The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

IXTPITOAY. NOVEMBER 15, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS; PAGE FTVE. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. •y Ollvs RobsrVi •artsn. JACK'S HOUSE COMES HOME. * * A w • * 3 >IIH""" -4 •ur« •nought Mothtr O OOM on h er broom and Daddy Gander on hit dust-pin wsrs riding through tha air at faat aa magic could bring i thsm. bnd worked so hard 'n everything!" Suddenly Mrs. Spratt gave a shriek. "Why there It Is now," sh« cried. "It's coming ora Daddy Gander's dust-pan."'' Mrs. John couldn't believe her eyes. "I'll have to touch it beforo I'll believe It'B true," ulie declared. ".Tack! Jill! Come quick, everybody!' Come and see tvhnt's happened." Jack Spratt rURhed out, and the Old Shoe Woman rushed out and all her children, too. And Poppleton Bun rushed out puffing like everything.. And the Crooked Man and Humpty Dutnpty and everybody in Mother Goose Land rushed out to see I lie ntrnngu sight. The .House-TliatJack-Bullt came nearer and nearer and finally settled down on the exact apot itjiad left so many hours before. . Mrs. John rushed in first, "My bread-sponge is gone!" was the first thing she Bald,' Isn't that Just like a woman! But she remembered her manners later, and she and Jack mnd Jill thankod Daddy Gander ;and the Twins for all they done. "Wo are sure you are qfllto welcome," said Nancy and Nick happily. "We've had a lino timo." (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, 3821, NEA Service, Inc.) • FEW WANT LONG \ TRIP TO ATWOOD. The domnnd for com huskcrB at Atwood Is not being supplied very rapidly, according to H. W. Chnbln, of the Kansas Kree Kmploymeflt Bureau. Tlys reason for this, he thinks Is the sudden cold change In the weather arid the distance from here to Atwood, which would amount to quite a sum In carfnre. * ; -L. High Producing Cows Sell Well at Auction The strom, demand for high producing daily cattle In this county was shown by the splendid prices which was paid for the 39 hend of Holnteln cattle which wore sold at auction this week by Walter Shuler, two miles west of Hutchinson. Cows Bold for from $125 to J235, yearling heifers brought an average of JIM, and calves only two weeks old sold for $80 and up. The fact that Mr. Shulcr's herd had led the Renn* County Cow Testing association In Its production -record brought buyers front far and near. 15. E. Totter, auctioneer from Sterling, cried the sale, lie was as. slsted by W. H. Mott, state secretary of the Holstcln Breeders As- 1 social Ion. Many of the cattle soldi were purchased by Itono county' dairymen, who realized their value as proven by the official records of ttie cow testing association. Icicles due in a few days—let's clean your winter clothes. I-owia Cleaners. Phono 1335. 11-lOt Outside of Europe, Japan is this country's principal market for raw cotton HADLEY REVIVAL POSTPONED A WEEK. The revival which was to start tomorrow at the Hadley Memorial church und 'T Ucv. Kdwnrd Ilrld- well, assisted by Ucv. J. VI. Christian, chaplain of the reformatory, has bnen postponed a week and! will open Nov. 2\'. instead. The de-' lay Is due to the illness of Mr. Christian who l« to conduct the music services during the revival Pathfinders Elect Tomorrow. Ten boys of I lie 13 members or the Sunday school class of the First l'resbyterlan church, taught by A. A. lieinlngton, h^vo passed tlie pathfinder tests for the Pion­ eer club. The other three are expected to pass them today so tloi, of officers ami organization nf the club can be held tomorrow morn In*: nt the regular Sunday school meeting In the Y. M. C. A. Alcohol for your radiator'. \'-\* proof, formula 5, a'. HockariayV Butter-Knxst [ Does Not Crumble Try it Yon Cannot "Hera) they come! Here they Comet" cried Nick aa he looked' but .of the window of the House- That -Jack -Bullt. •nra enough! Mother Goose on tier broom and Daddy dander r on his duat-pan were riding through the air as fast as magic could bring them. They lnuded right In front of Jack^ house, and the Twins and Mister Plm Plm, tho browtifo man, rushed out to meet thorn. "Well, here we are," croaked the white crow, hopping off the handle of Mother Goose's broom. "And Bow that everybody Is safe and sound, I'll be flying back to my nest on the mountain. I am greatly In need of sleep. Good-bye, •rarybody." And flapping his wings, he cried, "Caw! Caw!" and flow off, "And now that everybody la safe and your friends are .found, I'll bo going, too," said Mister Plm Plm. "They are looking for me in Brownleland. Good-bye." And he shrank up Until he dis­ appeared altogether, before the Twins had time to thank him for helping them out of their troubles. "Now we shall go hack to Mother Goose lAud," declared Daddy Clamler. So he spread his magic dust-pan on the grass and said a charm. Instantly the House-That-Jack- Bullt, slid over and rested on the dust-pan (which stretched Itself out to the proper size) as though It had been there always. '"I'll go on my broom,"~~sald Mother Goose. "I'm not comfortable any other way." Daddy Gander said some magic words and away went the House- That-Jack-Built, Twins and all, back to Pippin Hill where It belonged. Mrs. John was on Mrs. Spratt's back porch talking. "Well, I don't seo anything else for It," she was Baying. "Jack will just have to go out and gather mora wood and got nnother house built before wiilter comes. But It's too bad about the other one disappearing tiio way it did. After he Hide Your Fat OvorfntueHs Is the on« mWortune wlilcli you cannot hide from yourself or from those around you. If too thin, your dressmaker or tailor can supply the deficiencies, but the overfat carry a burden they cannot conceal. Thorr 19 one- sure way to reduco yoqr wclfflil quickly and pleasantly—the famous Marmola Prescription. Thts prescription changes the fatty tissues and [ut- producinE foods to solid flesh and energy. It helps the g-enarl health ami digestion. It permits you to cat'sub­ stantial food. It leaves tho skin clear and smooth. This famouB prescription Is now condensed Into tabhH form. Kach tablet contains an exact dose of the same Ingredients that mnde the original prescription capable of reducing th»-overfat body steadily and easily without tho slightest HI effects. Take one tnblot after each meal nnd st bedtime until ths normal wotght Is reached and the bodily health completely restored. Ask your druggist for Marmola Prescription Tablets or send one dollar to tho Marmola Company, General Motors Building. Detroit, Mich., and you will receive enough to •tart you well on the road- to elender- ness and happiness. Don't put off getting slender—this Is your opportunity to mftko yourself attractive— Bo get a box and start today, I HOTEL LASSEN Wichita, Kansas , Compare These Rates $200 $250 $^00 for one person $LQ0 and $1.50 for an additional person Central Location i Fire-] HOTEL LASSEN Unprecedented Washing Machine Sale "APE X" At - One - Half - Retail - Price Electric Washing Machine This "Apex" shipment is direct from the Apex Appliance Co. factory in Chicago, and consists of absolutely new, perfect running, A-l Apex Electric "Washers- This is not an Introductory sale— lust a Great Big Bargain Machines must be sold nt once. They are nil the same. Come take one today. Going at— Retail Price Why Break Your Back? Use Some Sense !" y "APEX an at ONE-HALF PRICE Let the Little "Apexes" Do the Dirty /Work Legitimate Sale "Apex" carries no bunk with its name. You may purchase one of these "Apex" Electric Washers for cash or payments, although cash is preferred. Payments must be guaranteed. One-half the retail cost. You pay hauling from warehouse. There is no margin or profit in this sale of the "Apex" nt this ridiculous price- There are 400 "Apex" machines in use in Hutchinson now. Ask your neighbor. She owns one. "APEX" (With the 7 Little "Apexes" Electric Washing Machine Selling as Never Before y<L Retail Price i APEX Cash or Payments (With the 7 Little "Apexes" Electric Washing Machine * Selling at the Unheard of Vfe Retail Price This - Bargain - in Leading - Washing Two Sizes Shown Six Sheet Capacity (washes six sheets.) (Regular retail price, $150.00) Nine Sheet Capacity (washes nine sheets) (Regular retail price, $100.00) These first class, high grade, brand new "Apex" Electric Washers sacrificed at the unheard of H pricfc of retail dealer. "Apex" type, "Apex" shaped tub, Seven Little "Apexes"— (That's where it gets its name). Pure copper tub tinned to prevent dirt and grease sticking. A Marvel In Washing a - First - Class - High - Grade • A-l Machine - Never - Before - Offered 400 "Apex" Washing Machines are now being used in the homes of sensible housewives of Hutchinson 1/ Retail /2 Price If You Don't Buy—Come and Look Be Convinced They have never been uncrated and are to be hauled away from Mechanically Perfect Full Descriptive Specifications "APEX" Cabinet is hydro pressed 16-guaKe steel, made especially for tho "Apex" Klectric Washer. The transmission is slow speed, antifriction, guaranteed never to wear out. The wringer is solid cast aluminum. Nothing will tarnish or :'iist it. The wringer swings, hooks operates in nil positions, with semi-soft rubber rushions which will not break buttons. Buy at V 2 Retail Price No Catch—No Bunk—Are Brand New—In Perfect 0rder The - Hutchinson - Bonded - Warehouse 701 - East - Second - Street Get Rid Of Dandruff] By Shampooing With Cuticura Soap At night lightly nnnlnt the icaip, wpe cially spots of dandruff and Itching, with Cuticura Ointment. Next morning aham* poo with a ituds of Cuticura Soap and hot water. Thut treatment doea much for dandruff and Itching scalp*, tbtcauw of thin and falling hair. - Mr ..a<Altc ,OI »lm.rit»i»ndMt.T»lr«m»«, r Cukut. Stasias Slkfc lie. Why do your own Family Washing when our Terms are so Reasonable. PHONE HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. Tuttle, Prop. Read the'Classified Ads in The News-Herald Day Wasted - IT CETS MY (JOATTb FORGET TMIUC'S HKE.TH.AT-~1 MUST TAKE UP OKJE OFTROSE MEMORY COURSES IF \ EVER CAUTHIMKOFIT- ~ ITtL ?f ?O0ABLY COME To ME JUST Ukte ~TU#t SOMETIME, LIKE A FLASH' — DARU \r ' | CAN'T SEEM TO eer HICT'QPF MY.MlKIP — 'I -X. { — I'LI NEVER. 6e HAPPY'TILL \ ^ 1?r5MEMBEE. WHO ~iMAT ElRD —~ \ - Eta -ere— I GOT IT-V- Hewe* J. SCROOBS? ~ THE. "BUM VJMO -SUED ME LAST SUMMER FOR «uuuiwa ov /eR- His LAVJU .'! J— -TMB Si£- r ^r By C. A. Voight J

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