The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 3, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1964
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POUCE OFFICERS FROM POUR CITIES RECBVE DIPLOMAS FOR TVVO-VVEBCS SCHOOl- PAGE 5 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS t» iMttrttlk* «,'*> i VOL. 32., NO. 3 TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 19*4 t. Jafler hort in fracas A Bratorta County Jailer •offered • minor head Injury •boat 1 1 a.m. Monday when i prisoner stemmed feck • Mil dour and r*n from th* c»ll f into tin jail lobby. Hurl In th* fracM WM Rob. art J. Rlehey of AngMton, who suffered i cut above th* toft eft. Chltf Deputy D. E. McCoy uy th»t H. C. Ttlllson of Day City tad bten moved from a 1*11 "tank" to a mental cell became TeNUon had caiueda disturbance In the tank. McCoy Bald officers decided lo laotate Telllson "be. cause he seemed to be a troublemaker." The cell had been vacated by a mental pa* tlent earlier, and about 1C minutes after Rlehey and an* other officer moved Telllson without Incident, thejallarun- ;: locked the cell to admit a ' trusty to clean the cell. ,'g, As Rlehey unlocked the « heavy metal door, McCoy said, ,, the prisoner slammed It back ', again*! the Jailer and ran out of the cell Into the Jail lobby. Telllson (rabbed a large, heavy broom and struck one trusty who came too close, McCoy said. Another trusty told officers that Telllson waa loose Inside the Jail, and the deputies con. <% verted upon him, returning Telllson to his cell. Rlehey was taken to Angleton Hospital where three stitches were repaired to close his wound. McCoy said. McCoy said I Telllson was In Jail serving out' a dUturbance of the peace fine. t City aniexes WHow Drhw LAKE JACKSON - An an- nexatlon ordinance has been passed, taking Willow Drive Into the city limits. The actlonwastakenfoUow- Ing a public hearing at which no complaint* were register. fed. This Is the first land to be annexed by the city since the Texas Legislature outlined new procedure* for annex. atlon. Willow Drive, which extends frdm Oyster Creek Drive to County Road 288, was a part of the County Road System. The annexation was brought about to give the city more ^regulatory power over access •to the road. Fall cams FREEPORT-Blrdle Alcorn was taken to Community Hospital's Emergency Room by a Freeport Funeral Home am- bulsace Monday afternoon tor treatment of a toe Injury. She was then diemUsed, hospital wauthorltte* Mid. > The woman was Injured In a fall In a hous* trailer at a park off Bracosport Blvd. A Freeport police dispatcher was asked to send an ambulance by a caller wfcBjUtougbt the worn ui had suffered a heart attack. Today- High 0:0* p.m. Low l;49 p.m. Wednesday- High 9:57 a.m. Low Ii52 a.m. een and Heard US Air ForM<AM(Mmy ca- Mt GREG CANAVAN of LJ, making straight "A" gradM and carrying 24 how*. H*'* In the CUs» of '88, Hta folk* r*c*lv*d a congratulatory tet- ter (ram Cong, CLARK THOMPSON, in r*J*f«K* to fUfc* youth's psfftect reward. ~ LYHNE HOLUBEKG, fii again du* to return to cchooU 8ft*'* mi***d a month qt •IMM* at UJH 4tt» to IU- MSS and *vrg»ry, . . WILDA BOB AKDEWOW, to WTk Ff ftoito* ««*. L,*C.'wiU S, b*** on Ik* Job after U bond sole is April 20 PUBUC SCHOOIS WEEK OPEN HOUSE SCHEDUIE T. *.«!« i A. 1\ I>»rrt»l rtemeatirv Sehnol AKDNtStUV ttOQ-*t 30 p.m. «!».*. 00p.m. LAKE JACWON-AprtI 20 has b*M s*t M the date Md« wilt be ta***, on tt* ftSO.000 In bond*, *|g*t>v«d Saturday by voter*. And th* C»y Coenell t* Tournament - ROCK HUNTERS LUNCH TO LIGHTEN LOAD A balmy, sprlng-llk* Texas independence Day proved IrrMlitlbte to two FTMport boy* Monday. Packing a knapsack lunch, they **t out on a roek-collMting Jaunt. Byron Ceroand, kft, and Allen Faulk then ran Into a problem-a highly succ*ssful rock hunt along • railroad track had mad* their knapsack too heavy. They •olved th* problem shortly after 10a.m. -not by discarding any of ID* rock* but by Mtlnt th*lr lunch to lighten ths load. For tbelr picnic they cho*e ID* ahad*' in front of Th* Fact* bulging. White most Brato*port youngsters w*r* busy in clMsrooms *• usual, UWM boy* w*r* not playing "hook*y"-tb*y are fifth graders at St. Mary'* Catholic School ' which obMrv*d • holiday Monday. / SANTIAGO, ClUte-Au An• dean volcano v«» reported today to hav* arupt*d«nd triggered avalanoha* toatid*- «troy*d th* Iowa ggponarlp* and threatened a 80-mltoarea containing 20,000 p*r*ons, with *arly report* of 28 dead. UNITED NATIONS, N. Y.- Cyprus WM expected to approve today a new imall- natlon proposal authorizing U. N. Secretary-General U Thant to Mod an International peace fore* to tb* Mediterranean Island. PERRVTON, T*x. - HMVy •now warning* wentoutforth* Texa* Panhandle u an Intensifying itorm surged off th* Southern Rockte* today, with 38 degrees her* by rnldmorn- ing and three to six Inch** of mow predicted. TAN CHAU, South VtetNam -Communist pMTrtlla* M- verely mauled twocrack Vietnamese airborne battalion* today, Inflicting the h*avi**t caaualtles on government forces In a slngto *ngag*ment In month*. ACCRA, Ghana-A former pollc* constable accuaed of trying to kill PrMldentKwame Nkrumah reportedly claim* b* wa* offered »8,«OOandfrM schooling in th* U.S. to do th* Job. ATHENS, Greece - King Paul'* doctor* announced today that a kidney ailment I* further complicating hi* recovery from surgery for atomacb uncers, with hi* condition worsening. WASHINGTON - Navy official* hav* decided on 8th Fleet maneuver* In th* Aegean Sea after eoniuterlnf po*tpoMm*itt b*c*UM of tn* touchy Cyprus situation. BANGKOK, Thailand - Indonesia ami Malaysia *tood pat today on conflicting demand* M iMlr r*pr*Mnta- ttv*» m*t la Bangkok for another center**** on UM Malaysian crtoto. NEW YORK - Soviet pnr- ehaM* of Vjt. wtMat hav* qittetly *nd«l tMcauM th* •ovtet Union hMdMtitedlthac ••oagh grata, • N*w York MW0p**?W wport** UBREVILLfT 0*lWI-F«r #, third *tr*ifnt 4sy, aati- Council considers fire code changes A. i -.-_ t- i-/ rr "**' ' * *"" r -o^', ._, - - '\ •- »*..* "' *• '^P^ • 1( is approv •<fH- by Council FREKPOBT - Coonellmen gav* BTOdttof approval Monday to the FmportGolf ASS*, ABoual Invitational Ootf Twmamwt March 14. CouMll membera noted that the tournament had been scheduled tor weeks, but that the OoW Assn. ted still not requeued tb* UM of th* municipal golf eoor** and lower green fee*. A r*qu**t wa* pr*»ented Monday from th* Braioiport Evening OpUralst Club, which nctad for th* UMof thecour** Mareh 21 tar • tournament for boy*. Councilman ..Bob Meek pointed out that such request* wer* going to com* up mor* and mor* ulian, and that th* Council wooWaot have time to Investigate In* merit of each reque*t. M«*k sugg**rtd that In th* future all reqaett* for the use of th* COWM lor tournaments b«ref*rr*d first to the Freeport park* and tNcmboa especially hopeful that » (ami Interest rate will I* furthrom- IB* sine* the clt> ha* ju«t attained an "A" rating im both th* tax and revenue Ixwda. Th* Ctty'a fiscal agent, Rr- nett Brown of Houston, told th* CouMlt Monday night that h* had just teamed that both the Moody'* Investor* Mr vie* ow: awl Standard and poor •• had given "A" rating on both th* tax and revenue bond*. Brown said the city now ha* "as much rating as you can expect or would want to get." He aUn laid that In hi a know- Mdg*, Lake Jackson wa* now the smallest city In Texa* to' have "A" rating* for both it* revenue and tax bond*. The rating* cam* a* a result of a recent trip to New York, made by Brown and City Manager A. A, MacLean who visited th* Investment firms outlining the city'* financial record and potential. Brown estimated that the Improved rating* could mean aa much a* »18,000 or 820,000 savings to th* city in th* Interest which will be paid on the $680,000 lisa* alone. Drown advised that all three bond iMue* be cold at once •toe* tb* larger amount would attract better bid*. This will be done and th* 7 p.m., April 20, bid time wa* set In order to give Brown time to prepare neceniary material tor publi- cising In* sale. Mayor Kara Cooper -also received Council approval to Iftstruct the architects to move •heed on final plan* tor thp combined Police aftdFlreSta- TIH'RStW Fretfwrt junior Hlffi srhnul Senior HUH 7 J0.*t>.m. 7 10-»F m. B. H. Rogers (p^, Services to I in Brief be Tuesday is 11th juror UM I.AS (AM-th* Illhai- rnr. a wom*m w»* arf*f4*tl der trial vttk a wtwtlM. judt* •Him* an '•» i»iw\ She Is Mr*. Altoe* JW.KH a ItM divorcee e«tt>k>r>4 to the teleelMiM coo***? l» In* •ngtneerlM* 4**«rt«»**l. FBEKPORT - Funeral service* for n. II. Hoora, M. or ISIS W*at Fourth w»r* set fur J p.m. Tuesd*) In the Church of Christ at SOS w*st Fourth, with Mr. B. C. Mr. • Carter of Conn* otnctatint, •Misted by Mr. Ernest Witt of Houstot. former pastor d the FrMfmrt church. Burial waa scheduled for Anglelon cemetery under direction of Freeport Funeral FREEPORT - Tn* Council t* considering aVchang* littbe fir* SOM restriction* that would allow the UM of mor* wood material* In commercial building*. A discussion began Monday between the Council sad official* of tb* State Lumbermen'* Awn., and will b* continued later at a special council meeting. Th* Council'* decision on lowering restrictions will b* baled on Its «imting« a* to th* effect on safety and the cost of Insurance In UM fir* con*. Acting City Manager Bill Pennlngton pointed out Monday that th* steel beams now required In f Ire lone roof cou- structlon are costly, and few have th* *qulpm*nt to Install them. H* Mid that where the r*- •trletlv* provisions in the fir* aone did not result tn a lower toy fir* iMuranM rate, (ha city would consider changes that would allow lower-cost construction. Jo*l Butter, representing th* Lumbermen'* Asm., said that most building code* per- mltted greater us* of wood in fir* «ooe*-partlcularly wood treated to increaM it* fir* malatane* — than Freeport'* oodp, « Bostrop OWMTS SMkU letter LAKE JACKSON-The City Council ha* agreed to write a tetter rtatlng that plan* for th* Gtenwood Bayou Subdivision did not com* before any city body for approval. Tb* tetter I* Ming written upon request of a member of th* Bastrop Bayou A**ocia- tlon, a croup which 1* seeking to d*tay a p*rmlttor Mwag* tr*atm*nt plant efflpent to b* dumped into Baftrop Bajwu. TtM MttrfwlU aUo date, however, thlt the OMnwood Bayou d*v«lopm«nt i* now within Lake Jackcon Jorlsdlc. tlonal boiwdarte* and therefore It WM not legally MCM- •«ry that local spproval b* •ought. H* did not'fMl, how*v*r ( that the SoutfUrn Building Cod* eow under con*ld*ratton by Freeport wouM allow wood beam* for use aa'baalc structural members IBfire xon* building*. ,«s ' Texas hopes for delayed reshuffling AUSTIN, T*X. CAP) - Top Texas official* bar* optimistically accepted tb* U.S. Supreme Court'* order to reap- portlon congressional dla- trlcte, predtoUng that the painful reshuffle will be postponed until attar th* 1984 election*, The Supreme Court agreed Monday with a Houston federal court that Texa* congressional districts are improperly balanced and should giv* mor* vole* to th* big city voters. It tavor*4> request by th* •late'* Democratic administration that redlstrlcUng to* delayed until n*xt year. T*» Houston court now must **t*a effective date onlt*ord*r,and th* atate ha* until April t to ask tor a delay. Th* five Republican* who brought the cult, however, said they will urc* th* court lo order T*xas' 31 eongre*am*n to ntn at large this y**r unless districts are redrawn b*- fore th* *lectlons. Cov. John ConaaUy,whohw mulcted that such a thorny probtam a* r*dl*trl«Uag caa- aot b* hsBdlwl in • 34May special MMUA of til* t*ft*l*- turv, Mid "1 am *ur* Mat district court will glw cartful coMbteration to th* rir- nmradaUon* lota* Cowell for approval. Council yotoa ^ ^ Opfimict r*4o**t to IM Park* Cofmitte*. Tn* bond *tl» will alaopro- vU* fund* lor a comm«»lty rwrMUon bunding and tor Hbor -^gff^^^^^" *- JACKSON - An ex- pendlture of $380 baa been *p- prcpd by tn* City CotttcU Jo provide water MKVto* to a trtangular park ana which te toba bMutlfted. City Manager A. A. MCLMB ;r -ibe wit workco«ldb*dc*» '|or "this amount. A UM wfll i to gouod*rap*v*dnlr**l eh th* park wM*Jr I* by Highway S3*, and itloo Drive. Lak* Jackaoo G**)*n and the MM'* of Greater : cojpmung In pto* to uttt lift CLUTE - Th* Glut* Fir* Dtpartment wa* called to a fire at a Main street apart, men! home about 4 ; 4S p.m. Monday, with damage reported to be minor. •Ire Marshal Vernon Rwd paid that a mattress wan on flr* In one of th* Shank* Ajwrtmenl unite, and wa* dragged ouUW*. H* said the apartment wa* vacant and was locked when th* fir* occur* r*d. A hole wa* also burnwJ In the floor with damage estimated at abort *38, RMdMtt. CMM* of the nr» Ur being d*. termlntd. Rogers died Monday at a local hospital after being ad- mltled Sunday. However, he had been hospltellaed several times during • lengthy Illness. H* had lived In Freeport tor 38 y**rs except tor eight years In llouma, La. II* wa* • welder with th* Freeport sulphur Co. betore retirement and waa a number of lh» company 'a Twenty-Year Club. H* was a member of the church where servlc»a trv scheduled and WM a deacon of that church when th* build- Ing was constructed In 1944. Roger* WM born In Big Hill, Tax,, on Mareh 18, 189*. Survivor* Include hi* wife. m* 1*1?* '•»*•* r* at rtmsf Hofti Iwtf «n*, Billy Ray Hog*!» of rn*port and Jo* B. Rogers «f Galena Park: a daughter, Mr*. Chart** Krue- g*r of FrMport; four broth. er*. Tommy and Claude Ruff* •r* of Motttton. John RogeraW W*cp and Alvte Roger* off* Loul*. MO.; and three «lste8», Mrs, 0*rtrnde Orcgoryatr Longrtew. Mr*, LoueU* M*§- tertl of Houston, and Mt*. M*unwn WaitMrton of Denver. Colo. 8ft fUt LAKB BARBARA -Mayor R. M. Wlteon and Councilman Hor*M VtoMnt have nted tor rc-etectlc*), with CouneUman O, p. Guy*** tuiag for r*- •lectton MnTlter. TMOfltM* of mayor and tM COUMtlman positions are It tM fllitd to th*Aprll7*tectkl, with onlf the IMumtMte al «**H)rtato* M te. March 1 1* th* dfwlltM tor fUtog,S*«k rctary D. L. llmpMn MM. uo*tly ektudy, scattered abow*r* or t>und»rshow«r* tonignt and W*4M*day, cool- *r Wad»Md*y «itt moter ate 1*4 lo north*rty. ^P^WP VMpiNiF ^ thu «»y^*M> y »*rt«*sd>y •!«**.». way in waohing an •OHliaM* decision." T*xa* Alty. OM. W*MBMT Carr calM th* niillkf<<**>«d d*«i*ton for T*xa*> tt tto low*r court wUlr**o|Bia*av probtem." Twelve caacrMate trlote h*M r*a»iMd sloe* IMS. and M* pecHtoUw moat from OailM' MtfUr M*«*t|- *«t*> Mmoal*W«Uf*»M** iraeM «4*M*V «Mt LAKK BARIIARA - The L*k* Harbmra City Council will meet at 7iSO p.m. l<ml|M tor a r*tm*r monthly Maii(». City Secretary tx u simp. •on report* routine buaiMta will b* lraM**tedalthame*|. ing. loktr MM LAKE JACKSON - II. U (Buddy) Baker Jr. has fil*d tor re-election to the city Council, Baker I* serving out th* real of an uMtplred term which h* won la i *p»olal elMUM In th* tall. H* had **rv*d * full two-year term on th* COVMII prevtoui to that. It sdMil net AKOLrrOK - Two mor* candidates have enter** th* race for three positions opt* this year on th* *ehool board. Latest to file are Willie Day, an lnaursao*maa,aadBot>Mo. Daniel, a Dow employee, Hut • fitt faR LAKK JACW»-An eny- ptoy** of * tree eon*ervation company wa» i*Jar*d wfcwt he f»U from * tr** white working in bak* Jackson Monday, Th* Lak* Jackcon Emergency Car was called to Oyster Cr**k Court at 2:48 p.m. hi take Rrnesi Cobb, 20, of Ho«s- ton to Community Hospital after the fall. Hospital authnrlll** Mid Cobb wa* In satisfactory coat- dltlon Tuesday and was *d- mlttod tor observation with injuries to his Ml arm and back. X-rays were belag made to determine if he had any nrotuHi bone*. Cobb I* an employee of Treee, me. of Houston. Mule ttacbtrs Th* Brasoiport Music Teachers' Association will me*t at the home of Mr*. Jun* Sptrry, 129 Uloatom, Lak* Jackson, at 10a.m. W*d- ,<ai<Hal inwtslinenl. Mr*. SM.M* replied nrml*. "1 *». I <»o." A*a*d «n*tn*r ate H** any •eruplto *t*t9Ml the <l>*th penally. aheMld. "Himewkat. ev»r." Bef»r* Mr*. SMeMa v*s •worn In. Rvfet'a (Met tew- r»r. Melvtn »*|||, h*d**oth*r altorcatloa wtlh Judge Frank WlllHM. witeon louk over Rwby. trial today when !<**• 1m Hrnwa, wno tad pr**M*4 from the beglMttef F*b. It. b^ame III with a eotd. Belli, obvtoikily op(M*<lto accepting Mr*. SMeld* a* * Juror, aaked If wUaon wuuM grant the dttona* still more peremptory challenges. Wilson r*f«Md. nelll then cs*Jle«g*<l Mr*. Shtelda "tor CM**" **d wtl. s«n overrated Mm. The state h*d*««wptedMr*» ilhtelds Md In* del**** wa* unable to pr*v*ni her b*t*| placed on In* paaeU Ruby Is on trtat tor In* warder of Lee Harm o*v*H, aceu*ed asa***ln nf praildeM 8*111 proleiled on •*v*r*l iMhnlMl ground* *g*teMWll. son's attUftg oa In* bswh tor «*o U W Mr*. KathteM s*chr**t u l*T Ibarge of th* program o* "Th* T*MhUMj of Piano Tech- Ny satb rfta AKCLETON-A fourth candidate ha* filed for one of three po*ls open an th* City Council. H* is Boss Ivy, who wa* al*o • candidate for office w a p**t etectloc. That he has a eoauniing motion to lr*Mf*r th* trial away from Dallas. H* aakl Ibl* U ••ewmi&llve with e*eh Juror." and that Judge WU*m could not poMlbly have aaxw). ledge of all that ha* gone M» In* record In the trial wktm I* now In th* third week. B*Mt apok* of In* cumutalln m*> tertel plll*g up M the "flsajl straw that will break tb* camel's baek." At the a*M* lime, Belli argued, white Judge Brown te ah*e*< "h* oamol act on material prvsented in his ah. sense. " g*v*ral llmee, Judge WIlMO, • tall, big.bodtod Texan, broke Mo* Belli, Judge WlteiM cut Kelll snort with a eurtt "Tknt's emmgn, Take your seal.' 1 "Could I ask. . ." Belli began. "T*a* >«ir ae*l,"lhejwlg* repented. "When tta rourt aa»s to I **• t« your seal It mean* take your seal." Belli Ml down. At another polM Wllaontold Belli. "There's no use to. laboring Ike tea**." When Belli raised la*«ie*. lion of a&lUkmil peremptory CMllMg**, by whlrh tewyer* eaa diwhsrf* pre*p*ct!v* M- ror* wUHout *t*U*g * r*****, Wilson *ald he would cofuH*»r that «jM*tl«*i when It arte**. AT LAKE JACKSON Vote still split on charter item LAKE JACMON - Tn* M a*provt«g tt* siiol read- ttn* srne>d«i*itsteth«*>ty CoMMli a«f**r* agreed o*tnt* U •I B*JMf **J UMCOMtU Mf* Ha* COHMllMTMtM ._ both B«M> B*fc*r M4 •» w««*J art MM a «fc*sl wfco •*» HMM*y MTtoj g*» J*» "M •Atof of poite* dM MI ftwlkt «oi*r* a real *Mte*. TM* *iMMh*)*al VMM 8*> •j*ri|n1>* < Mto to* rtartet «M *M»m1 tnto Mi to* M*** t*o MW Ml MP tV •WNnttttM 1*1 • •*& <f mtiM. » *JJ «H»f *!•• ***>*S(***» •I* to tt* *M% Mat ' _'*- ^_.- ^s^^u^ |*\*H*M *»an^*^*n« hkJMftfdt^lslM.. •HP IM IMNMrfv HHm WPP •• w^ps^inps^fc

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