The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 5, 1918 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1918
Page 3
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THE -tttWCttlKflOtf NEWS. PA CP, TTTttKfi THIN, PEOPLE Guaranteed -it Put en firm, Meaithy Flesh «hd ts IHcreiue Strength, Vl.oor and Nerve Force. Weak, tliln people—men .or women— »re nearly always hervous wrecks! thus conclusively proving that thinness, Woole noes, debility and neurasthenia Rre almost Invariably due to nerve starvation. Feed your nerves and all these symptoms. *«dus to nerve starvation will disappear. Eminent specialists state that the best herve food la an organic phosphate known among druggists as nitro-Phosphate, a five-grain tablet of which should be taken with each meal. Being a genuine nerve builder and not a stimulant or , hablt-formlrtg drug. Tlitro-Phosphnte can BO safely taken by the weakest and most delicate sufferer. nhaVtfi* ttaulti following Its Use are often dimply aetohlshlhg, weak tired people regain.strength and vigor; thinness and angularity-five. Way to plumpness nnd curvesrsl*«P, returns to the sleepless; confidence! and cheer; fulness replace debility and ftloom; dull eyes become bright, . and pale sunken cheeks regain the pink glow of helth. tro-Phosphate, the Use of which Is inc*- penslvn. also wonderfully promotes the assimilation of food, so much So that many people report marked gains uf Weight In a few weeks. CAUTION:—Although bltro-phoSphate Is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness, Sleeplessness and general weakness, .it should not, owing to Its remarkable flesh' growing properties, bo used by anyone who does not desire to put on flush. SANITARY Grocery and Market PHONE 284 102 SOUTH MAIN PEACHES, per basket $3.50 PLUMS, per crate $2.50 Plenty of sugar for canning and preserving your fruit. Put your Peaches and Prunes up now—they will soon be gone. G. FRANK BAKER S BRO. •ELECTRICIT'V finds many ways to brighten your house and lighten your work. Snap a switch and any i;oom is flooded with clean, safe light. Put in Western Electric Power and Light and have light for every room in your home; every stall and passage in the barn. It gives you power to run the many electrical household devices as well as the grindstone, separator, fanning mill, water system, etc. See this Western Electric outfit in operation at The Hutchinson Fair. DWIGHT CHAPIN, Jr., —DISTRIBUTOR— Lyons, Kansas. RENT YOUR HOUSE. FLAT OR STORE THROUGH A WANT AD IN THE NEWS WITH OUR AVIATORS The Yanks are Beginning to Sec Some Real Excitement Now. WAS RATHER TAME AT FIRST Are Doing All Kinds of Actual Ruining in Ihe Air Just Like Veterans.. (By George T. Bye.) American Press Headquarters, British front,—In addition to the- Yank aviators flying with the British atf force, the A. B. R has two units on the British front that are wholly American. That Is, the personnel is wholly American. The equipment Is wholly British. Both are fighting units and every pilot has had considerable fighting experience. . The units have their aerodromes In aerially quiet sectors. The Oefttuin tft perdition," he exclaimed. .. Among othefs With whom he shoo* hands were his rigger and fitter, the two meh on his personal staff who looked after... Ihe wirings and engino of his tittle machine. Until the crowd dissolved the rigger and fitter stood posed i against the machine, occasionally resting '« proprietor's hand upon the wing, fully as proud as the successful pilot and considerably less reserved In showing It. But the whole squadron was proud. It hopes to say soon that every one of Its pilots has tagged at least one .Hun. Some are credited with three. The major commanding the two squadrons—formerly with the American embassy in 1-on- don—had crashed a great many Hurts In his earlier career with the British flying force, before America entered the war. Some Aces. Men from the following places In the two squadrons hav.e shot down from one to three machines each: Kort Worth, Tex.: Grnvctto, Ark.; Boston, Mass.; lCllzabclh, N. .1.; Cleveland, 0,; Tarrltsvlllo, Mil.; Burlington, VI.: MndlEonvlllc, Cincinnati. O.i Wales, Wis.; Kaston, Pa.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Bemldjl, Minn.; Chicago, III., and Now Vork, N. Y. The two units lost only one pilot up ' to dale,"and he was not brought down in a fight. It Is believed he was forced to land because of engino trouble within Ihe German area. The units are In the best of health, The doctors hove only had two wounds to dress so far. One was a finger that was hit by a hammer; the other a mosquito bite that raised a bump on a mechanic's forehead but had no more serious etfccl. The men live In clean, dry quarters, and have ' One STHMA ^ ttl»rtt« »6 "*<!(•* but f.lief It ones brought by— ICRS VAPORLIB^; NEW PRICES—30c, 60c, $1.20 FOREIGNERS RESPONDED In a Very Liberal Manner to the Liberty Loan. WERE MORE GENEROUS It is Claimed, Than the Same Percentage of Native Born Americans. British .who had patrolled this part of the line previously made It a quiet' 0 y ,T,.v7hln 'g : 7ho7 Vant or need sector by downing or chasing every o[ {hp hutg whor( , tlln mccnan | CB live hun who buzzed within sight. | ornamentally labelled, "Chalet do Now ft Isn't pleasing for any Yank mzz ,. fighter to be struck In. a tame edge „ In ' andltlon to scout righting, we of the great war. For days our pilots QUt as escor(a wltll i) rl ti 3 h bomb- flew and flow and flew without " m -,| ng machines. We have done n great nlng Into much excitement, so they say, although their battle record tolls, cclnmand a story that would raise your hair.' And they haven't had these aerodromes. However, It's different now. Their deal of escorting," said the major In "But that is not lively enough Tor the. men. We have two wonderful crowds; all of the pilots being cool and seasoned, after a certain amount of exlra training In I-hig- complaints to their commanders havo', |ln( , nn(] th(m the biUUe cxper j e nce been persistent. The commanders, |Ul lhp R , Air Force ll)o(nrc UP | ng through the American ( J n .incorporated Into this unit. The n ii.. _ I.,„I.,„.I „„™ =„ nn .. have supremacy in the air, and it is mighty good lhal our air force is training under their tutelage. But don't put these two units down as students. We passed that stage some time ago. as the Huns can well testify. charge, finally obtained permission ' J—f^s"" miquestloimbVy for the ^nnk fighting airmen to set • out on their own Initiative and scare up scraps. This carte'blanche practically changes the status of the two units to an Independent fighting force. This extraordinary liberty of action was only granted yesterday, and 1 was fortunate enough today to visit the aerodromes and talk with our airmen just returning from long distance hunts. In a Fight. One flight of seven machines had attacked nine Germans at dawn, crashing one, bringing two down out of control, and chasing the other six tar bark Into Dcutschlnnd. This fight occurred near the center of the British front Another fright brought down another German flyer who could not keep up with his fleeing comrades. Score, INVESTIGATE CASE OF . SUGAR THAT WAS HOARDED A Lindsborgr Woman Contended That She Used It for Canning Out Had No Fruit. Washington, Sept. 5.—America's for- elgn-horn population—immigrants within tho last generation, and Germans particularly—poured out their savings for liberty bonds of the third loan more generously, In consideration of i their limited financial ability, than native citizens. This is Indicated by a treasury rci>ort estimating subscriptions of citizens ot thirty-eight foreign nationalities at $741,437,000, or nearly IS per cent of the $4,170,000,000 total of tho third loan. The number of bond buyers was estimated at 7,001,000, or 41 per cent of Ihe total of 17,000,'COO on the roll or subscribers, and the average subscription among the foreign speaking population was calculated al ?10!">. Germans made the biggest record of all nationalities. Subscriptions actually reported and tabulated by nationalities amounted to $407,790,000, but it was estimated this sum represented only about 5:V per cent of the total, much of which was included In the hig stream of general subscriptions without designation of the subscriber's nationality. Ready For Next One. This record Was died by tho treasury today in support of claims of enthusiastic patriotism apparent, among tho nation's foreign-born citizens during past loan campaigns. In nearly every city and town having many recent immigrants, selling committees already have been in preparation for Wichita, Kan., Sept. B.—Tho Food Administration was notified today by 2. Then came in another flight, every | p rc d M.. Tate, chief of the U. S. man frowning Indignantly when he Secrpt Service o£f |co ip Kansas City, r° S^l^t one of his operatives took ten "We had skimmed around am hour pounds of sugar from,a.woman hoard- without any luck," reported the In Lindshorg last .week, leader. Finally we got around to The Food Administration had rc- aomo Place that must have been over quested that the secret service make the Belgian front. ' At any rate we an Investigation-when it was found Underwear— ItJs time to change to middle weights or heavier weights. Our lines of Superior and Vassar wool and cotton/Union Suits are ready for you. "Quality Firtt" Hannan Shoes the fourth loan campaign which will open September 2S. This, organization work is supervised by a section of the treasury's loan bureau, dlreclcd by Hans Relg, an American of German descent who speaks more than a dozen languages. Ukuleles Sent to Soldiers. Honolulu, T. II., Sept. G.—Funds have been subscribed for the purchase of a number of ukuleles and guitars which will be sent to a group of young men from Hawaii; now attached to an army engineering unit at Camp Humphrey, Virginia. The Hawaiian soldiers wrote that they were lonesome for Hawaiian music. The soldiers wrote that I hey could manage to get along without poi, the national Hawaiian dish, made from the roots ot the taro plant, but they niusl have ukuleles If they were to make their comrades believe they really were from Hawaii. Warning to Bulgaria. New York, April 6.—A recent Issue of the Ikkdam, a Constantinople newspaper received here, contains a warning to Bulgaria not lo press Turkey too far. It says: "Bulgaria hns become one of tho great, powers oi* I'Curope by stealing from Turkey, and Rumania, Serbia, Greece and Albania. She now refuses our reasonable request to straighten the boundary ot Maritsa. Let Bulgaria beware. Her position regarding this request does not augur well." ANNUAL FALL OPENING could look down on the Bngllsh'chan. nel. Then »*e spotted a balloon. Legitimate Prey. "A balloon Is legitimate prey al that the Liudsborg woman had taken out 25 pounds of sugar on a certificate in Llndsborg by promising to use' it all for canning and had later taken though it is not as much sport as a! out 25 pounds more at a grocery in machine. I went after the balloon jMcPherson oy signing n L second pledge, fairly close mnehln and pumped Into It at range. Nothing happened. The other machines followed me. Still the doggoned balloon hung up with no sign of an explosion. •"After we had all peppered away at tho thing furiously, we suddenly noticed that it had no basket for ob­ servers—and'we left in a hurry. It must havo.becn up there to trap machines within shrapnel range.' But the" trappers: were .asleep, .and got away with no other loss than a wasted flight and a lot of wasted good ammunition," - . " Tho morning's score was still two when the machines of another flight flashed into sight, and began to drop graeofully onio the landing field. The first pilots reported that Lieutenant — 1 had had a great mix- up with a Ilun somewhere In the neighborhood of Bethune-r.but back over the German' linos—and liad finally shot the enemy J to pieces. The lieutenant's machine was the, last to land nnd it .had,no oonor come to a stop than It ^vas surrounded by pilots and mechanics of tho unit. Satisfaction. With a delightful smile the young lieutenant, who halls from Mndlson- ville, Cincinnati, pulled off his head gear and jumped lightly to the ground. "Damn, Isn't It satisfying to jockey round for position and then send the No permission was granted for the | second certificate, the woman evidently thinking she would not be | caught because jho wont to a neighboring town where her first purchase | of 25 pounds was not known. When confronted with the evidence I that she had obtained too much sugar | without permission tho woman contended she had used it all for canning, but she was'unable to produce | fruit sho hnd preserved. She had but ten pounds of the two purchusos left and could not explain what had happened to the other 40 pounds. Because of the irregularity sho was requireiL to surrender the ten pounds to J. T. S. Reed local food administrator for Llndsborg, who has returned II to channels of trade. The woman will not be allowed to buy more sugar for canning and grocers in Llndsborg and neighboring towns liavo been notified not to sell sugar to her for cunning until she can ox- plaln what happened to the 40 pounds. I Discovery of Maganese Deposits Puerto Cortes.—The Puerto Cortes consulate has been advised by persons resident In this district that they have discovered and denounced a rich deposit of maganese within two miles of tho Honduras National railroad. Thoy claim this ore Is mixed with! graphite, gold, and copper. 6 $/t,95 For this Military Boot in " Grey and Tan, welt sole. Regular worth $8 and $10. In AA to D. C £1 QfJ Buys choice of~* styles of <P "— ' high heels in Grey, Tan, Champaign and White Kid. Worth $10 to #12. Most all sizes. $0.95 Buys this Young Man's Tan Russia Calf. Flat last. For genuine dark Tan vShell Cordovan. A perfect shoe for college, school or business. It's a practical winter shoe. J PETEY DINK JM~ ~° r '* Ma y Be That He Preferred His Worms Without Hooks |B| By C# A. VOIGHT Hi TViATT VQHD — 5IWE- \ SEEM owe HoPPtu' AOouT ^ NEST e-R DAV— J '/s DlEp OP/ >- J

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