Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 10
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 10

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 10
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n g 10, JLOVtS Wed., May 5, W63 In ihi pens Golf NEW YORK (UPD-Another -,de open Open is coming up •»r the nation's golfers. 'IAnd it's a whopper, too, in )ore ways than one, this 1965 ;ruggle for the United States .\ampionship won a year ago • Ken Venturi. The marathon will extend er 28 days on 77 golf courses i 39 states before the last shot • fired over the longest chanv anship layout in U.S. Open jstory — the 7,191 yard, par 35-35—70 backbreaker at the; tallied," said Joe Dey of the home a \vlnnef, The happy dif ** _11 _._•.. *"1 _ i _. *"il __•_ _# « i I » T n jni^«» l____t_it i. * * i ,* * _ . .... ... . . ._ *• . ** Bellerive Country Club of St. Louis. Dates of the final showdown at Bellerive are June 17-20 In the first round«a-day format over four days instead of the U.S. Golf Association. "Most of the big names are in, including Venturi." If the lads thought last year's course was a whopper—a then record 7,053 yards at Washing usual four rounds In three!ton's Congressional Country days. A tie means a fifth round i Club—another shock is in store *..__ «. ^,^ ,j._ ..... ... at gven ] on g er Bellerive. St. Louis weather also could be as rugged as the stunning humidity at Washington last June 21 with sudden death the rule If the tie remains unbroken after the first playoff 18. Entries Are In ference will be in the format that eliminates the punishing double-round on the final day of previous three-day champion ships. The 28-day grind starts in 58 cities May 24-25 in the first of two sets of qualifying rounds for some 2,000 hopefuls who Football Basketball Clinie Set Seven Foot One Star Signs With UCLA Bruins NEW YORK (I!PI) - UCLA,! a ALBUQUERQUE (tJPD — Na- wllicl1 Currently holds the pnsi-iin:. .. . tional bas ke tbal 1 champion tion "'' lhc l""" 1 '^ !>askcth;ill !c > basketball world. UCLA's head roach Johnny Wooden, ' " >" the cmmlry. has ad!- ong way toward strengthen- the school's grip on the col- flnnnunccmcnt . madc by -, •' . . . it,-, .4 • 1 1 1C iinil'iuiiceiliriii, niauu uy New Mexico's r.l rons.c «'r;,bly t,, .N sl.-iturn >n! AJcim| himse]f flt a masslve ir\i*i ATi»*.« nr ,~j_ Inn ct^ntM n 'on 1 oi> 1 i\n n ITU • n ' »_ ,pi|css conference in the Power ! Memorial High School gymnasi one inch Bob King will join Minnesota the sport--seven football coach Murray Warmath U> be exact. for lectures at the high school coaches' clinic this summer. Carlsbad track coach .- ^ s ,,, «.„, ,„>,.„. ,.. Willis, president of the New school star, who Tuesday Mexico High School Coaches nouneed his intenlimi of e,,,,-,-.., Association, announced the lee- in » tiu> Los An"ele< school in si ture list. Wooden and King will give clinic participants contrasting That's the !i;tfd height ofanln. Lew Ak'imlor, lhc nntioii's hi'.V Mini Joe'sesl and most. publici/rd prep iiJmf ed his choice to five Schools— St. John's (N.Y.), Boston College, NYU, and Michigan In addition to UCLA. But added confusion resulted when Lew's high school coach and close advisor, Jack Donoliue, became the head basketball coach at Holy Cross , w where he had risen to co]Iege Jast fou™"^^: "cnffi ^ ^^ Aldnd0r ' •ucks of speculation on behalf aamitledly had been behalf of the young Uhe fill!. on ant. only "in the last two weeks," land furthermore stated that h« -- - -,— ..^v.^.o „„„ v-^.v. H ai ..u^anus i-iiiiu-asiinii "•- P'l'iiins h;i\r won the' '"I like the curriculum therejhadn'l even seriously considered weren't lucky enough—or good/styles to take notes on Wooden NCAA basketball ink- for the .-ilitl (he atmosphere," Alcindor Holy Cross before making up s\Mnt t nt* i *. *.«.!._ ^. f _ __ _ . i. . _ I" u 1-. _. - i --• . i j "The entries are in but not I June when Venturi staggered j Louis. enough—to rate a free pass into features a zone press run nnrl past two seasons ;md Coach said in explaining his choice the final field of 150 at St.'shoot type of basketball while John Wooden ' ' ' ' - -= - Yogi Berra Leads Mets, 2-1 Victory ; By United Press International .the Los Angeles Dodgers with v '~"- back. lan offense, belted his third hom- 3y United Press International National League G. AB R. H. Pet. 'ranpool. NY 19 71 U 28 .394 , leen. Phil 18 69 15 27 .391 jlman, Cin 14 54 8 21 .389 Alou. SF 20 84 16 32 .381 cCovy, SF 20 66 1 23 .348 art, SF 20 67 6 23 .343 obnson, Cio 17 59 15 20 .339 inks. Chi 18 68 9 23 .338 ynn, Hou 20 75 15 25 .333 ..Alou, SF 14 49 7 16 .327 American League G. AB R. H. Pet. iteer, Chi 15 54 U 9 .352 iusey, KC 14 49 4 17 .347 'antila. Bos 15 56 5 19 .339 i-llison. Mian 15 60 7 20 .333 1 reen. Bos 14 57 14 19 .333 -aim, Det 16 54 1 28 .333 IcAulife, Det 16 51 14 17 .333 Bos 15 61 11 20 .328 sr. Ciev 14 50 13 16 .320 NY 17 66 9 21 .318 W P 1 A ££ *J O T •} l O *\W i\) wv «> 4*4. ,«JlO Hijrae Rons National League — Mays, -ianto 7: Covmgton. Phils "6: lathews. Braves f>: Swobota. -lets 5: Allen. Philj 5. American League — R'efary. 'rrales 6; Thomas, Red Sox 5; "^;s->. Or;<;les: Conigliaro. Red •nx; Colavito. Indians: Gentile. • V, Schaai, Angeii; Hail. "wins. OUva, Twins; Mantle, .'aaks all 4. Runs Batted In National League — Banks, 'Jb<5 2.T Plr.son, Reds 16: Co!e- ian. R.-ds 16: Kranepool, Mets American League — Powell, risies 15: OUva. Twins 15: 'ar.Ulia, Red Sox; Thomas. .id Sox: Colavito, Indian*; chaai, Angela a!i 14. Pitching N'ational League—Ellis. Reti •0: Giu-ti, Astros 4-0; Gibson, ards 4-0 Maloney, Reds 3-0 :ort p;-i! s 4-1. American League — Asuirre. 'Uer- :J-0: Roberts. Oriole-; 3-0. Survivors of the local rounds, plus some others exempt from the first stage, then face final 36-hole qualifying tests in 13 sectional centers June 7-8 to rate a place in the starting field. The USGA, which adores tradition but knows when to junk it, conceded a point to the hot shot touring pros this season by granting 10 more full ex "Yep. and it felt good." Yogi er, doubled and drove home the Dy £ antu £ 10 m ° ro ful1 Berra smiled after making his decisive run in the ninth after j em P u ™ s t"™ a yea [ 1 aRO National League catching debut:the Dodgers had blown a 44 r ' rflntpd K^mnfinn. Tuesday night by slapping two lead. Gordy Coleman's two-run singles and scoring the winning;homer, a three-run blast by run in the New York Mets 2-1 Vada Pinson and a solo homer Granted Exemptions The most significant move as far as the tourists were concerned, was granting exemptions to the top 15 on the cur- r> »ui m ° re th " g t j? ey d day is full Wildcats triumph over Philatelphia. <bv Tommv Harper" had "enabled I " on . s l ° l " e l ° P - 15 °, n t! l e Cur " mi^Z.'T. Vf h ° W '** RPdS io Cnt " the » Inth " -I-"i.™°^-- n « ftll8t inStead much I can do.' the former 6-6 deadlock. Reliever Jim \ankee star and manager cau- Brewer shut out the Reds over Yogi will be 40-years-old a , victor >'- jment"winners from one open to week from Wednesday and had; Homer Breaks Tie 'the next. not played in a regular seasoni j "Any plaver who can win game since Sept. 21, 1963. He' Stargelt broke a 3-3 tie with'one of these official PGA tour- went hitless in eight spring a three-run homer, his second of laments certainly should rate training appearances this year the day, m the ninth inning to a f ree ride to the Open " Done nfn sf 5 } r nded ^ U \ '" c^f f ? sl ^'^ "if , V ' lCt0ry ^^ ' Sand "s insisted in a mild blast pinchhitung role last Saturday Jerry Lynch also homered twice a t Washington last in Cincinnati. ; for the Bucs. Reliever Ernie "Playing in one or training. Wn you've bee?""! McBean P icked U P th « w in. i make" a living on the tour is a a year you gotta come back Mays slugged his seventhi tough proposition.'' slowly. But I've been taking a homer, a two-run clout and lotta batting practice and Jesus Alou and Jim Hart also catch:.".;; in workouts and I feel hit two-run shots as the Giants strong" Berra said. "Getting blasted Ray Sadecki, sending to play again is like a shot in the 20-game winner of a year the arm. ' ago down to his third straight And ^ogi was like a shot in loss this season without a vie- the arm to 17,321 Met fans at tory. Juan Marichal (4-2) was Shea Stadium who gave him a the winner Ken Bover homered tnunderous standing ovation for one of the two Cardinal wnen he came to bat in the tall.e;. , first inning. He rifled a single The Clovis Wildcat* nl-w host '.which apparently scored Ed Oaly 917 fans at Milwaukee, t o?he Portales Ram?Su d v Kranepool from second base, a new attendance low in thei n i g ht in a non-district kame -,'t but Joe Christopher, who had Wisconsin city, saw Aaron club j Bell Park. Game time will be at was cut down trying t'* 0 homers and move ahead of j 7 p m third before Kranepool RaJpii Kiner into a tie with Gil | The'Cats have defeated the could score. lodges for 12th place on the all- '• Ra ms In their first four encour:,. -Scores Winning Run time home run list as the irs . This will make the fifth game Berra singed a;ain m the Braves shewed Houston starter between the two teams sevens moved to second on a Boo Bruce for seven runs in the Clovis has a season record of hit by Ron Swobota and scored first three innings. Tony Clon- 7-10-1 and a district r-cord of --« tae decisive run on Roy McMil- inger did not allow a hit until; The Cats will start either Sfcan •"" > s^- e - iu [™ s! - xt " b "« w-as touched for a:Shelley or Buz Sweat. Shells i, also sparkled behind the home run by Rusty Staub with i4-1 for the season and Sweat has King displays a styled offense. said deliberate lighted" \uMi Aititulor's derision, which will undoubtedly t;o and the people were nice to he " Alcindor originally had limit- his mind. READ CIASvSIFIED ADS CHECK ADS DAILY MIRACULOUS TEFLON! FOR WATERLESS, NO-STICK COOKING, NO-SCOUR CLEAN-UP! • 10-PIECE TEFLON* COOKWARE • 5-PIECE TEFLON* BAKEWARE • 12-PDSCE CANISTER SET • 8-PIECE MEASURING SET I convenient terms 7'i'Vsmilet S: A.. i Portales LUV«I IO 111 10 fry pan or Dutch ov«n > c... 12. plate, catching winner Al Jack- a man on :n the ninth, ion the full nine innings. He tagge-i out Johnny Calhson at- tetTiptirg to slide around him 3t t^P Di' 4 *P li t^'p fir "f innincf ^> — «-, Jackson set a club record of 11 destined to take over. :.-! r-- Rookie Costen Schokev is Ve- first class tutor *•» « r\ Standings Major League Standings 3y L'nitfcJ Press International N'ational League W. L. Pet. CB Incinna'i 12 6 .667 . 'juston* 12 8 .600 1 . , n gamf" -Davis. Stargell K 8 .500 .*? hic-jgo 8 9 .471 31... in Francisco 9 11 .450 4 ruiadelph.a 8 10 ,444 4 :n,bur«r: 7 12 .?& 5 !; . e'.v V,;.-k- 7 ]/! .350 6 Tuesday's Results i!t-,bnri?h 6 Chicago 3 e-A York 2 Phila 1. night Iiiwauk.-" 9 Hoii-'on 3. nk'ht - js Ans n rincinn;j' : 6, nj^nt •in Fran 9 St Lo\ •, 2. night ednesday's Probable Pitchers Pittsburgh at Chicago — Law JO. vs. Huhl i2-li. Philadelphia at N'ew York light) — Herbert fl-li vs jahn f2-l) or <"isc.> 'O-Qi Houston at Milwaukee (night i Houston at Milwaukee fnij;hti Farrell i3-l' vs Sai!--.w4:i Los Anjp'ps at r'n^innati light i _ K o u f a x (2-1 > VK •Toole (0-31. San Francisco at St. Louis light i — Perry i]-2/ vs. Stal- rd n-D. Thursday's Games ' ttsburgh at Chjcago Js Ana at Cincinnati, twi-light (Only games scheduled) American League W II 10 9 10 9 7 8 7 7 1,3 .350 6 4 12 1!.>0 7 t Keculu j* York t Cleveland 3. Mcago 10 Detroit 6. night ashiflgtou 4 Kan City 2. 7 Baltimore 3. night A burly 2.3-year-old first wild pitch and Ruben man the Los Angeles An ; sacrifice f.y produced, gels. Sr.ockJey holds great admiration for 37-year-old Adcock. andllals 11 - " What a puy that Joe is -" a. : - ; nz with Hank Aaron suppiied s - ock!l '>' ent.-iused. "I guess '.'.«• i.rfAorks in the National '•'•''u'd say he took me under his I.".!; .,• -A,.:-re i';'v,!)ur_::i heat win^ tii:s sprinjr when I came to Chicago 6-3. Milwaukee top- and h j ht plfd Houston 9-3 Los Anffeles , ,, ., beu: Cincinnati 8-6 and San aboul basebaii Francisco bombed St. Louis 9-2. Shock'ey, who has been alter ••':.?•','i-£rV,1 Detr.'i/io-fi Wash- major !eague veu-ran. at first .."-'.'. :,. j 1 Kjrojs i '.••: 4-2, base f° r t!ie Angels this season, M..-.r---,-a dt.-:i-3ted Baltimore has hud a rugged start in the ~ '', nr.'l^ !.'.- Armeies whipped America.'! League since coming '''"'"/.! n ' : ( JV«T from P;:i!ade!nhia in the a 3-4 record. Leading liitters for the Cats] are Wendell Brent .375; Jerry | Boyd .493; Dickie Johnston 2JC! and Lynn Blair hitting 285. I The next district game for the; Cats will be Saturday at Clovis : in a doublehoader with Carlsbad. I ^^^•. E , I i^=&,; SEA SALE Be Sure To Register For The S250 Account To Be Paid Off; Drawing Will Be Saiurday May 8, at 5:30 p.m. Remember! NO MONEY DOWN When You Buy on Sears Easy Payment Plan! Uiiiie I>;-i'.":-:. burdened with t- •• ri--iv:i>::jii:ty of providing deal for I5 *• York L. 5 5 7 8 8 7 9 8 Pet .688 .667 563 .556 .529 .500 .471 .467 (IB i . 2 2 i 2'i; ' 3 i 3'J o'^; •ashingtoo City Aggeto 7 Boston 8, aight "All ! ntd Show me a filter that delivers the taste and I'll eat my hat." 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