Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 15, 1961 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 11
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W Two erms to Moke JFK Look Old By JAMES MAHLOW Associated Pr«s» N«w» AnalyH /WASHINGTON (AP) - If President Kennedy serves-two terms, he'll look Jike an, oldtiftier id world affairs when he.leaves the White House irt JJamiary 1989, The reasons: ' ' 1. At 44 he is now 23 years younger than any of 10 major world leaders. 2. By 1969 most of them prob- aWy will be out of the picture. ™ the moment none of them shows signs of weakening, poli- tic/illy or physically. But the three youngest are already G7, or 23 years older than Kennedy: Russia's Premier Khrushchev. Britain's Prime Minister Macmilla-n and Red China's boss. Mno T/c-lung. If Kennedy and these three hang on till January i960, then H^mcxly will be close to 54, Khrushchev and Macmillan will tie neat-ins 75, and the Red Chinese leader will have reached 75. The oldest world leader now, West Germany's Chancellor Adenauer, at 8~i is 41 years older than the President. By American inauguration clay, Jan. 20, 1960, he'd be 03. Hero, in (he descending order cOheir years, are the other six le'ders with their present age -A.K A.K N and, in parentheses-, their age on the day Kennedy would finish a second term, around: if they're still Chiang Kai-shek, boss of Nationalist China on Formosa, 73 Eleven! be destroyed in the ruins. Nehru in India seems so solid with his people that he figures to run the show so long as he lives, unless within these next eight years there come explosions (81). which now can't be guessed at. Antonio Salaznr. dictator ofi In France De Gaulle is now Portugal, 72 (79). I head man. But his presidency India's Prime Minister Nehru, m '7 not be , to ° secure, particularly if the French problem with Al- 71 (79). France's President de Gaulle, 70 (78). Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito, 69 (76). Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain, B8 (76). These next eight years will take a toll in men and no doubt make a change in nations. In eight years Red China probably will have nuclear bombs. Up till now the Chinese Communists, lacking the power with which the United Slates protects Chiang on Formosa, have limited themselves to nuisance bombardments of offshore islands- no real danger to Formosa JlO miles away. But once they get. nuclear destruction, the picture in Asia will change, the threats to Formosa should become more fierce. Dictator Salazar of Portugal loked solid in his job for so long as he lived. Then natives in the Portuguese African colony of Angola began storming for freedom, killing as they went and being killed. Angola seems bound to blow up before another eight years have geria takes a new and savage turn or the army turns on him. Jn Yugoslavia Tito looks powerful enough to stay where he is. So does Franco in Spain — -so long as he lives. It doesn't seem likely Adenauer could stand the strain of office until he's 93. Even if he does, some terribly tense days lie ahead for his country in the Western struggle with Russia over Berlin. There's no sign anyone is try ing to shove Khrushchev or Mao Tze-tung aside. In their case their only problem in continuing to boss the show would seem to depend on their health. As for Britain's Macmillan — he's a busy man but the strain of office seems to be showing, lie looks tired. Spa Banker Dies HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — J. 0. Langley, 71, a retired Hot Springs banker, died in a hospital here uesday night after a long illness. Langley had lived here 47 years. He is survived by his widow and three daughters. Funeral passed. If it docs, Salazar may arrangements were .incomplete. SUPER MARKET Diol 7-4501 WE DELIVER 9A.M.-10 A.M. — 2 P.M.-4 P.M. DEL MONTE CATCHUP 5 140z. Bottles PILLSBURY CAKE MIX Chocolate, Yellow White and Spice 4 1 Boxes 00 SWIFTS .PREMIUM PURE ICE CREAM and SHERBERT 59 MELLORINE MIDWEST DELSEY TISSUE COLORED 4 Rolls ClOROX 19c Quart SPAM 39c 12 Oi. Can - JACKSON'S BANANA, CREME and CHOCOLATE FUDGE DELICIOUS 11 Or. Package 35c Kleenex f 200 Size Boxes HUNTS Peaches Sliced & Halves 2* *1 Cans <4> I Strawberries Frosty Acres Boxe ZS 45C 0SWEET WHITE ONIONS Ib. RED NO. 1 Potatoes JO lbs.45c Carnation Tuna Fish 4 Cans $1 SUPER SUDS 29c Large Box WELCHADE Grape Drink CLOVER LEAF DRY MILK *) Qt. Box 19 SUNK 1ST LEMONS doz. 2Sc BANANAS Ib. " STEW MEAT 00 411 SLAB SLICED BACON 39c Ib. BISCUITS 3 cans 23c FRESH Ground Beef 39s EGGS LARGE 2 doz. 87c SUN VALLEY OLEO 2«».39t U. S. INSPECTED FRYERS 21 c Ib Pork Chops 2 Ibs. 89c T-BONE STEAK Good and Tender 69c Ib, r Prices for ThuruUy, Friday & Soturdoy, June 15,16 & 17 Oatmeal Bread, Fruit Salad, Punch For a cool yet satisfying luncheon, serve Oatmeal Orange Nut Bread and butter sandwiches with fresh fruit salad, and lemonade or punch. This moist, tender bread is a good keeper. Homemade cereal quick breads can add so much flavor and interest to summer menls. Ready to servo just as they come from the refrigerator or after thawing from the frcozcr, they climinnto a lot of last minute preparations. The ingredient uso of breakfast cereals is one way to insure that a well-balanced diet is served. Oatmeal Orange Nut Brenil 3 cups sifted all-purpose flout y z cup chopped nuts 4 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons grated oranEe y\ teaspoon soda rind 2 teaspoons salt .$ iy a cups orange juice V/2 cups rolled oats, quick or % cup honey regular, uncooked y, cu p me! ted fat Sift together flour, baking powder, soda, and salt. Stir in oats and nuts. Combine orange rind and juice, honey, and fat Add to dry ingredients, mix only enough to moisten ingredients. I'our into greased 9 x 5 x 3-inch loaf pan. Bake in moderate oven <350°F^ until done, about 1 hour. Yield: 1 loaf. Says Foreign Aid Bill Will Hit Trouble ? WASHINGTON (AP) - Thn Defense Department was asked to day to justify military aid to ceo nomically underdeveloped nations. In essence, Son. ,T, William Fulbright, D-Ark., asked Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNainara to say whether rifles and tanks would slave off communism more easily in these nations than food and jobs. McNamara was asked specific ally to compare effects of aid given (o Pakistan, a heavy recipient of U.S. arms, and to India, which has received only economic aid from the United States. McNamara said lie would send Fulln-ighl the conclusions reached in a series of classified studies. Fulbright's request was made at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he heads, on the $i.«-billion military aid portion of the administration's $4.8-billion foreign aid request. In a related development, the Commerce Department reported that foreign aid outlays increased last year from $3.9 billion lo $4.5 billion, reversing a two-year down trend. Fulbright said in an interview that despite Ihe foreign aid program's revamping, its projects follow to closely the olil patterns of the past." He said that its administration should be directed to the application of more selective and discerning aid. Fulbright said that passage of the President's program in anything like the amounts he asked "will require one of the toughest fights of the year." Me added that Kennedy and his administration will have to give strong support to the measure on both sides of the Capitol. An appeal was made by Sen. Hubert 11. Humphrey, D-Minn., to direct foreign aid only to nations which will undertake meaningful political and economic reform. Humphrey, assistant Senate Democratic leader, said that both Congress and the American people "are sick and tired of foreign aid going lo governments thai are unresponsive to human need, unwilling to bring about social reform." Negro Woman Dies in Freak Accident TRUMANN, Ark. <AP)—A Negro woman cotton chopper was killed today in a freak automobile accident on a plantation near here. Trooper Bob Cooper said the victim was identified as Viola Cribbs, 65, of Memphis. Cooper gave this account: The woman and other workers had ridden from Memphis to the Judd Hill Plantation in a station wagon driven by Uosea Jones, 48, of Memphis. Jones slopped the vehicle and got out, setting the emergency brake. But as the woman started to get out, she brushed the automatic transmission lever into reverse and accidentally hit the gas pedal. This sent the station wagon shooting Backwards. The woman was thrown out, dragged 50 feet, then run over by a front wheel of the vehicle. Blonde Pole Made Spy of American By W. B. RAGSDALE JR. WASHINGTON (AP) — Overtones of a classic spy thriller cloak the case of an American Foreign Service officer charged with giving U.S. secrets to Communist Poland. A blonde Polish spy was reported to have lured Irvin Chambers Scarbcck, 41, bespectacled father of four, into turning over classified information to Communist agents while he served in the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw. Scarbeck was held in jail after bond was sol at $50,000. He was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents on a Washington street. The complaint filed by the Justice Department before U.S. Commissioner Sam Wcrtlcb said Scarbeck admitted communicating to Polish agents information that was classified "as affecting the security of the United States." The Stale Department, citing his "service, loyalty and devotion to duty," had given him a meritorious service award for his work in H)f)7 while supervising the department's exchange program in San Francisco. Sen. J. William Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters, "I understand the root of the trouble was a woman. I was in- Subjects in Science Are Voried By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A rcmftrknble talkative satellite teams of science data, and art as sassin bug arc subjects for sci ence at work: Remember? Three years ago the United States threw up a puny challenge to the Soviet Sputniks, a grape fruit-sized satellite called Van guard I. Using solar power it is still transmitting radio signals and possibly will for hundreds of year*, By now it has orbited Ihe earth nearly 12,000 times, covering more than 'IO!) billion miles. So far il has helped scientists learn: That the earth Is slightly pear-shaped. That the light from the sun has enough pressure to modify Ihe path of a satellite in orbit. That sunlight can be eon verted to electricity for radio power. That the gravity of the lite's orbit around Ihe cnrth, .Heading Material If you set out to scan the" GO million pages of technical litroa- lure produced in the World last year alone, it would lake you 405 years. And think about this: Ench 24 hour.': the .world's s^ieijtisl,s produce enough technical papers to fill seven sols of the Encyclopedia Brilannica. And if (hnl isn't frightening enough, every ten years the amount of technical literature in existence doubles, writes Lawrence Ross in a Georgia Tech publication, Research Engineer. Masked Bedbug Hunters It is masked and it hunts bedbugs and it is called the masked bedbug hunter, one of a group of assassin bugs that live off other insects. ,Thc assassin bugs live all over (he Americas, but mostly south of the New York — Denver latitude. Most of them live on the blood of other insects. Curiously the masked bedbug hunter looks like a bit of lint when il is still young, thanks' to the fact that dust and fibers stick to its body. You'd hardly notice it unless it moved, says a report on assassin bugs prepared by the Smithsonian Institution. formed a Polish blonde seduced him and then blackmailed him. The Justice Department gave no details about the information Scarbcck was charged with p:»ss- ing to foreign agents. There were indications the information was of a political rather than a military nature. Stale Department press officer Lincoln White, replying to questions, said, "any espionage is of major importance. I do not think the case would have gone to the Justice Department if U.S. security had not been involved." If convicted, Scarbeck faces a possible maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both. Scarbcck had been assigned to the Wai-saw embassy for 2V4 years. His duties largely involved the housekeeping, chores of running the establishment, but he had some access to classified material. Reassigned to Naples, Italy, Scarbcck was with his family on leave in Dusseldorf, Germany last week when he was .summoned to Washington. Chicken Sesame—Summer Dish Summer meals take on extra interest, almost as if by magic, when the main dish is chicken with sesame seasoning. Actually, chicken stands high on any list because of its delicate flavor, the ease and variety of ways of cooking and the way it combines with so many other foods. Chicken is an economical buy, divides readily into serving pieces and when cooked in corn ail has even more unusual food values. Chicken seasoned with sesame and ginger hat an Oriental flavor. The recipe is simple to follow because the chicken, brushed with corn oil and seasoned, cooks to a golden rich brown in the oven. Turn it only once for golden browning on all aides. Served with a green salad, dressed with a corn oil and cider vinegar dressing, chicken sesame makes an ideal meal for guests or family, Oven Fried Sesame Chicken 2 broiler-fryer chickens Pepper J /i teaspoon ginger Corn oil Salt Sesame seed Cut chicken into serving pieces. Wash and dry chicken. Rub chicken pieces with ginger; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Brush chicken pieces with corn oil. Pour corn oil to depth of *A inch in a 9 x 13-inch baking dish. Place chicken pieces, skin side down, m corn oil. Sprinkle with sesame seed. Bake in a moderately hot oven (400°F.) 30 minutes. Turn chicken pieces and sprinkle with sesame seed. Bake 15 minutes longer. Makes 8 servings. French Dreeing teaspoon salt % teaspoon monosodium teaspoon sugar £«, glutamate teaspoon dry mustard •"•" % cup corn oil teaspoon paprika M« teaspoon cayenne peppei | l /3 cup cider vinegar Mix together salt, sugar, dry mustard, paprika and mono§odium glutamate. Add oil and cayenne and stir until well blended. Add vinegar and beat or shake well. Beat or shake well juwt before serving. Ure with favorite towed green salad. Make* i cup. Moore Bros, Wl DtilViR _ DIAL 7-4431 "SERVING YOUSINCE 1896" FRESH DRESSED FRYERS Go*. Inspected 5 LIMIT 18 EXTRA NICE PORK CHOPS FRESHLY GROUND Hamburger DELICIOUS ROUND STEAK BROILING SIRLOIN STEAK BAR-B-QUING T-BONES QUART CAN CHARCOAL STARTER SLICED THICK or THIN BACON 2 HOMEGROWN 2 POUND BAG SKINLESS WEINERS SOLID POUND OLEO GRADE A WHITE EGGS HALF or WHOLE GOLDEN YCLLOW Bananas EXTRA SPECIAL 10 POUND SACK Potatoes POUND SACK GUARANTEED FLOUR Ib c Ib G Ib 59 Ib 69 C Ib 25 qt nwvtcuKuwr 1 * ^^^ ^^. TOMATOES 25' QUART SALAD ^% ^% DRESSING J9 69 HALF or wnuLt ^^^ ^^^ Cured Hams JV 9 c Ib 39 1 49

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