The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 10
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I THB DAILY HBWB, FKXDEBICK. BED., WEDNESDAY. MAY 18.1932. NEW FILTRATION PUNT FOR CITY U. S. Can Prosecute Curtis For Hoax On GE1SDGH PRAISE -Lindbergh, Is Belief That Little "Forgotten Man"! Dr. Edward S. Hopkins, Baltimore's Chemical Engineer, Likes Local Property. LESS CHANGE OF TASTE OF CHLORINE, HE SAYS May Charge Him With "Defrauding Government Of Its Functions." PEACOCK ASKED TO EXPLAIN Points To Advantages Fishing Creek Source Of Supply . Prede ride's new Llrg^rsor" -jav-r ponficafieOa plant TTSB highly prai^^l m ccve ol the best soaal: mtrat.or. ar.-ti to S. Bureau of Water Supply of Ba'.ttir.'-re at toe Trinity M E. church. South. on East Second street. Tuesdav neon UP. Hopfcii*; expti-ned the irjethods , used to par-ry Baltimore's -wavr and explained that, the Frederick plant is operated along the same lin-s. -\c?pt , on a smaller scale. After hearing the of th? cpeaker. one would f«l that lor safety and pa!atsbility. water frorc Lir.Karv :· creek should even surpass Sa quality ; the -water ipapply from FlsluiK Creek · and Tuscarora. because of :he scicr.- ; tlflc control which the n-.odem plant recently Hopkins' ·tereopUcon views. Trenton. N. J.. May 17.--On the basis of John Hughes Curtis' confession of deception in the Lindbergh case a. federal Over official said tonight it would be possible to charge the Virginia shipbuilder with "defrauding the government of its functions." Conviction would carry a maximum fine of S10.000 and a maximum prison sentence of two year?. The specific charge. If this procedure were followed, would] be violation of Section ?,~ of the Criminal Code of the United j States, a felony. The accusation would be that he had conspired to violate a federal statute, the conspiracy being thai while he had not defrauded the government of any money, he had conspired to deprive it of its "function" by the use of the vessels of the Coast Guard. Trenton, N. J., May 17.--It was learned from an authoritative source tonight that a request had been dispatched from the j attorney general's office to Dean H. Dobson-Peacock at Nor-; folk. Va.. asking if he would come here voluntarily for questioning on the Lindbergh case. -o-a-ed 'as-' bv Alfred i When One Engine Falters Inde! pendents Take Another. 1 BLAZE ON ZIMMERMAN FARM was played upon the Ore which had gotten a fresh start- The firemen 9000 checked the Games on the surface ol the rick and continued to drench It to extinguish the Cre which smouldered , inside. After the outside had been thoroughly soaked a tractor was secured and a cha'n placed around tiie i rici and the straw was pulled apart. ' Flajscies which shot up from the inside ' were then extinguished. i After disco-fera? toe blaze Mr. Zan! awruian ran to the bam a=d liberated ! eight horses. Some farm fanpJesaents and harness were also removed. The Sre was so jnejiacrng at one tune thai m-ch alarm was felt 5or the safety of I j Kre of undetermined ongin destroy- j ed a large s'.rawrick on the farm o- Tobias E. Zimnw^nan. a short i firemen arrived and throv-gh their ef- j Icrts the b'oildi--gs were saved. Mr. Ziarzjerciar. said he has oo idea what ca'jsed the fire. No ope was in the barnyard at the time it was discovered. The Hamas appeared sear toe *nt Hosff sy firea-ec from lius cr.y marie ; a outcJc rua ia~th both automobile en- I g-.nes and saved tit* Dam, iragOB shed \ and other adjoining bailrlirigs The \ ' firemen xere st^l pai:ru:g »2ter oc the \ · 53!OU»'C*6r"12£f fl2IX^!S 3* 21-tmiixii». i t The nre was Cscovered by Mr. Zisi- \ · merman, who was n^li ! bam. 200 feet away about 7 30 o'clock. ! He noticed a srcall blaze shoot-zi? up i one side oJ the strawnck. whirh spread rapidly. Realizing the danger to '.he bam, not more than *5 or 20 feet a-ray. he called the fire company and then notified neighbors. Is the meantime the flames aie their way :o the top o. the stranrrick and mad? a reSection which attracted a cumber o' neigi; on the rici which had been pulled apart at 12J30 o'clock this doming. Mr. and Mrs. Zirmserman ftimished the firenien ·a-^h sandwiches and coffee. It is be- ihe suction sleeve of the old engine le troiibse. The sleeve end n tne cow,. . he ...._,. ,,, Qf t , e * £ . ,, oub , e BANKERS 5"rrland Assottotion Convention to Atlantic City. Norfolk. Va.. May 17.--Charges that he could have "pre-; vented his unfortunate part" in the confession of deception. w°h! played by John Hughes Curtis as a "negotiator" in the Lindi bergh kidnapping case were flatly denied tonight by the very j c^r Rev. H. Dobson-Peacock serving w i t h Roar Admiral Guy H. j the days c: an- J Barrage, retired, as members of the trio of Norfolk "intermediaries." "That is not so," the minister said. "I was presented by He told Admiral Bur-- BILLION DOLLAR TAX BILL MAKES PROGRESS Rejects Two Attempts, To Raise Income Rates. i TTTO solo dances were given by Anne r.ved v.1th the ens used for serv- to offer" :t -jnt-i the excise Louise Maxwell and Dorothy Shipley. I ice in the country. jA hook-up was " th* i The nominating committee then pre-; made ·aritrt a pond and in a few min- h- i Abut :90 bankers of Marr'-and lelt .. I Tuesday :^r Atlantic C:ty where they Those iho arrived first directed I win attend the annual ^pveatian of their efforts torard keeping the f^re . the Maryland S:a:e Bankers' AssocU- frotn the barr.. W:jle the firefighters I ::on. which irCl convene there today. dashed water on the s:de of tee j Holmes D. Baker, president, acd James i building exposed to the flames others · H GasbrU!. Jr.. a director of the Citl- ! carried rater up a ladder and poured j sens' National Bank, this city, ir-2 at- I it over the roof. The flames soon en- ! tend the convention. Webster BeU. .velooed the stra-aT-ck and urere threat- j president ot the Park Bank, Baltimore. j enaig the bom when ahe f -remen ar- j is head of the State Association and ' are .xxed on. Proponents of a!es lew plan to seek elimination of ·he excise taxes and thereby farce the'-*ere the names o f the officers, who utes a heavy stream was directed first tory of tin TOter systems from cleat "cities. "Water is of comparatively recent oriyir. K has Tnade passible the reduction o; SffS'XS ^^"^Mr. Curtis with hi, story. I believed it. chart showing Baltimore's cxpcn-r.ce | rage. Admiral Burr Illustrated this result. P*.:re ·» ater and' pasteurized milk. hav« practical:;- eliminated typhoid fever Ho pa-ss- ' «d around samples of live bactcr.a ex- Washinston. May 17--In a dash o! , speed the Senate swept the billior.-dol- | lar compromise revenue biH far alon? , on Its way today with the ponerful ti- · R. j party coalition keeping it intact. | The income tax schedule--the heart ! tax. of a "uii»l a-ujoiirnntent before :h-e poii'irai conventions, desptt*-«*n"bts earlier :ii the day. elected. MUs Wenner called at- on the barn and then turned on the 1 tention to several important events later! burning straw. Just as the flames were :his school year. On June 6. the annual | being subdued the engine became dis- followed on ! abled and word was sent for the new P.-T. A. MEETING HELD Smith Named President Of way Association. rage believed it. And Col. Lindbergh himself. ! of the measure-was appro*.ed after the j officers v.ere elected ar. , . ,. ,. : Senate had rejected two atte.T.pts ta est!:lg program given at the same story, authorized US to act m the case, .hike the rates even higher than its ! , v meeting o f the Parkway all preside at the sessions. AmcHij the speakers Tho will be' heard by the gathering arc: United Staws Senator Hooert J. BaliSey. of Ohio; Dr. Douglas S. Freeman, editor of the News-Leader. Richmond, and Kenneth C. 3eii. second vice-president ihe Chase National Bank. The head- June 9 with nioving-up day at Parkway school and awarding of letters. On June 10. the Seventh grade commencement exercises will be held in Baker Park. On June 19. the summer roundup of clulcren who w:!l enter school in ·he fall will take place and a clinic will be held. Different ·were explair,ei. " arxi an inter- ne last month- kway School Par- j ent-Teacher Association until nex; lall I Tuesdav night Robcr-, L. Smith was! elected president: Sam W. Maples, first j vice-president: M'4ss E. Virginia Vv'er;- principal of the school, second -- -hp R-\l r mo-e ird A -^*.**» ^ ^ i i v » ^ m t n ^ .-...^v.» .^.. -* - -- -- ugns,. · vice-president: Charlotte Eatier. secre- £r^TsW'being d'4cr:bed' Ln a f r i g h t f u l strain for more t h a n two months." ' Coin? into the se:ond successive _ : a r j-: Helen Mercer, assistant secretary: processes ut^ - *· . . . .. r - i ' V night session it toot up the exc*sc rates LO^IS Sponselier, treasurer and Mrs. tne cheo-.ica. Arlmir-..! Rnrivio-,. -ivlin h:is ili:int:lllied a OollCV of Silence · * - ' pur» on the basis of the . _ In denying the charges. Dean Dobson-Peacock added that!«»«« ~--^ *£ ^S^'^^ he still believed in the sincerity of Mr. Curtis. i ; rom 12 to 14 per cent, was acce?t«! j the Seriate '.vent ' :e inccme tax ' %T advertising pars b:g dividends .,,:..«,..,,, * "" plates. fr0ni ^^ and SCS ° C1CM 5iaS!t ' "I can't understand it all." Dean Dobson-Peacock said, "but, ^n-wt^tumMt^M the believe in the sincerity of Mr. Curtis. He has been under ^ ht detail. To illustrate ^ the audience. Introducac some t n . Hop precipitated clarified the water The f.Uer-ni; ot to ma k 0 any." th« water by passing it throi:eh beds of sand and gravel and then the clf-ar.-ns of the filtration beds were lntcre?*.!r.? Steps explained by the speaker. The use of chlorine to ka*l all bacteria was another important treatment- One advantage of the Lmsrar.ore system is thai there ss less chance for the -wat«r to taste of chlorine. Should there be any unnatural taste *.ri the -rater suih as may result from algae. small plants that sometimes srrow in fresh -vrat«r. it is now possible t" el.mi- nate it by the use of materials science has recently discovered Water properly treated win not corrode pijx's as will an uncontrolled supply Ta-cori A d m i r a l Burrage. who has m a i n t a i n e d a policy u j SMCHCU -^^^^ to raise more than half of tli*; E lnier StC. Maxwell, historian. 'o- throughout the "negotiations" continued tonight to refuse to billion dollars. A mo\e by the spoa- j x- ne evening pro-am opened with a ' ' · * ' ! sors of the non-partisan compromise j p.-T. A. sons, followed by invocation Comment. I measure to get a showdown first on 1 v,y Rev. Dr Henri L. G. Kieffer and "I have no statement to make." he said, "and 1 don't plan ; the controversial sales tax was rejected. · a pi.sylet. "The Enchanted Garden" by j Sen. Harrison, Mississippi. Demo- i pupils o' the fifth grade. At a short j cratic leafier la the revenue contest. , business meeting, the report of the ! nbont by ;i roaH.'^tior. of the wrong 11 predicted defeat o' the sales levy on j secretary, treasurer and the following ' h v.-f time " |, ne ground that its decisive rejection , committees: Program, playgrounds, wel- cQ"'e%s : OT bv iol-i H-i-hfs C'i-tL'= t h r Staterarnt Held It Hours. ! made bv the House made the move in i : 3re . careter;?.. finance, membership and N-.-fo's Va '···riterir.cdiiin- t n a t ho E\.ict: 11 hvjrs .stier his cor.fes- j . he ^.,3-^ futile. ' publicity, were given. Another shore hia "-Tcrvra'cd "in" "enormous de"ceu-i ·· ;on ---""·-· of !: "'° n!ost -an'-nstic of all. sen. Walsh. Democrat. Massachusetts, skit. "Sick Paou" was given by pupils of " * -- "-- "'"· «-----' the g en e r al sales :ax. ad- . the F.fth grace. startling Confession v.o'! N J Mav 17 ~A start'ini; STICKLER SOLUTION pumper. WUir.n a short ume the sec-! quarters of the convention wiil be ond engine arrived and another stream j the Hotel Ambassador. RRNA/WE/T70 TERMINATOR The word in the lower line was formed from the letters in the upper line. And. in the word TERMINATOR are the words TERM. IN. AT and OR. HENDRKKSON'S usher in National Cotton Week With 500 Fresh New COTTON FROCKS tapped on: his own story »f ·he mystr:nis c^nt.irts w i t h the MI;- iwscd riidiiappors of ihc cinid The bw-s and all of the people to 7.':iom Curtis ha* bet*:: rcferri:;s Acre creations of his 0^:1 tri.r.d. p^liv-r nen 1 all in all. there are advar.t-i$:c« in :!-.e t,-ld by th.- manufacturer, w h j 50 Lingaaore system, o.r.der prc-per ciircc- capt irt-d the conr.ct' of Co'. 1 ·.:. j- tion and operation, ishich make it tne ' bersh h.m^if t h a t ':-.·- l a f e r w a s »i:h last word for a aiuncioal w.\t-r s u p - , him the nich- the chi.d's »^ciy was ply. four-d Dr. Hopkins was jitroduced bv May- -r nor.wtly bolic'.o ' h i t fo or Elmer P. Mu-*ho*ser. who v-.\.= ?c - vC!1 ,, r c-^!it mc:iths J h.r.e chairman of the May rroenrn comn'.i.- mvj-Kf due :o tee. Jaairs H. Harri?. v.ce-prcsii.T.t. - vLS 5 . r .d in his *i?:ica c-xifi presided in th« aik-er.C" of T.r rre.-i- ..j ^..^ 3 pp 3rcr ;--, bmu-1-,' birk dent, WiUiarn M. S.omi. Dr H--pV:.ii5 teas accompanied ov Dr. H K !.."._·:· o head of the Depanrr.eii: cf of Goucher Coliecc. Oth^r c*.».st£ v. "r" C5«rald Hosencur. Ba'.t-m '·rf J._ .,.0 -j, v cor.', or.~at.or. -A.tli Ir.=;xvt Howard Mar.'ir. Jcr.;-? Br-.nis · .ck. \vaLli. Irwyi F.;. Hac'rM---wr.. Freoerick: K;war._ins v,-r-- .r.-..t«d · · attend an inter-club --.eeur.e ··-· i~ ..·"._ at Haserstown or. Th'.«r.~r.a:. '·I ^s.-; nnparcn t.T. '*.:'.! :r.\ 3 .'.f 5hc t?°»1 of t'.'.v tro..o"i' anc ho"J. :hc .·'.-..:dror. r n-.v cor.*, ersat.^ri ·.'..'.. by cT.rerr..:i7 his. A ·'.;-, if.cs in the case. : ' Mr Curtis ?:i'(l :hat Dear. Peacock . K-. 15 Dyaon Pearo;k. his Norfolk .ivsooiAtO cou'.d r-.-ivv prevonted his un- !-r''- p \ r t in this enormous de- .ri:.,"n Adm.-al Bjrrace (Roar Ad- .ii.ra'. C,.iv H B"-ra;e. rt-t.rer.. another .-.v-..x-;at- « n-'-r.-'-y ^rcser.'cd ',* Col L.iKi^or^'i t.~:e storv as ho he.irci it. m xk.n-^ r.o ro?omm^nc".it.-"5ns. but per- :!!.·:..".; .- : · st.\n.i on lU merits * * *." GJ-, A H.'.rrj M.xro h.\d felt a" . 1.0:1.: '!.a: :i or^ii :-.-« jh«".i'J be placed I n Cjrt.s :ory: t.ii Coast Guard said r..; TH 1 D ' - s i r f c-f ilisrrepancics in C . r - . ^ iorr."' i.:-. ·-: the oc\t used by ·ir.,'..ix! "A.":: irs.'orm.V..or. ·!' 5jir-» :h_ t.\'av was found mur- . a.-? brought to rr.v .T.- bv orcodir.q o-.c-r it. I brrarr.; ir.- PRISONERS RETURN "I r.e-cr knew su~h people t h a t I "Who left Pcnai Farm Go Back -j--^ ;, Co'. *". T.-.oy T.-r" -\-e-r-..T. c-f V ·»-!·· Tr.iesc.V.-- Voluntanly- sos. 23. anc 3-ure Ptvk. 25 v. ho escaped from tlic S'ate P° Farm at Rosbury. Wath^:;::- --ur.ty af:or .1 baseball game Sur.d.v- r-". .rr.-xi to tlv arid Hal T said no action ' Ir. .-.^ t ' rr.v -f. .'f and "n I trust :.~a" .: - ir. *1-." Po'i-e b.-:.~cr.r ;nsp.-.^vis. the c^vera- - ro.iti.: St-c.-i,.v.- T.o :;^:o5 Gurus -cr.^t r.-,th»-r t ..»i: nifn-.-^rar.i-ni f^rm. Tolicr In Conference. , 71-..' a^?-..ndin; rf-.o'.atiorj .x' Curtis % n: ;x' 3«ther.t."s into coriforence. I - oo-.~.n-.t- .-::-.- »^n Co*.. Lir.dtMrgh ] a,-. .i-,'^rn:cd ^.Ti ·la."-* ho had no objec- ' f--»r ·.""·· l cAp-.ure of the -S s-r.. but he did not · t-.t h* Tas assir.g for -r.^t ger.erally cis- ' ^s Sen' 'XV i Brecker.r.cire intimate i L.ndbenh. told a crar.d .·-.c -i regard C-'". Hi-n-- C . C . C A R T Y I N C O R P O R A T I O N S A L E 3 GENERATIONS OF QUALITY Way back in Grandmother's Day, in 1868, the name of Carty was synonymous with Quality . . . and today that tradition of Quality is beins suarded more zealously than ever. For CORPORATION purposes and because we wish to know you better we are offering a Store-Wide-Sale limited to our present bona fide stock. Items have been marked down as much as 60%; everything on all our floors is low-priced-marked to show tremendous savings upon depletion of the quantities advertised no substitutions will be made. Today's prices on Quality merchandise are extremely low.. . C C. CARTY, INCORPORATED is offering quality goods at big savings in this sale . . . if your thoughts are of quality, in combination with savings, you'll enjoy shopping at this sale. L t i t t i i t f i i a i i m n f T *·*·" T 11111 ii m n n 11 ii.t i ^. Naturally, this ever reliable store would have a complete showing of the season's newest styles and materials by the yard. Always Acceptable! Dotted Swiss Dresses s u All White or Pastel Colors Eyelet Batiste, Pique, Duralin and $ Lawn Wasn Frocks Great Assortment of Other Styles Sizes 14 to 52 -f JL » $1.00 to $2.95 -·---'- Co: c.d The t~o rerr.a.r;e-d ir. x ~ c ar r a a:·»-· the pr_=ici: larrr.. sto-;r-"5 ·?.:.-. r-.l,v · "s hai the men r.jt re: .rr.«c of tr.o.r c~. .-.f sit r.'-i-bv -". Dr Cxic.o" pv. IT.-, i cvr.c v A-. a::t ·nwb:. r On To Italy--BX- Air on th« ram: to ' rot to Pc-l.ce Iexn-*: T-escay e*"? S-nlth's express .o cat«i that s-:*re:r..r.j case, ih-s: t sesmec. ~i --o~r. ,-.".; . -:· Mrs. M-r.r..-e J?Tr.^" £ -c hid out y p.ay ball T-eic'-v. a::*.r- rsoori -scith a cro^d cf boys W.-tr. ·.'.*' trooped sac. Iat:r. yjr.j J^.l-.e-j T-'is unaccour.'c-d '·- : M i - J : T r . - - t.\.'.- " c «i P.J:::* :: ..--.*."- ' a .= *-.-:.-. =-: a. '. i,he 7T3s -a:.v.rr :- r.,-x- cper,tfl and .1- : h« ·rou-'.Si'.er. t e " 1 OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU. . . Carty prices have Yw«y* been in line with the quality you desire . , . in this sale furniture is especially marked below today's prices . . . please bear in mind that this r a bona fide sale of our present stoda for · specific reason . . . that no additional merchandise will b« purchased for this sal« . . . that, therefore, once the quantities ar* exhausted, no duplicates can be furnished at the advertised sale prices. C C CARTY, INCORPORATED, Special Feature Sale of A. B. C. COTTONS for NATIONAL COTTON WEEK! Assortment of Fast Color Materials. For summer wear. Formerly up to 39c yard. for this week 25c y^rd BfT TOUR HOT WEATHER NEEDS--NOW! If it's made of Cotton- in stock. -Hendrickson's has it . 1 Hit m i n t n i n 11 i i Ne~ Jersey T Italy :s t".r« a.r tra.l that . Ar. e.*r." ii: of t.ic "U Re..-hers Ktirr.T N. J . T.yer C. C. CARTY INCORPORATED Frederick, Mi I SMOCKS - MIDDY BLOUSES - LISLE and 1 NET BLOUSES - HOOVERETTES - MAIDS I UNIFORMS - BED SPREADS - HAND- 1 MADE GOWNS - BOYS' WASH SUITS GIRLS' JACK TAR TOGS. ^ rr.T IN t?«8 48-52 East Patrick Street PHONE 386 ,-t'.. Reichers roc- es;3a"-ael A sen Mor:;rei,-:o-Hj.'..*Jna air speed re i;! ESTABLISHED /S77

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