The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 6, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 4
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!«ew», M«.. y. a. «rc at ttkt po*t ofltce at let *M~ M jcctmrt rlfufT matter. -- ~^.i- TUESDAY. * iota 6. 194S Dorothy Dix Says This u the month when wedding bells are ringing * merry rounde- , lay and when every body, even paw ic I those who have been repeaters in the divorce court feels called upon ' to give wise counsel to the newly- · weds on how to be happy though I mArried. Probably it does no harm, ] for good advice is one of the things | that we never take. and. anyway. Washington Daybook Secret Foil M«i Voters Unteeided Basis Of Truman Cheer c«..-- !«· ! *** idea tnat tae y Deeded any sug- Surplus . gcstions about how to keep off of When the Federal government's each others toes. They are so cer- nircu "^ .J;j,,:.K. i,,n« tain that they will never do any- By TmiS COFFIN Washington. July 6--A few days ! after the GOP convention. Jirn j Murray, the long and grey Montana | Democrat, walked out of the White j House in a daze. The Senator Know America T»4»y"t An»iver*arle* 1747--John Paul Jones, famed American naval hero-commander in the Revolution, after in Russian - and French service, born in Scotland. Died in France. July 19, 1792. Wedding* BrvwB- Tbe marriage of Mis« Jemn Oliphant Hastings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wright Hastings of Delmar. to Frederick James Brown. Jr.. son of Mr. d Mr*. Frederick James Brown, cf Brunc| wick, took place at high noon. Sat' 17«--Alexander Wilson, Pennsyl-; urday, June 19. in Mt Olivet vania weaver-peddier to famed , Methodist church. Delmar. Hev. ornithologist, cany nature writer j Frank M. Voik. pastor of the ' church, performed the double ring of not*, born in Scotland. Aug. 23, 1813. Died · June lilies. and candle- j Gordon Turner, well known editor and banker of New York and Baltimore. Miss Clemson. after graduating from the Westminster High School, studied at -Saint Mary'i Seminary Junior College for two years. Entering Western Maryland College in the fall of 1942. she was graduated in the accelerated class of February. 1»44. and that same month enrolled in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in the wartime program of the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Upon her graduation there, she served on the staff and 30, the books 0 Th«t is more than total Fed- vw. *n«i. « "^ era! revenue before the war. It is a huge sum of money and it represents a fact of great importance to everv American. In a sense, the $ is merely a figure on paper, as most of it has already been applied on the debt. But "this surplus is no: only tremendous-- it is the second one ia succession It says with emphasis that the 'government is operating , _ - , . __ . ,, on a sound financial b«« however extravagancy ,t is doing so. This surplus seems :o indicate strongly that the gloomy prophecies heard during the tax-reduction debate will not be borne out- When Congress cut taxes by $4,800.000,000 a year last spring. o\ p er the President's ve:o. admimstra- tion voices declared the rates would have to be restored later. Much has happened since President Truman, in his 1947 budget message. estimated the 1948 surplus at $1,200.000,000 if Congress kept the wartime excise taxes, as it did. Congress has slashed income tax rates but has appropriated many billions for foreign aid and rearmament. A large part of this new expenditure will no: come until next yea, Nevertheless, the 1948. shows that there is a wide margin to work with W. S. C. S. MEETS The Ijamsville W. S. C S met in the Parish Hall on Thursday even- Ing. July 1. Miss Maggie Addison led the dc- votionals. The topic was the "Re- . storer of Paths." interspersed with · appropriate hymns. : Mrs. Fred Keller was in charge of the program, assisted by Mrs. ' Mary D. Hogarth and Mrs. Irving " DeGrange. The subject was "Pro- ; testantism in Europe Today." j The business meeting was pre-' sided over by Mrs. Harry C. ' Swomley. , More arrangements were made: for the Sunday School picnic to be held on the church grounds July 17 , in the evening. . After the ''Missionary March" ', played by Mrs. Joseph Kehne. delicious refreshments were served , by Miss Margaret Droneburg and j Mrs. Irving DeGrange. Fifty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. July 6. 189S. FREDERICK STILL B U Z Z E D with excitement over the great victory scored by the American Navy under Admiral -Sampson j and Commodore Schley at Santi- i ago on July 3 when the Spanish j fleet was reported utterly anni- i hilated. 1 THE FOURTH OF JULY WAS celebrated with the usual noise in Frederick. From before 5 a. m, until midnight the deafening sound of giant firecrackers mingled with the noise of exploding blank cartridge, not to mention the thousands of torpedoes and hundreds of packs of smaller firecrackers. darling" each other. Xow the most important thing in the lives of every man and woman is how to make their marriage a . success and to keep eating out of each other s hands. So far it has been as much a mystery as how to construct an atomic bomb, but here and there a couple have pulled off the stunt and they are generous enough to give their recipe to this column, for free. And a woman did it. Ha! Think } of that: She writes: "Before we were married my husband and I made six rules to guide our domes. tic life. Number One was: Don't make marriage a 50-50 proposition. Put all you have into it. Don't just make excuses for each other's faults. Love them because they are Tom's or Sally's Plan together. Work together. Laugh together. Cry togesher. Nothing is hard to do or endure if there is another .-liouldcr helping you to bear it. MSKIC In Love ' "Number Two: Give yourself' with your gift. There is a selfishness far worse than being stingy about the tangled wants of our husbands and wives. It is the deliberate withholding oJ the loving '· words, the sunny smile.', the warm kisses, the sympathy and under- ', standing that never fail. No matter what the bankers say. the most valuable thing on earth i«. still love. And it is the greatest magic. · !t is the thing that makes a homely woman beautiful, takes the sting out of poverty, and the more you give, the greater the supply. "Number Three: Pray together. Perhaps marriages aren't made in Heaven, bu*. it i« ccrtatnly a safe place to keep them. No husband and wife who pray together ever get far from God. "Number Four: Be amitible. Be jolly. Keep your troubles to yourself and divide your laughs with your husband. Men have plenty of worries in their business without having their wives add to them by grouching over the price of meat, or telling how bad the children have been. The difference between a marriage "that is just an endurance test and one that is a bit of Heaven on earth is whether the wife is a smiler or not. "Number Five: Remember that after marriage the wife has to do the love-making. Don't scrimp on it. Keep telling your husband how handsome and wonderful he is and how you appreciate all of his goodness to you. Few men will admit to being romantic, but they all gobble up sweet talk, and ask for more. "Number Six: Don't believe that marriage kills love. It is anly the wives who rat on their jobs as wives who kill their husband's love. But the good wife become a of her husband's very life and he loves her more every day." The woman who has worked out this schedule for making a happy marriage says it always work?. Who can doubt it? (Released by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) TOnfided n to "cronies on "Caphol HilT. ! 1322--John M. Gregory. Baptist i £££ """ j is now a member of the faculty of -I've never seen Harry Truman! cler^vni an Middle West educa- , Mrs . Rajpfa E . N i choUi . church or . ; the Hopkins School of Nursinj. tionai leader of his generation. » anis , played the weddin* music' Miss Clemson. who made her born at Sauk Lake. N. Y. Died ^ Mj T xichols sang "Because" ! d * but at "»* Bachelors' Cotillion in Oct. 19. 1898 g^ "j-jj£ Lord's Prayer " ! 19 * 2 - ^ a member of the William 1931--Daniel Coit Gilman. famed . Mr. Hastings gav«. his daughter in ', wi °c h ester Chapter. D. A. R., of University of California presi- marriage. The bride chose for her i CarroU county and of the Alumnae dent, first head of Johns Hopkins wedding a gown of \ - ite slipper I Club of Baltimore. Phi Alpha Ma. and the Carnegie Institution, born satin, fashioned with a bertha of; Sne fa * descendant of the Cramer, when he was so darned confidenf. He's so sure he will win in November that he is downright cocky." Reporters found the President as cocky as a fox terrier at his first press conference after the Republicans met in Philadelphia. He was in fighting trim and enjoying himself hugely whenever any sub- y. theosoph- , long sleeves and a full si- rt ter- in a short train. Her veil , - w , - , , To Democrats in *V ashington who . are blinking at this Truman exu- _ of caught P earls - Stemmel and Winebrenner families Norwich, Conn. Died Oct. 13. lace embroidered with seed pearls, 1903. 1852--Katherine ist leader, born Newburyport, Mass. Died July 11. 1929. «*n. uiitii^iii^ «xt knu Aiuiiiu;) CAU- toe^_.Thomas A ^rwrrv th^ Irav berance. one of his closest advisors .. M t. "_" «!h«"ftr^;.««,wi white carnations and baby's "breath : Gray. Dorsey. Laveille. Broome, comments. "Harry Truman is ab- f hn * s * l * sfa * tt * no original solutelv su'C he has been T'ght and Caning stamps, born in Kr.o the 80t"h Congress was wrong, and ! villc - Tenn ' Died Seo? 2 - 19!3 ' of Frederick county, being a granddaughter of Mrs. Nicholas H. Clem, T ~ , - , . . silk illusion was son. of Frederick county, and the with a coronet of seed ; "te Mr. Clemson. Her ancestors in Sn e carried a bouquet of ; Southern Marj-land include the encircling a white orchid. ; Dawkins and MackaU families. that when the people hear his story To4 j ay In History Miss Mildr ^ Amoss, of Balli- J Mr. Turner was graduated from m ore, college roommate of the Hst Nottingham Academy. Colora. bride, was maid of honor and Mrs. can rub the Republicans raw on the record of the 80lh Congress. He will make it THE major cam- - paign issue and dub it 'the rich . man's Congress.' "He will stump the country from ' end to end. The President will tell the voters that no matter what Dewey and Warren want. Bob 1785--Congress adopts the decimal Norman E. Hancock.of Portsmouth! Jne do j !ar as unit of Va.. attended as matron of honor. Side Glances and attended Hampton-Sydney College. Va.. before entering the _ __ _ , service in World War II. He served currency to replace the English Bridesmaids were Miss Claribe! in th e European Theater of Opera- system in use to that time. f «ggs of Wilmington and Miss : lions. A captain in the U. S. Army 1798-'150 vears ago. Third of the * ath ?" n J*PP*n of Delmar. All j Air Corps Reserve. Mr. Turner is 1 historic Alien-Sedition Laws en- ? he , a ; tenda °« were dressed alike j now attending Georgetown Univer- acted bv Congress: that citizens 'jl.^tf 13 *° wns °f |? ua - P ink - and slt - v Scho °^ of F "-eign Service and cf en»mv countries mav be an- el ' ovl - Wltn matching gauntlets, j is a member of a Washington real nrf-h^n.l^.t in ti-np r,f w-.r carried bouquets of garden ' estate firm. He is a brother-in-law ] prrhenodinlimeo(«.»r. flowers. They wore bandeaux of [ of Senator Brien McMehon. of MPK. IM* »r MA »neitet. we. T. H. «ta a. s. net. orr. Taft and Joe Martin ana Charlie 1837--A Minister representing the the same flowers iri their hair. -. Connecticut Haileck still will run Congress. ' These fellov/s have refused to pay ! attention to White House recom mendations. and they boaxt about it. Harry believes the people will listen to what he says, because he is the President." Mr. Truman's key advisors. Democrat chairman Howard McGrath and Federal Security Administrator Jack Swing, are elated over a spanking new poll taken for the White House. It shows Henry Wallace slipping, from Republic of Texa* officially re- ] ceived in Washington. JSr. Brown was his son's best man. ! The wedding will take place in | "Instead of an elf chasing a rainbow, is it okay if I try to j this piece is me chasing a fly ball in center field?" y ceived in » aaftingion. : Ushers included Norman E. Han-i t - ' 185-1--Birth of the Republican Par; cock, cousin of the bride, of Ports- 1 1 | ty: ma*s meetings throughout J mouth; Alvin S. Culver. Delmar. i I · left on a wedding trip to Niagara [ , - - - -----· -- - -- - » » « · , - i «jtti*ua« ii*^i *a*i*$£» */ u i » 4, 3t O : slavery culminates at Jackson. ; of Audubon. N. J. j o clock in st p aul - s " Lulh eran i Mich . since regarded as birth of | The bride's mother wore a gray church. Mversville. Miss Doris Mae party. · dress with white accessories and 1858--Lyman R. Blake of Massa- an orchid corsage. Mrs. Brown, chusetts granted patent for the : m p lher of the groom, wore pink since-called historic McKav pat- ! wlth .,, black accessories and an - r i orv-htrf corsage. Establish Diamonds 319 Mace Avenue. Bal- J Q J^QJ^Q 5/0/71 .-.»». \vhich revolutionized the , . , n,a,,ufacturin S of shoe, | ^ £°TM ^ ^ursday percent of the intended voters in - 1918--President Wilson decides : ding. grou p a nd February to 4 percent the last of upon intervention in Russia. -day evening June May. In the early poll the slronc 1925--President Coolidge orders " : nuotial events , core of Wallace's strength, about } 25 percent was among Negroes This is Ewing. perience tion for the Advancement of Color- · ed People convention in Kansas j ! Coast Guard to drive away rum The bride and groom were i_- t- i _ j i. *·.» j uated from Kenwood High School Aughmbaugh. daughter of Mr. and j fa 1946 At present ^ br 7 de is em _ »*M S ," PaUl T " l l Aughmbaugh. 218 j plo d j the ffi f th Eng!ish Miller street, Chambersburg. Pa.. ^ : « ,, , ,, ,, . ,, T,:I^ -,,,, r*^ %.,«. _ . ._ ! ano. American xailormg C.o. ine Lohr Patterson son j . an mol of the BeU Mrs. Fred Josepn Pat- . Sys , em _ ! June 17. and a dinner" to the'^: j^^J^^ Vn Ihe^o^te Sg"i " AmOn f the out-of-to.-n guests i friends Fri- i -.». T r j T i were relatives of the bride from ,, ceremonv with Rev. Kavmond L. _.., . -,, ,. _, . . . , , lt _ , 18 were pre- j Mafktey ; pastor of st . Paul s per . j^fj^- »f ^^ot boU, . I of Mr. and evening. , erson . ov»»i.c . . , ns the guests from a distance j formi " S the ~«mony. There were ^ ^ Accompanying Mr. si LiKhts of New York." in New · in Ston; Mrs. Annie Cathell of Chin- York City. j coteague. Va.: Mr. and Mrs. Russell the NAACP · .Mexico. ' daughter of · of Lewis- ae is a cousin 01 ; town and Robert Carpenter, son of formerly of Lm- . s?r- wts \ I9 ^^ni: d Am -- on Rcn - s if^?i^ M - White. to ouietly sound out poli- j 1944-American invasion forces In JV^'^S'^i^S* anTca^rT^;' tical sent.mcnt among the 250 dele- j Normandy fight the Germans all \ of Norfolk. Va; Mrs FiJrence H!st Mrs. J. D. S ftr J y ^ ° r M- W e r C pr °: Wa1 :; along the line. j ings. Wilmington. Del Tnd airs Paul's, plaved , , . lace. and Rpnuhlirnn «*«ntim*»r»t · ,, ^ ^^ . _ . J »-.. T^ - . , ^--»-*., MHU i«rs. j · *- - *^ . ^ i | 1945--500 American planes drop ! May E. Jester and daughter Cath- j mony. "On! Promise Me by Reg- j j thousands of tons of bombs on ! erine. Mr. and Airs. Howard Amoss ' inald DeKoven. "I Love You Tru- j sentiment lace, and Republican was fairly negative. The latest confidential nation- , wide poll for the White House [ shows something new in American i politics. Sixty percent of those i who said they would vote in TCo- [ vember answer they had not made j up their minds hoxv they would : mark their ballots. This is the · exact opposite of the usual per: mony. The bride is a cousin of Mrs. Markley formerly of Lin- Carpenter. 30 North c o n Way West. Cnambersburg. The ; Wisner ^ married Qn bride wore a white eyelet emoroid- ; Friday ,,-,, at o - cloc{ . in ered dress with white accessories. ^ parsonage of ^ e Evangelical corsage of red roses. and Reformed church of Lewis . Mause. organist of St. \. preceding the cere- !' 4 9 4 V Q 10 7 3 2 A 9 6 S 2 A 10 6 3 2 ¥ 5 Q J 10 4 4 9 8 6 4 _ V A K J 8 4 + K Q 7 3 "ijuinament -- Neither vul. South West North East I V 1* 2 V 2* 3 * " Double 4 * ' Pass 6 V Pass Pass Pass Opening -- 4v K * Bv WILLIAM E. McKEXNET Amoss. i cities in Jap main island of Hon- j an a Mr. William Ridgely. all of i b"." Carrie Jacobs-Bonds and as j announcement they ! . A l r ' a ." d ^ Ir £- Brown were gradu- F Thebride | P. S. On election eve in 1932. ' have taken over ownership of j the major part of Austria's in- I dustries as reparations. i 1947--Army planes hunt the re- i _ portedly-seen ' flying disks" on ; £35^ Pacific Coast. j Hedjte: ' B ' d !. gr f es from L °'!ege in 1947. ** ddln « t f P t o Canada " entered- the played the "Lohengrin bodice and treet. some twenty newspaper correspon- i Today's Birthdays dents went with Herbert Hoover', Ralph Morgan, actor, born to California. Sitting around in 1 Ncw York City. 60 years ago. the Pullman they made bets on ! Niles Trammell. president of how many states the President i tiona! Broadcasting, born in would carry. The highest estimate i ietta. Ga.. 54 years ago. | was 8 states. Somehow, the word | Harry F. Sinclair, president of j got to Mr. Hoover. He stormed j Sinclair Oil. born in Wheeling. W. back to confront- the correspon-i Va.. 72 years ago. By in ! palms Rice in » -? e . t . tin 8 of March" by Felix Men-! was used as the Written For NEA Service Bridge is a partnership gam For that reason, individual tournaments, in which every participant ! skirt. She xvore a fingertip veil P lavs with ever ' other participant I _ _ j carr i e( i a bouquet of red roses as a partner, have not gained great baby's breath. Mr. and Mrs. ' popularity. An exception to this Holt Jr of Lewistown '. ** ^ master individual charn- couple's only attendant. : pJonship. which is strictly invita- Praduate of Mrs Patterson is ? graduate of f S r k i Mrs. Holt wore a white dress and , «onaL and always fills up easUy. * of roses and and white gladioli. dents. By turns indignant and Edwin B. Wilson, executive edi- ; Lutheran church. at 6 p. m. f^ ad j ng ' , Mr " Hoover insisted he | tor of the'Brooklyn. N. Y. Eagle. 1 June 26 ^W no, ^ only_ wm aga.wtjhe ; born in Brooklyn. 57 years ago. j Rev . of Mrs. Mary B. Jtown. and the late John H. Hedges, were united in marriage in St. Paul's Evangelical Walkersville, young Governor of New York. Franklin D. Roosevelt, but he would carry several Southern ; LT* states. i b o r n Roger W. Babson. of Babson Park. Mass. famed statistician. Gloucester. Mass.. 73 years ago. PERCY MYER. SON OF GEORGE E. Myer. received a ver,- uklv wound on the third finger of his left hand from a cheap tov pistol. The following were injured by firecrackers: William Lease, hand burned: Jemey Albaugh. hand burned: Charles Kline, face burred: Silas A. Thomas, hand burned: Maude Crum. face burned: a little daughter of Mr. Frank Sheffield, hand burned: Louisa Me- Ginnis. Willie Houck and a sor. of William Heard. East Third street, all burned. Receives Letter Of Thanks From Germany S. Joseph Zimmerman. 320 East Third street has received a letter of thanks from Werner Birker. Bad Kreuznach. Germany for some clothing Mr. Zimmerman sent him in the 1947 clothing drive. Mr. Zimmerman put his name and address in a pocket of the garment. The letter said: "Your gift parcel has safely arrived. It was distributed to us by the 'Hilfswerk der Evangelicshen Kirche in Deutschland.' You may be assured of the great joy you have caused and of the thankful thoughts that go to you from the recipient. As our house provides for 2.000 people, most of them ill Wooing South--Few people have 1 Ralph S. Damon, president of been tipped off to it. but Senator \ American Airlines, born Franklin. Howard McGrath. the Democratic j " years ago. E. Koontz Helwig. pastor of the bride, performed the double ring service. The bride was given in marriage by her father. Mrs. Charles H. Lutz was matron of honor and the Farmers and" Merchants Trust Co. i mon ". the nexvly weds left for Mr. Patterson iss Frances Nelson of Chicago, individual game annually that attracts players from all over. , pr _ H ..., tp of th _ i weaauiR trip on the Skyline Drive. '· the country-. A large number r£x .School Class of ! The - wiu make their ho " me in F «d- . eastern stars participated in it this . . '" · 3 - lluui - ^ prick Durfns? th*. ivar th* Frnnm J" c a r - out none of them finished in 1941. served m the Army, attended erick-^ During the uar the groum ( ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ four or five sessions of play was Lester Hofheimer, of St. Louis, the Army Air Force School, and was commissioned a bombardier with rank of 2nd lieutenant. He is Mercer--Wachter Miss Audrey.Elizabeth Wachter. : Mo. employed « present as apprentice , daughter of ^ and Mrs Calvin j Harry Fisbbein , o£ New Y ork, foreman of .he Stanley Manufac- Wachter of Bloomfield, became ; selected todav's hand as the out- ' tunng Co.. of ChambersDurg. They the Dride Qf Spencer - Cmm Mercer . standing one of the tournament ' left Myersville after the ceremony ^ of Mr _ and Mr£ Adam Mercer ; ^e opening i ead of the king of , for a weeks visit to iMew Enelana ;-i.r-n =TI_ r_ _ ! 3 _ _ .. r , . , , ; and southern r e s l d e a t the ome °* the bride's only attendant. J homes in Chambersburg. Richard Hedges. Middletown. i Engagement Announced rx~**r1 Qc Ji ic V\t-/"*rT-i *»»-"*- Vmr-*- ·_«__ I ·* JT_ t ^ T Tir~i^.~._ * '4- 4- TV" f 1 " . i - - ' - ' " '"*· -"·*-»·- «.*iv*- -.»*.* ^. A JtUC^-Ufc ^U.^.i LK^A t 1 JLiA^ \J^/^iA.iiA^ it«3VA \J1. (..LAC CV,Ulg£ \JJL ~- irisit to JNew tngiana ; Walkersville. in a ceremony per- | spades must be won by declarer * L-anada. ioe \v ill j fonned Friday evening at six j with the ace. If the diamond suit^ I o'clock on the lawn of the Evan- will break three-three, declart-.-,? gelical and Reformed" parsonage. ; does not have much of a problem, of Lewistown. The single ring , but he must gusrd against a four- ceremony ' was performed by the ] two break. Therefore, one of the new Ray E. House ! i pastor. Rev. Merle F. SoUinger. The at this __ ^_ e _ point he national chairman, has been mak- i Raese H. Taylor, president of ', served as his brother's best man. j Mr" and Mrs. Walter B. Snyder. j Drid e was attired in a gray street ; should cash the king of diamonds ing love like sixty o the South- ' Union Oil of California, born in · The ushers were Elwood Bussard of Elmira. N. Y- announce the en- ! !e n ?th dress with green and white j and lead a small diamond to the erners for several weeks. It is a : Los Angeles. 48 years ago. i and Carlton Rhoderick. both of · gagement of their daughter Mar- | a ccessories. She wore a corsage ! ace. A small diamond should be smooth and effective job. ' " "' '" * . . . . i _r ...t-n- Lco Friedlander of New York. ! Middletown. in New Immediately following the wed- The first real sign of the cam- eminent sculptor born ; paign to bring the Southerners , York. 58 years ago. ' back into the fold was Roll Call } i 46 in the Senate. This was an at- i Today's Horoscope I tempt by northern Republicans to : Here the desires are turbulent ^ : dump the regional education com- I and the senses keen, yet there is a After the reception 1 pact by sending it to the Judiciary : pervading gentler element that on a m O t O r trip to Niagara Falls and ding a reception was heid on the lawn at the bride's home on Fulton avenue, with many friends and relatives of the garet M. Snyder, to Wayne C. Neely. of white rosebuds and baby's ' returned snd trumped with the of Frederick, son of Mr. and Mrs. ! br eath. Miss Beverly Wachter was : ace of hearts. Next he leads the . William W. Neelv of Greenfield, j n e r sister's maid of honor. She eight of hearts, wins in dummy la. Committee. (The regional compact often turns to the study of nature would, in effect, give Congressional and her problems, or softens the sanction to segregation o£ Negroes tendency to excited action. Success Walkersville High School, class of . i wore a brown dress \vith white ' v.-ith the ten-spot, returns a small Miss Snvder is a graduate of El- i accessories and a corsage of pink . diamond and trumps with the kin? couple in attendance 1 m ira schools. Elmira College and | rosebuds. Grayson E. BeU served ; of hearts. '-- sption the couple left Western Reserve University. She ! as Dest m an- Mrs. Mercer is a \ Nov.- the fifth diamond is estab- is an assistant professor at Hood graduate of the Felton Business \ lished. so declarer leads another ' School, of Baltimore, and is now " heart to dummy's queen and dis- Canada. Mrs. Hedges is a graduate of ' [ College. in education.) will probably come early in Hfe. j -43. and ^g Frederick Memorial The motion was carried, but Me- , and if proper care is taken, it will | Hospital School of Nursin" class Grath voted with the Southerners ' be permanent. : *" and was able to deliver the votes of several Northern Democrats. In ' all. only eight Democrats voted to ! , ,-f, r o . , send the bill to the committee. Me! AlHOJlS 1 116 ijlCK Grath has also stuffed national *p committee posts and «-nni-»nt;,w. a ' r s. Ralph Potts. Hamilton ave Mr. Neely is a graduate of Par- i employed at H. F. Shipley's. The . cards his spade on the good dia- groom attended Walkersville High ; mond. Then he can ruff dummy's sons College. State Unix-ersity of Iowa and Columbia University. The prospective bridegroom is protessor ! of "46. She is now a staff nurse of i o * sociology at Hood College. I Frederick Memorial Hospital. j ! The groom was graduated from j Ensjasrement Announced | Middletown High School in 1944 i School and served* three and one- j soade with his last heart, and half years in the-U. S. Army. He ' simply concede a club trick. is now employed by the Pennsyl- Ii declarer lays down a high i vania Railroad. Mr. and Mrs. trump from his hand to start with, I Mercer will reside at the home of he --vill lose the contrac Announcement is made by Mr. | the groom. -- -- -Following the American Wheelmen, held jobs with the Southerners. convention | nue. who has been undergoin treatment at Emergency Hospital. When this hand actually was West held tb{~ dummy the nine Fishbein contpnds that of-town cvclists were here. The Hagerstowri team arrived, however, and was readv to contest with a Frederick team when it started to rain and all events were called off. An exciting Same of baseball was olaved prior to the rain and Frederick beat Union Bridee. 13-6. with Brust and Creeger the winning GEORGE WATTS. 23. HEAD MILLER for E. A. Shriner and Son at the Ceresville rr::!!. drovrned in the Monocacy r=ear Slagle's lime kiln while baihinc. Twenty Years Ago LOd.1 Items From The Columns Of The News, July 6. 1928. FROM 5.000 TO 8.000 JAMMED 1 Baker Park to see the city-spon- ; sored Fourth of July fireworks ] celebration. The temperature! reached 94 for a hot holiday. A t windstorm caused some damage. ' SINCE THE OPENING OX JUNE 23, exactly 3.544 persons have availed themselves of the opportunity to use the municipal swimming pool in Baker Park. Net ad- missjpn receipts have been $580.90. LARGELY ON ACCOUNT OF damage from smut. Kessian fly, and rust, the wheat crop of Frederick county, it is estimated.; ·will be from 150.0CO to 200.0001 bushels short of the normal yield | of about 3,250.000 bushels. j FREDERICK NEARED SECOND; place in the Blue Ridge League , by winning a double-header' from Hugerstown here. 10-2 and ' 8-1. Hanover leads the league, j and during the war. your help como to fill a real great need. U will not be necessary to tell you how diiTicult it has grown to provide for the daily bread and the clothing for all. as you will have heard enoush ot poverty, misery great need in Germany. This jlty has grown more and more during the last year? So every piece of clothsnc given to us is s-och a great help Thank you for helping in ihb time of misery With thankful heart? we realize that Christian brotherly love ha? not been destroyed, thouch a -.var of s:x year? destroyed half a continent and brought yo rnuch hatred into thc bc3rt= of mankind. We feel "h?t the love in Christ unite? us all." M^ Birker is a pastor of the church. On the other end of Wash in** on treatment at Err-ergency Hospital.' ^^ ' La"h *" "" "j "" ' M " " deL "h ' ~~~ {he correcf Percentage play is to good host Les Bittlc. the Senare was reported today w be somewhat ; ^"^ Lutheran church. Bruns- '' muV^and" the "late" Mr.'deLashrr^tt .'PATRIOTIC PROGRAM GIVEN i lead a sm-U heart toward dummy minority policy committee secre- ""proved. _ _ . v . jck _ June 26 wag the scenc of \ rhe Iatte _ xvas a native of Fred . j A patriotic service, appropriate ! _ . v pla " tn " nine s P° t - However. the wedding of Miss Jane Hope ' erick. J t o toe Fourth of July, was held in ' tary. has been holding hands with Mr - Charles E. Walker. 8 East , Second sireeu returned to his home the Southerners. Almost every lunch hour southern drawls snd , hearty laughter booms out from ' Memorial Hospital, where" he has Young and Esten Othelia Rudolph, i Miss Crovo attended the College ,' tne Leaders" Bible Class on Sun- ibouaM that was for you and a little too «, » _ - ^_ » . . A - U U i i ^ C l l l U jL-OH-ll ^^ L t l C I i d j L h U U W l ^ * ! * i _T* i J^ V-'i U V l_* a t«.ClHJ C^-i J-iit V x \ _ 7 l i C K , t ---TM .^.·w* *r J^A^JI^. v^iooj *J1 v J U i l , , _ on Thursday from the *jedenc. j ^ ceremonv w - as performed ! of William and Man.- and now is day morning with C. A. GOson ' ' he tei ] an / ! n ' ne sna !t K siia a Alomrtt-i^i Hr»crM»n3 -SI-KOT**. H« hncr ^ , . . ,. . ^«--v.. _ ^, n : no Ti^«r? gladioli finishing her studies at George , presiding. The opening prayer was i - ~ n °- C! - . o r n o ~ a o n s n n e s u bcnjnd tnc c'.csea doors of B i f H e s ^en for the pas, mon.h undergo- ; fianked with white ferns and can . · Washin2t on Universitv. ' ' : QelabrBS . Rev . Ralph H. Miller tne do ^ b1e rins cere . pnvate office. ing treatment and an operation. Bully Boys--Reporters weren't "' s home on Carroll Parkway Sun- " v the only ones shoved around by da ' afternoon from the University some of the buliy boy assistant Hospital. Baltimore, where he underwent a major operation and was a patient for three M C .s. Mrs Viola Fry. 6 Wi?ner street. \v?s removed Saturday a t noon t o _ _ . _ , . , _ the Frederick Memorial Hospital ^^1?^-. Va!."""and' 1 A!^e Tlc- j given by M. R. Etchison and George 1 sergeants-at-arrns at the Republican convention. 'One press association man had h-.s shirt ripped off. A radio correspondent \vas given the burn's rush, · Robert C ____ __ _____________ ^ ____ ___________ _______ ____ __________ ^ MV . U ,^,^, ,, . The bride was give", in marriage - i n the School of Foreign Service at i the "Declaration of Independen«-e" j ? er ' ~ f" 351 · N " int y her father. Mrs. Albert Cole- ' Georgetown University. He served ' was delivered by State Senator Ed- i ing s week i J patriotic ; ' Hammond Mi!-»^ · N " intn street, are spsnd- in Atlantic City. N. man. Frederick, was matron of ' with the 15th Air Force :ri Italy , ward D. Storm. Two honor. Miss Eileen Steiner. Jef- during the war. ! numbers "America. Ths Beautiful" ; ferson: Mrs. Gloria Methane. Bruns- Miss Katherine B. Manor. 520 Tne wedd:n3 will lake place in · an d "God Bless America" were West Potonl2c street. Brunswick, the fall. is-ong b y Mrs. Ruth Dixon Thomas. ! left on Monc " a :-- for Ithaca. N. Hencmckjor.. the Republican nom- for treatn-.cnt. Removal was made ince for Senator from NC-.V Jersey, in ; r!e C. E. Cline and Son arn- was thrown off the flx^r. x-. here he had cone to vss-.t w:th his state's deicca*:or.. in the C. bi:lance Mr. John W. Lens, the Francis Sco't Key ant, Washington. D. C. served Jaharia^ as bridesmaids. -^ Q u: Mr. Rudolph hcd a.= best ,, Foe The attendance Qf numbered 51 in . sne will attend the six-week s m m e r Eesslon at a cuest st Kenneth Clevenper. o: Winchester, and Mrs. John W. Pitcher. Balti- 1: , Hotel. wa5 The ushers were Albert Coieman. more. June 27. st 4 o'clock when 107. ass picni{ , SI"E BOARD Former Inspector of Weight* and Mea.-urtr.- Alvey A Moxie of Dama-cu?. has enured -us;" 3;ain-; the Montsomery Board of County Commif^ioner'; for reinstatement iri his old job Moxley. one-time coi:n- ty police chief, was relieved of his duties \vh?n the commissioners voted In March. 1947. to aboiish ] his P opt - Seven months later the ; ooard re-esiablifhed the office and appointed Wilfred E. Dayhoff to ^'^ '' L - Moxley is a member of the Democratic State Central commit- ' tee from Damascus. The job pajs ' S2.530 a year. searching (or an ;:iter\ie\\ to fill time spied Senator Owen Bre'vstcr of Ma:ne. clutched h:ni by the collar and said brightlj. 'Senator. i?n"t it wonderful about Marcaret Smith's nomination?" Brcwster. who sided u. ith her opponent. Governor Horace A. Hildreth. gulped once or twice. The removal School, was secretary to the s«per- ' e j. perfornle ' d " th e single r cere- SaUirdnv :n th" ambulance of M R. E"ch-on and Son. Desk Sere! Austin L Heffner. of the City Pohce Department, who Brumback had been on «ick leave at his ·ntencent Hospital. of rrederick Memorial mony. , , ,, . , , , _ T Tne bride was attired in an i c e ' P ' 6 imbarf^ anC r P W^h f cSe" blue crepe dress with .hite.cces-. ^ in ,, served :n the U S. Nav : , :n World !° ncf ^l Ca J rl ^ an _ O ^^T 5 ^ ' ^rving aboard Univer- C. Zimirserman. Jr.. son t j of Mr. and Mrs. Karrj- C. Zirnmer- ; . be he'd on Thursdav evening. Julv · man - B raddock Heights, who ha?, j s- - , 1 J5 . _ _ _ fe ^, s ^ caX has returned Areonautical Louis. HI.. . iying Aviation ing. Sparrows Point, :h his aunt ;. B. W. Wilson. 802 North Market street Miss Myrtle Myers, -who formerly resided at 58 North avenue in a posi-- Home J " ARRIVES IX LISBON Gilbert H. Pheabus. seaman ap- r T - - -- . , --...- .,--...u^u at ,j\j »ui ti; i\ i of Union Bridge ar- Hagerstow:,. has accepted * Sb ?\ P ° rtuga! - whl!e "on at the church home ard the heavy cruiser wood. Her n P «- =^,-»« ^ i nad ocen on «:ck icave at n;s served :n tne c b. .\av-, :rt world . ; ... , - j ,,-, serving aooara tne neavy cruiser woori *Tor -.r.«- =^^»-»«., · -u home. 718 North Market street War II and received hi.; discharge Bouquet ,r,set w-,tn an orchtd S iss , uss Macon _ Qne ;he 13 . vcssc] 'lTM*'^l^-*?^ ln Ha S ers - _ _ . _ c* T^f^i-,\tftT-^f\ Trtrt*^ -ntr^f^f^ *1T ? P l l * . . . . _ _ »U »s .1 15 io I I V I Ft in: 3 3V/*nil*» MARKET PR1CF.S Wheat, bu. . .. Barley, bu Corn, bbl j I S 2.22 , S 1 41 S11.75 smiled that cat-like smile of his in treatment of a a sickly way. and came up with, Sunday night. "Yes, it certainly was interesting. ' In the New York delegation, an- ' omer reporter casually ssked a delegate known for his conservative view?. The delegate looked aghast, pounded the u n f o r t u n a t e reporter on the chest with finger, and know what since Thursday, was removed to Frederick Memorial Hosoital for heart Jacqueline Jones, niece of thc . ^sh^en" pVacti« 5^0^ '°^ o £ l%?£^TM ^l*',, bride and maid of honor, wore , ita ann £ al summer ,,,,£_ £° r L»a be«i receiveo by Mrs. pink sharkskin with white acces- ; James ii. ^alk. i\ife of the county | scries and carried an old fashioned ' SENTENCED FOR TAMPERING i irea s^fer._tha t her sister. Mrs. Ro- House of Ktpreseniatives?" · son The fellow said weakly he didn't, i in 1946. They will make their home in condition. Winchester upon their return from . , a wedding trip in the south. i £«- »"--»'~ ^,^/^r'^ ' ^"c^^nlribbT ^o^^Ta, ' «.r w . ****; WashingtonrB/C.. Baltimore served as best man. taker, in custody recently by Officer . v'* in afmemt . er of thc American A reception was "held at the home ; Arnold Nalley. cf Brunswick, i r ived safelv a* Ath» , e c e ' ar " an- ! of Uie bridegroom's parents imm.ed- , charged with tampering with a ! aft ._ ,, / 0 /.., l Ajnens_last week. __ » » i i - i j j i t 't m I ai -*- c ^ 1 «* «ifc~iioi2i nisris irir^ rrnm tn^ leir I i^telv after the ceremonv. Refresh-' truck and two automobiles. At a ranifai i« «· \ i. *T. , ^ap Ua , to .j 0]rl her i, usbari( j who · , Miss Clemson To Wed after being sworn in the I Ir ' and Mrs - Charles O. Clem- ot Westminster, have engagement His companion said indignantly. '· daughter. Miss Kstherme Clemson. j ments we.'e served with a three- , hearing before Magistrate H o w a r d ' , presently or. dutv at Sain it- he chest with a bony "\vhy. she suned the di.'charge ' t o A r t h u r Gordon Turner, son of | tier wedding cake decorating the ' Marvin Jones he pleaded guilty and jyj r j pa ]j. a n ^ j^;^ ji,, said. "Why. do you p f t,tion for t h r Townsrnd Plan." | M r e Florence Brainerd Turner, of tablp. ; w^s sentenced to six months m the daughters of Mr«: John !hrfnfc ih*'* was the first thing j iCocynght. 1948. by Globe Synd.) I Washington, and the late Arthur Shortly afterward, the couple j House of Correction, . | city. "' ^"0"", mis '·SFAFERI MEWSPAPEJRl

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