The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 3, 1964 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1964
Page 4
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OH. HUMS SPEAKER Medicare is many faceted issue, Soroptimists told a many faaatod toaaa" Dr. w. optimtot eta* aad «*trga*«te tt aiauntmaittegtntbehan* or. Natiaa gava a natmary of what UM HMdleare Mil new to contra** provWs* aad how It to to M OaaMad. OBBERVE PTA BmTHDAY-OBtotra of tte Glnta Paroat Taaater AaaooitUon look ow a lean* polnllnf .otrtobjae- tlw* aad aocompllrtm«nUofUiaClut«Bnit,lnob»eTTanc* of the 66th birthday of PTA. Tte laafwu wara dlntrlbuted to ItltlADMt ftt It MOMt fflCnn(«arlPOI11 Wft^ DOMftny MOKM^ prMMtat} Mavla JOM*, traatWtri Polly Moore, ttoeprea- Idtttti Batty BtUal, publicity ahalrmtnj and Anna Moaalar, aaeratary. PE students present PTA program CLUTE-StddaoU from tte Clute Juior BH* phyricol _ educations olaaaa* tanfM by •Mr*. NeWa Lamar and Bill Morrow pnaantad a aarla* of tumbllnc demonatratioM for mamtera of tte Oleto Elementary Junior HlfhPar- aot Taaoter AMoelaUoa, recently. Offleeri of tte data unit WIN IN A WALK WITH GRACE WALKED A PAID ADVERTISEMENT ramlndad thoae praaant that Primary la tte e«h birthday of tte Parant Taaehar Aaaoelatlon. To aelebrate UUa oeoaaloa, prtatad laaflate praparad by Mr*. Charfcne Pajma wara dlatrlbolad, to help aeqnalnt paraou with tte objaettw* ofttePTA. And, alao to remind them of tte many aocompuahmanU uraa far tUa year and ottera ttwt ar* ia tte planaiac atai*. Aeeompllanmeata of tte Cluta PTA inolod* a $100 Mbotarshtp fund for a daaarvlat Cluta youth} eoflaa turn for tte Junior hUhtowne; life membership award} aum» mar library; enumerated •ohool oanaua. Aad, PTA bookatelf la the elementary library; PTA hlatory book biadart teacher appraolatlon daya> lucky taaeter award, and ticket* for principal* to the Founder*' Daylinoteoa. It waa poUtted out that thl* yaar'a mamterahtp, an, la greater than at any otter Urn* la tte hlatory of Clute PTA. Namaa of part praatdaala war* road aid two, Mr*. J. U taanon and Mr*. U B. Jacob*, werapreaentandwere LJ Methodists slate Day of Prayer on Wednesday LAKE JACKSON-W«dn**- day tea baaa daelcnatad aa a "Day of Prayar" by UM Flr«t Matttadiat Charon, In preparation for ItauMomlairaslTal. A prayar Waattnf will be held at fttft fern. Wadataday to tte aanctuary. Tte chime* will ba pUyMldnrUiclnterTal* throttttwrt UM day aa a •pedal "call to prayer"reralnd- •r. Alao, all thla weak, mam- tera are aaked to obaanr* a moment of prayer for tte ra- Tiral at ft a.m. each day. Tte ravtvalwtUbaiilaSuB- •• -•••')" £\ '"_* '*fc—^ ,fc — ii .i'Ai' day anfl oontniua inrouin March H. Tte Ret. W. W. Hawthorne will be the luaat preacher and tte Rav. Robert Robin- con will toad in tte mlnlatry of aont. Serrlnt aa officer* of tte unit tnl* year are Mra. Dorothy MoKaa, praaldaatt Polly Moora, Tlea praaldaatt MavU Jooea, treawrerj Anna Moaalar, aaeraUry. And, Batty BatteL pobllelty chairman; Mary Brldtaa, noapltalltyi Dorla Kramalf, mamterahlpi and Mr*. Payne, program. A Different Bteakfaet For a taite nirprlae at break- tut, Mrve your family Corned B«f Hash Hawaiian. Ifa limply prepared by thaplng 1 ban (18 ounco«) carried beat h*lh ilnto 4 paTifM."Bruth 4'itlcet 41 pme- ap'pl* wltK butter or margarine. Place one corned beef patty on each slice of pineapple and bake In a moderate oven «350' F.» IS to 20 mlnutct, or until patty I* lightly browned. vtd* llmHadteapltal and nara - ut bom* oara for almoat everyone over 68, even UMM not eawrvdayWetalSacartty. R» commented that tMa troop haabaanaddad. Tte proiram woatd b» n- nanead bytaiaemaelnaectal •awBTltytoaMfrompayeiwek* of evwpwag* aad aalary aarn- er in tte Uatbrt States, or. NelnuaaU. ^Haatatod ttet tte^wajM. timaa qaotod Utcma* of a quarter of oaa percent to mu- leadlag. "Tte ueraaaa Mioaato to more than ttet, aad wtthto ttraa yaara tt wtu be laaraaaadagala," he aakt. Ha pointed out that rate* would toeraaaa framtteprw- eat SB/lp*re*al*mploy**and employer to 41/ipercent employee aad employer. If enacted by congraas. tte employees and amployora maHmttm tea under analal aaauiHy woaM incraaaa from $174 to*lO.M per year. By laot tte toenaaa would •mount to HBS.80 par year for employee and employar. Tte Mil, Dr. Halm* said, provide* for boapttallaation, outpatient diagnostic **rv> Ices, mining home coverage, and home can aerrice, up to 140 vUlte during tte year. Ha explained that aparaoa could (toy to tte hoapUal for ISO day*, at a coat of ^1.50 to Ite pattoat, sad ooukl than go Into a 'nnnittg horn* for 180 dan, which would tea** flva day* to Ite year and they could have tte home can service during thto time. Tte next year. Into panon could repeat tte whole prooe-, " ' • > »i,,i*»g^ W. •«"••. • .i"?" 1 " jHP' •.!" , to. tte ovar-atUtoaUoo of this type of program. Ha •Hiatn»d mat many oJderpeo. pte, men a* a perww who has had a ttreha. eaald te cared fc* eajaatly wan tome bom* or to MM huamil, "Can yaH latagtae tte nam« bar of people who woaM go Wto HM haapHal aader ecadl- itoM each aa thla bill pro. *«*•?*• te aakfd tte group. Tteaa am act bad people, he aaU, kMt free enterprise people, ajtd their Hrat na«tlc« to to gat whatatw they aaa out of ft. WHh tUa expectancylonger, Uta pnaaat nine to 10 percent of tte popamttoa over 68 will toenaaa. Aa a shrinking yooagar population to expected, UM smaller oamter would eventually be taking can of OM kirtarawnbar.tepradUt- **. ft* BMto, te aakt. ttet many people would te toctlnedtogat an of UM aarrlcaa tte bttl provide* for whether they natty need II or not. "Yoa can not dtoaaaoclate any program from Ite coot," te said, "aad no one, Individual, company or government can pay out mon than la taken to. Ha stated that on tte average, tte 171/1 million peo- pie over 68 an reasonably well oft aad ttet 88 percent owe no medical or dental bills. Thto nine percent of the population control* eight percent of the Income. Report* ahow, te aald, ttet UM than II percent of tte aged an receiving public aa- •totanea now, compared wtth 23 percent in 1848. H* pointed out that tte mil. Itonaln aa wall aa tte Indigent can we tte baaaflto a* provided to tte propoaad bilk "Nobody propoaaa to not give aid to tboa* who need It," tte speaker aald. H* feel* that Tasaa already tea a program for medical aaatotoaoa tor tte aged, in tte Kerr-Mills taw, that can te expanded and Improved. Thi* law, be (aia, enaae* Ite taWrtduat smtec, to pra- vide for every American ov»r 68 who need help, tte medical Tea** ftvea ntedteal httoto peaali «*o need II, h» »aW. Ha urged the members to write to CMgreMmax clarh Tbosftaaoft. w»lth **tr way ttey Ml MM* the prtwMid MM. "We have a moral rejpon- slbfltljr to take fan at people who ne«j n. DM w* lino have a moral naponalbtitty to take ran o» oar nw*e»," IM COBCllK»»<i. Dr. Helms «M totredwtert by Dr. Cecilia Ma«k*4<*k. program chairman. fMrtM tte baatosa* porttoB at UM meeting meraben voted to eoatrltwie $100 to tbeuw. re*e» Haya Fund, other aerv- let prokKte were »Uo dte- euaaed. Preceding the program Karon Mayan, iccanpanitd by her mother, Mr*. Tommy Kanyaa. vtetted the meeting brliRy. In order tor Karen to Invite the member* to open IMMW at Ju» Loot School during Public tehee** Week. In addition to Dr. Helms, two o»b»r gaesls wanpnaent at Ite meeting. Hurry Black- atotk Ml aK. Pott. HOW TO GET RICH SLOW (but su«) Bnrjr dollar youlnvyat ta Serias E Saving* Bonds grows »U% bigger In T yaan and nine month*. You can count on it, -_^B »» «iat tte Payroll Sax- jngaPUn to NP ran ">*ka sure you buy Honda rajcaiarty. ThU faawoa plan toka* tte back* sliding eat at aavtegr nmwray making R uutomatle. Youjuat toll your aav ployiir you want him to aat aaUe a anal) amount from your check eaeb payday. (UM n H-ff* will orfrf u» (• f Mvl** tit Bnult a yrar. 9*t w« «*N Aa w were er rrat 4t4«tted n pocket, you know you're helpiac your country aa well as yourself, u new Bam use* the money "to help America nalat tte foreeo that threaten our freedom*. Another thine about nUlnr rich stow with U. Oaring* Honda Is that almost anybody can do It So why not sljcn op for Payroll Savlagi before next payday t If. fc *•*!*•* B««*ls • Vaa trt. 14 for ««ery flat matarUy • Van can get your meaty wke* ye" aetil II • Year Hindu ar* 'replaced fr«e If M, 4f*tny*d ar. atotai • You «aa bay Heads where yen work KUMU CHAPTER Tte home of Mr*, a M. Hunt wa* tte setting for tte meeting of tte NuMu Chapter, attended by 22 member*. te pnaaated by Mr*. D. J. Vtacant, Mr*. L. L. Cteavar, and Mrs, R. C. Netowanda. • Ttey an a rawuaa of tte live* of severs! watt known artiste and explained the atyle of painting tor which tte artist Deb* Gofer. TIM followint were an- oouneed a* ru»bee« for UM •prim: Mr*. Jerome Gate*. Mr*. Bob Haydeo, Mrs. Don PtlMr, Mr*, orady Fttt*. Mr*. Oerald Brook*. CookUc, Cote* and cottee won aamd by ttebo*te**M, MM. BUI Jordan ud Mr*. N. Paintings "are abbwa to ffliMtnte the atyto of each artist's palming and bow to look for some amalTdataU that ebanetertoed M* talent Mr*. H. K. Noteon outlined plan* for tte Mart* •octal. Service chairman. Mi% A. l~ Hartleu, reported on thnt Mrvtet project*. Mr*. W. A. BartMlderwon the white elephant (Ut. SCMA IOTA CHAPTER Tlw Sigma lota Chapter meeting wa* held tat Janataa Hall wtth 20 inamtert* praa> iTkapiojraaM ago* Your Andtoaea" w** an- Mated by Mr* Owald Palmer. Sbe brought oat tte following 9 pointer* to giving a XI THETA ALPHA CHAPTER Eight membwrs wore pro*•M to oowbrat* XI That* Alpha'* third birthday at tte NVdar raeeUm held in the bom* of Mr*. W. U Clink. a brtaf maattoc, Mr*, w. A. HMktoa jr., Mn. jobaHaUtoaadMr*. Lamar Peterson were elected to aam u tte nomlaaitog .Dn*s approprtotolyt watch yoar poaten aad petoatpn- aeat brtofly npsntag nmartai Don't aten at MM paraoat •tody topic well: aUck to your topic; aaa natural o*ators; aaa ftoctaattoa of worda aad PUKM oecasioaally) aam up tteasbutup. A nvtew of tte book of Bate wgma Pat by MM. aaroMMi--. ^(trtrtt gH^ waawaaji DR. W. H. NEUtt ahuwi ek*of»lml* pmtTMi clMinM* Dr. Ctollla BtetlMlack wm* <•( the lt«er«lwe *M*» h» oMMItivted to member. t4lh«clvl>.ThebooM»UteU fktta abort medicare tor **M»r clliieM, Dr. Nelmi' toaM tor the ovMtaf, whan h» w»i the cltft'i iwat aataker. Highlights of world tour told to B&PW Mm. LCNUDM will epeak on tte aabjact -^ad.raMp;fad-''- at BraMaportittiih, school Auditorium. He la one at four apeatara from tte «th annual AbUana ChrUUan Collage Bible Laeturvahlp appearing locally la a pro- gran aponaorad by **na CburchM of CbrUt In tte ana, Tte public I* Unrttad to attend tte lecture*, Lammema I* editor of UM Firm roaniatloa.oaaafUM leading Journal* pubUaaad by tte Churctea of ChrUU ANQLETOM - Remlnld- oaaeaa of a world tour taken by Mra. Madeline Ruck, of Aagtetoa, ptaa a dlapliy of auuyaalra from tte aooatriM ate vUttad, hUbUghted a re- MM AMtttC of UM ABCwion Baalaaa* aad ProfMiloaal Womaa'aCWb. Mra. IHMka toM of bar tow, which began al Houston's MarnatioaaJ Airport, ikreugh CaUtorala, to Hawaii, Janaa, Oklaawa, Hong Koag, Taai- laad, Mia. Egypt, Groeceaad •pain. AiMWg tteobtoatawUeh ate bad acquired on tte trip, aad whMh ate diapUyvtd tor Ite club membera, waraaMbiag from Hong Koag, a Japaaaaa ktmoaa, atepaUaa* aad bloak priata. nw atOi fabric from Thailaad, aad a ooapsr bar* teewaat. Oaring tte brief buuaeo •eaatoa, It waa aaaouaaadUiat tte next etab meeting hiateea cteagad from March It to March t, because of a eon- flwt with aaotter avaat. TbU meeting will be held to UM home of Mra. Jobsata Maa Kyle, with a program oa "Personal Development." Aaotter htgattgat win be aa. tactloa of a aomtoattag aoai. mlttee to ahooaa tte otttoata for Bert year. Hoataa* for tke aMUniaH dab meeting waa Mr*,0aral- dine Lae, rtta riffsakaiiaai serred by Mtea Jaaa MoHa. ataartf, Mra. Mtoa Tlatoa, Mr*. Uiliaa wv), aad Mra. U*. DID YOU KNOW la taorf <nl«- Than Self Aaaurance lleiat well trooawd and correctly draiaad tetpyautoailaiaaelf. •Murance laytan I* aa Ma uv* program enUttod "Tto vartoaa Maa" waa to tana part*; tte multiple caatoa, tte patriot aad tte ptoaaar. Tte atory tt Baajuato rraaklto waa told by Mr*. Hoaktoi toIBBOW haw oaa man of gnat tales* tedteaa «nc- ourtaJtoaavaralftoM*. Mr*. Rotert Karr apato brtofly aboat tte alaaaoaltoa aad tte raaaoa* thai motivated tteirveatan*. Then, aatof Nathan Hata a* an aaaajaja. Mra, Karr told aboat UM patrtoto aad MM* of thatr laaplrtot atter- aacaa that Um oa to affect taaa'a Una today. At UM program'* coa- otosion, a neorttog of Ua- eoto'a <Wty*b»rgaddn*iwa* Ptayad. rottowtof the program «aadto* oaUtecaaater'abtrot- day cahe wen lighted by tt* nrst pn*M*at, Mn. Jerry LaCoome. n BPBUOvl TAW Mr*, w.-u cragt* had tte XI Bpattoa Ta* Chapter to her borne, wtth tt help send the Dodge Boys to camp! <W"****»«v <****>**»«• •*****> JUDOLCERAWICS NOW OPEN Ifra. MM Kaakaua waa alaotad taalnaaa a» MM aoau- toraawaf. •dl W.B. IM, T, a Tanar a* Mr*. TraypittaaU. CBHHNM4 thayvw pt K«*p fr»*xtorn »n your tutuw with tfJ

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