The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 7
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JULY 11, 1*34 HEWS, ews Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information All *la*»m*a *d*«rti*ia« ciu*t »• t» tto* attic* or tk* P»rl» <S*«* BO* later tt»n « P- oa. t»* RATK* 1 Tim« »0 P*t worO. J Tint** Cc p*i -word. t TkmMi So D*r word. ISc P** ••onS. SOc pet »ord- dura*. 30c. nomb»r of wort!*, oottBted oa ttx* &a*l* of. to «*• lu>*- Clas*i«*<l in ' alt capita.! ?««««•• * J p«r Oot,-ot-tx>»n order* tor ctanrt- » pajrzb!* in «dvmc«. lxe S*»» wtti act d* tor taor* tb*x> o** incomct lasertion. «•'• r«»«rT« tfc* ri^bt to, «dit »i<l c*n*or »15 copy for ti* best lBt*r*»t» ot fcotli *a»«rti*« a=O reader- Boat numtoen. car* N«*» «H1 t* X«**D advertisers deslriac your *fl* to oo* e«*»- rj*d Ad Ta.k«rm wfco von in wortU»t *»* 144 OR !•*. AMI FO*M> LOST—Brindl* Boston Bull, liead partly white, bobbed ears. harness. Answers to name of JiKgau JR.e-* ward. Phone 1097. LOST—Kear Perkins, white Linen crash glove, lastex palm. Phone 341. Strayed or Stolon LOST—Brown female, Germa.n police dos, 3 years old. Reward. J>r. A- Moore, 102 S- l$th street. Phone 666. 1MEMOCRAT10 PRJLMAKY July 2S. 1934 Representative from tb« i« Mstrict. A. M, AUiLLK. Jit(Re-election Second Tens.) Representative SStltDixtric* C- C- CANON < Re-election second terra.) F"or County Attorney. £>. EMERSON . CHARLES PRICE Phots* 896 ft We»* Houftton Lady." the 20th Century PicttMT*' «tarrin« Ann Hard- which is showing at the plaza, theatre Wednesday and Thursday, present* one of the most poignoant- dramatic and appealing stories which has come to the screen this *e**on_ Koted for her nnderstanfiins portrayal of feminine character, in thi« picture this capable star a. unique opportunity to exercise to the fullest her ability to rise to emotional rights. The jttory deals with a. young woman mother of an illegitimate child* who if forced to assign the" child for adoption -immediately after its birth, agreeing never to see it Special Socle** 10 GOOD SHINnERS—20e balance of this week. Pfeoae 1S40-J. TV. C- Lawrence, cor. 5th and CampbelL. BUT TOUR 3HXXOWS AT JjAJvK CROOK 15c and 25c Per I>ozcn Vf^ have all kinds of bait and STive prize of 100 miimow« each month for Jar-jest fish caught onr shiners. H. W. FARLT HIGHEST cash price for iron beds, other furniture- Furniture SxchangeT 35 Clarfcsville street- Phone 478. Automobile* Auto Repairing «nd Painting 14 HERBKJRT t. JONES Y STURGEON. r*or County C- A. MAHTLN AX XX ANDERSON- Sheriff: CL.TDE SHJCI-.TON (Re-election, second t»rm-) Superintendent Lamar CO- Scbool* '•WAI/TER TUSMAN HAKY JONES LINDSAY < Re-election. Second Term.) J. G- BRUXSON. CHAR3U1E B- DUGGER fcMART M AN ESS PIKRCS .. P, JL. CHISii. For County Oert; K. V. {BOS> C Re-election. Second NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We care an easy pay plan on a.ato painting, fender, body •crreck woric. Asfe about it- Grand -3/re.^ «t l»tto Street Morse Bee Line Station Telephone SOS Mattress and ~ELaf Reno-rating 29 XOW TOtT CAX HAVE TOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On The Easy Payment Plant One I>ay Service Paris Mattresc A: Awning Co. SO W. Sherman Pbone 370 Seitlce or District Clerk r SOB LATTIMpRS. JR. < Re-e'ecticn. second term-} for Assessor and Collector of TSuce*: 35OROTKY LAT1MH.R. HUMPH RET Tor Ooo»«iis*iot»er Precinct K«. 1. R0PBRT L. BALXARD CFo? He-eleccioa. Second Term.) •For Comnsissioncr, Precirxt 1: GSORGE TERRY Conxmissioner precinct 2: ROY H- DUNAGAN CRe~e!*ctios second term) J. FRANK JONES- | For CtHnmlssrfoner Precinct Tttrec 2- R_ fiOY CAXaNESS fFor'•'•'•R«-*.l*cTtrtn. Second Terra.) MARX KENTnEDT J. H. JOHNSON. For C<n»n»L«»lOBPr Prcctnct 4: X. W. <BIL«L) CRft-election S?« T. «L SOOTH EliECTKIC FAX asd motor rewinding- Main SalTa^e Co. - Nortii Slain St- and Bend* GALBRbATH, DEWEESr AND PROCK General Insuranc* Telephone 251 Need-Cash? See Ray ^kJr^ for Auto Loans. 45 Grand. Feed PUmis ane> Seed At The Plaza A» the years pass she becomes a phenomenally successful business woman, ajnd ar the height of her fame accidentally meets again the child whom she had counted lost to her. The story brings her to the'point of choosing between beiny reunited with her child under the penalty of remaining silent regarding her true identity, and playing fair -with the man she loves and running the risk of wrecking the boy's future. The play is climaxed in a tensely dramatic scene which gives full play to Miss Harding's histrionic capabilities- . At The Grand Held By Nazi*? If yon happen to To* oa«. •• those people who like to lauch,[ and can take your amusement j straight. -without a mixture of | sentiment, tears m or any slyly Im-S imparted lesson, you are just tfc*> type that should *o to see "Sh« ; Learned About Sailors." * feature picture- at the Grand Theatre, on Wednesday and Thursday. The picture is straight lijnt- some, frolicking, rollicking comedy about sailors and girls. raor» especially one sailor^ and one girl. and the entire purpoie of the play is to furnish you vrith visual, "audible entertainment. Alice Fay» plays the feminine lead (and if you don't think she's the type that appeals to men ask th« late Mrs. Rudy Valleej and she makes it her business to show what a pretty girl looks like in pretty clothes; and to sing pleasant songs in a pleasing manner, mean-while bewitching a. poor gob (Lew Ayres) more completely than she bewitches .the audience while she teaches him something about the great American game of flirting— then Lew turns the tables and teaches Alice a. few tricks—and then Alice—well, go see for yourself, it's real fun. SIXTY-SKCOXI> COCKT Kewman Phillips, Judge Xew Cases Filed Ruby "SX'aldoja" vs. Etraesr "Waidon." suit for divorce. Marie GJenn. v.s- J. W. Glenn, suit for divorce-. LAMAJR COl'XTT COURT C. A. Martin, judge 3J. C. -Rodders, '*t &!. vs. Vfaj^les Grocer company, suit for damages, "" Paris Grocer company vs. O. T. Bachman, et al, suit for debu 3Lk"t-nses • Robert 1^ iib and Ive Kiggs. Robert i-. James and Miss Marie Crow. LentV Hudson and Miss Mary Ann Underwood. "William B, Kinney and Miss Leota, Leverett, Sam Campbell and Miss Corrine Gooding. Rumors that Michael Cardinal Faulhaber. archbishop of Munich, was under detention by nazis could not be verified. He has been a severe critic of nazi policies. (Asso- »ted Press Xevv TV. !>. Eatman. Atlanta, Plymouth coach. J- C. Hathaway. Paris, Oldsmobile coach. Z. J. Bigony, Paris. Chevrolet sedan. Clyfie A. McCain, Deport, Chev- [ Amis Brothers, Paris, Ch ,^role- iruck. Notice by th* City C«»iaell of tfa* City ol Paris on tie Stlk tfay or July 133-t I hereby give stolic* t3aa.« aji «!*ctioa by tli* «ltiatlfle<i vot*rs o£ th» City oi ?ari» iv ho owTa t,axa.l>i% property in said City aad who feav* <Saly read*r«-d said for LAxatibc. »i!j be h*!d be- rii» boors or 3:03 o'clock. A, il_ and S;«O o'clock. P. M,. on the "th day of Att]ra*t. 1934. lor th« purpose oJ d*- lerrajnjnx th» rolIowtKj: proposition: "Whether or not th* eii:j of Parts sita.ll b*> authorized to i*s-e Bon 'Is or th« City ia tii« BMKI of Sevesty Thousand <»TO.«a0.90) dollars, and 3*vy a tax »u£ficj*at ro pay th« iist^rest on said bonds, ant* create a sielsisi fund aufficieat to rede«ci tb*;n at maiuritj-; th« said bonds to t>*»r int*rtst frora dat« at a ra»« not *xce*<*!r»£ * jvar c^nt annum. !at*res* payabJfe s«mi-anriual!y. Said bonds maturing- *eriaUy a* th« r*- »p*ctive ti:at» and in tiie re»p«c-:v« amounts, as may b* fSx*d by th« City Coueeil; no boad to J>e issu*-i for a period eic*e«3Sns thirty years frors its <lat«. and all bonds to b* isj=a«d *or the purpose o* building: Seicer D;»- posial PiantSr construction ot nsac-iioies and «is3arg*=;«2t aa<2 Iriiprcvement o' vii« present Sewer System and to b- Sewer Construction Bonds. State, in »o far as tise pJicable- and not ia conflict wlti th» provlsio^a or the Ci-.y Cisrisr. Every own^r of taxabt* property te the? City of Pari*, wbo 'warn duly rendered said property for taiatiosu a»4 »-ho !» «jt(*lif1*d' to vot* for jaw3i»*r» of th» lesislatcre or -ha slat*. a*A who has TesJdcd !n t2i« Holies «f ti» City for six <*) rsooihs. aid ia th* Ward ic which h& offes» ro -wot* for thirty f.20) days, aejcc pr-acedSets: f*» election ia entitled lo vote- Given cnder -my hand w!Oi the S«*} of the City of Paris affixed Thia tb» «th day of July. A- 3>., 1934. J. X, CHOOX Mayor. City of Paris Attest: Mrs. Odocs Park. City secretary, city of Paris. Th« poHing- place* . an<5 presiding of. fic*r» of aaid election shall b* respectively as Jollo'fcw. '.VARO 1; Central Fir* Station £>. P Godbold. presiding oi;i«-*i-; NOTICE All water bills remaiaing U2C- PAIE> after the 15th cf the montii ara subj=cz to being cut off wita- oui furiher notice. SCPHRIXTEXDEXT OF TTATER WORKS _ iKht presidios officer; 3: Co-^rt Hctis*. A^ \V_ x« villa, pr«-»idsns officer; WARD *: Paris H!s!i School, I., Tr. Jaciisoa. presidl'ie o'ficsr. The forsj of ballot to b<- used lu saii election for those -.-ot:n^ Jn favor o? th« isaua.=c* of bo=ds sha.12 be aj fcy?!o-»rs; "For tlse issaaoc* of Se-wer Coa- stractloss 3osds. Series •"I534," The form o? ba;?oi: to be csed ITI said election for tiiose voti'ss asa'csi issttaac* of bosds sita." be as lollo-srs: t the issna-nce of Sewer Conn Bonds. Series *1&34." election to be held 5s accordance Warm Weathe- Calls for Cold Drinks and Cod Clothes Send your ll weighr suits us for cleanin Southern Cleaners j IOO Lanjar Avemie Tel. I9S ' Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Team of Oyl and Wimpy By E. C. SEGAR Jr NCKTU- <Eil\JE US Ttt>£t*TY A STEfsD OF MISS OVc TO OO X M\SS TUiEHTY MILUOH IH THc t HEED AH B* , TO. <SWE HER ?<E?\T LOSS 03\LL ?^£ 'r\ER ASP CRSo-SV\eS OJ\Tr\ ttLL HER ^ ^ STopfc- George, Listen By HARRY J. TUTHUJI / YES SIR, (For Public WILL THOMAS I- erm.) Cottoo \VcicTicr at Parts. [PfaiC-. 3 '•'CLARENCE SECRKST K. T. <SOB> XASH. [For Jostlcc of <hc Peace Precinct Fc»r Justice "of the Peace. Precinct 1. PlaCf 2, Latnar Coenty. J. A. CAnhtir^ JOHNSON. For r«-*!T«rt:on. »**•<>« d t*rm. CHAHLES rARROTT Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds- Sure Ntrff Stock Fe*<J Field Seed — Garden S«d Poultry remedies. Snlk Bird Seed, Bird R*rae<2:es and Sup- Dlies. Do^ sad Puppy Food Ci!?SF«r Chaser. Gaarant*«<3 to , Keep the ChSsrjrers O£f HARRY BOOK ST Grand Are. Tel- 604 Rird* Docs, l*ei Axtinut!«. MAI>S and fftnaie Setter Registered. H£t j_ o MANUEL EXCUSE COLONEL.!/ DONRINNO ME ** S MR.OAKDALE WAS IN THE UJRBY JUST I SO NiOW— I ! i AGAIN SIR. HARTFORD THtS IS 7 TH£ A H.I NOT AT A" ! THAT £S^. WELL THIS DONRINNO'S BROTHER 3OV5 UN MOROCCO ATOP -_ BRAVS: AS AUON. HE FOU-CWED ME sosco* P^WYES, BOSCO DGNRINNQ! AFTER AN ~S%$, THE WAR Ht SETTLED DOWN IN ODD \m^& MOROCOD- A <3R£AT COUtTTKY NAME, Y^O^rl COLONEL. I HAD MANY VEKY ISNY Pl : i?|i V^ INTERESTING EXPERIENCES HAVE^fDUGOTA =SiV MOMENTS TO SSV^RS^ fSTTDOWNlSRE BESIDE ME AMD n-* DIANA DANE il/flfli |; ;//' ';/// '. :////O^ ./4S^ The Acid Test » Fo Good JUL.Y PLUMS ripe, S«* mo b*for« you b«y. Jo* T i H wiles north of \Vantc<3 to Bay For Coostahlr, Pre<-Imt t : G A R J. C- PKIBK- TO BUT sv jrood used n:ot>;Ie. preferably *2? to "30 nio«t \V;3i consider a T4-r*cked -or burn«d ^ob. if the motor and the rest of th* ear are in jrcxxS condition, since the car will be rebuilt for a custom<»r of ours. Price mnyt i>«s right. Cash paid- Write as, or drive yottr'car to MOKSS BEE LINE STATION. 43 Grand Av*. Announcentent* AD and OF C2tJip-wr No. S O, E TERX STAR J*ArUS Mm, 'W13U* M, Mr*. r>oti«, A- r. . H. ft. Br*t»*«mTt. S Frl- », ws. J, t,*FArKTTK CKAPTEn NTO. 4* R. A. "Jit. M. H, O, Br*j»»m*n_ <~OMX?Axr>Knr xo. > KNIGHTS »*••*! <f<vnc!*v* I« »T»<I !f\«» r»ch maoth 7:SC Sir Knl*}»t« c*r«J»*ny C,. H. OffftKR. or THK .M«. BASTBRN Wi**.tH «»H I««t ^t. »n-1 The tWW JT M*>>' >i I'.ot'^h. Vj*)io'» w»l*<»^.* Scat i. W, M. JAr*.* Entale For Rent. Room* TO GE>rrLEMEN bedroom clcwe Jr.. Phone 1233. L.AHGE, comfortabTe room, c'o*« in. Priva?* bath, coupl* T>ref"r- r*d- T«rL 1202. 5. Rra. Ftsrn. Hra, and Dup.—SS6J FURNISHED AFARTMEXT — All coi.v^nS^nctTK. *nd jraras*. Call 6S2-W. BEDROOM beautifully c^tUns 1 fan. N«TV PU.XS hotel. Phone S6S. APARTMSXT, furnished or uu for R«ni FIVE room furnUhed hous*. do** In. Phone 704 £*f<if« For "IMHW f*r >*lr JUT K1VK ROOM hou*e» bath. Appljr 441 fi. Cb*rry* :vf^"- -\ Ml 1"< I >^^'X^-— I I • 16V I \U-\, ^"7*— ! IMM !^\n \\ /Hi HOMER HOOPEE He Can't Understand CURXOUSl VOU OP --ALWWS TRYiM^ "TO V>T 1MTO OTHER PEOPLES' AFFAIRS I rFEREMCt DOBS \T CM Nt... E Or VOUR THSIR ?L?\CE - - - VOli LAYCt A LVTTLE PRWACV ON NEXT DOOR j \VAi, f SCCsCWy.t^syX/' 3&STT*iK£ W£ CAN.' So ^ ^> X ^TKUQC OUT STRAiSHT f<S£P U.VDcS COVSS OF THJS ) . U? - T«£ . / HILL5. tr THS 5AMS5 TRAIL, T««Y FtKD SCORCHY SMITH Strategy

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