The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 14, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1948 The Daily Register (Established .'1869 as Saline ' ; / COunty Register.) Out Our Way Published evenings except Sunday* and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by XEGISTER PUBLISHING CO. ' of Harrisburg, * MBS. ROY L. SER1GHT, , President. CURTIS G. SMALL,Editor and Manager., Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY ''Even God likes to be appreciat- ed.--Ps. 116:17: "I wiU^offer to ihee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon, the name of the Lord." 1 BD3LE READING FOR TODAY '·Jan. 14. What God Requires.-Micah 6:1-8. Sore Throat v of colds.' Rub VapoRub on throat... chest. Melt , some in mouth, too! r WHV l SODA, "I'M JUST ROLLIN' A FEW INI CASE I WAKE UP DLJRIN' TH' NIGHT/ NO, YOU HAIM'T/ THEM'S TO KEEP ME WORRVIN'ALL. NIGHT, OR SEE IF I'LL. STEAL ONE/ PUT 'ENA BACK IM THAT SACK/ By Williams ·ULLAPMfl" COTTON NEVER MADE N\ORE K THAN ONE BEFORE ·· V, BUT EVEN HOT ( COFFEE SEENAS V TO SMOKE / MORE WHEN I YOU QUIT V SMOKIN'/ x. · ^ Typewriters Repaired We far Caleulstors. Experts on All Makes and Models nt atw trwte «· ·* «H adding madUM, FrM» LEROY MITCHELL Tvpewrite^Salej. Swtiw " Harrlswra, IWnols vtw " '· "5 THE NIGHTMARE I BY NEA SERVICE. INC T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off. ·· · Jobless but Happy BLOOM1NGTON, Ind.(UJ') -- A radio manufacturinu firm here gave Robert E. Kelly $500 for a suggestion that eliminated the job of storekeeper in the plant. Kelly was me storekeeper. Doc-Coyoto Crow A rare. wolMUw animal in ,»,., tlvlty at Southern Normal imlvtr slty. Cnrbondalc, 111., hoi been da! slflcd as a crow between a German police dog and n coyote. I , M ! · .l.lf Randolph Scott doesn't mind three being ,a -crowd,- m, from Zane Grey's "Gunfighters," starring Barbara Brittonj.with.,j3r,uce Cabot, showing'at the Orpheum Wednesday and Thursday;- - ·· Homemcakers Column From Saline County Home Bureau Mary M. Harper . VI. t. frt.CH. MERRY- 0- ROUND · y »tt : W f l A I S O N DREW?PEARSON Says: Char-lie Michelsoiv'Was Almost: Deserted before'He Died; The Oil" Shortage Will Get Much Worse; Three Famous Sons Urge Veterans Housing. WASHINGTON.--Until he died last week Charlie Michelson. onetime high priest of Democratic strategy, had sunk completely out of the "public eye. There was a time when politic- ans lined up outside his door, when senators sought his help. Wilton acucziui.3 jwwo«»- -"^ ..^i^. uuiii,y w«sa wuuii^ uv JLAV^ v**^ *.******* when cabinet members submitted t regarding the oil shortage. Before their speeches to his seasoned eyejthac it was blandly asserting that to ~ the "current oil shortage is an in order to gauge public reaction. oil W0 uld flow freely as soon asl increased { * low to Germany of IQ,. There had been a day \\nen j there was sufiicient transportation. G00 b arre i s per dav. The extra oil WATCH f £Al£Ar.'( ' with Properly balanced feed is all- important in egg production. OCCIDENT Laying Mash is a feed that supplies an abundance cf the vitamins, minerals and proteins that good layers need. K e e p OCCIDENT laying Mash in the feeder at all times, and watch egg production soar! Holland's Feed Mill Dorrisville Phone 220R of Greek descent, George Vournas, who.-,owed nothing 'to' Michelson, had never received a political favor in his life, but merely believed in helping his fellow men. OIL DREES UP The American oil industry is now spending the huge sum of $t;800.000-in a powerful counter- sales campaign to persuade people not to buy oil. The amazing fact is that it was only just recently that the oil in- dusltry was willing to face the facts impossible, it is' highly 'unlikely. Geologists have been^prob^ng the most promising terrain for the past 15 years \vithout tapping a single, major field. So, while our productive capacity. has reached its* peak, the nalio'n is draining its oil reservoirs faster than new oil can be poured in. The deficit is estimated at 429.000 barrels per day, and the rate of consumption is on the upswing. : The only immediate solution is to increase foreign oil imports.- This is why Arabian oil and the dynamite-laden near east become so important. The government already plans to import more oil than- it exports this, year--for the first, time in history. In case of wary of course, outside oil could be cut; off by submarines. This leaves the only remaining answer: synthetic petroleum. And experts say it .will- take another ten years to produce synthetic petroleum commercially. NOTE--One factor contributing Sometimes I can't lielp feeling \\himsical about inanimate objects. And today its potatoes because i just know that the potato family boasting to its vegetable neigh- 'bors about the elevated position it holds in the world today. Of course that wasn't always true foi back in the 18th century Europeans believed them highly poisonous and that they polluted the tarth. In fact, in Ireland potatoes v.ere known as "lazy rots." But goodness, they're far from that these days when so many of v.b depend upon them to take the place of \vheat products. Fortunatelv for homemakers, potatoes are about the most versatile food m the kitchen. One time make it cream of potato! soup, or next skip to your mam' course with potatoes cooscd till done with a bit of onion and celery, then drained and riced, seasoned with salt, pepper and vita- Rats (Jet m^.fiqr^ j s j (i NEW YORK tiE--Twenty-four large brown rats left La Guardia Field aboard a Sabena Belgian-Air Lines plane for Brussels. They will be used for experimental work in fighting an epidemic of infantile paralysis in Belgium. MEN GET PEP! /?£JTO*f VIGOR ·^···^MMMlPWMMIMMMPnWV^^^^^w^v"" 11 ' -- · Why feel old nt 40. 60 or more--why be the victim of the older Tears? If life apparently has tost it* zest, you again may be able to enjoy hfe as you did in your youth. It added year* have slowed down your vim. vitality and youthful pleasures. here is a simple method that may change your whole outlook on life. Why not try and regain the pleasures of living you once ·njoycdT Why be discouraged--why not regain the verve and; zest of a much younjrcr man T Many men are obtaining amazing r«ult» With Beytnm tablets. ' · Jo«t k*k t yoor dmgjtut for Boj tron. (Each tablet sealed to retain, high potency.) Women too find Beytron helpful. STIMULATING. TABLETS DOCTORS and NURSES v ' Doctors and Nurses send their patients to Harris' for drugs and sickroom supplies because they know of our complete stock. Our recent inventory showed 997 drugs in the drug department alone. / Furthermore, we have the new, modern drugs that Doctors prescribe. We fill prescriptions almost every day for new preparations that have just been approved by the leading doctors in big city hospitals. cmd Carl L Harris PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Carrier Mills, Illinois tary" has x!u£ its own .-requirements j.o'. just the nglit amo t6 the-bohe: in fact/ --is snort 25 per: 101 a mighty good dish cent in commitments for 1948. DeV Mashed uotatoes arc Charlie guided the political hand. This writer as early as Sept. 7 \; v "^inio^~Bnt^h 2one"t^ of John J,.Raskob,Avien he helped j predicted that gasoline would have · a ;.mv*"e^pTaia"s" " \ctliall\ ; "fne mili- steer, Henry Wallace, away front to, be rationed this winter.- while," * ? d t*\ .- .· O t. a ; reojl i remen t5 sensational 'publicity- in connection, Acting Secretary, of i the Interior ^^ »**L*-»- . , _J* ._ ,.. with'"an a'strologistj'and wlien he Oscar Chapman informed Congress aided the then..-unceijtaia,path o f j j n i a te September,in a statement Franklin Roosevelt in' the difficult! available to the 'oil industry and days-of-1932.. - - the entire-public "that-oil "would ., But, those, days ,hav.e been gone b e extremely short andishoulLlje sometime iiow.''ahd^in his latter j rationed. ' ' ' r years Charlie Michelson was large- De sDit» ly forgotten,,, The^eople who once sougut his counsel came no longer to his door? ^Day-after day passed and only a trained nurse sat opposite him as-'he- played solitaire. mined margarine. And there's one of the easiest but tastiest potato dishes I know. Scalloped potatoes are favorites v.ith -most everyone, particularly men. And it's so satisfying to prepare them, stick in the oven and let them alone. Here's a variation, though, that's tempting and a tine accompanient for a fiankfurter or hamburger supper, just prepare scalloped potatoes as usual--but to each cup of milk used, stir in t%\o tablespoons raus-[ taid-with-norseradish. And you've [ just the right amount of zip cent in commitments for 1948. spite this, isolated, incidents^w, .teUtn,of on the part of ,the army and aiE- *5 _ti:_a- 5_iS»j ~:i -^ i;fnK1n^Ms ,,.,, this critical situation, oil-burner manufacturers sold 80,000 burners in. November--an all- time high. And even while. Standard Oil of New Jersey, was un- him as-'he; played solitaire. ^ i oa dm* surplus oil burners on the There 1 were 'a few, however, wno DU ]J}J C j t was quietly converting its .^ Kir 4-Vio naintf ATi^TlPlSOn tO * *-T -%r T «1 n «4- V^^*v\ /*?lj stuck by the aging Michelson to j - s'avwav, N. J., plant from-oil- the. very end, and most faithful , to coal · · among them was a man who had ' For t ' ne i nescapa ble truth is that nothing to do with politics. Scarce- · QUr basic oil reserves are drying assed but this man d ! is ly a day passed but this man the strong likelihood is *j ** v ***.7 jr"TM"·"·_ " r * i ul*« .ViJiu me o*.*%»**e, **.*%.**«·»-·»*·» --·· not drop in to play a game of gm | that many American homes will go rummy, bring Michelson special · food, or try to revive his waning interest in life. . . This man who remained faitniul when others forgot is an American GOOD FEEDING IS^NO ACCIDENT '-OGCISENT Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the without heat for prolonged periods this winter while farmers will run short of motor, fuel to harvest their crops next fall--unless a stiff conservation program is adopted at once. Boiled down to the cold facts furnished the government by oil men, here is the oil outlook today: America's petroleum -reserves are estimated at about 22 billion, barrels. Of this, less than force *{idh ^ne^d oil as ~~ ,. Withiirthe?-easf ew weeks Stewai Field, N. Y., has converted heating units from coal to oil, Ft. Myerjs^Ya., has switched frorrf coal to oil'fof heating barracks, i THREE. FAMOUS SONS | The sons of three famous men called on.president Trum'an thq other day with a plan to do some; thing- "on their own" about the) housing shortage. The callers were Franklin IX .Roosevelt,, Jr,, Repi;ef sentative 'Jofin F. Kennedy "of Mas} sachusetts, son of the former ambassador to Great Britain, and Robert Wagner, Jr., son of New York's veteran senator. Their plan: A nation-wide cant paign to force Congress to take a long-delayed vote on low-cost housing. The drive, they said, wiU be launched at a Washington meet- it leaders beginning Mashed potatoes are probably) the most put upon method of pO- tato cookery. Sometimes they're lumpy, agam they're watery, liut \\hen they're just right--and the icasonmg's just right--in my opin : ion nothing couia be- better. So next urr.e you're whipping up potatoes, make certain they're drained thoroughly Then do a thorough job with tne ncer or whatever method used to mash up the potatoes. Seasonings depend upon taste there must be salt, pepper, warm milk and vitamized margarine. A dash of onion juice ados ilavor and for variety, soi»en smaL diced cheese in the milk while it warms and whip into the potatoes. For leftover mashed potatoes-and I suggest that you see that there will be leftovers--make nt- tlo mashed potato balls and top tomorrow's stew. pie why not a crust browned just so? Or if it's meat mashed potato can be traced to new Oll "That's where you come in. Mr. [President." spoke up young Wag- , can be trace o new O l d TM; n c r. "We want you to appear oft discovered-during the past aecaae. .. , nrACTr , · ; , vnn nossiblv do the-program' if you can possibly do so. It will mean a great deal to the success of what we're trying to do." caSi it goes right to the seat of tte ^C bala nce- was-added through flamed bronchial mucous mem-Jin other wor ds, recent discoveries « - - - explain that qulc^a'aays the cough or you are " f mnsnmntion. on tne oiner . r __ . u _ _,.,., ^ 'to have your money back. CREOMULS1OH for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis OIL TO GERJIANY While a major discovery is not NOTICE « V . ST.- TO Owners or Operators of Juke Boxes, Pin Ball MQ- ' chines. Cabin Operators and All Places of Amusements in Saline County, Applications for License for the Year · · -/ ; *,- ."· 1948 Must Be Made By February 1,1948 Blanks arc now available at the County Clerk's Office in the Court House. EARL VINEYARD Chairman County Board against inflation. GAL. 2 MERRY GO -- BROWN 1 "You have a splendid idea," responded Truman. "It fits right in with what we are trying to do and what I have repeatedly advocated to the Congress -- a lor.g- range housing program for the benefit of low-income families. · "I'll do my level best to appear on your program," he added, "in. fact, if I'm in Washington at the time, I'll be there." The President went on to say Register 3Irs. Edna Jones Representative Nursery Shower Honors" Sirs. Eva Grace Hali A nursery shower was given at the home of Mrs. Myrtle Maple Jan. 7 in honor of Mrs. Eva Grace Hall. Several games were played and all had an enjoyable time. Those who won prizes were Mrs. Nellie Ozment, Mrs. Sarah Pitt- Mrs. Margaret Tucker, Mrs Sioyl James and Mrs. Lizzie Baker. Others in attendance were: Mes- damcs Kathcryn Gill. Ruth Morris. Nellie Inalone. Maxine Malone. Khcda Wilson. Italeen Shclton. Marv Lou Reasons, Lois Wathen. Grscc Limerick. Myrtle Karnes. Helen Manker. Lora Dudley, Mary Allen. Eva Ryan, Myflle Nelson. that one of the most serious prob- 111421 \J1I\* V*. %.4IU 4tiVOb O^.* *W*4J |^A W~ _ loms of the current housing siUia- ; v Sncs _ Jones. I Jcscphinc /vllcn. Bertha Smith, Holland. Irene Sprague. Ella Car, he remarked., "A veteran may buy I a new home on lonjj-tcrm credit--r ' say 30 or 35 years--but after he has lived in it four or five years tcr. Ethel DickersoS. Ruth Spraguc. and l he honored gucsl and hostess, Mrs. HaU and Mrs. Maplc. nas iivcu in 11 lour or live vc^r* ' , . . he finds hinxxeU stuck ? ,ih ex- T Mrs »TMcl Jon« and pensive repairs which he is unable to meet on top of his monthly J payments." i "That is certainly true in New | York." agreed Senator Warner's json. "Most homes bcins sold m my stale arc not a good investment. For that reason, \clerans arc loalh to buy new homes, but arc moving into rcr.lal units, and arc bcin? gouged from S50 lo $120'a month in rents." , "Unless we arc able to mobilize j public opinion." said young Ken- incdy, "Congress will try lo throw ; us another bone this session." Llondcl Limerick came later in the evening and several others vho could no! attend sent gifts. \V. J. Edwards is seriously ill ?.t his home. His son, Adolph, of Kankakcc. is uith him at present. Dr. D. L. Woolard made a business Irip lo Paducah Monday. Bert Edwards Mi Sunday for St. Charles where he has employ- jr.ont. ""Mrs. Catherine Weaver entertained the oung women's club Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoffnian Fire Chjcf on Joo 0 {' Cleveland, Minn., spent the CONNEAUTV1LLE. Pa. T,TT' -- week-end visiting her sister, Mrs. j Hilda Uhcr saw smoke risinj; from her telephone sw^^chboard. Tn-l ytcad of calling the fire department, she intercepted a business call Fire Chief James C. Manross had st-irted to make. Manross ran · over and put out the blaze, caused by a short circuit, with a fire extinguisher. .7smes Woolard. Family Runs to Twins GLEN FORD, O.OlRt--Mrs. Char lolte Ridcnoyr believes her family may have set a record. She has twin sons, twin grandchildren and two sets of twin great-grand children. IMPORTANT NOUNCE · r i 2 Day Fur Showing · } '- A ' · I I f *^ i t · j i- .· ; · i : . . , - / , fhqrsday and Friday .j .. ... .. ., .- ·.'.' -·*..«'A. .;j .,- - «· ' ' =,-·,£..·:?",:,?,:; ~, ...:.v t - · f/; January 15 and 16 January Sale of Furs at FRIEDMAN'S A Glorifying Presentation of Lovely Furs at Extreme Sayings by Makers of Traditionally Fine Fur Coats Included in this showing are rare and elegant Mink Kolinsky Mcuton Muskrat Squirrel and other popular furs all artfully styled by famous Edmont fur stylists. During This 2-Day Event Prices Range From $69 Lavish Fur Scarfs from $7.25 per skin Extended Payments Available Never before an event of such fashion and value signi!"cancel Your early attendance will prove a thrilling style and value experience. REMEMBER - THIS EDMONT SHOWING - 2 DAYS ONLY Wednesday and Thursday Jan. 14,15 HARRISBURG k;:r¥$3.£^ r "

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