The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 4
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The Paris Evening News «Q*JO PARIS, TEXAS toUsbed July !«. NORTH TEXAS PCBLLSHXXG COMPANY ** Second Class Mail Matter At tb* Poct- •ffic* at Paria. ICarcb, IS79, Texas. ua<5er Act of Concrete Published Daily Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION KATK* (Including Sundays) By Mail, On* Year $5.00 By MaiL Six Months $±-§0 Delivered By Carrier Ite Per "Week By Mail. One Month M Any »rno»*o»B* r«n«cT!oa ttpoa Ms* ebmractcr. of »t»j tc6i<*t4a«,t. ttrra o? corporastoa wfelcfc ta* co!e»n» of Ti« N«»» «ill b* tb* *rt*atie» of th* PARS Mtws, **•, ?, ^*~s^>^*$^^&£r^&^*»-\»r£ f > v H i£, - \iv 'f1£^^^^%33?'" :-„ y , -—'-'/,-, . - JK~* *£y •**&§$**' - r ^ii ;>"*>. v ,r t -* 1 ..."•- »• <*• ...•«•»> :*M«M^^^HK *»-••• "r& J2^ ~ _"• _J- i^^-fc. BYO. (XMdNTVRE ^?J * IP^TW* 1 ^. ***• V* The Boy Who Made Good It yoo <So not I* tker* te no w*w» ma.k* co!=pl»3at b«Sor* • ». »„ * **st to tfc*ra from l*« oTSc*. « yosr D*P«r p!«**« »*fc* co= tl U j>r*sam*<3 tfcat Th* tor r«r-u&li<-»noa of r as<J al»o tii* occur to *r* cot r*«Ka*«>*b* for copy error*, or &mr eaSntestiom^J error* th*t =saj rr^i=K oti«r tt»n to correct ta next I««e« Blame Belongs S O LOS on ti N EW YORK.—Baseball fans have, with a twinge, been -watching the degiamourmg 1 of their greatest idol, Babe R-uth, this season- f All experts of the game practically agree that j the mighty svratter is through.? Some indeed have begged him j in print to siep oat. j They do not ;want him ioj %vait for the inevitable hoots, I but make his bow while the! crowd still roars. Even now \ the applause that greets him j as he steps to the plate is { mostly sentimentality. But, there is a doggedness about j Babe in the corona of eclipse. I o o. Mcimyr* Evidently he wants to go | out with the Hags flying, bands j playing. He is a sturdy old war horse and ; anything may happen but the breaks are : against him. "While he has no great fortune, j he is comfortably fixed. His name has value j if lent to many commercial enterprises. I I arc told he is beginning to feel the first I faint tingle of frost. More and more be seeks I the seclusion of his family away- from the \ diamond. He shrinks from visiting those I } places in public where he was once the eyno- j I sure of all eyes. His broad srnlle has become I I a elura smirk. ' ' LONG as the people of United Slates go ; - | he theory that members of congress, Fe%v stepped out of the limelight with more j members of a legislature, members of a com- ; punctilio than Geraldine Farrar. the singer. I rnissloners court, members of a city council. ! "Ween she felt ^ she had given her public her j members of school boards, are elected for the ! best, she vanished from the headlines almost j purpose of distributing- offices first and of 1 over-night. Her box-office value was and is j legislating and transacting business as a sec- ] potential. Only a few intimates see her and j orTdary consideration, so long there will be \ ween sbe dines in public it is at some obscure } efforts bv office seekers and office holders j resiau rant- No one has ever taken her place I TO meet the wishes of their constituents in ; with Americas girlhood. j this respect, and the consequent taking up of j . - j ume and thought thai should be given to leg- j I once saw an idol straighten up in a top- 1 islation instead of office filling. | pie and hold his pedestal — at least for the ] ffice seekers and office holders are 1 evening. He was a slipping- movie star who or o just human beings—just like the balance of I came on late at a the neople—and they are governed by the!tired, restless, disr .«. _ C,™-C"l rt A -_.« — — —.^- J3 ^.-WIA *-»-4-» rt-rt*- AYI^ ****lrtT-s! *>-^in-n c * "77!^ f*T~ T*?5^T> t^.ar i T w v T- same influences and emotions and as tie private citizen, engaged in business,! -H~ar?s> r>r profession as a means of livelihood- i with arms extended and in jek the office because they want it, they {pleaded: "You convince m a benefit. The crowd was espeetful and tossed him a He flinched as though lash- I with a whip, stepped to the siasre ed^e ! a quavering voice j Fin washed up. j drv." i =k to retain the ofnce, having once reached 1 But let me ha car out here long enough to for the same reason, and so long as they j And he finished to a tumuli. Speaking of hoots, here's one iust arrived j "You cer- '• trade o They see! seek it, are gives to understand that appointments f they make or recommend are to influence I their wil recom come nearest suiting the people who elect j The most accomp lisfced duelist with heek- them. ; ] ers TTQJU i £ e stage TETSS Julius Tannen in his There is not *iid cannot be any criticism, j chatter-box monologue cays. Those who had j .of the member of any legislative body^for this. (Batched him parry "thrusts Ia the code duello I It is the people and not the office holders "^of-ised to encourage some unsuspecting smart-| make the rale, and the people themselves are ] a : ec r o r r h Tanner, from a stase box. Just to j the offenders if the practice Is insisted on}see the fireworks. In a flash the comedian! and continued. j irould plough under the heckler and leave ~~ 1 him floundering' before a howling- audience, Divided Responsibility | -Joe Frisco can banal e all consers. too. on a A NTICS of the Te: of som D CHIC A ORAKMM* OF" t Pur Oow^ TH OF OP I PUT rtCO-YWOOD nrning a tlons and "with cUsbursiB Isrs, 01 amotLnt. Instead of attack a. business-like would their z>rivaie business into Ions arguments of ism. It Is shameful. And. this condition comes ; CHAPTER THREIK -Jrs:ed lips*with a small pointed J MAX FROM MEXICO : tongue; another said limply. "But j ! Marsha. -^ranted to please !>r. ; what were -we speaking about?" ' Site *'a<iored aim.: •wor- ; anc a. va^u-e rsurinur. "I can't shipped him!** Biit Miss Gertrude j think—ocS, Isn't it'." ans-svered f i nagged so constantly chat -when a, {this. ( t ciiance for "a good time" came she" j ~3£jirs!ia Jet lier larse, deep-gray, ! i grasped It: It dragged her. al-j iieavily Irmgcd eyes rest upon. L-e- j Paraznoust's i- Tfce Gre<ct ffllr k« temp«stu- of coa- the T. JULT11.UM BACKWARD GLANCES X«*rly t*n year* after 4«aith of Colon*! R, M. Jon«s, in C&octaw Nation, hi» widow filed, JUR* i$S2. r tin*! account of &i* e*tate in txnar county, only' a. zaiall part of *that h«r husband bad left, most ~ it b«ln* in Choctaw Nation. Sine* her last report, the date of wfcich this report does not .jive. *h* said her husband S. W. Bailey had died; that all the debts against th» «*tat» had been settled, so far a* a**etK would permit. She listed the assets that had come into her hand* as real estate $6.570.18 and note* (not collectible but put in the report to balance) at *17,106.52, making "nominal assets" I2S.S 75.70. Th* notes she stv*ed were on a man who had become bankrupt and though secured by lien on j amount of her individual faad* leaving th* estate indebted to her. She had individually assumed at* torney*s fees and expense of a4~ ministration. She had paid Hate and Scott, attorneys in the. Theoo suit »250. and 50 court costs; had paid on the $10.000 legacies *f Robert and Arthur Love. «ra»4- sons of Jones, $4.000 principal and Jl.S13.33 interest. The total bt attorney's fees in addition to thos* itemized she listed at: f ±.27S. as-d' there was payment to O.'P. fttartt of J402.70 for school expenses of Robert and Mary Jones and Pischa. Chuba. There were additional court costs amounting to. f X3f .2* which she had paid, and altoceth* er she figrured the Texas estat«, owed for her own money is a homestead and she :ost suit in court and finally compromised by taking the sum or. $506 which she applied toward settlement of debts of estate. That all real estate listed was turned r to the creditors of the estate n full and final compromise of their claims except the cemetery o'. and the lot in Preston on Red i n n S tD over $10,000 as established by •udsments- she settled by compromise. The assets of the e«a$e bemjr small the creditors a<rreed take the assets. These creditors were George P^ Bradford. James Heffelflnger. Potter^ White and Bailey. Day and Halsey, rotaling $?,220.3S besides interest for four r frv-e years, and that settlement of these and of attorney's fees took all the estate besides a large on various clabns would add to this passed them up t so to apeak. The only property remaining o» hand, the report continued. V the old homestead lot la Par!», I-which the mansion had j some years before .and t was and had always been I arate property. This Is bt „_ jby the records of lLaniar county i which show that the- ground ) bought in her name in 1S66. ] Mrs. Bailey, then twice j asserted in the report that »he was entitled to all the resMue ot j the estate, if any. but that »o fkr ifrom receiving: any assets th« S estate was already indebted «> her j "as above stated." She therefore ! asked that the report be filed and I that after due and legal notice xh* ;. and her bondsmen be discharged from further liability. HUGO PERSON.4XS AND LOC4L NEWS HUGO, Okla.—Charles Elkins. gliwax" employee, is improving la Doctors hospital where he -was en Monday following- a. fall vhich injured his back- 3-ieui_ Panl Dudley of \trichita 4 ans.. sj>ent the week end her» th his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. and Elissa. i play the romantic leads in than a. space- thai tvas built for a. f aitacking the problem in i are in liish IS ay. as ihej presumably 5 fjr^t of the I3TOr on Lon2T Island estates. Tbe j nod. and a "Good afternoon—" was hrouehi to America j :iliss ^ioore. Marsha cause of divided authority in tfie saminc orj the hoard or commission. It had its origin m -• Th e cue •2"is!2rttre to Governor Ferg her froTn distribati son. es-oiiic: by the presidirjs 1 officer a' kno would be of various political affiliations j that confusios would be a result, bn: legislature "vreni ahead and did it that And the narora: resali is seen. Much better it would liave been to h&v Sar Boildin.^ In "the 40 r s is an enor- 1 f ^. emr/ers nor ravorafeie | j^ous structure housing- only Ia~5ryers. While I ..^,* in an enort to ^- 1 ^i>"-^raiting: for a friend in Ins car near the en- j hands j successful martyr ac<i shocking :r ty" ha.<2 become one of her .." enrly. Of course it couldn't 1 Violently in iove wlch the flirta- tha^ she knew; bui, triih "him | ^'ous and beautiful Zita, played by from her presence, she kept ; ^I-ss I^audi. Stenjou first pla.ce* he- seeing hirn, staring: &t her as if 1 in " a ^3 J?-a>% later marries her and she -srere so;r>eth;nc on ai} a'tar. I takes her to Araerica. to esespe He- r.s.d t-iken a cocktail glass • rivals for iier affection, from her hand: lie had *3id, s«m. f Bat in A,n erica , ^e situation ply. "Do ycm mfnd not drinking- 1 Becomes worse as she falls in Jove " "^< first with Lynn* Overman, taea ^liss Selma Sajiguin is Improv- g in the Paris sanitarium - where he had a major operation Sim- lay. Miss "Willie Sweat has returned o Tuisa after a visit with her par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Sweat. Mr. and Mrs. W. C, Drush and >Irs. Emma Bloom left Tuesday or Oklahoma. City to visit Carol Bloom, later visi'iiis points ia ew Mexico aad" Arizona, Misses AiJyme Blount and. ~Lols Bowman are attending the Cen- of Progress exposition in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Black and children are spending a vaca- 'on at Turner Fall«. >tr. and Mrs. Heywood Carpenter, Sir. and Mrs. Sari ICes^itt and Miss Elizabeth Wilkiss have returned from Overton, Texas. - Robert ^Warrea 'has •-return *&• frOtii a bvisincss trip to Oklithonia City. Mrs. A. J. tVright. Jr.. Is able to ba u»> after a lengthy 111 ness. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Husk as th»ir gi:est tit* H. Kask and Misses Mary and Nina Hnsk and Robert Harlan of Point. Miss, Mrs. A- B. Jackson = ter, Elaine ha\-e returne-d to Creelt, Texas, after a. visit I H 1 ^"-, * renilie Burrous, and . p^'- c - Str other of 2>eiztoa and J. j E. Crawford of Ocean Beach at* her guests. Cecii I>!cksoa of Washington, D. C^ -nrho has be«n visitiai Mrm. J. 1* Dickson, left Tuesday for Washington wh&re he Is connected with the Associated Prea*. Mr. and Mrs. O. 1^. Wood* hav* as guests Mrs. F. W. Stront aad. children of T^^etanxkah. Mrs. Alva R. Hutchinson. an* sons. Jirainy and. MH*s, Mr*. Mitchell, and Z-orraiae "WTUiaia* left Tuesday for G«oryla to spend the summer, Glenn A^ Cotilson and T. HL Conner hav* left for JL bustntaa trip to Xe-tr Tork city. Carl Johnson has gon« to Chicago to attend the Ce&tury - of Progress exposition and TurtH vt*it Detroit en route home. Mrs. £L C. Barber has returned to t ort Smith, Ark., after her son. Holly Barber. Miss Ktizabeth Bfard has r»- famed from a visit vfKh th* family of her hroth«r, Chlckasha. Clarence Saodgrass has gone to Ch!cas:o on a basinets trip and win visk Century of ProgreaB exposition. : Mrs. Gay Btirroas aa<5 Mrs. Bttrroxiss are ia Potea«, conducting a. school of instruction for. tfee | Baptfst iciet:-.' 1 Bert . Mlssionarv ~ former ea»4Mat* for state au4!t4r, has withdrawn from the ran-off nrftfe C. C. ChJkSers, wao -eras !n t>5€ race. i of T tJLlK S TT- T —*V —T " - T •»*••»•" *• i '-'i-A.^i.. J I Kyrle Belles, mannee- idoi or nis era. sur-j. !ss/ . ^•"jfered from rose colds. The sight of a single i Ther And such comment, leading to other, Tsafi* life at least. "Inrerest- | when she has achieved stardom at •He inade her think, for some j *>,«. c<iSt of h * r htis&aiid's earner i reason she couM not -define, of j 9lie throws hits over for Mansers. he he r - 1 him! ene. r offer a 13 and leaves her fomv«r to o West and rebuild his career. rose sent him into a congrning', sneezir-s- and I Traterr-eYed nt. On tour In San Francisco ne piaeec tr.e appointing po-wer in one autnonty. j ^- ent to a ^se- party. A hiigre bo^l of roses be that :be "g-ov-emor or any other, ibe com- 1 centering- the table tot*che<3 "Mia off. mission then niighr bare been harmonious <md J f, os tess insisted be' be brave. •e yotzn? rr.en and oM ;cd!e-aged men o? a-11 sorts; 3-Ia.rsiia. hea.r<J *ii< % l'•of tiridying- Jove with [which seared something- — it! Tip andfasd verdaat ar-d your-g-. while 1>octor Jamos cheeks made one thiirk' <?f pin- f I cushions. Yet—for s-orne reason- Bob Powers continueiiJ to make her r<irnemb€r Docror James. on aiiv one I/SLIT ol ssoTiiusrs. _, . , , . . __ . ,. . . , _ iVU^s».. Sa-Uyyilii: jIJ iMI a «4ii'Ca. Tse vno;e isisg :s an afra:r or wir.ea Texas | T or ^«^d : "Cafe.' T Sb* in« hould be asharaed and ^hieb should not bef iaitr » j „ 15ed . ^o,,:^ o * ai _» alloTveo to is£ss:or:s or r*ci:r m creation ot com-!« f easionsi VISITS I try ont rnv taxican French, i away the tiir.e? i Todav., stoupins in for a quick cnp of coffee, j ^ if ' T nil =>«»»me ^as "Prfnceso," • - - -- --" iuQ-aJre^- **Au. i an apt »*«kn«rn ? . K*r manner ^aa ., J , -» -s ^ jj tr«jErsi; ar|f? wa?r a » T?rr*»« r—-*-• •^»-jt'ii/-i - • • f Vn- ^.TTT • 7 4 yt/^ r2<*r(a/-t - ! .. ..•*.'"Also la spoon. land carried on. * •* JJ J i -™~"- «•«•= v.« re fi.; r. = ir;'»? ""TT:*- a-* Ana adaed:U tliers . too kin<! _ HM court ^; £ ^v"e Just ^"Hooped, hollered iro^c-n^ au-i demo^ra ! rr«« tcrhfch AR«tau!tM in the News 13 Yean Ago From the files rt The PorU Mor* ing News thirteen, years mgo "Just I=ft your coc5J; Slareha. eyes stilt on LAtrtia, Powers. She spoke fn r>erhaps tlt» prettiest -vole* for her to Tr»a.r; a. laTictiiti. s-*?n*Ic 3^*iv*?f*t onT. **H"e is'a trifle serious, but en- ch-irjtlnsr. Xo. thank 7/011, I can't s:t do^wrs. Vi\jt it :?? •so srw^et of yo« all to want TT>^ so very r t -.T**-v»'" r"]TT3^ «rrOT3^> ptfff^Tif*^ stt ii*?? rid mockerj'/'i keeps rners Ins so younsr? I'm fearfully stt- tracted. fTo-w -woaltj you like rr:e for a cousin. 'De'ltia? ^V«- cc-trM J TIMBER WOLF IS S aid I KILLED AT MAXE er- MA'XET — Alvin Brigsr* kill- | ed a baif-gro-R-n timber -9,-olf in the creek bottom Saturday taorc- arid J< itsr ar.d Clara Julian ""V. Thoinpson have b«cn deleyatea to th« county convention at Shady Grove ScTuniay and Sun4a.y. Maxey defeated Brookston «.t have scch jolly times t^^«»t^«r—{ t^a«*rbaJJ Saturday, 27-5. Jim—Bob an<3 T." j w . R. Prtittt !« «nin5jjrov*<3, titla bridle, flushed. l<wt col- { CorTJ is ne*dlns raJn but cotton Is looking ftn*!. Som«* ar« haalin? water to drink. Th« yoans Not* cf Ills seal* Scold Part wjth Jcr T. Proof r»a<J«r'» mark for a or; h"r f Sirs--*. J:m Deane, wandered a bit. and Marshal way. He hari. r»t'am*v5 ?o Tjrtl'ia nnly because Marsha hatf ff r r> w n Marsha (Tmf"<?<i. "Dor/t t ar,^! thel^n* saJ5. and too kindly. "T hushed. "And vv"e have an idea that yocr rt7srarf-<J to play too lot sTiore — ** <<*he lr the srotsp »n<3 ra.:b*r cruel not I have turned a J<-s* I Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. people -were cnter- ecl at M. H. Jullan'j* Fridav Monday, Jalr 11, 1921 Commissioners court was as'« public health nurse and took advise iReni. Ferr>' Hale a»d Miss Jewel Grztnt of Chi- •vs'ere m.a.rr;-ed at tbe c-0"urt bo-use by Rev. j If this recovery moves too fast ars<3 fat. Miss G*rtru<5«, ha.rt not yet. W. H. WaHaer. T W. I^ackie. superintendent of Bitulithie street paving, was injured ia &u auto eollisitm ! at Fifutersth a.nd Kaufrcazs, oa<: hip •sprained «nd severs! bruises inflicteri. The <iea: at Lamar club lake hax3 bees I eoitipj^ted and forrnslly accepted bj the .reet or^. \V. H. Ware, formerly of Lubbock, < some victims o (find ' old JODS o? T th* depression are aroma: to } - Vl3r * h *. Joo'cf ^ upon .TL s-r--5?;p r,o ! an<3 <-4'me appeared their sud- and corseio«* face* i »nd I a.m Ui« ' ( Sh«i «E&id, too SFnfft*t.}y. "B-Jt 1 here are supposed to be over a bi'iion j/s**^ dorj't Jet m«} interrupt 1 i cfceeked in as W«siero Union telegraph man- ] \vom^n in yhe world. You se« all of them at any •*S*r in place o| A. J. Howard transferred to] sale where they are ceiling $1 «.**i^-l*« r^r |93 c«at*-^Atl«ma CoastitotioiL s »^.V"t I Rev. J. w. Milligratn. Batptint n: T IJkv j minister, -wijl b*J5in a meeting at '^t TO ^!« 1 SI outs* V*?rrion churcb Sttntfay, k i *«2 a.roi;n<5 j M!t»« Evelyn CoJvert of Paris 1 spent th«3 we*k end b*r*. * any of your t thflr 5'irsch- hour wiih yuu?" her tone wax too w'srcTrt and when reaporsx* csm« in a vole* m*d# brttTl'S by r th* f**<:tex;: no i<-*s to th*rSr way only by «ach «JK th* fortune b* L«tSrJA**, No "1 sntint mornfn* to move on."* « mlrfd5* of of * in res! h*it that sroaM they ahe *».:<! ji!J," (To Today!s Amusement* Gallant Lady Brook At The Plaza The Witching How Alkm Tfw»» Brown At Th« Lmmmr Sh« L*arn«i Aboot 5«»or» »y« At The t> ^ Point out til* "*y to Uiaiad «««is of W. Prono-.-a Cona«ct3c«t: S5. Air: * &t> *'- form 15. 3S. 23. *•, » 43. Foaris** Ait«rnaUv« 57 Part of ta« Toot 3?i. Head 6i - *. Coari* of pub«c Uf* 9. Fouadalloa 11. On* 12. Oois tbir<3 or Si Poker wrtn 53 CooJt SS 54 m

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