The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 2
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TBS DAILY HEW8, rUDKUOK. MD., HOBDAY. DECXMBE* 21, -193L Miss Oimstcd Becomes Brkte Here Of G. M. Everhart. Damascus Damascus. Dec. K --A car belonging to Morgan H. Watiins was stolen Iram the street in Mt Airy on Saturday njyiit. The car was found thr follow- .n; morning aaasioned en ti* Harr.s- v.;j» past. V** T*I»I i siile frorc Mt TR*her. fouad. it was a total r-avo^ t^rn cVjwm several o^ng trees and crashed ^to i telephone FATHER OPPOSED MATCH -"- The r*na=ce cf a y toe bus driirer with Ux daugnfr cf a -roc_r.s=: cap-tal arthacrt ^ c-_lmir.c.tei in t^eir mam3.p« s.' t^e re- s.cenc'f cf a FrccS?n.£ paster Sst^rcu night. Decemier 12, was rewajKi Bat- Tb* jKirscipals were iliry Jean Olrrstec, ^0-jear-ale caughter rf W B. OUesec. 3761 Olntr ttr«t and George K Brertatrt 22-year-ild bia cr.^er of th^ Capital Tracti^r. Compary They v;c-re rii£~.ei ner? a!trr an s^-tacjob-lt r".de frotn Washinfrtort to L^esfaurg, Va.. where they barely eraaed detecuca bj - tne inrnif «ho ^y 1 been notified by v?« O'.mitea's Tr.e fc_pl ratt 5,x rc^r.-.-ii agD or. a Cheiy Chase b^s by the --Mr sr-c Mrs Brae,*} M Wt»d- ana en :iren. Htnrj Komarc and Carolyn, sprat S'_nia: w;tr iln WVxxi- ritlis cr«jc; Deaell Koaard and *ft??^.-- V S* "'"f ·" *V35C '*- \V.I~C*^* i $*CX \" 3- «re P H'.att * meoiSer of tse -.ars.'.y focctr t?atr. a! George WaiJiiri£An Ur-r.rrs.r., ^cce.'.ed scccr.i rniv:r *ner at a o-inqaet held o» la-s WVnxr.a A*::'_r Asix-ation. 2: ;:: Kcr-ix!:- -W i.*'t-r: Wjir;-:..jtcn D C liisurai o: r*c- ·.!!, icnoo. t- ·frs t.-is jear M_»i Hi-^rt '~i3 prej«-r;'.ec ^.th a *t*r, :o sr -»vr;. cti :a# t A ^ a ' e r ~*he Ttas a«4r2^i at the · *-ar s socc ?r Comus s pcsser-ger l^st Ssturdsy -ho ic- fi3ed t j elepe and b* naimed at Lecs- c-rs V i . -.'..-ere E-.-r.iart'i relat.tcs lrar-.nj c; tr.t.r plin5, Olmsted 7*r#\c"t tisuinre of R marriage hccni^. Sheriff Adrian said Saturday r.iRht iff was n?t of age Tht sheriff not.- fed tn? countv c'-rk of th co-art but the yuns '-^upie sot word of the _ drove throuch Leesburg ar.d then ttrrr.ed back t.- Washington arid Frederick. The' arrived here at 830. ob- tair.e- a ceputy cl*rji of th* court to open the Court House for license and were married by Rev A R. Sr.ed^sr. e retired Methodist minister. Take I'p Residence. Returning to Waih'.r.gton. tli'-v made ! their temporary hame with Mr stnd i Mrs. Clarence T;ppett. 3331 X street. Washington EVerhart had roomed Washington tw^ or three years ago.' They remained there until Saturday, when they were said to hare taken : over a new home Jn Brandyrtne. Md. The bride's lather !s a member of the firm of Murphy Olmsted. with cfflces at 1413 H street. Washington. The firm has designed many Washington stmc-ttires. including the Sacred Heart Catholic Church at S.xtecnth sweet and Park road tnd the John K Mulien Library at Catholic University. OZassted declined to cjsctis* the clop- scat. :r 21 --Mri Errxni Be-all. ria« be sr. '.-J.'..r.j r.»r r..ecs. Mrs W H-TCsei left T.-.-rtia;, for W Va to " -- .t ;*er n^^nfA, Ma^r.'-- MJ.X-4K1 fr,-rr. there she -, j.t f-^r the Cr.:-«trr.i5 .-..l.dajs -. Mrs Ja.-rs: ^f Clir«s- I W Va had n try.r c r.ncr s .*ctA S^r.-ljy. i.-.l M"! W. ..T. I! J ·-.-.--:: NSr Vr« C M J ·. v -::-»" ar.d Mr r;tr H Jor.Ji! v. a.'. '·! W.jr .r.gtc!! -Mi2£ Sl^abf.h M-ar.rv rvra. sup- .«.-r ·..'.-« Cv.-!.:: Sch-j-rl on T~ts- 1 Matt.c Joruii'j.T ior tne Mr a:;d ?-5r^ T.-.^n^u. C a r t e r and .'^:_- and Mr^ Berths Orr_io:., of U'U Htsr..a:-d« -s-cr-^ RjriLs Theft-Proof Apples. A South Dakota farmer has developed a type of apple that is e.xcrllcnt for majr'ng jelly, but which is theft- proof. The fruit, before being made into jeuy. has a very bitter taste and discourages thieves. Roekvrrre Jamei O Ta.or. lor.g-t^rr.c resj- Cxr.i o' the '..c.r..t^ of G'.er.. t.ij; cour.- ·; . d.^d Fr.dav in a Wa»h.:i?t»r. lioipi- t-r ajsxi G3 yan He .5 .' :r-..-.«i by hj widow. Mrs Marj- E Tajl-jr. two sons. crr-o-in from tft. Mtthodat Church at Potomac --Rev Frank A Tyler D D . pastor of the RocJr.tlle M E Church. South, ar.i Mrs. announced the tKirriaxe of their daughter. Miss Julia Catherine Tyler, ar.d John A O'Hara of Chevy Chaw. The ceremony, accarotng to Dr. Tv!-^. was performed Prbruarr 28. 193!. but -aas kept a serret b\ the ;.«uair · couple tint!'. Sunday, when Mrs. O'Hara apprised h"r parents The couple plan to make their home in Rockv.lle for the present i --While L^Riy Bailey, colored. of Hocln-llie. was cisayinK ' ~» rol* of a , traffic cop and was directing in'.agtn- j nry traftlc on a Rfx:'-c\tlle tirect corner at an earlv hoar .n L.-.C morning. County Karry Mcrson happened along and placed him under arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct. In the Police Court here today Bailey pleaded gu«'-y and. in default of pay- cicnt of a fine of $25 and costs, was committed to jail to spend 90 day*. | --The monthly meeting of the Oaith- i ersburg-Washingtoa Grove Volunteer j Fire Department was held at Cfelthers- ; barg last evening under direction o th* I pres.aent, Erneit c Gartrier. The at- j t-naanoe was rrt large and only busi- | ness of minor unporunce WM trantact- | i ·X! --With the new prca-d:nt. Mrs lee . A Thonr-psor;, In 'ix cnair. the Decrm- ] oer nieetiss of Arefncan t#oa j'.ary of tit Kt-cisrsori-Ssnitb-Ed- ! .-.eld at th* home cf Mrs Ada Thomp- icn It -aa: dcc.d^d to d-stribut* Jood ar.c clothir^t azcr.g the needy hoa!«s of 'ormer serv.ce 3ie^. at CoriEtisas acd in appropr-atlor; !cr tae purpoe* was ajthon»e Ttie ^s^al Christmas coc- ·-16-t.on for tne Perry Point Hospital Ais also \c:*d It was announced that ::·.(- ja.i^ary mee'..:-s w-1 oe held at the . '-b ;ie^4r of trie Montgomery Country C.-'b r.ere, the oB;:er» for '.932 will be .r^til.ed '.^.at the aux.llar.'s of Taicoma Pa-i ar.s Si.·-·-- Spring would oe in- ·i,tf-i to attend, and that Mas Durfctn (·f t.T* State C-iapter r«ard«l as the vf \st H-xrkMlJe braach, and rt-ter department off^ers are alx ex- ?-«ed to o« present. --Ser.;amin Watts, colored, of Wheaton (ijstr.ct, was fo^nd guilty in the Police Cr-irs s*re today on a charge of as- s3--ltir.g Presto.-. Hjson. colored, of ';ton. farmerly of the Waea- ·^n ntr.gnoorr.ood. and was sentenced to tl.« Hao of Correction for one year it.- j-cgt Cr.arl*s W Woodw-ard. Ap- ,'.rf:;'.;. -r.dcr tr.e iT.pression that he i- ti*:; iCc^.'.'.'-'j. Watts was leisurely a\ln: the cosrt room when he was rallrf back by Judge Woodward and .-fcrr.-rd consldcrablj Jarred when m- ·i.rrr.ed that for the next 12 months hLs .- ib.tat would be in the institution at J --i jps It wa shown that Watts and H'.ij:; IS'.ed in tne sanv house and that f.e latter was shot in the foot during a ; j « r r - ! nr.-i without much provocation. '.Vjtt- 5 ' :i;'.'-x v.a^ taat he did not in- icnd to shoot Hyson, but was afraid of him 2nd tired simply to scare him. --Thomas M. Talbott of Portland. Ore. who Is .n charge of tne legal 'ooartmer.t of the Ur..'«! States Forest Af-...f of the Pacific Coast. U at the r.ome of Su father, former Slat*'* At- ·.rney H Maurice Taloott, here, for the Quits Escobar IS ctipants had been out for a ride, it was stated, and were returning toward this city The driver, apparently, was unable to negotiate the curve arid tee car left the road and went into a ditch before turning over It was badly damaged. Theater News With the its from loss of blood occa- ifTM if*** 1 · ' i.oned by a se-.tre scalp wrrjnd. After -** afmani of sound added to and drama, "The Big Pa- Metro-GoM- Benjamin Simms' Condition Not Regarded Serious. . s . t e s r j n . e treaansn: at Moctevje, ph.-sictans ssid |«aTer to reissue jr'%ith eomplete rec- S-=ims -aouid probac'y be ab to leave j o^^*. ia a new talking picture screen :ne h-jsp::al in four or 5ve days. His ' forzn t 11 * 4 *»« unwed s The celebrated picture, epic of t World War, and internationally claimed as tbe greatest gift that t screen ever gave audiences, is entto new with the addition of sound recor vhich anvny ocber * vtr *ty i compart-on on the »a» not iadi- j Thrills of battle ate intensified as j -f-vjo aho-t the or-ginal musical score- Sing Vidor directed tbe epic pcodtl '-Son with the famous cast that inciud John Gilbert. Resee Adore*. Ki Dane. Hobart Bosworth. Claire 21 Doisell. Claire Arf«m« Robert Ob ''Tom O'Brien and Rosita c. state police were isTesti- one hears the roar of the big guns- The tr» acciaent. Whether th* dn- , exctteasmt of the airpiaue convoy over HIS AUTO WAS WRECKED ·.er of the car *rss i to fcaYe bees j the bi« trucks y. tbe front is : breathless as tber thaader : e lereen. mere from and r.oTe^ Mrs --Edwin W. Broome. county superln- ·ir.Qi'iit of soflools. has Issued a statement S.IO-A in? that, during No-.ember tbe a.crage o! pupils at the e!e- rr-cr.tary and high schools of the county -A3* 92.1 and 94 7. respectively. Tr.e aanner school among the 31 one- teacher schools was Mount Lebanon, its a\cray.- being 97 3. Montrosc led the 14 two-teacher schools w;'.h an a\-erage of 07 8: Damascus, with an average of 96.1. . ·-arried off the honors among the 19.| trial, rraded schools: Bethesda-Chevy Chase · ____ made the best showing o! the nine *er.:or high schools, its average being Sri 8. among seventh and eighth grades o! the right junior high schools, Damascus had Ihe hiehost average, 97 4. and the ninth grade of the Fsirland Schools hoc jn a-, crage of 96.: to lead the ninth grades in six of the Junior high schools. C^ncepcion Goeldner d« sht*.i here, is no Unger the «ife of ' Ger-era! Jasc Gojjalo £cvoar. rtacl . leader and ' Prescient of Mexico" in lh« rebtiiioc of 1929. She has obtained an annulment of their marriage in 1924 on toe grounds that her htuband %ii already married. She is In E! Paso. Texas, studying secretarial »ork. Sr.e t3Uuned th«lr child. Fernando. S. 3 _ _ _ _ _ _ «, _ : Sykesville S}i«\J^. Dec. 21. -- MUs Annie , Hugnci hod as her guests lait, Ermi F^her. Calonsv^lc. M^ses and L;. gia He«son. --Mrs. Nathan Wcob ill. A-^y, recently visited at the home of h?r son, Leonard Webb. --Mrs. WCUaa Brown, forroerly Mrs Margaret Hobos is ill with pietirisy at nrr home ui BaHitnore. -- Tne Daughters o: the Eastern Star gaie a Chr^:m«5 entertainnwr.: Tuesday r.ight. --Tht Missionary Society of St Paul's church me: at the home of Rev and Mrs. H. C Richmond. -- Miss Hazel Richardson, who his been ill, has been taken to the Mercy hospital -- The Rev. Walter Stone TKiU show a moving picture of the "Wise Mar." on December 28 at 7 JO o'clock at the F. O. S. of A. Hail at Gist. Badly lawras*d about th head and »eak. from loss of blxni. Berijatrm is-aims, K. who c!a.fT!« Alaoima as h-s r-jme bat is «ai?loed at tne present .r Freder^k, was picked up oy p motorists alocg the Rocky road at the soeae of a wrecked auto- n.-XCe, «hort!y al!*r 3 o'clocs Sundaj a^ternooo aad taken to Montevae. His cj::di'.:-on was r.«: regarced ai serjO'is. Aathoritits began an inresugation to ceterrnine the dr:ver ol the car, who :s alleged to have ft the scene after arranging to retnore the aatornob^e to a Frederick garage, suzuns had b«n ; i.r^i^g. Jt was «tat«d Cnief of Police WUUas! F. Steiaer. vr.o ^svestigated the accident, togrther *:tn City OflJcer Edgar Cruax said the jjt/jdobile, an Oldinrobii »edan. turned over on the to? on a tii^rp curve · en the Rocky Spnngs road, about a Maryland. Today's feature at the Maryland i "Along Came Youth,TM a fast romam even the hilarious coenedy, j The stars are Buddy Rogers a; t irl Dane, gigantic laugh- Frances Dee. The supplemental a The car dr.-.en bv Ray- \ maker, spits at the hghsed candle, is tracooe « a comedy. was not ir-dxrated. Miner City Craafa. i A rn^or a.-c.dent occ-jrred on East AsA Church street aoojt 8 !5 o'clock Sun( _f^ day deni _ _ xjKid ? Merging fnion Bridge, pro- ' ZEade nsxKe hilarious with the addition j -- ^-:~^g on M-dnle alley, coldded !°* * wusd that goes with the sght. | for Tbe Neva. '^.1H trlC a -- t jU1001_£, drlVen i5V CnarJCS (MVWMMMWMMMOMmMMMiM^^PI^^HM^^^B^MVBIW^^BBI^l^HBII^^V^MHBV^MB^^^^^^^^^M^M^^^^^^^^B V7 HoSt^iti cf tn-s c.ty, proceeding j ~ " ~~ ~~~ cit en C--urch street T3c Hoffaiaa . £."^CJCPPtWC8tft3OC'^PC^Pti68C*C^C^PCiPC i Ct^C*C^X^S?*B^fiflKtC^B | t^ car was badly damaged about th* left I S-CK ti.e rmr:.£g board and leaders! ient. while tbe Morgan machine [ No one was " LEATHER GOODS -n;.ire~. Chief of Pglire Sieiser ia-.»^ated and damages -KSK settled j 8 set-seen the dr.-.eri. No charges vex , tg ' ui-le from Moctet ue The oc- ;. Three-Wheeled Thriller. j 1 French auto raeng fans are getvrtg , r.ea- thri^s tlsr-.ush the iae of a three- j ·\\heeled ractr. Tne con-.ectiona! two, r. .^-5 i:e i^ the rear, but a single j ; one sen'es to guide the car from the j front. ; for Christmas at Reductions up to l /2 Come in Today T A Y L O R ' S 14 South Market Street advertising pays. Give It a 70% of an · i A Daify Treat For the Chifcfren' ACUTE INDIGESTION strikes late (when dm* (torec are closed.) Why not be safe with Bell-ana cm hand... Now! .Night! BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION Announcement The Officers and Directors of the Commercial Bank are pleased to announce to the public that it has resumed business, and extends this invitation to patrons, friends and the general public to make use of its banking facilities for the transaction of business. New deposits will be received either on checking or interest acounts in accordance with the usual banking rules and regulations. The Bank resumes business with the consent and approval of the Bank Commissioner of Maryland and the authorization of the Circuit Court for Frederick County, with the addition of 3125,000.00 of capital and surplus funds for the further protection of deposits. PRESIDENT Edgar H. McBride VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Geo. P. Smith CASHIER Hammond Clary ASSISTANT CASHIERS Arthur H. Doll George W. Heinlein James H. Falk Albeit L. Bussard Charles A. Ogle BOARD OF DIRECTORS CASPER E. CLINE, L. EDGAR BETSON. DANIEL H. BUCKET. ALBERT L. BUSSARD. HAMMOND CLARY. CHARLES T. DUDDERAR. BRADLEY H. DUDROW, ELI G. HAUGH. EDGAR H. McBRIDE, EDWARD B. MEASELL. MARION S. MICHAEL, ERNEST D. MICHAEL. HARVEY E. RAMSBURG. DR. GEO. F. SMITH, FRANK V. STAUB, SPENCER E. STTJP. J. WINDSOR WILLIAMS. (t I? ii New SHOES for Christmas for Everyone! From Kemp's Shoe Shop From the littlest ones to grown-up sister and brother and mother and dad. Good shoes of finest QUAMTY at the very LOWEST PRICES. Su*de regent pump with satui calfskin trim. In h'.ack and brown. S7.85 Grade $5.95 one strap. Tiiii center buckle. Tan -dd uimmed. In brown and black. .95 Suede center buckle styles -vi-t kidskin strap. Black and reptile tab on side of cutout. 55.95 Grade 195 Queen Quality over.ln; brocade ~nh silver T strap Golts k:d underlay. Trr.ted face to -catch yyjr g?-s-n. Wicths AAA to E , $7.85 P^s-kin oxfcrc ·R-ilh calf trim. In black or bro7.~n- $4.95 Other Oxfords S2.95 and $3.95 £:lr. Cu-cut tt; .- br^~- S4.95 and $5.95 Grades $3.95 Mothers! Like Kemp's New Fitting Service for Children's SHOES Guesswork is entirely eliminated -when -are 8t your child ·xlth a new pair of shoes. We've recently put into our children's shop the cleverest scientific device you ever saw. it- positively assures a perfect fit. Ii's a series of Fairy Cinderella Foot-fitling Forms--each form as transparent as Cinderella's own glass slipper--each a duplicate in size and shape of one of our children's shoes. You can see that the shoe will fit--that it tron't pinch anywhere--that the toes iriU have pienty or rooin inside--that the foot vriil develop naturally and normally. You can actually see ho-* the foot laoks uiside tie shoe. Correct-Stan? shoes are essential--you o^sre them to your childreri- Come is ani let as sho^ TOU ho^ easy an-c positive it a vrith our sow Fairy Cinderella Forms. ''Simplex Fiexies" Children's SHOES Keep Young Feet Young SIMPLEX FIESIZ3 2llc a cTM3a s foot to de-.clop its own strength without artificial supports or aiechacism They are basicaEy normal, correct foot shape. Tnth Sns tampering of fiexibiUty and rigidity in the soles. More arxi more parents are leavin; it entirely to Simplex Fiexies to gro'f fine healthy feet for their cniidren- Simplex Fiexies Are Priced According To Size--For Boys and Girls Sizes 2 to 5 . . . . S1.25 $2.50 Sizes 5 1-2 to 8 $3.00 Sizes 8 1-2 to II $3.50 Sizes II 1-2 to 13 54.50 Men's "Bob Smart" SHOES Arc Worn By Men Who Like A Lot Of WEAR For $5.00 CalfAkms ^ jc^chjra.ns .-r in black and 'bro-'Ti. See tlv-rn TOMORROW Kemp's Store for Men Men's Nunn Bush Oxfords "?- \T'C" ·-?- a S300 shoe, In styles r^r atsn and $7.50 to $9 Famous NT7TN B"SH sns'.e-fasi-.ioned. that look -xpll irear -R-ell and always hold their shape. There !·; a variety of styles in calfskin and scotchgraia »t these two NTETW LOW PRICES Kemp's Store for Men

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