The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 60
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 60

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 60
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Page 60 article text (OCR)

Fox and Hounds Bin Roj$ Divide the players into two lines facing each other, four feet apart. Using two bean bags, small pillows, or even a pair of stufTed toys, toss them across the space from one player to the other on the opposite side, zig-zagging all down the line. Don't skip anyone. The fun is in sending down one object first to represent the "fox" and immediately following it with the second object, which is the "hound." The idea is for the "hound" to overtake the "fox" before the end of the line is reached. If your gang i.s expert enough, send two "hounds" after the "fox." nior ^^^asu porofffin cord rovoHad cord finithMl condl* Hot watar Curly Candles Briano Smith Materials needed: Lightweight three-ply clothesline, paraffin, powdered tempera for coloring (if desired), and two empty cans—one at least as tall as the candles you will make and another larger in diameter. A frozen fruit-juice can and a coflfec can would be fine. Directions: Unravel the clothesline and each of the three strands will be curly. Cut the string about an inch longer than you want the candle to be. Melt paraffin in a double boiler. Mix in color. Pour paraffin into the tall, narrow can and place this inside second can. Fill second can with boiling water to keep paraffin soft. Now start dipping string, allowing paraffin to cool several seconds between each dip. When your candle is large enough, set it in cold water to harden. Hiddon Words Bess Livings Lee iiiniiiiinimiiMiM 133H yjimmmitninii What does this strange group of numbers and letters mean? Here is a hint: Two parts of your body, In these figures you'll find. They're small but important And both are behind. (Turn upside down for answer) RIddIo Roundup 1. Why is a person who writes stories very odd? 2. What is it that every living person has seen, but will never see again? Answerit: •yCBp.iaiso;^^ -puoq siq JO »no s3Uto3 die;) ajm siy t Lady with a Buggy Ann Davidow From the alphabet let's take A and X and Os to make A little lady with a tam, Pushing baby in a pram. r«mUv WMfciy, July IS, 19S> ai /if fOff hoM^aSeriouM I Wo will aond you niw wcck'ii mip> ply of NULLO free and pootpnid. Th« magical ingradicnt it coniaim- oxtracted from frMh, awoot alfnifa —mtfelv neutralue» the mo»t Ktubhorn odort.internally. BEFORE they form. TIM Di r>M e*.. om. »n, NtSMi, MM. ' • Ptemm miM iNHttiinM a Hnvrn l>ty Suffiy K 2 v^t ' of NlJI.IX>«HhcUrwlionnforum. Th«o»(« ' Foot odors, undor arm odor*. | ,K ,i.|wni« lo me now or nKny oUw lim«>. I broalh odota—even mcnatrual j ( I Name I I I AdditM I City 2ofle Stalt j TMt PC mW CO, OiH IWf. IteSwH. MUfc- 1 and Goloatomy odora—aimply can't osNt when NULLO iauaod nsgularly. Try it. FREB! 4tt Send name on coupon at right. ^ Your Seven DayTrial packet of NULLO wUI be mailed f r«c, poatpaid. NEW NF-27* TREATMENT KILLS ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS und«r skin surffac*—•van p«n«tratot into toanails Promotef Rrowtk of kralthy tiswr. GwriiagrtMl MKtkNioMiilmlMKk. Latest laboratory tests prove NP-27 Liquid not only works unikr skin surface, but even penetrates into toenails lo kill rungu.s where it breeds and spreads. Works in (he vital under-surface sk in layers where ordinary remedies cannot reach. Using new NP-27 Liquid-Powder Trealmenl, doctors in two leading clinics found that Athlete's Hoot, Ringworm and other fungus infections, even stubborn cases, clear up usually within two weeks—often in less than 7 days. As part of Treatment, new NP-27 Medicated Powder dries the foot perspiration that helps fungus grow, eliminates surface fungus, deodorizes and soothes chafed skin, guards againt rc-infccijon. NP-27 Treatment f^uaronu-rs cirectivc relief, or full refund from druggist. Save on special intrtKluc- tory price. Regularly SI.87, new NP-27 Liquid-Powder Treatment now for limited time only $1 .S9. OH, MY ACHING BACK Now! You can get Uw f ait rel kf nxi iwvd from iWinrinit biuluielie, headache and muKcular aches and pain* that often eauai* reatleaa nigiila and mieerable Ured 'Out feelinK*, When thrae dlMomfarta oome on with over -exertion or alrcM and atrain —you want relief— want it fast I Anotlier diaturlMuwe nwy lie mild btarfdcr irritation followinK wrunR food and drinli—often net- Unit up a rvMlleM uneamfortaUe feelinff. Doan'e PilU work faat in S Mparatv wayg: i. by ipeedy pain-rvlievinv action to eaw torment of namcins ImeiiaetM. headache*, muscular achei ami pain*. 2. by Mmthinit effeet on Madder Irritation. S. by mild diureUe action tendlny to increase output of the 16 mile* of kidney tubes. Enjoy a good nlRht 's sleep and the Home happy relief millions have for over «0 year*. New. larKV siae saves moaey. iM DoMi'a Pills today) Woman Screams As Feet Bmn! lira". sh« Too bad msdlcalwl Ica-1 starts to wo rsHavs Ursd aad ealla ^.irrKS'cti'jir'M aUntly to sooth* and .-teirtsJ &y- l /arstotirM nolo: 0>ir M Tuwtla MtlMOftr Aatonlahinc but RVERY WOKU GUAR- ANTKKD TRURI Worlda nealsat towei offer bar none—tO, yes SO, marvelous, large, brand new (not seconds) in beautiful eokn and whits ... only tl .oo (plus ttc for poalaiie and hdlg.) or St .Sa (• allt We sell at stoMerinir low price Imcauae we buy huge uuantTtlea direct frum M 11 .8 —more than n,«60,000 Tuweta since tHAai If you're not thrilled and delighted, return Towela—kaaii to Free for your triMibie— and we'll ehem-- fully refund purchase price. Order NOW. bafure olTsr is cancelled. No C. O. D.'a. S»-TOWU.CO^ Bi |l.*-m, Hi iSt ,ll.tMii .M«. f ICTUIE CREDITS Coven Oil)* Sweet. Pofl* 2i Ebertlodt. faget 4, I4i Michel* Al««i<. Page l«. Ufl. foge I2i follerion from Manlim*y*r. Doctors Tell Mothers Warts Should Be Removed New Ci «ptM< RcMvcs CMMM Naw Vmtk, N. Y. (8|MHiial)... Doctors know pickinc, leratchine at wartH may eauae blMding anu infection. Now, science has developed a new compound, that removes common warts quickly and safely, without surgery or electrolysis. This remarkable formula penetrates warts . ,. destroys their cells . . . actually dissolves warts away. Tested by a leading New York skin clinic, this formula proved so effective, only one application • day I WulsWillM«tC«Hii« cr kraiaff WBM needed . . . proved so safe, It is now u*hhI for both children and adulU. This now comiHtimd con- tainit no mineral acids . .. leaves no uKJy wars. Today, this comimund is widely recommended (or quick removal of troublesome wsrts. Known ss Com^ pound W, it in available without prescription, 08/at all drui counters. Comiwund W is Kuarantced to re* move common warts ... or money refu n<ivd. •Tnd* nun

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