The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 3
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TEE DAILY NEWS. FBEDERICK. WTO, MONDAY. DECEMBER 21, DAILY by United Feature Syndicate) MOXJDT. DECEWCm 21 MONDAT'S BEST FEZTSES Death VilJcr D»ys--WZ Nrt»crk TtK GoMberis--WEAf Network ^EM?? =· Aasif--»JZ Ketmert Fells--VIJ2 .arge Congregations Present in Local Churches. TJSOt Ujroo$b- c^e tour tor Cctfiru , --ESX STATIONS) (Y USE "WHITE GIFTS" HAKTFOKD-- »3-- 1MI k. 7 15. « 00-10 00 . T 15-- Baajo B«n1 10 OO-- SOEcUad. HlUoUlies Trio 11 95-- Maccaps. SeiTcrt WOK. NEWASLK -- i±S -- 71* k, C OO-- Cnelt Do= Sports. Iftic^ T oe-- Hrtrrw Airs St«. Clarke OO-- Feature Daari=i lra=ia 10-00 -- Tr»ppers 1C IS -- J*c Or . Frederick Cheches began tie.r ob- ' servance of Cnnstnias S-ncsy In near- j y all of tne c.-\ ^ c;ngre§--ic;ris. serv- i ces ac'tng ts a. pr p '-ce to Cnr-s-mas i ^^ ^_ . . »,» ' ;h: sen ice, carols a:.o o..~rr specul ' niZS~C* CiHISl2LS a"*g C. -^T-iIlili ?»^£, ! p£C»3.i C^*T»£*i!J53L5 £iG2T?ii£^S !?'· -«£ J trs:ers and organ lec.ials. Large ^:- enc3Tices inar^ec eacn sen.ce ;hurc.o. Rev. Dr G E : \Y~_inna, j a£tcr, tiie aMP.*xgiI C^r^s'tr.c-s s?r**icc ' aras iield is t£e sionii^g -ni a csndc i igiic musical i-er'i ice ^i TMc fv gmng j *Ou5 2tI^O TAtTS \ ^-"i .ISprf^i.^ »?. I :ne Evangelical i-irhtran church. ; Rev. Dr. ASM* J, pastor, also j teld seriices D3tn momms 2nd e-.ea- i ing A cantata " ' -is pre- I Christinas ad-cress on. "3ethlene-u.' oy ', the pastor. Two electr.c c;.nc.labra. i moriali' to Mr anc Mrs. C. Warehisie. -nere 3e~s placed by :heir daughter. Mis Dorothy W. \Varehime In tne e\en_ng. a carol sing .-xi candle light service ·sras g. 1 . en A Christinas pagean-, · Lasting Clory" ty the children of tne S-inca\ scnool assisted by the churcn cnoir marked I :ae evening program at Trinity So-Jtn- ! em MeihocLst cnurcn. A; the morning ! service. Re\. Xat G. Barnnart, pastor. ' jreacneo c_le 3nnt?3.. vnr.s.m^.s se«mon d "Following me Gle~m." The annual \Vm:e Gut ;erMce featured tne Cnristmas program at tne Shurch of the Bretnreri, Rev Millard G. Wilson, pastor. Tnu *as he!a Sun- ' day morning \r:th music by tae Junior · Shoir. In the evening, the Young Peoples ; Department gave s. ChrL:mas play. : "They Tnat Sis In DariEess." j The Evangelical Reformed church gave its annual "Wnite Gifts For The King" service Sunday night before a ' large crowd, with pupils from tne Sun- ! L y scitool department ;akmg part. organ recital was held a: ~e Presby- i tenan churca. Rev Dr. Charies E. Wehler. pastor, Sunday evening from 15 to T.35 o'clock, followed by the singing cf Christinas carols by the choir and the story of the Birih of Christ by the pastor. In the morning REV. Dr. Wenler preached a Chr-stmas sermon. The annual White Grfi service was held Sunday evening at tne Firs; 3ap- z church, Rev. W. C. Royal, pastor A special musical service *ras held, attended oy a large craTrd. A Christmas pageant. "The Star Came" marked the evening service al Grace Reformed church. Rev. Ralph S. · Harunan. pastor. The pastor preached Christmas sermons m the morning., speaking ro the juniors on "Chnstjnas' and addressing the c^nsregartion on "Tne Most Beautiful Story Ever Told " Many other churches in the county also observed the cay -sriih special Christmas services. Others roth In City and county will observe t-ne-day. icseth- er with those wb.cb held services Sun- cay, --iih Christmas S\e and Cnnsimas Day services WCA*. SEW TOKk.--ti5 f«» k. C 00--Espirc ROOTS Or . SLabillies f 4--StcMauis ?rs T SO--Umber Jacts. T «n!s Or . Quarter Hr 7 ts--Go-dberss. Dra=s"-c Stetta t SO--Sftnj»cs * Or Gpsl« - i. .1 3 » IO--P»r»dt o: 1. 00--Sjwrts, vcdi. ie CO--Storr. Orttai»l picture* - "~tX»--SO3--*9» k. ; 11 00--Moss Or 6 ii-T IS. t »-7 4S. i juo-Ocsw Cr»w!orx! C*Jlow»T Or I \1 90--H-ats. Hc-Ki= Or: »BA - v*_ \ II C^ -- News Co=-aa Or. U.O-- WS-1-- »·» X.*- * 'C T. 1J3.C WLV. : c I^ o _ -o G rr Tuserm \ . r t - C.ib VIO--043--5S» k. .^ . ^^ ~ «0 S 15. S ~ ~ ·- i '-Ma. S 15--TO«-S j* Ac* PeEiily Oancc - ,, -,. iir=;or-.« Or. cl^CI^v*TI--f»--1» k. IS ·i 3-1-11 00 19 30-S! 00 .- _^ii^Ec ciitur. feK. · S-Zl" ^ ,\ Farci^e. Spsrt · C_pj 11 JO--rmsiare* I LUtl 1NI--SlS-t--!»· k, s t Zr ', ii-s 03. C 15-9 13. ·, -'-· ~1. 19 -55-11 09 B "5--\- -E* SIS--Sport; Estertew e _s-- y v Ordi. * 8"--F*»t- 9 .5_ ^ -s^x- 10 J9--ConserrmtorT "WTAJ;." CLE\ fcJ_\CD--SM!*--!·» k. dS-'F CS » « «3-" T -5-8. S 3O-I1 « 3i"_j ".i i_-=tr T 00--Gece «: GSeno ' , v ..- ?--"frs. Orcis Mekxllts »\M.' UFTKO1T--5« S-- liW k. 1-^BC . C-:l CO 11 15-11 30 WJZ. SEW \ORK-SS«--M» k. ; 00--R=.."j=» Jaa'o- T-xiiioc Or f Or A'ien *r Ho_r S iS-- : CO-N W UK 7 IS--Jesters Pfci! CooS 1 45-- ^rticE J O- G tc. 9 59--Orcil~ O£=»n 4. 1 2 0 }}--Re*S Fo.ts S'-=it II JO--Soagi Jiclc WS::^s _ U OO--K-nirs jM-srn \ aa S - «!en Or WAEC. NEW TtOKK--5«-*» k. g IS--B-grlow O: Reis 4: T 00-- llyrt Jt ilirsr 7 15--p-^c Crosby Boswe; T 4S--Dowse A- \Vc^s Ci S 4*--Or MUts B-xw. IS-- M«-i;»;-ISKS * 10--P»rti Bre *C OO- LdBib«n2o Or . Tosra Selce! Or Midrtr-ieri Or. n= i Bans Ors - - . W.'K DETKOIT--1««--719 k. e x e · 7 oe-7 is. t OO-S.M. S · -.1 !=' 11 30-1 «O --T. - T_ k Fes-t- _ - --_·«. Scrcciierj. dnri . . II 00--Be-Ti'e S-is WABC " e js-e «. 7 OO-T ». 9 JO-10 30. 11 15-1 09 C es--Voci'!s:. Nets wirr. IS 11 OO--Greeabtatt 'FklUUJEI-PHl*--3S«--MO k. « JO--U of R T U Murtl 11 co--Vamlenut WCT. SCHEKKCTABT--*·--»· k. WZAr « 4i-U U. 11.45-U M 11 16--SJtit: Tenor 13-OO--Prnoa Or. CKGW. TOKOXTO 3« ·«· k. WJZ ·? 00-1 1* WEAF- ««o-e »: * so-»oo C SO--Dinner Music 7 IS-Ocri-: Or. 9 00--Tno. Femt 10 30--Orch. Wt.«YeKN STATIONS) ; EST--SUBTRACT I Hoar lor Central KTW. CHICAGO--KM.1--1U* k. WEAF. 45-7 00 »JI S 30-$ 00. » 38-10 00 7 00--Or Sports * 00--Orrh 8 15--K KoyptT. Dance On. * 15--real 11 00--St'.e St !VTW*. ft»a . Or*. WXAQ. CHICAGO--MS--«7» k. WEAF 8 3O-S-JO WJZ 7 45-S OO. 11 30-11 «S OO--Concert Or ' » JO-- Feat 10 30--Romaere Music. Amo» 'a Aod 11 55--Ttioosas Club. Or MENK »»* »L. CHICAGO--3U--*7» k WJZ « «-7 OS. T 30-7 «S. * 30-8 » 11 38-1 OO AKAF « oo-e 39 7 00-7 jo. t 30-11 M II 00--Amos 'B AndT OTCFL. CHICAGO--S»»--»7» k VIEAF 11 JO-SS 00 j 7 00--Or Talk Feat : Labor. Or 1 10 uo--Sengs. Orraa. Jubilee Slocer* 1C «S--Or IS JO--organ WOC. DATEVFOKT. aia4 WHO. DCS MODkEA--»».»--IOM k. WSAF 1 *S-S 00. » 30-11 OO 1! 1V11 » WHAS. urisvmj at tat k. WEAF S 30-1 00 » JO-10 M. 11 U-ll-M WJZ 10 3O-11 00 6 SO--CbS. Part* Or*: Bonn S 15--Hinaoale* 10 OO--Ola Soac BH« 11 OO--Aaos-AoiU: Rerue. Ores*. KTMJ. MU.WACKEE--4M--*!· k. VTJZ » W-9 30 10 00-11 OO WSAF T 30-7 «. » 3O-10 30: 11 «»-13 0» e 4»--Feat. 11 00--ABK» '=' Andi 1! !5--Sttnle: Feat. 11 3O--Cljb. Orcaa. WJ^^'s^Ss^ifT' 1 09-7 JO. « 00-» 39. 10 Ou-10 30 ,58, ENDS HIS LIFE WITH AM the jraift in Doubs oecwtery. M. R Etchlson and Son. luaeraS directors Say yov saw it In Toe News. j Charles E. T. Measell's Body ; Found In County Woods. Take . . . Greenawalt's Dandelion Liver Disks tar Toor Urrrt S»k» NO REASON FOR HIS ACT 25c Insure Your Automobile HIGH GKADE POLICIES CONVENIENT TEKMS CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH i Charles E T Meas*:i. 58 rears offer. j mas found dead »i:h his throat cut. in a moods on the larai of Mrs WiUiam ! Burr.or near Mt Pleasant about noon Bv hii bood razor. 11 rche-i' .ni-Kr:it-- tac WOW. OSiABA 715-» »30- * 00 -- Oreh . Os»r « 00-- Frolic. Ortft S»9 -- 5»« k. 7 *5-- Hollrwoo* WC*E. FtTTSBrEGH--ItS 9--lt!0 k. WEAF- « 00-« :3. 6 45-7 15. 7 tS-S OO. 8 30-11 IS 8 3O--Sports 7 IS--Frit . P*ano 100--Fc»t IS IS--lists i Moke WAU. COCnE^TEE--7CT 7--1130 k. WJ3 5 -J5-0 15. S i5-7 .5. 7 j~ 11 !» » 3O-- Kv _ M . WEAF J OO-» 30. i «5-i ». » OO-13 30. ·* 3O-1 OO - oo-- Scnrs Mlrtnsiakers: Quartet K.MOX. ST. IJOCIS-- i7i 1-- 1**0 k. WABC 7 00-7 15. 7 JO-« 00. t la-10 30. II 00-11 15 7 15-- Sports 10 11 15 -- Flyers. Songs Or . O l U S F ) side » as a and l»o tound in fa-s pociet. indicates that he bad ccns- an »ri\sli- . P Bo»crs. | coroner, deemed an inquest an- and the b«xlv »is turned over : m an undertaker Jor buna! Mease'.', left :he home ol W Talbert I Summers, near Mt Pleasant, where he · ·aas stajing. Saturday morning, stating : that h* »as going to York. Pa. That \ vras the la»t seen of Mai. About noon , Ham Barries and A companion, while J hunt-rig. d.sco-.«rel the body Sheriff ( i Charles W Cruna was notified and accompanied by Deputy Buskin Loy and Mag strate Bowers ast to the scene Measell was found in i nthe woods ft short distance Irom the road He had cut a gash about one and a half inches in his throat and tiie razor with which he inflicted the wound was found close to his body Two notes, written in a manner wry difficult to decipher, were found tn his pocket Neither note con- COMP. SYRUP OF MULLEIN For C«ufhs mud Colds 25c and SOc At Tour Drotr»t'» a* Destar'k KITCHEN BY SISTER MART NEA Serrwe Wnt witii a wreath of minced parsy R. R supervisor. Mt. Airy: Casper around its outer edge with three or 1 Crum. PredeKcJc; Mary H. Rapp, Miss . \eved any reason for his act more tiny red beet, marble* dropped la' Laura Jane Cranfort. Scranton. Pa; | Measell at one time r«sid«d in this the cente' Sene in soup plates. i Mr. and Mrs. Ira. E. Cook. Melvin B. · city. He was in Frederick «teral days A tomato soup rah a wreath of i Bran. Car! Soper. Walter P. Brj-an.' ago. He is sur\iveu bv one daughter. O. VWIU-l" ^ l ! -J~ I .. . »» .KJJ c t A y f ajjjj {^fo Cltir. and M's Eugene Smith. Wayncsboro. i Pa. and one half-sister. Mrs Edward J Staley. Shookstown He was a son of ' the late George and Ju.iann Ariglebcr- ger Veasell. Funeral arraneements urUl S^r Measell The funeral mil take place Tuesdav afternoon at 2 o'clock -aith services at . r a \\reath of \ Bran. Car! Soper. Walter P. Brj-an. j ago. I minced parsley carries out the Chnst- · all of Frederick Junction: Ira Ausher- j Mrs. Daisy Denova. thss city, anc ! mas colors " 5 man. Araby. A T. Pouche and Merhl; sisters. Mrs Charles Kevser. this t --~**»»J v%»*w*^- * * i « » r*.. TM . ~ _ ~ O L . M ( * V. T¥T.» ·r~r\J»J Spinach in molded form xith a i Cock \vere head butchers. of tiny pimento stars is color- fuL j A p!am tapioca pudding made with [red fruit jutce and served -aith ·ahip- j ped cream slightly sweetened, fiavor- ' ed with vanilla and tinted a delicate voa " These suggestions may be new to' green may be found quite as satislac- .. 2 » »_ .--.. *~ nr 4»4 ^ OK^^er-moc rr\«Tr oe n Wam n.iim ntiddinff for the help you to add a Christmas :oach to the plainest meal. A "Christmas ccn£e" salad 5s sure to delight small folks and at '.east :n- leres; the grown-ups. Christinas Candle Salad. Leaf lettuce or curly endive, 4 slices p eapple. 2 long bananas. 1 r 2 Brazil n tory as a bUirng plum pudding for the Christmas dinner dessert. The juice irom pickled beets will make an inviting salad stiffened with gelatine and combined with canned green peas. If you make a Noah's Ark with cookie dough baked in a. sheet and then cut in slabs for the sides and roof and th^a place an array o* animal Choose lettuce that » a vivid green,««. ^ = ^^ erp ^/- ^ Insects and bad weather have done so much, damage ;o the vineyards In the Rheims. France, area that bottleis of champagne report there will be no 1931 vintage to bottJe. 5 Good Evening 5 Did the Mrs. · S a y . . . 5 Don't Forget » To Order : BISER'S S CLEAN ] COAL · PHONE 267 HOLIDAY roundtrip EXCURSIONS LIBERAL TIME ALLOWANCES LOW ROUND TRIP EXCURSION FARES Washington. D. C. $3.00 Fairmont, W. Va. B! Johns Pa Washington. Pa. PUtsburgh, Pa. 7.25 Clarksburg, W. Va. 7 oO MorgantowB, W. Va. 7.50 BLUE RIDGE TERMINAL 22 West Patrick St. Phone 203 7.50 6.75 7.25 BLUE/RIDGE W. \ f- TOYS -.-d cut in rJbbons. Arrange nests on riCiV-dual plates and put a slice of I taDie - ".r,e--ipple in each nest. Peel and fcrcae bananas and let stand in lemon .lice two or three minures. Cut in ni'.es crosswise and put the cut end r. i.-.e center of the sLce of pineapple. Tomorrow's Menn. BREAKFAST--Tangerines, crisp bacon, soft cooked eggs, whole wheat muffins, mil!c. coffee LUNCHEON--Baked carrot cups popple. Cut « - GAMES : £? S r^ ^^ ^ £? ^ yj^f ir* J\ ^ s 25 s FRUIT CAKE .p ;,! cut a ?·!»''' in the top of each banana. Cus green pepper m narrow strips and use 10 make ftanne of candle. Force one end into banana close to pineapple and slip other end m about an inch aboie. A narrow strip of orange rmd csn be used for the handle in place of green pepper. Just before serving the sjlads ugh* the nuts and take them to the taole bum ng Pass salad dressing for each person to help - T^Qa-* Another attractive salad which is more e:\pensi\e uses stuffed oranges t reserved -n grenadine syrup Since and saurkraut. mashed potatoes, chopped oUres and celery in tomato jelly, baked appic dat-pLngs, mil-r. ccffee j gfff Another r^tcbering. A large butchering was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Cook, ^jja near Lme Kiln, on December Iff large hogs were slaughtered ; JliJ fmn- 582 1-2 and 525 pounds · *fe .; cans of lard were rendered. The ^^ cogs were 14 months old. D-naer was ^jpr i served. These present. . L. V. Cook and son. Mr. and Mrs. Merh!. A. T. ^ Bnrglar Alarm Sonnds. Crowds on Mar^e; and ?a:r.:i: s;res^ in the ro.acile of Freder.nVs bjs.est Saturaay n^Qt m mo-itnc --ere :irred Into action snort.y o=:cra 10 j) :".3ci when the burglar a-=rm in tne rreder- :ck»wn Savings Inst-ftition sourded It vras occasioned. oS.c.als to d po .ce V. the suixii!i:ic t^n-ng cev.ce on :_-.,- sa'e which sounds an alarm - tne safe is not C'DSM by ZO o"cl^:k- Srcola-^ss of ,_je bank w-e as work a: tjxe A large cro--ci assemoled. .t .s very eos;- to make i^ may appeal to the bti£ T , woman who cooks m a Fouche and sen. Ra'ph. and daughter. I f^ Ethyl: R- K. Eader, Baltimore and Ohto ? People in Somerset Er:".ar.d. jse a rose to pay tenure If tns people .r; America use anyth-ng to pay 'enure iuckv. Christmas Salad- Faur si ccs rtuffed orange, eight r.^art lea~es of r-eac lettuce, whipped | cream salad dressing. 4 green cherries. · Arrange in3 leaves of lettuce for I each salad and c-t a slice of orange in the center. Droo one tablespoon j s±lod nresEirg en each slice of fru*t r.nd top with a cherry. Green grapes ccn be 'used .n place of the cherries .1 more convenient You can buy the pre;er\d oi^ at any fancy grocery. Anv vh-te cre-in soup. sucb. as r;3-a*o celery or csrr can be made cu.te fert v e _n appearance if served the SENSAT ofim COME IN AND SEE OUR DISPLAY Dennison's Tags, Seals, Cards and Wrapping Papers Conklin Fountain Pens and Pencils Eastman's Kodaks and Films Dolls and Doll Carts MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS TAKEN FINE LINE OF BOOKS FOR EVERYBODY CRANE'S FINE BOXED STATIONERY * l i - ,Mi J" '^ 15 * ^s» A Luxurious Holiday _^ Taste Treat It wouldn't be Yulctidc without FRUIT CAKE! All during the year it brings a party air to any occasion. Our FRUIT CAKE is especially luscious. rich in" fruits and uuts, baked in two. three and five pound sizes, priced fifty cents per pound in an attractive gift box and for sale by your grocer. THE CAREER BAKING COMPANY Tune In WJSV Every Friday 4:45-5:00 P. M,. E. S. T. i ^ ^ ^ ^ « S .«i * ^ B 1 ^ *M 55;^ ^: A SALE OF Pull Toys the Little Girl or atSOc For the Little Girl or Boy ATTRACTIVE ARTIFICIAL I STORM SHIPLEY S ; M Christmas Trees needn't cost more than an ordinary v a c u u m c l e a n e r THE BUSY COENER For table home use decorations or other OUT-PERFORMS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SETS DOW* the BOSCri SONAL RADIO This remarkcble Hrie rca'io satisfies all your demands for a quality radio set. It does anytrs ra cn ether receiver will do -- more than rrost will do. If wii ge» *he sfc'^ns you wont the way you want them. it has deep, beau'ifu! tor.e end perfect reproduction. The American Bosch "Pe r scnci Radio" out-performs many sets costing severe! tmes its price -- cr.d it's portable -- perfect radio reception for any roo-n in your hcrre. Other sets, Super-Heterodynes, yp to $139.50. You con buy American Bosch Radio for cash or on the most liberal terms. BUY NOW WK'LE THESE LOW PRICES ARE IN EFFECT. L. B, Nieodemus THE MAYTAG STOEE E26 North Market St. Phone 754-R .;r -2 -. ,,· "t. C. A. BALANCE MONTHIY Some people may hove the idea that there is cnfy one Hoover. We therefore wont you to know that there is a popular-priced model-that offers the famous cleaning action which onry a Hoover can give, Positive Agitation, and that costs you no more than you would pay for ordinary vacuum cleaning. It will pay you to see this amazingly efficient Hoover. Drop in and have a demonstration, liberal allowance for your old electric cleaner, ft will be delivered in the special Christmas package illustrated. The Rug Store 4 East Patrick Street Bentz If 98c Gifts of Lovely Linen j All linen crash cloths *Ith color- | ed borders 52 by 52 69c 54 by 68 95c 60 by 80 ... $1.25 MADEIRA PIECES Begin at 25e each GIVE FIXE Blanket or i jS Comfort 1 FOR THKISTMAS tjf. Heavy Tsool raided double blankets. J^ $2.95 I3IPORTED POTTERY Refrigerator Sets P r r · L. I '. S =AV Personnel The SERVICES of a BANK depend on two things--its nnancial resources and Its personnel. In both respects this bank excels; for our financial position is unassailable: and the staff is composed of efficient, courteous c^nscien- tious persons. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Sank of Personal Service" Hand decorated. 69c Hand Appliqued Linen Guest Towels 50c each Cresent A lar;e size dnuole a!!-v;oo! blanket ijg I of aniwiai merit ^g' $5.95 ALL LINEN 5? ATTRACTIVE Waste Paper Baskets DMonted -.:h a Godey print. 39c Bridge Sets ! One cloth and four napkins Block ! i punted or apphqued j $1.00 set ! Peasant Art Sets i Size 53 by 53. with s.- napkins. ALL WOOL FILLED Comforts Satin co-.ered. $3.39 Many shades $1,95 Charmense Covered AH Wool Comforts In a'trac'.vc pat'erns. «i A Gift for the Bridge Addict ^ ATTRACTIVE I? Ash Receivers £« :'-p t3 f e card taole. ITALIAN Linen Sets Cloth ar.d fx.r rap£.ns $4.95 $1.00 $1.79 ALL LINEN There Arc Still a Few More of Thtxc Aery Utractivc Sets of GREEX GLASS Mixing Bowls Dinner Sets .n ·x^-.'c and sof: ~.r;ted graces C.ota s^e 64 by S4. -i.:h c.ght F.T.° to tie set $5.95 Brocaded Rayon Covered ~ool-5-c-i c;mfor*s Two :ar.; tffcc's Cjrded border $7.95 Quaint Utractive Styles of Copies of Hand Mide Quilts Orih.z. 65c set Madeira Pieces at 25c each piece $1.95 each « Bennett's s OPEN EVENINGS % J TILL CHRISTMAS I : 2

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