Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 13
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 13

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 13
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Red Carpet Treatment — In Reverse Education Boiled down fo its essentialsijccl lo observation and valua- in ,1s true sense. isHlon. And we. if we In. twill can a process of observlnR and com-'examine them and sec wha" paring one thing or Idea as op- they, the one and the other do posed to or contrasted with an-for <„• to people other We observe \V e com-' David A. Slignanl. of Minne- paro. \Ve draw conclusions .val.;a,,»li s . has mad? such an ol eJv- ,.o ludpmenls.. We (hen act '. |ati« n . The people of FEE i ?oun- Ihis is rnan m the market'elation. Irvln«ton • on - Hudson )>!»<•<• m action This is decision New York. thought so well of mak.tiL' I ins is h!c We learn Mr. Sudani's critical look at a 'VV' M" , tlu; two s . vst( ' ln "'at Niev have l.ii. there arc two contrasted published his findinRs on the .•UK! total.y dilfcrcnt atmos- back cover of March "F r e e- phrro 'call them •.systems" if man," their monthlv publication >o» will, in which this observ-i We too. like what'Mr Stijsnani \nf. conipyrinL' valuing, acting, saw. when he looked, and arc living Md learnmR process can happy to rcpublish his thoughts take jiiacc ) lorp r pr |] lp ixinefjt O r our reac j. It can occur in frccd<->m-each ci>. Mr. Stignani- Individual choosing and acting "The followinu incidents rein consonance with his own free- cenlly brought home to me the ly arrivc'l at ideas and va'.ua- profit motive and 'free govern(sons of what he believes (o he ment service.' pood and ic.irnint; fmrn and • ] W as completinc some last- pa\;n^ for hi< own mistakes, minute Christmas shopping in a Thu i, freedom, tho natural large department store At last, U, 3- of 'iff. Or :t — t:ie ind; po 'ion o! i li\ '..'li i dr.. tho-i' in ;• been sat!'! under coercion to my turn came to be 'waited on'; i and as the clerk rang up the sale I commented. 'Quite a crowd.' dav vet The Doctor Soys Legal Publication ari r, ilia! reduced to a making decisions ..,,.., -, . . . aM.rt'.c whims of ^ CS shc smlled ' °" r besl ;»'!tti.-a: power have ii'iii-d I'nder such a nnc ma:i is forced to until I readied home. The mail anothrr , I; an-< rnis- '.ruck uas approaching, so I extensive p0ckets in my co]on ; iv'rnn 'u "wn ,-V T i ",'^ "i"""^' Whal ««»« tllem " ™ an u,. unna.ur.,1 ua> of nt, to ,,,CK up tne mail tnankmg the operation be necessary? Should I follow By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT •1 Bought no more about ir Newspaper E^prise Assn. X rays show that I have i.r.r.Ai. 20 A|.r!l N '21. 2"i >fn IN TIM; niiiiiMi iv,iL IN THK MAlTKIt <>y THE I LAST u-ri.L AMI TKST\. > MKNT OK JOHN T , HOUSTON. DECKA?KD , .VOTU r TO WHOM IT 'IKY CONTKPV is 'lercby given th,it an in-;'. iwrtlng to tv the Iji«.' will s'i,l 1, "f John T. Hou»!'.-; <ii?cr>i<r<t : ' r-v Cnur.ty. suld C'i'ji!. rot KT or rrnnr Nollrr ; i? pur-' inment s tieen ojrt of CI.OYIS NEW-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION . Mevirn' matter, fortunately, postman and remarking that he >!«p {':-,frf The two must have quite a load on this sy-''-v. thPinselM'v are sub- last day before Christina*. Everybody's Business Savings Not Retired Buying Power lia:i:v pe - Y<xj wii! find in this material he production. Savings create but most victims do well *cwra: t. 1 -.oughts of value to cc-:S:ic potential for greater sav-: a bland diet. anemic ur.1erjtnnrt;ns. Sings, in other words. That is n <>->f i« t.n»t savings are rot.'true of the country that is true : ^ff 3 " 56 there are so M pop.;:»r!y supped, buying of the individual. ; of these _ pockets, usually or rrtirwj from activity. To put it another way. there V j n somothini t;;at i« stored up if not such a thing as savings— ° n ' '.rj; for ;in op;»<irtur:!y to unless you bury money in the a strict A — Pockets (dlverticulai of the colon are of unknown origin but are common in (sons over 40. They are less unless they become inflam- n ' : ' '' ed. The presence of many such pockets — in some persons him- ' sf: ' u 'drens — is called diverticulosis, A ';!;f i . but when they are inflamed you «> have diverticulitis. N'n general rr. rule can be laid down for treat- f:) V, ; . f0 .,- v " ht -' i:iAi: " : ^ " '' ; ' everyone with this condition lP "'"" oa ' riairti.T TPS* pfO- dnte < Ih^ Mnei 3 4 'J 10 1! 12 14 1 Unyi 3.57 -I TB r. '18 7. IS *M3 958 1077 11 M7 13.17 14.46 JB.76 > mys 2.39 3.19 J.!I9 1.79 539 6.38 7.1S 7.98 1 Da; .85 .91 i.n 3/6J 1.' • 2.05 2.28 9.5B 2.74 11.17 3.19 - - STATE TAX) CARL) Uf 1'HANKS CASH RAl'tij fen :in minimum $1.50 IL'o for each art- ni "i.u line. Atuve rsles ate cmh rates nrl npiiiv if paid within stven days o! 'iiirti insertion. IAIY SfTTlHG CIIII,D O/IRR Big»"4"Wt«k Endi. 809 "tton<h~fi$*i?n fAKTB^MTl! 57 Si* nte( t lof . tummer work. Will pav $500. btsta on *ftort. for wc*i interview can our answerlnt tt-r- * phone WAITRESS WANTED - Apply In person to Mr oirrlso.i, Silver Orlll, fith & Pile. WANTED: Cdr Mop. Apply In ftttion lo Mr. Keith Knight. Dot 'N Sud8. WANTED: Slnuis tody M help »v»h it..r'.«e wepini *nd eooWns for family of two tha' is workln*. Will pay salnrv and furnish s«par«l« living quarters' free. Write Box 992 <•/<» C!ovf« N«w|.J«urnal WANTED EXPBRlENtm>. Mnftftl* Apply to Ray of tU WAITRESSES NEEDED: Apply In person to manager. Stanley's ft' Cafe, Highway «M(>-84 Ea«t. HELP WANTED-MALE HARVEST HANDS Wanted - 6 months work. Truck Drivers A Combine oppr. atom. Apply Immediately 14(« Hclld St. Krlona, Texas. 247-3146. call after 5 p.m. NEED EXTRA .1 1 need EXTRA MEN-Houri «-lO P.M. C»!l 782-1552 1 to 5 P.M. HELP WAHTED-MALE FEMALE 39 EMPLOYMENT WOMEN HOOKKEEPER . Full Charge .. TOPS SECRETARY - S/It Kast Typist .. GOOD •TR. ACCOUNTANT .'2B..T5 GOOD HI SCHOOL GRAD - 30..T3 GOOD Ol.ltVIS I'l.ACBMKM " HDUSFHOID GOODS SUt SI . Mnte « ft nBffMln, fflfd (J»M IIH ftHAfe , _ At A h*ffiin. nimt gm« 8«r»M Bntans turrlterftinf trip IT *n<l Him* no «e«t- AOtofttHfl fTHHWt . MlTCHEtt |»o USED FURNITURE 54B WB PAY TOP PRIORS FOR FUBNITUKB& APPUANOES 703.7311 TELEVISION S4D *ft''' S TV BRPAIR $3.50 Service call. 783.4246 " "* "'* ° r rent - Frce u tonditwmd, close fn, $35 per couple only, CNKIIUNlSHED pimmimt, 714 W. BKDROOM for trie atuve. AdulU onlj KI6. - RENT .„ bertnjom d No pots, tit pltx. •7093 NI£ICt,V FUR. 8 f». 4«» Imth, Mr cond., tint LOCATBU 3 A 3 apartments, private IM air conditioned, starts l.v rates, bills paid. 7 PO PAID, 1.|jedr<n>m, clo! ^ _SB8. Call 7l>3-!»/26 TS?XJW5VB '"Pira^SS rflnfjp. jjftrnfljfft (lisp* with sky light, rv location. Call 7B3-41U1. MUSICAL GOODS 55 FULLER BRUSH CO. has ««tabl!ih«(l route opening In For. tales and Clovts. Full or part time. Man or Lady. Incnnif averasrlng M to S4 par hour. For interview appointment phono Portales NKW. furnUhM I b*( ready fur occupancy Air Base. Phone 734 NKEL) AN anoi-tment? It won't coat you « dim tu Ret the list ant In Cluvls. Ca:l 7t 81.1 M,iln h. Ivma - -- - >\ 1 11. *+ -t, ii, i r 111 H Main •"(> In I'he Vlllai onn-il-BEi)IUxTM t «M S ("" et '' lan " s - ' *™n'to«m Be »""ful tone— a» |, Wi WANTED WATKIN'S DEALEHS 762-2343 CLOVIS EMPLOYMENT SKIMCE Man? food Joht tvallable «t« Pile 1IM.143 SCHOOLS-IMSTRUCTIOM 41 ____ Nt;W H1A.VOS $575.00 Un! Mrat'on Sc.1o»l of Music Sa I,. s, 'service 80a Cor.nellv - _U i Riverside Eijtht Apts. l-'urn. or nnfurn liitl N. OOM J), WO d «Mr«f tfiK Jnqulrs 819 t pfl. t«, fclfrtfte couiite, rtn room furnished h and cntrsnc*. " :ly, month' 15 NTS All, M1JIM to town. $38 to pi. For Rent -» drapea, oven A ai. utility room Cable, desirable room apis. ftl. . paid, Now near apartmenu vac- •4M1 or drop b Rentals Inc. 61 by IS I) AI'AKI'MISNT ! J aW. Adults %tr Cimil, 7(W-(»«K) STIJIIIII. «hu ab " Ut ever y thln e that is free^e- aftlc and our prices average alx>ut 2U% belo>v retail, dall for drtalf. 7«34«7t WANTED TO BUY 66 MIRADOR APARTME 7BZ-173J ENROLL Today . New Clasaes Startlnj? • The right •ehooi . The rleht tralnine - oV^y ° n)u ,nt y Beautv College 1487 Main "H 763*9432 TO KKKP op with the modern trend to •ul..m»tliin. the Sfcrelarlal Court* offer«n hy Rminn Snhonl of Commerce now InHudes IBM Card Punch »nd rtat» nro- cenlnr. Phone TU-0144 tor an Interview. BENSON School of Commerce Sprtnft Term fttrtt April 21 to May 3, Incluilve. Pal(1 _ SeTenth. Clovls, N.M., 7B:i-!M;i:t SITUATION WANTED >fAN \VILL IX) Rep»irs. Puintins A Light Hautinj 7S2-J313 FRED FAHSHOI.TZ — llatfl-lllllnit — Pliiwlnc — Lawn t Wwd Mmvlnr. Wl l)Ht» St. Phone llta-MM -IV i'I.l.!:,< SPECIAL NOTICES 8 THt"i>i.«*-in ( r ''' «r WANTED: Two gateway letters H & X tim up. UK S-OtCW Amarlllo, Texas GIROLES A Bras. 131 dls- on 'THOMAS i iKrnV.u. V: ' NX lo4T3 n<> of VM- capital. no attempt should made to remove them all. signs of iicuJo infla:nmation are ^ VVAHD in- ( " WAKD. h.» 111 ,CITY OF CUD' the 'MEXICO. AND be IN THE i'RKMl'sr; ]f VERSE TO PLAIN" r>..-r N'OTH I. HAUNTED HOUSE Body A Paint Shop Nuiv open For Business 1500 E. Brady. Turn South 400 Yds. SAMCHEZ ZONA'S Cenimlc Shop, Tennesse* A First l-Kt.fc; CLA.SSES Mon. & Thurt. 9 A.M. to > P.M. Ev«ryone welcome. FACED WITH A DRINKING PROBLEM? °* Alchiillca Anonymoua can belp E. bccrnd St or P.O. Box 244 arc items to the !r. r 1-',.,- l-' -. a', d;- or vvru-n are a^tr, 1 ' •••!' \oi.r 1)1 in 1 . e>'. men' a future rew a r d ma : v havo '" he ™ mn ™l t(l P«. . • vent rupttiro and nenlonitis nu'dia s;mplv ?-,; ,., , ' . . do not bee o m e h I la: t c A si -.'iui ti:iy,;j;i iiMitut:on> t.'ic credi? so m;! again '!:,.;« 1: e b to 1 e n d mu- ro>er\o v ",T.;n:;;i:tv .ire w :!i. '. because l ;t. n .'ici- \» -.1! IK- a f..:: ba ._, , .' lns cancerous but. since thev occur into productive , n an age Rroup that ,- high]> . susceptible to cancer of the co- ; - ie Ion, the two condition-, are of- in- ten found in the &amt- person, act as ec- Q _ what i.s atrial fibnlla- MI lar as U 0 n" Is it serious" concerned, out with one 1 ' lU . 1 '"'. ! " niil -'' ineoils '> nnd irregular quiv«Tinc of the »< e otner hand they are chambers (auricles. of " •f, in..:u-> back in The , Quf h{wL ... Since it replaces f!io normal • strong contrdctKu;- n i> not tu ••• !H> taken lightly 1 may be seen £ ir, persons with an o\rruct ive ; " thsroid. rheumatic heart disease or coronary disease In -..! I jjjSjNESS SERVICES Wi! 11 TVP1NG * UOOKKEEPING in rny hi>me. 8:i \V. Plain. r. Hlh Tixii Sharprnlnc Service Ban* — Mmvrfi — fi H i|| — l)l»c« IICIH I.. Hth |. H m-vtitl BUSINESS OPPORTUNinES 43 FOR SALE - Buffalow Drive In. Locntdl n Mclrosc. Doln? good business — Selling because of 111 health. Contact Don Maxwell. Buffalow Drive In, Melrose New Mexico. MAj"6R~oKrcOMPA.VY has well located Service station for lease. Completely equipped and stocked. On all major Hi- ways. Doing good volume now. Good potential for Increase. Investment required for Inventory. Only qualified operators need apply. See Don Reeves. Ingram Bros. Oil Co. 805 E. 1st. W»nte«.«Hd Coins * Coin Cullerihlnir or'i Supplies . Coin Hid »uard Sootty's 'I'mntnt Post Ul E. 1'lrst For Luxurlons l.\vlng The CURRY HOUSE 2100 MllfhoII FEED i SEED i HOUSES FORlEN ! FOR RK\T l"l,<~dru BUY, SELL and Haul All" Kinds of Keed. C. P. Johnion 7B3.5175 ____ __ __ FOR SALETaio Tons of Cat-Tall Millet 1 - BJEDROOM >iirnis small baby. N., ln-'.s. ! * 1! ' ss Inquire FOR SALE Holsteln Heifers Fresh soon,' 09lT n ° W- R ' A ' Hutchcson 762 - EXTCA FOR SALE Service A£~Ilcfrlstered ~\tere-' C " !l "•"••- y ^•S. Bulls. Cow & Calf pair? and Two FOR lU.'NT ... *»st Gaining Charnlals Bulls. Rcasn:i- i •• ],„'•'•„ K , able prices. A. L. Grau l«i So. of r.radi • i|.,n ".'•' •','•' i-UEDROf.i:>r"'\vr;u^~F 7n.i--,..;;7 or liN'ISHED" •nnnih. '•'i \al'rt. l.'ir Comer' Dr. H. Hrnntii'\. i:. 1 ! de i-tjuity In nice ;i~lKir. .K-n!ctl .n Belmimt a.Ml- oJi'l ra.-. pirkup. larin tvailiT.s uf pqual value. :is;, ..f.i,; .,.. v.riU' Waller l.ittlefleld. Tex. MY EQUITY In Aztec Drlva In For lale. Inilde Dining. 12 outside apeaker*. Good location and fully equipped. PH 347-3121 Frtona. Texas FOR SALE or lease it*am Laundry — rood business. Good machinery. MONEY TO LOAN VTLLAOE TVW.V SHOP Diamond Wedding S«t§ JJ9.» The VIllBfe Fawm Shop, 7th t Main .._ _ WK LOAN MORE «.V YO|!B lia E. 6th-HK TBAI>K-Ph. FOR SALE plenty of 1 A 2 year oM h'• boned, yellow, silver bred Here/ord Bui, In top shape for pasture service. J J ' "". Steelo. Citizens Bank Building. 763-4-171 TKR-SOXAU/.F.D KEMrAL or 7b3-64oa. . h> a ..jipubl,.. ron. tra'd staff. ,,„„,. .v iihlt- (o helfp you find suinhifi I! ... FREE ... NO COST TO Call Barbara Bowml*. To%v A ^Country Heal Estaie, TbLM.iul. 2-ROO.M Ft'KMSHIED "houscTTS a month, hm s pan|. 1U8 W 4th I'M. LIVESTOCK WANTED 72 CLOVIS HOO CO. Sara Moora buyer. We buy all grades of nogs. Qp«n six days a week. 7B3-ti:2!. SLEEPING ROOMS 74 FOR RENT: Close In, bedroom—private bath, private entrance, TV cable. 763-3958 — 501 Pile CHOICE Bedroom, Air Conditioned, private entrum. clot* In. Sis f U*. Phooe IB3- TRAILER SPACES 76 MILLER Hf\r.\|,ow HOMES aim North Prince WJ-71I1W or 182-2094. 3-BEDROOM FL'liNUSH£O HOUSE for rent. Call 7B3-99J3 cir 763-377], HICKS Trailer Estates 314 W. 14th. Urge _ITEMS TV* rnu tc iP * C *'' C " y maU> FOR RENT: 1-lwdroflln hous*. close Iti. n-decornted and nlc|-ly fumlshed, hllla paid, no children adi* no pets. S8S » month. Day ph, 7>y.nit or eveiiingi BILL'S TRADISd POST tOANS ON ANYTHING or VAI.CK AI Ba» (HUe—WE TRADK— PH Stl 4.J141 i * P avemcnl - 3 nil. hou«p, atta.-h. gar., »lr cond. J»mp» HJrtlc.v ,-irlii«il /.inif. 3 UK unf. hniiii;, •• hath. f. yd. IIISlllBIUl M lllHll rllTH'. MORTGAGES 47 MORTTJAOE M.- Ret. ans mi UcsMen .'f .-H.4 i i'f;^ 1 ''T:--' • n ! CI'X'ioM SPR \VINR IIUM . M ciiriirol weeds In youri 7 .•• »|imy prufiazlne. For custom — — -^"-: " ;l L"iJ£i'^ ™»'» ""h-i;.; DOGS •• CATS - PETS UEPUR Service. Larce or small. Panni bu ' i>r adrtiiinrs. Also pointing. 7bj- 50 iS\VINFX)RUS TRAILER INN. Close In on | pavement, TV Cabl« easy parking, adults or wltn small cnlldren. 100& K. Grand. i TRAILER J'PACES: Nleht. week or month I clean rest rooms. Pioneer ITaller Park 1il6 W. ?tti (Ulway 60) 7S2-U18 b. lyman rentals, inc. 615 Main *6 ., .....7I2-41 1-4341 <ii:KMA\ suri'iiKiii) nrs 'or *a)«. Pb. THt-tili APJ^TMENTS LAKCIS 77 3 r.Hi m. atr 1 BR c>j>n pd .lo o« trn !i>r jiotisp. rouple only. j:v 7K2-; f Bis 7t, i...S'i or :ier r.'! Wailatp Kii-llbl Tharp. old. KO. • I ev tjiat conieN hack into the miirr.u does inore to create job^ becaii'-r :t c o m e s in !' e form of too!-, i man bcini;-, aiways are re>d to tiiii.M.' ojK'ratf. or FENCE Fence yi.i>ir yard now for en)oy«i,,e i a.iinirer ;AI-:K Stix;k»(1e T>'pe our »[*• I CM •.v (Hrirr types «i»o availahie I'nr, tin- fsr .•!•:«! e call Bill N ni,-e. 7i>'-'-i.'!r. i VA.NDIVCR CHIHt Ull,\ KENNEI4 K«»istered Puppies for Sale 19UU E. Grana KOR IIENT: »t MS Wallaco. me l»'. turnlshed apnr'.ni.'nt, an cuiul . hB^ ii eil back yard, tnils paid. J"'0 PIT Call 7S3-6K.'9. '" ^.'••.t,l ^ ; hp<lrr>orn ivmift TK| conditiiin. Call 8t 9»i mi) FfRNISIIlil) '„• !.,.<'.v.i ^» r. BOATS-MOTORS 52 '!•r CALL 7«-4^!M for top quality cabinet A repair work. T. U. Simpson 1219 Maple, of •>)wt;ne !:.r s.r. . w:-,a'. >; i-iea 'AC .c »"d !.-l!ar< t/..i'. arc ••.!'. .1, t- o more do.!ar.>- iiui'ited into prtKlu.'- • Mich an mac hinrs. land etc — the great- .f the j!!'i.-.v:n ,-: t :; p . , „, , . , . -. «.iv vi v v»i uuai y uiftr^i.^f 11 amtain tools T h i s Is true of the past trt . atrn ,; nt with uim . '.!' m '"' : ;"?(''') ,^, 1 « , was il!ne has been vMe] y ust><1 This '' a -"" muj " 1 ' !"!itier.\. ls USU y]] v J)e]pf u ! jf jj j s suirted wlien tlie attacks arc first noticed More n-i-ently treatment with an electric ••pacemaker" has given excellent results u hat a'u >inatica::% Mi\ed -.iwth is no mi- iH.. 1 , coriu- abnut I', v t- r y dollar must be mingled with cnu; 1 .'. management MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE 504 Mitchell Pierce Marine Salvi * Strvle* boson ft MeOalhirh Moluri fl^gy t^pffni tlUU M>hry Ur. TM Btn» 1 TASTEFULLY fjrni-hed 1 & 2 h..dni(im furnnhed apt*. l"'.al electMc l.«un>1: . fariliilcs. all thi- I'.i-vjnionn-s u/ n-.m, Cdil Barbara H<ni:'.'i^ Town .t Coi;nt'\ ! Real Estate, 7n.'~15iil. ; FURNISHED 1 ISKL'ROOM apnrtn Bliis paui 7t>'i-was 15' 41 a br«a €7Chakedo«T 45 Kiiv InbuUfT S. eo.o (comb fi»r«l 3 'l Mine don* 4 -v «.«ca'.. n^cnu; 1 .-. management. v < ~ ' '" " !1JV .mrcum^ i, and oit.'.'i with imagination and Chloromycetin given Arc there .r.ijer....!'. In-fore it can become d ">' had aftereffoctN" Could an adii.t.o-i to tlie total wealth thlb dru S cailse a - skl11 '^^1'' A — Chloramplienicol 'chlor- \.l t! ^ LI maiM'luu.v but not omycetim is jjiven chiefly for m:raciiiM'j-i. typhoid, typhus, spotted t c v e r jand rii-kettsialjKix It may also bt- a|iplied locally tu MUIH- skin infections. Jn rare instance^ 'in a person who is allergic to the drug i it will aggravate the MKLV1N PAV1XJN & SUNS Uenm ul YardU'HK AM Work IJuamnteitd 7b2-Ui,iO. ci 1. 1. Hi AN sun StKMCIi. lully hlltrd DURA GLASS Bf>«i with 75 Hor»f Motor Trailer & Boat Cover All for S»0 PH 763-4023, SI'EC I \L 15 COOP USED Boats Motori A Trailer Complete, 2S HP up to If it HP Moton traded tor during Boat Show. Bartain Prices,. Easy Financing it See Rert! RED'S BOAT SHOP Tom (»•»! E. IJl Bu«l I>*al»r ro I I. VI. 17 t: U I, nit. Fl\ IT i U»'U fli Uwl au nmlrtloj oc Mlij • ruom. lit PU.« Mc.%«*lao4 PO I-UIM MISCELLANEOUS S3 L'NFl'RMS nfi(nln.ii'hiAid NICELY Kl'RNISHKD—Side of a 3 dupluv Garage, atora^c, iii-ighti'ii nriod C'.'t; . 1-KEDRCXiM FURN'ISHED i Bills (iai-1 1'H*' CLEAN VICELY TI.TT. air ^'.".(.iiuned. lawri pel« Inquire S'll Hu I IN\ II \llu\ Ml Hill W« Runt WHetl Ckaln Houia of CUor tlU5 Main 7iiJ-&ft»J MIMKOUH kfllOU Orvdlt Burr*! ul • l l-i in SALK Early Ammrap stereo KM KaJui ii>mlwi«;i..n I^i,\ AM •^., OFFICE CAT Mom—Are you spitting in the fish bo^J 1 * Boy—No. but I'm coming close. •Il.l/g KEM \L SKKMCfi Hu rent * lot Uf Ilium ro i-M ai till w. ItlL DRESSMAKING AL1XHA T'' ' w.. .|{K \V iwh. FOIl .>ALE: Noi 1:1 "wtiTd "tli.rrlj.-rTif! I" iJUKiilfi Cj|i«,-i'y .'l'.«m R rl K i ;«---'^<i Wai>h»r PH 7M-;i:7., 1 •" rotim AM.-. t AI- w«ek *l*i L'NFUR , Sti" i- FOR R _— . 1'V a W i M T t I) a u u t it t. r A i R Fluvl* Kuut tbup — MM PI* Bt. rrr nlvv •d »J>»-rlnipm. 7IM I . I ith. fn. H»ler paid, nu pru. TOR RENT 3-r'iom apanmcni at sn»". $eii wnn till;* paic I IN la: j*. Ciean, . a ii tt«: n. A (.". TV M'"» ^ /lulls paid i* r. d *- ft •. c J r v e i RKNl"'.'i~Wid« "l mr (.-onflitioned Mrs 14tn BUILDING MATERIAL I.\RI;EST >^ ; i h UK U MM : . - i :os * A Si/l'I'LiF-S .NICELY lurnnhed CI.EAV C*RPET1^ ,.f«h a,,d «Wt-,/wu ' ft™ 4 ' nE Grar ' a with (jn.den Star S,iampoo H«nt Eiectrir " - - Shampjoer _»1 (10 Ealy Furniture *ia 3 ROOM Mrniahed Mam Much hu been written Iboul the •treogth and the ferocity of gorillas, but modern studies have shown them lo be peaceable creatures unl*s> unduly disturbed. Nevertheless, males can b* tooferous, t h e i r method of attack biin^ a strong blow with the hand More commonly, however, their aggression is limited to che«t-b#*ting and a ' Scotchman — one who kills because t!ic> haven't an\ pockets Mr> (jra> — Is \oiii husband toiu) i>i home cookniji'' Mrs lireen — Oh. \e> ue al- wa>s dim- at a restauiant that makes a specialty oi it Don't woiry because a rival imitates you As long as he tul lows in your tracks In- (.ant pa*.s you When a lady attending a social yatnermg remarks thai an Othei wanar. look^ like .t mi! lion dollar >he ma\ iiH'ua Uu»t »U' a green i* i an a ^uIIJ I U I|C. pply run SALE - i sett ri.orm.vo AT rut: ci.uruKt. LINK 7«-J4U - ilt W. lib FOR SALE 'iS Renault 4 U'Hir ne«ds rings. *1» - air cuu|>. Grand ..'uriHtSMNB Hiwt CcmcntM cn,l pilnti *H». 'i-wo o*n matal mrbtfe r«eks mat*: led 14 ifi 7t*oi4J aAei 3 3i> I'M ,'iixi > frin' PAINTING TV: »>*« 20 IMl'UHI'tU W\gi - 10j<; n.irna': hail Io9 IMMKUCUL RtfRIGERATION -ALEJ. 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