Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 20, 1998 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1998
Page 7
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THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood.'Ml — Saturday. June 20,1998 Page 14 Father tells 'joys' of parenthood Dear Ana Luders: I just read the letter from the pregnant woman in Virginia who didn't appreciate comments from strangers. She noedi to wake up to reality. Once you become pregnant, your life changes forevet You'd belter sleep now because sleep deprivation docs not end with midnight feedings. There are also nightmares and the flu. Everything you own will be cracked, lost or broken. Exhaustion will be a constant companion. Ann, a while back, you once printed a humorous column about "joys" of having children. Will you print it again? -- MOTHER OF THREE IN DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MICH. DEAR MOTHER OF THREE: With pleasure. Here it«: Musings of a Good Father on a Bad Day There's nothing sadder than (he childless couple. It bre iks your heart to see them stretched out, relaxing around swimming pools in Florida and California, suntanned and miserable oo the decks of boats, trotting off to enjoy Europe like foots - with money to spend, time to enjoy themselves and nothing to worry about. Childless couples become so ^elfish and wrapped up in their own concerns that you feel sorry for them. They don't fight over the kids' discipline. They miss the fun of 'doing without" for the child's sake. It's a pathetic sight. Everyone should have children. No one should be allowed to escape the wonderful experiences attached to each stage in the development of the young. The happy memories of Ann Landers those early years -- saturated mattresses, wailing for sitters who don't show up. midnight asthma attacks, rushing to the emergency room of the hospital to get the kid's head stitched up. Then comes the payoff - when the child grows from a Uttk acorn into a real nut What can equal the warm smile of a small lad with the sun glittering on S1,500 worth of braces- ruined by peanut brittle -- or the frolicking, carefree voices of 20 hysterical savages running amok at a birthday party? How sad not to have children to brighten your cocktail parties — massaging potato chips into the rug and wrestling with guests for the olives in their martinis. How empty is the home without 'challenging problems that make for a well- rounded life — and an early breakdown; the end-of-day report from Mother, related like strategically placed blows to the temple: the icndct, thoughtful discussions when the report card reveals that your senior son is a moron. Children are worth every moment of anxiety, every sacrifice. You know it the first time you take your son hunting. He didn't mean to shoot you in the kg. Remember how he cried? How sorry he was? So disappointed you weren't a deer. Those are the memories a man treasures. Think back to that night of romantk adventure, when your budding, beautiful daughter eloped with the village idiot. What childless couple ever shares in such a w.onderful growing experience? Could a woman without children equal the strength and heroism of your wife when she tried to fling herself out of the bedroom window? Only a father could have the courage to stand by, --ready to jump after her. The childless couple lives in a vacuum. They try to fill their lonely lives with dinner dates, iheatet; golf, tennis, swimming, civic affairs and trips all over the world. The emptiness of life without children is indescribable. See what the years have done. He looks boyish, unlined and rested. She is slim, well-groomed and youthful. It isn't natural. If they had kids, they'd look like the rest of us -- tired, gray, wrinkled and haggard. In other words, normal. What can you give the person who has everything? Ann.Landers' bookies, "Gems," is ideal for a nighistand or coffee table. "Gems" is a collection of Ann Landers' most requested poems and essays. Send a- self-addressed, long, busineu-siie envflope and a check or money oxier for 15.25 (this includes postage and; handling) to: Gems, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago. 111. 606U-0562. (In Canada, send, $625,) To fend out more about Ann • Landers and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate web • page at w* ' ANN LANDERS* ©1998. Creators SyrxJfcatr Your Horoscope Surxiay. June 21, 1998 Major social and commercial trends will be balanced better in the year ahead than they were fast year This coukJ spell success in areas where you were previously deprived of it '. Bridge North . o*-2CM * 10 9 . v A J 10 9 * A J 5 4 3 1 . * K 2 West E»»« * K Q J AS76543 Q 3 2 » * Q 10 9 B 7 e K 6 43 A J 10 9 8 South * A 2 ¥ K 8 7 6 5 * 2 * A Q 7 6 5 Vulnerable: East-West Dealer: North South VVrsl I » :t * 4 NT 6 » 1'as.s Puss f>ass I'ass North 1 « 'I w 4 V 5 » Pass Fast Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: * K CAMCER (Jun« 21-Juty 22} Don't blama others it things go wrong today Instead of finding laull. dovote your energy lo making amends. These changes will make your day Cancer, ireat yourself In a birthday gift Send tor your AsHo-Graph predictions lor the year ahead by mailing $2 and SASE lo Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper PO Box 1758. Murray Hill j Station, Now York. NY 10156 Be sure lo »1a!« your zodiac s*gn LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) There's a possibility you might operate at exlrumas today in the management of your affairs You'll orffmr be dangerously e«trava<janl w unbecomingly stingy VIRGO (Aug. 2 3-Sept. 22) A change of pace could do you a world of good today rl yoo te«l you've been too ctcistornd lately SocK the companionship of carolrio.o spirits. UBRA (S*p<. 23-Oct. 23) Beware ol tendencies to prematurely mis'ond the intentions of others today Your tx;liols could discourage someone who wants lo hoip you. SCORPIO (Ocl. 24-Nov. 22) Sleor clear cl ptSopk: who measure your worth in proportion to your status symbols today Limit associations to ihoso who liVo you lor yourself SAGITTARIUS {Nov. 23-Dec 21) A situ- ation you ro presently resisting crxiid b« good for you. It may proye wis* lo reeval- uale Ihe situation today. CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-J»n. 19) B« careful nol to lot your emotions influence important decisions today It's kxjic. not feelings, that should dominate these choices . • ' . AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) It's what you Vnow. not who, that counts today. II you can't cut the mustard, having big shots lor pals won't help PISCES (Feb. 2O-M*rch 20) Play to win today, but keep hopes and expeciatioos within reasonable bounds. Don'l Kid your- soil into believing the end justities the means — it doesn't ARIES (March 21-April 19) A matter Of significance mtgtit no! get oft to a smooth start today Hang in there, because by noon things could start to pel better. TAURUS (April 20 May 20) People in you' social circio will lavof you today, but Ihe commercial world might nol Keep your guard up il you have to d*al with hard-nosod business types , GEMINI (May 21-JurM 20) Listen to the suggestions ol associates today without discounting your own judgment. You mighl sco things more doiirty from your perspective i l-.WtriyNKA.lnc Crossword With something else in mind By Phillip Alder The Ramivlry is aimed, as its name NutiRC'sls, nt reaching game However, sometinws a player -•- usually Ihe re spond.-r •- will make a game-try when he i.s thinking ;ibout a slam. This deal is an example. South should IK- aware of slam possibilities if North iKis two aa-s ;ind a filling club c;ird hence Ihe sugKesled sequence When North jumps to game opposite Ihe ;ipp^renl ^ar.n--try "f three clubs, South reasonably assumes his p.irtnt'r has the c!ut) king. West leads the spude kint;. The play is a little easier than the Imkiins Win the first trick, cash the two top hearts (iinliicky'i. then start r>n the clubs, discarding dummy's v|)jde loser when West ruffs in on the third round Later, trump the spade two in the dummy and ruff the clubs >^>fxi Before ! let you go to enjoy the weekend, here are two more points .•ihout game tries !f either player makes a three-heart fiamc-try when the last bid was a raise of one spade to two spades (for example, i*-l*-i!*3»). it is usually natural, with four hearts But. of course, even if partner raises (which shows four, card .support>. Ihe three-heart bidder may still revert to four spades Sometimes the responder makes his trial bid in the suit partner opened (for example. I »-l» 2» 1»i. Like any trial bid. it is forcing for one round And, as b< fore, the opener is being asked to assess his diamond holding. However, there is an expectation that the re.sponder has at least a four card holding in the suit It might even be the right trump suit. '. !'/*by NKVlnc ACROSS 39 1 — nout 40 6 Typ« of table (abbf.) 42 10 Ab»oluta rul«r 45 12 Powerful buiirvess- 45 p*r»on 49 14 ritlaf 15 Rock salt 51 16 French season 54 17 Caustic S5 subttanc* 19 Good 56 Men 20 Eliminate 57 (2 wdt ) 23 Go In 26 Upper limb 27 Raced* 1 30 Eastern 2 philosophy 3 32 Epic poem 4 34 Flimsy paper S 35 Imitate* 6 36 Ninny 7 37 Household 8 god 9 Clothing stand* ' Rougher, in a way Office note Actress Thurman — Molnes Purzllng problem Child's vehicle Floodgale Street sign (2 wds.) Chinese (comb, form) Feel DOWN Feminine suflix Russian no Poplar, e g. Fan's shout Compass pi Type ot rug Acclaim H»lrdo Type ot bag Answer to Previous Puzzle FOR BETTER OR WORSE so, MOW ITS on= To THE. JUST FINE. Nice FRANK & ERNEST X NffcD ONf OF THO$e CAfPt FOff -TOMfcPODY X'M NOT OF THE POG BEETLE BAILEY THROW MC \ A REAL A LON6 OWE, } LOH6 WrETLE/ TIT.'/, rv ^^ HAGAR THE HORRIBLE THE GRIZZWELLS CARDSFDR THE 90s Ot^AY OVWOUS NO SYN\PATWY THE BORN LOSER :,- YOD KNOW YOUV6 KCA.CHCD NMDOLE. llACM XOO iTOP ALLEY OOP I DIDN'T TMIMK THER.E WAS ANVONE IN MOO.' ,-__—/ NEITHER f ( DID I.' TH*T ISN'T JUST FIR&, OOOLA.' LOOK. THERE.' ^-*-~-' 11 Relate 12 Mathematical proposition 13 Novel 18 Affirmative STUMPED? 0 " (or Ar.svsc-rs e -,, r, >„., --, r, .•.„-, >•-.»y,, ,-*<^:.«.e 1-90O454-3535t?»t code 100 20 Old Portuguese money 21 Actress Andres* 22 Referee's kin 23 Mis* Ketl, erf the cooite* 24 River nympfi 25 Throw 27 Heroic 2« Al on* a — and call 29 Mr*. Truman 31 DM • rui*r 33 Actor Sherrf 34 LP apMd 40 Varnish KIT'N'CARLYLE 41 Olhello villain 42 Alpe, e.g. (abbf.) 43 Skinny fishes 44 Hawaiian Island 48 Frofn — lo 47 Important pofkxls 4« Ey»(k) 50 Author Umberto — 52 CrtehM position* 53 Fair grarte C i'.)'.»} tiy M'A. Inc HERMAN 'Pretend you'r* • pur»« »n«tch«f; I w«nn« try Kxrwrthlnfl."

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