Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 15, 1972 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1972
Page 3
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To Be Married Cheapskate plays while wife scrimps By Abigail Van Surtn (• Ifn * CMeMi TffiMtN. V. NlM tfM., M.1 DEAR ABBY: My husband now claims complete custody of the checkbook. Since I quit my job seven months ago, his teaching salary has been our only income, and he says that until I start earning my own money, I get no spending money. Not one dime! I wouldn't mind his handling the money, but while I'm trying to figure out 1,001 ways to stretch hamburger, he en- Joys extravagant sports, i. e. golfing, shooting skeet, hunting, fishing, etc. I worked as a secretary from the first day we were married, so he could get thru college. During all those years I went to the laundromat with the baby clothes and diapers while he was golfing at the club. In the lean years, I wouldn't buy a candy bar, but he was buying magazines by the half dozens. He now says if I want money to spend, I should go out and earn it, that food and shelter should be enough for me. Any advice? BROKE AND BITTER DEAR B & B: If "food and shelter" is all he can offer you, yours isn't much of a marriage. Get some counseling [both of you] and try to salvage your marriage. If that doesn't work, leave the selfish prig, and let the law decide how much "support" he will have to provide. DEAR ABBY: Is it wrong to talk to yourself? I do it all the time when I'm mad or sad or want to really think something out. I mean I actually talk out loud to myself like I was another person. Please answer soon and sign me. WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: It's not "wrong." In fact, it's a good idea. People who talk to themselves are less apt to say [or do] things on the Impulse, which Is usually what gets them into trouble. DEAR ABBY: I'm writing to make a request of those people who learn that a friend is pregnant with her second, third or more child shortly after having had a baby. Such a woman doesn't need remarks like, "I'm glad it's you and not me!" Or worse, "Boy, are YOU going to have your hands full!' I realize these remarks are usually made with well-intentioned sympathy, but I'm sure there are more comforting things one could say. Perhaps I am the only oversensitive female who has ever been bothered by it, but I rather doubt it. After eight months it becomes somewhat wearing to hear the same inane phrases from so many. PREGNANT AGAIN DEAR PREGNANT: And speaking of inane remarks to those who are infanticipaUng, how about, "Are YOU still walking around?" DEAR ABBY: Please, please advise brides to sign their notes of thanks properly. I am a grandmother and send many wedding presents to unknown children and grandchildren of relatives and old friends. Months later I receive a sweet little note signed "Alice"—and I haven't the faintest idea who it's from. Please tell brides to sign their notes with their maiden names, plus their married names. Alice Smith, who married John Jones, should sign her name Alice Smith Jones to all but her most intimate friends. Anyone whom she addresses as Miss or Mrs. should have a full signature. ALICE'S MOTHER'S OLD FRIEND DEAR FRIEND: Done! And while we're on the subject, when acknowledging a gift, not only should the writer clearly identify liimself, he should identify the gift. ["Thank you for the lovely back-scratcher, ice bucket, or candle-snuffer."] Problems? Trust Abby. For a personal reply, write to ABBY, BOX 69700, L. A., CALIF. MM* ud enclose • Kamped, •ddreated envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," •end II to Abby. Box Woo. Los Angeles, Cal. Musk Oil The fragrance of musk oil is becoming more and more popular because of the earthy scent. But for girls who don't like the feel of oil on their bodies, instead of applying directly to your skin try mixing a bit of the oil with your bath water. The scent will still be there and the oils will help moisturize the body. Women first entered the modern Olympic Games in 1900. ABT DANCERS TO APPEAR AT MEMORIAL NEW YORK (AP) - Four American Ballet Theater artists will appear at a memorial benefit performance June 8 at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires in memory of eight of Argentina's leading dancers, recently killed in a plane crash. Eleanor D'Antuono and Ted Kivitt will dance the "Don Quixote" pas de deux. Cynthia Gregory and Ivan Nagy will appearin the "Black Swan" pas de deux. For Father's Day Give the watch with tuning fork accuracy Accutrorr by Bulova The most welcome gift of all is an Accutron by Bulova. So precise is the Accutron tuning fork movement that accuracy is guaranteed to within a minute a month.* See our full selection of Accutron models now. ^ ->/, —>- From $110. !4K Gold filled. sns. Z*l» Revolving Clwrge • Zjlei Cullom Charge Miller Charge* f • BinkAmerictrd We will adjust to this tolerance, if necessary. Guarantee is lot one year. ^ Mrs. Myrtle Hunter, 629 N. Sumner, announces the approaching marriage of her daughter, Jeanie, to James W. Gardner, son of Robert W. Gardner and Mrs. Francis Pierce, both of Denver, Colo. The wedding is slated for Saturday, June 17, in St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Denver. The bride-elect, a 1968 graduate of Pampa High School, attended Commercial College and Texas Tech, Lubbock. She is employed as a secretary at Wesco Fabrics, Denver. The prospective bridegroom is a 1964 graduate of South High School, Denver and of Emily Griffith Opportunity School. He is manager of the hardware department at Wesco Fabrics: Your Horoscope FRIDAY, JUNE If, YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Whatever you have developed up to now is tes(ed in different conditions, fresh experience, and many changes are indicated. It is an active year of normal material success. Today's natives have an unspoken sober side, are often very keen for the esthetics of fine arts, sensitive, observant. Aries [March 21-April 19]: Stop, look, listen, ask before you go into something for the first time. The surface may be the same, but it's different underneath. Taurus [April 20-May 20]: Financial speculations are confused, better left alone. Getting matters assembled requires insight and compromise on your part. Gemini [May 21-June 201: Communication is the key factor—be sure you have correct figures. Expect conflict between what you want and what everybody else wants. Cancer [June 21-July 221: You have support if you can protect your resources from public notice. It's a day for housecleaning for larger events later. Leo [July 23-Aug. 221: Use scrupulous care in tending others' resources, as well as your own. Take time to ad- Diton mire the esthetic qualities of your environment. Virgo [Aug. 23-Sept. 22]: Close, well-tested friends now may come in with you on a progressive enterprise. Home living improves, for no apparent reason. Libra [Sept. 23-Oct. 22]: Consultations or professional advice, are favored. Domestic arrangements need more care to avoid misunderstandings about place and time. Scorpio [Oct. 23-Nov. 211: Social fun is the main channel of expression. It is inadvisable to mix business with active friendship on today's offerings, openings. Sagittarius [Nov. 22-Dec. 21]: Avoid beginning a major new venture, but work on projects already started. Any future extension should be left tentative. Capricorn [Dec. 22-J a n . 19]: Confusion from an outside source is almost certain, and it is clearly not lasting. Professional authorities are accessible. Aquarius [Jan. 20-Feb. 18]: Strangers unwittingly are of great help in putting things into perspective for you. Change pace and mood for later hours, Pisces [Feb. 19-March 20]: Differences of opinion, philosophy are completely normal and expectable. Continue gathering information soliciting skilled assistance. 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The Mttl B& B PHARMACY Bollard at Browning Pampa Man., June 19th 4 pm-6pm Thit v»»tch must bt IMII to bt «ppr«ciit»d. Comp«r« with any witch i«llin9 for ,24.50 for durability, tccurtey, ippurinc*, b(«uty «nd ttyl*. A 2-y««r wiiH«n guar«nt««. [COUPON] ~ '. fthrftampa Daily Ntwi Women's Page PAMPA, TEXAS 8«lh YEAR Thursday, June IS, 1(72 WIN AT BRIDGE Way to Win, Way to Lose Officer Installation Uses Ladder Theme Mrs. Iliiwl Kobi'rtson used a "ladder" IlK-im- fur the installation of officers of the- I'a m pa Business and Professional Women's Club. "We remember when graduation addresses were prepared around the theme of the 'Ladder of Success."' she slated. "There was. in most of this oratory, the assumption I'hiil I he ladder was there. There was only the need to take hold and start climbing. The truth overlooked many times is that those who wish to climb must construct their own ladder, ll is only in 'dresims Ilia! ladders conveniently appear." She stated one of the parallel . uprights in the club's ladder was "work." explaining "a willingness to work must be possessed by every officer." The other upright, she'said. is "expectation." explaining, "we wilj never net higher than our expectation." The ruiif{s on the ladder she listed as yearning, resolution. enthusiasm, joy. jjnilitudi 1 . patience, and persistence. "Our goal from the beginning was the lop rung of the ladder." she concluded. "Here at the beginning of the year, the goal may seem far distant. Keep in mind that the first thing to do to begin climbing a ladder is to lake hold with your hands." Installed were Mrs. Alma Ash. piT.sidenl: Mrs. Faye Katon. vice president; Mrs. Laura Hell Cornelius, recording s e c r e t a r y ; Mrs. V, l he I Anderson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Lora Dunn. Ireasurcr. Mrs. LoisTecl. president, led the business session. During the social period, the serving tables were decorated with large bouquets of red roses. Hostesses were Mines Tommie (Irani. Mmirine Stephens. Uuby Muller and Clara Lee lUioades. Twenty-eight members and two guests were present. NORTH (D) 45 V864 •AKQJ4 4 Q loss WEST A Q too 2 *AKQJ<>7 * 10 fi A A SOUTH A A K J !l 8 7 VVoid • 7 5 2 14 KAST * 4:i * 105,')2 A 7 4 It 2 North-South vulnerable West North East South 1 • I * 4 V Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass Opening IfHcl— V K Western History Told In de Ruttle's Paintings John McCarty. owner-founder til the 15-year old High Plains Galleries in Amarillo. announced this week the linali/.alion of a solo show of western historical scenes by Andrew de Uuttie. The de Null ie exhibition opened Thursday and Friday with a meet-the artist invitational preview and reception both evenings. The lull selection of painting will be on view at High Plains during the month of June and a limited collection thereafter. The show will include a wide selection of action-packed battle scenes, weather-plagued patrol movements, and fierce two-man skirmishes, in si/es ranging from U(i" x W" to 24" x 28" ID small studies of horses. Indians and cavalrymen. Because he is essentially an outdoors man who has spent a good parl of his 1)4 years exploring all parts of the west, he is a man who feels mosl al home with nature, animals, terrain and the unencumbered way of life that needs little more than a sleeping bag and a can of beans. MeCarly stated. His paintings of horses and the action of those horses are considered parliculary good. This. too. comes naturally to the artist since he has bred, raised, trained and ridden horses for almost as long as he can remember. Hy Oswald & James Jacoby ARCH stands for Analyze the lead; Review the bidding; Count, winners and losers and finally, How can I make my contract? Experts use it more or less automatically; ordinary players should learn to follow it with all hands. It isn't hard for South to Analyze the king of hearts lead or to Review the bidding. West clearly has a long strong heart suit and has led it. South can Count winners and losers rather easily. He must lose a club and has some possible losers in trumps. In Utopia, South can lead a diamond to dummy; play a spade and finesse his jack. Spades will break 3-3 with the queen in the Kast hand and South will make twelve tricks. He will make eleven if Kast holds four trumps to the queen or West three to the queen. He will make just nine the way the cards lie because West has four (rumps to the queen; will win the first trump and shorten South down to (he same number he holds. Later on he will be able to keep South from ever collecting a club (rick. All this will be bad luck but South should avoid it. He should see that he can afford to lose two (rum p tricks. After that he will cash the ace and king of (rumps and play nothing but clubs and diamonds from then on. He will lose two (rump tricks but he will have insured his contract. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: West North Kast South I * •I A Pass 1 A Pass 5 • PL-SS You, South, hold: A»««54 VA2 *.l *AKQ7fi What do you do now? A—Bid five hearts. Your partner wants you to show this card if you have it TODAY'S QUESTION Your part nor continues to five spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Deadline For Weddings Several announcements were made in the Fall concerning deadlines and procedure on wedding stories. Due to the number of summer weddings, this announcement is being repeated. For a wedding story to appear in a Sunday edition, the information and picture must be turned in to the woman's editor by 5 p.m. on the Monday BEFORE the wedding. All wedding stories submitted after that time will appear during the week. Engagement announcements must be submitted by 12 noon Wednesday to appear in Sunday'sedition. LOSE 20 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS! Famous U.S. Women Ski Team Diet During the non-snow off season the U.S. Women's Alpine Ski Team members go on the "Ski Team" diet to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. That's right - 20 pounds in 14 days! the basis of the diet is chemical food action and was devised by a famous Colorado physician especially for the U.S. Ski Team. Normal energy is maintained (very important!) while reducing. You keep "full" - no starvation - because the diet is designed that way. It's a diet that is easy to follow whether you work, travel or stay at home. This is honestly a fantastically successful diet. If it weren't, the U.S. Women's Ski Team wouldn't be permitted to use it! Right? So. give yourself the same break the U.S. Ski Team gets. Lose weight the scientific, proven way. Even if you've tried all the other diets, you owe it to yourself to try the U.S. Women's Ski Team Diet. That is. if you really do want to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. Order today. Tear this out as a reminder. Send only $2.00 ($2.25 for Rush Service)-Cash is O.K.-to: Information Resources Co., Depi. 19, P.O. Box 173, Encinitas, Calif. 92024. Don't order unless you expect to lose 20 pounds in two weeks! Because that's what the Ski Team Diet will do! NAUGAHYDE UPHOLSTERY Stock up now on 100% vinyl face naugahyde upholste.y. Cloth backed. Brilliant decorator colors. All on rolls. 995 HOYA STRIPES & SOLIDS 45" wide-on bolts 65% Dacron polyester 35% Cotton perma-press, machine wash and dry. PINKING SHEARS 7" Size Chrome plated $100 I eadi 100% Polyester »l 59 Yd. LINGERIE LACE 100% Nylon 3" wide 6 beautiful colors to choose from 47s THREAD White only 225 yd spool DOUBLE KNITS Many stitches-ribs, mini-ribs, boucles, and others. On bolts, 60" wide in 100% polyester. A great buy on double knits. SUMMERTIME DRESS PRINTS 100% cotton, 45" wide light weight and cool machine wash & dry 59 Yd CLOSEOUT WHITE KNIT 100% polyester 54" to 60" wide some slightly soiled 37 C Yd. Yd. AMERICANA BELTS The latest styles in red, white and blue belts. Outstanding savings. COTTON SATEENS 45" wide-on bolts 100% cotton mach. wash and dry $159 • Yad NOTIONS A targe assortment of scissors, needles, seam rippers & lots more Open 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Daily, Thurs. Till 8 P.M. 1329 N. Hobart Pampa, Texas

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