The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1956
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Pago !0 <£hr Thursday,. March 22, 1050 Betfe Ford To Fight Abroad She's Top U.S. Female Builfiglrrer' . Xi.;EVO I.ARKDO, Mr?:. -I,'! 1 ;- ArnersfJin . torcr.i Ford, who Tn'ikos her sin-on-! ripp:;::;-^ice :>: Uv- Nuevo Laredo buih-ing en ES-S ;<:•!• Sunday, has announced pi.-ifis to fijrhi, In Portugal and F,.:.:ici- next yen,-, Tlii'- invasion by thr pretty for- jTii"-i' New York mrsi;''/! will be iho i'tj-ct of Europe- by a I'.S. woman Ir.'lifi'trritrrr, However, she says she v.v*i^s to gain t'XiX'rirsncc 1 first. ••) -.ran! more s^Msoning in the rctrruias of Mexico and Central Amf-rica," sin; said. "I \v,int. to lie Mrre I am ready before jroing tm V'ur over there." B--UC, i", is i-cfogTiised 55 the b:\SJ <">f several U.S. girls now biiii- fiphtin^- in Mexico. Nnevo Laredo promoter Laura I.uis Lor.gorin ha? booked hc-r lo alternate with t\v;> Inside Note SIDNEY. Keb. —{UP)— When Dave Tsifs unwrsppsd his 1956 motor vehicle license plates here he grot a surprise. Between tho plates was a .note ironi a convict at the 'Nebraska reformatory where the plates were made. The note read: "You Ere sure lucky T -° ' Da on the outside, getting these, instead of making them." COOK'S PAINTS SPRUCE UP ... our floors KENTILE SAL ALL THIS WEEK! ASPHALT TILE • Every Tile GUARANTEED Perfect • 9x9 -Inch Size - One-eighth - Inch Thick * ftr - the -Life- of -Your- Home! Choose from 3 exciting styles Choose cheery, gayh* mottled CARNIVAL" KENTILE for kitchen, bath, tr plavroom. Choose rich MARBLEIZED KENTILE for any room. And choose srnar" new CORKTONE KENTILE wherever you want floors that have the dignity and gracious look of fine cork tiles. Whichever you select, you'll love the way Kentile freshens up your home, keeps it bright, easy- to-care-for even- day in the year. Creale your own design Mix and match any of the colorful tiles in beautiful designs of your own inspiration. You can create floors just right for any room. And you can install Kentile, too, just the wa;, you •want it from basement to attic. It's easy and quick . . . just ask us for free instruction booklet. KENTILE IS GUARANTEED FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR HOME! You get this guarantee with every Kentile floor you buy. It's your guarantee thet colors will not wear off . . . tiles wili noi wear out: as long as you live in your home! MARBLEIZED 23 COLORS 10 COLORS low 8 Tile CORKTONE 4 COLORS 12 Tile 35V 2 x29'/2-INCH KITE Limit J foo chi/d accompanied by parent COOK'S PAINTS 512 W, Texas Avenue Dial 5005 DAILY CROSSWORD .\I-:.\ic:in bull'ijihKT?: on Aprs! 1. They will fig-ht six bulls fix>m Kl Cor !n;> ranch in Z.u'iT'oeas slate, .1 "lighting strain developed by tha famous Monterrey bullfighter. Loror.r.o Garni, now ro- liiwJ. who solJ the rasicti 'o Jc.^r.s Cab re:-?. ?>Iiss Ford .I'M." has fights scheduled at Juarer. on Apri! S and at Nog-ale? AD-'!' 27. After those, she \vi!! return 10 the world's larsrest bull ring, Mexico City's Pinsa Mexico, for an c-r,;:?,eerr.ent. •'1. have r : ;i ii.-!'L!>;'.e' r.a'.es yet for Portugal or France,'" she said, "i aiso r.m arxions to t'ic.h; in Spain, bin they (in not permit women bullfigtiters." Gen. Henry Hodes Is Commander in Europe WASHINGTON' — UP — President Eisenhower has named Li-. Gt-n. Henry I. Hodt's as rom- mandcr in cliief of T .~.$. Army forces in Europe, efieciive May SI. Hede.-. 57. will succeed retirinE: Gen. Anthony McAuHffe. Kodes. \vho now commands the U.S. Seventh Army in Europe, was nominated by Mr. Eisenhower to the rank o£ four star sreneral. ACROSS I. Freight of .1 ship <5. Silent 11. At full speed 12. By oneself. 13. Concise 14. Craze 15. Allowance for weight (co mm.) 16. Pronoun 17. Distant IS. Sloth 19, Pinaceous tree 21. Chest used for keeping- food cool 24. Body of water 27. Tibetan sric-sts 25. Skir. disorder 29. Social climber 30. Sews with long stitchas 3 I.Luke warm 53. Delirium treniens is.bbr.) 34. Greek letter 36, Indefinite article 37. Girl's name 39. Frames to hold out the skirts 41. Tropical ungulate 42. Sea eagles (Eur.) 43. Correct 44. Squander 45. Haircut short across tht: forehead DOWN 1. Tall, reed- like marsh plants 2. A native of the United States 3. Unusual 4. Pith 5. Single unit 6. Domesticated 7. A wing- S. Face 9. Protuberances of the skull 10. Rip 16. Witch 19. Lettuce (U. S.) 20. 22. 23. 25. 26. 2$.' , 30. 32. 34. Sacred bull (Egypt) Feelings Infant Goading Mean. sneaking- cowards ' Little child Storage compartment Antiquated Exc!a- matScn no tt$ KIH HUffl 3-J3 YMler<I»y'» Answer 35. Book of hours (Keel.) 37. Tibetan priest ?,S. Not closed 40. Cherished animal 41. Flap (S 18 ~ zT 59 44 35 si ^ J9 40 it. 00 12 41 45 20 24 17 25 S3 10 IT HAPPENED RIGHT OF WAV EINER JUUL to the State of Texas out of the H. T. and B. RR. Co. Survey. Sect. 10?. Abst. 567 and Sect. '?0, Abst. 539. RIGHT OF WAY F. T. Mallev to the State of lexas out of the H. T. & B. P.K. Co. Survey, Sect. 109. Abst. 156. RIGHT OF WAY GLUE R. JACKSON to the State oi Texas in the T. & N. 0. RR. Co. Survey. Sect. 1?6. Abst. 427. LEASE AMENDMENT WILLIAM DOOKNBOS. C. Doom- bos'Jr. and Richard E. Dornbos to Union Oil Coir.pany OL Californi-i on land leaders in Sect. 59 of the T. & X. O. RR. Co. Survev, Abst. 275. WARRANTY DEED C. C. WARE and wife, Nancy Ware. to Evelyn Ware Rutherford and hiis- mand. Charles S. Rutherford, a part of the West 20 acres of Lat 29. out of the Theodore F. Koch Subdivision. DF.ED LUCILLE E. HARBOUR to Bert A. Harbour out of the Vincent Barro-A- lease, abstract 29. WARKANTV DEED JACK B. CAUBLE and wife. Aubrey Elsie Cauble, to Raymond T. Kuneske. and v.-ife. Cle'iia Fare Kuneske onc-haif in lot 3.2 and 13. block r.O of (he Winnie and also one-half of certain described personal property. RELEASE TEXAS CO. to Arch ir- Lee Re via Jr. and wife: one acre out of the T & N. O. R.R. Co. Survey. Sect. 75. Abst. 2-iS. WARRANTY DEED GEORGE REED and wife to H. H. Cooper out of the Henry Griffith League, Abst. 12. RIGHTS OF WAY GERALDITvE ELIZABETH Yt-ar- ;an and husband to Chambers County out of the- Jam~.<- Hoggatt league. Abst. 14 Lot 7, Block 23. CONSENT AGREEMENT KECAPS INVESTMENT Co.. Ltd. Sur. O;i Co. First Natior.a- City Bfv.ik of New York. ConLi:»:ntal I!iino;.s National Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago, and Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. to each oth';r on 'niusr.-s out of Rt-ubun Barrow I>.-ai3U(.', Abst. 54 and others. WARRANTY DEED A. R. SHEARER and v.ife to Tenntssc-e Gas Trasmi^sion C'o. as rt-cordtd in vol. J., p. ~jhZ. RIGHT OF WAY MICHAEL BAUMERT and hLs •A-jfu to Tc-nri'/s:•'-(: C.'I-H Tran.';r^:s' sion Oj. out of ;,h-' Or:-ors<: L. Short Survey. Ab>:t. 22,;. DAMA(ii; RELEASE A. EELMONT LAWJiENCE ar.r! v.-ifo to Tennessee Gas Trar.smis- rion Co. as n-cortic-u Voi. 17], p. 114, Dc'.d Records. In Chambers County MTSTERAJL DEED R. M. COLE-MAN to George P. Houston and Edward S. Hill in three tracts: Tract 1. 630 acres in the T. & N. O. RR. Co; Sect. 41, Abst. 270: Tract 2. 620 acres'in the T. & N. O. RR. Co. Sect. 35. Abst. ;-J2: and Tract 3. fi'SO acres being ail of T. & N. O. RR. Co. Sec:. -52, Abst. 536 and 532. : AMENDMENT I L. D. WILBI;RN. >H »;, to Ti.-nn- I C&SPC Gas Transmission Co, out of the John Stci-le Survey, Abst, : 227. OIL. GAS MINERAL LEASE J. IXNKS SUR?".R!i of Miami Beach, K!a . to J, p'rnd Haworth Jr. 40<5 iicr<-s ;n tho Robert Wiseman survf-y, sbftt. 23. EASEMENT CHAMBERS COUNTY to the Kta'.f. of Tcx^:- for S750 out of a & a;:rc- ira^t ,n thi- S. Bumey Sur- ;$*•*•* SAVE ~1 UP TO I $1,000.00 ON A NEW 1956 DODGE IP.N1E DIT7MAN WJ KAST TfiXAS DEED TEXAS GULF Producing Co. to Amos C. Stephens and Blanche T. Stephens 0.421 acres out of the Henry Griffith Survey. DEED TEXAS GULF Producing Co. to Arnos C. Stephens and Blanche T. Stephens 0.395 acres out of the Henry Griffith Survey, Abst 12. WARRANTY DEED CARL F. SMITH. L. P. Smith. W. C. Smith, Louise Williams, M, H. Barrc-.v. ct al, to Alice Wilburn and husband B. M. Wilburn, 1.31 acres in the William Bloodgood Survey. WAJIRAOTT DEED DOROTHY M. DERICKbON and Frank E. Stinson of Los Angeles County, Calif, to H. M. Franzcn: Lot 7, Block 23 of the Winnie Suburbs, Abst. 14. WARRANTY DEED Tii. L. FRANZEN to EsU.-r Phillips: Lot S75 of Fairview cemetery. WARRANTY DEED ALINE MAGEE Trammel! and husband. K. R, Trammel!, to the Winnie Church of Christ: Lots 6-3 of Block 24 of the Wir.r'- :i- site, AGREEMENT A. R. SHEARER to Ojmpier Brothers the right to drii! a v.-atcr well or '.veils ana' lay pipe to and from v.-ell, \YAKRA.VTY DEED J. P. COLLINS and -.vif,-. Etta Jt-an Collins, to J. P". Yir.srsn r.'.nd v.if.j, Goldii; J. Yinson: Ixil 10, Block 5, Bayridge Addition. RIGHT OK WAY ALICE JACKSON White to the Texas Gas Corp. out of the Maria T. Bodt-n Survey, Afosi. H. OIL, GAS, MINERAL LEASE H. PETERSON. G<-rald Sherman, John White. Llov.J Sherman. H. A. Yarn. R. D. Mullins to A. W. Frank'.-, r.vo tracts: Tract one, i'i'.i'x acres in the Ja.mes McFaddin Survey, 17 and tract two, sft ar-n/..; bound on thf> North by tht> N. D. Libodie Survey. Abst. 171, on the E;:st by thi- James Ail'.-n Survey, Abst. 1. ancf on the v-y. Ab.'ct. 1, and on th<- South by the S. S, Shirrmnn Survt-y and on the West by I^ike Charlotte. South by the S. S. Shr-rrnan Sur- ASSiG.VME.VT J. HAWORTH to The Surxirior Oil Co. out of the ArLson Tavlor survey, abst. 21.1. RIGHT OF WAY GRANT OCTAVfA LaFOi.'R nmJ husband L. B. LaFour, to the State of Texas out of th<- LC.T'CT i.apour tract in t.he E. H. R. Waili;, Survey, Abst. 305. OIL, GAS, MINKRAI. LKASE H. W. KILPATRICK. Nyma Ilfrey J'ar:- !<••>-. Gencvi'-vc Ilfrey Lincoln and Chftrlfs .1. Lincoln. 1) to Ralph H. Hary 110.87 .Tsres in three tracts out of the Henry Griffith League. OIL, GAS, MINERAL LEASE A. \V. FAYLE, Ivy I>-e Kllpatrick. Ear! VV. Wilburn, et al, to Ralph }'.. H;iry 110.97 arrf-s in three ira.-fs out of the Hffiry Griffith f^.ogue. , ASSIGNMENT HALPif B, JIARP to Michel T. Halb.-juty three tracts tot.iling (10.97 aeres out of the fleriry I J \VARKA.\TV »I:I:D KfiOST NATIONAL K:n>'« o! R:H) Ar.tonio,' '.'-. to Kst"i L. FOK- tr-r C.I acrf-j'i '<iit «' Iii<: ,1,-iniC-s A'if'n S:<rvy, A'nst. 1 rHARLKS TP.OV u> <7-. C. C;u- ho:;n: I»ts 2->, »'.. r.fl'l S5 of »:OC.'K 2 of the IXvibh Kayou rXs- MAIN SERVICE STA.i In Our New Store Modern, Expanded Facilities Tor Your Shopping Convenience SHORTENING CRUSTENE 3 IBS. SPECIALS FOR • Thursday • Friday • Saturday FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES LIBBY'S BEEF ft CHICKEN -j^ TURKEY I LIBBY'S FISH STICKS MORTON'! APPLE 0 CHKRKV * 1'KACH * IJLUEHEKItV ROSEDALE PEARS 3 ROSEDALE WHOLE KERNEL ROTEL TOMATOES GOLDEN AGE SODA WATER 13 No. 2'/2 Cans 12 Oz. Cans 303 Cans Cans LIBBY'S Vienna Sausaae 6 H! C ORANGEADE BiTS-O-SEA TUNA PET or CARNATION MILK 8 Cans 46 Oz. Cans Cans Cans GLADiOLA MUSTARD 9 Oz. JARS 29c fia i \* FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES No. I Idaho or California POTATOES Fresh CARROTS Fresh STRAWBERRIES 29 Cantral American BANANAS *l ,, ^' £ Lb, / WALDORF TISSO RATrS'S THiCK SL3CED 15 ROLLS I a LOS. RATH'S TRAY PACKED CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE 00 SOUP 8c.J 75c SEE BAYER ASPIRIN co™ 47c CREST — 63c SIZE TOOTH PASTE 45c NBC VANILLA WAFERS 25c BA.UA. PKACir OH APRICOT PRESERVES 5 '» 1.00 Rath's SAUSAGE ILb.Rcll Bsby Beef ^^ I* a PI .•*»!*' ff^y* S^ii^if^^A/fl isF/fv^' :Sv : . r Wnuwii or %*n own i\^^3)6Lb FresMy Ground HAMBURGER - 33^3 u». m& Li'.'sv/ood WIENERS .,Lb.c.,i.p fe9 . Nice Fat 3 Ready to Fry Lb. FREE KITE I sm LUX LiQUiD jwith «ach •BRAcHWfKtER ,807 CHUI Regular Sire

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