ei * «eav*fi ' V'cv* Sat >'« >'.ci* Ma»*fs anc Shakers" Headroom © ^«^ JBorwHocr-. Geo-p.-J^* ^.^nt* C% Beat I •*• 5«9« i So^n G«3 .W«*->c @ ' 01 i Mcv* Hijr;*-- rtont,— CO" W^<* ! Co"'ess ^[| ; CNN V*1 i S*T«WI LI^^S ] Gjiv~o».e '• Scr-aua IjS : 0^ Me? s 1 ^ V*r Csnt J i ^ca rtA.iic'i' j SiiC». Vooe fjoc ~'V (27) ' Lj>*f-< I ^rt !; Sy?»is .issiies i/ntTtc i f a r ~ Reoxi wyv: C a i SiXic^ss " Lit : OuiW. 1 3>ai k . f c'w Easts: 0%'c? Wc»ic \ . « i Natcn*' Geograpfwc EisKye' Mov* Ta'jan a^a P* Leooa'C Woman" "c- : Chaianoc Peopte-Peocee | Mmorrty Wild Kmgoom ~y-, ' Larry Jones Armstror>g | Mw*. CracV Shadow' Boner" Bugs Movie Legend Weight Control Lane of Lost Baseoali 67 All-New Ewo 1 ^ Rifleman Sooocy s Fed SWA Super Bouts WWF Wrestling Challenge Soul Tram SATURDAY AFTERNOON 11:00 11:30 ! 12:00 \ 12:30 1:00 1: * 30 ! 2:00 1 2:30 1 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 f& Uie? iag Kiflj|^eop« j it s B»c« to Sc-x» , War o! Stars Legends Va,or League Baseoan (T) Car t (r- TV NICK Roc«.s Lass* Zoo Frwi i Movie Prcce anc tie f3T) Mov* " J«? Trxxp* Aii American f|T) floac RsCi'v; Tennss Oag Raong f6l Da.x* Pity USA Hoi^ooa Cover Stor, Mcme Tr>e Hiiis Have d Fawtty Towers Cont'd (T] BaD> Knc« Mottw s Day Partners in Crioe Kay O'Bnen O H j TVVWortd Movw Pw-wee's Big Acvtnture Ktovie Rec Dawn 1 (jj) Edison Twms Animal WorW Movie "Danny Mov* Q) J Galany High StorySreaH Pan American Games Q2) NewsOay Evans Newsday NewsnaKer Saturday Eisa K ffil Weekend Scd Health SN5* Bandstand Viva Houston Heroes m USA Go" O E Legend Movie "Cover Gin Mov* Hil The Rebel Wagon Tram Daniet Boone (55) T*"™ 5 • 1 Mov* Nobody s Fed Contd Movw. Haunted Honeymoon" Q) Movie : White Heat Movw: "Three Ring Circ fll Mov* "The Deadly Mantis' Movie: "The Star Cham (5J) Movie "Geronnno Movie: "The Slave Girl" • It Soul Tram WWF Wrestling Spotlight Movie "Blood and Gun 3-eai Race words Can t on TV Mr. Wizard Monkees Cities of Gold Mone Sea Oew's Movie: "The Girl Next Door NFL Yearsook Horse Raong Eyes^ll Cartoons j Latfy Blue Baby Knows Work Mother Auto Raong 87 Cnec* It Out 1 Blake's 7 Mov*: "Turning Trouble to Stone" Movie: "The Oklahoma City Dofis" A Billion For Sons' Mov*: "Pern" Pan American Games Continue ensch Your Money A More Perfect Union . Big Story Newswatch Newsmaker Wide Work) of Sports biac Dream' Movie: "Misunderstood Maverick Rawhide Boxing Lou* Ar>deison at the Guthne Mow "Yetowbeard" us ' Bonanza set" Movie: "Banner in the Sky" 1 Step Beyond Major League Baseball >" Battiestar Gaiactica Fame H.'s Heroes Sanlord & Son Buck Rogers Couple puts train service back on track HYANNIS, Mass. (AP) Plush parlor cars with wide windows and a private mahogany oar may be just the ticket to lure people to ride trains rather than cars to crowded Cape Cod, says a man trying to put the rail service on track. "Getting there should be pan of the fun," says Mark Snider, a 30-year-old railroad buff and owner of the 6-year-old Cape Cod and Hyannis Railroad Inc. Since it began 'as a passenger service between cape towns on a one-year experimental basis in ittl, the railroad has grown to a service that carried more than 28,000 summer visitors last year between the Boston area and the cape, where the population triples in the summer. This year, the five-month seasonal service ends Oct. 18. "There aren't many railroads left," said Sntder's wife, Gwenn, who works as marketing dlrec- Charges made against Eckels HOUSTON (AP) — A Harris County commissioner faces a Sept. 8 trial on a charge he accepted an illegal gift, a prosecutor said. Assistant District Attorney Bill Taylor said Wednesday the case involves an asphalt road constructed free-of-charge on Commissioner Bob Eckels' Austin ranch. State law prohibits public officials from accepting gifts from companies with financial interests in contracts under the jurisdiction of these officials. Officials for Durwood Greene Construction, the company that built tho. road, have said the road was a wedding gift to Eckels' wife. State law allows gifts to public officials that are based on relationships or longstanding friendships. The construction company however, pleaded guilty in April to a misdemeanor charge of giving Eckels an illegal gift. Taylor said he wants to present evidence on five charges that are pending against Eckels, but will most likely pursue the gift case if a judge limits the Sept. 8 trial to just one charge. Bob Moen, an attorney • representing Eckels, said he did not think a judge would allow the state to proceed on all five charges in the same trial. «*v S^C* DANCE..DAHCE..DAHCE' " >*<^ ,^in TEXAS BORDERLINE ^ Saturday • August 22nd • 9pm-1am S3.DO person • BY06 ^AmriCM Legion Post =656 Crosby, Texas 328-1814 'V|H(60..Bwy»H*ilstay7:Mp * LicJ1-74-fi061132-4 -> 51112 Bayway»424-W45 V,-Sat S A/V.-9 PM Closed Sunday and Daily 2-5 I i ' h Eip. 1-31-17 PLANTATION $1)95 4 Course Dinner For 2 only 9 Choice ot one: • Fried Fish w/French Fries • Shrimp Creole w/rice • Beef Burgandy w/green beans & rice. • Chicken Tetrazinni w/green beans & rice. Utrt itns cant with SiM tor. Sopof toy. MMMM brerfMt IMenoktesstrt. i, i I OPEN 24 HR.-OREAT FOOD 421-1656 All You Core To Eat Buffets 7 DAYS A WEEK •RIAKPAST : Brnkfist itnw uri Fnrt friit tor. Moo-Fri4am.11am t 3 tt Sat-S«n UPMCM rPickin. Mon-Fri 11am-3pin *4 M »M ktrM utn. Feast Frifej: Firt Lmr br witfc wi*t «l»ctiw Ttars.Sat. Gnat CoMtry Pickiis 6f«-11pii '$** ' An Indoor Fun Park For Kids & Adults Presents Magic Shows Every Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Begins August 29 (Saturday) Special Showroom SHOWT1MES: 2 pm «nU 3 pm y ft Sv*4*> Only LIMITED SEATING TICKETS PURCHASED EARLY WILL BE GIVEN SEATING PRIORITY. NO Phone raervationx, plciK. NO dittauntt. coupons or puta. KM SPECIAL MAGIC SHOW TICKET Also, Ask About Our: •"SHOPPEFTS TIME Our • BIRTHDAY PARTIES • SPECIAL GROUP RATES • EVENING SPECIALS San Jacinto Mall 421-7134 Mt H M CMn-MSUirs) tor to promote the railroad. Only i percent of Americans ride railroad* and penuadlng people to give the grinding wheels a try can be difficult, rite said. "To be quite honest I never thought much about trains before 1 married Mark," Mrs. SnMersaM. *l"CoroiM •put-12 MONDAY Happy Hour Monday thru Friday 4-lpm —Pool Tournament -75' to Drinks ft Draft Drinks TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NITE SUNDAY ana iwcftwMC Pvrv T —MWM Nt9llt 75 ^* ^^^^^NIV •VnVv^^^V w»^p^w iwwi m^^H ~ w/CC IMt tmm 1f17GartiM. I7,It,lf

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