The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 6
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SDC THCPAMS NCWS, KLAHOMA CITY STARS PACING Hang Up 72s ' For Initial HalfofTest Manxman. White. However, Are Riglit On Trail Wit3i 73, 74 TWIN HILLS COUNTRY CLUE. OKLAHOMA CITY, (5*— A. pair of local stars* who crept w::hirs -wo strokes of i>ar TO or. this dilfi- cult course after IS holes, pointed the way for :be field starting ibe second Qualifying round of the S€tb annual -western amateur 50!: tourxiasueut Sere Wednesday. They -were ZeK Katon, who wiii ;>s 21 years old Sunday and who •sv-as 1333 medalist in three tourna- sients. the vesiern. i.raES-Misst>- ssppi an<3 Oklahoma areaieur. ami Bob Con 1 iff. -Jr., 27-year-old Oklahoma Chv lad Tvho is ^znknoj* r, cntsi<i«. Oklahoma bu: has _ee*- knocking lor years a: the doors State cfeaji'^ ic^shjps. Thev hes-J^'-i a field of £~ r — ; ers Vho ha-j 7S* or be:-*- a~-i were a. s:r-Ke ;n iron; o* _t* o the . naosi ic-u^dabic o: -re itors. Rodney Blis* c-r Or.ia-a * TValker cupper, and Iceland r 1 ,*' ^"•a. 1 ^ of Waet?. Texas, "ew'y _~ow * ~ F AN F J. By Dub M. ARE 'Furey COURSE you probably hav« | read about it by now. but j i Paris' entrants in the Western j Amateur, Charles Ki*tenmacher, Jr., a.nd Iceland Hainman. grot off; : to sice starts Tuesday in the quai- i i ifying tests of the- 'Vesiern Am?.- j teur tournament being played over : :Ti\3p. Kills coarse in OKJahon:**. ] j City. I A 3 -5 -hole final is m, long ^-'ay ! off, what with Qualifying, to be: finished /Wednesday and th«n ) three days of gruelliKS: match play : before the final is reached. Semi-Final i Steals Mat Card Honors Elitch and O'Dell Go to Draw; Roebuck and Lindsav Win FIGHTS Last Night 4 ^TT-ok" behind ar.-a t:ec -or fifth P^ce ^ilh 74s *-e« Hd White of Boshan?. Texas. rur.nerup in rbe 1SS4 nai.onal sntercoUesiaie. asc< another unknown Iocs;, •<year-old Luc:e= (Kefi> Mci*«sh- lie. .Paul Kieb-er, Jr.. of S:. Louis a -.75. He *as followed by «ax vitli I5=. inclnding £L J- Dormer Oklahoma open - __:„„ ---o— Ot'-J- amateur cnampiO^.j-0^ - «.— homa City: Baiter tiaery. tne Oklahoma Ciiy student ^ho won • the ' National Intercollegiate '- n 1333: Verne *Spec> Stewart _of A.1- -bdqrjerq-ce.- N. M-; Grable irava;i .of Kansas City. an<2 Maurice K-tnkirtson of Oklahoma City. The ec-lfers Triir? 77s ~ere Artniir .-St.: John. E las'sy -Oklshorr-s. City Malloy of Tni-a Ham man bad a 73 to be among *. >e> earlier leaders in the first IS • ?:iacher took a ; for bis first und- Par over f:be Twin Hills ' urse is 70. just 1 it is- a s at • |B r o o k Hollow. ; where Kamtnan ?? recently "won tbe :: f T r a n s - Missis- • ? p i touraa- ; erit. Another.' If-very Paris golfing fan Ss inter- , :*te«5. "Ed ^Vhite I of Bon hai 1 !. iooV ' h i m into an ; tarly lead before. Rodney Bliss of •; Omaha and :"hen Ham ma a canst ; along- to post their 73s. White is : regarded one- of "lie coming- young ' stars of goifdo"* having recently ; finished in the national iniercolle- [ giate tournament at Cleveland RS= \ riiTinor-ap to Charley Yates of At- ' •snta and Georgia Teen in the 35- hoic final match. ; J AMES COKKK is the 13S4 win- . ii€r of tbe Ftrkins Bros. Cup ! handicap tournament at Spring j Lake self course. Coker defeat- ! ed Cap -Welch, v and 5. in the ; 35-hoi* final match to carry oft '„ the cup Siagie Davis won in 193C. i Last year Davis triiiiirseU Carey Scott. K' and 9, in the 3t>-ho!e fi- i na?. to hold two titles at once. Last year the Perkins Cup tour- ; nament also ^vas played as the e'sub cbanipierss^ip. sonie fan^ • probablv "A ill recall. Incidentally this week is set aside at Spring I-ake for qualify- in? play in the club championship tournant'ent, according to information given out by Ear! Kooker. nianasrcr. --XH qualifyins scores n?UPt be T»oste<I this week. The wirmer of the club V'ionship -,vii! recviv§ a half dozeii Spalding Top Flite ^olf bails ivh>;« the runner-tip -n.-in sret a half dozen Fairwav s:o!f balls. With ••--~hite and Kammatt "b^ih section of Texas ar>d especially the Par~? Golf c!ub. of v.-hich both "^'ith friend? cf ^vi?tenrnacher. ar i. i 'u!]2T!^ bare f^r them to co^rs IT -1VOUL.I) seem the Sotitherland Supply baseball tearsi -was jusa "baiting" The Xews" nine- 5n their garite last Friday. Anyhow the printers won by a close, manciri. Sunday the supply house !-5.d5 made up for lost time by putting >3 hrts with 14 errors to get a 30-9 victory, "or a football scon' that would not be- yo bad. bat fo? a ba?ebali score it'= terrible. Jr. fact it's 5?con<5 only to sonie of the scores wo had TO keep during the late iac^rsie-i venture of Paris intc* the ?.>orta;5 lhat ^*ere the^ Io- ca5 tVest H'ixie league baseball franchise. But there'll be dnv? 'ike that. _ _ team:, and jjorrl* Day ana C. £-(Ernie) Flood of. Oklahoma City. Scores indicated that the outside limit to enter tns rza'.cr. ^sy The- Pari-sJars' drear: cf a self- NJ'-*'^ WE'RE s«insr to navs s=rrji = y: Kara- * pro baseball in P3_ris, MayK« vs. Xisten- . plan wiii r-rov^ successful. Or Such golfers as Charles t Chick ' , J~X ff /->(f | ET _ , r ,, c^ 5 o. „„ Dallas Club In Grip Of Near Mutiny the title eisrh", tiroes, iina or-r ! ;<' I.-eh.SL3.n of Chicago. l?5-:> cha~- piors. -K-ere forced _to bo-' to t.;-- ecrurs*- t=rii.h tl srd S^ r-?specT;ve- iy, ,a7>d werr c-iven or'y ^Mt^cix: cha.aces TC ce^nc t-^ronjn tne ?ec- Paris Visitor j&*^ Mere are the c:":C-rt uner v: HetcplsJs, Terr-.. -jterar^ SiHy Barry Doii^ar s-o _P.. A. '!< ^ .--- = . both .of Ok-Ehorr.a L'ty. la,s. Oscsr iVc-^r.c-*. arc ,1. -?. €•:>".Df ILaTisa? C.t; , So-,r.; r-Tunarc-y. ^-too xvcn the i:<-= •r:t-3-rco';:e£'iate: Cirv. ~<X"~K"." Gi^sor. of 3ris:o^. Osla-. Charier Reaso- of Duncsr;.. ,s,mateur^p: vr. : "L:ru-t oS.Cri Hoemer the H^5t : ."r>. Neb., rrart ^13^ Cunis C'c-!- : 'S- of Fcrt 5~..:h. Ark. Outfielder Is Suspended Tuesday But Team Turns Back Fort Worth 5-4 B? BiLL P.VRKHK Aisrot-iatod Pre=* Sports \Vriter :-; Fred Srairsarc. c-^vrier sts Dr^yf-iss and vice-president 5-'b TarJe::-n of iij= Dallas baseball club are having to deal ^-ith an cutbreak tna: almost equals mu".i~*-" ir; The ranks of the Steers, •^'.as ur.cor,c.i':o~2.;!y released, and '3T ,-?»;;> ^ r ^ieiffi6wSa«t». JT i ——^K , ^jur * | MT. PLEASANT TO PLAT AT ANTLERS ant te^.Ti:. h<?-f F.— Friday's ;rs H- «r hotjy co~t.C5-t.c--• I'USHMATAHA ^ TO FXFLAfN BILL *•-•*•" if ~hc-v hav^ to rezil&.Ts =-"'^-T--" : ^*"-^e '^ 1 ~ : * r,a.~'. f jT:.s.i adicintstra.- rr'.G.r '-i tbf- Da.;las *-«=":- V»"h : le i=or. ha-? p3.--«-'i The vray -for recuv- '•":cl- '.'f:'::a v s- vjr- red fc-ei;.:r.c th-i e: ^ ar::5 *" e reemployment of 5 _^ v., s,^ b~»^^e*-~~Bra/na^* sic: '" ^- h "°''-t" r: ; " s policies has Tiny Roebuck of Hugo defeated ; his opponent. Jules Stronsbovr in the main event of Tuesday night's : weekly -wrestUns card at Paris : Athletic Club, but to fans who were on hand to watch it happen this was . only incidental. "vThat they remembered mostly was the manner in which Nick Kllich completely razzed every move of Jack O'Dell in thesr 30 minute semi-final that ended in a draw. For in no uncertain manner the semi-final stole the thunder at Tuesday night's show. The thick chested Elitch. who has v a flare for showmanship that is hard to beat, did a -take-off" on O*3>ell ! that had the crowd rolling in the ; aisles. He stalked about the rinsr in the best O'I>eU styl*; he flung out his chest in tfce same manner: • and finally b.e srirnaced and crrowled at his foe,in the best of his Bi^ Bad TTolf mannerisms. Arid in return O'Dell set up a howl with the referee that did not in- . creas© his popularity, which was considerably less than none when he entered the ring:. : Between times they went into ' arm keys and "headlocks that end- • ed in rights to the jaw arid body, i Elitch tried only once to- use his i famous catapBlt from outside the | ropes but O'Dell ^"ould not move • near enough so Nick had to clam- ; ber back into the rinsr to prevent • his being counted out. But it pleased the crowd, which grot a. ; > laush •• a.nd a kick out of the antics j of Elitch. ; The main event between ttie ponderous Stronsrbow and the •; more ponderous "Roebuck ended ', • unsatisfactorily after seven min- • utes of the second fall, wort by i Roebuck, and in ^-hicli 8^0x1500"^* •s^as said to "have be-en injured "so i he could not return for the last fall. The manner in which Roe- '• buck won the fall was never exactly understood except that he; f:n:sned it up -with s. body spread- = Strons:bo-w"s arm -was said to have been dislocated in the melee. : Storngbovr had won the first fsll^ .In 20 minutes with a series of fly- injr n^ares and a body spread that had the ring- creak ins. Oscar H-indsay beat Sailor Barto irj IS minutes in the first ivrest- Jing match with a. body spread after the Sailor lia<5 practicaiJy krt*ocke*i himself cold by laTirseb- iii=r s. flying- tackle that found i X--mdsay^s knee. Tee Sailor r^^l^jK! ; about the ring several minutes he- for? Tvincsay deciders he ^vas not i stalling- and picked him up in a ' body slam, that ende-d the ma.tch- ; About the only thing the -Sai'or ; sco~« ! re<3 'wsjs s. lot o* Etren^tii, but ; L-istlsay -eras too smart for hfm ; and Barto worked hiatself dcwn [ throwing Lindsay about the ring. j A pair of iocal negro kid?. ; whose eombineG weight prsbs/bTy ' •sro'tild not exceed the feather- •. snosr entertaining preliminaries o' many months In their fotzr round : boxin.5- tsatch. They took not a steu ; back^rard ZE tJr<?y Traded into eacr? - other, gloves flying, daring every . rnirj'Jte of the four rounds. Their bout was TT»H received by tbe fan?. ; who snowered the ring -sritfc srna'1 coins -TTheri It TTSS over. By Th» Associated/Pres» BROOKX.YX. X. T.—Tony Falco, 1S7 1-4, Philadelphia, outpoint-! ed Bobby Paeho, 141 *~. Ix>s An-? Seles (10>. Kenny La. Salle. 142 1-4. | Los Angeles, outpointed Young! Flrpo, 143, Pennsgrove. N. J., (10). ? LOS ANGELES,—^Lee Ramase ! ISO, San Dieso. outpointed Maxie- Rosenbioom, 17S*»» Xew York*; Hubbell Is Standout In Star Game TCESDAT'S TEXAS UEAGUfc Beaumont 1-0. Galv««totl t-«. Dallas 5. Fort TVorth 4. night San Antonio 4, I Houston 10, Pitcher Registers \ night «ame. Sensational Achieve- i Tulsa *> Oklahoma city i. nient On Firing Line I game. NEW YORK. (fP> C10>. Tony Cancela, 196. Tampico. ! trenches for pennant Mexico, knocked out Tony Souza, } ^Vednesdaj- after gi Back, in the | warfare on! ins nearly ] A3IERICAX No games scheduled. ^06, Fresno, Calif.. Indications Are Issue Face Fight When lature Gathers j 50.000 howling: fans the ] combined one-day baseball and j I vaudeville show in the history of j i the sport, American leag'iiers can | | thank their lucky stars that Carl i : Owen Hubbell. the Ofclahonva. j I master of the "screw ball** and [ i ac* of National league pitchers, 1 ! hurled, no more than three of the : nine spectacular innings in the : ; now historic battle of the Polo; ; grounds. ' XAT1OXAJL 1.EA.GUE No games scheduled. mxTE I*EAGHE Jacksonville 7, Tyler 6 (thirteen Ft. Worth to Have Day At Racing Oval Saturday Set Aside For Pantfoer City At Galveston Ixmsview 5. Palestine l. Lufkin 12. Henderson S. STAJTDINGS TEXAS XdCAGUE Team— \V. in Antonio . . . j ifubbell's dazzling performance ! Galveston Jin blanking the Americans for the ! Beaumont i first three frames and striking JTulsa .... HOUSTON. Texas OP. — Pres- i ° Ut five of the game's greatest j Fort Worth ent indications are that horse race \ batsmen in succession—Ruth. Geh- ! betting, which has been legal inl^f* , FoX *' Simmons and Cronin—j i absolutely stole the second annual | <-»»> JanO3Tia Texas less than a year, -will face City .50 .47 ,47 .45 .42 43 40 . 35 40 41 40 44 46 47 G-AJLVESTON. - — Saturday. July 14, TV-ill b* Fort Worth day ax Galveston Downs. the new turf center of the Southwest, whet* the only recognized session of bangtailing now is in session. Special arrangements, are beins made- by the Chambers of Commerce of Galveston and Fort Worth to bring a large delegation from the Panther City and bust| ness firms of Fort Worth ar* ! planning- 10 offer special troph- i ic<- to the winners of: the principal .56- • races on fort ^Yo^th T>ay. .540 | Jockey cJub officials are impor- .534 | iuning railroad officials serving: .529 } Texas to declare a special excur- .4SS i sioi 1 rate to Treasure Island for -4S3 ,460 it hard fight the state> legisl months hence. j all-star show Tuesday. This dra- j ttsre convenes six! niatic achievement not only set ! AMERICAN" LKAGUE I Hubbell apart for the- day as the ; ^ Team— W. 3U . ! star of stars but overshadowed* the ! ^"W ^Tork 45 27 one oi the leading candidates [ subsequent nrrx^^in-^ *«,-»««- 4 Detroit 47 tor governor is emphasizin proceedings during his j during: whicii the Americans wiped i Boston stand for repeal of the law per- ( out a four _ rim deficit by shellack-1 Cleveland . mitung- race-track wasers. Others f insr - Lc , n Warneke and VaT, Munnv i Washington silen: but friends of racing are tear that some of them migltt sign a repeal bill. Groups of citizens are participating in a movement to elect legislators opposed to race betting. ins: Lon Warneke and Van took the lead -with a. sisr-rua out- | st - barst in the fifth inning and then | Philadelphia ...... l"^V»ir.5» fr* , coasted to n 9 10 7 victory over j <~"nicas:o I the XationaU: behind the- effective; ! relief pir-chins of young: Melvirs ' XAT1OXAJD : LeKoy Harder of Omaha, Xeb., \ Team— 42 39 39 .31 30 25 35 35 39 33 45 51 these favoring repeal land the Cleveland Indians. Harder j Mew York one hit of the law state that wagering at! held the Nationals to the tracks is not so bad in itself [the last five innings. but argue that it has given Tex- 1 It was the second successive Chicago St. Ix>uis Pittsburgh . . turn el u bs. Tracks a'resdv or roulette at night: in taking the clouting honors • j that went to Ruth a year ago in; havs been built; the first all-star game at Chicago, = rious:on. Galveston. San Philadelphia ! Ctncioiiati . . 4$ 45 "45 S3 31 30 th's occasion. If this can be c.>rnplished special citrs \v •^^-j carry the itiajority of these visi-. J tvrs. Otherwise, a motor caravaa I \vill be. organized. ^ C ~^ | Other cities of the state ar« "ciaf planning to attend the races en "I7-l rnassei "- 1 • t ^" i near future, anjons: "?3*« them being Corpus Christi, and "^ -i | Austin. l>ates ivill be announced .506 i , .4431 * a t ' 1 - 40n ( Attendance and speed records "*^^ 1 are on the upgrade at the Downs t as the summer njeetins progresses, j Fifteen ntore days remain of the p ct I p4\-iod alloted by the Texas Rae- 532 • * n « Connntssion fi«r the sumnier SO 31 33 37 45 47 VTEST IHXTE X.EAGITE to::;-'.-. Arlington «. t between Worth and Dallas)_ and Dallas,: baseballs when " An- «, j, ut they • are still •wonderin5"'whe- j Fori:j fner Kin^ Carl uses bird-shot or | he steps out to > Team-— i Jacksonville W. -L,, 'here is a possibility that one will | pitch against American, league ri- j Hubbell's record of mastery 5 over opposition from the Henderson , • Tyler be o?'.-ned this winter in the low-1 Y a!«. er Rio Grande valley. Each meet: r , ow craus persons from miles around. \ j urj ; O r circuit comprises one o-. i;v-se who favor continuation I baseball's most remarkable pitch-' or nacjRcr concede that it is pos- I j n£r chapters. ! r-iM- that a. rr-ajorijy of the next! ^Althoug-h officials of the Giants i Je?^!a-ure will vote for repeal, | said the game was a sell-out, witfe [ •- They express confidence, however, i t he sates closed before same-time j braska *' that the rspeaHsts won't have the j > n<i rsnvrards of 10.000 -fai« t«m- of - Bu . S . 5 -3S1; The Fourth of July saw .535; than 5.009 fans ou the .513] and the mutuel iiarsdle exceeded .40S! any previous high, in the history ,3SOlof Galveston racing-"The . erov-'d, .5331 Jured by the Houston handicap i !?.-»T.- another big^ turnout-and brisk ; '.vagrerin?: on the thoroughbreds. Fct- < Special features also are being .543 i s,rran?re<i for mid-vreek. racing at .5331 the track. Additional horses ar« -529 | arriving from Fairmont Pa.rk_ near *"~ I St.'liOuis aud frotn various points ] In Texas and interesting sport is .471 .357 aU two-thirds majority necess&rv to ! ~ -=^--- >-<- ., & pa^s a nui over the governor's j & vr- ...... That is why they ore an- j pared with Bob StansberryT ace of the -Jversiry of Montana grid passed; up the XJniversity of ?Ce— ;o come under the tutelage Oakes, erstwhile Corahusker line- coach. 5.353 cash customers as com- i a seating capacity off those for Does 6 Things the first all-star game I. O«liao=9. so •fOG. will nor pir: action. 3. Moss•4. S*f* for *rea cSakiren* -^ii gust- were slig-btly in excess of' keen between X>etro!t and Boston. J «d «=«y Fe*a-*-a=as. League Leaders »y Tie Aszsociated Press .dins: flitters: Marvel. Oklahoma. City. .375; Bell. Galvesto". ..•JSj. Sior^arr, San Antonio. .35?: Moses, Gaives".ort. .357; Eng-Hsh. Over 5OOO Vote* IB Po«.Iiina.taha Election o-u'c . : "i.?t E..F »c-i " ''•= si-Id c r trac- Tu« *.--j>. ;• rr: ?"•::". Da '.Las ^Varr^n 5 to - v;r*'.,-ry over ~ort. ~"orth. •*.•: «^ from th? Ja.,«<t t^-ent7-e:=-ht •=• -r- <:•>-. ''t.n&z^r Prstt of Fort but <!;<3 start t"" ! c Gs I *.*»:- jfto-ri p.? 5::-- l;,.m;t.e<3 Ga.iv»sfsr; to thrne ^Jts for a 1 to C« victory. G«rr>i>*-^ BJARDSTOWN FA3OLY SUFFERS PTOMAINE otal hits: ?.?<fr?3.n. San Antor.? . . pies: Binder, Oklahoma C;r;- ~'' i T"-" "* *•"^T"'""*~ *"^»T —~~. +•••! jsT~•""- T^^^V"*^-^-- »rf»^rf-i i *.J^ ^ i -J " » . s X^A " .^.* J i i\^Jb^i. ;'! "••j'ide'Ti;!.- ^'ur-day afternoon nrvJ zt-lf, TO S'j to -'ork Monday and ir^acked w-»th»r: '-a:,ch other, "sv. E. King ?.-b minutes ryn-off primary *^n -*u : -vv 4 i-np-n^'- .»ui'-' 4. '^os*ri-. Fr; - IS., Jo^r. C. Oliver, secre: Cv'-jnt}. ac^ord-ng to O'j-. < Call Legion Meeting At. Antler* Friday RJ-. Okla.—Pos: Corn- re C. Sharrt announce? a r- 1 ] :»*':'•.• RS ^ori t J" u r *o hav«; • thf-ir tr^'Qb'**. T'r*^" > !»-<»r'* ^><!rr~'r^3 fi if^ •with a Fhc-?.*r of Houston bs^ Vr.t,* :h«t ar^v^ ?h*- Buffalo**, a. If- *0 < V>?~,-x is been iax- c^rtter. His caught* r, Mrs. Cray N'e'ison and chs'.S<Jr«s from OkTa- r«?r. sn<J Mrs, Hcrtry Colemars havt r^Turn*-d from Colorado City. Mr. and Mrs. Chars** Moor* h-to ii* visitor* ia*t -w'^jeicerid Mr. Mexico. Mr. sn^ Mr?., P.oy Gray of Pc-tr;-,. M r . a-n-i Mrs, Tbarsrsar! Gray o-f J"inter. Tii«j r*viva5 a* Fn^n.dfcfcip i:»t rrrirch w:"I begin July 25, TV Psr-?" s. f *.er vi«rj?:ng Horrse runs: Bell," Galvestor : rtlaj5ter!;«gr, Tai^ and Tcrk, Ft*SV orris, IT, batted Jn: .Br.g-hwh. Gai- Stolen Bau^es: Sheliej. Eeau- ;nor:t, 2*. Most ^anses -R-OTJ ; Phlittps B*a.^- mo^t. a.r,'? HHIIn, San Antor:j->. *.?. Most etrSk«oi3?js: K«nne<Jy Oklahoma. City. ?4. OAK LOCALS, PERSONAL ITEMS K OAK. — . Virsgi' •^rfUiarn- Jtro spent gafur-3a.y a-^3 Sun at the h«>rrt* of Robert. Wf? »!r . th< • Tolsa ji' ; V rid a o the <}S&tr;e:. At ok a, Ju'v J€. '^k't : >-"-wa City in rh* f:rs=r m*>-e. f- t<- 1, Sloan, -who, ha« be*-n t.rie-3 irs «}'.*: o«tfJ*M s.T5d ** fSrst !&».»*>. «as. jpranted a <-h«.T<c«5 10 pHch for Oklahoma City He b«=:i<3 Tulsa. to ss*v«>n hit* but hi» mat*« could ntyt im anfi aJ<5e<J his by making: three errors. In thf sritonrf jsratm* Tolsa. ry>lj*k<rt- fd sctxTe-en bit? f<>r » 1 « to '3 victory, Miisap Goiin 'Ervsrr Gr AJ Parka ^rho h*8 b**r* JH app**r«<3Sc5ti« is able to b« oj> ^frs. Claudie MfH wazs caH«5«5 Detroit by the serJotrs JHrresrs her brother. Bfr. Mns. Sb*b Wi! *o«J family spent laj? ir? th«! tioiae -of Mr. ruse* . B. Ch«**Mr* at Halesboro t>?n «: ?vfr8. Ch«o»bir«> birthday biMren in Cooper. Mr*. Sam Mulhns i* the we*;k at CkirxJy. 'u Sunday ctltl The Sore Bleeding Gum* Only on« bottl* Lite's JPyotTh«sa | RemexJy f* needed to convince any. ; oa«. Ko nsaitter feow b*£ your I cause, «et * bottle, c*e' 'ax 'directed. •' *nd tt you *r* not eaturfle^l drog- ; ci*t* «-l!T r«taro jroor money. Pat. • Golf, too, has its Business Moments **Head Do\vn, eye on the ball/* When this admonition to yourself brings the reward of a zinging drive up the fairway, a beautiful mashie shot to the green or a twenty- foot putt right into the cup . . . it's then that the thrill of the game begins to seep into your veins; the "worries of state give way to the pleasant concern of lowering your score: while the fresh air and the exercise pay dividends in health and mental fitness for the battles of life. "Head down, eye on the ball." But keep your eye also on that other phase #o productive of added pleasure—the possession of up-to-date equipment. August is golfs mid-season. Sale of golfers* requisites are on or imminent. That set of matched irons, that swanky new-fangled bag, those comfortable spiked moccasin-tops, or those look-the-part-of-a-golfer togs—all are beckoning to you from the stores in this city. Keep your "head down"—and keep tHe cost of your golf down too. Keep your **eye on the ball"—and on the golfing supplies advertisements in this newspaper. Shrewd buying—the business phase of your golf—is at hand. Cash in. P, S,—There are good bargain*, too, in equipment for tennis* swimming camping t fishing, touring \

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