The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT WEDNESDAY, JOLT tl, 1»34 Heavy Storm Ends Drouth; ** Hurts Score Tornadic Wind. Rain and Hail Doe* S75O.OOO Damaee In Illinois . — A JACKSONVILLE. I! 1 .. iurioiis onsSazjght t.v :hc :rir-o forces of hail, rair? and 1 ;or~^-.;i- \vicd left Jackicr.vil'e stre-Ar Wednesday with She !::ter c-f -.v.-ecked homes a.nd srara.srf-*. "r> rooted :ree> aud 3. snarl of broken ^^rr.ur.^a- Rei§hborii;=; far:::- 7ue>c..;-' ri^t. the storn? caused properly dar.:- three serio-s!;. L.isrh: and r^os*.-?r '.-.<-re C-i: o:: t-y tl*€» 'irst thrust of the w'.nd, wrv.c.i b*»eani€ 3. tornado TH the p;-ere- residential neigh'^oriioo i scu:h o: rite busirress cistric:. ar.c cn.y V, ea- The n:osft s^r:ous. h::n -.'. erei Kdxvarc Perry. I:r.;ay C.:;Mich.. z.r. employer c-i :he San-. >'. on their automobile. Mrs. Harr^il- ton's skull ".va.5 fracini'?.-. :^c*;- were severely CUT. riped off, and sr^aU -^rage? d^^h- ed down i" so I inters... I_:ghtr::r;.: flashed on the darker ea c:;y ';-.u: started no f-res—ro.,->'J for:urf- for tbe city, since the fire deparir.-er; tangle c' fallen tree? :ha: Mv-.k-r-.: The cir-.-Ui -.v^s :n :.-.:,. ^::d :: «as another lucky l-.-reaV: ;h:-;i : ::e nigrht's sho-v v-. 'as over ^nd :he r.o~ dang-eroirsly. Physician- ~a:d A. carnivEl also -.-a? Tvreekvd. BRIEFS About Town John Howortouu city sanitary t-ffk-er. has askod residents of Fir?; \Vurd :L> h-\t- «:: tr-ush ^:ui rubbish ooliecu-d and placed at ;he cur'' -for :..,vkln-: 1: = ' Tr^kiV and Siiii:;'da>. A c::y truck will crather \:p aH rubbis?; i?'aced at Distric-i Ag«-ut George \V. Johnso:i a^:%i C-. \V. Av-kernian, with the United Stste^ Department c-f AsH- o-"ti:rc-. sper. : \^>c:;e^da> here v.'ith County A^ent A. L. Edmlas- ton a;:d M;>s Beuiali Black well. hv^'-- d---:. onst ration a=reni. AWAIT PERFECT WEATHER v» a~ !l tl 5 I'-jesday r.igh:. Harry ^V:ls, :;. \ :oe-r-re?ident of the or- L:a:-!:sat:o^. vvas in charge of the :-:>iet:r. ;: -A-::'. ^ *eature^ a, disous- Paui >. «?owe< of t!»e A \iation Ms» MittM.-? Bridces h;i^ at-oein- ed a rctittie.r, with the Palace A-.-.zitins the necessary favorable weather, Capt. Albert W. Stevens (left), scientific observer. i.rd Major f<.ls;sr E Kepner. pilot, finished preparations for the stratosphere fiight which they hope will take them to :cord heights from their starting spot (right) near Rapid City, S. D. They are shown beside the gondola ' thei huge baliocr;. which was named "The Explorer." (Associated Press Photos) Ooe man \va# placed in the \Vallace A. Grstxies. oi" Ft. SilL ~Twt> Paris youths \vbo had <tart- t> :::e 'V-_-.rld's ?"air at Chicago -;'rirt. Homer T. All Grains Rise Limit to applicants in ere, iric'-jcinj: 20 Stock Mart Irregular -.' YORK. =-.-•?! — The stock t seenie-- somewhat exiiaust- -^diies-ds."" aft-r its rather ul rai;y •_•: the previous ses- la: fullo"'i::g early firm- Overnight buying orders to lift quotations fractions :.--j-"t or n.ore in the first Tracing was relatively brisk tim£?, tn^?n tr;-? activitv Talks For France CHICAGO, i.-?'. — S-.ra ishly against arbitrary restraint.?, -A- heat ar-i rules Tvoulc i.olers.t'e i j crop report estimating a reduc'ion in actual yields, arid, rye cot up 3 or more but oats and barley were ^rt:t-u!s.rly bouyant. Cotton MARKETS At A Glance NEW VOKK COTTON Fr«v. CU-ss'sr Hssii 1^0"- Clos NEW OKl-K.A.NS COTTON Prev. CU-s^- rijsit l^o-v CHICAGO GRAIN Hog Market Holds Steady FORT WORTH. t&~ iU. S. &ef>t. .y —Hogs 700. including 2 It- directs; truck steady; no rail; top 4.50; good to. choice 175-275 IDS.. 4.40-50; soo«j underweights averaging 145-170 Ibs., 3.50-4.35; packing sows 3.25-75. Cattle: 3.600. including 125 government; calves 1,200; slaughter steers slow, steady to slightly lower; better grades mostly steady; cutters and low cutters 10-15 cents lower: stockers slow; slaughter calves steady to 25 cents lower: grass steers 3.00 range; some*, mediumi grade shot feds due sell around 5.00 or slightly above: good fed yearlings 3-75: good cows up ;o 3.25.: butchers 1.S5-2.59: bulk cutters and low cutters 751.40; few good heavy calves up to 4.00; other weighty averages mostly around and under 3.25. Shecp 3,000; fat lambs 25 to 50 cents lower-; fat yearlings 25 cents lower; jig^d wethers and feeder yearlings steady; fat lambs mostly 5.00-6.50: medium to i;ood fat yearlings 3.75-4.75: aged fat weth- ers 2,50-75; feeder yearlings 3.0035, The Business and Professional Women", club held an informal meeting Tuesday evening at Brook Hollow on Laitiar road, picnic supper being served at quartet tables on the lawn. Miss Verlinda Yates had charge of the program for the evening. designated as a recreational meeting:. Scrapbook pictures were provided and a picture book was compiled to be s^iven to the children's ward at Laraar hospital- Miss Miriam Colt-man^ the president, Ji.ariounced the coming district convention of Business and Professional "Women's clubs to be held in P^-i'is September S-9, Miss ^lary Mc^Iillan having been des- :;;niite-3 s;en.e~i" convention chair- iliss Dorothy Cole man and Mi?s Mamie .i-ee Kppersor: were elected to membership in the club- Hiss Katherin^ Few was a guest for the evening. Iruss ins closec strcr.c. cents, corn ~ ce^is--. eents. September re 7 One: A friendly -understanding" oe- tween Great Britain ano France, bringing up ;o date provisions c* the Locarno pact, was oeiisved co have seen reached in London conversations netween Lots:s Barthou (above), French foreign minister, and Sir John Sirnor. British foreign secretary. (A,ssoci3tcc Press photo) Henri Ccchet. famous -Trench ter.m* star, xvas badly scared by T?! 0 - liicr.t r.e maae his r-rv debut Cotton Gains 1.85 A Bale BIRTH OF A SON A seven and one-half pound boy wa.s born Tuesday night at St. Jc-sej'h's hospital to ISIr. ^.nd Mrs. T. J. Tracy of 110 v.'est ShiSoh street- ?»Ir=. Tracy was formerly Miss Zlntily Jenkins. Huehes Dr. Jonn ilo-arat or «_r :-..-i.=r -. a :_-reat No:re Dan-e hairoacV: jus: a Layde- d:j";r;~ the sprir.s rrac- Milisrd K.e'.vis c-f the r-niory utiiversity -v rest ling team ca.:rns bci'.veen practice m-atches. j.'vr=:an Blake, sports editor cf — Cotton. opened fairly active and steady \Vedr.ssday. Cables were much hisner tli3.ri due and sent'menr was favorably affected by very bullish ^rairt reports. First trades here svere 3 to 4 points up an<J the msirJcet conttnueia to improve after the start with good bey ing orders in ex-id*nee. Before _ the enri or' the first half hour 1 o? trading October advanced to I2.'59 ar.d Z>eeersiber to 12.-3. or S to I'/'points above Tuesday's close- Cotton futures closed strong at repeal cf pari-mutt: special interests rh&*. ha'-e v eer. "selfish, pr:v;l<e=:e<i irtereyt--:. rr,E.:"- o* tiie ie.2ri?i:i:«r*- as th-rir i.:"or- R«ys. have bee::- cirec*.'.r.c ".:'.-: '--1-^tiny of Texa.i,. At Por; A,r:.r:^-*. Governor Ed pur ?S, v.'itt rt:,:«:ri'-c — rr.erce, Fr:ts -, e it: ties. WHERE THEY SPEAK C;;fu..r: r':fr» ~rr. ^nt. favor •,5 the bloody ; n F"*r-ruar". ^, ~r*at i'^ve r : LUSITANLA WENT DOWN WN| noon. £•••<=• An.g*-lo. C. (.'. M Seymour, Fr.-r ?.'!:: J vs «.p- w^t^-r, V. ; Worth. Pi:; f vj.-w; r-s.-:-.:. FVr ,-itf.rr.r'v je Oydf K. S:;:; K- ;-r fcis pjsN>»jiia>« thfet if '-h<->x>«r nor he ^'ould "put R. «»To; ; \Vjtt s-siid it \v a* that "»>ne b«rr«l of o;i O? tfe* jn.*.T.# to by pr<i"T*Jr JOJ>* that xvoUi v;.t T^.-Jt,**j* it? pr<,j * 4i>»«» other Ben M&rtj. b *:e h:srh jump l«ar*<! MX f**«rt . i '.,;••-'?; « ;^^.* ; *r r ^ii -:" r ; Or,"ii-!^ *-x „-, .- -. r-».- Jjt "A'JU- E other o* \Vait*r. record ho!fi«.r SIT a workout vn :»' Ot pi'*>- ANNOUNCING The Opening of MRS. GATUN'S CASH GROCERY At 361 We»t Kaufman '»\> !riv. f «i you ti vi*It us on and f Sring U« Your Couotry Produce ____ We Pay Market Price*! - :TP^ *r what of it? "What of it?" you cry. "The whole w was shocked. For days the newspapers talked of nothing else." "Well, bur what of it? After a!L it was » little thing. How many Lusiranias would have to go down to carry xl! the dead zed missing soldiers and the dead civilians of the great World War? One Lusitania a day. For a year. For IO years. For 25 years. For 50 years. One LftffanJa a day jor 70 Jffri, or one a week, beginning nearly a century before the discovery of America by Columbus and continuing to the presenr hour. That is the number of Lusitanias that would be required to carry the dead. The dead of *H nation* who died in the I This ! f!Iti»trmt«4 by W. ! by fonrtwy of The J"art« \««i cation*! campaign far worlxl *»> Barton. »«Hf and j>re*«nted here «. i* fotrt of «n «*fo- peace. Co-operation try thlw «f>d per- for pracr- cdiKmtioo In Invited by WORM* PEACEWAYS. JO* Park Avc- uae, >*<•«? fork City. • JULY SPECIAL PURCHASE 'W **&*&£* 7%fi^ mmer FABRICS $r& —* ^^ ;-x'-"S- AJ C» -t* ^v^-^r^'i-? •*- Normajnoy Vo3e Prmt Broadclotb Printed Batiste Printed Ptqae Printed Flaxon Printed WaffI* Printed Voile Cloth Printed Linene Popular summer fabrics in both sheer and medium weights reduced Driest particular. Main i^loor S5^, ^ Summer FABRICS Powder Puff Muslin Print Waffl* Cloth Printed Voile Print Pique Printed Organdy Print Seersucker Print Broadcloth Basket Weave Voile Solid Waffle Cloth Printed Dimity Solid Seer«ucker Solid wde and narrow wale Piqtx* Smart, fast color, easily cashable dresses arc quickly fashioned of these fine new summer fabrics. Colors, designs, and weaves v-ere never so interesting. 2nd the prices were never !<v.ver. Perfeirts J

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