The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 5, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1918
Page 4
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I' THE H UTCHINSON NEWS IF>|CIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTV I j5* I ( W. y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1871 *?nt(*<*' ut the J'oeiofflce In Hutchln- «OIL Kan., tor UtLOsmlislon through the malls as aooond-daAs matter. „ . . . TELEPHONES. Duals CM OHIoa ,...,.110, 3 AdVorUsinfc-Dojmrtment Ntf. 3 Sultorlal flourua , ,No. lot Society Bailor ........ ...No. !4 M ^ TEAMS OF SUascRIPTIOM. Dally edition UellveitMl by carrier to any pari o( Hutultlnsuri, 10 cunts a week. Uy mall, one year fllM By hum, ou months 1.1,0 Uy mall, threw montrw J.0«j >Jy ituu, uuo mouth , ., ,tp Weei./ Mews, one year 60 . TO CHANGE ADDRESS, in ordering tho address or your paper changed, stuto whether it Is Lmily w WceHly News and U1VE YliUU VOHMKll I'US'i'ur'KlUJA .MUJJllKbS u) ivell as the Bhauge, ADVERTISEMENTS. v The None tesv-rvcH ttio light to reject lily advertising- matter U J u n may aeetu ImpropL-r and not according to cuntroct. Tlio Ncwa la hot r »>*hJli *lbio for adver- tlsoniufits uiUeJ<:4j or discontinued Uy telephone. Calla lor aoclsty meoUna*, card* ot thanks^ obituary u'.llcea, isolations, *o- clely and church socinia, lecture nollcai, calla for church mj^tinge lexcvpl sundny Bcrmon) arc ccualiierixl aa advertising r .hd will bo'tfct lor. The Kn-slurn olliccs of this paper are at 16-1B fcast 26th street. New York City, and Kooi[U!.«3«-iHS Harris Trust Uuildlug, Chicago; BIJ W&hJheliu Did*.. Kaunas City, Mil., K Kali AdterUslugNAgcucy In charge. Advertising nitoa made known on application. Tulephono No 8. Telephone news Hems to Edltvrlnl liowiia. No. 403 or 2AQ3. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tho Assoolatod press l> aM""' titled to the use for rcpubl catlonVf all Dew? ensiled to it or not "therelao ered. ,lrd in this paper and B»J '.ho local news republication of jpeclal despatches herein ore also reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Xfc ' TelcpTione SI. ^ h' No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson ••*•******«»•*»*»* > BAD ROADS. » • • 1 I ravel much in autos; by * ' woods unci field!! mid (initios ' ' > tnlio my stately way, unit see the * ' highway buildws lilow in our tnircl^' ' enined iitiHiltTs on ro.tds linn do * ' not pay. They're always fixing, * » fixing, iho dlrl and nibble mixing, * •nil summer Uiey liavc tailed; and * ' then cornea it torrent—the fuel Is • ' most abhorrent - and all their * ' work is spoiled. Their road la * > washed It, thunder; and Uiey re- * ' peat their blunder, Ihey build it * ' up iiK.'iin; Uiey cut their bootless * • capers Willi graders ajid with • • Herapers, miSKulded SOPH of men. * ' Tile roads are dragged and Krad- * ' id, and manicured and spaded, * ' and when it rains Ihey'ro done; * • the money that's been squandered * ' on roads o'er which I've wanderod, * ' in ftoM would weitfffn ton. Our * 1 roads arc dreary fizzles, although * Willi planes and chisels we smooth * them, year by year; for money al- * ' ways calling, they're good till rain • ' Is falling, and then Ihey disappear. * • When 1 his Brim-war is ended me- • ' thinks it will lie splendid If we gel • down to tacks, nnd build some * 1 modern highways, forsaking mud- • dy liywuys, \ and fully cattle * tracks. I travel much In motors * und oft 1 see tho voters sunk • shoulder deep In mud; respect for * morals losing, the language they * are using would freeze a purist's • blood. — WAhT MASON. * • | A RAILROAD NETWORK. \ If the Allies should disturb the net? work of railways In the triangle be- twoeu Douai, Canibrai and Valencl- onnes it might give the Germans .,,•„,• something to ponder about. Tlila particular hunch of steel is of the utmost value to the (ionium armies , it llioy ure to be fed and given plenty -€( munitions. The llritish Uiave this very thing in their mind, too, under tile direct- -f lug eye of Marshal Koch. Ill thai particular corner of the fighting zone Hie railroad lines are ccnlorcd in such it way as to be of the very utmost benefit to the (.ioniums, when Uiey are in full control o( that flection. Hut wlib this ronlrol hampered or partly divided the inove- jneut of-the supplies necessary over 3. some of the cunneelliig lines there Is very difficult. If Die Allies fiud a way to disturb I,., the proper functions of the roads there, from the standpoint of the Ueruiiuib, Inn latter will have a much more difficult task limn Uiey have * ]uul for some lime In supiilyius their Kolillers wilh the things Ihey must Jiavo lo hold the Allien back. The triangle between llounl, Cum: lirui uuil Valenciennes will be one of * (ho liaril things for the ilunii to give | up. ; THE FRENCH ARE HOPEFUL. ; ' Froiicli officials declnru they aro "on the last J«p and close to the winning post." It 1 B good nuw.H If true. Jt is probably tt Utile too early to expect, for certain, bul the i'Yencti aro hopeful. Thero is such u change In |i .«,U»u fortunes of war In the punt few weeks, uspociajly in the pasl few tfiu'ts, thai the French may bo ovor- optlmhstic. "On Uio last lap" has a good ring to 11. "Close to the winning post" is lllied with gromtfo. lM'u bopo the I'Voncli will noon get what thoy most • .'licslre. s pnOTECTION FROM WIDOWS. ; -/J'liu German officUila are making - pJauij to give the young WQWWI and ij |JrlB a chance at (he return lug BO I- llJUprp. when husbanda are being sought $MSb9 future, The pjau is to refuse lo w allow wldowii tg^be remartled. The reason Is this: Thero are a half million or more German war widows between the ages of 18 n<! 46, many ot them seeking a husband. There are also a large number of rounE women and Rlrls who might nlso deslro a male male for the rest of their lives. Hut what chance have they with tho widows, who can snare n mere man before he knows what's going on and before the young women and girls get their courtship fairly started? It seems to be the only way In the lanB of the Hun to take care of the younger females never married. Naturally they are backward while the widow Is wise, knows men and knows how to make them say the words that shrttupt them a wife before the younger women, not having hart this experience, get a fair start. It's probably all right. Ucneral Foch must have to get home in time to tarry In the winter's coal from the way he Is hurrying to gil his work don': In Northern franco. Its qultu likely hla wife has wired him lo inilt fooling around will, the nnny. and get back home to work before tho sue*' flies. There doesn't peeiii to be any other reason for such hurry. The Germans had it all fixed to spend a portion of the autumn alang the Nord caral in Northern France, but the climate suddenly grew so warm that there is a feeling that more calmness and serenity nnd all that sort ot thing wodld be found along iho Rhine. A Hutchinson man says lis gi.tllng M» he monotonous to he robbed, having suffered the humiliation In having his place of business entered 14 times in tho past year or so. I!ut at that its quite a compliment to his abllitay to accumulate things nnd get ahead. Doc Bridges, dentist, advertises all matters regifrdin' world politics, confidential. Some girlB don't seem t' care jest BO ther ears are covered. The Huns made it hot for the Allies during the early part of the week. The Allies were hot under the collar trying to catch up with the Teutons who were hurrying to gel back to the llin- denhurg line. Some of the Gemini.s won the race and the war will go uu After all. maybe Us best to end til war before winter comes on At least the Americans and the British and the French are acting like they had a mind to get rid of the nasty Job during Ihe yoar WIS. Much more than a million Germans have been in the fighting in the last three weeks on the wosl front. And those more than a million have taken a good whipping, too. But they had it coming to them. The Hun crown prince says the Allies and ihe Americans will get tired and (quit one of these days and quit pestering the Germans. But he'll have lo acknowledge it will be some IHUo lime off at that. First Kansas had some dell,;hu'ul rains then some cool weather. Kansas is JUBt the tning when she gets her climate arranged to suit her. It thoroughly fills the bill. A Britlsa submarine has sent a Oerman submarine down to the place whero iho official language is of the Uun brand. * USEFUL POST MORTEMS. Dy Ruth Cameron*. would overrun my clothing appropriation, that would give me distinct pause. Furthermore, if going without Unit luxury would make It possible tor me to put » larger sum than usual Into Iny savings account the dcBire to bp able to set down those figures and gloat over them would give me a push still farther In the right direction. I,Ike everything else, accounting and budgeting can-be carried too far and made a disagreeable Moloch on whose ultar peace of mind and reasonable pleasures and even a proper diet are sacrificed. \ But 1 imagine there Is about one case of thai extreme to a hundred of the other. 7x V ARMY CASUALTY LIST j "Phe rull-Jwlng casual tics are reported by the Command hi K (.Jfneral of Hit- yVmerican Kxp'-UHtonnry l-'urtrrs: Killed In action, 47; misxtnn ») "etion, 37; wounded severely, 76; died of dlsyat***, W tvouiidtttt, degree undetermined, JI; died of wounds, 5; died of accident and oilier fuuaes, 6. Total, IWi. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenant Charles Allen llaiiui -.ojtU, Port Huron, Mich. Serjeant James T. Gomllllon, Shreve, Ala. Corporal Michael J. O'Conneil, Jamaica Plains, Mass. Irving Todd Reynolds, Topeka, Kan. Privates I>andrum Allen, Gaefney, S. Floyd Li. Hawkins, .South Kaiiffatinn, Wis. JIajrry C. 1/ipmaii, Amtflla, lnd. Oscar Merle Patterson, Mi. Pleasant, Mich. Bvend P. Kaamussen, Hutchinson. Minn. Clyde W. Scarlett, C«ntervllle, Iowa, J DSOP H Barber, PeeL Wash, John clack, i>ep«w ( N. Y. John L. Hlrikie, Oftdrivatomle, Kin. < CAtlo LiHJoTie). Rome Italy-. ^ t»Uo l\ MWanK, Waasnu, wis. John CVMHier, Los Anxcleti, Calif, * Jamfefl Munrf), Cambridge. Wis*. Rmil Parlla, aordiier, Maes. . John Pruntr Rmith, SprthBlield, Mass. John Jl. Soyder, Jrwln, !'a. Ocorgfr W. Mnrshnll. "Hme, Pa. Oskar Mitchell, Hull, MJUW. lA>u\n J. Morris, Vineyard Haven, Mnw. JamuH A. OHvfcr, BMdKewnter, Mass. A*II Julius Peterson, St. t-nul, Minn. Kdwnrd PotnariiMy. Midland. Mt«s. * Stewart Reynolds, Chleagu, 111. John J. Subtly, Solnry. N. Y. CiiMI* iS. nittHon, WMHJWW, Kin. l.-^>iv» |.. Sletert, Warren, Pn. ttvercti FrtfniMH Smith, i4iKr*nRt?, Ky« Robert L. Sours, Luin.v, Va. Ole B^nnmn, Bi»x Rltb'i^, R. H, Curtis Taehnton, liarrl»buiB, III. Frederick Vonbehien, Ittewsirr, Minn. l'Jdmuud O. Wnjtner, 1 jn'i'osite, lnd. Jrtmes P. WBiker. Lad'tnln. Ti'Jt, Joseph M. Walloch. MUwauhn 1 , Wis. - h\\\\ aid Zaelunvskl, Milwmikee, Wl». Wllllamr K Werke, South Kl^ln, 111, JoHcph K. Andrade, S 'Htiia Clara, Cudf. L"Utn K. Kerry, Ihdy «Mty, Cullf. Andrew P.uvwan, M«-ln.>.•*(• I'ark, til. Thomiw Chitaeh>w)nr„ Koduin, Poland. llUKh A. Uoltlen, t'htcn^o. III. 1 wilds tJordon, Philadelphia, I'a. Irwin E. Davis, 0»rl*np.ime. Kan. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN 1 ACTION: Lieutenant Harold Clinton Wnttjtatl, llver.'ll. Muss. Corporal >Ouldo I>oir6»tlno. *Ne« York, N- Y. Pf Wates Churle« L. Hvoin*. ChapnHnn. Ala. rCIm^r M Offle, Spokane. WSFII. George <*. Smith, Seymour, Mo. DIED OF DISEASE: Privates CAS.'-py Dennen. "Wanvi/'k, tin. Albert F. Rckhnrdt. Lafayette. N. V. Pernhnl .1. Mttnthey. ShitKivRan.' Wi^. Ijiwn-nee A. Wall, Little Kueli. Ark. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates R Mui-ton, uiierlln, Olilo. lOariiubt l». tiyvatii;, Kimtutiion, Iowa, dialled Stihocki, )tMt>, N. V. Ji'Wi. Vandegrift, 1'tnhuh Iphln. Pa. Maxwell B. Stleh. YuiK. N. V. 1-Yiil M. W-elKel. Jettison City. Mo. WOUNDED SEVERtLV IN ACTION: Captain .lames Vandyke Nii.*.tti, p.Mlfviie, Ky. Lieutenants (»tto Carlson,>, Mo. Jerotl WitlhiTii Uav, Aphhnnl. Wis. Wuvne S. 8hllttivw..Mh, l*'airio»nnt, \Y. Va. l#ouin YViiuiiL* Spiiuidlnc UoHton. Muss. Marney U. Wlltoy, U'oixlhuin, Iowa. l-YanelB M." 1-rOni:. i "arrollton,' tJa. Sergeants. i-Ved 1^'hnian, Tit;' i ton, "Wi.--. Lawrence L lJukt-nheitiHrr, I'llt^burRh, Pa. Thoinius P. Shepherd. 1'iney l*l»tw, Teuu, Corporals CUKI Pelieke, Roundi:p. .fohn RofK-ek. Reruyti, IIJ. Alton C Prittln, Tr«v«r«f «'Ky, Mich, Arthur I'. l)unn. Ilii^iiri.i, K'uU-.i. • i **.. H«rp, Rttk»*tftto\vn. Md. Omer J. Laitdrv, WIIISUT, MHAS. Robert Lilburn Niehol.-s. i'old water, Mi eh. Thomas M. Klnlev. Port (iain»-s, <>u. Paul V. CarliliRton, Criffln. Ou. i AitM *rt G-my, Kultx{H!ll, Mont Mil;. L. Mahouc-y, Chlrano, 111. Waiter MunpUem, l*itt«hu-vli, Pa. Ray .Tntut J. St'heeit, fit. Jo^i-h, Mt». Jajucs 1* SehenniKman. Dettnuce, Mo. jXnii -s H. Sldel, PudU-y. Mo. John 1-'. Tlpps, Cainp lb-It, Texa .1. I I'rwl Turner. I-:|kader, luwn. John J. WCKOlow.skl. ML Cucinel, I'a. Thomas Woods. Kxp/irt, P;i. Mechanic Unle A. Matlinsly. Kurd.svill'-. Ky. Privates William Plank, portage. .Lini'-s Unwhearf, Botnieviile, lnd. iieorjje \V. DnvU, l^arande, \Vyo. JIUIU'K It. T>u\1fi, Slutluston. Pa. Clari'i.ce Dlx, Uiisnmoviu. Wis. WUllHm Dtiwc, Sturgeon Ray, Wl,i. Klhun Kolofollu-s Lowill, Xlnsn. Clare O. MeParland, Paw Paw, Mieh. ileorsn W. Mcintosh, Need ham, MJISH. Mlchftfil J. Maloney, Wakeflrld. Mass. Ollie L. Mason. Arlington, S. Harold W*. Munson. Si-okano, Washv Kdwuxd P. NeUeJ, CrtvRu, Wis. Patrick J, XriynoL Hayvllle, N. Y. Bnrr Treber, teajrtbHn*|fc: Ohio. Uislte It. Williams, Bitting*. Mont Widths J. Adarnx, Gibson, I A* Albert T. Ahfleradn, IjCttngton, Ky. ChArles BtdwMl, Bridgeport, Mich. II en nan w. Brown, Syke^vPle, Md. Daitlftl J. Cnlltthati, Brooklyn, N. Y* Vincent Clmlno, Chicago, 111. John F.I lis, Orange, N, J. (diaries w. PJetcher» Minneapolis, Minn. l/ouan Onhbnrtl. Cow Cre^k. Ky, Jay C. Oruminll, Ionia, Mich, l-'eter Israel, Washington, Pa. Henry Kopp, Brooklyn, N. Y. Thon.tis Osborne, Newport ^Sewn, Vtt. Tony Nnack, Chicago, III. flonhtw Olson, HetifolL Mi<-h. John W. Tuul, Kafrfleld, Jll. l>esler O. fUmiicy, Rlelth W. .Va. t'ny Riddle, petroleum, va. Jerry J. Rh-ndenu. New Bedford. Mail** Chelan H»«w. Akin, 111. ' ! Pant KuwKsier, New Yotk, N. V. Konest Dewey Sampaon, Knlnntasoo, Mich. William V.-ReholR. Whidlow, Aric. Pr:ink A rtdrew TrepeaynilRI, Detroit* Mieh. « Htunlev W, WutJttitl, C'hlnign, III. Civd*' Walter / WertK, tliutid RaplUn, Mich. William Whhiule, T.inlon. Kul. KdtUe L. Wynlgear, Bulhpnr Springs, Texas, 1 ' l-'M-d William /immcrmah, Manlste.t* Mich. WOUNDED IN ACTION: - (Deflree UndetefmInert) Lieutenant 1 John Atkinson, cn-rlyle, Pn. Seraeant Antoiiln Isolds. Blue Island, 111. Privates Joueph M. Cowen, Brooklyn, ^. Y. • ;> HeinhHi-t A. Phhms, Morgxn, Minn. V Walter B. OumilnKt Tlconderoga, X, t. Hernian Kerber, Rice l>ukr, Wis. Philip MolHeone. Lsoln, ltnly. Jolin >"ovokuskl, Mbliawaka, lnd. Cat tor Andrew Roberts, Crfcrdmoor, N. C. AteHn J. JVolattl, Iron MotinUiln, Mloh. Alex Tafure, Cnflorta T enn ° Por Font- ma lie, Italy. Helo Wvlftl-T, Philadelphia, Pa. MISSING IN ACTION: Sergeants • I'-MHlr-rlek <J. Knuls New York. N. Y. T'3mei ,1. MeCune, Cripple Creek, Colo. Corporals Clarence C Pay. Weleitkn, Okln. Jnmi -H li. KnrlpnL Manchester, KnK- Jiweph Pish'-r, WlnfieW. N. Y. Olon 71. Fritz, WlllUimsporL Mil. Only Howard Jerttine. Waylnnd. Mich. Rodney R. .Tnlmson. Golcondo, 111. Leon aid KalanrtiKoo, At I eh. Mechanic John Johnson, Akron, Ohio. Privates John VI. Ua-iley, Kcx>keft, Vn. OeorKe Baranack, liitmey, Pa, Bernartl L. Booth, y^nmetuburg, lown. Victor A-" Cerabahe, New York, N. Y. Kugtmc K. Claik, Colorado Sprints, Colo. (•'rank A. Cnelho, Kan Jose, Caltf. Joseph P. Coley. Glen Alice, Tenn. WUlltim M., Scratituu. Pa. John A. PrawToid, Montitwe. N. Y. Joseph liunelka.s. Harrison. N. J. Clifford P. Kiislmnn, Bontlnca, Mich. l'Yank II, Hills. 11*:In, Tenn. Joseph <I. Kunlee, Waycroas, fJa. Claud l J . Orav(F, Tlioinhom. N. M. .Iirfin J. Cllliland Weidvr Kalis, OkJa. Royal Jacobus. Vurevess, Bid. I'Yed S. Jainette, PhHhdelnhia, Pa. Joseph Ixmomo, St. Gervas^o. Italy, lloliert I- McAllister, Suiiwiit-rleo, VA. , Bernard W. AtcDonald, Indlunapolls, li)d. Kdwnrd N. 'MacDonald, Bayport. Mich. Clifford A, Mereiitjws, Kuukauna, Wis. Clarence l^e NVwlin, Cc« wfordsvhle, lnd. . Marcln Os-atxow. OtBo. Galic»a, Austria, .luttcph 1>. Rankin. Detroit, Mich. James A, ilutan. Rochester. N. Y. Kent Price Jilmer, Douglas, Kan. ^ARINE CASUALTY LIST) Summar. of Casualties to Date. Officer?—Deaths, SI; wounded, CO; mlroiuK, 1. Sub total, OS, Knllstid Men—tltntha, S77: wounded, 1 .S97; In tiundn of enoniy, IQ; missing, 119. Bub total, 2.M1.1. C'raud total, 3.601. Thp followinff cosujtlticn are rp[>orted ^. A <j, <}1 <j> 4> <§, 4> Q <$> 4> <t> 4, (j) »$> "llut why keep accountH,—If you've spout your money you'vo spent it, und tl .iiiv nil thure is to It. Holding post iiiorteiuu over it, doesn't help yon any." 'Die other day I hoard a young person get that off. It Interested mo greatly, first be- cnuso I could remember saying something slmilliu' when 1 was about that young person's age. •Secondly, because I wouldn't say* it today. That rather clever phrase, "holding post morlems over It," ls^it's own answer. Why do wo hold i>ost mor- tciiiB? To find oul Lite clause of a death, and if possible prevent other doadis from the saiiie cause. And for 11 very similar reason wo Iteep expense, accounts,—to find out how we (pent that money that is so Irretrievably gone, and It the ways in which wo spent It do not show up, wlieu put on paper, as satisfactory, to preven further expenditures of tho same nature. A budget and. some system of household accounting ought to ho in every home, no matter how small or how large the sum to he expended. To bo without them, is to drift Instead of to row and whereas you may reach some reasonably tsa<lisfac- tory destination If you drift -with the title, you certainly have a better chance of being satisfied, If you miUte up your mind whero you want to go and rovr them Household accounts put a premium on saving. They make the act of saving: a gratification. For what do wu upend all our maney above the amount necessary lo provide the barest necessities,—except to gratify some taste? ow, if one can get a. taste for suvlug through nn expense account, then ono can get pleasure saving instead of by spending. For instance, l might waul' some sartorial luxury lhat 1 could well do without, li J had uo budget and no household account, thero would be nothing lo reatralu jno from buying It. except the vague" feollng that I ought to save IUCJI'U money, And I could probably think ot plenty ot reasons why 1 ought to h»vo It. Ono always cin. If, on the other hand, I b.mi U budget aud Iho buying « ttatj« A Great Re^onsibility. ""THE responsibility attached to the preparing of a remedy for infants and children *• is undoubtedly greater than that imposed upon-the manufacturer of remedies for adults whose system is sufficiently strong to counteract, for a time at least, any injurious drug. It is well to observe that Castoria is prepared today, as it has been for the past 40 years, under the personal supervision of Mr. Chas. H. Fletcher. What have makers of imitations and substitutes at stake ? What are their responsibilities ? To whom are they answerable ? They spring up today, scatter their nefarious wares broadcast, and disappear tomorrow. ! Could each mother see the painstaking care with which the prescription for Fletcher's Castoria is prepared: could they read the innumerable testimonials from grateful mothers, they would never listen to the subtle pleadings and false arguments of those who would offer an imitation of, or substitute for, the tried and true Fletcher's Castoria." by the Gommnndlnn General of the American Expeditionary fnorcea (Inflluded In above lOUuVT Kilted In action, S; died of Wounds received In action, I; wounded In hcuon, aeverejy. 1: wounded In action, sllifhuy. 1. Tout), 6. KILLED IN ACTION: Private Inland M, Iternolrti, St. l««l», Mn. DIED OP WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTIONl Private Clinton R UenllnKir, pieman, Iowa. WOUNDED IN ACTION; (Severely) • . Private , Jack M. DecUnrtf, Cleveland, O. • ^ : WOUNDED IN ACTIONS (sllflhtlyi prevloutly reported killed In action.) Sergeant Willie H. Jefresa, Kaufman, 'Pcxns. KILLED IN ACTION! (Prevlouily reported mltslnq In action.) Private James T. Potter, Chicago, HI. Previously Reported Mlsslnq In Action, Now Reported Returned to Duty, privates Sebren T. A'-n-'' i: v 'hrlrptmi, YV, \«. "Vi'enefreil ff.' Rlmmonn, Akron, nhlo.. Benjamin J, l>,mi>. i miiulelphiii, I'a. L t FOR HOW LONQ? Hutchinson Raises a Pertinent Question. When n ftolghbor tolls us Hint he has recovered from a serious Illness, the first nueBlion that naturally urlBea Is, "How long will he keep well?" Temporary .relief Is one thing, bul a lasting cure Is altogether different. Thero Is nothing temporary about the work of Doan'a Kidney Pills as thoj following evidence proves beyond a doubt. I 'Mrs. W. .T. Black, 311 Fourteenth avenue west, Hutchinson, gives tlio following account of her experience: "1 had severe pains In my back and 1 was so la mo It was hard for me to do any lilting or stooping. 1 was afflicted with dizzy spells and heart- tichos, too, and f spent many sleepless nights. Two boxes of Doan's Kidney trills rid rue of all those ailments." Over six years later Mrs. Black added: "The cure Doan's Kidney I'll!/ gave me hae lasted and 1 am pleased to recommend them." Price 00 cents at all dealer?. Pon't simply ask for a kidney remedy—-gut Moan's Kidney Pills—the same that Mrs. Black had. Foster-Milbnrn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. PROFESSIONAL CARD8 PHYSICIAN*.. H. S. BREVOORT, M, D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment «* Chronic Diseases . Enamlnntlon tni Dlarnoal* rttt. •tt West Flrtt St., Kan*** Kate Williams CITY VlSITINQ NUrtSE Office With Dr. toulse V. Richmond, Bolt* 621 RomBatiBh-wllfjr Hulldln». . Phone 26G2W. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLE8 I* our specially. Price* reasonable! accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial N»tlen»l Bank. Phone 3359, PAINFUL PIMPLES COVERED FACE And Arms, Large, Hard and Red; Itched Horribly. Cuticura Healed. ^ "I bad my face and arms covered with pimples. The pimples were large, hard, and red, and they ruined my looks because they grew larger and redder every day. They Itched horribly and I scratched them, and that made them more painful. I was growing thin because of sleeplesB nights, and worry. "One of my friends advised me to use Cuticura Soap and Ointment and I used two cakes of Cuticura Soap and not quite one box of Ointment when I was healed." (Signed) Mr*. Louise Zake, 131 Pumpkin St., Hamtranick, Mich., Feb. 27, 1918. v With an apparent tendency t,o skin troubles you should use those fragrant, super-creamy emollients for all toilet purposes. They prevent as well as preserve, purify and beautify. ShMpU Itch tut by IU11. Adtlrtu poat-ci MOiUnri, P#pt. H, iMlte." Sold avarrwh Sou »c. OinUntnt SS and fiOe. Talcum tfc. McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAG GAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. Directory • of the Rorabaugh-Wiley lllilg. Etuvator service day and nic&t. AH0H1TJS0TS MANN & GEROW Rooms 7S1-M, Phont 1164, ATTORNEYS WM, H. BURNETT Attcrney-at.Law «0I tl.-\V. TJlde;. DENTISTS I. J. JONES. Dsntlst, Suite 812.1J. Phone SOW. J J HYS1CLA^S AND SURGEONS H. M. STEWART, M. O. Suit* 111. Ipeclsl Attention to Eye, Car, No., and Throat. Gtsste. Accurately Fitted. Dr. l£iu MundelL Vt. W. N. ORS. MUNDElL, Ruli. t»l B I-W. BliJf Pbon. HJJVT a. A. DLABDEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Suit. 111. Office Phons 1210. nas. Phon. 1741 DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suite 921. Office Phone 26S2W. Residence aeszri G, A. CHICKERINQ, Physlclan'lurfaon. (tea. Tel. HUB, Qfflc. Tel, .121 «W. SulU till. DR. A. Q. BE ALL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to Dlatnoslo. Iloom 608 Phones: Office 3199W. Res. 3661 Dr. H. D. 8TERRETT Practice limited to 12ye, ear, nose OJI<1 throat. Uoom 608 Horabuugh-Wlley Hlrtgr. .Phone 261J0. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE t_ a. DAVIS, Leans and Bonds. Room 007, Pnorv. 1XJL I (jintcnts l&Fluid 1 Children Cry For ^cofiot-orBRum . AVWel^fciVefaJ^w* 5 ' J ljji6tiieStomKaSMwD | W!5 °j I neither Opium, Morplu«*ri«l foc ^hpileSafJSS,* 4 ttwet Copy pf Wrapper. mmmmmmmm CASTORIA Extracts from Letters by Grateful Parents to Chas. H. Fletcher. G. J. English, of Springfield, Mats., gays: "It was your Castoria tbsl saved my child." Mrs. Mary McGinnls, of St. Louiu, Jlo., eaya : "We hove giyon our baby your Castoria ever since sbe was born, and we reccomjiend it to all mothers." ^ N. E. Calmea, of Marion, Ky., Bays : "You have ihe beat medicine la (he world, as 1 have given your Castoria to my babies irorn first to last." j Mrs, Albert Ugusky, of Lawreneeburjr, lnd., says: "Aa I have had your Castoria in use for nearly tbroo years, 1 am pleased to say it is just pa represented. My children are both well and happy—thanks to Castoria." It. P. Stockton, of New Orleans, La., pays! "We began giving your Castoria to our baby when he was eight days old and have Kept it up ever aince, never having bad to give any other medicine." Mrs. Dolph Hornbuctle, of, Colorado Springs, Colo., says'. "Wo com. menced giving your Castoria to our baby wheir"Bhe was four weeks old. She is now seven months and weighs 19i pounds. Everyone remarks I «Wb»t a healthy looking baby.' We give Castoria credit for it," GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS BEARS th$ ^Signature •' TH» 0 *NTAUR COMPANY, N*W Y .OJK PITY AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Snpply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St. East Auto Supplies, T OO I B and Garag. Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Strombero Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000, -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE ™VanZandt IMP. CO. DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO,, 17 First West v> Phone 243 WICHITA Phone 2707 Arnold Auto Co. HWTCH,N * ?N / Marmon Hsynes—Dodge Brothers Automobiles ? B E *,» Fi r « 8 t •p A TP 17 —"The Most Beautiful lAlXXE* ear in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 173 Sherman East Also Studebaker Parts and Service El e c trie Batterytt Repair Co. fj& OI6TR.8UTPR« WIU.ARD STORAGE BATTERIES maa Uses by «7. par C#nt of All M*nw(«9tur«rs LAROEST BATTRRV BSPAIB STATION tN KANSAS. \9t Sherman East. ., Phone «^ FHEB INSPPOTIQH PF ANY BATTSRV AT ANY TIME

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