The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY STEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 18.1931 NINE Ef^McELLiOTT 6Y A/£4 ffSVKf Hollywood Gossip BY DAN THOMAS BEGJJt HEKE TOJJAT SOAK CARET, »retty um- mrr wk» i IB love wltfc BOB DFXBAR. ka» a pr»p«»»l ·( mtmx- tram. SEX L4SLPMJLX. »e»- Ske «*- ·ereral wreeJca later wke* fti mftftm to auurr EllXEST HEATH. fcer employer. Bern akoota at Heath, taea tmiKtac tke cmn w klataeU. Meaatlme IJEMSE ACK- KOYD Ma» Informed Boh that S»- ·MM ia c_i*_? to aarrr Bern. Bem'a r«adltlaa la aerlooa and Sum la Alatmaea. JACK W A R I X G. Heath'a aaalataat. tella Bob that SuaM la atill tre-e. Bob tries to »ad her but eu aot. SauMui'a munt who la 111 roe* aonth and Snaaa I promised herstll ·_· would take j care of Aunt Jessie always. Sh» tried to talk to Ros* about. lit but there was not much fceip i trlends knew she was staying at out. child." She was i"racily irs- i from tils quarter since she did act ~ ! dare to speak o! Bob Duabar. After The sirl could hare w«pt at tiejaed folded back the tiss-e, words. Sozneoae had been trying! "S!y great s'.or:" scattered Mr*, to reach her. AH her immediate · MUtoc. sizes: reverent!;-. "Lift it *,, *_u* o°v. - to tell? She and Bob had shared a few rlorlous moments of perfect mutual compre- cbtyeJ. ti_e tolt. r:ch coat Rose's. It might have been--it r-aneat. Si might have been the oae person she orer her longed to hear from! '.of leaf brown f jr. For th« hundredth tiace Susaa : "*' Jc*a; i-ok ;Ae c :-k." raut- chided herself for her folly. How Mrs. Milton. "I do 2 t k^o Susan thought she had found -hers Bob Dunbar was disconsolately * " * in this tall, fair, sunburned yonnc quitting a pav station In the loop '· CVSAX ttaiu^rnJ. "I can't take n w w H» ·** avvr^« «np%ra»Mi» *u*w .tFwiwuM i »» j -m. » - t» *· - - · » -- . · ._ v _wa,, ·-- ·tara with trieada. she *oe» *ot j man whose world was so different ; her heart would hare leapt for joy. · ^ u from h::u. M S-j ib's was whit * ut *°TM "' S n *** triea to tell Heath ahe eaa mot lurrr klat feeejiua ahe 6e«a mat lore him. SOW CO OX WITH THE STOBT CHAPTER XXXVn A FTER wareriBg in the balance for several days Ben Lampman's condition suddenly improved. The doctor announced that Ben would recover. Susan did cot make another trip to'the fiospltaL From Ernest Heath she heard the details of Ben's convalescence. As soon as the young man was strong enough to travel he ·would go to California | g ae where a Job in an orchestra await- way of knowing Hca*^ had ·»e^* f *h-* nx*" be?c r e all that to Rose? Practical j that. Everyone seemed to push her ' "~ "~ Rose would ask. "DM he ever say ! toward this marriage -- Keaih -- who when h* epoke of a s^r;- anything? I mean did he ask you [wished to give her so much. MrsJ "Can't take it? l'«l !.«.* to know to marry him?" And Rose would · Milton whose sound common sense why." demanded Mrs. M:Iton ro'jnd- be sure to shake her head sadlr'and innate worldiiness rejoiced i n ' j r . "Aren't j o a gcics to ba orer the admission that he had not. a good match. Atint Jessie who was ,":^ ·,, .,,.,, ~ ,. . t... ,, ,,, Rose approved of Ernest Heath.· so helpless. »«.*«^- -s pe.. She aaid and though: that Susan' ..j t ' s too late was a lucky girl. Are Movie* An Art? Hollywood. May 18 --For yean we have been hearing msiion pictures referred to as an art Actors would claim to do this, that and the other thing -for my ar " Ye: aore seemed »ble to :e;i »ust »hy she manufacture of pictures should be resjrcvd AS a:-, art any more :han ti'.e making of a battleship la fsrt. the ULAI-I i-.terv":: of ali cx«i- cerned lias s*esn«xi to be in the artistic decora*, o:-^ of th-'ir »ekly pay checks. Sow Er;-.s: L»b.-^;i coax* along n:;!; a reiterat.i:i thv. rx-::on p.ctures are a:: art But h- A-- lanifr and tells »hy So. porl.i;^ ».? sIiould bt'~f\e him -Art -j. truti: - he d^lares "Ar.d because talkir.,; ;:·· ^re cjin present truth better i:-.\ ^:u-r nitsiijm of \isua! entertauunect. tlvr scrter. i« - j^t b^ re- S^rdrd a* an art PlK toplays dally | -- -- , are becoming more »hich vrzs prsd'jO''d !n New York la^t year--e\en though it d»dn t run long And h« nO» has four original stories under consideration by various studios He knows that an a~'or 5 days are limited arxi »an'-s to be »11 set In another field when that t.m* cocoes * * *· Muffed OpporturulT. Somebodj- missed · !et' The other dav LiUian Bond wras working ^i a dining room scene for her current JUm · Tru- Old Dark House " Bei:-i: t-.ivi -:;vsi an Esigliih play she innl i.:«tura..\ v :- slsvxi of mri- bc"f iiid potatoes Ftirthertuore the ca:d for her to be ra\e:io^s- ly'* A : i d then tise d-rtetor called for els-it l-as:iess ag-un - aiier an absence Jr «n the screen of more than t»o years. We announced some time ago that Monte | would .ftj»y the title role in "Th- Stoker Now, after many weeks cf de- l»s. the cameras actoallv iuie Krindlng Dorothy Bvirgcis is the s'- 1 '- »ho »ill get all of Monies a'tta- tlon !n the film --W \KNLK BEOS. JO the days slipped by and nearer to back out now." the girl told herself recklessly. "I, wear u must go through with it." caine the date set for the wed- TTEATH was taking her to dinner' ap p O S"ted " Anyhow j,.'!i'l! have to tonight or hc'l! be dis- j appointed. Hen." concluded Mrs. ' Mi'ton sage!y, "don't lite to be dis- letters Florida. She was feeling ever so much better, she said. She would be home soon. rhen Susan ed him. Poor Ben! There was something pitiful about his. even about his over to the little house to see if all was well there she met Mr. Schultr, the neit door neighbor. Half fearfully Susan s'.ipped into ning. Listlessly the girl rubbed ] the sumptuous wrap. .\loie l!io fur and arrayed herself. How different! her face rose cl^r ana pa!e and it was. she thought, to be going! proud. It changed her. subtly al- out with one man and with the: te t*.* bf : r ?" ho!e as r-^ only man! She took no pleasure tonight in her appearance although t j. o Velvet-soft b-jrfac* of the fur magnificently foolish behavior. Sti- can was de'ighted to know that his i recovery was cer "Toung feller's been around ask-' her mirror gave back the image of s and Susan Y:d sfko'-.v^e. " The pirl ing about you." he told her. a Elira, glowing girl in a simple · thought she know now -a by women Susan's heart gave a wild leap, j white frock. Sne fenew sue looked were enthral:-, J ly tue of i« ^iu»i v!ii t ""j It was preposterous, of course, but J well but she didn't care. It didn't 1 riches. There was someth.ii tain but the in-j supp(se Bob should have been look-1 seem to matter. The thought of sidious about such a coat. evitaWe reaction had set in. Shej ing for her! She forced herself to | that telephone call remained per-1 When K^ath arrived a fet ·was annoyed with Ben for having!speak casually. "What was he;sistect!y in tta back o£ her mind, mcnts !a:er !:is i-vcs shoae w i t h "' " " "" -- - - · QJ course it might have been no pleasure at the s:^h: of Ucr. .ijg in- few mo- made her conspicuous. She felt ( like?" she asked. he had placed her in a. false and} Mr. Schultz was. as he would! one. It might have been a wrong "It's much too for 2.0." Sa- ridicaloas position. Ir. wasn't as if; have put it.^"no great hand at de-j number but there was always the san told h'm sa!v. she had ever encouraged him. She i scription." He fumbled for words, chance-- i -j«y dear.""sa:"j ;!·; n-an with hadn't. And she had him to thank.] "Oh. a sort of medium sized-- Mrs. Milton appeared at the door ! some" ernotion.""cn:h:=s is." He lor opening anew the whole prob-jwell maybe he was tallish, young; of the bedroom, beaming at her. crew her to hi-s S t ;«an reeled fcer lem of her marriage. j feller," he said slowly. "He wore! "My. but yon do look fine." she palms as-:r.£t" ;":.s "ar-eis of his Before the shooting her course! a gray overcoat and no hat like. said. "Guess what I've got for | dinner c~at. "sLe hated h^rst'f fo'r had seemed so simple and so plain, j these college boys selling maga-jyou!" · the thought but ?^e hoped he wasn't It had seemed both generous and zincs." j Susan widened her eyes. "I never 'joins to k-ss fccrT Her disappointment was keen. "I; could. Did you bake a devil's food ; ~ Almost as "iY" he divirs-d her - less maybe he was one of those." j cake?" · thouelits. the man looked at her she saw fihat love was never wise Mr. Schultz said, feeling he had' Mrs. Milton snorted. "Listen to shrewdly. smSlMl. and lot her go but always irrational, wild and pas- failed her but not quite knowing! the girl," she implored the ceiling, i "Thp.-e \e» =h"al! be late" ·* we Bionate. It was Ben who had made J why. "No. it's nothing like that. Can't' don't harry." that clear to her. She knew he had r "I suppose so," Susan answered, you think of something better?" I Simon smiled at her as he helped not meant to do it but he had ac-jWhen she went into the house she Susan said she could not. She was her into the car \Va~s t'-is all true complished it just the same. heard the telephone bell ringing brushing her hair, pressing it into Susan wondered, or was she dream- She procrastinated. She let the .and sped for it but just before she j sleek waves around her face. Mrs. ins? Was she soon to be minress days pass without coining to a de-j reached the dining room the bell Milton with the air of a conjurer of so much grandeur" wise of her to accept Ernest Heath's name and protection. Now guess maybe ha was one ot those.' jf :\i3'. -.hey mus: .-: of Ja.mess con-;:y be elevated as works of art. EsteUe's Cue. *· * «· Just a LtUe more proof trs»t there »~-i' be ni recon- ciUation as far as Jack Dtaipary and Es:c: Taylor are concerned. Es'e'Je ii s Bunnotinccd ·.ha: she Is going '.o suction h e r _ HcUywood h o m e ~~ and all the fiir- r.tiiinp. She has bo-shv a sniall home a: MaUbu \\hcre .O.e intends :o spend :lie summer and next fa!! she'll take an apartment * * * Xorman Foster's Play. At list we ha-.e .'o-jr.d an "actor viho doesn't $perd aH of his :tme betwe*a pictures ptayine golf Merman Foster a::d Harrj- Hamilton ha\e jus; completed a play. -The Sun Worshipers"." which -.hey hope to see produced on Broadway this fall Xorrnar. a rate 'Savage Rhythm." Jad to have lakca hrr -o denser! Bu ;hs - . happ*r.f; to tw tir only ii^sht lur.".s '.hut she was^ t us\it*d cut. * * * Monte Blue Back. At lasi Monte Blue Is back in the T I V O L I Breaks Arm In Fill. Mr* Mary Dunn. M.y.tfr was bsnt'.v n-irp5 ^hrn .}· fo.l i: :-.t'r !-.onv FEEL FINE FOR 10- Q.ick rtUcf boa If you h*-* * · brack- re o- any of . , . , StanUack. It » II "p*ck you cp ' ·' ou* Only £0 "nt». A»k your «i*U£U H for STAN BACK br emmc «jsd c*t wL*t you TODAJT At 1.13-3--7.15-9 Ihf "/.'" «:rf of "Df Jck-J! V A.'r. Hyde" in a u. j r . - ? ; - b'.'juJid. modern to thrill :o. DANCERS it DARK -- \ r j r m « u o l III! With-Miriam Hopkins Jack Oakie lier, Jr. M-O BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brown and White . C. Lrthorm. W-l» Bar. Hhll« and Bud Hoi AnroB»». BulT and mark Mloorcat. Brdi Caldrn \\bltc and Sllrrr-L.crd \\ rand«llr. SS per 100. Jrntv Blark (.Unt«. t Ijht Hrahina« Haft Orpinjloni. jn prr bundrrd. Anortrd mlird. SS p»r 1"W l«o prr cral. drllrrry cuaranlrrd. 1 lo s »rrk-«id thirki. Tnrkr.T roullv. ifl.- Llurklino. ~0c Frr* falaloj Phone Ml. Mry ll« BECK'S HATCHERY Wept. l_, ML Airy. Md. TODAY TOXIGHT' ! (AdTertlicmcnt) cision. She even yrore, nowadays, | gare a Snal gasp and stopped. Suon tha third finger of her left hand ] san picked up the receiver with a ring with z. single, shining stone, j fingers that trembled. The ope- She would plan each night how to i rater's matter-of-fact voice drosed, tell Ernest Helta on the morrow j "Number please"? of her change of heart bat always I "You called this number," Susan at the last minute her courage j told her fiercely, ·would fail. Then, too, she had to| "Sorry but there': think of Aunt Jessie- She- had'wire now.' No More Gas f I fl *-·-» there's no one on the produced a huge green dressmaker's : They rods through shabby streets DO1 - ' where children pelted rach other "There must be a mistake." Su- with scow balls and tired workmen san said. "It-must be something' plodded hone through the dark, for Rose. I didn't buy a thing." »Susan shivered, pulling the f u r _ "Your name is on it, large as closer around her throat. \Yiy was life," Mrs. Milton told her trium- sh« here when her heart belonged phantly. somev. hrrp e:?«? Excitedly the two cut the strings; (To Ee Cc-ntinueJ) StffipyS KlTCREb! BY SISTER MARY XEA Service Writer Its aU r^a: co be "?rerL"-e3'ec trier: oa go markeiuisr in tie spnrig-tln:e. There are a; ieas^ a dozen k^:is o: eafy greens n^'s: obisinable in all CI^T narts. Almost all are rich in iron, s'jl- T, DrioErjiioms ani vitamin A so isseniiai :o bodily gro'srrh. All supply "rougcage"' :o ieep :he systesi --g-arous. :teansed and :he blDti punaeii. All nay be prepared so appetizmgiy that hey should be enjoyed as a Tooi raih- sr ihaa endured as a spring necessiiy. You have unco-iBtedly seen clumps of itb. the variety and more or less ai z oss as to hc~ -o cooi ana serve them. efrased 5rora baring. If you make . habit of tryusg these vegetailes, you rili be able lo add rarsecy to rcary m«- ajs at sr^all cost. The tender. £ne-;«xtured and deli- j.»Iy-2avored greens like sp.nach, yai:g chare, bee: greens and sorrel are joked TnUjoul the aidition of es^ra aser, ;he drops clmgins to the leaves e ter --ashing givng ssScieni nio^iure. lie «*rser leafy grer-s ^ie dance- on, kale, chicory and escarole must 5 coosed in a. small aciounL of boiling ater. There are three "major -srays of serv- ig !eafy greens, -szth -.-rious variations each. Many rr-ay be used ra-- and 1 may be cooked ana served ^rita a dressing as z. salad. Chicory and escarole are asor« suc- il«2l if they are cooked --l-.en they ~e yonns and of a pale sreeri color. n fully ma.ture the leaves become and are more palatable eaten any good salad dressing. Baked Escarole. Once bacch or t~o po-jr.ds escarole. 4 blespoons lai or butter, 1 bouillon :be, 1-2 cup bo.l^ig- «ra.t«r. salt, pep- Blanch escaro bv plunging !nto King --a;«r for frre mmutes Th^s , moves excess bitterness. Dram and uato a 6ut:er«5 basir.g dish. Dis- l~e bou.llcn cube .n " Trat«r. id fat or "butter and salt and pepper If you use bacon fat. less salt ~^1 ' necessary than if sr. unsalted fat _s \ ed. Cover "oai-r-,; cisr. an 5 base u-. ' moderate oven aoout. 25 aiaiutes. un- tender. Serve from bakmg dish. A very simple -way to coc-i beet a -51th ba:--MS fat and a. thick cc of lernc-n--nr-i and 3" This . ·as the greens an excellent, flavor j o=» the b-y.hir cf tnaiu:g a tart ! :oe. Beet Greens With Lemon. con fat. 1-2 lerr.-cn. 1-4 c^p boiling ter. 1 :easr»Dn s-rar, 1-3 teaspoon iger, fe-- crams T.tit-: pepper. 1-4 spoon salt Wash and ch^o gr^ir^ and put .nto auce pan. M.X and t.:; s^jsr. salt. :ger and p^p^er and cprmlvit? o'.cr «ris. Cut l^mc-n in *"S"O or thr^ ·es and adrl «i:h fat and -rater rer and coo. ha-c f-^r JO mir.u'tj Tomorrow's Menu. Breakfast i Sliced fresh pineapple, broiled cottage ham. potatoes hashed ia milk, graham muffins, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Creamed asparagus inth hard-cooked eggs on toast, salad of mixed greens, sugared strawberries, milk. tea. Dinner: Hot veal loaf 'snti mushroom sauce, nee nests with currast jelly, glace carrots Juuenne, t-oaiato and cucumber salad, rhubarb whip, milk, coffee. | Union Bridge Union Bridge, May 17.--A surprise pound party -Bras given at the home of Joseph Snyder in honor ot his son, Ross. ~ho celebrated his eigh^enth birthdar £nri.versary. The evening ^ras spent with music, games and dancing. Refreshments ·were served of cakes, candies, peanuts, pretzels, bananas and lemonade. Those present -ere- Mr and Mrs. Charles F. Bowers. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Graham. Mr. arid Mrs. Joseph Snyder. Mrs. Amelia Crabos. Mrs. Charles W. Bowers, Misses Grace Rood, Eienora Fleming. Norma Frounfeiter. Eva Ba~r, Catherine Bowers, Ella Frounfelter. Catherine Mackley, Mary Enyder, Margaret Bowers. Messrs. Ross Snyder, Kenneth Bair. Ralph Cartzendafner. Carlton Fleming, Kir*jy Snyder. Milton Cartz-^n- dafcer. Roland Stonesifer. Charlss Gra; ! ham, Jr. Ralph Bair. Carlos Boxver^ i Frank Snyder. Roy Grouse. Richa«i · Bowers, Norman Graham. El via Ba_- t Charles Snyder, En-ji Crabbs. I Wilson. Rooert White, Melvin Snyder. ! Chester Cartzendaf ner, Sterl-ng Biack- sten, Russell Frounfelter. A number ;oi useful gifts ix ere recei-.ed. Sykesville j Sykesviiie, May 18.--Mrs. F. P. Chen- ' o-aeth ga%e a del-ghtful surprise part;- , Saturday, May 7. m honor of her niece ; Miss Julia A. Clarke, on her sixteenth , oi-thday. Those enjoying the evening wrre Mrs. Leroy Henderson and Mi=s Esther Henderson. Virginia.: Mr.s E ' F WUson, Mrs. F. B. Clarke, Mrs. Cheaoweth, M^ses MJdred Linton. Margaret Wilson, Julia B. Clarke. ' Madeline Eenderson. Margaret Scoti William Davis, Wallace Brown ana Frank Clarke. - - | --Mrs. Belle Spurrier. Mt. Apr, is ; a guest of her sater, Mrs Howard Hatfield. --Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Martz and 'amiiy visited friends in Frederick co-aiiy -- Mr and Mrs. ?.!a-jr ce Berry and l-tilc c^uci't-er. Mc.r" Lee. ^"Jiied the Litter'^ parer.a. Xr. and Mrs. Paul i -- r: \V..l.?m B \Villing and s^n. j sm-"-^ H"rr . r." re.'irn Saturday} crr the Ko'pita:, Salt:- · and Bowels ^11 you «isb to oe perscaneaUy rrlleier mac's Gas nbleu. »-h:ca »rc prepared n- prc'.ally for n-.ornaca Ka» intf all thr tine cflects resuiucg froci gas pressure. Taat emptj. enawing reeling «t thr p:i o: ihe «o.-r.ach trill dii»ppe«r; ifcst anxious, nerroan feeling wi:b bean paipita. lion will vnclsa. and ou vlU agua 6e *b:. :· taic e deep DreatSi vitcoci discoialor; Tbat arowsy, ^!«pj feeUKg ifter d!m« «:!! be replaced Oy a desire for ectertain meat. Bloating will cease. Your ilmbi «-ss» and ftagerj Kill no ioager tee eclo and -go to n!eep~ because Baalrr-iD'n o«- Tablets prereni gs froai interfering with cSe circriilatlcn. 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When they tell you that cheap paint will compel you to stand the entire cost of painting twice every five years instead of only once. See Cost Chart at this store. Sun-Proof Paint Outstandingly a long-service, j high quality paint. Protects j against weather as well as beautifies -- low in square-yard cost! Armors against decay and depreciation. SEE the Comparative Cost Chart, and get' Sun-Proof Color Card at this store. FREDERICK PAINT GLASS STORE ! 218 North Market St. ."TJiePaiat Store". COTTON IS KING This Week and Month At This Store PICTORIAL REVIEW PATTERNS In Making Your Summer Frocks Use These Patterns That Are Famous For Their Paris Touch. Moderately Priced EXCLUSIVE LOCAL AGENTS Beautiful Fast Colored Voiles These fabrics are a wonderful value. Plenty of Black and White. 19c and 29c yd. Chiffon Voiles Sheer and marvelous in quality and newness of patterui. Plenty ot dots arxS Black arid While. 39c yd. Fruit of Loom Gowns Lace-trimmed and hemstitched. Regular and extra sizes. $1.00 each j Porto Eican | Gowns j Handmade. Embroidered ple I and Honeydew. Regular and ex- j tra sizes. $1.00 each Blouses White, striped and dots. In mesh, voile and lace. $1.00 each Hoover Aprons Pre-shrjnic. Full cut. Come in white and blue. $1.00 each Cotton Slips Hemstitched and "mbro.dercd Regular arid extra sizes $1.00 each Ladies' Pajamas ar.d two p:e~e Plat: $1.00 pr. i One ar.d two p:e~e Plain ar.d i farcy. COTTON DRESSES A beautiful as-onment, featuring a variety of patterns. In White and Pastel shades Beautifully made and real fit assured. FOR HOUSE OR STREET WEAR $1.00 - $1.50 - $1.95 All Spring Coats Greatly Reduced THOMAS H. HALLER, Inc. "TJie Store of Courtesy and Service" 17-19 North Market St. Frederick, Maryland. PEN-MARPARK Blue Ridte Mountains GRAND OPENING SATURDAY, MAY 28 THREE DAY HOLIDAY MEMORIAL DAY, MAY 30 Dancing Afternoon and Evening SUNDAY CONCERTS Children's Flay Ground Carousel. Roller Coaster, Pony Track. Miniature Railway EXCELLENT MEALS Plenty Parkins Space Famous Glcn-.Vfton Spring Water 20 Miles to Gettysburg--2 Miles to Camp Ritchie Splendid Roads. Reduced Ky. Fares via \V. Md. Ky. For Further Information Apply or Addrrsa JOHN" J. GIRBOXS. Pert-Mar. Pa. Fhonr :Hij;-J Blue THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME Store Marfc-DouTSs occur e^ery- day--But income opportunities such as offered today come as a rule only twice :n a generation. Monthly Income Investments ?iot Stocks. Ron* or Insurance Write -- Wir» -- Call wr Pfebse for Particulars --Xo Obligation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 W. CHTBCH STREET FHONE 1343 We Bay, Sell or Trade Securities HOME CLEANLINESS When you burn high grade ;oal you will observe a marked improvement in the cleanliness of your home. In delivering coal we exercise the greatest care, too. You will like our coal service--it merits your full confidence. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 OLD N"FWS. J \?£H3 ?OR SALS. THE SEWS

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