The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 4
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FOO1 TH1 DAILY WEW8. FREDERICK. ffi.. WOlfOAY. CECTEKBSX 91, 1981. Children Make Known More Of NK1WS. !DISILLUSIONMENT OF 1C | ROGERS INCREASES , _,, . ,,_ _ _, __ AS HE GETS ABOUT ! Their Wants To Santa Claus HEALTH By DR MOREIS FlSHBEEf. til'or Jcurs*J O: American Ito£e*J A*- To tJse Editor o: The !« Dairert. Dec. 21 -- T-iry got s r* gag tt ESurwpc a^v to htf tie^ arr^iJESs; t/xa: f aould car^.: Cite iet*. Tbey are ap- P»»:^rg 10 our «ynti«rr. (.ant! they Sgure we re c« iixx-,. oa «. Tie n*w gag is "America won ·.he war z-6 t* t=«t::d pay We acn." trs* :. aa. 4 - Air r ca c^rLas; in irile-3 *5s* did iSit i*r3il3«J tht £*·- -"v · : *!;· WirlcJ War Ti*-!xJcr''. "^z- is ci-sA«'aa :or pc««st £-'?· a= - ^citioaf. and p-jt --V3 r^:-' · . sa': ·--·m a r": or-r' No Vviiit · ^ c-~ ;.OM are ;us^ iir: *. any 5^'i aaixal iti'jr-a: ' g»-a-y_'," -- :: ;u*t 'be :3aa raixs o,: Yours. ROGERS. MONDAY. DECEMBER 2'., ISS1. Daily Lesson In English \ Dear Santa: Please briag m* » tc» i robe with oiothw, oranges, nuta mc ; horsr. pair of -o*'boy r'.oves. little tract- } casdr. M» Omsor.. Le» i5V*-ri ! .xr caidy. cute and orarjjjfj. DocaM ' D^ar S-irtt Cli-ts I n-=r · 2. as. ycle, . Gere. 24* East Seventh street. ' a pair o: kid ?lr.^ ac-3 r-oc*-.- , ^--sic Dear Santa. P5*a*e brtag aae » lit- _ :.uta. ararze* arxi lit-iy. B . y fcuo-.- I Ue wy auto:aole and a carpenter ! mtSrrr. Dtcirrsoc. , sec. candjr and nut» and remember Dex- Santa. Pl»a'* brtc; --« a i-da-i 1 UuSe Helen, TCOKM Cl«sn, 2*3 Bast car. cowboy sxiJi. *« of blocii, a '(-cc"} Deji' Santa Pl'-a.--*" me a ihr«- · Uova KIT, Pr*oruje i »h«el bit*-, a Oli wtth Ions black. Doir ..V* P AM.- V-....; m- i -s · r'^rlf, pair o! $aLi;h*£. eoste !ucg itock- j dotl iBd carnage, a cigh chair nut E Kr.U, 31* :u'.«r th:^j. M»rv M,rson East Patrtci street. Dear "asta Cli'lf PI***; ir*±X rs- . Dear SartA Ciau»: WtU you plt-aae crese, ev«nharp p*s:i;, scan? w«s. s t-.- P rr 3 nlc* o»s teddy b*ar. hVh ·.*. a itajor; to --i-ry -»-.xxi. u ;'::. "*-··" r ",, T .p.- Si pt^~i£ orrt^cA and anything * an£*. Lucille Dudrow. Ixme ,^tl:: *·!*· ··· t.a-.e for a;-:. Jncine Moxy. ! D*ir SanUi Cli'~. Pl'itt :r.ns ex sr. Dtar Santa. Pleaw bring aae a two- ' ar.d jx». «.-jrani ·ho'ieJ, st-ry booiu Ur o' film boots, bring bacfc liasibo and toe LX:~ !x/i J£IC'. ·u; traua and fll! csy Ktoefc- i Trod. V/aiicrsvtllt- 'Jjf- BJLiy Millw. Rowenoei awesye- j Dear 6arr"-a PJtai* bring ax a, '-·'.. Deer SntA Clau*. WU! yoo pleaee , ; 6-b gun. a. comp?.rjjor;, boot bag, hrlr.s nx- a ··rtta? desk, SoU b»by · tnun '! cars, s. iif !e car I tin r.O sn a truti «sth a lot of ciocbea. leather ' m, a sieam j^u^tl. can^ij', r.uts ind _-r- coat. ani t^nsSy. nuts and oranges »o«J .ajage^.--Efcnv«--r Potto. JUOcrc. » tr«* v Beatrice Esworthjr, 201 Sooth , p*«r fiacU. I »arst a patr vf »;.-t. strct-- tiocjti. two httlfc j»uil£. a little uvi', a ! fainrtv ni:;,x anr! (irAr.sws and ft 1-t-rlf- Iaeue Rare. ilei u«v snore , ^-,d c..,r.iart -nit horses was a -,p '-.curr'-EC«, th* {Disease called ^j. fJumsxifSy tnfc««l human - Mi* :t :s ao rare at. to be · j'-a.l Curlcj.'.y. !A-~"*» a ir^rfid frcni bores to H .;ii--ii. rimers or lh cueaae -_ · oven :-,»^ii. bJ'. ckae contact , .... ,_,. · i ., ^^gfes* 1 or mih ar:.- e--_y svt-tra by cUscfearge6 from T^T. CAK wr i-. c*it Sn a bocze «13 .o ;.-.- c.:.i.t:?:i. The dschargts :i~- .-.-· '·-A siuco.-.a membranes '=_·- - - '-' · -- '-" -ys that comes ·' ·- :. * -.:.i l-tiffe'. of Use person CAN YOU BEAT JT Bv Kettej .._ -r-.,;.^". j-'-j;--.f^-rs^r*. the ccgaa- -. ::· i... -j-;'.'- ^ o: th'jic wao are !n- Ai;.orjg tht n:*-uxii de%'elop«l by Japss ard CSJna sre »·- ·ffar, Ger- 3 g en! , JOQ;. ^npcaec:. uvrasi!. ar.y and Frarsre are tratcplng oa each raf:« toes. luUy Is carr1r^ a clup on , W-,ru study: 'Use a word three Dear Santa Claux. Pleaa* bring me [' a wagon, a neur suit. gun. ball, some . · randy, oranges and nuts, and brln? ^ t)Ui - babv brother a Srid-. Cxto-. tu! F^irnacf. Russell I O** 1 " SantJ1 W:U you _-AW tr.-ru li j. vtst of the person .'icj. tfr- r . I'JT tyrJioid lever. There Is · " 2 r«u:tioc and finaiiy :tv o! Mniuie the germ of * -K * this disorder that -v : M:r_in »- -:-£ that has Jt should · !/,,:··{ pr-n:pt;j- ei'her at home or . '.»' f, .-;·" si. A^--^ali thai are in- r · ^J ihouid be procnptly destroyed. r-:r'h-TXorf. al! of tht other horses r. t.-ifi -jrcwap or tri t.-.e stable should be ·· --d -o fincj out v.hrther or net Uiey .brine nj a hat and .scar! to rr.-ur:-. there Is co-ccrd of n ness and peace on earth cood ·*::! toward men. This Js trideed a weicorr.'r ar.d proinfe" ' among the Balkan*, thp fact that they j produced tbe catch lhatsrt off the ' Quotations . t.-.i.- C',rr.;r;cr.« trough, sanitary --·:;: r.u.ori of itablvs a^ -f * * 1 try to fei" p :ay name clean and not Dear Santa Claui". Please bring me !.'?·*'*harp, a tv.o-^'h'*! blcjc!*-. a p r r n - . t ' i - .-t-:^ -Ahich hare been taken to ..-Aa'.-h. a train, pair o£ red gum boots. ' rtalf«- and .1 Hitch -Aith a;:.-- {. rev.:.-, tile co-c.ti^n is abolition of ^"jint.- c»»ndy. orange^ and nuts. Junior : Rtinse!! Boiler, ilarmor.y Br:c«i Cauxr'.in Furnace. Dear Sir;Li rita-'f brui" me a. r;j'.e Qcar Santa. Clau-,. Please bring me a boofc. a »T6t -*-atc!!. j. blanket for my ..: t. :.:ii '.cry careful testins of aB y*::\ ball. su::. pair of gum boots, ic-me baby. a!so cand'.'. n'lt," ar.d c-ranges.-- i f 5 ·!!· !: - rj.'s ;n r.^;:oiia '.vl-.^re '.he da- : Dear Sa.:il^" Picas 1 .- i)';::g nv a j«T5- ' Please bring nw h_, rp . u w-...u.-h. .-. b-b y-.i!-. a '.:;:::t:.i::^ '' ~ " -. a sweater, set ·' Binder sled, and ^fmc rur.dv and or- »-» T . -, -, pair of red juon I anKCS ._Arthur Hartijck. Harmcr.y. J r O O l e S V l l J e C»pyntbt. 1SJI. Uurid Fextare Service IN NEW YORK SIDE GLANCES By George Clar 1 - ir 3 D ,.. A . ,- of jittle Chevrolet truck, i -Vc-A" York, Dec. 21.--A few of i : gambling, marked by unfamiliar anol j , ^inisxr ^^nptoms, is incoming epiGem- j ic in New York. Sharpers have reappeared, ss 15 oat 'f a. ny3t£ian5 truni; '*£in-homs." . j -vho see-med to have vanished into the pass, are baci of Bulgaria is a -welcome and honored guest at Angora, the Turkish capital The. foreign minister of Turtey recently ot th« navy. * * * MIX- in this country ha\v more to lose r^m the (RussSia) Five-Year Program risited Athens and was received with i than all of the other nations put to- acclalrn. Greece and Bulgaria have Unied hands in friendship. Bu!gar!i and Jugo-Slavla are cooperating In settling; the Macedonian quesdon. Little scooter, set of block*, candy, nuts «ad orange-s, and don's forgeat Leoria. Eby, Thurmont. Dear Santa Claust Will you :r.« h--e fcr the week-end. --Mrs. C. G. Shc-r-iO'.-'i and little --Hamilton Fuh, J r . coii^rcssrnan from j strtas, a !;:tle red wagon, oranges bring me a wddy bear, moakev striny, a !;:tle red wagon, oranp pnty of candy, and remember littie j sister. Luther Relfsnlder. Thunnont. Dear Santa Claas: Please bring me cumo truck, a. Ford automobile, pair - P Dear Santa: Please hrir.u n:e a s-'oc. What this country need*--is a sing- j · tv-»»»i*. !· *«-A««*X f,r~ t*v\ ~T»TT ^v** »*fc^rv»« -"S P^CS.GfSit* I S5X VOHTM--^3H OOO*lCKC * Albaiua is treated as an ^y on ^rms ^ Hoover croon? " ' »·' cord pants, set of blocks and lot of a wrist ratcb. and a b-b K;!n . .,.,,.-, ^_ .,._. , t _ --Edcw Cantor stage comedian j oranges and candy. Paul Baxter. Tbur- ! candy, nuts ar.d orangL.---Rjvmond r ""-"- s -; or "- ^- r x Wolfe. Harmony. ' t--'-- ce "- *"* oJ parity and honor, and Rumania it. entering into inter-Balkan conferences. Most of the credit must go to Premier Venlzeios, the grand old man of Greece. '-» Washington. Ubfc-t. a!d a pencil, cancy and or- ar,3t.s. -- Margaret Summer?. r Fet'-rV Guild u:ct on Wednes- aftemoon at tho terce or Mrs. ·*· ·* * has never been :i social "srar 1 mon-t. Santa Claus: Please bring me a I sled, pair of red gum boots, a b-b gun and Mustapha Eemsl Pasha, the president of the Republic of Turkey. --V!«-Prc5ident Charles Curtis. ! aTld ;ots of candy. Arthur Unger, Thur- BEGIXNTXGS OF \TIRELES5. i Taneytown , Dear Santa: Please bring- me a new , suit, pair of slippers, sacks, a cap. some L -.ic jryf!-. aid the fcliow' officers she ccn::r:j year: Wn;. A. Dan^l; vice- . C. G. Shears: treas- i Dear Santa: I wmld like to 1-uxe a! urer ' 15 fcaac ^' ffe: ^^--^ ***· ' ·.'. n^rnLrt rrov. :^. Some have of tnem sns been -.vith the dice." thanSs to years of training In tbe airfess. half- j l i t "travelins i fames." of Bread- j Tfiy. And back-! gsatason is a gaate i a prominent part, i -Trick cice a n d , "slick" are factors in the j i seemingly polite backgammon games. ' watch, a knife, u pair of gloves, and a !' ·.vaj;on, also BOJEO candy, nuts and or- i -- The ill", er held at the rectory yuteen nations united to do honor to j . Officers of the Volunteer elerted at the an- games, nuts, oranges and some candy. i: ; _b gun-- Mehr: P a n k U a t - anges.--Ral:h C. Rohrer, Harnsocy. Dear Santa: Pieisc brir.s; me a, two- wheel blcyc'c. a watcii. a bi:s and a PrankUn Martin. Thurmont. riarm-ny. r j c r Santa- Plcav b-:«- tr- Dear Santa: Please bring me a pair : a ^5. carr . ; ^ Ci ar . ci 3 b l;ii:k:: for i by t."? Giris" Club was a success m e-.cry wav A r.oat little sum in silver T.' in'o the club treasu-y. We all ap- rr-..:.j v o ni-ith Mr.=. Cook's interest nd enthir^.a^m :n trus biuich of fino WUIinz Marconi, anniversary inventor first nals across can not realize-! of faith and science must have felt. ·when out rJrst heard nals made 2000 miles r.\»ay. _ _ _ _ How unconscious the skeptical -s-orid "fL'.^r-.t chief. C. G. Boiers; Kcond as- , De-ir Santa Claus: Please bnng me a | Hr.rrnnny. was of That that discovery meant ; riatar.t S. C Ott; iKiz!.-mar.. W. ! cr-rk sun. a J:i-.le giass lantern full of j __ D f :lr S^ 13 Prohabiv the averace nerson re;rard£*d ' Cf ' ^-"^ e ""· av ^ ? t t "**· * " "** " . ^ ·*-· " - ' ... "~-*- *".". * ca , ' ~ *£ ·j S'f^ C*"oll p*ro*i. vernon : or^n^os Jt"-.^n^;tr \\ilh:co. Thurmont. a ^"i.c, smne c the ne^'s as of less importance than his . c- ? »«e Y\V)v?r. Al'on B«t:an. ; D.-ar Santa Cla-^: Pleas; bring me --Enior/ FO_-:P. Hanno-y. Just a itrx weeks ago it became 5 that 3 certain s!i:ker had been oper- | aung in the ritzy speakeasies and pri- j vate club. One victim was report- t ed to hare dropped 525,000 m a sin- j g!e evening of play: was tipped off to the hugs check he had written. H-s information, it TRIE said, cazoe from -.-, on the Myers: trtistee'. · Thurmont. ul of those far spaces, his ear ' W!ll:a-n F Briber. K-irrv Mahoncy and I D ;ar Santa Claus: Please bring me ' Dcl f Sant ^ P_"ase brir.s ird the Ir-cred''-"- ^\i-^d of '-- ^-^"t Bar.r.ard, and ftr,- chief, A. G | a coll baby with booties, a gun. a |'-" Rui-er a kr.;,. Ld vhe L.CTcd,.., ^und of -,.,, R! ^, c : ;;in:rra fuu 0 , fand cand .. nuts nnd jToUr. .-.nd a bu.-.. ako some Lde 2000 miles r.^ay. ! ^^.'.nt-svnw follow- first as- ; onn?«s. Betty Wilhido. Thurmont. i " u£ - s PX - ti oranrrs.--Kichard mo a i . j t am- ' --"- jparchssi and lotto have been brought j ; up to date and notr have a "tncney j .. | angle." A recent arrival ^a gamc-aon;. ! Camelot, has been given a tiist tfc^t . L o\.rTCrlo1c i allows gambling. The cigar stores and i ^ W iOLlcliC iaoveity shops are loaclsd with m:r.:a-! L'v 5C-J?. D?^ Cl--:.Ir. and Mrs. i ture roujette wheels from horce use, J »r')V K;ii--. f-r \vasnir.gton, spent a ! priced ^: 49 and 59 cents. A me- '. xy -. .;.". M;. .sr.a Mrj C. F. Lexis. ichamcal poker game:" a race rr^ck .' --Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ray Davis announce ' gams ani z dozen others 2ood the mar- \ kel--each oSering an oppcrttiniry for SEGCUIS-PAT.OFF. ^ 1S3I BV «EA SERVICE, WC. "let's go in. I don't think 111 like it. bat it will be some place to ta shoes off." i bins trouble. Th.» nirid sees to have considerable force and th£ is a strcr_g sense "or a direct and ho e5t, KKirse in lifj: bu; there is a t ira tho r-nclt on which, undsr aSv aspects, rasy o-rertaro" aU the bene thai; his accr-aed from honest asd I Luf s Stuff The Boon Of Change- In Winter when the wirjcs d^ bio-- . and SOT and tien «·· tar; 55-- .e EEOW. it often stores that ru-- tirr.s's a rel:c of tr:c tar oTM cl-mri. 3ut "hen the ?un re ' ttm. e find one rstist sucle as he t-i-- .?. the days of ^nter K^m s^» as row tic dsri cf af. ·v*- in January b.- held on Fr-b- ^i announced. Another Botcherins- A Itn- 1 r^-rir.T was i^d at 'if ! hi.'-, ^r :t- ""?. "···· .Tohn \Vh:V. r.fiT ' -- ·-"- --^* -.- ·* F*vc lar^c ^^r? "^TO l.v:-r:-«rvd Th"je 'jr-vr-.t -.vore Mr V_.j ^j-j ,7-vhr. Wh:'^ Mr a-d "r? Ctirti* Dis.-t:, 7'Ir 1 Delia iliss.'S ·ay'^a^ \i- ar-i ?.Ir5 Xorrmn Dtxan i-i'lii-V: Clr-d'S Warhter of Frpderl.-i. ; ar.rl virar.jcs. John ShtiS. Th-ormont ; D?.ir Santa: picase brine me a cloSlc cl.^i-5 a clr.-A?. .«;-rr.e orangej and candy. "1 rrm^mbcr s^tt-r Goraliir.e. £"-::·- Ktinklftf, Mt, Airy :~-~.r Santa- Please brine rce a. f rupee! wir.s tjii: ^- r ( f ' - c i in -~^~e lTiQ-21 . '"'r-"'^".':".- ;i:".'r t."." business meet' 4 - C..T- tir:.'!^ rrc^ram THIS given r.t-r E-r.tiay School i ^^^^ '--recces have been sl.ced. _ |-with it. Thousar.os of these t»o itvsd in tra- middle-ground of -area'th an; p.. 10 chance :o increase , -thinzs were good and no^ desperate measures to iepp -p tieir i bluff. isr ore vculd tire all to s- of any fooltsa cl rsa'e r?r:ss, that r?""cr ^:ows a suij'c ri. -- N. A LVrBr Flapp Say Twenty Years Aso Today er Fanny s--- The Mayor ana :"-.--i-n by Jacob Kohtr-ack a r" J i;.e fsrrr. o: K Clt-.ton Zlmrr.crr · -f ^"r.ich :t ^ras pi-r of sho^s. s:-ckinp.. gloies Cr^vn-^ay tret, canc!y. r.uts and Eas'on. 4C3 Korth , DarSjf.ta Ptease brlns rao a drum. ; | r ir ··' ·:: '.·-. r;"-s- .««::. gars?, electric ! ! trai". ~ ...·,· .=t. ,-3Tboy suit, bd, cr.d ! ^---, ~ , -, .. t *^ «"J o-^-^^c* 1 £a"I "' 5-A ·- r, 4:3 North B.T.V s'rccv j D'i* Sir.-_i ri««»- srin; rn- a doU. ,-i c-".; bed. shws. crr-^. s-vooiir. ,,·. gloves, c*trx^. i r*_s: C-in^tmis tree, ard some cv:-.d: r"t,- ^"3 orar.ifs, Cathloea Sir/jnif-lo, 4C5 North Bonts s'^rcct, l-.-.r S-itit-a C"..»u-~ Please brog nie a rr.r.rr.i ^; v ' A . lioo-choo train, rnon- jcry co a .-"ruxc. jpirjj^inc top. clrxiai anc! jfiirr. ixv'j. r.a» aryj i-arxJy. arid r-tr.-rr.rcr .'.rr. ar.d He-. Svelyn «verr swa speai-ea^r ? \ I A T I T P E"X i "T T P T ( ) ^T-IOP ' l h a 5 a ·«»=feaa«»3 «?»»-- D '~^ '--' \ i N r \ l L r V A C V U i v H J OilWr ; I Bemoan Lours IVe noticed s:ccss c: .--_ ,, . s ; jrnartly-clad young -axenen plavr-? for j iigh stakes -whil-? sipping cockt3.1. '·One part:rularJy c!assv ossis lias hall 1 a floor devoted to ba?isarr^r:oii srid 1 bridge; another operates a rculcttc Z2~o ; or. a ferret t.-p ficor. As for costrsrt tr.=;t. " s rhera. So-called br.cs: cltits smed rapidly in ··af t^» Kno- Ooll-se The plar. a r^=tr,x; ^ ~^: ·-· ·-· iv.-r r f " v - TM ani Ali-TTi-.en Turk--, -if ,1-.--'·" srd vcr, o Jin? f-- :"- W"-*s a rv-ir.c drrsax: -- ;T\~T^ l;vr vr-i-.- C- r-tr-iss;T. M-roiac' V-CTJ -if VCaltr-v !!·· f- pcrvxi an abunian.-" .-f 'urt«^ to " I »- Sar.'A PV.-vv rrtr.» --e a big "'"11 "o.V:r . -i - ^z.-»n .=irc Ix^. c-t cantry. -.--, -^ -*---t -- . ^ ' « TJ...-- r% Q.....-- V'.JI.^IW'T. A .\i ..^ ^- zv\.».. J_7. %or^...^. IX ar Sjnt^ Claus Pisa«: bnng me i .^,'. r; dlsr.c.-. a co" ^-^r;i ball and rv~TMuti and --o'.i.pTt?rv- :^.o c*..«cr boys. . HVir Sar.:a Clau?: Plrape bring re* r.r. f. rorr^aile. a clro-r.. .-orrx- blocks, -.-.:-in .-and--. :-.-.; anc or3T.g«s. Fred.-:. s. --.i ixr.dtSx'cwn Daar Ssr.ta Cla-j»' Pl"-raf^ brtns a* a "Ir T^rT a-.c ps't ^ '.-."Lr'n'or 1 shoes. ' f.-rrf r~'f at;.-, fane;-. Karry Rodrtci. . py.-V'" brtnc TT^ a .vjmp- .·* durcp *T"."k '.hat wHI ·^.v canfiy. and or- ! Pa^itj^s -n St. Johns Catholic , anjc$. and don't forget Margaret. "Pete" S ch-irci, valuc-a at $15000. which had M Kcti?e. Mii=Ue:-wn. I cro-rn soa^^at dull tiraueh their h De^r Sa=tA: Pleas* brtr-.g me A JoU i g'Kit ££. -x-rc r»Snished and re- j ' baby ar.i ,"arr.a;c and clothes a set of to! touched in Phi-acelrr..* O'her In- tcricr\ was beir.8 completed. ^r. ..o-. i .-- Si-.M er of Gecrg-^s. oom. ixec m ' 1785. 1S04--B^sjajran Disrael', famous Engi iish statesman, bcm. Died AprJ 13. I5SI. ..^.^^.pi^ t^Uo^lCiC^15o 3."C WT^.,^!". born. Dlei October 13. 1915. 1S23--Laurs D. Bncgmir. r.oted bltnd. «af. mute, bora at HarKver. N. H. D^d in Barter;, M^y 2-. 1SS3. lf-54--Morton Prince. no'»?ii r.f-ur;l- _i?t and psyciclogt5t. bcrn "n Breton.; ut Brccklisc. Mass.. August 31. : 325. Work Slay Be Finished Jan. 1. The Kocfcril'^ piie ^ expected to open :o trafEe br January 1. It was a I"l~!i^C^ *""£E^Si"vi2'v". T^VO STUSZl StT o: road retrain to be coinpleted. anc is thcuTM- this can be done by il ~-~e. Tie pike has- been widened the addition of concrete saorjcers a: "ew surfscu:g has cesn laid. In se eral places the rjaa has beer, en--r« rebuilt to e'-rninate a^d grac Ail bridges on the p:l;c have Tric^ned to 50 feet.. Th? read is crx from tie olc Geo--e'o-n r?ad inters tier; to RocivUle. the ur.;orr;ple:ed ?o tior_s bc-ir:5 near Bethe?cla. day In History- ! tels wbere dozens I of mezzanine *uit-:e ! were gathering cob- t w^s. Tr.;re are · sitd to be thotss- A."^ "* 'x ^^" "J^ t *iC IE apartment "no-cses and pnvat« rK-rr.^s In :"4C~ tbe ccr.- . £-"yr^ tj^e b^rc ; tlmss problems in IT!? -- 3-^fon Gazette third r.e-rspa- -r :r. tile Coloui^. started IS^'T -- C-c-cress pass-;d an err.barro Ctarch Grcap Xasics Scper. pr?^.icr:t. :_-rc.=.-Jir.?. *r "~.s ~?ar -he 3.5 Kr~ Today's Birthdays. T_"r..tod States Ser.stcr D2---.d A. Reed. . to os smsf: organ-- · izsr? Ti-.f players ar'- charger: $-1 t for ar. afternoon or evening o:" br.ije ·st tie ciub Freq^nCy 10 to 2-3 i laa!.-.* are go^-.g full bla:. F.rurc it '·;ut S2C "o S40 per srtt_t:g .irxi S40 \ to $55 f" afteracor. or ^?^- .sions. Wiere a ~t^; s u^.-£, a cu: | of To cents psr table gs to tiie Itrosc ! TT.ti: a CO to 40 *.sb;e crarvd cut. th" , cnt of roorcs that i»d beer. gcln? "**^" SWAX r-r. J. Mull^r r.vX,xi Vr_- . 1:~.= : Pri5fiiert. ::^= ; ^ ." r. eAplanat'cn -~f tne rK-^" trublica rr.aj;-- its uii'ial appsarzr.ce -Jan-jary Sticklers I Ec'-^rc. C S.:.-.-. rrt--:c?r.' ?ur.iu? t'r^ ,-rs.r. .'. 'r--rn C~h cage -5T -?ars airo *oda" Dr. Sc~ar- Csrp.=-. Dire«-r of "e Bible Thought j :c-.~ F-junclatioi:, bom a.- Jacisor.- [ \""I?. III.. 65 years ago today. , | Jr^^ph S's.iz. the greatest power in But "TO kno- 1 the law !s good, if a Sc^ict, Rujsta. bct-r. 52 years :^o today. r^.r. ;is* it lawfully.--Titr.othr 1 -8 j -j - --· ' Today's Horoscope Where l.v- c-r.o^. there tTrsnny b- - ' ~".t. of todar ".i.,v .^ .«. rr.p- jir^; --E\*l of Crn'han-.. j --hai 5.1'isii rcmp^mrnrT.! which may --5*--!: 3 fC^-S SO? ^^.'.-s ^*e, IJT- The rr-zrie 3 to 'S? Jot u-.'o ··** «TJJ] ?jJ «rr£a» , fJO ccr:ir..ra t'" tree. JITB- 5-!j2!si, ird a; :'~e ari£ tme eim- be ;our.5 on iwt pr.jt.

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