The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 5
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Tuesday's Social Affairs Honor Two Brides-Elect Make This Model At Home Pari* News Daily Pattern Mr*. Pete Crow and Miss Emma Ixniice "Walker entertained in honor of Miss Madelon Crawford^ irhoce marriage to Job I*. Hain- mond. will take place July 21. with »even tables of bridge Tuesday afternoon at the Gordon Country club, Th» club house wa» beautifully decorated Tvith mari- cold** perennial phlox and gladioli. The high score award was •won by Miss Leota Lieverett -who prevented it to the honoree. The hostesses presented Miss Crawford •with crystal goblets 'in her chosen pattern, and to Miss l^everett and the out-of-town guests, Miss Elizabeth Alexander, Miss Lucille Ckllaway. .Miss Kdwina Boynron, Mica Martha Hutchins. they also presented Drifts. At the lea hour. Miss Josephine Xmi». Isabel I.-OES, Nellie Anderson, Louie Scott,*Mrs. Jack Rev«U of Oklahoma City,, Mrs. Booae Hunter, and Mrs, TTInfred Garrett joined the following bridge players for a delicious salad course. The honoree and her sister, JCis« Virginia Crawford. ATJS* Ueverett and her house- Miss Martha Hutchins of Houston. Misses Mary Jo and : G*or*ia B. Mayse, Misses Martha Creole. Louje Fleming, and her •nest. Miss Lucille Caliaway of Deniaon, Misses Katherin* Peyton, Eleanor "Wood. Christine Goolsby. Mary. "Virginia. Johnson. Allie and Ifcuth Eaminond. Early Fleming. Virginia Alexander, Olivia Hunter; Virginia Baxter, Edwina Boynton of San Diego. Calif-, Mrs. Ixstt Kyle. 3&f*Ji Dorris vTilliaras and &«• bouse £uest. Miss Elizabeth vAlexander of Fort "Worth. Mrs. Charles Turner, Miss Jane Fltz- IMttrick. 3£rs. Paul Crawford and Jack Cochran of Honey Grove. seated at small tables \vhich w«re centered with garden flower* cmr- rying out the bride's color scheme of green and white. The hostess presented the honoree with china in her pattern and also presented the oat-of- town guests with gifts. Individual corsages of gladioli marked the places for the following guests: Miss Leota. Leverettf and Miss Martha Hutchins. of Houston, Misses Louis Fleming. Katherine Peyton, Dorris "Williams and her guest. Miss Elizabeth Alexander of Fort Worth. Miss Olivia Hunter, and Miss Isabel Thielen. Misses Jane Fitzpatriek and Eugenia Ezeil assisted Miss Mayse in servins. Mrs. Bonald Black of Clarksville and Mrs. Inland Hamman. the other bridesmaids, were both out-of-town and unable to be pres- Blossom Bride Is Shotcer Honoree BLOSSOM. — Missse Pauline Humphrey and Fae Baker and Mrs. Cedric Townsend entertained at the home of Miss Humphrey •with a shower Saturday afternoon honoring Mrs. Burl Bradford, formerly Miss Vera Watson. Piano selections by Miss Bsss I Sansins and a vocal solo by Miss Rubye Price preceded several COR- tests and later, an array of gifts was presented to the honoree- Sandwiches and tea were served for refreshment. Honors Bride And Her Bridal Party Honoring Miss Leota Leverett "bride-elect of William. Finne Mary- Jo 3Iayse, tsrho has been MRS. R. E. NORTON CALLED BY DEATH named !?«• Miss Ix^verett as one of her hocorees, entertained, with a luncheon Tuesday at her -'home on South Charch street. The grtissts members of th* wedding par- HOLLYWOOD ART SCHOOL OF Arranged through thcconrte- *rof MAI IACTOX, Hollywood's cukc-ap genius, we announce a. ocw and uniqcc BCWKT service. Penonal instrucrioa in tic true arc of malcc-tipj as practiced by famous celebrities of the screen, by a MAX FACTOR. make-tits artist. A ^c .How to rcujt « rottnd F»c« ^ How to rouge * thin f*c* * HOW tO fluke Op SRMfl «y«S 3^ How to coftce*! Kiyh cheekbones * How to conccct hollow 3^: Choosing correct cofors In You arc invited ro attend and learn the arc principles of malcc-sp as developed by MAX FACTOR during twenty-odd years of intimate association with motion picture stars and studios. Special Engagement MISS JEAN TOBIAS : An Art and Color Make-Up A«aiv«t *fl<J vow pcrs&nii CoJor Haneonv Chart , no o 2 •12-1 — Th<- !><*p»rt- mcni Store of P*r4», Te»»» FuacraJt Set for 3 o'clock Wednesday Afternoon at.Cbapel Here Mrs. B- S. Korton, 41 year* old, dieti at. 4:30 o'clocic Tuesd&v afternoon att St. Joseph's hospital, and tie funeral -aras arranged for 3 o'clock "Wednesday aftentcon at tilts 3!anton-Fry funeral cljapel on conducted try pastor of First B£MX3<BEIR THIS FROCK: By AKXE ADAMS Agent Spends Busy Month Report For June Filed By MUs Blackwell Shows ' Activity every mother keeps la mind j Spending only four days all the time quite ho-w Important i June in her office here, Miss a. little girl's frocks are. Of course j Beulah Black-well, home demon- she should look pretty every day ! sti-auoa a*ent. traveled 1 377 mile* of her youas life- .. . , that sees j attending: 31 meetings of women saying! But don't you f^ ^^ SJle sent Qut J27 letter ^ 173 telephone calls and re-! J6 at the i OLD TIME PATTERN IN TWO PATCH ITAIJHINA scours PIECES REVIVED BY LAURA WHEELER RECEIVE BADGES addition Well, Betty-lx>u is going to do the ( ed attendance of 1 12 same thing. Here is a charming f,, _ +«„„«, *+ * ^ T thing for her to recalL Epaulets 1 3l "eeOngs attended. In that flare crisply over youthful | =° ,^V * ^ P ^ W ° shoulders and turn into a little half days ° ut of dle Bounty, judg- | cape in the back . . . neat, trim I" 1 * for other ^ome agents. These? pleats which look smart and per- j &S«res are taken from Miss Black- j rait a girl to play to her heart's ! we!I ' s Jun * report to Miss Helen j content. Lovely in awiss or dim- j Swift, district home agent. _. i ity or voile. [ Miss Blackwell's work during-.! the month of June also included I : ~ I four canning demonstrations: four j dress demonstrations; 19 bread - judgins demonstrations; judged i 5 23 clothing contests; judged \ | dress contests .in three other coun- \ ties: helped four women plan I Send FIFTEEM CENTS (l$c> is \ food budgets: helped six girls ! coins or stamps icolna preferred) j plan food" budgets; visited 11 j . Pattern 1913 is available 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. Size 2 1-4 yards 36 inch fabric 3 1-8 yards edging. Illustrated step-by-step sewing instructions included. Boys At Stmte Coart of Honor TALTHIXA, OkUu— -JL cftmrt -':«|i honor for Bey Scouts ; or Tr«x>>' : »tj: a: the Eastern Oklahoma. 8t*t»> Tyberculosis sanatariBiB, tor : ii-1 vaacement in Scont work w«* «o»-? ducted at the hospital Auditorial* * Saturday night by Qoald Scout executive, from-' Badges and certificates' were: First Class Scont. Bffi Second Class Scouts. Boshers, George LovealX. . Lovea!!, Vernon Van -Meter; vin Warren. Alva Lee Minor; old Macon, Jimnsie Sears, J« j Davis and Xeaison Votawr Tender I foot; Elmer Young. -" '/',. .-'^. | Guests included W. H, I len of McAlester, secretary of Choctaw area, Troop SS and Sc««t; I leaders from Talihina. Txoop, .'.&£ \ presented Bryan and j wi;h cord belts, made bv th« DUTCH WINDMILJL PATTERN 4-27 | FUNERAL OF M. S. I JONES I Body Arrives Wednesday Xoon ] stead of Tuesday for Burial for this Anne Adam* pattern, j wardrobe demonstrators: called •; tern originated in the earliest days Write plainly name address and Jon 10 farm food supply demon* \ °£ quiltmaking-, is one of the love- Btyle number. BE SHRH TO STATE ] strators; helped ihree farm worn-j Iiest designs the modem quilt- SI2E. 1 en with canning budget: met with - z^a-ker has Inherited. Two rtiate- The smartest warm weather | Chamber of Commerce Committees \ ^ lsr , — tw ° P atc h pieces—simple in fashions, the newest fabrics, and the Summer season** outstanding accessories are illustrated and described in the NKW- AN2TB AD- The Dutch Windmill, the pat- ; tern 454, at an addniosal cost of meat canning work; met ; " , times with county Relief ad- i f u3;i te a quilt • neirlopm. In ministrator and engineer; made I sis trips to inspect canning equip- ; AMS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUM- ( ment: met wth two committees MER> ORDER TOUR COPY^ OF f in preparation for the July Wom- TidS HELPFTTL. XE"SV SUMMETt | en's encamp mem: and wroi* IS to join, and the re- that is indeed an old en times the BOOK- PRICE OF BOOK FIF- | stories in regard to -«-ork PAT- CE^^^S- BOOK A TERK TOGETHER, FT\nS CENTS- Address orders to The Pattern ; too. and the thing to do was to i make one to. maix-h that on the i parents' bed, only uslns: a smaller design. The modem won2E.ii can follow this decorative custom Paris have each FOR CONVENTION e street, Dr. W. M. Bapusl church, b^ria! •-JT cltlb gl 1 "! 5 : „ w^t i-*- * s-^^e^S ai S l pUttted one -*~ Stable. is 2 i FLORISTS LEAVE West i,sn Screew ^ew Tori, Cit*. jhave planted 7 - tomato plantB- 1132 have planted 50 feer of carrots and 162 have planted 50 hills of beans each. This means that TTV TTTQT'r' "RT7TT TYr^r 1 «'° f r&s 1T2 c °opera±ors, almost all 1T\ J^l^Ay XMJlAa^J-iV»r| of them j, ave donft tfceir required : a.11 of the Nauman Greenhonses. garden -srork. Twelve girls, chosen .s demonstrators. MORALS' ARE PLACED Mrs. M. O. Natiman. Miss Ava Xaumaa and R. A. Schlaudroff. lOc. Pattern coraplete, 427 conies to you with simple instructions for cutting, sewing and finishing, together with yardage chart, diagram of quiH to help arrange the blocks for single arid double bed size, and a diagram of block which. serves as a guide for placing- th-i Patches and si-srgests contrasting materials. Send 10 cents ui stamps or coin (coin preferred > for this pattern to The Paris News, I>ept_. S2 Eighth Avenue. Xew York. T. T. at FIRST BAPTIST COMMERCE.—Two large mural S by O. C, Mulkey, Jr^ in {average' of ttion with Miss Ruby Stone «>-.«„_«„„. for Fort Instruction of^-C- E. prominent desiErner. Instruction on funeral desigmlng, corsag-es. Tve<2- ding- bou<iuets. decorations. and ne^" Ideas on rable decoration, baskets ana novelties -will be given during- the course. co-operation left Tuesday morn •Worth to attend the Texas-Okla- EAST PARIS PRE-SCHOOt, home Florist convention. This year EXECUTIVE CO^OCT j.he funeral of jJadisoix S- Jon«» announced for Tuesday afternooa, was postponed until 4 6*c!oic3c "Wednesday af-ernoon, the body having been delayed in ' San Antonio, and not here until "Wednesday noon. .'.Th»Y services was arranged, at Emh«t- son-Bro-KTi-Roden. funeral h6ra« on South Main street, conducted. by the Rev. J. Roby Ward of Iza- manuei Saptist church. • ::. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom. 3. Jones, died of a fractured sfcutt when he fell and struck hi* 'h«*a against a fire hydrant in San Antonio. He -was stationed at fort Sam. Houston, having been. in. th» Marines and Army for tea ICE CREAM SUPPER THURSDAY of the Evergreen cemetery. Pallbearers! were J. C. l*se T Frank Crain. 1*. E. Hisss, Ben Smith, Floyd Patterson and A. C. Z>uan of Esnia. Mrs, Xorton is survived by her htasband and three children. Gladys, Dorothy and Robert, and r *ftveral alec«r and nephews. Bom ia ^Tashvflle, TCTHI.. Mrs, Xortos was formerly Miss Irene Smith, daughter of Frank Smith. Ser husband has for a. number of years been connected -ss-ith the Southern Pacific railroad here. C. A. JL, SJLetS O4XX.L.O - -i-taH»i4Cii i .— _ ', | college. The paintings, horizontal ! MILITARY FUNERAL ! IS HELD AT CHERRY * tfcs 5ci1001 The tist church •with Mrs, \v. M- "Wright, the o*~- saniza.tion*s counselor. After a I ceoted b J" tb - e head of the federal session the lesson from • art Women was led by Oliie Thompson. °vement. and spent The -TVoman's Council First Christian chxirch home made ice creani and , Thursday evening on the laum of j Mrs. >Sara D. Johnson, SIS Clarks- ; vilie street. Curb service xcill be featured. Every one who enjoyar -•u^ ,-.?_,» -T - i sood ncme mace ice creani is in- che O^lanoma Sonsts conventions The executive committee of the v«*ed t« como . • rsave been held tog-ether. East Paris Pre-school association •_ i 'eamre of the convention is .. sieets Thursday morning at S A tixca found near the : GriffiiH . .. H^ which will o'clock -.rlth Mrs. Walker 3-ee, 445 . Park zoo in Los Ang:eles TPAS heid every afternoon under the Eubbard street. i p '.,>d with milk by t^o QUARTERXT MEETTXG jciples of Education," while the S other is the "Artist's Impression { of Education. — A military held Tuesday at ! Bert H. Carlto-n. * 44, ! man -!cho <Hsd i :erans hospital at [ , 3Utes were in c -ar^e of i iOCai of ' h * American] FUNERAL AT HONEY GROVE j f^fri^Z? 6 1 The Baptist "Women's Mission- i ary societies of 1-a.inar county met LEAVE FOR \ OUNG I Tuesday in. their regular quarter- ' = ly meeting- ac Roxton in an all-day j In^ opened with 1 , . society's year song:. "All Hail i Miss ^ rar >" Sunkel and ] the Power of Jesus* Xame." The 1 ^rso* 1 l«* r vTednesday Kites Wednesday Afternoon i dsvotlonals ^ere led by Mrs. J. P ! to attend the Toang People's con- • ^ EOKEY GROVE, — FuneraJ services for Mrs. ^Warren S, Thosi- as of Lubbock, 72 years old. who s o rsirisr in a he attack Monday were set for 2 o'clock TVednesday afternoon her* church, the s-chool Saffold 3-ad Mrs. Cordie "^Vebb Tn- ! ference, leadership t srrarn. Reports w €r e brocgrhr fro:n fat Trinity "university, in First Baptist, Irnrnancel. Roiton. ! hachis. The conference win be held j post chaplals- I Mr. Carltou served ir: the savT,- | during: the -wrorld Tvar. Surviving • 3^"e His "wrife. tpro v dsu^h"ters* ^^^.i;— | ces and Mary of Xregion. r^-o broth.| ers, Claude Carlton o; Elk City. his mother, Mrs. C, C. Clarfcsville. Deport, Brookston. Poirclerly and | for one -week and representatives f Blossom Baptist. The afternoon was spent Presbyterian ch urch. | this part of the state } I attend the school. i j from each {n i TJ. S. A_ r TO FIREMEN'S PICNIC *t the Presbyteriaa Rev. A. B. Welch, Presbyterian pastor of T-axionia being: assisted by the Rev. C. B. Bodg«, pastor here, with, burial at cemetery. Mrs. Thoca^s, formerly liacy Bell^ "VTSLS born her* Janua.ry 21. IS62, and on December 9, 1SS*«. •**« raarrjefi to Mr. Thoiaas of Dial, where they resided for a lon^ time. They had !iv«d at X-ubbock for several years and Mrs, Thorns* visited here and in Dial just before solsr to Dallas. Her husband atnd seven child- plar:.s ar.d the electior ( and introductioi: of new officers, j as follows: President, Mrs. Av^ry i r*(\vc AT RTAPtn^TO\nV Rodgrery, Deport: first vice-presi- > ^ W A * ,l»l-rlXU^3 i \J H ^ deat. Mrs. S. T>. Chlsrn. Po^derly; j DE^ r ELOPS second vice-president. Mrs. Cordie | Webb Ingrs-m. Roiton; corres- j secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Grady I>:cksou. Deport: re-1 jj V BIARDSTOWX,—A milk c o- w Lag to John Sansr •WTIS bitten family had Recently the cow shoi^-ed si: ] COMMERCE. — Th* annna! fire- 1 | men's picnic, sponsored by the i : fire-fighters of Commerce, will be } ] held here the week of Jt-Iy 23. i i *^~ ^"" °- iTer - " !r ^° received a i ] sllg-ct concussion when tbrown | i froni a donkey at the l^ons clnb- [ American I^srrion donkey baseball i same J-aly 2. was removed from j Allen's sanitarium to Iris nome and ] is restins better. *IN TWt PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9OI* - Hawkins, Marion Part- _ , — u »he family had since been Sroosston: and youiisr peo- \ pies 3«a«3er. Mr?. F. t>. Coppiii. ) MX ,^,^_ _.„ ^.^.^ , MW ., t ^ - ^^, _^ i v f rabiss and a doctor pronounced j tC2 j^f- Monday for a week's "out- ] \ her i-fected. Mr. and Mrs. Khsg 1 -f feg- at Camp Clark at Paris. Mr ! anti-rabies serum. |and Mrs. H. Lu Tanton I theiti there. o* At the noon hour luncheon served by the women of the hust- f „,!, ess | r«n survive her. A.. TTaJter S.. \ Elmer G,. and Roy T, Thomas, all 5 of Dallas. Mrs. J. A. . Tosh and Trs- Herbert Taut of 7-abbock. ; and Mr?, J. ,\. Bertram of Sayder. BAPTIST sERvicK j Paris Rebekah Installs Dr. I*. B. Stepliciis -win conduct i the inia--Kre«k service of the First ! nlsrht '• "Baptist church Wednesday o'clock. His theme The Paris met s± the Off leers I LOCALS, PERSONAL I I NEWS OF TALIHINA | lodse. r.utn- ' \ Odd Fellows ON OUR METER-ATOR PLAN rjt were J. F. HalK H, j of spec5a.3 interest and the s-encral I S. Yast A. D. Tant. Cleve ilelton. G. T^ Carlock and John Avery. HIGHWAY MEETING AT HUGO THURS ic is invited. The music d!r*ct«<5 by >Trs. K. B. B«r- with Mrs. W. J. Chester . Ok'.a.—Mr. and Mrs, \ | hall Monday nigrht and the follow- • C SL Stasdr:dg-e and datisrhter, \ : of Tulsa. Oklahonia, are } Mrs. Staiidriu.sre's mother \ \ Mrs. J. D. Holmes arid Miss Willie i s:rand; \ Koliaes. The Stand-;dgres were ". "crmerly residents here. I Mr. and ?^rs. EL C- Alles of "• rsex\- officers Mrs " ^ ^ KH!«bretr, the fa- { »t»MatJon officer: i Mrs - s " e Miss Ethel Price, vice-grand: the j officers were: Mrs. I Talihins and Antlers to Send t« Association Meet u Okla.—A d*J«yau _ of Talihlna. bas5n<*S5 .rr.en will at-! tend the meetiasr Thursday at Kbgro; for the improvement of U. S, ~T1. Accordlnsr to pJar,^. at least attend. The Sundav ^chcol teachers and bcrser. outside jruardian, Mrs. j ; BOXHAM STIU-IET METHODIST Mattie Beax- €r . risrht supporter to \ KKVTVAI, IN PKOGR^ESS The Tuesday evening service of the rex-iva.1 uow in progress at the Bon ham Street church •wras t?*nter- arounjr the srtbject. "The Kind S. Okla.—Dr. S. Gainn. ,pr*w!<J*nt of Jf>« chamber of ce»rr?nstrce. Tu^sda:.- said a f!<r!c^a:ioii of grood roads boosters i of a Savior \Vho Saves," The sub- from Antlfrs wfl? aitcnd th* U. S. f J*»ct for Wpdriesdsy everjimr will be Hisrhwsy ;71 a«oci3ijon which j "The Kind of a. Man VTho Is Thursday -; r . K«co. j Saved," Thr revi\-al will last I through Sutiday. July 2". ! Th« services are under the d?I rection of the Rev. Ben F. Browni *njr, paster, xv-ho is servinj: his ftnst j y*ar -with the church, Tho Rev, vicc-grraud: Mrs. E. 'Lainbklr.. left \ supporter to viee-s^rand: *TJ Vfx-ian KSIIebrew, rnosiciai;. After the instaltation the :c deputy held a short course of >n irt ritualistic work. All Mrs -iPAIB after :* NOTICE bills 15th o:' the^raonth *| &re subject to> be:r.c cat off with* j out farther notice. - I SUPKRIXTENPEXT OF TCATBR TV'OSKS FINISH BUILDING AT HONEY GROVE Now You Can Get SUITS, DRESSES AND COATS Kcoefvlnjc «n- Brownnir was formery tehln * f T<mobes Tbt * XVwk ] MRO'-Kintr Memorial church In ls w » R OVE. northwest — Work t>aiMir. K corner of complotfHl th« struct ore by flrc on April 2". buiidtnsr make.: i | I>allas where he s«rve5 as pastor \ \ t>n j for five years. He pre«ch*d in th« oa I ATinwal r*vlval th« first four years tho thin tton to the of brick an<J Mon«. *nd coR«ttrttcttoin. It H reported tin<ju!rles The ««ctlon. b*-insr in d«- havo by »«v feral t>ru*»i»<sctive of that period. Th« nmslc of the Bonham street revival is un<l«r th e direction of I*. C. Koj^rs and R. V. Hammack with Mrs. EItn*r r>*m*nt as pianist. y*t IHMHI I«*««d. MeNamar*. famous "Iron i man" of th* six*6ay bik« race»» nlso is the champtcvn *at«r. la th*i| h« ^^^^^^^^ Master Cleaned and Pressed for . . GatW Them Up mod Call 21 or 22 THE CITY STEAM LAUNDRY * TGC METER-ATOR can be placed any- otic o sgt and out of the 2Oth Anniversary KELVINATOR you buy any electric re- fr^erator, see the new Kel- vinator and let us show you how <os>" it is to own a Kelvinator on our METER-ATOR plan. With a KeKinator, you can actu- ally save enough money to the 15 cents a day you put ia the METER-ATOR- Come in to-morrow and get the facts. There is no obligation to buy.

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