The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 3, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1964
Page 3
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•*•)> DMijMk? esasst asureai >>_»»»_» '*•»•" •*-. JAMS ». HAMil rtltUINlt Gi**. Me** MM* •mte t. fi******* ••«!***• stoeegef THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS OWN/ON - ANALYSIS • FEATURES »f CD TUtlbAY, MAMCH3, 1t*4 MMlift »»4li-ft TMM rn« A *F '«rn.t Mil, wt M*M, |I.M**» Ml <M« MMrrtfiMill MI*M> •«•«« turn «i, IMI. M <M »rt itf ( «MM« << Kin* I. Wtft BUSINESS MIRKOR Interest waits on effect of tax cut lit 9AM IMWHON AP ftwIIMtii H»»« Analyit -MtW YORK (AI')-Th*|jn». tr Of IM pull Inward Meter taterMl r*t«* «h<HiWl»t»«t»l I* III* l»«t A»w w*rkJI. on on* *») '<t IK* tn* lii (Ma hit of ««r «r» th» »r |tm»r th* of r»- tno«l t«> lh« «««mnwr awl Ite i <#• luwtrd hl*h»r lnl»r*»l r*t*<i. on tte «i«ter ««l "' Ite r«|i* I* relurttnr* "' «"»«rnm»nt planwri tr. «•>• Mrh»r r»i«« cramp a i«Mln»s«i l<"""i l». for* H *•!• w*ll «i»ri*<i. Tte U.S. Tr»wury ha« urt*<l Ite ror«*y mark»l not to «p*rulal» u« • rain* h*n> In Ite rllnrrnml ratx. ilmlltf to (hat N«t oril*r*'l '•» Ite Hank »f RntUrvl. Hut K»m» wall rnr**lrradlt awl wr-urllv r|«al«ri already talk of Ite |irn*t>*rl* that Ih* f*it>ral i<«a*r*» imarit will sonner urlaUr rain* the praa- mrt i 1/2 r»r e*nt dlseouari r*l*-ite rhart* for tior- r'/»ln« by II" twmlwr hank*. Thn »>l«rtl Kcaorv* n*v*r l«l«(ra|>ha II* |.unrh»». It vim't »IY wh«n, If «»r, It will rals* Ih* rat* to which mo«l irfter ahull -form In. i*ri>«l chtr«»» am Hod. So Ite cl»al»r« ]ual RUM*. And ite yl*ld* nnaom«rahnrt>t*rm •Vlrf. tlrotily ha» risen a Illllc In anllrlpaUon. Tte r»d*rtl H*a*rve ha* iHter w*apon« In controlllnt Ite imoitnl nf rnxlll and Influencing Ite alt* nf Interest chance. One la to tec rea«* THE WORRY CLINK mu«( k»»i' wtlli M. Thl* el«« "•»"' 'liter I*** or mow N»»i n»r r - r«f«l»tln(t Ih. • In (»rrti« <>f curr*M Anolh*r U to «it*r Ik* f«»- •mmtnl ««iirtll»» n»«rt»t ant Iwr »r Mil, Tfell, ton, • liiwr iiulldi up or d«er»w** ih« smrntftl of bank 4«pa*ltt which e«n h« u««d tor •«- rrtdll. Th* lifter Ih* 'if hrndibl* fwxli Ih* hi(h*r ln««r»»i r«UM »r» lltoly to (o, Horn* «r* b*<llni (hit Ih* r*tMnl Rwwrw will *> notkliif for tta llm* hclim. Thta Ihniry U lh*l Ih* txwrt •111 will to *** whtl *M*e< Ih* (Ml w**k'» twin trlloM— ih* l» cut and Ih* HrllUh Inter*** hlk*-may hiv* on ARwrtcan m«n*x m*rk*U, Ttw ta« rut'* *ff*rl* rould b* to a*t off • biuln*» •«- paaaloH gnd»con«um«rburlnf iprw that would. In Urn*, In- flal* prte*i and boom Ih* demand for *wr cnrdll. Many think II will m* work thai «iy it all. >«* haw only a (radua! tnd healthy *W«ct. In Uia* cu* th* IncrctMd demand for <• radii would lead natural!? lo ilowlnc rtalmt Inlereel raiei. Th*M ar* Ih* present uneertalntlei that Inlh Waal). Intion and Wall Street are •Irlvlnt to ua*ia. The naxt f»w w**ka ahould tell how ih* American •conomy tnd txnklnt and security markeU will react. • i v Teach child source of adult education la aii la«ntlcal lw|n who clv*« us s wonderful |ir.)cr»»» report. Ste In Knt*ful to ter newspaper tor twin* ite local "Vni- «*rslty In Print." Teach >iwr rhltdrvn lo rvadmore tereln fur by Ih* at* <>f II. moat Americans ar* ihrwgh with formal clasarooms. So th* news- pepcr U ttelr main rdu. rallontl a(*nl fur ttelr rtn*l n ymrsl IIV GKOROe W. CIIAHK Ph. D.. M. t). CARE S-4M 0*tly O., *(»d JS, la th* supposedly sterile w||* mentioned v*at*rday. A year ha* now passed sine* I told ter the slmpto facts abuul prr<nuiry. |.lst»n tn h*r r*(Min "Dr. cranv," ate spok* • wllanll). "I btcam* pr*(- n«nt within two month* )ust t>y fotlowlnf Ite UmpU toch- nliju* >ou oulllwd. "Y«l I had t«*n chlldteas f»r la >«aral '•And my Identical IwlnsU- i«r, who also n*v*r could ham a baby during ter 10 t*ara «f marrUf*, la now l>r»«-nanl and due tn d*ltv*r In a r,mii|» u( mmillia. •Tor i tuld ter about your >u(l*aiii«i« and (av* her that ncvajoiiwr booki*! on 'Pret- .unc).' ••w» ar* bu«haov*rv irate- rat, aa I'm aure thouaanda ..t utter «lv*a mual be." NtUSI'AI'KR I'NIVERSJT^ TMi iw«spap*r actually wrv»a a* your local "Vni> v.r.nv in ITInt." H afters * dally *ju<a*loa*l oirrlcttlum durinc ail the tt aitult >»ar» c4 >uur llvea. fat moat u( you at op school t» tte »f* uf 11 tad *»v*r attend a formal cteasrooei •«*alun lter**A*r, Hut yuur vduratton do** aot slop at U, do*a If Net el til. for the new*. pajwr alters you th* teteet facia atwul piychotogy and •teUlrlnr. na*n<* sad horn* •coaumlca. |wllUc*l sclcMCe tut ih* etock market. la addition, u add* ««ter. taMsMAl via Iht cottwa *M Ih* apart p*c*«. Ant the froat p«a* start** are aaMatty "Cirr** HU- i«rv"im«i* siaklag, KM. «u» actKKiUra uf to. day ar* studying aa history ssslgnmente the very events thai were chronicled on front p«g*a of newspapers in 1917, IM3 and later years. Even U you pay W per day for your newspaper, that Is s very economical "tuition" for th* diversified educational "menu" that you obtain from this "University In Print." So teach your children to road Ibis newspaper more widely. Train them to dip Into ite editorial page tor at toast on* editorial. Encourage them lo scan the front page and even note the weather forecaaU Then urge your youngsters to look (ev*n though casually) at tte financial page, before they delve Into the Comics, or the Sport Page or the Society Pace. For when they reaehtbaiifa of II, they will not be likely to haw formal aehoolteatten In a claaaroom to preecrib* their "homework" aaalgn- nents. Yo*j parents ahould thua develop widespread new*. paper reading habtte to your youngsters ton* baton they attain the age of U. This column atone, tor example, eontelna the ea- sential faete from a doaao courses ta psychology at the state uadvereily, • Aa both a phyatetoJt and psychologist, I oner you a "smorgasbord" menu of helpful educattonml data, pte* various non-profit bookteU. go Imitate the dartteta, medics and clergymen who have* their secretaries scrap* book these cawea fur a practical volum* an Pare halo*), TH0 WORLD FODAV President still feeling way on increasingly bumpy roads WASHINGTON (A P)-After 100 daya to office President Johnson la stilt feeling his way: In foreign aftklrs, with Congrea*-, with the.preas, cqd la hit own reaoUon to criticism. • ' " • • * He resehett 'Ms 100th day Saturday bat, whll* he search- es, his atendlng in the public opinion polls la very high. Johnaon, tn old Coogreaa hand with M ytarc In Houee aad.Saoate. has aeamed. moat •taw with tte men »• tsstcapt * Itcl, and, moat suoo»eatm. He •UU faeea big toatu there. He got off on the rlsht foot i ^WASHINGTON JHH1B MARCH OF EVENTS MMOCIATS TO KH* CONOnil CONTBOIT MM MAIIOIN SON IN BOTH HOUSIS By HENRY CATHCART Central Pr«« WaMttatim Writer W AHHINOTON—All of th* members of the House and one- third of th* Senate are up for election next November. As In recent congressional election years, there te virtually no question about Democrats retaining control of both Houses. There la a Urge question, however, concerning their relative nmjorltien and It has some of the legislators worried. A lot of legislators' futures are riding on President Johnson's coat tails one way or another. Most Democrats ar* pleased so far about Johnson's performance in the White House. In fact, the need to create a dynamic forceful image of the new President te one of the factors behind the amaatng success he baa encountered in hi* efforts to get Congress moving on th* legtslaltvv program. Borne Republican* are also finding encouragement In the fact that Johnson te now to the White House and running for election, not tb* tat* President John P. Kennedy. This encouragement sterna from regional considara- ttona and te highest In some of the New. England states wbere Kennedy waa extremely popular and where Johnson haa bean thought of principally aa a Southerner who** liberal convictions result from convarjon. One aenator who beneflte Htm tha** changed circumstances te Kenneth B, Keating, R-N. Y, Keating expected • tough up-hill fight for re-etoeUon inasmuch as h* had to run this year believing UM highly-popular Kennedy would head the opposition ticket. Under Ikeee conditions. Keating 1 * re-election was a question- mark. Now. however, he's given a strong edge to win another six-year term regardless of anyone whom the Democrats can find to put up against him. atmUar situations can be spotted all around tho country Involving Hows* aa well aa Senate aeate. e * * •> • NO4UKWINU PAD—Bver since the governmettfa special nport concerning the chances of smoker. contrecUn* lung ean- eer. the** tea been ui effort to find way. to p»f*ia4e ywwgaton to forego dgareto before they became addicted to tb* habit. The proWem ha* been that lf» quite bard to cstwtaee some of them «7 the heattb hasard. Th* vsty fwt that such e 3>aaard •atete aeema to Attract some of them to tte habit because of sheer bravado- g*n. Clifford P. Case, R-N. J, haa devised a Raw appraach to thn^rTwhkh ha pun. to Uk. up withlh* UnlUd BUU. He got it from a canstUuent Who wrote: oker te not eoswemed with Ma health. In fact to M. Mail* Maks* MM a*am daring an. teroto. I aug- gnt a few stogaas and poster* itewtnf • y*""".,""*^ ^°J UM capt»««v •iJethlng Bettor to Do?' sttaw a Ugbted dgant with tta captloej. -Just AjMtter Mf" It might >wst work at teat. U we BKUm mw BVI»»OHI8!-The HOKM «f ^TMMideriav UM Qvtt MgMa bltt. (Up. C Cramer. R-na-, yroyoeed M amtndmsnt and set* tt to UM chair to be read. Tte reading eterk Mtened that Owner waatod tte Oommonww.Mh *f O»te" ta te MtchMtos under tt* voting guara***** pro- vtsM by tte measure. tte HMM* maeatera pMa-t Ttey kaww that Cramer w*a^v«e»l ejfejr-- - — UB»"te ISSte.* ite wsiNa "Pwru Mia.-' to*toad oi •tv*r>tm* sighed wtth naM and tte by promising economy and offering a budget lower than President Kennedy's of teat year. Thte pleased Coogreaa, which rammed through a taa> cut bill tor hlm.UrgeatlnWf- tory, afid iforeignitd bllfeot too aklmpy tfa live with, " A major teat of Johnson's leadership wtth Congress will be In trying to get through Intact tte civil righto bill te asked. He also called tor a program of medical care tor tte aged and a war on poverty. Ha will te a miracle man If ta ean gat approval of medical car. and tte war on poverty will te long drawn-out. Foreign problems multiplied tor Johnson factor than tor Kennedy in the same length of time: Riots la Panama, trouble wtth Fld»l Castro In Cuba, an ugly, deteriorating war In South Viet Nam. Johnaon haa shown extraordinary sensitivity to criticism, although .tt got under otter prealdeeto' aktea too, But Johnaon raantodtoltearly to •ueh an exaggerated way that this got him men criticism. Several weeks ago te was so incensed it bis critics - of whom RepublteaM war* tte •everMt-lhU te , bracketed Item wtth "our otter eae- mla*," Thte MMldte tetor- preted as meailngthaterltl-, AJter IM avtafreahgoteg-' owtr wr that, to efcttted orospd aad tut we** wMeallfcf tor r patient issdentetsttag ot Ws' arttle.. ' «»er scow to hav* bees • way tohastisa tk» preaa. He wo«M lift newsmen the liW pened to IN is th* wmto at tb* time. Don't spend your tax reduction yet Pf.tM«* tartly of *•»*•' W«L W* MC eettotI »t* MB** ts« c* in o* MOM't Hltory, ektvw MUM. eoilsrs wwtJt * «M r-ltoty may me* *ta«Uy M*MB« to ttkrt average tamltri a* atfdtttoMi toe* dollar. Bat a slmaHasan.a Increase M wlO late a Mt «•« of ttat tow dolMM. r«rUwr, almost every ateto, «t*s*y anal tt Uwl "average family" live* I* Mi Aftfite* or Chtesgo, • t*M» t» <M) g«Jt ateto. tat. UMTMMd MM* ce Mart fet* * doMB s«»to. i-w allows* you to iMMt Metal twin «*mp»U«f. state to***. AutonullMllX.UIttottitotoi, when tte teUml te« IBM down, tte etato texfoMop. t hate to IM * Party iwef (for ri*tw p«fc),.M #*•* \ ott't effort to tw «aWed by wbtt Miwdiltti»"*Mw Wl«»doum''ttl»a«*4atiptonothtog. .^^ Already *• ar. mwtog m»ny elates eompUla an* tteir income from «lfar**to (MM IM decreased, "Hrwg* will hive to be raJaf* from other etweea." ^^ Amarlaan. demanding MW roede Md aebooU cr* **«at to ttrtr own Itetwrtw fir mow Mwilh« tedml fomtmwt UrtMd* to U|MM II. Ttw WtloMl PUnato* Atmiilloa Mtlra«Uw that *»*• •ad toed toMi «itt oortimi* to IMMMM dxnl lOptr «m ptr yMr, «Ul imm Itea doobto in ttw M«t dMidt. iMMtettom o* ow Hate* Md town* DM 448 ptr emt ctoM Uw Bli W»r. WWtoow 13 p,r C«rt, our "toMl d«M" Mo«t mwdelpd <J*M I* ow o« our "frowlm I«IM." Mort, la Uw term el bondi, pty tor iehooH, Mf»n» Md ntorUi to •eeommodtto our •xptndlnt popultUon ooac«tr»ltoM. Bat Mffl«body'( tolm to te«* to p«y ott U»M boodt MHM» day. wtan AP rMwoUy poll«d UM workaday poblle on, "What do you iBtonl to do with your extra moiwy alter Uw ta* eat?" UM two mo»t IntoUlnnt anawws wm from a man In T«n- MtwM who amid h»'d "ua« It to pay toat yaar'a taxaa. . ." And ttM houaawtte In GtorgU who aald aha'd aav* ttto pay nait yaar'a tax loeraam. Washington Scene Ticket at least would be novel WASHIrJOTON-Alter former vice President Rich- Md -M." Mlcon called Soviet, premier NlUte 8. Khrushchev the "moat able, all-around world toader", vftlte Houa. press secretary Pierre Sslln- ger remarked, "It aoundallke maybe Mr. NlxontepropelUng Khrushchev aa a poeslble Be- pubUoan candidate tor President." Do you suppose Salinger may be on to something? The Idea of a Khruahchav- NUon ticket at least haa the virtue of novelty to a political situation that threttened to atey in a rut* it could restore the will to live In Republicans who were being bond to death by prediction* that Mew York Cov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and Ariaona Senator Barry Goldwater would kill each other off, leaving the OOP PreatdenlUl nomination open to Paanyalvante Oov. wUUain Scranton, who' would keep it warm for Nixon. U the RepubUcana an aln- cer* to saying they want a balanced ticket, they could scarcely hope to get one more balanced than Khrushchev- Nixon. Nlion te angular and lean. Khruahchev te round and fat. Possibly that waa what Nixon meant when he calted Kiuruah- chev 'HdlHurouad." in addition to balance, KkruabelSMV.mxon would oar- talnly make an Eaat-Weat ticket, It would have ami more regional appeal, of courae, U KhTttshchev came froaSta- lln's Bectlco. inatead of the Ukraine. Stalin came from Georgia. Many Republicans think that now te the Unw to draft a Southerner. Whether they would cart to go u Car a* to dig up stalto te another question, aad-aa MtaaBardot Butter tte ktod of Ite*. ' " nady.withua B«M, SUM « U want aay-"W. will that Brlgtite when we come toll." Khreatetev and Misaoeottkl have tte cutest campaign ato» tvwe gan, "PU Htt and Dtt" And, press at att. Til BjnHwiiH*» teBslfte* Wfcf T< " " fiaally hat) a era, i ahead of UBM. ite did aot gef talked waato to Anther build * kto Image (km, ha akottW make tha obvtoua goodwOl geatera. 9* tttTiM aMp M aoaja wtaatf. te-U you will pajnton tfet expreaaloa-AsMrtoa* You're Telling Me! WILLIAM BIIT TUESDAY ON TV m «n»NOON ,..|8SH ^^ ^^^^^^ —«^^^ ^»Bi— '^ a 2^i — ? >^_fiL ~f .^f*i'»I.*T^M^?. I"*— »'~r.,-" 0 ftfliftifti • •(•tit*; Tit*. WEH e< Uftt Drama riral Bill Ltrdtn moderat** Newn Robert Trout .. Uny Msn. Tarn •ports, Dan tar* ^ Tr*i» *r OMMWMMCSI Bob Barter cm«**( II:4S • Oe 11:89 Ncwi AFTERNOON i Ntwt of In. to total womtn Or, MaaVMB'a actni Ittt- As tte Wart* TWMI Dram* — — Utah OolUlvb 1*44. Uw rtubbom it QsnMWQ OttfUMUl A^reujl.^ b*md tte* •'"Bn^^tSSS. lien.* Red Buttona lueeta aa flamboyant aldettew Barker B f'alKeai fMMttoai Uncle Joe promote* • phony illver strtk* In an edvtrtUlni achttne lo bring more fuaeti to tte Shady RMt Hotel BllMuri Beaeai "Vet* Noon 1:00 B .start** rartyi. Larry Ho. via hoata music and same itew with Paul Sehmltt, Betty Rot- era and fueat* B r«*nr*Mi Allen Ludden notla (am* show B "Hi Make » Deal: I uame i a:ll fM " Jwuuwtt* Nolan it*n 1:15 B B*b*el Wttmi "Ceeropto Moth* IJO B »W te Oenrti Courtroom yna cata there at tha appointed hour only,, to, ; b* handed. au.maaaa«p,4rpm n ber spouse, "I've cot to seo a eonsUtuanU" For Hva noon hours In a row the gentle Muriel Humphrey got the -Tve got to aee a constituent" routine from Majority Whip HubartH. Humphrey. On the sixth day, Mrs. Humphrey waa delighted to *e« Senator Humphrey actually show up. But gladness fled whan he aald: "I can only stay a minute. I've got to awe a conatltuont." Mrs. Humphrey gave Mm a long, hard stare, then started the political daylight* out of bar spouse by reminding him with quiet menace: "I vote too." press releaaea frequsntly open with such a bang you're too unnerved to read further. Hera are a &*; From Uw National Aero- naoUca and Space Administration.- "The chances of the average person ever being hit by a meteorite an pretty slim, bat tt tt •»** happana to you, •and the object to Manned Spwecraft Canter'* Lunar Surface Technology personnel la Honaton, Texas, and they will tell you what hit you." From Rep. Maurice K-Udall of ArUMM: "In regard to Federal spending, I flnd to Mm* paxta catjay State a clear OOMWUM Out we ahouW have tower texaa but nor* de*nae, tower Federal aid programs but more Federal money spent to ArtMM, teaa bunaucney but more Job* tor dewrvtog coBalitBenra. I'm not at all aim that my State te unlojue to thla reapect." B Aatteheyi "Cormorant P&hlng." Ancient JapenaM rtihlns prertlc* B J»k B*SByi Jack's bad taate In home fumttalnf brlnsa • beautiful blonde Into Ma life B Ate •« Bkwai «N*w Conapt- r*cy. ir Sh*k**peare'a Henry IV. Pan It. Ada I and 1 rebuff, now a "hero" of Uw war and Prince Hal return enUtualaille- aUy to their madcap lit* at Ite Boar's Ht*d Tavern B nsWvm "Antels Travel on Eonely Raaoa." Klmble and Stater Veronica try lo (et over the HUh Stem* demit* • >^^,ump...ndin.PO>- drama SB Art futyi LtakMM'a H*«a*. Ouwt eatobrlUn and •ehool children aOattaca: Drama Nam: Uaa Howard • terttu VMUWI Drama Newn Doualu Edwanla '"t^Ai^m. •eat aayi BUD uteri Ward Bond aieeaai Drama Match OMMI Gen* Ray. 1:001 »:*S svl rin- l*r vlcwa tlw nation's capllal and Iti moat Important cllliana In an otf-bt«i. bthlnd-Uw- K«n« tour, with tmphaila on -hlitfi ndaty fonKn policy" 10:00 OTNawai Ray Conaway; wcalter, Tom Cvant; tporu, Guy Savin *B Nawti Ron Sloiu; waalter, BM Latter • Ntwai Larry Ram; W**th- S, Chrti Chandltr; Sport*, I0:l» •\al* Hwwi -Lucy Oauanf }TJ) Jan« Wyman. Charlten iTrly i¥*w7 "Saferl." i). Madeleine Carroll. Dous- ralrbanka * —• _ irl leader to lealoiuiy whom tor marrlai* BBeeky aad tea 'Fairbanks Jr. Olrl uaaa irl leader to arotue baron'* cafarl whom ihVa marked His Me**! , Ksttewt Martian* VMMMTVT. hotteea 4:15 B IWttrt" dekko***) Kldi and cartoon, with Kltlrlk 4 JO gj Mickey Meane d*b VOoBc^prjn and gj • • tra Httton. Ctalr* rarum knt* In ter nlentlaaa purault of a aucnaiful eanar aa owntr of tte only atep tor In a pntpcroua *il 10:10 SB Nakatf Cttfi "Down tte Coni Nlfhf Man pludtwllh LtPariwr for pmf«mion IOJO • T*a4*Mt (XBBD Johnny Canon and aunts ItSO • Nawai Bob Youn«_ _ 11:10 B OM4WM Casasiiskii Bay IBNtwl! I BO*M Conaway When Ite .. Ann'a whlitle become* _«.. tte tugboat and Cap'n John become tte Uuftitn* stock of tte harbor trapped above a itewnUK tank of nitric add gj Ckoeklekeada: Slap. •Qck. Tim Nolan. Bill Calder. Dob Byron narrate 5:13 SB Ckria Chaadler: (Uve) 540 • Wyatt •«»: "Bounty Kill. tr,- far? deputliei a sans of Inactive outlaw* and cattle nuUen lo track down a ruth. Newat Wler Cronklte WkaVa NewT Netrat Ctel lluntley and vld Brinkley Newai Ray Conaway: t v (:00 B i weather. Tom Evant: iportt. Ouy Savase B Newai Nick Oearhart: weather, Sid Laiher • m» Oe*enl BloUcy: Tele. 11:05 M Waate4 by.UM rJU. R Nnrai Larry Rawn, Tom T 6:15 Jarrlel; •ports, can Love WEDNESDAY B Ntwt: Ron Cochran B r>el*trl*4a I* tte Newai adllocial; world htndllma TV MORNING •;|( B AetetuiUMi Telenwne aiM B Ca * M "*" Children', thow B Saarh* S • aa * a I • ri Tele- 'course _jNewtr*eli Joe Hegar: weather. John Wuauxer «:M B AfveaMree of Otile aa« Barrltti "An Old Friend of June**." Daw Invitee an old beau of hii wife lo dinner and .* then flndi he mint work late •» at tte otflee with tte new MC- DAILY 1. Destroy 6. Not true U. French liAny IS. African M.PTOtecUve covering tvmor*l II. Beard of U. »2ta I**** CROSSWORD BOWK LXarganser duck XWan 3. WWII Invasion 4. Tavern s. Bookkeeping books «. Container T. Melody •.Tibetan B.Wtoter ground cover 10. Merit IT* fNtVaTorni 1». small SS. Girl's name SoMMotUah- OacUe «! Encounter- Mi ea •O.PU M.Bungted. aata major aad earoateooai, Off wni§ of 4M§j|Diw te th*t thty aaktm g«t * Ml' •V ttrt •» w« V. a Murr AdjMw tktote attvw demra are om the w*y «m., Tte reaaen to. •fci ,,rn» -^-^*- .' AMmm UMjnre woew a tiunsr. I I I * ^_j,«« ^^M^m BBiet tt dvJl.iv**Bl » e| aifm to tt. Ttel-s e r4**« to tail *iy M*) •**. i t I M.PrMlera' kto tody

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