The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 7, 1975 · Page 5
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 5

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 5
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Utah Demo Chiefs Blast at Opposition OGDEN (DPI) - The Utah Democratic Central Committee took a few partisan shots during its weekend meeting, aiming at Republican advertising in Weber County and American Party plans to initiate a recall law. The remittee also called for easing of the state's adoption laws to accomodate Vietnamese orphans, and reapportioned Hostages Held by Prisoners NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) Four maximum security prisoners today seized four civilian hostages at knifepoint and took over a counselor's office at the Tennessee State Penitentiary. Five counselors were in the office at the time, but one managed to escape and alert prison officials of the takeover. Assistant Corrections Commissioner Charles Bass said: "These men are dangerous. We consider them maximum security inmates." Bass identified the prisoners as Dave Mitchell, Melvin Lockett and Doc Walker. A fourth prisoner was unidentified. All were serving long term sentences. The hostages were identified as William Randolph, Mike White, Jesse Tucker and Paul Campbell. Bass said the prisoners had assured him that no one had been hurt. * 30-Day (Continued from Page 1) educated wife. An honor guard drawn from the Nationalist Chinese armed forces stood at rigid attention, bayonets fixed, while mourners lined up for more than two blocks slowly passed the altar and bowed three times in the Chinese tradition. Mothers with babies, children in school uniforms, elderly couples and Buddhist monks in black shuffled slowly through the hall in a silence broken only by funeral music and the repeated command to bow three times. At some later date, not yet announced, Chiang's body, wasted by three years of sickness, will be brought into the hall for public display before the funeral April 16. The nationalist government, headed by new President C.K. Yen, 70, and directed by Premier Chiang Ching-kuo, 65, the generalissimo's eldest son, discontinued most normal activities to prepare one of the most elaborate Chinese funerals ever staged since the end of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911. * Kimball (Continued from Page 1) worship at the altar of appetite are very intense. There must exist a sin-resistant strain of souls for whom narcotics, prostitution, gambling and alcohol hold no allure, for we bind the adversary and his mortal minions only as we bind our appetites," said Maxwell. Two new general authorities of the church spoke, including the first Oriental elevated to the leadership councils. Adney Komatsu of Hawaii, newly sustained assistant to the Council of the Twelve, told of his conversion from Buddhism to Mormonism. He said his widowed mother was worried that his conversion would cause her embarassment. Komatsu told her he would quit going to church if it ever caused her grief. "But the church improved me and never caused my mother any shame." Another new assistant to the Twelve, Joseph Wirthlin Jr., pledged his service in his new calling. President Kimball closed the session until the next semiannual conference to be held in October. county delegates to the August organizing convention. The committee asked its executive committee to answer Republican advertising in Weber County which criticizes Democratic lawmakers for voting to increase state taxes during the last session of the legislature. Rep. D. Leon Reese, D-Magna, initiated the motion, charging that the Republican controlled 1973 legislature made the tax hike necessary by erroneously predicting the results of changes in the tax formula. State Democratic Chairman John H. Klas led the attack on American Party efforts to get a recall law on the books by initiative. "It is a simple technique of harassment employed by the American Party, and 1 will make every effort to oppose the idea," Was told the committee. He said recall laws are a tool to intimidate lawmakers, and to discourage them from taking stands on issues which are temporarily unpopular. The Utah American Party has announced it will back a drive to collect sufficient signatures to force an election on a proposed recall law. Such a law allows a percentage of the voters to petition an election on whether an elected official should be allowed to continue in office. The committee unanimously adopted a resolution asking Gov. Calvin L. Rampton to meet with representatives of adoption agencies to see if state requirements could be eased to facilitate adoption of Vietnamese orphans. And committee members set the number of county delegates to the August convention in Salt Lake City at 1,836, substantially increasing the representation from Weber, Davis and Utah counties because of the margin of victory by which the First Congressional District returned Rep.Gunn McKay, D-Utah, to office last year. Rebels Inch Closer To Airport PHNOM PENH (UPI) Communist-led rebels have punched gaps in the Cambodian army's defense lines and are now within four miles of the capital's lifeline airport, just close enough to fire heavy mortars, military sources said today. Cambodian Prime Minister Long Boret, who vowed to return to Phnom Penh today from neighboring Thailand, called for negotiations with the rebels to end the five-year-old Cambodian war in the wake of President Lon Nol's departure. In Bangkok, Foreign Minister Chartchai Choonhavan said- today the Thai government had contacted the Khmer Rouge rebels about starting peace talks with the Cambodian government in Bangkok. Chartchai said the Phnom Penh government had accepted and "if the Khmer Rouge think about the Cambodian people who are suffering from the war, they should accept our proposal.'' Political sources said officials of the caretaker government in Phnom Penh decided at a meeting Sunday not to surrender the city to the Communists. The sources said Acting President Sau Khamkoy, Deputy Prime Minister Hang Thun Hak and other senior officials discussed surrender but decided instead to work for unity among military and civilian leaders. Long Boret, who is himself on the rebels' "death list" of government officials marked for execution if and when Phnom Penh falls, said in Bangkok Sunday the war will continue if the insurgents won't negotiate. Oklahoma was the first state to honor its outstanding boy and girl in 4-H Club work through a hall of fame program, and the state has accumulated one of the highest numbers of national championships in 4-H endeavor of any state. * Commies Shell Oil Storage Near Saigon (Continued from Page 1) panic April 1. but field reports said Communist troops halted their southward advance less than two miles north of Nha Trang without entering the city of 170,000. In Palm Springs, Calif., Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met Saturday with President Ford to discuss Indochina developments and said the President is making a "very careful and prayerful" study of the situation. Britain today evacuated most of its 29-man embassy staff and Monday. April 7, 1975, THE HERALD, Provo, Utah-Page 5 Geneva Reports 3 Promotions In Management CLEANUP DUTIES In Spanish Fork will be coordinated by these committee members, from left, Lane Thomas; Paul Johnston; Ann Banks; Spence Wood; William Christensen; chairman; and Councilman Vern Tanner. April has been designated as Cleanup month In the community with special emphasis on Friday. By Spanish Fork Council Cleanup Committee Appointed SPANISH FORK - City council appointed a Clean-up Days Committee, decided to advertize for a full time city engineer, accepted bids for asphalt and construction of Phase II B of the Canyon View Park. With Councilman Vern Tanner in charge of Clean-up in Spanish Fork, a committee was approved by the council. Appointed were, Ann Banks, an advisor of the Youth Council Committee; Lane Thomas, representing high school youth; Spencer Wood and Paul Johnston, Spanish Fork Jaycees, and William Christensen, beautification committee chairman. Mayor Moran said he thought the youth of the city could be helpful in the cleanup operation and asked clubs to specify projects for the youth. The Jaycees have always considered cleanup days as one of their projects and have manned trucks for picking up debris. They were assigned the same task this year. The Beautification Committee will again work closely with the city in cleanup and beautification. Council set aside the month of April for the annual effort and specified April 11 as "Cleanup Day." Residents were advised that if all debris is not picked up on April 11, they may call the city offices, during April only for special pickup of trash. City council decided to advertize for a full time engineer. They have had only part time services of an engineering service. Bids on asphalt for city use were opened and the apparent low figure came from Valley Asphalt at $10.39 per ton. Other bids included, Thorn Rock Product, at $11.90; Geneva Rock, $12.45 and Staker Rock, $12.60. A proposed sub-division plat of the Toronto property at 800 East and 400 South was tabled until further explanation of the plat could be made by Mr. Toronto at a city council meeting. However, council accepted a street layout of the property as suggested by the planning and zoning committee. Bob Frazier, architect for Provo Seniors Post Activities Canyon View Park, opened bids for construction of Phase 1IB as follows: Jensen Bros. Construction, base, $81,672 less deduction of $8,500; K and K Construction, $61.657, reflects deduction; John Patrick, base $76,000, deduction of $12,162; J. Lynn Roberts, base, $91,880, deduct $13,378; Sherwin Johnson Construction, base, $88,660, deduct $12,000. The deduction was called for, if city owned gravel were to be used. Bids will be reviewed by city council. An invitation to attend the League of Cities and Towns regional convention and seminar was accepted. City councilmen Blair Hamilton and Kenneth Pinegar were assigned to attend the convention in Phoenix, Ariz, on April 25,26. Reservations are being taken at the Eldred Center for the Annual Governor's Conference at the Salt Palace and Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, May 1, 1975. Tickets may be obtained through the various Senior Citizen units in the County. Provo Seniors should secure registrations at Eldred Center. Three buses will take Provo members to the Conference. Deadline for reservations to the April Monthly Senior Citizen Dinner — slated for Wednesday, April 16—is this Friday. A mixed chorus for senior men and women is being organized at the Eldred Center. First practice session is scheduled Thursday at 2 p.m. All seniors who would like to sing are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in this fun providing activity. Honor Students Named By Farrer Junior High The Farrer Junior High School has released its honor roll for the third term. A student must have a 3.5 scholastic grade point average to be included on the list. all its dependents and their baggage aboard a chartered Cathay Pacific Airways 707 jet to Hong Kong, diplomatic sources said. The actual diplomatic staff at the embassy will be 10 or fewer by the end of this week, the sources said. American officials and their dependents continued to fly out of Vietnam today aboard commercial, military and chartered flights. Many of those leaving served as chaperones for Vietnamese orphans. 9TH GHADE: Alan Aaron, Lon Allen, Richard K. Amann, Stacy Ash, Todd Ashman, Randy Austin, Valerie Bates, John Beck, Loren A. Bell, Eric W. Bennett, Carolyn Bennion, Deon Blaser, Randall E. Bolick, Allison F. Bone, Amy Bowman, Kristie Brereton, Nena Brereton, Michelle Briggs, Kathy A. Call, Rex Cannon. Clayton J Chandler, Brady Christensen, Carol Chrisiansen, Cindy Clark, Kelly W. Cloward, Kevin Conlin, Maria Covey, Sandra L. Cowan, Gay Crawley, Craig Datwyler, Andrea Darais, Ralph Decker, Natalie DeWolf, Terry Draper, Craig M. Ellingson, Jana L. Farnsworth, Lynn Fillmore, Evelyn Freeman, Eric Gardner, Denise Gill. David Gilson, Velma Lisa Glade, Andrea M. Goff, Bret Gunnell, Anna Hall, Joanne Hatch, Carol Hawkins, Sherrie Herde, Sherry A. Hoopes, Kathleen Hull, Davis S. Jacobson, Lisa A. Jacobson, Joseph M. Jenkins, Christine Jensen, Joni Jensen, Michael G. Jensen, Pauline Jewkes, Eric R. Johnson, Kevin C. King, Michelle Koster. Julia L. Kunzler, Leigh Lambert, Melinda A. Lambert, Maria J. Lambert, Leslie Liechty, Tamara Lloyd, Carolyn Mathews, Michael J. Matthews, Jane Maxwell, Ladd McClurg, Paul T. McKee, Mark McKell, Lucinda L. McLean, Paul McOmber, Ricky Mecham, Elizabeth Moore, Sherraine Moser, Shawna Nelson, Craig Nielsen, Donald R. Nish. Sharree L. Olsen, Sheri Patten, Benjamin E. Payne, Vaughn Peterson, Lane W. Phillips, Rebecca A, Price, Barbara Rainaldi, Kevin S. Rawle, Rebecca Redmon, Sheryl A. Reid, Debbie Reynolds, Susan Robinson, Pamela Richan, Anneli Rowberry, Miriam Rowberry, Janet Schimdt. Paul Schofield, Christina J. Seeley, Ann M. Shaw, Greg Sheilds, Clark Sheffield, Joseph V. Simmons, Ja Van Sims, Larry K. Smith, Ricky Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharlene Smith, Donald R. Snow, Shelly Sorenson, Susan Spencer, Lloyd J. Stanton, William R. Strong. Annette Swensen, Linette Swindler, Mark H. Talbot, Julie Ann Tarran, Jeffery Taylor, Matt Thomas, Keri Walrath, Randall W. Warner, Chris Wells, Mark Welsh, Mark K. Westover, Monroe M. White, Jone Willes, Denise A. Wilson, Kim V. Woolf, Tony Wrigley. 8TH GHADE: Nathan Anderson, Tracy Ashman, Brian W. Banks, Kathleen Barnett, Kethleen Bergin, Boyd J. Berrett, Teresa Best, John T. Bird, Kevin Bond, Glen M. Bowen, Randall J. Bradford, Jenny L. Buckley, Vickie A. Bullock, David M. Cannon, Brian Chapman, Quin N. Christensen, Katy Clark, David Collins, Kelly Jo Corbridgc, Tracy Dean. Elizebeth Ellsworth, Sam Fletcher, Cynthia Frischknect, Alan Griffin, Jennifer Hatch, Kathryn Herde, Sharon Hill, Jim D. Jackson, John Johnson, Eric Keith, Jay P. Kunz, Michelle Ltnford, Robyn McKendrick, Anna let' Mildenhall, Allen Miner, Elaine Monson, Teresa A. Moore, Dora Morgan, Susan Morrell, Jamie Morrison. Karaite Nelson, Nancy Olsen, Ann Peterson, Sbari Peterson, Lori Finder, Kelly Pinegar, Brent Pope, Lea Ruth Robinson, Neil Skousen, Steven A. Spencer, Stephen L. Strong, Dara A. Tayrien, Shelley R. Thomas, Stacy Thomas, Eric Vogel, Susan Wagstaft, Shauna B. Warner, Carl Washburn, Lynette West, Meri Anne Wilkey, Reed A. Williams, Richard R. Winterton. 7TH GRADE: Steven Aaron, Stephanie Ballif, Warren W. Barnes, Anthony Barnett, Jana L. Bartlome, Julie Bates, 'Carl Belliston, Linda Benson, Laurie Bird, David A. Boekweg, Wendy Brown, Steven Call, Elizabeth Carlson, Barbara Christensen, Cathryn Clark, Steven Covey, Lorie Creviston, Carrie Dalton, Carri Datwyler, Max Decker. Terri Dennis, Lori Davis, Cynthia Draper, Stacey Dugan, Rachel Eddington, Lance Edwards, Bryan Farnsworth, Chris Farrer, Brett Francis, Carolyn Freeman, Scott Gardner, Stewart E. Geary, Jerry D. Grover, Jeffrey C. Gull, Darin Gurney, Barney Hadden, Carolyn Hales, Danield Hales, Jane Hales, Teresa Hall. Miriam Harrison, Michelle Harris, Catherine Haymond, Matthew Heninger, Shelley L. Henstrom, Helen Hill, Russell Hopkinson, Wendy Ann Horton, Chris R. Hughes, Diana K. Jamison, Michelle Jensen, Lori Jewkes, Matti Julkunen, Helen Kunzler, Lynn Lambert, Paul Larsen, Rebecca Larsen, Varlin M. Law, John R. Lohner, Tami M. Lund. Richard Mallory, Virginia L. McVea, Sandra Meacham, Kelly J. Monnahan, John Moody, Martha Nibley, TruAnn Oaks, Scott D. Olson, Jennette Palmer, Nancy Payne, McKay Pearson, Lynette Pearson, Knc A. Peterson, Kendall Petersen, JaNae Rawle, Elizabeth A. Rooker, Evan P. Rowley, Nevin Skousen, Shannon Srnellie. Craig Smith, Linda Smith, Sheldon R. Smith, Michelle Smoot, Linda Snow, Julie Spencer, Catherine Spotlen, Stacey Swindle, Boyd Tingey, Timmy Wadham, Kent B. Wallace, John Watson, Wayne Weaver, Philip W. White, Brian D. Wilkes, Shari Zumbrennen. The place to borrow a thousand right here in Provo,,. is from the people who lend millions. Commercial Credit PERSONAL LOANS 23G N. University Avenue » Phone:373-6812 Credit Life and Disability Insurance Available to Eliffiblu Bonuwm Three management appointments in the Industrial Engineering Department at Geneva Works have been announced by G. W Schaumburg, chief industrial engineer. Donald G. Giacomo of Springyille was named general supervisor - production, E. Craig Dorton of Lehi was made supervisor - systems engineer and cost control, and Chester McVey of Spanish Fork was promoted to department industrial engineer. All appointments are effective this month. Mr. Giacomo began his career at Geneva in 1949 in the Industrial Engineering Department. He held various positions until 1953 when he became senior industrial engineer. In 1955 he was promoted to division industrial engineer - blast furnace and in 1964 he was made supervisor systems engineer and cost control, the position he held until his present appointment. He holds a B. S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Utah and lives at 391 East 200 South in Springville. Dr. Forton joined Geneva in 1955 as a junior industrial engineer. One year later he became an industrial engineer and in 1963 he was made a senior industrial engineer. In 1964 he was promoted to department industrial engineer, the position he held until his present appointment. He graduated from the University of Utah in business management and lives at 221 North 500 East in Lehi. Mr. McVey started at Geneva in 1949 in the Accounting Department. He held various accounting positions at Geneva, Keigley Quarry and the iron mines until 1956 when he was made staff supervisor in Raw Materials Exploration. In 1963 he joined the Industrial Engineering Department where he held positions including industrial engineer A and engineer assistant, the position he held until his present appointment. He attended Brigham Young University and spent three years at the Nevada Vocational Service in advanced mathematics. He lives at 660 North 2nd East in Spanish Fork. Theft Reported To Orem Police Mary Cloward of 925 W. 450 N., Orem, reported to police that a cassette player valued at $150 was taken from her home prior to this weekend. Anton Vodopich of 226 N. 800 W., Orern, told police that a lawn mower valued at $50 had been stolen from his residence. &RAFFITI Tuesday At 7 a.m., bus leaves the Eldred Center for the Las Vegas, Lehman Caves, Death Valley Tour; from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., library, television, radio facilities available; 2 p.m., Senior Citizen Chorus; 4 p.m., organ instruction class with John Farley; 6:30 p.m., ballroom dance instruction class; final session; 8 p.m., weekly senior citizen dance. Wednesday Noon, harmonica band concert and matinee dancing; 1 p.m., weekly cultural program featuring "Popular Songs from Hit Shows of the Past," by David Gardner; also organ music by John Farley; 2 p.m., book review, "Theodore Roosevelt," by Laila Matheson; also free travelogue; 3 p.m., square dancing fun. Thursday From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., social hours at the Eldred Center; 1:30 p.m., table games; 4 p.m., beginning conversational Spanish class; piano instruction class; senior citizen bowling at Regal Lanes; and stamp collecting class with Verne Nelson. Friday From 8 a.m., to 5 p.m., social hours at the Eldred Center; 9:30 a.m., quilting class; also oil painting class; noon, senior citizen planning meeting for board members, staff, committee leaders, church representatives and other interested members; 1 p.m., current events with Bob Mathis; 2:30 p.m., creative writing class; 4 p.m., advanced conversational Spanish class. Monday From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., social hours at the Eldred Center; 10 a.m., exploring books class; noon, ceramics class; also billiards instruction class; 2 p.m., education hour for visually handicapped — talking books; 4 p.m., conversational Spanish classes — beginning and advanced; also, senior citizen bowling at Regal Lanes. 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