The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 5, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1918
Page 7
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MEN THAT Younger Boys Have Been As* signed Their Order Numbers." THEY REGISTERED AUQUST U Sixty-Six More Men Who Will be Called into Service in the Near Future. moteh w e1*« tie* %M ** wto^ed t* remain over until the next month. This ruling ha* been adopted by the board .of county commissioners who declare that- they have-to wait too long for the bills to Come In. There is a certain amount of routine before the 'bills can be brought before the commissioners and this of course means quite a little delay. KHAKI BILLS I * .—— The following list of men are the new registrants who registered on August 24. The new order numbets are us follows; _ Order Number. 1A, lOarl William Amerlne, Turou. SA, Glenn Wood ' DeWnld, 208 13 WCSl. OA, Loo William Brown, lit. 3, city. 'Mi, Ralph llayinond Hodges, 005 Nlnlh cast. 11 A, Hoy Harold Murray, 729 Sixth oast. « ISA, Ulcliard William Stokes, Nickerson. 14/., JCSSO William Plank, Cloverdale. USA, lletijamin J. arnber, Pretty Prairie. :UA, Itobcrt R. liarnes, 400 Ninth east. 31A, John Allen Armstrong, 15 Eighth west. 42.'., William V. Yoder, Haven. G3A, Hurolil Abner .Moore, 622 First, east. SUA, Clarence Albert Butcher, 705 North Elm. Walter Raymond Barnes. Clly. 6SIA, Clifford Hllwjn Thompson, Partridge. BRA, Arthur Lewis Wldner, Sterling. 7'.IA, Murray Edward llcdburn, city. k'OA, David Leftoy Nlsley, Haven. MM, Walter Wesley Robertson, 121 Second west. SSA, Olan Emerson Jackson, 1600 Fourth cast. 0OA, .lames Hayes, city. 105A, Floyd Farrell Brown, Burrton. 110A, John Archibald Clinton Jr., Rt. 4, city. ll'JA, Charles Edward Colvard, Sylvia. 12:iA, L. Orcn Clayton Helm, Plevna. 12I1A, Ralph Edward Cox, Abbyvllle. 12011, Amos George Stutzuian, Hi. 0, eily. 12U.V, Charley LoRoy Davis, 1311 Eleventh east. I I 134A, Ernest McClurg, city. 137A, William Charles Wolfr, city. 1.17A, yurguss Farrlnglon Nelson, Kingman. \ • 172A, Gail Ranop Spper, city. 173A, Win. Leo Caldwell, 020 Fourth cast. 186A, Allen Burnett, 201 Thirteenth west. " 101 A, Andrew Walter Baize, 208 Hoagland. 194A, Clifford Earl Darrett, 210 South Poplar. 1M7A, Charles Allen Barnes, Nicker- to n. MSB, Joseph Francis Beck, Plevna. 200A, Rallle C. Pitchford, 21 B west. 205A, Allen James Burris, 126 Fourteenth west. 207A, Carl Ludwlg Simon, Turon. 212A, Lloyd Garrison Battoy, Nick- crson. 21 it A, John T, Wildin, city. 223A, Hayden Samuel Taylor, Niek- erson. 2IISA, Ralph Edward Sburat, 545 First east. 2MB, Peter C. Albrectit, Pretty Prairie. 240A, Dewey Albert Hill, BuiTton. 240B, Alfred Bentley Stratton, 506 5th cast. 245A, George Washington Hoskfli- son, Burrton. 247A, George Grant Morkle, 16 7 east. 248A, Oscar Bryan Sprouse, 230 G ciisi, 257A, Jesse Erie England, Burrton. , 203A, Melvin C. Bailey, Langdon. 204A, Kduiond Andrew Blew, Darlow. 207A, Russell Thomas Spence, Arlington. 275A, George Henry Stlggins, Sterling, j. 276H, Ira Luke Dimttt, Turon. 281A, Clarence Carl Ogron, 716 C east. 28113, Charley Alvin Helm, Sylvia. 2810 Wesley Vernon Gadberry, City. 288A, Lawrence A, Nichols, City. 3U0A, Felix Dallas Cox, 112 Fpurth west. 30U13, Ernest Floyd Craig, 200 Park. 300C, Allen NewUm Smith, Nicker- 6011. 3U7A, Lelloy Wallace Forrlll, Part ridge. v 307B, Wm. Jonnings Younkln, Nickerson. 3070, Norris Sheldon Smith, Nickerson. DINNER FOR MRS. HINES. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Meece Will Give-1 Six O'clock Dinner for Out-of- Town Guest*. Mr. and Mrs. L A. Meece will en- tcrialn tonight at a Blx o'clock din HIT lor Mrs. O, 11. Hlnes and sons Charles and Raymond of Denver, Colorado. The decorations will be carried out In red, white, and blue. The guests will be: Mre, O.K. Hlnes and sons, Charles and JUyjnond, -Mr. and Mrs. George Meece, and daughter Georgia, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Wesley Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cron- Jmrdt, and son Donald, Mrs. Murle lAiiderdale, and daughter Virginia, Mrs. tlcnla Burgess, Mr. J. I* Meece, Mi*s Margaret Moeco, and Miss Ituth Meece. ' BILLS MUST BE IN. The County CUnmlteloner* Declare By the Fir** o» ,th«f Month. . All ih-rsoos who have bills a,'g«tinst ,he county hereafter we to see tbst Uiey have then} In At th'e ocuaty cU-rfs office WW first JHW Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Houston re; celved word totftiy from their Bod, Clarence, who 1 B stationed at the navy training station at Hampton Roads, Virginia, that he has bceh ap­ pointed'~afl Junior instructor of the coxswain class, Clarko Lewis, who used to have charge of the parcel post delivery at the post office and when drafted was sent to dulndaro Technical Training School, has been transferred to Caiip Grant, Jlockfofd, Illlnols.l He has also been giyen the rank of lop sergeant in his new "company. A HUNDRED MENJTO GO Most ot fheiti Are June Regis* trants—Go Tomorrow Night. f ' LEAVE FOR CAMP FUNSTON Few 1918 'Men Not Examined- Drafted Men to Report at , Court House. over to the National Radium Institute about fcht ahd one-half grams ot radium, and has given the country a method of producing pure radium compound from the ore for one-third the current price of radium. When the Bureau or Mlne3 began this work In 1912, It found that the precious carnollto ore, constituting tne largest known supply of radium ore in the world waygoing to Europe, mainly to Germany, where it wns being turned into radium and sold back to. the United States at fabulous prices.—New York Sun. ProVfst IN A HURRY. • • • PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN. • • • W. E. Hulse went\to Wichita today on business. W. W. Tamplln went to Bucklln today on busltiess. „ C. W. Skelton went to Scott City today on. business. Clinton Crawford of Topelin was in town todny on business. J. W. Anderson, of Partridge was In town today on business. It. W. Flick ot McPberson was in town today oti business. Rev. G. H. Schneider of Pratt was a business caller here yesterday. . Paul Dunbar leaves tonight for Seattle,. Washington, on business. C. A. Plckford, ot Washington, D. C, Is in town for a few days on business The federal food inspectors are here today Inspecting the packing houses. Robert llaoch of Kansas City was a business caller In the city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Petit left to day for missionary work in Hong Kong, China. Virgil Blakemorc and Dan Phillips have returned from a six-weeks' trip spent in Colorado. A, G. Horn, cashier of the Drover's State Bank of Denver, was in town today visiting friends. O. J. Windyntc, a banker at Nickerson, was an out of town business caller in the city yesterday. Ralph Campbell, who has enlisted In the marines, Is at home for a few days while awaiting his call. •5 Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hudson and Miss Mary Hudson loft tills morning for an auto trip to the southern part of the state. | Miss Maude Souder of St. John, Mrs. N. R. Haskard of Partridge, Mrs. Starr Perkins of Partridge, were among the out of town visitors hero yesterday. /' Emerson Carey, Sr.," statci fuel administrator, went to Denver last night to attend a meeting of l tbe fuel administrators from this, the-- seventeenth fuel zone. The Kansas Central Indemnity Co. has moved from the Times Building to the new office building of the Great American Life Insurance Co. ut the corner of Avenue A and Walnut. They will occupy the south half of the second floor. The Mrs. U. G. ©tephonson's circle of the Ladies Aid of tho Methodist church wil meet on Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. W. E. McMurray, 114 Ninth avenue weBt. The afternoon will bo spent socially and with Red Cross work, Mrs. A. J. Peugh will 'be the assisting hostess. Tho county convention of the W. C. T. U. will convene tomorrow at tho English Lutheran church.. The Hutchinson ladies will entertain tho delegates from out-of-town at lunch at the church. Those ladles who have not been told what to contribute toward tho lunch, are asked to take salad or sandwiches. The Reno Flour Mills Co., who have had their temporary headquarters in the Jay Hausam offices Bt 724 Rora- baughWlley's building, have removed their offices to suite 010 and Gll'Uor abough-Wlley's. Jay Hausam, who is manuger of the elevator and commerce department occupies suite Oil and JJ E. Damon, is manager ot the millim; department, and has suite 010. Mr. 4)amon Is now In Now York and expects to return soon. The new mill practlcaly completed, and they expect to start milling In the near future. Their reasons for moving .into the new offices, 1 B that the other office was not largo enough to accommodate them, NATIONAL GUARDS TONIGHT. Will Meet to Organize at County Treasurer 's Office. Tho meeting for the purpose of organizing a Kansas National Guard unit for Hutchinson is to be held this evening at the office of the County Treasurer A. E. Noonan in the court house. *Tke meeting is for all men who wish to enter such an organization for tho training. The hour is sot for 7:30 p. m. Capt. Noonan has. agreed to help get the organization started here. DELINQUENT TAXES SOLD. J, C Holloway Maket Highest Bid and Receives Entire Lot The delinquent taxes or Bono county were sold yesterday by the county commissioners to > J, C. Holloway. The transaction Involved approximately $1 ,000 worth of taxes, which were delinquent. Tho nren who are to leave for Camp Funstoh tomorrow night nie to report at the courthouse at 2 o'clock In the afternoon. The list follows: William George Sweeney, Queen City Hotel. Alfred C. Llnscheid, Arlington. Henry Elliott Hill, 115 A east. Ralph Livingston Purvis, Partridge. iLloyd E. Cole, 212 8 east. Clarenco Alfred Stoughton, lit. 4, City. David Mark Beachy, Rl. 1, City. Allen SUth Howard, Sylvia. Herman Henry Oesterrelch, 414/7 elist. /' 'George A. PeterB, Buhler. / George Wesley Balnum, Arlington. David Abraham Marcns, Buhler. Roy It. War/fur, Arlington./ Egbert D. Yeager, 038 3 c/ist. Lloyd Leon White, Turott I Harrison Alphonso Griper, 421 1st enst. / ' Merle C. Hemphill, Partridge. Leonard Lynn^ City. i Carl Kllgore.-City. / . William Decraft, City. | George L. Wilcox, 800 13 west. Ijogun Lee M,etcalf, PUrtrldge. Harry Borders, Arliirgtjon. Homer Glen J-rock, 308 Sherman west. ] Lester George Coonfer, Sterling. John Alstead, Arknnsaj) City. Allen Burnette, 201 13 west. John Wesley lreton, Soiith Hutchinson, i John Henry Culberson, llurrton. Herbert H. Hodge, Ncwtc\n. William McKlnley Lelhwebber Langdon. \ John Frank Kelley, Langdon Orrel Sylvester Canine:, Arlington. Donald Wllluiighby O'Neal,Ulurr'.on. Lawrence Irvan Lowery, city, Earl Lloyd Ball, 22 C east. \ Ben Lawrence, Nickerson. George Skellinger, Partridge. ' Harold Astle, 317 13th enst. Claud Lesley Banks, Langdon. Samuel N. Beachey, Haven. Norman Coleman Chase, 523 Park street. William Jennings Opchren, Plevna. Jcsso Oswalt, 410 lfth west. Harry William Cotton, &12 Gth east. Daniel George.' Schwleger, Hitchcock, Okla. Claude McKlnley Lee, Sterling. Nelson Edwin. Chase, 523 Park street. Wesley John Williams, New. York Rooms. Henry Frank'Neufeld, Bubler. . William Herman NIcklaus, Haven. Richard Michael Raney, Sylvia. Harold Archie Kenoyer, 548 F cast. Cecil Brlce-Nasb,, 129 G en?t. Montollo Adrian Richardson, Pretty Prairie. Clayton Jacob Schlatter, Nickerson. Bryan Franklin Cantz, Plevna. Ed Julius Frisch, Nickerson. Richard Edwin Coleman, Rt. 4, city. Eddie Miles Harmon, Sylvia. Lesley Earl Pike, Arlington. •William Jennings Towles, Custer City, Oklahoma. Noah David Borntreger, Rt. 6, city. Rudolf Schwartzy, Pretty Prairie. -David Jim Krohbiel, Caslleton. Ross Nesbit Latham, PenalOBa. John Leonard Strolhman, Elllnwood. Charles M. Harris, St. louia. James Allen Mumraey, Rt. 3, city, Guy Inland Beltz, Haven. Thomas Benton Sutton, Langdon. Alanson Floyd Williams, Yoder. T. Hobart IjcVay, Sterling. Jesse Paul Schmucker, Plevna. Clifford A. Bussick, Dariow. • Lamoin Wheeler Buel, Sterling, William John Stone, Plevna. William Warren Wilson, Abbyville. Herman H, Buller, Buhler. Adolph Aaron Reimer, Buhler. Fred Rexroad, Rt. 6, city. John Raphael Thompson, Rt. 4, cily Delbcrt Henry Cockerhan, South Hutchinson. Clarence Dewitt Tucker, Haven. Robert Theodore Hicks, Rt. 1, city Scott Newton Duvidson, Plevna. Henry Edward Alliens, Sylvia. Churles Nichols, Buhler. Albert Norman Kenney, Nickerson. Harry David Owston, Nickerson, Francis Eur! Shirk, South Hutchinson. Martin Leonard Franz, Buhler. Edward Crogan Wooten, Elkhart, Lawreuco Nichols, clly. Leltoy Wallace Terrll, Partridge, William Chas. llolff, IVi South Main. Harry J. Thlessen, Buhler. Clarence ChaB. Ogrcn, clly. Carl Newton Rexroad, Dariow. Ralph Frederick' Nieolet, 210 west. Fred Carl Welch, Dos Moines, Iowa Jesse Wm. Plank, city. William Lee Caldwell, city. Olau Emerson Jackson, city, Fplix Dalas Cox, city. Geprgo Grant Markle, city. Marshal General Cowder Talks of Need of Men. Washington, Sept. 5.—Provost Marshal General CrowHer Bald lodtry that the national selective service machinery must speed up operations Immediately to make It possible to get men from the new 18 to 45 registration on the way to army cantonn)cnts by the end or October. Outlining changes In methods, adopted to that end, General Crowder said questionnaires would go out to registrants before (he drawing has been conducted to', determine their order ot call, and that local boards would be urged to commence classifying Immediately, Dtath$ and Funeral* GEORGE SAUNDERS, COLORED. DIES AT CAMP FUNSTON Parents Received Word Yesterday Afternoon Telling of Son's Death. col- Mr. and Mrs.^George Saunders, ored, of 232 Fifth Avenue West, received a message last evening from officials ai Camp Funston, tolling ot tho death of their BOH . George Saunders, at the camp. The parents had no knowledge' of their son's Illness except messages which friends brought back from the catnp to the effect that he was ailing. Ills\ death occurred Tuesday evening at 10 o'clock, and wiis caused by pneumonia. The body has been shipped and prepared for burial by the government, and is expected to arrive here tomorrow. No arrangements have been made for the funeral pending word from relatives. But the services will probably be of a military nature. Mr. Saunders left Lere just four wceka ago when a contingent or 'drafted men was sent to Camp Winston. Ho was 25 years old and has lived In Hutchinson all of his life. Besides his parents he is survived by flVe sisters and two brothers. They are Mrs. Lena Anderson and Mrs. Sonora Fields, both of Muskogee, Oltla.; Mrs. Clara Crow, Mrs. Loralne Sydnor and Mrs. Viola Watts, nil of this city, and Ed Saunders, of Waterloo, Iowa, aud Luther Saunders, ot Kansas City. Mo. NELSON C. -RUDD DIES. Well Known Belpre Farmer Dies at Methodist Hospital of Appendicitis. Nelson C. Rudd, a well known farmer of Belpre died at the Methodist Hospital this morning^ about two o'clock after being 111 of appendicitis at the hospital for about ten days. Mr. Rudd Is thirty-seven yeare old and survived by Mrs. Rudd and two sons and two daughters, a father and four brothers. His father and brother came from Belpre last night and took the body home for burial. Marriage License*, Claude Knleper 18 and Lonore Kir stine 18, both of Hutchinson. The fathers' consent was given. Emory Joseph Huckstep 31 and Fannie Belle Holloway 26 both of La, CjrosBe. . Danger signals at homo are almost as important as those lu war, but less attention \f> poJd to theai.—AtchJaou Olobe, 5th ONE RESULT. I SYLVIA MAN DEAD. Dies After Short Illness at the Hospital—Serious Abominal Troubles. M. L. Skelton, who has been living with his daughter, Mrs. Mary Broom at Sylvia, died at the Methodist Hospital this morning at 2:30 o'clock following an operation for serious abominal troubles. WAR KEEPS SPANISH RULER AT CAPITAL Every Day Sees Something New for Autumn Added to Our Stocks. Wanted: A saleslady who has had women's shoes. experience In soiling New 12 Inch Petticoat Flouncings * In Silk and Sateen of Attractive Style -A Booli to the Wo in a ii Who Does Hei Own Sewing. The woman who buys sufficient material to make her petticoat top, is very glad of being able to procure a flounce of 'attractive style. On the other hand, they can also be used by the woman who has a perfectly good top and worn flounce, and who can thru the purchasing of one of these petticoat flounces, remove the old and worn flounce and attach a new one. 12 Inch Silk Flouncings, Priced at $1.50 Yard Tucked Fluted Black Green Navy Black Dlack Oreen Jilack and Green Changeable 12 Inch Sateen Tucked Flouncing, Priced at 59c Delft Blue il Inch Sateen Fluted Flouncing, Ericed at 75c. Green In black only. Dress Goods Soctlon- -Flrst Floor $1.50, 70-inch Table Damask, $1.25 70-Inch linen finish table damask of excellent quality. Comes / in attractive floral designs. Regular $1.50 damask, Friday anil Saturday, $1.25. Special Values in Hair Ribbons for School Wear 39c Hair Bow Kibbons, 29c ii and 7 Inch ribbons, plain colors of red, blue and pink, and In fancy plaldn patterns and floral designs, in pink, lilun ,and red cnmbinnlions, .lust 'bo shades for wear. Regular Mr ribbons, Friday and Saturday, 20c. 59c Hair Bow Ribbons for 45c 8 inch ribbons In fancy floral designs, very attractive for hair bows. Regular Mc rihbons, Friday and Saturday, tnc. New Accessories for School New line of Fountain Tens, from $1.00 to $r>.on. Everaharp pencils — always ready for vise, JI.OCi to $-1.00. Good selection of school tabids, 5c, 10c, 10c. Pencils and Erasers. $1.19 Wool Processed Batts, 95c Select batting, in wool processed. Comes n one pound bait, In 72x84 inch size. Regular $1.1!) batts, Friday and Saturday, 05c. 22c Unbleached Muslin for 17? HO-lnch muslin of good weight, for household use. Regular 22c, u n I) I e a c h e d muslin, Friday and Saturday, yard 17c. 22c linen Crash for Towels, 18c Linen crash with blue border, for kiloh- en and roller towels, 18 Inches wide.' Regular 22e crash, Friday and Saturday, 18c. . Save $230 Just Fiv^ More New Ruicks at the Old Price RENO BUICK CO. Most Miles Per Gallon Least Depreciation The Production of Radium From Carnotlte Ores Suggected. As one of tho results of- an agreement between the National Radium Institute aud tho Bureau of Mines, Department of tlio lntorlor, to develop a more efficient process for tho manufacture of radium out of the carnotlte ores of Colorado and Utah, the Bureau ot Mines now has as its share more than $180,000 worth of radium for use in'the sciences, This was ? irocurea for an expenditure of less haa|38,0Qn. Jin addition/ under ,tho jHp-ee»eut» tti« bureau has tur^pi King Alphonso. King Alphonso of Spain Is an enthusiastic bear hunter and before the war spent much of his time at that sport. The strained conditions now existing between his country and Germany keep him busy these days, how- over. The photo shoWB him taking a little recreation. DRAINED THE MARSH. Isl- Moiuqitoes Banished from Hog and l« Believed by Officials, Officials of the United Statq^ shipping board state that they believe that Hog Island, »oW the centre pt » vast shipbuilding Industry, is effectually rid uf uiosuuliocs. Tho work Involved the draining of a marsh twenty-five miles long at a cost ot $2C0,000. New Jersoy baa been reluctant to take such stops, since witnessing this achievement it haa been decided to expend $150,000 to drain the .Newark meadows near the Submarine lioat Corporation pant and has instituted work at the Camden yards across the river from Hog lsland.-Ncw York World. MEN OR WOMEN WANTED. U. 8. Patent Office Needs Examiner* . or Examining Corps. . The Untied States I'atent office an- nouuecfi a need of technically trained persons for the examining corps ot tho patent office. Men or women are desired who huve scientific education, particularly in higher mathematics, Chemistry, physics, and French or Qerumn, and who MQ not subject XQ the draft for military service. F.ngi- The dark part of the moon is lighted neeriug or teaching experience in ad- j only by tlio faint light reflected by dilion to the above is valued. The i the earth, and tin- color of this light entrance tjalary is $1,600. Kxaminations for the position of assistant exuminer are held frequently by tho civil _ service commission at many points in the United States. Tho details of the examination, places of holding the Bume, etc., may be had upon application to the ('ivll Service Commission, Washington, 1>. C, or to this office. Should the necessity therefore arise temporary appointments of qualified persous may bo made pending their taking the civil service examination. Application for such appointment should be made to the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, P. C.—New York Sun. would be the color with which tho earth shines to the other heavenly bodies. Tho color proved to be blue, which was to be expected, as tho at- musphere, as we see It, is blue, and It Is the earth's atmosphere which chiefly would be visible to other planets. TJ)\is the earth U a blue star. -Now York World. Earth a Blue St»r. Observations ot the dark part of the moon were made by Pror. i<awell at tho observatory u Flagstaff, Apt- WOODEN JEWELRY THE LATEST. Not Due to War Alone—Prices AltL tudlnous In Paris, l'arls (via lxtidou),—Wooden bracelets, brooches, rings and other ornaments, all delicately carved, have made their appearance In the windows of l'aria Jewelers. At first It might seem that tills new fashion Is due to .war economy. But on Inquiry It is found that the prices are qultq aa altltudtnoua *s most luxuries in Pari*.

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