The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 24, 1986 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1986
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, April 24, 19*6 Television guide THURSDAY EVENING MO $ (BNEWS YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEV*- SJON The kids reveal theJr ambitkxw that range from avoiding green slime to becoming a brain surgeon. ® SPORTSCENTER 0 MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR © CD SHOWTIME TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS "PACK UP THE PLANTATION" In this 1985 concert, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform "Don'1 Do Me Like That," "American Girl," "Don't Come Around Here No More" and songs from the album "Pack Up The Plantation -- Live." (D CBS NEWS (53 CE) RADIO 1990 01 © MOVIE "Supergirl" (1984) Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway. O CE) BARNEY MILLER SO GIMME A BREAK! OSSLATRAMPA <Sl GD $100,000 PYRAMID © CD MONEYLINE 39 BENSON ffl DIFF'RENT STROKES 6:30 O WHEEL OF FORTUNE CD DANGER MOUSE (S SPEEDWEEK (D NEWLYWED GAME © OS WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS O CB BOB NEWHART SD PRIVATE BENJAMIN <S) (H) MOVIE "Cat's Eye" (1985) Drew Barrymore, James Woods. gD GD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME ©CD CROSSFIRE S3 THREE'S COMPANY © THAT'S MY MAMA 6:35 © SANFORD AND SON 7:00 O COSBY SHOW (D MUSIC OF MAN (T) FASHION ACTION REPORT: REPORT CD wdirm* MOVIE -D.C. cab(1983) Mr. T, Mam Baldwin. • SIMON 1 SIMON • MOVR1 "Invitation To Hell" (1984) Robert Uritft, Stain Lucti. © CB MOTORCYCLE RACING Daytona 200 Classic (Taped) O CB MOVIE 'The -Chosen" (1981) Maximilian Schell, Rod Stelger. S HAWAURVE-0 CS) MOV* "Un DoJar De Recompensa" (No Date) Peter Lee Lawrence, Francisco Brana. "Psycho"* (1960) Anthony PRtMcNEWS I MATT HOUSTON -.7*5 CB MOVIE Perkins, Janet Leigh. O FAMILY TIES © STANLEY. CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final. (Live) (NOTE: Starting time is tentative. Gamete subject to blackout.) § MONEYMAKERS GD FAMILY FEUD 83 PM MAGAZINE •K» O CHEERS O BERGERAC S® (D MOVIE "Body Hea!" (19S1) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner. SD MOVIE "Warlock" (1959) Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, © (H) MOVIE "Code Of Silence" (1984) Chuck Morris, Henry Sllva. © GD GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE Samson (John Beck), provided by God with superior strength, succumbs to the Philistine temptress Delilah (Ann Turkel) who has learned the secret of his power. © CD LARRY KING LIVE Q3 MOVIE "Murder Is Easy" (1981) Bill Bixby, Lesley-Anne Down. 83 MOVIE /'Detour To Terror" (1980) O.J. Simpson, Arte Johnson. 8:30 O NIGHT COURT CD MONTSERRAT CABALLE: THE WOMAN, MONTSERRAT CABALLE: THURSDAY SIMON & SIMON With the baseball season now underway, this week seems an appropriate time to rebroadcast an episode of "Simon & Simon" featuring Los Angeles Dodger manager Tom Lasorda. The colorful skipper' has some advice for A.J. (Jameson Parker) on the CBS series airing Thursday, April 24. (Stations reserve the right to make last-minute changes.) THEATRE GUIDE THEATRES CINEMA SIX Son Joonfro MoH 421-2953 fiUNG HO (PG-13) 7:35-9:50 PRETTY IN PINK (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 SLEEPING BEAUTY (G) 7:00 DOWN & OUT IN BEV. HILLS (R) 9:00 9'/2 WEEKS (R) 7:00-9:30 MURPHYS LAW (R) 7:40-9:40 OFF BEAT (PG) 7:20-9:20 CINEMA TEN 491 ?qc3 tnn IMT.M**! AA«1I, *T * I * * rf W Son Jaonw Moll LEGEND (PG) 7:15-9:15 CRITTERS (PG-13) 7:20-9:20 LUCAS (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 CARE BEARS II (G) 7:00 APRIL FOOLS DAY (R) 9:00 GOOSECREEK SIX OUT OF AFRICA (PG) 7:45 THE COLOR PURPLE (PG-13) 8:00 BAND OF THE HAMD(R) 7:30-9:40 THE ¥OH£Y PIT (PG) 7:20-9:20 RAD (PG) 7:30-9:30 POLICE ACAKMY 3 (PG-13) 7:40-9:40 ••••••••• WINNER 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BIST PICTURE Our OF AFRICA. f~y^^~S » UNIV£flS»L | THEWVA 9 (5) NUEVAS NOCHE8 CON TALMA FERNANDEZ MO MILL STREET BLUES MYSTERYI _ CD SHOWTtMC HONEYMOONEH8: THE LOST ERSOOeS O BRIDGES TO CROSS S 20/20 3D PETROCELLI (33 (B © CD NEWS ® © MOVIE "Viva Jalisco Qu* Es Ml Tlerra" (No Date) Maria Antonleta Rons, Manuel Capetillo. & GD GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE In preparation for a worldwide flood, Noah (Lew Ayres) Is Instructed by God to build an ark and gather a mate and female of each species. 9:30 CB BASEBALL Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) 1030 O CD SB NEWS (T) AT THE MET: METROPOLITAN CATS O CAPITOL JOURNAL © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Ten From Your Show Of Shows" (1973) Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca. © CE) ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR SD d) CINEMAX COMEDY EXPERIMENT © CE WKRP IN CINCINNATI © (ED MOVIE "Ad Of Vengeance" (1986) Charles Bronson, Ellen Burstyn. © CD €D BENNY HILL © CD MONEYLINE ©TAXI 10:30 Q TONIGHT © KING'S SINGERS MADRIGAL HISTORY TOUR © SPORTSCENTER O AMERICAN INTERESTS (DM'A*S*H C0 NIGHTLINE L® d) MOVIE "Fanny Hill" (1983) Lisa Ra.nes, Oliver Reed. © CD TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. QD MAUDE @§ © MOVIE "Susana" (No Date) Rosi- ta Quintan*, Fernando Sofer. ' Q GD OTB - RAQMQ FROM ROOSEVELT 8 (D SPORTS TONIGHT DYHA8TY BIZARRE 1160 MUSIC Of MAN OUTDOOR LIFE MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR NIGHT HEAT MOVIE "No Way To Treat A Lady" (1966) Rod Stelger, George Segal. ~ CE) EDGE OF NIGHT MARY TYLER MOORE HAWAII F1VE-0 NEWSNKJHT POLICE STORY 11:30 O LOVE CONNECTION CD F1SHIN' HOLE © CE) EDGE OF NIGHT O CB MOVIE "M'A*S*H" (1970) Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould. 6j> ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS ffl ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:35 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Moving Violations" (1985) John Murray, Jennifer Til- (£ MOV* "The Lort Eric Port^f ( (1MS) !• MoN, JjajMtBr fi(DNMMC- P MOWE "SMrat AfMIOOtOA AfWlte, (1MO) © © MOVIE "Out Of Control" (1985) Martin Hewitt, Betsy Russell. O LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN © © THAT GIRL SD MOVIE "Journey To The Unknown" (1969) Vera Miles, Patty Duke. ® CS) MOVIE "Lo Mejor De Teresa" (No Date) Tina Romero, Jorge Martinez De Hoyas. © GD JOE FRANKLIN © CD CROSSFIRE S3 GET SMART 03 HARRY O 12:05 (3) (¥) MOVIE "Breakin 1 2 Electric Boo- galoo" (1984) Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo (Shabba-Doo) Quinones. 12:10 (D MOVIE "The Rain People" (1969) James Caan, Shirley Knight. (D MONTtEMUT CABAlLi" THt WOMAN, MONT8CNMAT THE OVA CD HOME RACING WEEKLY © CE CANCER TODAY A group of lor citizens who have survived cancer are featured along wtth nutrition tip* to reduce the risk of cancer and an anti- smoking campaign. 8 CD NEWSNWHT UPDATE NEWS 1» 8 0 NEWS SPORTSLOOK © CE) POWERBOAT RACING Treasure Cay National Offshore Rice (R) 9 CD MOVIE "The Shepherd pi The Hills" (1941) John Wayne, Betty FtoW. S JIM AND TAMMY INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:06 ® Cfi) MOVIE "Stick" (1984) Burt Reynolds, Candlce Bergen. 1:10 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Bill Cosby, Himself" (1982) Bill Cosby. 1:30 CD SPORTSCENTER CD NEWS § CD SPORTS LATENK5HT MOVIE "China Gate" (1957) Gene Barry, Angle Dickinson. 1:35 CB MOVIE "Pendulum" (1969) George Peppard, Jean Seberg. 1:45 (H) QD MOVIE "Surf II" (1984) Eddie Deezen, Linda Kerridge. 240 GD AT THE MET: METROPOLITAN CATS CD STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final. (R) (D NIGHTWATCH © CD MOTORCYCLE RACING Daytona 200 Classic (R) © CD COMEDY BREAK O © MOVIE "Poseida" (No Date) Mar- LUC TNK KW . I CftaWlf- CD MOVIE "Ttw BOTfoof CofrtMM','' « (19M) Humphrey Bogart.AvaOardiw. < Mt >• -.J • VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE < CD KINQ'S SINOERS MADRIGAL HIS- J TORYTOUR } (TJGE) INDEPENDENT NEWS tu O CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Richard Pryor -- Liv« In Concert" (t«79) MO • MOVIE "Ttw Tribe" (1974) Victor' franc*, Warren Vandara. , 0 CE> MOVIE "55 Days At Peking"' (1963) (Part 2 of 2) Chartton Heaton, Ava Gardner. CD CH) MOVIE "Cat's Eye" (1985) Drew. re, Jamea Woods. > JOE FRANKLIN ) LARRY KING OVERNIGHT 115 d$ CE) MOVIE "Revenge Of The Nerds" (1984) Robert Carradlne, Anthony Edwards. 330 9 MOVIE "Alaskan Salari" (1968) 400 fiZ) d) MOVIE "Coin' South" (1978) Jack Nicholson, Mary Steenburgen. 13 CD NEWS @ CD CROSSFIRE 4:20 89 MOVIE "Cry Vengeance" (1954^ Mark Stevens, Martha Hyer. 4:30 ® (H) NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS © (D SHOWBIZ TODAY 435 © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Terms OT Endearment" (1983) Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger. 4:40 CB WORLD AT LARGE 'Sweet Charity' star tutored Debbie Allen gets lesson from veteran Oft BEAT Tllft NMl Uw'MnAMIIIPrBS Of A It's about falling in love. For the first time. LUCAS NEW YORK (AP) — When Debbie Allen of "Fame" fame came back to Broadway to star in the revival of "Sweet Charity." she had the best possible instructor — G\ven Verdon, the original Charity Hope Valentine. "Gwen's never told me how to play the role. She's too great an artist to do it like that," says Allen, describing the woman who first played the dance hall hostess with a heart of gold. "Gwen knows we are different. Any really good actress is going to bring something to the part. Not just try to do what somebody else did." Allen, dressed in black leotard and gray leg-warmers, sits on a folding chair in a barren rehearsal hall. She has an hour before another run-through of the show, which was a Broadway success 20 years ago. The original production was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, who also directed the movie, which starred Shirley MacLaine. He's back again with this revival. In fact, it's his second show of the month. Earlier in April,' Fosse opened "Big Deal," a new musical for which he wrote the book and did the choreography and direction. While Fosse got "Big Deal" ready for Broadway, "Sweet Charity" was watched over by Verdon. The show, according to Allen, is pretty much the same as it was on Broadway in 1966, right down to the costumes. "You almost don't even know that it's 2o years old until the 'Rhythm of Life' number when all the actors are wearing hippie-style clothes," she says. For Allen. "Sweet Charity" was the first show she didn't have to audition for. One lunch last year with composer Cy Coleman, producer Joseph Harris and Fosse, convinced the three that they had found the right woman. To do "Sweet Charity," Allen had to juggle her commitment to "Fame," the syndicated television series she has starred in since 1982. The show, set in New York's High School for the Performing Arts, features Allen as Lydia Grant, a hardworking dance teacher. She also choreographs the show's dance numbers. Filming "Fame" is a nine- month commitment each year with a long shooting schedule each day, "MGM, which produces •Fame,' was good about letting me do 'Sweet Charity.' They have a lot of respect for me and have allo%ved me to develop as a director and a choreographer with 'Fame.' Plus I was pretty emphatic. I told them I really wanted to work with Bob Fosse." she says. When Allen did "Sweet Chanty" on the West Coast last summer, she filmed all her musical numbers for "Fame" in 10 days -- scenes that could be inserted into the show so her character wouldn't disappear from the storyline. The 36-year-old Allen was born in Houston. Her father was a dentist, her mother director of a cultural center. Show business was always on their daughter's mind. As a youngster, there were ballet lessons and then membership in the corps de ballet at the Houston Grand Opera, Allen's first professional job. After college at Washington's Howard University, she headed for New York in 1972. Within a week she had found work in George Faison's modern dance * company. By the following year; ' she was in "Raisin," the musical' ' version of "A Raisin in the Sun."^'; "I was the understudy who|; went on and made good. I was' ^ the understudy out of town and; t ' then someone got sick. I went on -; T and the producers said, 'Let's . keep her.' So I stayed,' 1 she.,, recalls. ,." ; Since then, her other impofov, tant roles have included the fiery Anita in the 1980 Broadway; ; revival of "West Side Story" and . Sarah in the film version of E.L.•. • Doctorow's "Ragtime." .-; "Sweet Charity" is the biggest.-^ part Allen has ever played, 4\1 role that requires singing, danc^ ing and acting. ' ! . ^i "Charity's biggest problem irijj life is that she wants to belovedTS She keeps falling in love with the ^ wrong guy — over and over and % over," says Allen, who is cur-"* rently married to Los Angeles« - Clippers basketball star Norman | Nixon. "4 MAMA O'S CLUB MEET MY OLDEST SON SPECIAL IP YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, TOM WILL 0NI FREE BUB T0 THE Movie has different titles FIRST 10 CUSTOMERS FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY By DICK KLEINER NEA Correspondent DEAR DICK — Not long ago, there was a movie on NBC called "Earth's Final Fury." We saw this 1980 film under a different title. Would your research department be able to come up with the original movie-house title to satisfy our curiosity? P.M.B., Evanston, 111. DIET .CENTER: YOU CAN LOSE 17 TO 25 POUNDS IN JUST 6 WEEKS! NO SHOTS*NO DRUGS HO CONTRACTS BAND OF THE The original cost is coming to save their school... GfT MADT MM TNI MM Of VOW UK RAD ITSIAMCAIFUN My research department, in this case, was me button-holing the film's producer, Irwin Allen, at a party and asking him about it. And he had to talk to his wife, because he couldn't remember, either. But she came up with the information that this project has had three titles. It was written, originally, as "The Day the World Ended," but called "When Time Ran Out" when it was first shown in movie houses, and "Earth's Final Fury" for TV. DEAR DICK - Could you please tell me the story behind the name of The Oak Ridge Boys country group? S.B., Oak Ridge, Tenn. The group was formed in Knoxville, Tenn., as The Country Cut-Ups. They performed frequently in Oak Ridge, Tenn., then a big scientific center for atomic research. They became known locally as The Oak Ridge Quartet. That just evolved into The Oak Ridge Boys. None of the original singers are still with them, but the name persists. ™ D. J. ON THE SCENE!! m 1122 CherrySt. Boytown "Jusi what Baytown's always needed, quality, fresh food . . . just like my pies." '• Helen Smith, owner. Helen's Kitchen "Fantastic Mexican food, fresh, just like my mom's." David Acosia "Now you don't have to go to Houston for great tasting Mexican /ood." Terry Williamson Early Bird Gets The Worm Mm* rUtt m *• (twit toy km km li 7 jun. NOW OFFERING AN VA FIXED RATE ON ALL NEWLY BUILT HOMES ~<M««.«c* 428-1060 or 428-1154 ASTE THE DIFFERENCE" & CATERING 2110 M. Pr^tt ********* * Saturday, April 26,9-1 a.m. Baytown Recreation Hall SAINTS, SINNERS Mvsic by: The for wore iiformatiM call...421-2140 ********H^***********fc

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