The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 14, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 14, 1948
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Register (la$s« Gel Results THE THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKISBUKG, ILL..'.WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 164 ffiOMAIL About Town Country nTllEUS T. Weather Caused Most Local News During August 47 dunn cd o ff pul ° but wouldn't stay - 1 we started to s°pell when the mer- from 101 to 64 over- u short 'began climbing t \n« nn this 6 it was up to 103. t hc citizen f -, W fho it to curtail he FindPetrillo Second Victory Over Gov't by Music tzar' New Threats in Congress to Restrict Union Chief's Powers PROSPERITY Act Violation CHICAGO, Jan. (U.E) -- Body of Pvl, Glen D. Moore, War Dead, Arrives Tomorrow lepayment of jenoir. The the supply in the re- '«ater pressure got pretty because "ffl.astf'a.t «- had fa*t enough. 'At we James Caesar Petrillo was found j innocent today of violating a law j Congress passed in 1946 to curb , his-power as boss of the Musicians'! Union. Petrillo was found innocent of a charge that he violated the Lea act in a strike against Chicago Ra- +. . . · v · r · * »-* ?__ - * » _ - . ·* f\A £? . dio Station WAAF in May. 1946. n \,i. 6 the mercury rose tO' The government charged that he 1M andVain the necessity ot tried to f orce the station to hire saving emphasized, of the water attended by !o«f cuizens, and it was water v:as on nihPr loca c i , filtration plant few d,ys later, it was three musicians it did not need, j in violation of the law. | Petrillo, who waived a jury 1 trial, was exonerated by U. S. Dis-1 trict Judge Walter J. La Buy. It was the second time the govern-' ment had sought and failed to convict the pudgy president of the American Federation of Musicians ^'on the same charge. ' An earlier government com- thc plaint against Petrillo was dismiss- 1 . « j u.r T -, t»nu the «amp i l i d P f i Who Says 20 to 40 Per Cent of Relief May be As Loans By JOHN L. STEELE Weather Bureau Sees No Relief By United Press Residents of northern states from the Rocky mountains to the Appalachians huddled near their Radiators today as the winter's 1 -first extensive cold weather s e n t j fthe mcrcurv tumbling below zero, j | International Falls, Minn., was) Tthc coldest city in the nation early i ioday. The temperature there Appeals for Enactment Gf Controls President Reports High Prices Cause Concern for Future By MERRIMAN SMITH United Press White House Reporter ·' WASHINGTON, Jan. 14--(CE)_ President Truman called on Congress today to help achieve a "stabilized prosperity" by passing anti-inflation measures strong enough to remove the threat of a "severe" depression. Appealing again for enactment of his 10-point anti-inflation program, Mr. Truman said the steady climb in prices, wages and profits already had caused "serious hardship and presents grave concern for the future." The President's combined pleas and warnings came in ms second annual economic report to Congress, a report required under, the so-called full employment act The recommendations in his 35,000 word document were based largely on studies by the Council of Economic Advisers created by the same law. · Accents Bad Prospects Mr. Truman's report saw the bad and good in almost equal proportion. But his dominant points seemed to accent the bad prospects. of Tlr and tioriaT Advisory Council responsi- 'off set" some what by a sharp earth- j WASHINGTON. A group of well-wishers represent- "When an inflation is in pro~ '"" : - 1 ~" " nliw » quake which lasted.ten minutes - ^7^TM^^VeSrans' committee gives a royal send-off to gress,there* is no.way of predict- i ?,,. ,,:,,!,.- w« imiinps or orooer- mg tne ._? l 5 e .TM£ n ...-« - ;L* a «* H 0 w a t?nn whirh left Chicago for ing when it will break of its own can only United Press Staff Correspondent f dropped to 30 degrees below zero. WA^TM, J«. M ^ - " ^ cST La! Treasury Secretary John W.-Snj£Inhere the temperature plunged to] der said today the United ( States {l . eezing at 5:30 a . m . it was 251 must require repayment "m -every practical way" of its Marshall plan aid to Europe. Snyder told the Senate Foreign Relations committee that from M per cent to 40 per cent of a proposed 36,800,000,000 Marshall plan 15-month down payment may be , afte noon or tonight. Mr,2T SET" 1 n 1. No relief was in sight the weath- - er bureau said, although the north expected to degrees at San Antonio, Tex., and 24 at Birmingham, Ala. 3 The Chica?o V/eather Bureau that the cold, which was backup j'oa'.i'st the Appalachian itainsV would extend as far as thc- Atlantic coast by this £,1*^*1 V**«~- ·*·«·*· . . » - » - -- m. tions as long term loans. He the cost of the program u, u i e u . S TM would drop again Friday, S for the first ID monins wuuiu. * be reduced ultimately to $4,200,- ff 0 j oc j tchrern California basked in 85 000,000. 'degree temperatures for the second Congress Wants Floor' -- · · tim(? yesterday, but the advantages Pvt. Snyder, as chairman of the Na- of { h g balm'y" weather there were and tional Advisory Coun " " . . . - * was killed ble for U. S. foreign aujdii.." ,:_· , va t er capacity. vu luc *"""*· ° . --" uuu.uuu. fWree temperatures tor tne secona *^s*«i»^ZplMH»g^^^^^^^^l«Wi?^^i'»»^ / ^^i.^i^Bl poruon. BUI m* uuuuu. Deaths during August^ by ,La Buy,the same judge who , The remains 01 the late rvi y Council responsl - -,,,,__.. somewh at by a sharp earth- WASHINGTON. A group of well-wishers represent- "When an.inflation : .Krf L! H C Sherman, in Chi- TheDecision is final U. S. »*^^ n *S£» to Harrisburg "broad range" of estimates orL damage were rep0 rted «^SS ?n?Sd .bus Sunday, Once in, the ^Capitol, students accord," he said "One : Bramlet, 80, Galatia;, trict Attorney vu.u ^. *f"*TM °- 1 ", r'mo'rrow at 8'25 a. m. Upoa.that portion of th \ E u ropean-re- ' · Bramie ' 78; Mrs. : the government has no furtherap-; tomorrow at «.£ a ta^-covery program that might be j ,, ,,,,., «,. TM,1 · arrival irn^ y ^ ^ ^ gnmted ^ as " repa yable", loans. Moore, on Barnett street.' months "old", one of triplet boys i ion tnai. ine nwiwijciuc.... - --by the Turner funera i home. '· r ii «,,,! \Trc limo 1 ; W Roscrsition WAAr apparently laueu iu · . , Vioirt 1 t°sl'^^^^^^ Ea'rtef 64 Brushv; Mrs. F. S.'had no need for any more ~ Gray 54 wife of the P^jf^j 0 ^ ^^ % 0 _ the opinion that {will .officiate and bun 0 [ thc First National bank J?| * n « ~^ » ?*- ^*^ W ere in Bankslon cemetery. i attending college. SurvrndeaSi"told-Mm-ttatjITCW Sal¥3HOH |_ £ound * '"Htey Officer Here jprogreSSIVe 3SHE £S®£*» ^^^^^^^n^,FZK£ 'by Lewis W. Douglas, U. S. ambas-,* c ( ·' _ . _ ... · .. * ^_ A-t*A f.«**I- *._ that shows the defend- Disclose U. S. Reopens Air at ! destructive force." With this doleful possibility in mind, the President, said: "I therefore urge that the Congress consider with the utmost speed the nature of the problem which we have to meet and-adopt the measures that are -appropriate · to its solution." . - - · · · T1 - the President was Ms Ifcpoint arti- inflation program of last' year, including stand-by "power for wage- Holm nut G rove: Virgil E. Harper, 22,. ant had knowledge or jnformation in Chica,:; Charles W, Owen. 64; | of, or was^ advised l « f the tack^of Mrs. Thomas Jenkins, 65. « * Other events oi August in chronological order: 'need for additional employes? Target of Act Sa^Septcmber 3, 1935 he en-in every practical way," Snyder,the listed with the regular army at said. LONDON Jan. 14.--(U.RX--The .and price controls and the-right '^^^^^^^^K^^^^SSSST' Fort Benjamin Harrison. Ind. Hei Snyder said he was appearing served for one year, three months in t h* e role of a person askin · r K f f L VH 4»V» OV1 T V » V * * % ' * vm**r ,,· r _ A »».^r -- ^ -- -- .» If convicted. Petrillo would have and 14 days, then took a short bank loan and that . . .. i _ » · _ « . » *c nr,a t j - - _ i -«« ~Un i-o-onlicren tor lor- v.;wofir Vio «miiln rp been subject to a sentence of one and 14 days, men LUUK a. o»«*«. Dan K loan, ana uiat as «± uau^^ on , o ] et i ntf a six-rnontns leave ui: !discharge. He re-enlisted for for- h j mse if he would require as spe-|«";£ ^ hicll he 2nd h is familyp° eign service on December IVcific data- as possible. j^ ent in rjccstur Prior to that P' n . China*,., UNRRA IN L Mcconneu resigned -M ougnt the act .inco betore tt. Mildred Bonnell returned to Har- year ^Prison^JLOWj^ne^or ^ --^^S four years and ; £ d No Cause five days of service. ^ ^^ Thc secretary who survive.,, tee that European two" children. Larry not be required · - - Tr · short suppjy lars as a requisite aid. Douglas, meanwhile support Henry A. Wallace m-esident. sought to obtain a place · o f told the i here. Capt. Ronald Prehm turned his resignation Company L. Kusbcnds Rated . - . cciving nis iraiIullB « , f HoVse-Foreign Affairs committee i Besf Credit Rwks, SSWJS^ Si "9 te Men Wors ' i leader. ^sss saarss . M,Hc La»u an a LU arrived to take over local -all unions .people _. instead of the current 58,000,000 European headquarters atJVVies^ which is itself higher than in any TM " pre-war year. put in a- new plug f orchis T _D-for-everybody income tax reduction plan, saying that the war a " against inflation should not neg- a " '--t "the casualties." lan s Wff"£*$·£("£ "Gen-r'c^s-L^rcon,. t.s^S^Ssf'JZSi \ up'^w^Lr^«!js*j; !«·,, a i j ^ S j*3 flnffLSS-S , observers. ; N T 0rth 'Africa two days ago to increased cost of living during i .Tud^e Jacob Berko'.vitz of Mat- j ncpec t the Tripoli field. Wies- y^ pas t year an,j a half," he said. , toon, sitting in circuit court here, ~ - · " -'-- ruled that the judicial election under the strict sur- Salvation Armv post 'veillance of the anti-trust laws." Lhe F. Watts, chief forester! ' Petrillo forbade his union mem- of the U. S. prsused development· bers to make any recordings for- oi Shaw nee Forest in interview'ever more," and the ban went into here. effect the first of this year. The Stonefort reunion came and Xorman C. Bird, chief engineer M tbe Illinois Department of Aero- Diuucs, came here to studv five [^proposed sites (or an airpo'rt, I . A few brave souls started wear- ft beards to advertise the forth(Continued on Page Five) Clubs to Meet at Shawnee Sium where he met *Xoro h^ was t h o M V ^ h a i i n l V n Dro^ram alone.; CMiUAuu, «an. « ·-- , f 0 on. sitting m circuit, court uuiv, d ^ disclosed. He aiso was He also renewed nis argumeni Lnd on to Bd-i Under^qu^ordnl bf R^p S Unmarried males a r e t j e j ru ied that the judicial election suchedu i e d to pay a courtesy call on {or 'higher taxes, on corporations t Ws"death or? R rhSrfidd of Illinois, i worst credit risks in install;could Rot bfi re! , ard e d as a general p h Air Force officia i s in ]Vio to o£ f7 e t his proposed $3,200,000,l h ^«?*-hta 1 ?^ C Se^e^ofV^com.! ment buying; and Decked ; election in quaWying a part for rocco . ; - 0 00 reduction in individual income In addition to his parents, his ranking Republican _ ..,£ ?rd his children. Pvt. Moore m ittee. Douglas said that in the . I L C . ai.vA r~ilrm.;««t hrru r:«^» nl^nn eivnnrtt: iinrlpr tni nrO- iV s u n ' v e d b v the following bro- f i rst place exports under the pro-. TMJ «JJ « ff ^"^^el^, ll-« a nrt «*tcrs: Hubert Moore c ram would be less than now. P^tuniiy w » husbands* rate best despite the fact that they have more thers and.sis'ters: Hubert Harrisburg- Dorthy Kingsley 01 available supplies _._ . . Centralia: and Gladys Rahm of; in this country are concerned. Hsrrisburg. 317 Arresis During Then you're hopeful · 'have to impose rationing 'controls?" Chipperfield : j "Not on the basis of this pro-1 gram." Douglas replied. ' into financial holes. . Those were the conclusions reached today by a survey made' at the University of Chicago. I iil ttlU** vi^-wvv* «» -preceding election, he ruled | To Appeal Ruling MiitorT Raynor. Americans Use Savhigs a report that was studded en route to iuch American missions with ^1^ charts and sheets of . as those at ^.tiiens and Dahran. , figuj-gs^ the President evidenced 1 S \ with the U. S. program for aid distinct worry about the fact that ·. attorney for the; j no Q rcecc expanding steadily, ar "many" Americans are running ·« !· grain. jL/uujjioa JLCJ/IH-U. '47 by Cilf Police | HorHsblirg Gets a of $1,576 Motor Fuel for December used to crown married persons as tops in the field ot commercial credit. Single girls were rated as c ^ _ · . " _ ! _ . - T ?«_·««·«**** A r t ! mediately. ' In another Arrests for drunkenness for more i the next best risks. Unmarried | for t h c Republican nomination for officers are arriving in Greece political develop- J R sma n lots to serve as advisers .mciil Warren Wright, former, to the Greek army in the cam- ^i i stal" treasurer and a candidate pa j gn against the Communist guer- State Inspedor Approves City Fire Equipment Fire Chief Ray Johnson today announced that the city fire-fighting setup has met with the rccom-. mendations of the Illinois Inspec- city tion Bureau, hired by the underwriters of the state to inspect fire ^ _ _ _ _ . _ _ · _ _. _ _ . ^. *v · _ _ _ i _ v « v H « 4 d f\f\ f* ^f\f\*+ f ^·f?'Tl^JI?'71. l _ e living expenses is an ominous^ sign s f or the economy as a whole," he - J showed of males ran a poor third. iCarrier Mills Youth d on Theft Charge , governor, said he had accepted tne 'chairmanship of an Illinois .Maci Arthur-for-presidcnt committee. Dwight H. James Duncan, Carrier.Mills col-! a _SjrdW V-^John T. of attac k of the Prest ..^,. , dent's message was that however ·V foreign office spokesman, good times bave bee n - m .recent; eaking after the Wiesbaden an- months, a wave of inflation ^-i^ rillas. A SpCKin)2[ i*fc^* *.»«v ·- j V*» * liiuunA^j a »»o»w vfc *M*«»---- , - j - " - - j nounccment. said the United States nas already caused serious ham- had asked and Britain had granted ship and prese nts grave concern permission for the reopening ox j or ^ e future." the base. "As we enter the new year." he said, "the American people are keenly aware that inflation is few. - Ani ? lvcrsar ' for the .at last nights;~ ^-^ tcs { is made cve ry six years. Johnson said thc representative found many improvements since his visit here in 1942. The new _ ... .. 12-inch feeder line on Logan street Pulliam atu n rt the elimination of dead end . , c , n - ~ - f ~n*tn regarded by.UIJtk fjlmy fftrrnfll assault 31. reckless driv- SJ S?»SstaS sisS Benin ^^^^^^'^'c^^^^^^^^. - "^^ ^ M l l l » tOLI1Ui 8n USe teteri ics violation 1. robbery i, orcaK- _ ___ S S^rsSSZZ %$£ !SS?cS^?3S:iSraSr^ Iv conduct 12. disturbing the peace .^ S1J25 . y^Sf^y^^n $i,383: , filed in thc cou West Frankfort $1,883. j Peace Thos. J. Prosecutor Claims Negro Waitete Bird Admits 29 Murders io Estaps Hanging 1 (Continued on Page Fi i ___________________ The Weather 38 arrests. busiest month. Slackest month _ * 1I1U %4lv- ^.········^**^'»» " · Z read a report j TOtcI . mains i n the north part.of dub the city arc largely responsible improved condition, ne "After the completion of the new 12-inch auxiliary line from tnc reservoir to thc filtration plant and after thc water tank is repaired, we'll really be in first class condition for taking care of fires. lie concluded. New modern fire-fighting wearing apparel arrived yesterday for firemen. Three bunker suits in- J eluding boots have amy«d for the three city firemen. Chief Johnson has a new white firecoat, and tnrse new firecoats have been bought for volunteers. Johnson said that 12 men now can be dressed to fight fires. Also arriving yesterday was a new high powered big beam hand lamp that can cut through smoke and fog. Saline County Fair Received $10,621 In State Premiums 14-- fairs" held in Illinois dur- stete Agriculture Department *»:.v,«..v^- - _ _ , · .. b ·Toial premium a*aras paia o in« faiK Wt vcar set a new rcc- SdT Sate Affriculturc D.rector fairs ! n C d d C DuQuoin State Fain Du Quoin. -n9Q- S?lirc County Fair. Har- County SoutiHrn Illinois ·c««;r. \nna Fair, Anna. Fair Mt Carmc), S son , . c County Fair, Marion, $U,905, BULLETIN OLYMPIA, Jan. 14. -- (U.P.I -Gov. Mon C. Wallgrcn. in answer to a request by Go\\ Dwight Green of Illinois, today granted a 60-day stay of execution to Jake Bird, 45-year-old negro has confessed to 29 nurder roostlv in thc Middle West. TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 14 Prosecut Mrs. Bertha Kludt Tacoma. Since then he Jia? attcznpiea bad hoped to gain Dcmpsey's sup- j port in populous Cook county. Wiinht announced last nigntUiat he uould support Gen. Douglas MacArthur for the Republican presidential nomination. Hc.said he accepted thc chairmanship of the Illinois MacArthur connuttee " of a; »;i»t-.«n'v»-" ti«t i 4 mi.«v.^ .---- ,. .»· to "establish himself as :hc nation's | after wnferring with FreflZim. busiest mur3crer. In his dcnthnienn^ \\isconsm s^wrjo^ cell at Washington Slalc Peritcn. stale and former tiarv at Ai'alla" Walla, he said he J Lansing Hoyt, of l knives, bricks and other wrai. vi «.v --- cloudiness ausd cold tonight; Thuid of conscn-ation was day douoy and Banner with ugat at thc citv council snow norm portion; snow Humes cold again mur^day - s r ^». ft S!Two Men Injured last 25 years. In Spar Mine Bias! osccutor Patrick Stclle ^IfcsstTl of the killings. He chareco.i r r-artain and , thai Jake Bird. 4£yca«J ihw?!ve r. that the h«s£ ^' ^o inen, J^Soi^HeS "·**· *'*' J 4.04-J. _ . . Stclle said he believed ijrd had i perpetrated or participa'-' 1 «" * iwjay thai Jasc Bird. 4,year-o c - howcvcr tnal the husky .NCSTO 1^0 HICII, ^;^" n ofHewd. Negro, was making a desperate! d tl confessions to escape William K. K .°9 "?^"«o n dav in a-.iomnt io cscane the noose when]''^±, ; L ^vere seriously injured Monaaj in attempt to escape the noose lie confessed to 29 murders .'.nq j- cels N - o shame , . claimetl knowledge thai wulflj «.j£ we ^ cpl him sli\c to checK near solve 14 other killings. _ · - . . - ,^,«v, .»,« But, Stclle said, he did doubt Bird's slory. Bird, a »egro transient a mine blast at Knox spar mine -- were taken to , w .5«BaF^"^* ! =s r . 1 s^few.. has! Bird insisted on h:s .(Continued o n P e Five) juilt b«" addition to explosion Robinson received blast injuries and a fractured vertebrae. yesterday aftcrr.oon with ,, vw..,.^t for construction of Lake Harrisburg, ss he had planned. Green wrote a letter Jan. 9 to J Cecil Sullivan, who on Jan. 8 had written Sam Parr, in charge of lakes in the conscn-ation de- partmcnt, regarding thc contract! 6 £ Parr referred thc letter to Green. 9 ^ m Green's letter to Sullivan ff«d; 1 2 lhat the contract had been drafted j JUw tonight six to *2 aoove; .r.uriday 28 to 33. Local Temperature Tuesday ~tdnesday 24 " - m. 24 6 a. ". 22 9 :· -^i- 21 12 noon - 16 Has Coldest departments of the stale govern- Weather of Winter ? 1 S^^^J3SK 1 Hamburg .had itscoldest we* "M soon as the draft of tte ther of the winter tod*?, contract is returned to Uiis department with the approTM 1 .,TM, - ., other departments, arrange- night £_-s ff.s^ys3 i =»£s-«'srt your council this coming i i3 H I ?! !V' u fr lit I-

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