The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 3, 1964 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1964
Page 6
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TMifrcn • FORT POLK, tA.-Army Ptt, Arthur 0. Fo««*r, II, who** parent*, Mr. and MM. M. H. Smith, Uvt it SiHul. s««t* Ct.,L»!»J»**W".t»x.. completed t«*i|M.«wkei*r* Mat court* Feb. tt, at Fort rut Polk, L*. Dura* tt» «Mr*« Foster received I»*»raction t« ftttgltth ftrajratntr, typfhSt Aff* my col respondent* and th* preparation of mowing report*. He attended Bra*o«port High School in Freeport. MV., Itr*. rtHttar, im at H* t*fe* A**** Rd,, CM*» wa» MttfMd Feb. t to tM 1th Mttrtrr DtviiMi in Korea. F*M***r, • 4rh«* In Con- pany A in the dm***** Itth MMahot, entered the Afm» » M«f«» «*»' "» eumiifctta mm truMng *t Fort poft, t«H and ••» I.M r<t, c.lif. wa* iMoelated with Moving Mtl Morate, before **»»Hwg Hw Army THE FACTS DAILY COMICS BLONDIE L'lL ABNER ONE'KISSES" .V HAVE. U -UKETMtt// I DtSCOVERBD ! MI 1 L THAT— I <7/ PlMPl-RTON/* 1 I DIDN'T KNOW VOL! V9S L. AW*er*s«, radioman t*i- m»n, l*N, *M ot Mr. and Mr*. B. I* A****** «f R««ite s, Ffeeptirt, i»»emnf .N^ni the *Mi.»«Dmart*» »«rf»i» aircraft (MWH* USB Be«. nlng-ton wlltch uefal Iwl Feb. I* for a «l«-moa»h Me*ter« wcine crtflee. Th* etrriwr i* ti» in* ot an antl-swbmnrtn* "Hanter- Killer" group which i« composed of «urtK», *ab- surface and air unll* werklnttncrlhef *» < combined fore* to find and de*ttuy ei»mr meV marlne*. nettnlngton win vtmtiuw«ii tor iralnlng enrretce* twfore departure for Japan and U» Far Salt a* part of thr Seventh Fleet. The carrier is scheduled to return to her homtpert in early August. €!•!• girl Is DIPLOMAS GIVEN AS TWO-WEEK POLICE SCHOOL ENDS ttacbr (SNUFFY SMITH Ml** Peggy AMI willtam- »on, Texan Woman's I'ntver- •Ity health, phyHcal rtu ««- tlon tnd recreation major from Clute, I* among 02 student* participating in the student teacher and affiliation work program UU* semecter. TM program I* part ot the requirement* for Mr degree. Ml** Williamson I* «ud*at teaching In Mr Held at Denton Junior High School. A member of Aglalan Literary-Social Club, sM ha* participated In noftball and baiketball club* on campus. Ml** Williamson I* tM daughter of Mr. and Mr*. George E. Williamson, Box 682, Clute. Heiortd is Uric* ANOU-ETON-TM Climate Engineering Co. ha* been honored for "more than six year* ot outstanding leader- chip in the air conditioning Industry." A pla-iue which recognised tM contributions of tM company to "tM creation of higher standards for indoor comfort and tM upgrading ot installation reliability" wa* pr***m*d ,to U O.. Chapman jr., owner and operator of tM local firm, during a meeting In Fort Worth of more than •00 Installer* of Mating and air conditioning. Diplomas wvl* awarded to torn* 10 |H%Mr» on»r*r« of Freepnrt, Chile, Lake Jarksun *ml Alvln wtwi atttmfcM the twt>-we«>k pollr* school aixWMorrd t>\ II* Fr»»r«rt Police Departmi-nt. pictured, from left. an« raiwlmm n. I,. Spratgtns and RonaM Coteman of I akr Jark«<«>, Frank Shaw of Freepnrt, David Andre*) iif Clute. Uwm Spnmll of Freeport. DUtrlrt Allorrwx Tom Kenyvn and John Lurlin of th» Texan Department of PuWtr Safetv. Firestone in new location LOOK WHAT VO'RE OOIN'TH'MM MV BACK 7ARNED! BORRVACUP FER ME WHILE VO'RE AT IT IUGOTRV BIRDIE JANE THANKVJEST ' SAME, I'MPlUMBOUTOf SUGAR. HACK STOP 6RO. ft YACHT LOUNGE NEW MANAGEMENT Open 7a.m. tola Til I on Sat. Flirwrmon's Special GRANDMA tvM>ev SAIP MB PBCLC UKB HE ALMADY KNOWC VOU.AFTER CICIN'VA IN YOUB KIONT WINPOW ALL LA«T Wf SX.» THIIIASVIS LEUOV VWKB MOUR NEW $1.20 * Ndk PICNIC SUPPLIES SONNY NICKS, Owner I»MV WITO/JOY- I'M ROY.., MAGNIFICENT SINNEJ PLUS JOKNUY COM •JOLLY. SOOT ALL 040KIPUPAS WATKHBPHBR Ytt\THK> MOKNIfta A THAT MtWUTTLg ^ COUPLf <# gOVlMMOvTO mmtf off TUB WMK M» OWL NSXT POOR CMM*TOMA UVtLY VOONO»T1R SOLDIER i the RAIN' VACK1E CLEASON STEVE MeJUEEN C'MOM,' WHAT'S TAKiNO VOU60 L046? R6APV TO •0 TO UJNCM, (JAMWf TO PUT AWAV.' TAK6IT 6ASV W.TKAT: i ^ SOU'W NOT 5TANPIN& W ^g^r* Relocation of tM FlrestoM *tor* and car service at tM Tarpon tnn Village Shopping Center wa* announced today by 0. R. lUln- tlne, store manager. TM expanded and remodeled store ha* moved to tM nouth end of IM *hopping center, on Second St., tram IM old location In tM north end ot the center. The move will enable Fire*ton» to meet tM inoreactd demand for It* product* and •erviee* more adequately, according to HainllM. TM new location contain* 10,300 square feet of floor space, In- eluding seven modern service bay*, compared with only 5,100 square feet In tM old store. A complete line of Firestone pa**enger, truck and tractor tire* will be told tt IM MW ttftre. More than 7,000 otMr Item* tor horn* tnd auto also will be available. Recreation Item*, wheel good*, hardware, lawn and garden merehandlM, house- ware* and Phlleo electric appliance* will be featured in the air-conditioned retail sates area. Specially-trained Firestone servicemen will pro vide complete under-car service for Freeporl tree motorlvtii. A tetevt*lon lounge area will permit moturlut* to reli« white their car* are being •ervtced. Ha Inline aald MW equipment for tire and break service, front end alignment, wheel balancing and battery main- tenanee will be Installed. Firestone'* original Tarpon Inn Village store opened In 1 950. Clvtt ffirtMM for stts The Clnte Fire Department and City council have completed arrangements for Plectron tire mooltor* to be dell veredeoon, with etch fireman to lien n contract of recpoiMlbUlty upon recelv. infhli t*t. The contraeU-' are to be drawn up by Clu& City *t- tonwy GtrrtnOermatytohold firemen retponilbbr tor any malicious damage to Uw set*. Circuit, lube and routine op- erttlnc trouble* are to be taken ear* of through regular maintenance check* by the Plectron Company. The contract* «lgn*d by firemen will be tuned over to th* City. Police report Two boy*, nlM and It year* old, were picked up by police Sunday night In cooMCtlon with vandalism that damaged a vacant houe* at 438 Center Way »n estimated t«0. Officer* said lighted cigarettes were UMd lo burn bole* In the draperies at the house, with tM vandalism reported by Jame* EBwrt. TM case* will M handled by the county Juvenile officer, police Mid. Two ea**» of mallctou* mlMalet which (Sama(*d homM la the mme area an under lnve*CI- * gallon fcy polio*. • Sam M. Burnett of I IBStan- tord road reported that *ome- CM ikflt * p*Ued from a gun through tli* pietaw window ot hi* UvtagcrcomaatardaynigM. On Suad«y Tommy Jone* ot I is Stanford roed told officer B •omeoM had cot tM •ereenon hi* back door. "™" Atbeft ot tour hub cap* from a IM4 Chevrolet wa* reported topo- Ue* recently by cur«« Vo«ng. The cap* wecre UXen off * vehicle al tM car rental agency at 133 Circle way operated by Vowg, officer* police located a Rlchwood man, John Bottom*, •bout 11 a.m. Sunday to deliver an emergency me*s*g» from Houston. s city Uartfcal Paul Pagan Issued a bulletin Sunday for am officer* to be on ID* lookout for • while Faleon in which three youth* were ruling. Ougan reported the c«r Ml tM teen* ot a Lake Barbara «MldMt and wo«M have dan. age to Ike right fro**. A Port Arthur «** «»* pUced l» Freefuet C«y AH uesday » conMrtU* wttk a t*e« of *«ar tnHousion which M drove to IM home of Freeport relative* about 3 a.m. TM relative* had requested that tM man M picked up by officer*, and had rsrused to let him enter tM hem*, polio* reported. TM man wa* found tt tM back vest of tM 1MO Vtlltnt and wa* booked, police (aid. Tommy R. Baggwtt and Sarah E. Hwteon were jailed by Freeport police about I a.m. Tu**day on charge* ot dljrturttng the peace, filed by a motel operator. Officer* were alerted by a reeldmt of tM MO Block of W**t Eighth in Freeport that an old model car was Ming driven In a reekU** manner on Velaaco Blvd. after leaving CltMh Street about t«t5 p.m. Monday. TM license numMr *•• cheeked "but IM owner wit* not Iramudiately located, police reported tM vehicle waa a I*M Oldimobite. A fight between high school •totem* wa* reported to Fnwpnrt police tt 4.-M p,m. Officer* *tet«d ttat Uw Mo- kxated at the end of tM levee roMtBKtnootftelalnctionwas taken M4CUM the youth* W«T* outside the etty limit*. Steve Atrtrade of 409 South Avenue D toM rreepurt poli«» Monday tkwt *om«uM al»*he«( two tire* on W* truck white the vebMIe was narked at » •ervtee •tatiH at VelaMoawl 0 during uw wgM, A IMfl of Mtf a carton <4 cigarette* and a .» ctliber amomdie pu*nl wlwd at |t» wa* repstM to Freeport |»Itee tSufttt by I. T. FteWwa. Th* (»wWd«*TI«**e acme- one pried »M*p off touoref the boat 9t« at a tteet B>I IM ;, and laoa tt* U*UU f»w training •i*rttli<ii. iMtrwtttlin nil !!><• | DPS training Kpvrlal Investigative w»rk. •!!••• «.»» t» r»«r«f «l llnt "I nilll «"*•*«_ «llh »ati«n« thawpt »f l»'Ur» ii» 1'i-V i v>rtr*n chaw* rmlhl tllll John M«l»h»w i* <h» iw« m»mb«r of Mr. »wl Mr*. C»l- vln t, CroiUy'i family. T)M> ynimt man WM torn in out- mimltjr HonplUI on »i>. 20 w»nhlnt lU pound*, i:i'= o«W«*. LAKE JACK80N I* hi* homttowa.- Dr. tnd Mr*. Thorn** i:. FUlWTly of LAKE JACKSON «r« unowwinf th* birth «l a dtufbter In Communlly ll»»- plUI on F*b. 31. M»lind» Su» I* h»r Mm* tnd «h» v*i(h*ti •In pound*, 11 aune**. Anwtl* ivkMtwl F*b. 18 for h*r birth in CXnmtaMly Amy Ellcabeth u lh» Mr. and Mr*. William J.N**lx ot LAKE JACKSON (elected for inelr baby dtughler who weighed eight pound*, IB 3/4 ounce* al birth In Community Hospital on Feb. 33. w Mr. and Mr*. WlUlam R. U*e* of FREKPOMT are tM parent* of • MW *o% Patrick Lincoln, who** birth took place in Communlly Ilixpllal on Feb. 23 and who tipped tM scales al seven pound*, 11 I/a ounce*. Lynn Marie made Mr debut in Community Hospital on Feb. M with a weight of *eveo pound*, eight and a half ouneea. She I* IM daughter of Mr. and Mra. Edmund W. Stolnbrmg jr. nf ANOLETON. Mlkel Kug»ne IsaMwHRA- ZORIA resident and aon of. Mr. and Mr*. Jam** Thompson. II* made hi* arrival In Community lloapltal on Feb. 14 and weighed *U pound*, •even ounce*. Mr. and Mr*. Hilly R. Kol- bachlnakl of FREEPORT have a MW daughter to brag about. Marilyn Denean weighed in at •even pound*, II ounce* al Community Hospital on Feb. 24. "It's s girl!" Mr. and Mr*. Floyd J. T. Page of LAKi: JACKSON are IM parent* of Karen Dsnl** who weighed •even pound*, seven and three-fourth* ounce* at birth In Community HospltalonFeb. 14. Mr. and Mr*. Gerry w. Butter of LAKE JACKSON are announcing that their son, Clifton Waynt, Upp*d tM scales al nIM puonds, uoeand a half ouneea on arrival in Community Hospital on Feb. 14. Feb. 20 wa* an eventful day for Mr. and Mr*. Robert E. HaMon uf LAKE JACKSON- a KM arrived In Community Ko*pllal. Ttmulby Patrick'* weight wa* eight pound*, lour and a half ounces. Ilitod *» *•«•« poond*, IS «unc*a. Sh» la th» d*atM«f of Mr. and Mr*. Walter i:.r tula- n»r Sr. o« CUiTfi. Mr. and Mr*. Hurma* l>. Thoma*' family Mer«a**il t>r Imxi on F*b. M wftMlwtnilrU arrlml in Cwttmunity Ho*> pltal. t.l*a Marl*n* w*l(Mil §»v»n pound*, nln* and t half ounce* and T*r**a t)»rl»(io llpfivd In* *e*l*( al *i> pxtnda, •l» and a half ounce*. LAKF JACKSON I* Ibeir hometown. Mr. ami Mr*. Tnvla M. nurton »t FltEKPnitT h>«e •umelhlnf new - a daucMer wh» w*l(hed ftve pmmdi, 13 t/S ounce* al birth In Com. munlly lluipltal on Feb. M, Brtdsetl Kvelt it her name. Mr. and "MT*. Hubert K, Freeman ot.FRF,erOHT are announclM the birth of their ion, Robert Paul, who limed hit arrival in Community Hu*> pltal for Feb. 77 and wet|hed •la pound*, II ownee*. KULlERMITtS Arafcj V-ttU H ''IfllM^ toMer cvolloW* dkeurMMtjiptft fvuwf HAYNBSLUMBIR 00. 3(M N i.ulf III* 1. Krotxirt II •OUTICAl CALENDAI The uraaoacnrt Fact* la authurlaed hi trnnunce IM fullowing candidate* for public utlice, aublect I»IM action "I the Dtmucritle and B»piit)l|««B primary etaclluaa of May 2, IM/4. (UMr* on party matHcul- ed tb» candidate t* Demo"'"W ASSISSOR' • COLLICTOR L 0. lle»ta H. A. Tk««w*, f eketl Gledney JUITICI. PCT.t, ft. I R. Oyiw Theme*. Immuhtnt

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