The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 7, 1975 · Page 3
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 3

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 3
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Agencies Oppose County Jail Plans A proposal that the human resources agencies in the area might be able to pool their funds to purchase the Eldred Hospital building was advanced Friday at a meeting of agency representatives with the Utah County commission. Springville Mayor Kenneth Creer; Elliott Cameron, representing the Mental Health Association; and Lowell Glenn, MAG human resources director, all met with the county commission to urge them not to remodel the Eldred Hospital building at Ironton into a county jail. Mr. Glen told the commissioners that Timpanogos Mental Health, UCCODOR, the drug rehabilitation organization; and the Central Utah Alcohol Recovery organization have enough people right now to fill up all rooms in the Eldred Hospital building. Mr. Glenn urged the county commission to make plans to build another jail, rather than remodel the Eldred ' building, asserting that taxpayer, money could be saved by turning the hospital into a rehabilitative center. He charged that the jail study committee has not made an assessment of the program to be carried on in the jail, and said the facilities of all agencies should be utilized. Verl D. Stone, chairman of the county commission, said the county is using the service of the various agencies at present, and has no plans to discontinue the arrangement. Mayor Creer asked if the county could not build a new jail as quickly as the hospital building could be remodeled. Commissioner Stone emphasized that very little remodeling is anticipated, since the building lends itself readily to the type of usage they anticpate, for minimum and medium security prisoners. Mayor Creer asked that the county spend money for an architect's study to determine the cost of remodeling. "Even if it cost $10,000 for the study, it would be worth it," he declared, emphasizing that so far the committee has been able to show them noting on costs. Commissioner Stone answered that the architect indicated he would not provide a detailed cost study until the county decided on what use the building would have. "We have not wanted to go ahead on this until we made up our minds, "he stated. Mr. Glenn said that to him the question centers around the custodial and rehabilitation costs, and he asked how much it is going to cost for custodial services and rehabilitation of prisoners. Commissioner Stone replied that the costs would be the same whether the county went into a new building or remodeled the Eldred building. Commenting on the likelihood that the Alcohol Foundation will go ahead with construction of its new center directly north of the Eldred building, Commissioner Highland Man Gets Promotion At Geneva Steel AMERICAN FORK - James M. Robinson has been named turn supervisor - 45" Mill in the Rolling Mills Division at Geneva Works, it was announced by L.E. Ringger, divisiop superin- intendent. Mr. Robinson is a graduate of' Brigham Young University with a degree in electrical engineering. He began his U.S. Steel service in 1973 as a management trainee in the Rolling Mills Division, which position he held until his present appointment. He resided at RFD No. 1 (Highland) in American Fork. Stone commented that the commission would consider either giving the other two agencies land on which to build their own facilities, or selling them the EldredTnnTding for a cost estimated at $1,250,QOO. Asked why UCCODOR and Mental Health didn't pool their resources to build their own facility, Mr. Glenn said it would be much easier for the county to obtain money to build a new jail through the Law Enforcement Planning Aency, than it would for them to obtain funds to build a center. "If you can come up with an innovative program, there's plenty of funding available from LEPA," he stated. Commissioner Stone challenged the statement, pointing out that the jail committee had investigated thoroughly what funds were available from LEPA, and the maximum that could be obtained would be around $100,000. Mr. Glenn pointed out that the present jail could be used as a maximum 'security unit for the time being, and other prisoners could be housed elsewhere, possibly in the present Alcohol Recovery Center. i Commenting that he hoped the Mental Health people would remain in the wing the Eldred building they are now renting from the county, Commissioner Stone repeated that the county did not intend to stop using the services of the agencies it is now using. He pointed out that four years ago the district court judges put the county on notice that something had to be done about the county jail. "They could order us to stop using the jail right now," he declared, adding that he had been very good not to force the issue He further pointed out that the commissioners had promised the judges they would get a new jail as soon as the remodeling project was completed at the county building. He said it would be possible to remodel the Eldred building at a nominal cos! and build a maximum security wing on the building. He reminded the men that state statutes require the county to provide a jail. "We know we have a moral obligation to support the human resources agencies, but we have a legal obliation to provide a jail," he declared. Mr. Glenn said he could get dollar costs pulled together on his proposal within the next 10 days. Gum To Be Made In Russia MOSCOW (UPI) -The Soviet Union is going into the chewing gum manufacturing business with production of 28,000 tons a year as a start. The newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda said medical benefits tipped the scale in the long debate whether gum should be made in the Soviet Union. It said while still there is some disagreement among medical experts, specialists have decided finally chewing gum cleans and strengthens the teeth and helps blood circulation in the mouth. "And chewing gum is not a bad substitute for cigarettes," the newspaper said. The Soviet press has long criticized chewing gum as harmful to the teeth. Periodically, there have been campaigns against youngsters who besiege foreign tourists for the stuff, sometimes offering badges and pins in return. Monday, April 7, 1975, THE HERALD, Provo, Utah-Page 3 Pa/son, County Agree On Canyon Channel Fix NEW LIGHTS have been Installed at two diamonds at Orem Community Park, located just west of Orem Elementary School. The lights are seen here behind new restrooms also Orem Projects Reviewed being built at the park. City public works crews are responsible for both projects. Their efforts have saved about $21,000 on the two projects. Works Chief Tells Progress A report from director Jack Jones indicates Orem's Public Works Department is alive and well. Mr. Jones, giving credit to division supervisors, has outlined work done in the department since he became director seven months ago. Work in the water division included clamping old water' lines to stop leaks. As many as 60 per cent of the joints on some older lines were leaking, according to Mr. Jones' report. Two other projects included' cleaning the collection system at Canyon Springs, producing an additional 156,000 gallons of water each day, and installing a more accurate metering system at Alta Springs. Mr. Jones said the variance between the old and new metering systems amounted to about 10 million gallons a month. City wells and well housings also were serviced. Mr. Jones said his biggest concern is the condition of streets in Orem. "If we don't get a bigger program going each year, we are going to be really hurting in a few years," he said. Some $26,000 in B and C road funds has been allocated for streets repair, and Mr. Jones said he will seek more money in the next budget. He noted that 124 tons of salt and 870 tons of fine slag were put on the streets during the winter months. He said a new power street sweeper will be used to collect that material for re-use and also will make regular trips around the city to clean streets. He noted garbage pickup is being done with one less driver, one less collection man and one less packer. The packer is now being used as a standby. The number of pickups has increased about six per cent. Four new ball diamonds are nearly completed at Community Park, located just west of Orem Elementary School. Lights have been installed at two of the diamonds, mostly through the efforts of city crews at a savings over $16,000. Restrooms at the park are nearly completed, also at a substantial vsavings. A total of 126 home run fence sections, each 20 feet long, have been constructed along with 10 bleachers. Latin American Affairs Expert Slated to Speak at X Y' Tuesday LAMONDTULLIS A political science professor trained at Brigham Young Universtiy and Harvard who specialized in Latin American affairs will be the speaker at the final Forum Assembly of the semester at BYU Tuesday (April 8) speaking on "Mormonism and Revolution in Latin America." The public is invited to attend the 10a.m. speech in the Marriott Center. The speaker will be Dr. LaMond Tullis, associate professor of political science at BYU, who has lived several years in both Central and South America and completed much research on the area. Dr. Tullis has had two books published recently: "Politics and Social Change in Third World Countries," New York: Wiley, 1973; and "Lord and Peasant in Trucking Firm Suffers $110,000 Vandal Loss LEHI — Nineteen vehicles owned by Thomas J. Peck and Sons mining and trucking company at 415 S. 600 E., Lehi were damaged by metal grit or sand apparently put into the transmission and oil cases while the vehicles were in the company shop some time Tuesday night, it was disclosed Saturday. The intruder had broken into the shop carefully, according to a company spokesman, apparently having used a key. Thursday morning the Peck brothers started up five of the diesels and nine of the front end loaders with no idea anything was wrong until the equipment started to break down. The damage estimate thus far has been placed at $110,000 by the company. Thomas Peck has offered a $5000 reward for information leading to apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who caused the damage. The name of the informant will be kept private. A year ago one of the company's front end loaders was destroyed by fire at the clay mine in West Canyon. No one was apprehended in connection with that case. ht and True concrete neadgates 6' 723 "oiA.8 78 IQ'VIO 45 iroiA-ia 48 OTHER SIZES 4" TO 24" CONCRETE PIPE, IRRIGATION and DRAINAGE, All SIZES ALL PRIQSS AR£ PLANT PICK-UP SALT LAKE: 933 So. Redwood Road 1^3 Stilt LaKe, Ph. 638-1111 OGDEN: 801 W«t 1?th St., Ph. 399-1171 LOGAN: South Highway 91, Ph. 752-6310 PROVO: Pji. 373-860Q (no tpll charge) Several improvements and maintenance items have been completed at the sewer treatment plant, and about 800 sewer manholes will be raised to street level in the near future with the purchase of new equipment. Several maintenance items, including regular city vehicle service, are being programmed for coordination on the city's computer, Mr. Jones reported. Division managers include Chet Kocherhans, water division; Bobby Biggs, streets division; Leo Ford, solid waste division; Bob Mellor, parks division; Owen Burgess, waste water division; and LeGrande Bunker, garage superintendent. Utah County commissioners and Payson City councilmen have signed a cooperative agreement to take care of channel improvements on the Payson Canyon outfall as a flood preventative measure. Work on the project is expected to begin Wednesday morning. Under the agreement, Utah County at its sole expense will clean the existing channel along all county roads that are integral with the channel, including the improvement of bridges and culverts along the county roads. Payson City will begin at the railroad bridge and work up to the county road, then will continue to clean the channel where it runs across private property up to the old Highway 91. L. D. "Vern" Green, Utah County surveyor, reports the county has rented a dragline for its work, and will utilize three dump trucks to haul away the gravel and place it on county roads which need improvement. The city is expected to use the material removed from the channel to build up the banks. Officials of the two governmental agencies agreed that flood control measures were critical along the channel in view of the heavy snowfall and Cool Couple BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - A Buenos Aires couple, Graciela Muniz and Jorge Suarez, took advantage of a February tourist cruise to the Argentine Antarctic to be married there. Chaplain Bonifacio de Ataum performed the ceremony at the Almirante Brown base of the Argentine Antarctic Institute, the first ever held there. The site is more than 2,300 miles south of Buenos Aires. impending spring runoff. Signing the agreement were County Commissioners Verl D. Stone, Yukus Y. Inouye, and Karl R. Lyman, and City officials Richard Harmer, Mayor, Douglas Holt. Gary A. Hansen, Reed J. Money Jr., Phillip Lundell, and Donald W. Muhlestein. Officials Warn Public Barred On Provo Canal Provo River Water Users Association is urging citizens to be aware of hazards caused by those who trespass along canal right-of-way areas. Hugh McKellar, superintendent, noted in a letter to various city councils, that canal water is contaminated because unknown persons wrongfully dump trash and dead animals in the canal. He added the canal periodically is treated with chemicals to control water weeds. He said the waters are cold and murky and swimming or tubing therein might result in accidental drowning caused by cramps, inability to climb canal banks, or by being drawn into one of the siphons. Mr. McKellar reported that water skiing by being towed behind a motor vehicle driven along the canal roadway not only subjects the participants to personal injury or death but poses a serious hazard to overflowing the canal bank by running the vehicle off the bank and into the canal. Officials of the association have urged all city governments to cooperate in enforcing local trespass ordinances and all violators should be prosecuted. Peru: A Paradigm of Political and Social Change," Harvard University Press, 1970. Dr. Tullis points out that in Latin America an incredible amount of searching is going on right now, and the culprits being found are many. "One of them is the United States of America," he observes. "In spite of the new heartbeat, many Latin American Mormons believe they must help forge a clearing in a temporal wilderness if their people are to flourish and grow in the gospel. "As forests, sagebrush, and greasewood were cleared by the axe and hand-drawn ribbon saw in the American West — the temporal wilderness in Latin America will be cleared by breaking down . ancient economic, social, and political traditions. "There will be resistance from many governments and vested interests — and no doubt from the United States, too, if past behavior is any guide. There will be persecution. And there will be those representing contrary value systems — such as Communism — who will approach our people and say, 'Come, do it our way,'" he observes. He points out that Latin America is alive with a spectacular newness. "Everywhere people are working, searching, striving. Thoughts and hopes that have incubated for generations are suddenly hatching and taking their place amidst the abundant religious and political excitement visible in nearly every country," he concludes. ^ ,=SS>""S.'« MEN! 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