The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
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T HE WEATHER FORECAST FOB MARYLAND: Fair and slightly warmer tonight. Fr.di.v cloud;/ Warmer in west por- i.jn Probably rain is southeast por- VOL. LV.--NO. 184. (AT) Means Associated Press. Full -VEA Service FREDERICK. MP. THURSDAY, MAY 19. 1932. ·* * "£*»*" .r"C-?£ }T.UH-SW FOURTEEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS Curtis Exonerated Of Connection With Actual Kidnapping Lindbergh Baby, Schwarzkopf States Eugene W. Pruitt Named School Head For Fred'k. County Talbot County Superintendent! Of Education Gets Place Ot j Late G. Lloyd Palmer. W.C.T.U. WORK HERE TO BEGIN ON AUGUST 1, ANNOUNCEMENT Brought Him "Back To Senses" i ! Legion Auxiliary Arranging For Events In Morning And ' Afternoon. [PLANTING BICENTENNIAL : Convention Opens This Morning : TREES BEING ARRANGED In Presbyterian Church. No Announcement As To Posi-j tion Of J. C. Biehl, Now Act- j ing Superintendent. j DEPARTMENT REPORT MADE; . Marker To George Washington Aiso To Be Dedicated. ! Featured by addresses by Mrs. Mary lR. Haslup. Baltimore, president of the Special Memorial Day sen-ices will Suzene W Pru'" superintendent of i Maryland W. C. T. t?.. election of of- -^ «;(· by the Auxiliary of Francis j,^ seen j Seers and reports from various cotn- a . convents o f f schools in T 2 *x: county, . elected Supenawadeat of Sducation for : , he Wo , an s Christian Temperance ; L^ 0 -- on Ma - T 30 - both Frederick county to succeed the lat j union of Frederick County Tras held to- j afternoon. the morning event occur- G i Payin? tribute to the first president | o'clock j O f .? le local Auxiliary, members of the day Couniy Board of Education ; :or beki Wednesdav. I Trie meeting opened at 10 T-ne follo^ statement was issued , *£**££**?££?££ \ TM ^3^ o" £ iS S tiii momin; by the County Board o^ ._ · . . _ . _ -- : ·- - ... . --·- Education! j pi^gtori. Ihis city, president of "At a special meeting of the Board j county organization, who presided. iv ou:-aing remarks by Mrs. F. B Sap- '· ^^ an rf chore will place ; grave of Mrs. Fran i Birelv. The acutal laying of the New Jersey Police 10 To See Minister At ' HomeInNorfolk,Va. 250 Ministers And Wives Expected To Be Registered At '. Local Hotels. BISHOP HUGHES LIKELY ! TO PRESIDE AT MEETINGS He Refused To Go To Hopewell N. J., For Questioning. DR. CONDON MOST CO-OPERATIVE' Many Reservations Already Made By Those Who Will I Attend. are b-'.a; Hv)ivwe!i. X. J.. May I'J t A P ) . -- J o h n II. Curds, jailed IJmlborirh hoaxer, today was exonerated of any connection \\*Mh the actual k i d n a p p i n g of the LimUsersrh !«al»y or collection of ransom, hut Now Jersey olliciais pressed plans for the question| inn: of his companion. Rev. H. PoUson-IYacoek. at Norfolk. Va., ! conccrniiiir his activities as a lU'jjoriuior in the case, j The clergyman, revealed yesterday as having flown to Hopewell on .March 28 to request Colonel Lindbergh to deposit c '~ $'25.000 in a Norfolk bank as "earnest money'' in connection of w i t h alleged negotiations with the kidnappers, declined to ·!·· '-js-h *ess---- of ··-·· Bn 1- :3-..'re C.R- ' come to Hopewell. but said he would give all information to the ference. Meth xiist E;)uco; church, to ' police at Norfolk. Governor A. Harry Moore, of New bo helu in C.V.-..\rv M. E. church, this -- , , . . . ,, . ! Maryland and else - *hi-r« wr.o will attona r, of -.ho ' e:ty. June 7-13 Approx;:n.itt!y 250 ! cr£ymer. and their wives *ill be rez- : liK-ret! ai local hostrlri«'s. and many ··vher ntin'-it^rs ant! layman ·*!". njot^r to Frederick for '· an-vis events held simultaneous!-. -A;:h the sessions. Although no definite anr.ouncem«.-n; · has be"n niad-?. it is believed that Bts.1- a wreath j -j was apparently brought back to niy senses alien my ~x'.'" told me he--,-, I'jpon the grave of Mrs. Frances Howard | . he children missed me." sa:d John H. Curtis .insotK the Norfolk. V.i.. boil- E.,,.,, H H u-h-s of Chicago " " ' " ~ . - . - . . vj^, - yj«yot:at:ons" uiih ^ . . . . - . » -·· - - * .. . e. . 1 preside. Bts.iop hu»!ics was - · glider, in confessing to NO-.V Jersey .vithsr.-ries that all in 1508 when the Genera! Con- ! - or the Methodist, Episcopal Raskob. Schwab, Kenny And ; en ent of a superintendent of school, j 3 - c eJ3 r o -s-n. and Mrs. May Markell. ^ o ; Mrs . Birelv. a former state pres- ] :ikn Tras taken electing to the Su- j . Vj . C ,% T au ii :i .,g committee: sad Mrs. , ,^ t p raT er will be offered by Mrs. ' - - - men: action perintendeucy Eugene superintendent of schools of OthsrS In GfOUD. . Pruitt. no* ; Talbot; , r E. Kindley. Mrs. Roy · j o - nll H. Albau^h, president of the local i this city: ana Mrs. A. G. : 3 ^^^ 49 j Mr. Pro!;; met the Board j . last regi^ar ; set county. for a. conference a; its las meeting. May 10. membership of 547 persons, ,-r; -^ planted. A marker to George i i 'r last year. Mrs. Haslup vrashington also wiii be dedicated. The ! j briefly in congratulating :;C3 ; Auxiliary is the only chapter because of the apparent unwillingness . ^.----^-j^-,- o ? -y* M.-S. L. C. Bonne. of the State Superintendent to look ,'^J Fea?a V-i:ie. L. T. L. and Vouns ·Kith favor on his appointment no defin- £ a .^p*t^, : _r"^ I _ s _ Ma5 - Gay lor. M:Site action was taken. The State Super- ; -j-g-.-j"^,," Exhibit and Pair; Mrs. Prank William \ e I ·r F. : .ber of the local I post, will accept the tree on ! of the citv. The ceremonies will j the annual Decoration Day cere- 1 ironies of the Le--Lon and Auxiliary , .vet cemetery that after- j Got No Report On Anonymous Letter Telling Where Baby Could Be Found Newark. X. J.. May 19 fAPt.---The Newark; NO'.vs said today that ten days after the Kidnapping of the Linclbor.-r. baby C'.uef of police WHIiam Wal-ter cf Trenton received an ar.or.y.T.oiis l?tt*r directing ·jolice to "fo.low ths L:ndber;h telephone -.vire3" ar.d the baby and "the three other men Tould be four.d " The body of the kidnapped Lir.dbcrsh baby ^-5 t\x;r.c a w*-?k a^c today close t.a the main road from Hope-sell to Prir.retc-n. Altr.; that road ran special -yires laid by pol.ce conduct.r.; t:v invts-tigatior. from the Lindbergh garage. Chief Walter trrjte "attention" across the face of the lett-.r, the pap r said, and forwarded n to the police at Hope-ell. He r.e'.er received any repc-r-. as to invest.sation of the letter. The letter as published in The Ne'.vs said the writer --as ·nrritir.; the letter from NeT York ar.d -a' win? h-me to C.-.r.aca Wh"n he got church nset in Baltimore, and mil re- · tire in 1940. He '.vas president f' De- , i ; Pau-x Unn«rs:ty. -.xheu elected b^hop. ; ! · and has been aff.l'.at'--d mth Wi-st Vir- j Meinia. University. lona Collese. Ohio j m . » m i T ', . Wesleyan. Boston University. Syracuse . M A |)P TOTAL i . University and the University of Maine. ; LmwlJ 1 U l nu I ; He is a native of Moundsvil'.e. W. Va . ! Wash .., g . on- May 59 : Jerwy. :::'.:i'.edi.itc-:y announced he fa- | vored "sor.ding soaiec-ne to Norfolk to ! see -what he has to say." and indicated i j. representative probably «'cu!d be ! named by Col. If. Norman Sch^.arz- , kopf. suix-rmtc'ndcn- of state police. Co!. Srh-varzkopf slid he «-as "very anxaiur." to cor.f-.-ont Curtis xvith Peacook. At the s.un'* tiine It ^-as learned days after t'.'.e kidnapping: an j unonymo'js letter tar, received by Chief of Police William Walter of Trenton, directing that if the Lindbergh tele- j phone v-re was fo'.loved the baby and · "the thr^-e other men" would be found, i. It iras recalled that special wires ! laid by police from the Lindbergh gar- iAP).--Profits ! age ran ?.!ong Uie main road between was j i having been bom there December 7. j li^C^e o' -he f-atures of the sessions j in «TMss of S3.000.000 from a poo! In i Hcpe-.vol! and Pr.nccton, near ' Till be a sotiit-centeaaia! address to i radio stock in 1929 were ascribed to j jjj c ixxij- of the Llnuberch baby · b e ?iven bv Rev. Dr. SJ-.iarci L Wat- ' j O !in J Raskob. c!ia:rman of Ilia Dem-j'o"nd a week apx I son.' formerly pastor of the Me:!***: N . U ional comnii-.ree. and other; Chirf Waiter wu quotrf as holding , Epis-orja! church. Frederick, on Thurs- the theorv that the letter micht have j . day mommcr. June 9. in Calvarj- church, prominent persons as the Scna.e Bank- j bee]i wrmen bj . one of four men who i ' : Rev. Dr. Watson was pastor here ' ins; committee went ai-.fad today with i jcidnapped the baby. He forwarded it !' from 189! to 1894 and has many friends ' j-^ investisMtien of the stock market j to the pohce at Hopewell. it was stated. M m the community. He is pastor now o f ; _ . ,,,,«., from - - pvon ^^ p.^,: i but heard nothing further from it. jWaveriey M. Z church. Total profits from a seven the radio stock in 1929 The ! £V Dr A:7« A Stockscia-e. paster * the radio stock in 1929 ^« »« as ta ·o' -ft- F:rst C OTZ r«a:, 3 Ml church, i S4 924.078 en an imcstmens of $12.- · Thi; ^^ ' . »:!·? nnn ! . . Buffalo ne would ' mail "That will iatencenfs written approval is necessa... : S; .._ an _ Frederick, medical temperance: -, e:d ._ M - OIiv *o make valid the appointment, o. tne · M; __ . .^.^ nailer. Frederick, narcot- ., cion _ ; = re; Mrs Mar Marie!!. Frederick, Poop- we-'k will be observ ed by ; a , d - Board. "The Board has maoe no anzo-zxx- meat as to waat position iir. B.e.-v. Wi-i occupy in the Count., out w- . no . JenT , ie Ran=sburl . Frederick. doubt,, taie definite action in the sea. . ^_' In the meantime, and until i " " r . the i erar.ce i:t-crature: Miss Cnar- s.usiliary May 23-30 during which j Midcletown. press: Miss .1^^ p-oppies v.ili be sold on the streets j of Frederick, proceeds to be used for VTorld War orphans and ex-s, more time to safely escape" the letter said. "I figured I'm t:: enough troubX I gy. cold feet arid the fell^-vs knw it. I pr^mi-ed r.x to squeal and they gave me money and I'm go^t; r.sme. * " ' We all though: we could make sc-me easy Wegitaplac" n?ir Elirab?th. X. J.. ar.d one wf th- ·Allows -A ho is prettv trcar. rar-s a r.-tre to this p:2ce and listens t3 every- :h:az ths LincbcrtsW- * * * T'~ e L~db:-r- baby :5 t?..-:e:: very s»= care -.f and is 'eeiir-5 fine when I leit the felloes it, erica ::·- mti-h ar.d th" fellows are afraid somebody 7,ill hear .1 · * · The baiy Has 1 ·" of t-tys acd a small blark dor. The fellows dc-r.'c war.t no rr.:-re" ' Wishmztoa. will sprak at the mcet:r.i |'of tlie Ep-ortn L^a^vie and young p«K- ! i (CONTINUED ON PAGE 5) of Curtis came in from Col. Schtvarz- d tiiat there was 1 "noth iig that would in any way link i Curtis with the kidnappers Of collection · i Carrier I*iscon Found Drad. i A C3rr:er puivoa. benrins: two id^nti- i cati-.n bands has b-^en fc-unn :n the ! · yard of the Frederick postnfnc" by i ' Lucia:-. Webb, custodian of the build- , cour.r Ansinct tile W. F. Kenny. Mrs M. J. Meehan. Wai- J J""" nd ter O. Chrysler Charles M. Srtwrao ^ rMK}|n moncv .. Mrs David Sarnoff and H. B. Swope. , ^^ vUawmcnr ,.,3 j-,.^,, after an Tne names of the pool members and , . nvc ..., atHn of C!lr _,- whereabouts the and the John F. »..*. ...^ ^ ^. -( -- -- - '-nvc-^ti^-.i-nn 01 our.j wnrreanou, tK-ir profits w»re read to the commit- ;,, h , ;h ,, tabv _,_.. kj^appcd an ire by^ William A. Gray, committee j na , ht Q , Apr: , 2 w h _ n Dr Joh ! CDndon. "Jafs-e." ^. M _. Mi -, n = e oden p r -.s!eri=k future, in tae mean,i^e, ^" .-^'tr Junction, scientific :esrKranc^ i-struc- -,. en s ho3Oi:a -. -^ ?:e ms and leaves ', Mr. Pruitt takes office Mr. Bien. _wii. | ^^ ^ ^^ ^..^^ rea _ -.^_ ., ^ ^^ .^ ^^ ^^ ^ '. continue ss Acting Stipei-pieseen, _ e . i± .^ so:d , £ - s a -- d 5a ='. O r5: Mr^. Thon:- , - o:;z . fi es-ser.-ice men. and the petals ; During the pas^_ aon-^^Mr. 3.e^- . ^ g _ A , As .^.- ear FreierlcS .Sunday b? others whc are ;l; A cake and enatendens very creditably suice his a?- . _ ; . -ounz ---omen's -ori;. Mrs " A ' :,,.,,"..,,.,,.·_, _. * ,_ ,,.,,, -,-«^t- *££ : 50 ACRE MOUNTAIN FIRE ' HIGH SCHOOL BANK PAYS OF INCENDIARY ORIGIN 15 PER CENT. DIVIDEND j«r. It w.vs though- that the bird may j · have strick a 1 ve wire, causing :ts i dr-a'.h. Mo m-ssig~ was attached 10 :t. Mr Webb stated. An aluminum bar*!. i apparently fastened on on* l^t v.-lipri . -he bird v.r^ very your.?, b-ve th-: t- pusheti SJO.OOO a Bronx cemetery Ra5k,-J. Gray said, put up $1.000.000 ; :hrtjtleh a hedge and nuide a profit of S2t!!.000. He said , o u ,-. ^^^^ Schv.ab invested 5200.000 and mad*- ; Co , 5....^.^^^ mentioned that Dr. S_-3.000 . Cv.r.don "md beon 'most co-operative wife of the radio cor-;,. th . h( . po; , ce - and had offered to put up no money'^j,,,, . Q i irlKV . c ;i or go ar.;.-rhere else pointment; to thai position las; August-' Ha which fact has been duly nosed b tee · .^ board, it was stated. MAN STILL MISSING ! Foilowir.5 a b-:-s lunch, a devotional ! service was led by Mrs. C-;orse Bowers. ', Frederick, ani further business was i discusser:. Officers of the ccur.ty or- o. · Blaze Near Scout Camp Set Operated By Senior Pupils Of An interesting program was present- , . d Reset- : Commercial Department. «i at the Auxiliary meeting Tuesday I " na plese - ; K -is'r^ as follows: Solo. ?.Irs. E E. D:x- j . . ; " . . . on": address. JtiKice Guy K. Motter. who ' A fifty-acre fire, believed by officials Tr.ousr. c-suroed o ? t=t spoSe or. the subject of George Wash- · :o have been set and reset, -as c:-:t:r.- outside cccnorr.i: s.tua-..--,r.. the Fred- Ingtor.: reading, little Miss Gertrude ; _,.=. hpd abou - -;-;--.'?.-.-. Wedr.escay :r. crick Hi=h Scl::-! bank has r.^ne the poratw. exe-'Ut v tors an.-! f:s::r,-s P.P.I^21AU3I. Oi. the b:i: part.cipafx! in the profits. Gray j ^V. ^\ detachable b^nd w i t h raid. i . __ e-.iiit.nce wjs d--,,·Ir.-rtfd for the' C | car Cp i dentily of Two Men. . record -Ah:ir Tliomas E Bra.-:?. Wall ; Street trader, was on the stand. c!h"r Ice vas a . the figure 1942. Search Continued For W- H- J-ancaster , ga-izatic-r. p-or ta solo. little Miss Dorothy : ;, Believed Drowned. i aftemoor. were. President. ·jf Cleir.; reaiin*. Gilmore Rhoades; piano ". ; Harmon Hollow, about four rr.;les solo, little Mis= Ram?burg: duet. Mr · o! · Sappinstor:. this city: vice-prs.ao_-,. . 0^-,-^ Huffman and Mrs. Charles T. 'Mrs. A. W. Xicodernus. 3uck-;..^to~Ti: 3.^;^.;,.;;- j-· so ; 0 jj^j M a7 y garner: Searching parties at. noon today nopes to -'-fim 7. to its r.; 50 Harpers Ferry. The fact that Use river M.^Bartgts. tms city. ^ ^ _ kvei is still above normal and several ' ine hostess ur..on *as rr»;e of the low Sat islands near Weven-on , which Mrs. Pa-xsor.^is ?;5 -^-^r.": Mrs W. Forney. 'Washington's Father": DDrothy C'.ern. ' Young George;t-on": Mrs 3ru±e 5tar=er. " J m": ar.d Miss Ethel Kranti. road from t.ic Boy ~out r-.-rc.. a 11 n ;-. 0; . 5 -, 3 -.--.-;m ? n th-- r.---- year A :^^f^ --..- ^ , * -- -- -^ti^ - r ^ " / " " - * " '---.--^ -"-.-T A-U^Q O.« A C^=- .-.'it* ... .^-_ . .^ - - ' city .n Sjhtinj the blaze. The fire was discovered from t.-.e .,_ __...-,--,_.- -_, -_-·_- ·-- 1;.^ · n -.^ v.r.;. Poxv.ll-; towr ai:ut 11 -v;l-. : :n '-":·- .-_ . r ----./ r-.-.i ;: -.-- *· .-·· ;n momin;. Si^r.s p-^iritri t o its Itv.-ns ...^---^ .v a - -...- ,- 3n -.- = _-. ~-.-^ jj.,. been ;n-er.d.ary. City F;r--st-r C Cy- ,,.,;,. c-.n-.-.on. ::1 Kl-etn stated tc-day. It wa.- '.rcutr.' O:T.:-r'- ·-·'. '.-.o b;-.i ir- ?.-·-.-.i*nt. under aoout 43-1 c j t «'r."t".y =--.- H - ~ k sn-i .-· r--t3" v r-i-r. ? ;-.- Jneftii Kales ?.Iarkct. Nev,- York. Miy i9 *AP--Inertia ^ continued to rule the s:-ck market today with irices niainUunir.g a fsir.y «rooti un'Xr'or.e Tobaccos and ·:: L- ir.orn.r.? b".t thr .is' recovered aff-r midday. The rr,ark"t ^ M -v 5:uc_-sn S'Tlins cabl-s o;K-r.ed at S3 67 ,. -;p · t cf a C'nt Call n-.or.-y 2"_. p-T c.-r.'. INTRUDER ESCAPES WHEN FOUND IN SHRINER HALL Said He Was Inspecting College Fire Extinguishers. waters subside. Two other Brunswick men. Sari Isaac and Joe V^rts, narrowly escaped drowning fr. the r.ieri water Saturday eve- _^ nirt; when their b?at overturned a sho- At a rr.cetir.; of 3.1? co?.t---.,.cro c.a^s distance eas; of Brunswick. While Is- of Hood College ^^i^y ^£-11^0.- Hqod Sophs Elect. CALLS SLEMP "MASTER MIND" OF OIL TARIFF ^^:^^W'^ : ; afterward a n?w blaz-.- bm'.te o-' '. short i two hoars before rvtr.j br;-::ght. under ! control. I Tne f.r-e was or. land whi-n 1-acl r v been burned over for rr-any years, ".r. constierabis '.t.ri-srr. C-.-.rl.- Sar.n-.r. R..rirrl 7..-r.rr. ··' --r.2 :--'A ·-·'. -·- · .:nc~ I|ano\er Fair Grounds Sold. Th; rcc.1 '-·.-.-;· ·-' '1- :':·.'· : . Pa T,;rt:or. V/fdr.Rsday -o L. B Sh-pparrl. Il^r.'''^^ f-'r S r ) fi ~^0 T'.it: fj.r z~" ::~. r ^ rn ir.-.rh inrf'iltur.v f--.:..oi- 1 -'; r.a'i ·~:~,f 3Grr..r.u-tra';'~r. of riin.r.:a;n 3 close .-:r- ·· actr.-li'-s "f the co".- i in; (ai4~:it in Af--:r -.«·:-,;; surpr_i:d sr.d ?pprer.»:idfd c-f p:.r::i-:r li-i:: f r t:? Fr«-d C::y Xsw York. May 19 (AP--References .!. the Lur.rij.-rrn confession of John Hughes C'jrt.s to two rner. not full" ider.tJied TIC re cleared up today. In --xpla-r.-ni r.:~ claim he had been ofl'-rod money fee h-s "Snowled;? of the L.r.d'jerzh ca-=r or pictures c-f the C-.TJV" Curti-. s.v.d: · Mr T^. in and F^s offered me Altr;:ut::i the identity of the "Mr. T~.:r. " -Aas ntit ;now- irr.m:aiat-cly the rrctcd a- :-;.^rrir.i to t.i? Fox Co. - -,.: -i. ar.d tr.^s cj,rr3-:-..;n is esiplta- T-_-:r.y 3am Fc-c. a Xorfolk. Va.. pbo- :o^ said h? l.aci ^-ct^d for a news ;jr.ot;ra-/- synd.cati in offering Cur:is 52 5D9 fcr r .r. lus.'.e ri;tu-as of t."ne ::· -5.o:-:r.!-r: :lie o.^b; bcfcrc anyc-n? C-trtis repl-ed: t? say st th-s First Regiment Band To Give Concert Tuesday ~-j w.-..-.~. he - It .S r.^ri t; Cl-.srr.,. .r -.1 C:--irr.-:rce. s^.d l-.e ---3d r.-...-:-: r. j c-.Trr t; Curtis cut that tSe .-.. V;;-r crc-athed r-rr. as ' THE WEATHER TODAY t Precipttatirn Tor 24 ito-trs ending s.1 Precip ta':cn May to Sals--512 Nomia: Mavprec.pitat.on--2.EO inches: actual ?.L-.v. 1031--3.52 incites Etcass in IT'32 prefipitatlon to Msy 1--246 'r.chs Eieli terr.?era-,:rc y«tfrday--70. Hi«h temperarure a y«r sgo--85. t/w t.--rr.p-.-rar-re last nJ;:"---41. L.IW temperature a year s?»--62. Sun set.? t,v",3y--7 21 p. nv Sun r.s^- 'ornorroT.---4.53 a. m. Mc--n r^es torr.oiTiw--S i 8 p. m. Moon sets tcdont'ir--4.33 a. o. sor.3 l-;aS;r: Doroti- at~;r.. of rtsburc. Fa. reprscr.t'.tive or. Cvp- -rati'o; As; K-=;-·"'". 3-sarc: L~e.a Srdlar^i. cf Wv .rr.-=oln:. Pa.. re?re?£r.-?.f.--:- or. A-hl.-.c Av=-- C£t.--r. TJcard: R?.-- Fo"litrc': cf Phila'lphia. cha:rT^r. c-f the claw :.~--= c.l t?.r.ff." After a threat hai been mad« to .r."_~t uoc-i ^per.:nr -ID the --hole tar." r/.-'."-jr.. Tya.nrs ?a:-i. -the locust t-"rrr. ·-." lj^c.v^st ^ very cla=e to tr.e hielvcst ---vr of tr.-.s ? " · I i s^ldr.'t be surprised if Tlier. TT* DR. J. R. MAGEE NAMED BISHOP OF M. E. CHURCH "Pipe of Teaoc" Ceremony. One of t.-.e olc^it traditt^r.« -:' Kj-Jti - ^ . v p ivrs -vill ct :ne ruc^-^ of t.te :; All '.·.ill leave the CArr.pus ir. t r ^ c ir.z place ar.d p:.'.n; sro to bo i secret XatN-r.r.e S.itpley "33 -s ft-.t"ril cr.a^mar.. the- c;rr.m.".^-.s · Tra-tispor'-itiDr. M.^-^arct Du'.r jw: rc- 1 fre*hcser.B, Atir. N k:-pt Dr «uni"s iv3.rn -**ajc-^ c ."-. ?j: "o?-c^ to "r.ere t'r.eir ir.v.tatiorj pertr.t*ncier.t ··: t.ic Seattle. ".V.-. : .'rcrr. ' t'.-.e Mary lander sa-i. 'that the was e:tcd^p .-.f t.-.e Me ·-.-.-. : S'ar.dard Oil Company co'ilin't be 5««r. Sois-opal rhur-ch t'^CAv by ·.-·- s-.r -·-". appr;-'.'h.r:-| the rat.'il^eh thai :or.;-;rer.ce .r. the 17tr. i*'.'..:. H-v ^a.i S'.irr.p. who ^is secretary Xo Pinkeye Epidemic. t-:- Pr£ Cooli-ge. was · ser.t ov«r , Al'.hotirr. a nuntc-r · : -j.~. ·:.-' t; ?ar.s s,r.d giver, an posi- cases of ".tcriir.? y' riavi-V-n r - p r - :-..:-. triers as 3 reward fcr his act.-. J .- ed. r.o cp:d:-rr..c ··:" p.r.keyt -? a"-·'".t t."? in Mr Hoover's " '.". *as ata'tri today at. ',rT.~. ( % t D' T.-.iT's cne of -V rr.;-r. the Presi- E. C K*^f?.^ h-.-alt'o ofT. -.r A :'··- .-.s .---.d Ke .125 ;x^a tia; --.aster mind ' report at s'hc-ols or in hjrr.-:s but r.o of th^s oil tariS.'' 1 alann ii iclu T..c;rl.-.r ts r-?""-r*-d to A.'.C-"^ O-t-.--r 11. i.v? T.11 · . J . -i -. H ·".- T :". Tr-jt · Pa--4^-^ vV.». tz Mar--r. M: Tr-.rr.xr. -·! ·" Da-._ Ol.-^fr^p* 7.1;!] B.rthday. \Vi'l Qne?.t:on School Teacher. N"c7.- Y-rk. M-iy 19 · AP ' --Assistant D_-trtct Att-irr-.oy Ra'.or. K Jacobs, of f.r.i Mr* Ma-- C- F:ri 3rMlyr. ?ub- Mrs Fcrd ^as Ar^:r.t 7-:-ay. Jacoo prc-.te.-i t 33 Ri-er.=.dr cr.-.f. 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