The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 5
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THE DAILY MEWS, FBBDEKICK. USD.. WONT)AT. DECEMBER 2t. 1991. DEATHS Mn. Engetw Beffner. Mr*. Bass May HeSaer, wife of Eugee* Heffa«:, died at. the Predersck Ciy Eospital at 11 o'clock Saturday n^ht ioltowing a stroJw oJ paralysis, aged 63 years. 3 asobtis aod 19 cays. Besides her ausfcaad she ss samir-«J by tils 'otovuig chl'xirea: Mrs. Mamie Mehr^c?. Mrs. Rosa Layman. Mis- Ber:ie Piciett, Frederick; Evelyu He3- ner a: home. WUiiam and Charles Heff- cer and Sre graj^deiildren: also surri- \iag are on* brother. Charles Jacxjiis. and one sister. MiSw ~U«ue Lancaster, Pa. Funeral Tuesday ajsensocs at 2 o'clock -with; services at her lase boaae, 437 Kortb Bents street- Ja^raseii: tn Mt. Oiivet cemetery. C. E. C^ne and Son, funeral directors. FUNERALS Ti» fuaenl ol Mrs. Virginia C. Crtun · tooe piac* oa Saturday afternoon xt : --3Q o'clock frojn the hcme of ber son. . Roy L. Crum. 313 East Secood elreex ! Ber. Douglstas Hoofl, rector of AH Saints ; ch'irch. o£6ri;«i. Bt-autiiu: Siorsi roi- ; bWn^s »ere prest-nu-d. The paulsear»rs j »-ere R. W. Ej'ier. J. H. Bsyer. G*org | Moberiy. Chas. E. Ead«^, G. f. Wait*. ' S J. Zircroerrean. Interrrvent Jn Ml. ! era! director. Resume Of Services In City Churches Sunday Tie ?! Clareoct E S^r.i.. ws j WEDDINGS Crum--FoIanC Miss S*taertih* B"oiaad. Mt. Airv. ir.d Willltun FiankUn CTUISL MocroM.«. «ire tnarru'd at th* paribcagc of thv M«-tho«iiit Ep.'^.-i'i'a' church. Walk. r»- ,Mllf. Saturday evotr^s at "· IS oi!.«.-k oy tb«- fnuftjjr. Re*. T. W. l-oyd. Mtac- v'une Susuaers. oi ifcte city, was of htoor. and Joseph Crum. brotJnr oi ihf bridt-sr^ion:. «as btft JKSC Other a f t« j n3.-u:tj mer^ Miss lCstlilii Eusbrech:. this city, ar.d Mrs. R- bc-rt Loan and Raymond L-mn, of Mor-- ro-u. Mr. a;;3 Mn-. Cram ^Jl rvt-id- LOCAL MENTIONS LOCAL MENTIONS 1 CITIZENS' M AXIOM AL BJJHK. What Gilt * RXi'e appr cprij'e for ChnKni.'* than ""^ J 's loxcly PcUiNcttl* P'.JK'. -»Ii»rs ·THE CSEAGEK FLOWER SHOPPF Cood ^ai«- »ir«-;. ::.'\. '· POTTS GRIFFIN. *n ^ViWam VT. Myers. n- Ciara E- Myers, wife ol Wil- WalJice Myers, died at her home is WaBhiagtOB. alter aa lUaess or r^o yesrs. She was "1 years ol age- Mrs. Myeri vss beiore her i:»i mar- rags o.*"Miis CUra E. F-^JT. daagbter o£ tie ;aae Sa^uaa asd Harriet F-Jby oi ihs ccuritj-. After U» death of her f^st 'hasbaad. Nicholas Eauer, she ·»·*» married to Mr. Myers, vibo s^irii-ives her. Tlte lateral u-iH be held frwn Mt. O'^vet chapel Wednesday ntomlag ai II o'clock. Intercient in Mt. oavet at Ixys, aras heid OQ Sunday ·a-.'.h sen-- !«s at Creajerstoa-r. Reformed cijarch ad;o^iiug ·.·emo-x-rr. Re-.. K.»bt. Haebe- uer isid charge. Tr? oa-'X'irers serf meatbers of th-;- Jr. O. U. A. M o: Roeiy Hid^ei Roy Mort. Harry Soonc. H. A Sailth, C. D. Wood, \V. I. Renner. J E. Grtrnes. The !x!ge als? held the services at the grat... M L. Cr-.i^r-r and fuiwral direftcri. Moon- Clement Z- Gardiner. Jr. Cleaoent Edward Gardiner, Jr., s--jn cTil Edward and Hsien Zan- Gardtccr. Braeted Chart. Kent. Eng!acd. d:ed Saturday al Auburn Farm. Catoctin Famaoe. horce of the :at* Thomas Buchanan McPherson. In 1905 he married Margaret, daughter ol the late Mr. McPherson. For the past Tsve years he arxi his family have re- J ldcd y. Auburn Farm. Funeral private at a i:xe to be announced later. Wilhide ar;d Creager, funeral Tii funeral of Mrs. EUcn S. Martm. ! wtfe oj David T. MJ.-'^;, ·»!» csd on : Thursday at her .lorn.? r^rar Otoctin ·· Pursace, vas hrlc on -arfji I services al the M. E. chu^.-h a-. t*tni- ; town ai 11J50 o'cl-x-k. InUrrstent wa^ ! rtsde is the acjon^ij cemetery. Rev. ; O. W. Print* cac chargt- of ^Tiric^s. The pallbearers i-erci Chas. Fmley. Al. bert Sh'Jfl. Frank Rico. Ec^ar Miiler. Samuel Reed. Edward N^:--.rr._ r. M!_, Creamer and S^n, fur.cral cirvctoro. 1 Gratf Krform«J. ' ' The Grace RclcrnKxi Churrh Scnooi n:«?t S'jnday W.h aa atteaa- -isce of 37.'. Efch: classes fead !00 .vr c.-i:t. itvnii:;c«?.« At tii,- church M.rv.o? at 11 oVlOi-k. Cse iitstor. Rei. Ralph E. Hartmai:. Ctlr.ercd six- eroscn oc. "The Most . BeautUiil Story «· Told." The :er of Zv^ u. and i solo. "Ari;«?l Yoixtrj." ' Spurrier--Han*In tic e-.5--.uys »*- ~-30 nlty nv-mbrrs' ·" v ^-- Msirk-*Ad D. H.'.rp Uj^ aj.- cf i':c \-ii\^^ dvy.»r!me;iis o: the ! -ounvtd the mitrri-isc c i htr Uu(;:;ii-r Ch;a-ch sch.vl pr-v-3ted thr pacvant. i " kjl: ^ "- Gracv Harp and Gcrcc:: W. "l"..r Stir Cair," " , both jf t.sis rjty. The »cd- Tb\' Vouj^ Pt-oplo's Society me: a* ' d-.n toi: pliiv in Wauiiingtoa. D. C, c «5 with M^s Marj- Lo'.iise Day Sa'.-rtLxy «-v«rn:ns about 8.15 o'dook A Jiiidr.ixht ^-ard ^-rvtce vj be hckl WtlliiS! I*:er;ont. Alter tiu- -*uic.ij»; -·:. TJiarxliy tv*r.irig it 11.15 preceded .-L- ^^" Mis. Spurr-cr rvturtu-d to Rudy. i*?gi;2ii!ns at n o'clock i'atrtck street. Ti'x ariKaii Wh'te Gsft s«er^ic« «ili · · ·* ^^r 1 "" Diy a: ' oc:otk AMONG THE SICK Autom«ti - t - ·;'.-'- k.**-; ;-.* AJ'':M-" .1 v,r ii ol "his iact. A«:ia ·:!··· :o;ir l rcirni." POTTS AN'D GRIFFIN .'·:-. dr.s-s.-i *!.....· .io.-a:.t K ,V:n:* J. . 5 Ncrt_ nrX County' ?·.*! ~asicy B-.nV.t M- Dr. 2... .··.:·. V It. K«-!l. Eaion and C'raor's Stjt»iier. *···. S--S ::·-· n; V'.' -.o' 'iiikc OM«- t:' -- ':; ^'.u' ··::· r KKM^SL'RGsi JEW BLR Y STOKi: ne Ti«s Fot .;· tr l..-. L-OCK.AKU THB CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK. MD ~.*-;± A ..;;: v? ·· v. c".: ;: .: t''.. HALNBs. !!K ^15^ J^j N Mirt«-: CAPITAL $100,000.00 WE CAN GIVE TOO JMTORMATIOK ON ANY TYPE OP PROPERTY SALES-- EXCHANGES--RENTALS APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH tJ6 FOB .-3ALE OR EXCHANGE POTTS Si GRIFFIN REALTORS 'PHONE 600 THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO. TALKING Zl'RKEY. \ij.ii: \.vii: VIM!: v: Krar^ an*i Nut; f -r ilvANCI-S i'ir r**".. ·*:;: cXv'.i all . lY«-.- SURPLUS $800,000.00 (HK.u!l Eer. Daniel G. Hill. - R«v. Daniel Grsftori HOI. redred colored minister, died "at his home in PetersvCle Saturday night at 10 o'clock iftcr a licserCcg illnrss, aged 73 years. He is survived qy the following chil- drent Mrs. Violet White, Baltimore; Mrs. Esther Isaacs, Los Angeles; Darjisl G. HU1. Jr^ Pertlaad, Ore.; Mrs. Grace Jackson. Washington; Richard" H. Hill. Wash'ngton; Mrs. Ida Hover*, Baltimore; Lee F. EDI, Baltimore: William A. Hill. Petersvilie. Fusera! Tuesday fnomicg at 10 o'ctock with ser.-ices at the A. 3d. E. church. Frederick. Interment at Petersi~21e. C. H. Feete and Sen, juneral directors. An Infant. ·ycpii«.m j. Thompson, infani son of WiUJaat J- Thompson and ffife. colored, died at the home of his parents, 130 Wcss South street, Saturday aii-smoon at 1^0 o'clock, three months of age. Besides" his parents he is survived by yxo sisters, Helen R. and Susie 3.L Thompson. Funeral Sunday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock irorn Ebcneasr charch, near Cenierviile, with services conducted hy Eev. Nelson, Braadock. The pallbearers: Herbert Frazier, Wil- Uani ilahamcnitt, Atlee Tyler and John Thompson. Iniermect in cemetery adjoining tne chnrch. Albers V. funeral director. funeral of M^? R ::h a Sltisiier tcos pla« from · ; :hr First Ba?t:st church £at- '· u-iaj- rrortiinj a; 11 o clock. Rev . . V.'JB. C. Koyai. asslsu-d by Rev. Dr. . ! G. Ellis Wili^ms and Rev. Ralph E. : Kartnian. officiated. Mi« Sybe! . Shover. Harrtioriburg. Va.. a student of | Westminister Cbotr School. Ithaca. N. ·' ]Y.. sa=s "O Ey« That Arc Weary," -ar.d Mrs. C. C. Sparks, "Cros.- I ir-K the Bar." Miss Shover arcon-.- 1 parued Miss Slasher's body to Preri- | erics from Ithaca. The floral cm- ; blems vsrere raan" and beautiful arid ' I the ftceral was -areely attended. The 5 paUbearers, all gradtutes of tri-_- Fred- ! !er:ci Hxgh School class o-f 1931, were, j B. O. Trajtnas, Jr.. Gray-son Stever^, ' I Ward Docnaa, Winston Shipley. EQ-A-UI SAlbaugh and Millard Evler, Jr. In! torment Mt. Olivet cemetery. M. R. JEtcbison aad SOE, ftnjeral directors. · The funeral of Mrs. Harriet Eliza- tbeth Karris -sife of H. Aubrey Harris i wiw died at LaSeland, N. J.. took place j Saturday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock from jthe funeral horse of Harry E. Carty. 54 i East Patrick street. with services con- · ! ducted by Rev. Dr. G. Ellis Williams, ol ' Itae Calvary M. E. church, assisted by ; i Rev. T. W. Lloyd, of the Methodist i j Episcopal church. Wa'kersviile. A - trio ; 'composed o" Mrs. Seulah Delauter. : : Harold M:Devitt and Rev. Mr. : : Lloyd, sang t~o selections "Some. ! Day Hell SlaSe it Plain." and "r"ace to ; 'Face." The pallbearers were William ; DeLauter. Charles Barrier. George E. Burrier, Harold MeDevitt. Guy E. Back- . ey and Clarence Lochrer. Burial in . j Mi. Olivet cemetery. Harry E. Carty. ' ! funeral director. FEKSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wachter spent Wednesday -Ki.'a Mr. and Mrs. r orman Dixon, Buckeystoxvn. Little Clycc Wachter has returned home after spending a --eek ·with his aunt and uncles Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dixoc. ' Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Fogle and daughter, Elizabeth, of Pleasant Hill, Term.. visited Mrs. Fogle's brother, Rev. Balph E. H.'vrrman and family oa Sunday. · The funeral of Miss Annie L-. Leather · i ;oqk place from the hoaae of her niece, : Mrs. P. F.'Dutrow, Sunday afternoon j a; 2.30 o'clock. Rev. Nat G. Barciiart. j ; assisted by Rev. R. C. Ltitcoa, officiated.'. · The pallbearers were Ridgely Myers, {Garland Myers, Millard Myers. Robert . IDutrOYF. Merle Leather and P. Fran;!: JDutro's- all nephews. Interment in ' HyattstoTO M. E. Cemetery. M- K. . I Etchison and Son. funeral directors. Calvary M-Uxxli-.l. ··htirch. ot: Sunday, were centfrod arauriii the C.':r:s*.ina.; siessage. Ti:-.- Leaders' Bible Clais held an 11*'-re--".::;.; «?*ii^:i \n:h ·.::·.' Cj:r_-:mai k.v-.o: presented by E. S. H;ee. A pro- cr^rr: v'i Chn:tni-ts car-.-lj. vao pre- *'--iXS oy the F"rtV br-r.:n.-r. .tiring ccch^str^. Ti:*r attt'iidarxv 1:1 the Lijaers,' Class numbered 122 ar.d in the viittrt school was 69S. At 11 a. is. Rev. Dr. G. Ellis Williams, pastor presclied 0:1 "Hi? Mo=t Prvctous Giic." T:w ch-^ir jsani ""* ar.trn.-2is "First Chrssticao Mom." y\ Xi-A-;on and "O Little Town o: B".h- leaeai." by -NVidlinger. At 6.30 p. m. tlit.- Ep-.vorth League service va y-c by Miis Virginia Cline with "Christmas In Art" as :h« topic. Th.;- Christmas candle :i?hi mueic^l sc-nice by iht 1 ·. .-s:ed choir -seas held at 7-30 p. n:. A c*torea c.intata. -Tiifc Adirat:o-." by Geo. B. Nexin a'as rendered by the choir. James H. Harris, director. Dr. Williams spofce brieJ'.y on "Trie P-?rfe-.-: Chris;mas." This service ·s.14 attended by a congregation that : ~.x*a tne capacity of the auditorium. The chancel iras beautifully decorated ·A-ith eversreeos and electric lights. Many oi the organizations of Cal- ··ary church will send out baskets of ;'33d to the poor of this city during the week. On Thursday evening at 10.39 a part of the Frederick High School band 7,-ilI play Christmas carols in the church toa-er a: 11 p. m, :h:- Christmas eve service trill take place \vi;h the -. e^ted choir and young peoples gl«e c'ub ;vs=isttos. On" Fri- csy n^b:. the church school -will present a cantata entitled "A Real Christ- rnas." TiK services on r.e.rt Sunday will b: of an intereslins: character. The Leaders" Bible Class a-ill hold a revival service with special music and the ne~ iy-elected officers win also be in- ctaliec. Ar 11 a. m. the minister wiU preach on "The Record oi 1931" and a: nijht some of the Christmas music -ill be repeated by the vested choir and the minister ·a.-ill speak on "A Look Into The Future.'' Mr. A!b«~, N' McCardell, · i.v: corJinw! TO lus Ji^riic or. Eatt · Church street ror «rvcra] diys. is much ! mipr-jved and ablt to be ou;. . The Moris t. 'JI? 1 OFFICERS Jooi.ea D. BAKER, · Mrs. Juhn B. Harc:nr, :s il! at lie: rr-f.deiJC" in ihc Coloiaal apartnvn:.-. _ East Second .···.reel Mrs Hard n« has ! been :nd^posed for same days bat t · now confined to b^d. j Mr. Adrian C. McCaroell. McC-irciei: ' ; apartmears, who has been indispoks.*! ; re-.-ently. has boen ivnfin:d to *-d for i : 3" b;.- h^ brotaers. Messrs. W. H. · ·jTMi O. D. McCardell. of Hagerstoivn. Mr. A. K. Williams, formerly of IjamsvilSe. who v,ai paralyzed -sat TUL-sday. cent IK i* s t-r!'-U3.:y ill at thi · home of his daughter. Mrs. Frank Keti- i'.'y. m Baitirnorc. Alc-c-.K-l. x'c per g-illO" \j*j -u.X'i Stid C;i;ii.r-3 We alw repi.r \..-ur tha A'JW Door GU^s mii.»llr\! . anJ Uedueed. E 15 MK.VSIC.I .1 K p ·.-..-..-£ «·-·-', SJ50. tOi-:: · Mrs. John H. Youus. J r . 133 South : , ll^rkot atrte:. v.ho :ISLS oet-si undergo' inz treatment a- the Fr«lerick City · 1 h-o5pi'al for -.lie las^ 'hree we^kjs. ha. 1 ? '. improved and returned home. 1 Dog "Freezes" Bird. I Each hunclng season produces a num- ! ber of tales with regard to the un- I canny prowess of nirarods. bat Sudani I does the story coocern a doa. Hoarever. | a canine has at last gained the limelight i and. perhaps, broken an endurarax- i record, fo, Kanr? Zepp of Mount Airy. ! reports that his English setter, aft4?-r S straying from the Long Pond Rod and ! Gtin Club, near Cumberland, was found two days later, lean and hungry, but ;' valiantly standing a pheasant. There j is no doubt that the dog had been ; "freezing" the bird for over -48 hours. ; Mr. Zepp asserted, because when found : the setter was not far distant from · earop and otherwise would have re- I turned. U.^.i lir,^ a::: Tube*. -All ij*s.i 0 v : .,s Ji-.c clUir::,- \ :o- SI PO. X-w cu::a^ii aad f^tencrs SI 00 p- 3 in : oil j; IJc car. "w?d Hi-ad Li?-- BM^;^. lOc "j SSOO Dafh M-.Uir M-.lcr.-. S-'.OO U-^rd M:r.-x.-.-. 25^-. fsed Snark Plii,*.-. iic. Break Li:;!:i.L-. 5': ol; L^-: 50= Tube Patching. -'5c. Used Auto HcaU'rs. 30 Felt Of i- inch S-'ll. S1000 40 Feet ol -I lav-h Bo'.t. s-i 00. New Ford Tops. $2 00 Also parti for all cars Yours Truly. --BERNTE. f u n t i t u i r tr p r . - . s K.-..JV:: ..^ \V : : C'alV OilOKi-iK W !1V MC51EN · . . i I-' r-.rt.i -S- -i':. :-t : F«r Sale. O'.:.;r.i:.'.«-^i ^;:::«Tr \IItS. C M. DtXON. HOLMES D. BAKI». f/-f;iic';f. JOHN H~ BAKEK. i'lce-frts'-dfr.:. JostPii McD;vir. l'.ce-Pres:'/CKt. \ViU-tAM G. J. rvrs? :?;.rvnsi:/Llitj" Til" heir-7"! ·.atm.etir*:/ :r. tht Coax? u: ar.2 -t"s t THE "FOPLES FTXASCS ·-. C-.;rt St AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. -3ODGE C«r\N. NEW TTKES -··.- p. c- s"^ r O r35 ri Cirro.. t- C::y CCL G. DU»AJLL. .·\3Slsiatit Costlier. RA\TR« Tuo.NfAS. .-Jjjtslont C WANTED. YOl'Si.; CJ'.K^ UEbiKE-S HOCSE'.YOIUi BV It v'rouiis Them All. Dovslbtss' CeicbraU'ol Sausr Kravst. i Onc« you try ::. you v.ill ulwaya buy MRS. JOHN H STALEY. Citrus Kruits. Ar.olher ;r.:.-.-t o' or.ins,---. s;ape- . fr-.u:. anl ; i:;g-r-.n-.-. c w:l! jrr;vc from ; Florida. Tuesday. Dc:?m*xr -'2, Will be j io'xi by l)^lu-l ?r cr-.ite. Wi'.'. al»o have ! G'.vv *jrzfn- now. Will delivvr. ; S I,. UEMSBRL'G. "P.v.::.' 1 . Bruri^ .vick 2 LADV DESIKES HOL'Sr-A'ORK.--IN CTTV o: ccur.-.v. Cap-*!?'*- .t.:'J in^iiMrlous. Ap- jit, aad the flavor a- 1 always the same. ' A- C'.OM- models Gas ana o: ! Tho man wjjo made »a-jer poi- Rates ai low as 20c p-.-r »; J. CLARK DEVTLBISS. Marke-t and Third St». Kcnt-.\-Car. Tnoact Gas ana oil free If. For '.n'.ormatk'i; 'p.ion« 1373. FRANCIS SCOT! KEY GARAGE. '.14 West Patrick S'.. D. BAKER. TUOMAS H. JlAU.£R. CH.VRLES H. CONLEY. M. D.. "JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRIU.. J*.. HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER. JR.. JOHN H. BAKES. Kt,us B. KAMSBURGK. ARCHIBALD E. FISHE*. WAXTEO.--A LOA.N' OF tr.OOO. \VTnl FIRST ·c»r'sta«»: "·'··'. -s.-'ircd T«r :r.!-?r3iiW!!i appiy ^cws yfflc^. Hox H12. FOS SALE. ·fn SAlJE -- TWO ANGORA KTTTENS AJfD 'l Prr5l*:i cat. App'.y S W.'ISth itree". SALE --?IFTY TUHKEVS. CHEAT. POR SAJX.-- TUHKEYS AND OLD HAMS. '.Vai. H. Zinimrrc;*!;. Walk*r»T-.:!e. Mr. John C. Worthington, Washington, D. G., spent Sunday at the home of his pareats. former Judge Gienn H. Worthington and Mrs. Wortaington, Record street. Miss Rosalie W. Osbum, one of the secretaries at the National Part Seminary, near Washington, is home for her Christmas vacation. Miss Dorothy Burdette, near Boston, Mass- also a secre- ^.ar? at the seminary, sp^nt Sunday as Miss Osbam's guest- Butchering Held At CiemsonviMc- A butchering -was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest li. Dixcc, sxivCIe, December 16. Seven hogs ·e slaughtered. Seven cans of lard :re rendered. A v,-?.s served. ! These present ~«rei Mr. and Mrs. ! Fcrrest M. Dison and c^xijhter. Paa- j lice. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison J. ; ixon, and children. Paulins, 3_il- in, and Melvln. Mr. and Mrs. Wil- HaH. Mrs. L. L. Cirper.tcr. Mis; JMary Jaojbs. Messrs. Roy Gardner, i Albert Barker. Aik-n 3",cm?. R"-Iand j £5imp5O2. ^ r -- ..'^r ... r .- T r:r-. _vij.i*9nci ; ?-.Iorecn. Paul ^r-i:,. Charles Henrj j Carpenter. 3"-..-r D_-.r.r.. E~.lsv.orth j Monshoar E-:V-it Your,?. -Montsomerj" Andit Ready Jan. 1. Completion of the general audit of ail Montgomery county accounts for the past 16 years is expected by January 1. Lacy Shaw, president. Montgomery County Board of Commissioners,- announced. Th-j audit was expected to be corr.ple:ed by December 15. but despite overtime work th^ was impossible, tl-.o auditing firm reported. The · 2ucii: v.-as ordered by the county com- j rr.L-5:oners last summer to reassure resi- I c^r.rj r.f Montgomery county regarding ; county anances following a campaign 55 r-.irr.ors regarding the accounts of · BuWrherinp Held. ' A butchering was held at the home ! of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison J. Dixon. i near Liberty December 1. Pour hogs I were slaughtered. A dinner was served. ; Those present werei Mr. and Mrs. Har- : risen- J. Dixon and children Pauline, ; I-iliian and Me'vin. Mr. and Mrs. Ai- | CrfaRer Flower Sboppc .- . Trappers Take Notice. I iniites you to see their variety of potted | Full va'.uc and highest prices paid j plants and -Ji-reaths. All reasonably | 'or raw furs at my place of business i n^cerf ' ShOD between Tliird and Fourth Sis · i *-· -*-^^ ^ - , 1 . Chape! AUcy. Shoes Kepoired While U Wait. Best Work ; I a^o have a'.l km is of s-.-cond-hand . · . Men's soles and rubber heels ... .Si 25 ' pip«. good as new. srom '-i-lcch to 8 ! ; Ladies' soles and rubber hc-?ls Sl.OO i inrlics for taip. Phcrre 383. i ' SAM MILLER, 33 S. Mara-t St. · PHEOERICK JUNK COMPANY, land Pauline, Mr. an^ *~.^* .... | Dixon and daughter Pauline. Mrs. Plor- i er.ce Morgan. Miss Eva Morgan. Messrs. ·Roy Gardner, Roland Simpson. Ray- I rnond Morgan. Grovor Nash r..-d Mil! ton Dixor.. Natice. : The offices cf the County Cornrms- isioners and County Treasurer ·aiil be j closed on December 25 and 2fi. i By Order of the Board. JOHN W. HOLTER, irc. ·· I : ---i FO!t SALE OR BENT.--THREE STORY i brick hya». cor.tair.icg tightren US' rooms. !ncl::iln£ a largrc stor* ro?nn. 5i:*:- a'.cd In ihc busings srciion ol Mlddletowa. Mcrrland. For jsar;icu!ars, ftpply to O. S. ! Ai-.ii:. 93a Prospect sued, Yorfc, v*. ! 12-lS-dU i -. '. FOR SAL£---CliRISTMAS TREES. FUSE, spruce or crdar. Two .-tiiidj. ctrrne; ot w. ?s-.ri-k and B«-3t^ I'rcsta aad 233 West Fifth s;rr«. Ro35oo»b:y priced- C. S- Slipp. Pliooc 1803-F-«. 12-11-(!5t Frank Gastley. Prop. ' TOR SALE. YOCTJO CHKKSSS FOR aaiE.-ure OR R-'-:idcnce "la E. Third St. 'Phone 383. I CHRISTMAS rURJOTBIlB . ^ rea ^. Tbomaa Alania. tiadeu HS'ls. j OP EVERY KIND AMD DE6CR1PT1OK AT 'PSoac 47Z-W. 12-16-£5t · · ^^ ; X7KHEARO OF PRJCSS- BUY YOUR FDIlKirnUE AND SALES. HOLD EFFECTS HERB AJtO SAVT5 OVER ?.:: Th .Tf S:: Food Certificates For Needy. At a rcserir^ held in c-iiyuriCoion ·sith the regular session of the Mt. Air? Chamber of Ccnuscrce, and at- teaded. 07 reprKenuitlTes of the various local churctses and fraternal or- aadzatio^s, St tras decided that this sear, instead of distributing basists of food to iha poor asc! needy of that section, that undrr the supervision of a special committee cerj'£ca:os in the ircoui:t of 51 -srjaM be given to ce- isrvirs intiiviauals. These certificates can be exchangee for Jood at aay of the local stores. The cosanittee in charge of T-rus Trork induces the foHo"r- iag cScers c.f the Chamber of Coinmerce: "iVal:-';? Saurr'er, acting president; Robert K. ilyers- treasurer, arid Hubert P. Burfelte. secretar;,-. Tr.e annual ekctior: of officers ·srili be held os Thursday ^isht- Jarnary 2i. i Rev. Mr. PufTcnbargf-r Installed. · Rer. R. S. PoSeiibarser, s gracuii? of Getty^ij-iirs college anc the l^-jtrieran : -.ecological seminary at Gettysburg. Sas j beer, uaia-ied as pastor of the West ·. Fairvie^r Lutheran char;?. ~li:ch in| ciudes St. Mark's lonrivran church. ) ~R~es; Pairvic-ir, and St. Paul's Liltherau ' tli'arch. krio^n as the Old Stons church i o;. trie Si;^e liigh~2y. 5vr ; I miles we?; oi Snola. Pa. Rev. Mr. j PoSenbarger was zrruiuatec iron; col- I !s:e in 120- an-d fr^rs: :'r.e wrc-jirtry in J 1905. KL; f.r. 1 ^ charge ^as a: Wc-j-is- ] boro. and he -?:er preached at Marietta, j county, Vir^i^ia. Class Meet. rite '.Veslcyan Ch-jrch school class, ?. Geor?* W. Bo-.vers. teacher, met tlte CalY?.-- M. E. church parlors -rsday eveninj, the presife-nt. Mrs. n. Marseii prrsidinzr. Mrs. Eli uz.t n^a coarce of the devotional. ip-.-jre reacir.c and prayer -.vere foi- c-cl by s-j-.z. "Joy to -h c World." and r,?mjri.i. «rvica for Mr^. chas. W. r.m;-rman. A .short program -^as Mrs. Roy Cu'.sa;! and " i Mrs.*"jacS: j Mussolini's Brother Dead. ; Milan. Italy. Dec. 21 AP).--Arnaido i Mussolini, brother of the prcrni?r. died ; :his afternoon of a heart attack. He i left the ofEce of the r.ewpaper Popslo j cTcaiia of which he was editor shortly i before one o'clock to have luncheon at home. He became ill in his car and ?.-as taken immediately to a hospital. He- TvaK -56 years old. two years younger : :han ;he premier. i LOCAL MENTIONS i Warntoe. ; 519-w. · The pany Tho has the p,»rt Poodle j · i arid Pecuii3--Cje jiiale dos is «;noiCn and ; , if not turned loose ^viil b» pr.'v?ecuted. ' 3ARL M. MORGAN. '· -- MISCELLANEOUS. . A j T " -- ~~--~~- -^----------. wr£ CARRY A ppLI, LUTE OP XEW AND PIANO TUTTING ATZD RADIO REPAIRING I CSED FURSITURt: AND UNCLAIMED 3 ipec:a:'.y. Albrrt C Palmer. Pbonr ; FREIGHT. ESCt-tTDIHG BED ROOM 13til itrcct. iO-W-dll NrrUHE, DINING ROOM FURSITURK. LIVING ROOil FL11NIT«JRE. KITCHKN FDKSITUaE. STOVES. HCOS. ODD PIBCES OF p-URNTTURE AND nOUSEHOU) OP EVERY KIND aXD DBSCRIP- TABLES. CONSOLE TABLES. ^~~~~~ i D1VENPOBT TAflr.KS. TELEPHOSE SETS. = F O U N D -- SMALL. PURSE. O'-VNER PLEASE j ST^JJD^ CHWRS PI\~OS. RADIOS. Announcement. -="· F:-··*"?* Sauoiwi B»nk «nd j V! CT R O LAS . pLAYEB PIANOS. MAGAZIM5 w , ... .,-,-.«, ri -., B -.^~ p .v,.,. v- :^e' : -"y ··' :r ' r i2-21-dlt KACKS. PES1KER1ES. CHINA CASES. HUP- V\ »^e .,...15,0 .0 B^.-,,.^C .na, .V.. pFrs B£DS SPRISO g. .MATTltESSEa DAY diaries A. Barger of 32: w. Patrick LOST. STKAYI:U or: STOLEN. -- SCHHATJ- BEDS CRIBS. BABY CARRIAGES. KIT- · SALK.--LADTER PL/.YZH PIANOWITH JOO rolls. Victor -rsctrota with 7B recorto- Mirror 50x«0, culd-iczt fraiae. Apply 510 Norlli Marfctt stre*:. 13-SS-dSt* PIANOS.--BEHK. J25. BAGS. J49. JJSLSOM, S7». Cramer's. 233 N. Markrl Street. NOTICES. KOTICE. h^ .5 i-j ^;v? noiice tsjt '.he f obuiintd frcni th^- Orpaars" Court Kr-xSerlcfc COKI;',?. in Mr-rrlnad. l£t;cri · S: 'Dhonf I W l t is no-.v representing ! :fr =::ch "* r " ;i ; ''"' !P: -- K " zl " i :f r-tsrae«i CHE ^' CABINETS. CDPBOAKDS. TABLES. · A«r-.r.i:rjton or. ihi- n;.itf o: , VA.SH--THE V-\TION"S TAILOR 'he i ; ° Mrs · 5 "-"'\3 H Cranjrr. 1U Rprord St. AT{D OTHER GOODS TOO NHJiZaoOS TO j CHARLIE y Vv-^CHTEK. f * * "*' ' ' · '" · *2-I3-d6t ' -VIE*; rrov ' l^t*- '^' FreficrcK ^.rarT^nnd. dcc^asci!. j HCU.-C Built. Upon the Golden Rule. , ^ CHICKS FOR SALE. Christmas Chimes ' At Kenrps Daily. j Santa. 7.-ill play Christmas Carol* on I hL= -s-or.cerftil chimss daily-- until ; Christmas. : 10 to 10.30 a. ~.--2 to -.30: 3 to 3.30i i 2nd "1 to 7.30 p. rn.--Kercp's bal-:ai;v. KEMP'S, "Oa the Square" Canan- Birds G-.I-I-".-- s'-^-- c-. ^-- B-'-ds o^.j.a...-..,. fa.rir~.-, oana... r-^as. ^cr. Br:d£:c. Table and Bed Le.rsrps. H. E. FREEMAN-. I S , , i 1 C' HU^. fc i- *v t- E-i-ctnsa: Contractor ; jia p« 100 Jvstj Black j 336 E. Church St. . Qiict* L:gs: Brahmas. 8-jS Orpingtons j . 1 - rrcRE for j,-,^,- ' ARE r: or' CONNECTED WTTH ANT A!! p/T««5 h:V..ig rpiL' : '"(i arr aar"rd 1') .\Uiti.t Ihc s,iiac. i-l^:; [ WE i!AV» JCST KECET.'ED A t O T O y i NEW rCRSTTCRK TKOM A RECtaVKR'g 1 SALE. ALL MUST UK SOLD QUICK TO ! MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER GOODS \VE ARE j !o :1-.- v.iscr:irr. or ur Ji-far? ttlc Hist d.-sv n: i CONSTANTLY BUYING PROM BASKRtm i J;: 1 .-.-. ·.$--. :: -x:: ;hrv :i!-v o'.Srrwiso by I SALES. UECETrER'3 SALES WABEHOCSE j !:·.-- h - ^irlvrt-i iroi:-. fell 0-rnret o: raid »- AND PIUVATB SALES OP ALL : '.Alt, Ti'-o^c :.-.(!r;..rc: 10 -.!:- decc-i .ei -'.!-.· Sc- S YOOR OLD FCR- ' . S!St«r Suspect Freed. Dance. Held .' TurKiay for ST - ?ErrSH 'S HAIi. L 111 the firir.g of th» home cf Jlr. arid Wesricssay. De;-mbcr 23 Mrs. .1. Henry S:ceie. r.ear Elrier^- · ~~~~ * b-j=rz. P-r-i sho-31'r.g the aged coup...- as Shooting Match. t"f" fc" f-oni trse house. Thomas Ma- :r.iM Hlril-.iirn. 23. riCgro. -a-as re-. -^^-·^~c Tr"r: -h~ Car^-'-r cou~-t" ia'I ~~ "^ Sunday. A'lthontics. it ras said. Tr^ i Home-Made Mince Meat. Christmas Wreaths! i-ctk-old " chfcts Frrc cstttor. We imve a varied ai-sortrner.t uf made ' H»»cber7, D»pt P. ML Airy. ii-j. up -.vreatiis ana invite year inspection We ?.il: gladly isold your selection. . ' ' ' -· and aelivcr according tx) your Instructions. EDWARD H SHARPE. 'Plicae 435. · Gr-x-nsouse. Mstttr Are., near 3;h 51. ^ Brci's ; . OTHER FOR RENT. For. RENT - FF.ONT. 'IODERN APAKT- ! Yut'R CREDIT IS GOOO 1 THREE FLOORS KCLL OP FURNITURE . iND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. | STAR FUP-N1TCRE CO . : 31J A N D 32i K. HAJIKET ST.. FREDEIUCK. 1LAHYLAKD. Xmas Day. 11 o"clo:i. GLADE VALLEY GUN CLUB Vpholstcrine. Rcfinisbing, Kcpairinf. Ciair Car.rir.;--Rattsr. Worh A. II. MAPLE. 9 Center St. "Prnnt. 301-1 P. LUTHEE RICE. LATEST OPPCRTUJ.ITIES. 253 V.'EST FIFTH STREET IN MEMORIAM Entertsins Club. Mrs- Rayraond Lindsay o: Mt. Pleasant entertained her Eakura club Wea- bv Mr?- William Biser and booby crizs :»fe Ear: M±Dc-vi-::. Refreshaients Vere : Another Bntcherin;. !of Mr. s-d Mrs. Clar-.r.-e Kvcli r.ear ! hass --e-'- .=l3.:irl-.-"r.:i ----"l-.-ci^ M4. -52-' · ; cans Of lard --ere rr.aC". Tl:r5« pr«v- cni --ere Mr. ?.r.d r.Srj PCo-Tlc. Mr. rir.-S Mr.-. R-lph K«7r 3nd STTS" ' C3ujr ; '-?r. Mr. a-5 Mr?. Joitti Srci::;. ' Miss^ St-ue Floojc. Mr^. Dan C. Xcpltr. ' Paul Kojjlv. Gray.v:; Ko^rlc. M?;-.-in A Token of Lore 5Y HIS WTFrl. ALICE M. GHOV5. Card of Thanks. V.'e 7i-_=li u express o-jr a^rl -a-. 01 '.:-- CTl-.'r-.r,,-- Crim. '."i lor f!.-'.-:ri ar.d lisc of automobile. --BY THE FAMILY N'otjcc- Olivct Comerer.- lx;-r. by oflvr a r^-j-arrc j FO.'l I1E?-.T-- HI-UN'.; STATION. ON JET- , i "OR TENT ~'.:.iliv:;v SIX EDO 1 .: HOUSK. slr'-i^" SjIsCd-" r ^ r , H" 1 ! S-*'l. ,*.; J r';- -. -m--.: li:-!?-^-?: strttl, to be stic: M a .'icDficc. ror PKNT--Frr.vrSjiriJ IIOO.M^ .\m.v · A ircc.-.t irop o; ss.f^oo en U..T -- hl^bi-^?-. i;e3r Frcdcrlcic. makes an alttrac- o;l--."IS1iiirj Ar'AKT- \:\o Sarfcila «5 ^rcll ^i a touriit ftcd JUlir.ff '*" ' s" s'ici* opportvr^ty. You icu;, apprrcis^e SOTICE OF FIF.ST MKfc i INO OF CREDITORS. ;.-. :n- D.;-;r.--. O ..... of -.:·.;· U:."'d s:!:--. f.i- Ir-i- O.^rr:!:: .--: r.:.irT.'-.r..! .:-. Sjn'.CT-jp'.'--. t: -J-.i- M.I::T oi E.-.-cv E. f::.r.c. Bar.trt:-- · To ::-.- c.-edl'---. i,: Ea-- - Z X'-.r..-. Ear'.;' r v' I t;,;-.- o* u-c-- .^.-r. :9s:. Es.-t;- E. E'.,r..- -vn- " ro;: ?.?:.·. r--'--R.OO.'.: T.-r.r :. -in.'. 3?t*-'/ir.: a ' LD"S i? FELTO;? ' ' ' " nr.s-i MT3rr:i"oF in-^ frcrr. Ill" ^ra-.'-. ar.a rro-r.^ of tr.e "°- ; "-'^·T--5-::oc:.: HOVi .''rT" ff .*'·* l-ffj-rn thr-re Me-- api.-im-!:: ·»·;: ? ..r- !: . : . ,. j. ;r . c: c _ ,.. . : , K r ;,=::;-.! s-..-.;-:..;_^., r .. r r ".!.=(, r0 - - ~ . -.--.v and -.''-" l'_'"H - ' I'lTl'I^ "'",'". '" r " al T3 "' S ;cr cer '~ ~~ ·"""' .'·"'·*·-' r. r :.:* Dwtr:;: :»:,.:--.,i=._^ BI-.-BST; (v.n--rtior. ··: -n-»Jv i-ur.i ztsiltr of ':'··'- nrs": --T!-:P.?.E iv-ov ».· -=T:.:ENT. "'-.--1 -._.-:..-- - c - - f.. .-. :2-:. --r.-r-. t:-a "~,''-- ^"-^- ·"'l,".'."-. '..,'\'"~ ^"BK!* .-_.- ..-,-.. , - ,«.-" ' " :-:·:. "."· · · - - . . E i - .·=' ..- 8-.. ,,.-... - '. "" " ' ' ' ·?.--.**· HOBEKT KS1--TP. D-r ; ,-- r O'ir s^' Market Prices Grain. · ··=*--'' ';·: _____________________ Live Stock acd Prodoce. .r-misied t? Prect-- ^s Cc-;t7 ?7C"-cix. 13=- Ke.iVr ...... _________________ ...... ... 3c to 4"-^c v^tC"-- rs -..--. -- «..-- _,,..,, _,,.,-__,^'» T^C to S^jC O.~£, gcoc to chc 5e ___________ 2"i; t-3 3c Cc~s, to goo. -------- 2c to a'-ic CSTi. COS.-- O7i -... ____________ 1C » t ~ C Ca.vw. vstra tinmc ---------------- up to 7c CpiTi^. c.t-x--:. ZS^-DOO ~nf.. "7- "o 6c Cslvas, ci-DJx. .C" 155 :3£.-..'Jp to 5c Cv-». i£C'-i2o Ibs -- ------ up o 4c A c-tci-rj-fi -=.a.«. :-.·%·; -i' '"r.-- hon.o ·-·: ?Ir. sr.a Mr.-. v.MUrr! H--"". McSa'-t. ~erc slaughtered. A cir.n.-.r ~.3? r-?r~-- . ' cc. Trios--- prcsmt ~-r~ .-.nti Z.Ir.--. ' Disci: and caush-.t-r. Pa-l^o. Mr. ar.a .Mr. ar.d Mrs/R^isxr. Hall, ar.3 da-ch- in IVIrmoriam. ; .=i.i o:t .v.~.".f rvrnc-.brasre of c - a r .-.i:-_ a:;i rr.-rhcr. Ar.r..-- Houci: - -'-o ae-.;.r;c-d thy; .if-; t-vnrr-one l-.wr:s ,-Ar:ri .·: '! h:--- ? - muis her. . : HTS3AND ANT) CHILDREN. "·"Hr^IXS lOriSS ANI JOHN. Crcosrrr Flower Shoppc iTrrf a. bi^:-r ^f Cl-.--?:-v,a.-. TeatIts :-an ever oe-fr". r.r?;T ---;-'iDi:;:N Srs T-- '. A-. · r* dr.·- S' - -·': T.-.- :." ----.- !'. I.UTHKR RICE. ESTATE :3 E T Brrnies Anto IJar;rains. A.l D..-trr.rr.c R_r.c.-. HSl-tSBST.G'S JEV.'ELP.Y STORE. NOAH E. CRAMER SON. Tn Menwiani. -/- :-r-- t)is-, 1.1,= T.r.-T-r- -..or.: iffc-ir.:* :-r; :-r-iver o'er. I -ill ali3 ".11 an;. ^-,-- .-f :h«e T;:.- s.-; -c;.r.-:-l --.-.: ?.2-.S--3-;-v7-- ·-.-: H---IS*- Cir.-. :--1--23 G. M. C. · T--.7. p-r-.-il Take a g t t ?-. AN OPPOHTCKITT ~:- ;-;.;:-.»·» · '.-'j s-'t J?^=a virtc ni.:cs .=prvrr-; T. :i. t ;..i rwua: :.-x2s d-s-e^:±s ; »:.v;~'n t ? -;:c-^: : c.--. r.?re ^ * '. T-- ·.-· *.-.-:, r:;-.--r ^"^.-".-? as ;n}- UitDE? :-~S! ON SAt-S3 -- --· - - - - - « -- - ,· x ,-, .--- t --. ·,- --."S'foTT -rT at^ou" " -rr*- t"-r*'^r T::?: ^ ,, _ ^ ~ . . " . ^1"". .-"^---"j" ^ .1 PAU1L D?Z,?HEY. '..^-.^ ~^~t- \. L;-r, .=.'.ce P- tx-rj;. ;---..'.'. Err..;: D M r^«"'. I.1-.-3 5 :i;z'^--'-. ?-zt,-''. -~. - ·»-..·' K---.; S. . srp -:-.d Ecr- Hayerstown I TS --1 -. . ;2 1 · ·* * ,-.·" eXc'ioc of at tiy» rft -he i-Ho-r Lirsif. cr.c.-'X. 50-70 losi. Lamas called H -es, 1JO-.-5J Ibs ...... _____ Hor.i 14-1-150 11» . HO = = i-.c-i:n :os H-3-T?. COO-250 la ......... 3c .3Hc 4O ; ;-TM.i-r i^rrl.i.. Di'-id G. ; ?e--re;3--. Wil'.nrr, B. i Kisji treaKirt-r. John J Fiery: tiler. , Peter F. Elliot;. Mr. Warhvr x; a , of Frecerick c.-.untr. ( Ar- A-j-1^ -- r.-_=T-.*rec --o 1-.:--. "C:rr.c:" And slii" f.-.rf-v.:r !· at re.-t 4 = ,C «^~,-C ' Moder:-. c;h:to:3qisv IT-: :i-.c".ir,efl to re?arcJ :;i^ Etkiv. .·:.- elo«iy asiri "o the Amer.c^;; Ir.dun ar.d i.if-r-f^rft a t-rancb o: the red race. j H iJ-..: nis puie ,-jiri: rcsti -sr.ta Ocxi. BY KTS FATHER ANT MC - -- - » 3 · cr"-".in 1 -F-.r-l T-c. T.-i--: 1--B-..1 Dog- Mao.-c Fl.-,- 1--' "--Auto Car Truc. . I--1331 Auburn Sjxv-t Sc-Caa . .. 500.00 · '·· Tor. Packard TrucJt 3 no CO · 1-- F-.rtvrir..- .;r,-i ?.:.T.:J .r. *.-: c-r.,-:.-..,i : . . ^'·_·''.· Y---;rs Tral'.'. PC'F- SENT.--£:.». !"_-CXJ HO" - S£ TN NL-.m FOS SETT -- MO T STPFTT. ?F.rDJ37C"^ -J :R.N EUv: -ux!:: p.ctti ::-£'·. Pr.%«-i-.';i C; c- S'-.T- 14C V. Mir-if. ? GROrT Tr...'. B*si Fonntaln Service to Fhe City. TS SERVICE DRUG STORKS Scratch Pads acd Tablfte *'· ~^i i0.i i pO'jCo THE NEWS-POST. · Ear". As^acrsaa. Prar.iUa strcct. roH ·lEjrr -- J.ROOM wonsri.-; A P ^ S T - ! JOHN N. CLABY. vVE. HA''E, REMOVED OtTR OFFICE :T PATRICK sr. TO S NORTH COURT SIREET ay lines or ini^ranr* In- ! rjr.*r^r7 tis-Tft; t-c t^-?~_ ?:lor£ said c-a/: .; :::-. diy c: D,-:-.-ri;r , Ml. ELI G 3AUUH, o; It? C'.~: ' C.H;rt :T F7«»r-. FOP R£"T. co-Sit. on. ROOM iOi,t;3 lrtr! (-".. IC-3-dtf JOHN' N. CLART.

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