The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 8
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PAGE ETGHT THE HUTCHINSON NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1924 Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. . (Mams fur this department must bo In by 10:00 a. ra.) board of the Woman's Civic Cooler club has been called for Monday nftnrnoon at four-thirty o'clock at tho News Building. PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. WISE AND OTHERWISE By Mrs. \V. Y. Morgan. Skirts are shorter—inuch--sn sajs n person who knows what what In Parts. That Is glad news to women— 4 t $ $ I i> & i oven to the bow logged ones, for „ , ,i \ T 1„. ' ii %• ii » wlvit. woman doesn't like tho free- Dr. and Mr. Marcus H \olk of, „ f a h t klrt f ,T» -S> :"nf '„ ".i 0 'f" M ,"l ( ' ; '» >•»« remember those long rut' a if*\\ flnvs ot ur. and Mrs, J. > . „, , , , . , , ,i „.i„ N R King of 214 Eleventh are. west. I on f s? 11,0 , kin<] ' '''" " ul , ft , i Mrs. Yolk is a niece of Dr. ami rcmombor a hear « ties re of Mrs. King nnd was formerly Ml,» f ! 1 »'-°»f l! " ,ln p \ ™» R Margaret .larrott, daughter of Col.I , .? llor . mn . l !° ".'!!' wlth ». loB ?.. tr <i n .: \V. L. Jarrott of Los Angeles. Dr. KATHLEEN KERSTING TO SING NOV. 27 Well Known Wichita Protege of Calve to Sing for Bethany Concert. Stacy Adams Shoes Thlriy-nlno now members won! gained for the Woman's Civic Center club litst. ulpht, whpn tho ltiml- nnd Profession:! I Wnmi'n 'H club mut at tho Chamber 'if Com- Birrco for the usual monthly Biippor-bustnofts moi .tiiiK- Many or the club members hurt nlreurtv Joined thfi Woman's Civic Centor club at the meotinc the previous night. There were many honored? nt the birthday t.ible and Miss Mary Welch (javr n very clover toast to the mombors who claim N'ovomtuT an thoir blrthmontli. Throo now m ember* woro Intro- duoorl, Mr?. Mollie Wishers, Mr? Nolllo KnoUiuK and Miss Cl:ua •Rrunra rdi. Announcement w:is Tnailc cf tho annual Chrbtmas party of thn club, Doc. 12, which will bo n dinner danctj at. tho flora- bauKb-Wlley Ton room and nt which a Christ mas troo will center tho room. CJil 'tH, limited to twonty-flvc conts ouch will bo placed on tho tree by each girl Tor distribution. On New Years I''ay open house: will bo. hold by tho ofticors and executive cnminltt "o. .Miss pearl LefKhty reported lo tho chili of (lie Kift of the club house to the women of Hutchinson by Mr. ISmerson Carey and the club voted that a public voto nt thank* bo tendered Mr. Corey frum thn club members. The procnim was most delightful. Mr. Earl Yust plnyod a group of piano numbers, and then neenm- panlod Mr. Kemper llippl", who sanK three numbers. Miss Mary l-mii ."A Donovan read a cutting rrom "Povontoon." Miss Ida Day Kavo a business talk telling of the work of a librarian. She UVKOC I the people of Hutchinson to make more use of ihidr library. "Thorn's no nue<ttinn too trivial for a librarian fo look up. If the qtioKtionor Is in PP . most in askins the rtuestiun." The propram closed with two violin numbers by MI SB Jessie Wii- 1 linns with .Mrs. Clifford Teotor playing her accompunlmcnt. The program to be presented a*, the rumilnr mrelinp of the Apollo club, Wednesday uttoruooii, Nov. 10 In the music room at the .Ion* kins and Son Music store promise* to be one of. tho most delightful of the season. Tho opening meet* ing of the club was held, Nov. 5 at which time, Mrs. Margaret Smith Lester, soprano nnd Mr. William Lester, composer-organist appeared in concert. Mrs. Clifford Teeter, the club president will have ehnrpe of the program which includes the following soV'ctions: Piano Itiio, "K'jrn.iny.! 1 " Grieg Mr.*. H'nnd Klr.n .m-l M IK. T>«n.»r SfU'i'iiliti. F.»lk Soltys St'tH'tdl MfH. JfiMiiy Uinn Violin Selected Mi'.", i^nura lU'.'d Yuppy Phtno, "Mfsotlh " Piichnmnlnoff Miss lif'Msi KntnuWs i Soprnnn, "A S|>ri:iK Murninjf" i-;troy-Wilson Mr.". Trlpb 'r '"liilil Trio, "Slnfonlii da L'aim-rii" -Nlcceto I'orporn Popular Sony Sftlecti'd "»"*c\v Ki'(!iiifr's Tuny anil PeiiSiiiu I'ancn" GricR r. J. Haberltorn Konlinaml JIali«rkorn Miss Wrnnl ] 7 .i-«t'ctaiia Mij«s Az <i\ Keipusou Miss K'hel Wilson and Miss ISsther Wilson, north of lluidiln- son. The color scheme of Kohl and white wns used tbrouKbout the living rooma, wher a social time was enjoyed. In the contests. Mrs. Ceorge Ely nnd Miss Ina Horders won the prizes. A basket of gifts was presented to the honor guest, by gilttlo Los Lackey and Hobert Robinson. Luncheon was served to the following guests: Mpsdnnu':* — Carl Wilson It. C. UtirKess G OOI-BC McHrltle 1'rt'd <;m)Uhi;« 11 J, t lOolUHi* I'.tcnri I.iu-Ki'V Wnltt-'i- WnlHtpn Sid prnnor W«\«ify Purvis P. 1». Si,lion llutchltl H. ii, 1-utjinnon Tom Iteul Ridnov Wilson I.ucllc HurRPSS Ina Uoplers MarKiierltfi Borders MalUfi Perkins I '.Iattvs Kingsley 1'Vrn i:iy HuthriK'-nc T«nckey \ t n'.s I.acKry l-:stln*r Wll."(in Mu.«ti:r l'.ol>li!t> Ileal Mnsit'i- PoUrrt Unbitison Mrs. John Chrisman was hostess yesterday afternoon to the members of tho Ludus elub at her home, 303 li^ast Sherman street. A social time was enjoyed with games and. contests in charge of Mrs, W, H. Lewis. At five o'clock, the hostess served refreshments assisted by Miss Mable Christmaii, Mrs. C. D. IIolllngrfwortL and Miss Mable Chrismaii were the only guests of the club. The ladies will meet next Friday with Mrs. J. W. Camp- boll ns hostess at her home, 221 Kirst Ave. east. Mrp. Earl Wilson, a recent bride, was honored with a miscellaneous shower at 1he borne ot SOCIAL CALENDAR Monday. ] lain tho Indies of the Kensington The reRulnr meeting ot the! club at her home, 229 East Camp Hutchinson Music club will be held ! bell street. with MfH. \V. It. Ycrkes at her The home of Mrs. Jack Mason home, 1020 Sixth live. east. ; 112 Fifth ave. west will bo the mooting place ot the members ot the Double SlI club. Mrs. J. D. Conard will entertain the members of her brldgo club at her home, 118 Eleventh ava. oast. Tho members of the Westslde The members of the Kill Karc Girls club will be entertained by Mrs. May t'ole and Miss Winifred Manning at the home of Miss Manning on First Ave. west, at i supper meeting. Mrs. llorley Prlddle will enter-, tain with a birthday party at her i Social club will Rather at tho homo home. 2Ufl Eleventh ave. east hop- j of Mrs. E. B. I'ayne, G20 Seventh orliiK her daughter, Patricia on her I ave. west with Mrs. Clarence Slade first birthday. | and Mrs, B. 11 (illcs assisting. Mrs. I). It. Slnvens will enteituln 1 The regular meeting of the Col- Ihe members of Ihe Mothers' club umblne club will ho held with Mrs. at her home. 122 Sixth ave. "ast ! VV\ O. Drown as hostess at her with the assistance of Mrs. Albert; home, 218 North Maplo street. Teed, Mrs. C. O. Hitchcock and j Thursday. Mrs. Frank Colladay. \ Mrs. O. K. Searl will entertain The reg^ir Klka club dance will i I ho members ot the Past Noble be held nt the club house. I (Irands club at her home, 421 Ave. Tuesday. ; A east with Mrs. Victoria Biggs. The members of the Qui Vivo i Mrs. W. E. Long and Mrs. Hose club will gather at the home of j Rutherford assisting. Mrs. Hay Streeter. -ill Sixth avo. oast. Mrs. Newton Henscheldt will preside as hostess to Ihe members of her bridge club at her homo, 201 East 17th street. • Mrs. Hal (i. Kvarts. Mrs. C. O. Rumpel, Mrs. A. It. Scheble and Mrs. K. 10. Sentney will be hostesses for the regular one o'clock luncheon and bridge at the Country club. The regular meeting of the Hutchinson Woman's club will be held nt the Elks club house. Tho Teachers club of tho city schools will have a banquet nnd social meeting at tho First Christian church. (Mrs. \V. N*. Sldllnger will entertain with a one o'clock luncheon and bridge at her home, f>28 East Sherman street. Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Oswald will entertain their bridge club at their home, S12 Eighth ave. west. The regular meeting of the ladles of the 1'. C. T. will be held with Mrs. .1. M. Cowan as hostess nt her home. 101 Twelfth nve. west and Mrs. John Doerkson and Mrs. A. U. ThttiCBcn assisting. Mrs. l.ydia Chlpman w-ill pre The Woman's Civic Center club will meet for Ihe first time, in the new club house, 925 North Malu street. Tho marriage of Miss Lucile Schnll and Mr. Roy Leon Green of Lyons will take place at the home of 4lie bride's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin Schnll, 211 East 13th street. Mrs. Muble Duby will entertain tho Pythian Sisters club at her home, 113 Ave. F east with Mrs. Anna Ernest assisting. , Tho regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will bo held Willi Mrs. Wlllard Welsh at her homo. 210 East 14th street. Mrs. Arthur Kingeley will entertain the members of her bridge club at one o'clock luncheon at the Horabaugh-Wiley Tea Room nnd bridge at her home, 1313 North Walnut street. Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Hereford will entertain at dinner at their home, 118 Sixth ave. east. Mrs. Hurry Barnes will preside as hostess at it bridge tea at her home, fill Seventh Ave. west for Mrs. Harry Fearl of Detroit, Mich. Friday. Mr. and.MrH. Raymond Sprinkle sldo us hostess to the members of j will entertain tho Amity club at the Social Circle club at her home 106 South Ford street. Wednesday. The active anil associate members of tho Apollo club will gather in the music room at tho Jenkins & Son music store. Mrs. Frank Young will be hostess to the members of the Polka Dot club at her home, 734 Sixth nve. east. Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Kearcey will entertain the members of the Bowknot club and their husbands at their home, 527 Seventh ave. east. Chapter 13L, P. E. O. will meet in regular session nt the home of Mrs. Irl Hempstld, 812 North Washington street. Mrs. H. J. Hettinger will entertain the ladles ot tho Now Century club with a one o'clock luncheon at hor home, 30G Hast 13th Btreet. The members of tho Domestic Science club will meet together at the home of Mrs. Kate Brooks, DUG North Walnut street. The regular meeting of tho 8. P. U. O. club wll| he hold with Mrs. Vf. Carr ot hor home, 620 Sixth ave. east. Semper Fidellis club meets with Mrs. H. M. Payne, 1 in Ave. A east. Tho members of the Merry Matrons club will bo entertaluod by Mrs. I. B, Slack'north of Hutchinson, lira. Mlrt M O M H U M will •eur- their home, (100 Ninth ave. west. The members of the What-so-ever club will meet with Mrs. 11. W. Mnstoe, 918 North Poplar street. -Mrs. Dick Sutton will preside as hostess to the menihers of tho Rowena Circle, at her home,,425 Ave. B west. Mrs. Sum Hayes will entertain the mombers of the Ladles Art club at her home, 817 East Sherman street. Chapter BY, P. E. O. will meet with Mrs. A. B. Carey at 23 Eleventh ave. west. Chapter CM, P. E. O. will meet in regular session with Mrs. .1. Q. Roberts at Iter home, G19 Ave. A east. * The members ot the Ludus club will meet with Mrs. J. W. Campbell at her home, 221 First avo. east. The Ties Jolle club will meet nt the Yunnan hall lor a dancing party. The League of Womon Voters will meet at two-thirty o'clock in the Chamber of Commerce'rooms. Saturday. Mrs. it. K. Mcl.ood and Mrs. Paul Qano will entertain with a one o'clock luncheon at the Blsoute hotel and bridge at tho homo of the former, 500 Ave. A east, Mrs. Harry Cbrlstuer will enter- talu tho members of her brldgo club at A supper meeting at her horns, 1018 Nortb lUi* itr«at The home of Dr. and Mrs. C. D McKeown, 131 Twelfth Avo. west will bo the scene ot an Informal social evening this evening when they will entertnln a number of friends. The affair will be in honor of Mrs. Roy Yost of Clovis, New Mexico. Refreshments will bo served at tho close ot the eve nlng. , . The tnvlted guests: Me.«.«ers and Hoy Smith Mes'lamea— < ;temi Coffman .Tohft Myers C. O. Tipton Uland KlTlff Krrol Jlcllermed ,C. T. Tagader ^ The. first regular meeting of the Tres .lolie dancing club was held last evening at the Yoeman hall, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Tho Hutchinson orchestra furnished the music for tho evening. Mr. nnd Mrs. Perry Hoffman nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Barnes presided as hosts and hostesses. Guests of the club included Mr. and Mrs. Bert Williams anil Mr. and Mrs. Max Hoffman. The next meeting will bo In one week at tho Yoeman hall. <?> * « The members of the Tasma Tld bridge club enjoyed a meeting yesterday afternoon at the home ot Mrs. N. H. Benscheidt, 201 East 17th street. Tho afternoon was spent playing bridge, and the prize was presented to Mrs. Owen Ragland. Luncheon was served at the close ot the afternoon. Mrs. Bernard Megaffln will entertain the club, Nov. 2G at one o'clock luncheon at the Rorabaugh-Wiley Tea Room. • <?> <5> The members of the Jolly TJozen club gathered last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Master son, 123 Ninth Ave. east. The evening was devoted to playing 500,Mr. Harvey Burrls winning tho prize. At a lata hour, refreshments wero served. Plane were made for the annual club Thanksgiving dinner which will be held. Sunday, Nov. 23 at Whitt's In Nick'ei'son. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. King entertained the members of their bridge club last evening at dinner at their home, 1714 North Poplar street. Dinner w-aa served at quartet tables. The evening was spent playing; bridge, the prizes being i won bv Mrs. Wllev Hawkins, Mrs. • H. O. Davis, Mr. C. E. King and ! Mr. O. K. FassetL There wero no i additional guests. i <3> <?> • i Mr. E. S. Shepherd of NIngra ii Kails, N. V., who has been the j guest of bis son and daughter, Mr. '] and Mrs. Welker Shepherd of the i Duvall apartments, returned to his homo today. Mr. and Mrs. Welker Shepherd motored with him as far as Wichita where they will visit over the week end. * * * Mrs. G. C. Hippie entertained n number of friends this afternoon with an Informal afternoon of bridge at her home, 314 East 13th street. Tea was Berved at five o'clock. 4> * * Mrs. Horley Prlddle will entertain Monday, Nov. 17 with a birthday party at her home, 200 Eleventh nve. east, complimenting her daughter, Patricia, on her first birthday. s <8> <S> <?> Mr. and Mrs. C. E. King will entertain with a dancing and bridge party, Wednesday, Nov. 2S at their homo, 1711 North Poplar street. V !> <?, <?. A meeting of the temporary and Mrs. Vol It arc on thoir wedding trip to New York. ..!> 4> Mrs. C. L. Norrls of Kinsley is Ihe week end guest of Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Erway, enrouto to Denver, Colo., where she will join Mr. Norris nnd make her home. She h is been visiting in Kansas City, Mo. ,s, ,j, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Starr and Milliliters, Martha Jano and Mnry Margaret, motored to Lawrence this morning to attend tho Okln- homa-Kausns game and tho Dad's Day festivities. <$ * * . Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Johnston have received word of tho birth ot their little grandson, Thomas Gray Johnston, Jr., born to Mr. and Mrs. T. Gray Johnston ot Lancaster, Ohio. •J> <?- •?> Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Copns and daughters. Harriet and Miriam of Santa Ana, Calif., will come tomorrow to make their homo in Hutcu- Inson. ,i\ ,J. Mrs. Ella Palmer has returned from Abbyvillo where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. E. H. Copenbav%r and Mr. Copenhaver. <y ..;, * Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Sprouse are spending the week end In Lawrence, attending the Dad's Day festivities and the game today. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sutton who came hore from Kansas City, M J this week have taken the residence at S04 East Sherman street. '!> <t> Dr. A. D. Rafflngton has returned from Dallas, Texas, where he has been attending the National Dental Association meeting. * * * Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Bro'wnlee and daughter. Martha, motored to Lawrence today to attend the Okhi- homa-K. V. game. •-•> Mrs. A. D. Rafflngton has returned from Newton where she spent the past week' with her Bister. (Continued on Page Nine) Coincidence. Tobe: "See hyah, woman! Dldn' Ah see yo' klssliv' a no-'count piece o' trash las' night?" Liza: "Gwan, Tobe. It was so dark Ah thought It was yo f ." Tobe: "Come to think op It, meb- be 'twas me—wat time was dat?" —American Legion Weekly. Yes I said with a train. In tho vernacular ot my little boy friend, 'can you feature that'? After somo scrimping 1 was able to possess that be-tralned street suit. And in order to get about I was compelled to carry tho train over my arm. In busy moments when both hands were occupied there was nothing to ho done except to let the train drag in tho dirt. So I did. For that was the stylo of the day. All women had trains on their street dresses. All of them lot them drag nt times. Other times they held them up at various heichts—de­ pending on the mental status of the weagc-r, If tho wearer happened to be modesf and sliy, she seldom held her train nbovo her knees. If she was flapperish (every age has flap-' pers) she somo times paid little attention to tho exact height of her trained skirt. If sho was a priss— fche connived a ribbon holder on her train which allowed only so many Inches of her limbs—(that what they were called In those days) to appear. But I never knew but one priss. Alt others did scandalous things with those trained street skirts. They either let them drag and collected not only slmplo dirt but every kind of a germ that happened to be roosting tho path. I speak of this style only because I am Intrigued with the.memory ot it, and becauso It Is so easy to forget the silly styles of former years, when modes of today Is being discussed. Short skirts havo been a.t emancipating to women ns the right to vote. The women qf tills day and time are free—too free to put up with trained Btreet skirts. Some times when tho young women of this age are under u'scusslon my mind flits back to the unsensi­ ble things the last generation did. The women of that period wore tight corsets; strlved .for 'wasp liko waists';—wore skirts long enough to keep them dirty, and full and heavy enough to use up their physical strength; wore shoes two sizes to small—and wore 'Indies'. Today they do none of these things—they dress comfortable— wear shoes that are the proper size'for their feet—and don 't care a' hang what their waists measure. And are women. Paris has ordained that the skirts shall be short—very short— which will lie popular, for they aro conifortablo—no matter bow they look. A. rare treat Is In store for the music lovers of Hutchinson and surrounding cltlos, when Miss Kathleen Kersllng, Wichita's sixteen year old protege ot Calve will appear In concert In Convention hall, tho night ot Nov. 27. What a wonderful way of rlosimt the Thanksgiving day festivttros, this will be. Miss Kerstlng wilt appear in the Interest ol the Lin.Is- borg Temple of Music and her own musical education. One-half the proceeds from the concert will go toward tho Temple and the other half will be used to help Miss Kerstlng in her musical career. Sho is a protege of Mme. Calve who appeared in Hutchinson two years ago. Are (or Discriminating Men Ot All Ages They are a Compliment To eny Man'* attire. Brown Calf Combination Last. $13.50 • 1 It you need service tomorrow, call 59, anytime for anything. Ragland Kingsley Motor Co. 15-11 AETNA-IZE Brehm's. NOW. Phone 42. S-m.w-f-9t Food Bale and bazaar to be held by tie ladles of the Irwin Memorial church in the old Commercial National bank bldg., Saturday, Nov. 22, corner Main and Sherman. 14-31 Big Wear-Ever Aluminum Demonstra* tion and Sale At our store—all next week, Nov. 17 to 22—conducted by • factory trained expert. His program as outlined by the Wear- Ever House Research Department will Include the following: "Wear-Ever" Monday- Aluminum Uje , of the DrIp Pan _ 10 different ways to use this pan. $1.75, Monday at— Flowers— a Necessity™ You feed the body with good food— the mind with tjood literature. fSood art. Why not give the soul"a chance? A moderately-priced vane of brightly colored blossoms In one room of the home radiates a spirit of joy nnd brightness; finds an easy route to tho Innermost feelings and brings out all that is good and lovoly in the human spirit. Keep flowers in the home—always. Smith's Guaranteed' Flowers of Course. A goodly number ot out of town people are expected to attend 'the concert. Phillip Zimmerman who Is helping promote the Temple of Music project expects over 200 music lovers from Wichita and probably 100 from Llndsborg. Miss Kerstlng will make her European debut in Rome next March, in "Marguerite". She will wear the same-gown that was worn by Mme. Calve in her debut in the same role, many years ago. Phone 3800 /ttGWtV* 1 J"rtO^ 18 N. Main Sunday Dinner. Enjoy a good moal tomorrow at I the Hotel Stamey, orchestra music | every noon and evening, on Sundays during the winter. lo-lt | Family Washing AH Ironed, Partly Ironed, or Wet Wash We Use IVORY SOAP nnd SOFT WATER Model Tauridr^ Baking Pan For Father and Son— A KODAK National Father and Son week, November 9-16. Kodak will help you keep your boy your pal. This is the week to make your selection, and this the store. Kodaks $6.50 up—Brownies $2.00 up Foltz Pharmacies Three Stores—At Your Service. 2nd & Main 4th & Main 13th & Main 98c TUESDAY—How to Cook a Whole Meal In the Wear-Ever |= Double Roaster. —— Special Prices m r.". $3.95 I r: um . $4,951 ir.'. $5.95 I fc£P&*"£ 1 Thanksgiving Will Soon = -#.'\fe'if Be Here. •= WEDNESDAY —Uses ror the Wear-Ever Fry Pan—Meat Pie, == Hot Cakes, Frying, Layer Cakes. — THURSDAY—Baking Pan, Its Usage. ~ FRIDAY—Use of the Wear-Ever Grlddte to Make Cakes With- == out Use of Grease. No Pdor, No Smoke. — SATURDAY—Service Day—How to Clean Aluminum. Featur- as ing tha No. 1152 Angel Food Pan, ~ Buy Something In WEAR-EVER For Christmas. SSS J. C. O'DONNELL, HARDWARE 1 Phone 3250 N < Frfurth and Main IMSMHSt FUT6RST0BE Buster Brown R°^s For Boys Open 'til 9:30 To-nlte Sizes 1214 to 2—14.75 2J4 to 8—$5.95 14 N. MAIN Flonheim Shoes for Man Permanent Gifts The gift you give must bear the stamp of quality and permanency. That's assured here, for our entire stock was chosen with that Idea in mind. Our name on the box speaks for Itself. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. THE HOUSE OF QUALITY FOR 34 YEARS Henry Zlnn Jno. P. Blrchfleld A nnouncing A plan where our customers can buy Christmas Gifts on a convenient payment plan. $1 down, and $1 a week until Christmas will hold you a Cedar Chest, Floor Lamp, Mirror, Rocker, Smoker, Torchiers, Buffet Sets or any of the many other Christmas Gift Suggesti6ns to be found in our store. The advantage of this plan lies in the fact that it allows you to choose from a complete and varied selection; and it will enable you to have made a substantial payment on any gift you wish to purchase. Come early before any rush whatever while our stock is complete, and hafc your selections laid away. THE HARMON FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 41. 13 South Main

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