Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

PADS f WINTY-f WO ALTON EVENING TBLIORAPH THURSDAY, APRIL it, 198) Norwegian Ftoii Rcdpteg §JT CM*JWH JM8JI JtoMf and Markets Minnesota is called America's "tltfJe Norn-ay". ThP«? are 300.000, Norwegian- Americans there and | ttiey, like their forebears, are a fisti-e'lting people. j Housewives of Norwegian de- '• icent are artists with the delicate | nardine irom the fjords of the olfl i country. Mere are two of their delightful but economical recipes using Norway sardine*. They win perk up any lazy springtime ap- petife. i Norway Sardine Oppos j (5 servings) ! Crepe Batter—One cup flour. 2; whole eggs, 2 cups milk. salt. ; pepper to taste. , >To prepare rrcpe batter, mix j flour, eggs, milk and seasoning, ' and strain through a fine sieve, j Pour batter into a well-buttered i frying pan and cook on both sides, j Stuffing—three (3?iounce* tins Norway sardines, 1 cup finely chopped spinach, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, 2 tablespoons cream j sauce, dash of nutmeg, salt, pepper j to taste. I To prepare filling, drain oil from j sardines and mash sardines, Fry the onions in butter until golden brown. Add the spinach and sardines, and when hot, add the cream sauce and seasoning. Bring to a boil and let cool. Spread the preparation over the crepes. Then roll crepes, spr'mgkle with grated NORWAY SARDINE CREPES are »n economical party surprise thit originated with hotiMWlve* of MlnnMoU'* "Lltile Norway." cheese and lightly brown under a broiler. Rnnllnc Mixed Orlll (Makes 4 serving*) Two (.1?i ounce) cans Norway sardines, 4 fillets ofJembrt sole, 4 halves of to- of mushrooms, 8 Jumbo shrimp, matoes, -1 heads parsleyed butler, bread crumbs. Drain oil from sardines. Roll sardines, fillets of sole, shrtnip and halves of tomatoes in bread crumbs Sprinkle with olive oil and grill to a Rolden htown. Dress all on a platter, with the sardines and sole in the center and the shrimp and tomatoes arranged around them. Top tomatoes with broiled mushroom heads. Sprinkle parsleyed butter over platter. Garnish with bouquet of nwsely nnd lemon. Serve mayonnaise or tar- tare satire on the side, Rice (Jets Better Treatment Lately Rpsll.V *harp! tfpf* I* « "pw and different irtw fnr « rtpllHous Rire rtlftln dl«h Whirh r>nrks ft tprrlfff nun* punrh. The pxrliinR flnvof of Swiss chrpsc is a "natural" to rombinp with trnrtPT' IfiPxprn- MVP rlrp and it b only nnfurdl thai n perfectly "wallopinj?" dish re- milts. ! The Hr»: and rhwsp «rp spiked with tmimto flavor iind tlntPd red- whtHi in rontrant to the jrrpen ppfls planed in the center of thfl "spoon fnnhlonrd" ring, mtkP a Her main rtlnh as eye appealing an It IK InnRUP Duck Is Delicacy That Deserves Being Served Long Island duckling growers have developed with selective breeding and special diets, a meaty tender, sweet-flavored type of duckling, that has become a world- famous American specialty. And food expert and TV commentator, Dlone Lucas, says, in the April issue of Town tt Country magazine, that duck is a delicacy that deserves to be s e r v e d frequently at home. There are more ways than one to cook a duck and ail of them are delicious. For a party it may appear in fancy dress "Us a Supreme de Canard with pate, mushrooms arid artichokes. Or you can serve it as a beautifully glazed cold gelatine that slices to reveal all manner of delectable surprises or in a superb Canelon a I'Orangc. Remember too that fine wine brings out all the wonderful flavor of duck and is Its natural table companion. There are also many simple and quite economical ways to serve duck, Miss Lucas says, In spite of the fact that it usually takes two average-size ducks (four and a half pounds) to serve four people. However, one duck serves six or seven amply and divinely when you bone it raw, then stuff it with a simple forcemeat of ground veal herbs and seasonings. Roll it up and sew it neatly, roast to a golden turn, slice It hot or cold with no trouble and masterful results. Mere is a sample duck recipe you might try. I,o Canclnii A T/Orange i 2 L/>ng Island ducks 2 chicken livers 3 navel oranges, 2 small oranges \t c'up brandy 2 tablespoons red currant jelly • 'I teaspoons potato flour 2 -teaspoons meat gla/.o 1 teaspoon tomato paste s i cup orange Juice 1 U cups stork 1 /i cup dry sherry 2 tablespoons butler 2 cloves garlic., or 2 shallots salt, black pepper, bay leaf Remove the inside* from the ducks. Clean them and dry well inside. Place In the cavity of each a small orange cut in half, a skinned shallot or a clove of garlic, a bay leaf, salt, and 2 or 3 pepper corns. Place in a roasting pan and pour around them 1 to 2 tablespoons dry sherry. Roast in a 375 degree oven for forty-five minutes. Remove and allow to stand for about five minutes, then carefully carve and keep warm, Sauce: Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in large thick deep skillet. When very hot, brown the chicken livers well on all sides, remove, and add U cup duck fat and all the glaze from the roasting pan. (To get this, pour off the fat, get the roastingpan very hot and pour on the brandy, stir well to lift up nil the glare.' Then add the finely shredded skin of 2 navel oranges. Cook very' slowly for seven to eight minutes. Stir in, off the fire, the meat glaze, tomato paste, potato flour, and red currant jelly. Stir until quite smooth, Ihpn mix In the orange juice, stock, and the rest of the sherry. Stir over the fire (without cover) to a boll. Should the sauce be a little too thick add a little more stock. Season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper nnd simmer lor eight to ten minutes, then add the skinned sections of 2 navel oranges. Arrange the cut-up duck on a large, flat oval silver dish. Carefully plur over the sauce and garnish the top with the. last navel orange which has been cut In '/i inch dices with the skin on and fried in a little hot butter and sugar until the slices are lightly browned on each side. Place them overlapping on the top of the duck and garnish each end with orange potatoes. \ 2 tablespoons butter or margarine \k cup chopped onion ' 2 nip rhooppert green pepper 2 nips uncooked rlre 1, No. 2 ran tomatoes (2',4 cups) 2 teaspoons salt '* teaspoon pcpppr H'a r-ups water ]',» nips gralpd .Swiss cherse •1 cups hot, cooked and seasoned green ppas. METHOD: Melt butter or margarine In a 3-quart or larger saucepan. Add onion and cook until tender and a ypllmvlsh color. Add green pepper, rke, tomatoes^ salt, pepper and water. Bring to ft vlg- orous boll. Turn the heat as low as possible. Cover saucepan with a ltd and leave over this low heat for 14 mlnues. Turn off the heat, Add the Swiss cheese and mix well. If the rice has not absorbed all of the liquid, cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the excess liquid is absorbed. The average value of cowa in the United States was $128 per head Jan. 1,. 19B3 compared with $179 per head Jan. 1, 1962. i glass of milk HAS lots of snap That's good for baby After nap. IT'S BETTER MttJt GOOD FOOD FOR LESS CATSUP Gold Chain. made from tomatoes, sugar and spices. 2 FOR 27 MILK. The EL-BE mark tells you that your food dealer buys for less and sells for less. •% ^ •• •' No-Me. Contains all 4% ^% "V «t D Og FOOQ r ' 3 FOR 27 Pork & Beans . 9 ™ 9 1 c El-Be. Delicious, flavored with pork. In fextra rich mMU •• I Prloet Good Until April Iftth. We r«- s»l"V» the right to limit quantttt«». tomato gauce. 10-Oz. Can PICKLES El-Be. Fancy, hoi iioppiM flavored dills. 16-Oz. Jur 23c BEETS Hold Chain. Tender \oung. svnnll slices. Full No. 2 Sis* Cnu 14c BUTTER BEANS El-Be. Fancy, large California llniaa. 2 No. 2 Q7 A C'aiiM CIV PINEAPPLE KI-Be. Fancy, Hawaiian golden slices, In extra heavv syrup. ' No. 8H Can 42c CHERRY PRESERVES El-Be, Fancy, pitted, 60% fruit, 40% sugar, ii-o*. OO* Jar £00 PEACHES Nn-Mc. CnlifoMiia Yellow Cling halves, in syrup. No. 31., Con 28 BLACK PEPPER Kl-Be. Puro freshly ground. 1-Ot. Can 19 GRAPE JUICE . I-:i-He. Puro, unswpetenert. iroin Cdiicoi-fl •JI-<)/.. Hottle 32c PEAS & CARROTS Kl-Ho. Faury, roiuhlnatlun of fam-y sweel ppas aurl dn-cd carrots N'o. 803 fun 19c *MEAT DEPT.* PORK LOIN 58 Bladeless, lean, whole or half Ib PORK SAUSAGE Luer's Lean, 1 Ib. cello roll 48 I POLISH SAUSAGE luer'i lean Ib 48' BACON Frefkly smoked and cured IS 4 lein, 3 to 4 Ib. puces Ib. 9 I EL-BE CANNED MEATS All 1'uiv c!o\ eminent. Inspecied CHILI CON CARNE 2?C VIENNA SAUSAGE 17| C LUNOHEON MEAT iRc l«-Oi. t'tn TWW POTTED MEAT 7i c '» HUe (to 2 OORN BEEF HASH 32c i«-o«. r»n r w^w BEEF mi 8RAVY ifln Hit, B..I <*_n. n.. ' W ABSORENE 2 18-Oz. nm Cans OOC KARO SYRUP KARO SYRUP KARO SYRUP Uloe Label U,-l.h. BU. Red I.«b.l Ut-Lb. BU. Qr**n l.»bnl I"i-Mi. BU. 19 20 21 ARQO CORN STARCH NIAGARA STARCH l-l.b. Pkt V.'-Oi. Pfct. 14 18 CRISCO ... 3189c TIDE, DREFT, OXYOOL. JOY, OHIER 28c OUZ, IVORY SNOW OR IVORY FLAKES Lie. 276* IVORY SOAP ......... t, .„ IVORY SOAP IVORY SOAP «.*,.. B . f - 13' 2 '" 15 S c »., --CAMAY SOAP CAMAY SOAP ••It IU» — Bfi BU .— - a ••' 2v 2 UVA SOAP LAVA SOAP 8PIO and SPAN I I STRING BEANS &1-99 Verlie»l pack Blue Lake 27 e | PEAS but |M CM) 17*' ^ * EL-BE FOOD STORES * * KUSMANOrrf OHOCIRY I COLLEOE AVI. MARKIT UPTOWN MARKET U44 HlMHliMrl. •OOTIM ttlNIHAL ITOPII tit «Ti4Mite ft*. R^WT \i rnni •HOWN'S WUiO , HI - C ORANOCADC 4B*0£t ^B 4.0 Cm 0JL OINTY X MOOKE BEEF STEW 2+... 52° HOKMIL'S SPAM 12-OI. Cm 50 SUNSHINE HI. HO nq values in famous fee No. 2Vi Cini CRACKERS Mb. <S|K* Box 419 SIERRA MISSION— SLICED <> PEACHES . . . 2'«49< VAN CAMP'S No. 300 Can§ PORK & BEANS 2-25' UNDERWOOD'S DEVILED HAM Can CHUNK STYLE STAR-KIST TUNA Can DERBY TAMALES Tall Can 23 PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 12-oz. Jar 37 CHILI HOT BROOKS BEANS No. 300 Can CEBHARDT'S CHILI POWDER 1-oz. <f C c Tin JL9 HILL'S DOG FOOD 15 Can PUSS !N BOOTS CAT FOOD Can 9 Swans Down CAKE FLOUR . . The 1* to 1 Mix BISQUICK . . . Instant 4 tit 1 BAKER'S COCOA . For Salads and Cooking; MAZOLAOfL . . MEXICORN ... .21c *~" Sifted Early June IQA PEAS ... tOA Fancy TOMATO JUICE . ARMOUR'S BANNER QUALITY SIRLOIN STEAK 59 PRACTICALLY BONELESS—BOSTON BUTT PORK ROAST "> 49 HUNTER'S BASEBALL SPECIAL! SKINLESS WIENERS . " 49 KRETS FAMOUS "THREE LITTLE PICS 11 —SKINLESS PORK LINKS . . . « ARMOUR, HUNTER or KREY — BOLOGNA or BRAUNSCHWEIGER . 39 45' Hunter, Armour, Krey—2 to 8-lb. end cuts Armour Star—Sliced SUB BIICOH.... Ib. 39t BEEF LIVER .... Ik Me Fresh! Meaty! / Fresher Brand ' \ SP^RERIBS .... Ib. 39c COD FILLETS ... Ib. 39c Fresh Fruits & Vegetables! CALIF. SEEDLESS NAVEL — 220 SIZE SUNKIST ORANGES . . . <" 29° Fancy Florida Yellow* Largt Full Ean SUGAR CORN .... 6 39c U. S. No. 1 Florida Lar|« Stalki PASCAL CELERY . . . 2 29c t - - FROZEN FOODS - Birdityt 6-or cam ORANGE JUICE . . . 2 35c "19" Brand 10-Qi. pk|i. CHOPPED BROCCOLI . . . 2 35o SUNCOLD No. 100 Can Cranberry Sauce OCEAN SPRAY 21e Durkee's 8-or. Cello COCOANUT 28c New! Improved Whit* KITCHEN KLENZER . . 2 • 21c Kill Bug* S Way* ' Pint Btl. REAL KILL 69c MARGARINE CHARLIE'S SUPIR MKT. 101 WNOUUR AVB. •OUTH ROXANA \ PAUER'S SUPER MARKET 301 CENTRAL, ROXANA, ILU ELM ST. MKT. ELM AND ALBY STS. ALTON, ILL. \ QIRDINO'S IOA MARKET HAWTHORNE 4 CENTRAL WOOD WVER QOLDrARB'S SUPER MKT. 28 FERQU80N, WOOD Riven KNitrs IQA MARKET BUNKER HILL, ILLINOIS MATHIAS POOP MARKET HARTFORD, ILLINOIS ROWE'S IQA MARKET rrn AND fBRcusoN, WOOD WV1H SCNNEIDIRY OVKN7H V* 4LTON. (U4N6U

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