Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, 1973 · Page 106
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 106

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 106
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600—Dogi supplies * hrvltet '' mate 6NAL"7Sfoomlnfl"By" B5T, n. JI ^WjaBKi Dane H'a r i e qu I n oup. iervlce, show quality". ...JMT*™ STilEWWRD ,,Chimpl6n sires. 948-0003. le mix, U-," • I-KVJ1H V&UJ&L-" '-.!i°VV. P _ . ; Australian German Shepfier3 1 u p. p le s, two months old. puppies, 7 weeks norninas or late female Labrador puppy, shots, needs home with child- EffingeSIQ • * months, AKC reqlstered. $100 N PUPS,.be a u 11 f u 11 v adult female, 268-56 ERMAN 'Shepherd puppies. IRISH setter nupples 1-465-7292. .GERMAN shorthalr pointer pups, 6 .Weeks old,' AKC, Excellent hunting "31 •1521 ' — M A R A N E R puppies, AKC. 'ggTrJANV spaniels. AKC. 943-8840. ' SHOW Quality AKC registered Great ..Dane puppies. Fawn and Brlndle. Wth terms. After 2pm, 838-3748. IE collie, male. 276-7685. COTLIES. 247.40367 MALE Basset hound, AKC, ready for breeding, stud. Third generation, needs female, one year old. Ca I 274-2184 after 6 p.m. ,yo-Tjyj. AFFECTIONATE 9 month old. arev male --' '-" 966-248 74-2184 a PAPILLO _ PAPILLONS (butterfly dogs), pet P.m. ; SHEPHERD pups. 272-6475, POODLE puppies, adults. 978-0141. IRISH Setter, AKC, 266-3616."''' SILKY TERRIERS7~AKC7~PUPpfes; female, 2 vears; stud service. 939-7409. SHELTIES. 993-8842. SPRINGER Spaniels AKC. 3 months, 2_£ema(es, ] male. 278-5639. D A L M A T I A"N puppies. Al?t registered 944-7745. WCC>\3. £U.7-7tu.,, LOVING kittens, free to good home Housetrained/shots. 992-8588. THREE white longhaired kittens housebroken. free. 959-4813. 'COLLIE puppies. 266-5317. BEAUTIFUL Doberman puppies not registered. Reds and black & tans, $35. 268-2978. STANDARD Poodle, show puppy, 6 months, loves children, famllv forces sale, must sacrifice, 937-9986, 931-0696. BRITTANIES, AKC. 943-8840, MALE Irish Setter, 2 years, must sell, $50. 938-1599. AKC, Coilie pup, 4 months; 242-5654. 'TOY Poodle, stud service, also pup Pies, cheap. 275-9609. And Supplies .PARAKEETS, ba'bies. sosi East Thomas. MIN. POODLE male Blk. 272-0615. AUSTRALIAN Shepherd puppies, mixed. Ideal for children, S5. Come mornings, 6226 East Monterey Way, -MI\MI\C C I J, ,»o-ojoy. _______ 3ABY Parakeets, Parrots, ,Cockat- els, Macaws, Finches. Cages. Sup- Piles. 278-7428. corner_62jid_P|ace. P.ANE_pups.j!47-"3023. A'KC BASSET puppies. 964-0955. NINE week old Enollsh AKC Sheen- dog' PUPS. 992-2783. POODL " ' s. 77i Canaries, Mvnah birds. 272-3867. COCKATlELS, BeeBee Parrots. Love- ilrds. Finches. Cages, Supplies. 2751671 Ranch. 100 Poodles. Puo- SCHNAUYER Puppies. 949-5021. MEW 50 gallon all glass aquariums. 39.95. 955-2457. pups AFGHANS, _934-4143 L 938-6996"7~ B E A U T I F'O L Doberman •172-0615. CHAMPION Afghan at stud. 967-3665. REGISTERED toy poodle puppies. '$55. 272-8912. CT.KATIELS; Finches. 964-2092. MYNAH bird In cage, talks, walks arid squawks. $15U 01 be«t offer. Must go before 7-1-73, 273-3364. AKC Cocker Spaniel Puppies. MINIATURE Schnauzer DUPE. 935-2278. AKC Beagle puppies. 946-8833 after 3 p.m. AFGHAN PUPPles. 949-5021. MINIATURE Schnauzer puppies. AKC^reglstered. 267-0468. . •S C O T T I E puppies, male, $100. 955-7079. GERMAN Shepherds. AKC, Gorgeous, Heavy boned. 956-2302. SHELTIES^.266-0480. J .YORKSHIRE stud: 269-1254. _ SILKY terrier puppies. 949-5021. GERMAN Shepherd, 992-8040. PUREBRED German Shepherd puppies, $25. 934-5917. LABRADOR puppies. 939-6030. W4 )Hei FEMALE German Shepherd puppies. BOSTON Terrier, AKC puppies. Male and female. 959-5398. A bi KC St. Bernard puppies, champion ioodjlnes, seven weeks old. 247-7277. CbQCOLAtEToodle. 944-0750. ' Husky~~~pupples, AKC MINIATURE Apricot male Poodle, 8 months. AKC papers, $75. 278-5884. LABRADORS, A"KC~Eastern brie3. ing. 992-2205. GERMAN Shepherd puppies. 947-5206. AKC MINIATURE Beagles, 7 weeks. . COCK-A-POO pup, $20, shots. 2440050. TWO AKC Poodle puppies, miniature males, champagne, shots, groomed $75. 967-5436. PUPBV, 274-0979. ~''-~—""""** MUMW.T. *.l-*-VII*. FOUR Australian pupp es, $20. l'/i year old English Shepherd, $20. 932- P"ART Sheltie and Retriever free to good home, 2027 North 29th Street. _._. ., _ GERMAN Short - haired pointers _.._, __ BEAGLE, female, also Bassett - t«r [ ee to aood home. 762 North r lSL Jf ee to aood home. 762 No JOtn Street. A218. TINY cHlhuahua puppies. 272-5T31. DOBERMANS, AKC Extra large PUPS. 992-1381, 'MA.LE_Pood!e t 267"0772, after 6pm. WEIMARANER'S, AKC, must sell Two males, one female. $25 each, .AKC~Rl"GTSTlR'E D~~German Shepherd puppies. Beautiful sables and blacks. 948-1337. AKC ST. BERNARD six puppies. Make vour choice earlv. S100-$350. 4211 East Campbell. STUD, BJack toy poodle. AKC. Pri vate owner. 934-3078, owi tn SAINT BERNARD pupples7247-2396. IRISH SETTERS, AKC, champion ship bloodlines. $100. 956-1341 2-0737. <lg pu SIBE_RIAIN.HuskyTups, AKC, males, , . . I E S, $75. Shots. 242-1847, 3-5256.,. LABRADOR Retriever puppies. Six weeks. AKC registered. 1-568-2285 Maricopa. Arizona. B'EAGTET^eiernai^SO.' 944-'7B81. BDJE Tftk and black and -tan hounds, five months old, very reason able. 962-4656. AKC STANDARD A'prlcot poodles, 247-7804. ING In large,, cooled runs Tsh Setter puppies. 278-4639. _ AKC Doberman P I n s c h e r s. Ten week;. 942-7549. COLLIE. Blue,, Merle male. 7 months. Papers. $50. ?35-5779 J _ WEIMARANER'Male, $40. 274^46jfl, f ftSSET ourHes. AKC. 995-1908_. fitJLINGTON puoov. the aristocrat dog for the family who cares I. female, 963-3036. AKC SCHIPPERKES X-LENT QUALITY FOR PET OR SHOW7 CFIAM.PION, BLOODLINES AJ? sho 4FTER 5 P._ M., -. " Male Afghan, 7 months, al - sjioi NANCV EVANS KENNELS 3307 EAST SOUTHERN ' Bassets, AKC., Shelties, AKC. Toy Collie AKC. Easy terms. Cute Dachshund mix. Poodle mix. Aust Sheps, beauties, »10. Terriers, J5 »" ethers. Open A.M. and after 5 p.m 276-2151. __L MINIATURE Jlnsehers. 955-9229. T5ASCH~UND puppies. AK"C. J59-0506 D'ASCHUN SHELTIES SHELTIES, AKC. TOR oualltv oup pies. Good terms to good home. 944 ERMAN," Ak"C, black male. 279 *ALE Saint Bernard, 8 months 275-9896. for Vale. 955-4819. _ __ AT Dane oops, six weeks, pure- no oapers. Reasonable. - __ __ shepherd mix oupplesT anv Spaniel PUPS. I2T. OND. male, one year old, AKC 50. 273-0947 . . -. ______ H sejter.ouppiesnj weeKs, [•• s. ,, Excellent show prosoects. PRE&T Danes, Florence, 1-M»-_4M5. AKC BRITTANY Spaniel pupplesT? weeks.J.75. 937-0151. BlAC ••-•••- tered. Two quarter horse studs, 4 years, wo years, green-broken >/< horse AP>y qeldhin, s years. Great pleasure lofse. 992-2449. _ ,,. _..orthalr . weeks. No paoers. 963-9732. IHIIAHUAST93T2877, FREE German Shepherd, . children, pay for ad. 91 937.9008, ^ niers. o BERNARD puppies, pure6re<T ll, S75. Teke 1-17 north exit tisas ROB'' (6 miles .north «f .' must sell; J757T8ke Dusas ROB'' (6 n— .— „ . rord»s ,'unctlonl, oo east 4 miles, turrt riaht at cattle guard. _ rVRCAT'Barie 'iin/'hW all shofsT ^eason^He. 9S'-4288. "HS EnqHsfi Sheepdog puppies. 949^ 5021.__ the PET PAD In Thomas Mall SALE ST. BERN, RISH SET WIN. SCHNAUZER GERMAN SHEPHE WIRE FOX TERRIE.. NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG , . Pups Shots & Veterinarian Examined LIFETIME HEALTH GUARANTEE All Credit Curds & Payment Plan TROPICAL FISH 0, AQUARIUMS Open All Eves & Sundays 959-653C IR HOU 601— Cats Services * Supplies 'ERSIANS. 272-1971. PERSIANS, 973-0878. SIAMESE Sealpolnt Stud Service. Boarding. 272-- " FWti kittens 936-1703. 700. ERSIANS. 93^470* SIAMESE ORAN ESE. 849-2286. GE, Black. 9 lack. 956-2646. WALL to Wall kittens. Free. 278-94" 9471. SIAMESE. 938-3867.1 _ Is! kittens. Price reduced. FR%E ' black and white klflenT. 996-9595 ni > ^u 1 IWMPA I 1^. 7 IMUIIII1 wiw> «i »- • male cat seeks I o v I n 9 home HIMALAYANS, 272-5942, .renwrens^p^rfffi^. 1 ! weeks, mother M7-1B13, evenings DOMESTIC kittens. 938-2554. SIAN. 277-3689, FRE"E""ktften~tb" qood home. 2027 Morth 29th Street. 275-7084. FREE kittens. 938-9282. FREE kittens, need i home •eks. r 265-9205. SIAMESE kitten, 939-0183. STO: WnW FREE Kltfens._253-5338. '. SIAMESE kittens. 263-1178^ 603—Birds, Fish Muiiiaa* !A_R_AK.E'ET'S, 276-8369. _ PARAKEETS, Cockatieis, Love ggia.r.'ejt Mynah birds. 272-3867. katieis, Lovebirds, .ILAC Crowned Amazon Parrot. 162-6141. 504-Pets & Supplies PROFESSIONAL Grooming by Dot. 242-4518. .,„„„-, & Cage. 971-3975, BROOMING, all breeds, from $6.50. 269-9617.. _ CAGES. 944-4771. BABY raccoon, 530. 265-_9155^_ -' PTTS AMERICAN STYLE 9110 N. 7th St. LEOPARD CATS JUNGLE CATS MLL NOT BE PE JTER AR12 A FT I F^yE^|Y^ BU | R E°i gl| %rFM8lfs7f3ffi~ MIARYVALE PET SHOP 278-4141 607—Livestock For Sale ' ' E buy horses, goats79TI-9325. . .ORSES. 947-9705. _ JAGUA'R flliv, 2 months training, excellent prospect for 4-H, halter, Western Pleasure, or runninq. $1500. mkhana pony, trophy winner, . 939-1665, BE old, qoo $300. 846-4907, . , _ . AUTIFUL black gelding, 5 years , qood horse, also saddle, etc. TOP orlces paid for vour cattle, hoos & killer horses. BR 6-6062. HORSES, tack. Financing available. 9601 North 75th Avenue. 937-6014. PONIES. 939-5866, BABY calves, 935-3414 .uy — Sell or Trade ponies. CALVES. 9320243. _... BABY aoats, milk goats, reglsterec billy scat service. 4750 East Bel Koad. 971-9325. MILKING goat, $50. 995-0207. REGISTERED Quarterhorse mare, 948-7083. APPALOOSA broodmare. ExcefierTt bloodline, J2 3R5ES and ponies 948-0631, 2 YEAR old Appaloosa qeldlnq. 938- 6 YEAR old bav mare, $250 25 C ROSS-bred cows and calves 276-3939^. BLACK Angus Bull. 937-7564^ FEEDER_ca|yes,J j: 4653360 TWO year old stud, broke. $350. 2737829, THOROUGHBRED selding, 8 years $250. 935-9769. GELDING quarter horse Grvella, 8 shots,_944-4746._ WILL sell for feed bill: two studs two mares. 83rd Avenue and Bel, Road. June 30 at 10:00 a.m. EWE and far lamb, $70. 938-4065. SIX year old model Quarter Horse mare. 969-7682. PLAUDIT REY 1972 stallion by Plaudit's Red, out of an AQHA champion producing quarter mare. Selling at the Natlona Sale, Salem, Oregon, July 3, 8 p.m. Won his class at Albuquerque first time shown. Sharwood Ranch, Show Low, 1-537-4899. HORSES for sale. 268-3344. TWO burros, $40 each, 3032 South 40th Street..268-7081._ BABY goats. 937-1846. DEATH in' family requires sale o 'horouahbred show hunter. $800 'ves. 966-7106. BAY qeldlno, gren broke. Gentle 276-1617, anytime. MILK cow. 2 feeder calves. Sprin» heifers. 942-0188. PALOMINO paint qelding, excellen! riding horse. Spirited, $350. 269-1817 ing 3 YEAR old well bred filly, show class, has had about 3 month's train ing. 3 bar breeding. 635-2210 Wll Hams. Arizona. ___ REGISTERED Quarter by My Texas Dandy, gelding. 15.2. $450. 948-6226. WE BUY HORSES. 268-1261. 7 YEAR old quarter type gelding Gymkhana horse. 992-8072. R"R!STERED Palomino Q u a r t e r horse, 16.1 hands, 7 years old. West ern pleasure. Enallsh lumping 948-0770-before noon, 267-8832, after BREED ARABIANS A rare opportunitv to acoulre » daughter of Skorage with chestnu colt by her side. Mare is 23 and In aord condition.. Colt Is bv Takara Rifsid $1500 or -ivilT trade for deluxe two horse trailer. Call Bill Littleton __ registered thoroughfare. very nice v bv. fSure , Sure Now). $1250 fT5d Trid UP" calves. TWO year old Chestnut" mare, $100, 3606_SiutJ!_5?th_Ay|nue. _ !,, y35- _ YEAR . _ _ Palomino GeTdlng. 607-LlwtMlc :ARbN£L. srapes, .sick your own, jnno containers, l'/> mi. SoutR Bas«lme-56lh St. Tempe. bulls, registered, «J6.$26W. 5, YEAR old Dun mare, consistent GO r. $500: 9', ach. Will lWs ' Ny . small. Trophy appy~mare, ldln». _ e, »38-1 . »S9-01 . 1*4, BUCKSKIN Quarter mare, 4 vears •— -- mfM&r child's horse.Jjt.jjj^. 613—Livestock supplies > service! ALFALFA, also bermuda. We dellv- er, 278-7981. Arli.'i largest selection of the world's finest horse & stock trailers, suosldlary of Earnhardt Ford, t . Arizona Ave., Chandler. 963-6311. Hale Horse and Cattle trailers Regional office. 70-M Units on Display. We finance or Tr Arliona Ave. Ch - ^- - . 934-2801 . ..-, Sales. 59th Avenue, quar- .er mile north of Peorla, westside. EWARTS Horse Hotel, Steel stalls, --X40, , plenty shad*, fresh water, professional training and excerclslng. ACCOUNTING-lncome Tax IS yea old, well established business. A pro*. $18,000,00 annual gross. Fi :omplete details, write Box ' jK-Ariiona Kepuplle and Gazette. English or western. "References. Complete boarding and care for your horse. Reasonable, 992-9137,992-6286. NAVAJO TRAILERS Capitol Trailer Sales, 3922 wlndian hchool. 269-8373. . JRT-A-STALL - SUTLER complete animal ho u s I n g systems, stalls, Barns, shades, fencing, corrals, hoi walkers, horse t r a i re rs , Display yard, 213 South Alma School Road, Mesa, 834-8812. HORSES Avenue, rded — 3116 North 83rd - lor sale. 849-5086, I AM M, Gooornan, Horseshoe- 934-3709. . , L ocal resident. 934-6078. ~ trailers for rent $10. WE TRAIN HORSES AND PONIES tor obedience, saddle, carts, sights and sounds. Bad habits corrected, etc. Results guaranteed. References. Also riding lessons. Terms. 276-3171. ALFALFA delivered. 931-ITSoT BEEF processors. We pick up, HORSESHOEING bv Tom Flynn * •.. 2 l..V?- a " experfence. 935-5620. HAY. 936-3934. . oarding, $40 Includes: shaded stalls, pastures, hay. Special rates for mares & colts or more than one horse. 942-3449. SUCKER rods. 966-9793, HORSESHOEING.,- Jerry \ Hot, cold, corrective. Borlum, etc. 938-9675. SUNDOWNER Stables, $20. Trl-clty area, 964-9533, HORSE pellets for sale. Alfalfa - berrnudajnlXi. Bull<,_937-1218. SAbD'LE. 934-0825. OAT hay. $1.85. 99th Avenue between Broadway-Southern. Hay Wanted 962-6738,833-3918 HORSESHOEING, Tony T u n n e 11, ORSI ' HORSESHOEING, Tom McCoy. 967- RIOS SADDLES & TACK ANNUAL SALE. Our annual store sale will be held from Monday, ..June .25.-30. . terns reduced 10% and 15% you can purchase quality Rio equipment at discount prices. ulpment at discount prices. SCOTTSDALE STORE ONLY 7129 E. Mercer Lane, 3 blk'S N. "hea. Open dally 9-6 p.m. 948-4051. ALL trophy gymkhana, 2nd place 1 s. Sponsored by Tom Flynn, ? , r. Calhoyn, Dewell Rogers. June .Jth, 7pm sharp. 19001 West Cu ver. '35-5620. 935-5680. 935-9464. ALFALFA hay, 8202 Northi 59th Avenue. 30' 93" ALFALFA hay, 3-wlre, 92.75 bale. Clean straw & oat hay. 59th Avenue/Peorla. 1973 SAFARI HORSE TRAILERS Will be sold at wholesale prices . to public. Starting at $875. 4486 GRAND AVE 279-5537 TRACTOR WORK. Plowlnq, discing, ripping, borders, leveling, seedlna, small acreages. Satisfaction guaran teed. 934-9621. HORSESHOEING; Mike, 937-4839, JAND tool saddle, 16' seat, $175 269_-1817_._ • CUSTOM Farming & weed cutting. Blueweeds killed. Tom Billingsley. 935-5279. 1 Kir HElSER-Denver saddle, also Saddle King_rpper, mint condition. 957-0397. ROPING saddle $200. after 5:30 9J5.-05.33. HIGH qualltv alfalfa hay cubes. Bulk & 75-pound bags. 839-2765. "'4875, after 4 p.m. "16T"" , , rectlve. Bv R.J. Cook. Call 96 _ _ hot, cold and cor- ll — OPEN Rodeo, June 30 and July 1, Flagstaff, Arizona. Diamond M Arena All events. Dally team roping. Books open until 10 a.m. June 30. Advance entries, call 836-5589. George Mason stock contractor. ALFALFA hay, 2-wire bale. $1.75. 254-7722. HORSESHOEING, Stewart Phelan. 995-0978. VERDE Valley Rangers sponsoring Mormon Lake Roping July 4th - Bth. Junior/Senior 2 steer, $14. 3 steer elimination, $26. Top 15 cannot rope. New ronlng each day, Jackpot barrel j_. FLAGPOLES, light poles, steel fabrl- catlon. 276-8470. 2000 TONS alfalfa. $43 per ton dellv- ered. Truck lo^ds onl". Statewide lellvery. 962-6738, 833-3918. delivery. 1971 HA '971 HALE four horse gooseneck. . 94"-3940. 948-1589. FIVE steer elimination. $20. Friday 7:30 p.m. 35th Avenue & Baseline. BLACK \ Canyon Saddle Club, al trophies, onen vouth gymkhana. Sa turday, June 30th, 1973 at 6:30 p.m. arena 63rd Avenue / Bell Road. 9425039, 934-2055. JUNIOR and senior three steer aver age, S12. Open to follow four for $16 Saturday 7:30 p.m. 35th Avenue & Baseline. BOARDING, Pens or pasture Hay S Bermuda. 945 N. 40th St. 267-8120. LATE Merhow two • horse walk throuah, cnmolpfe pauloment. Flni nnriltlnn. IV-WII. 267-7223. QAT hav. 276-8006. FOUR wheel showbuggy. Beautlfu chrome and black. Appolntmenl onlv, 957-0272, 267-7'»23. HAVE room in barn for 3 horses. NrrthWBSt Phoenix. 943-4236. SADDLES 8. Tack. Huge selection Trades accepted. Pratt's Feed, 5241 West Glendale. _ PRESCOTT Frontier Davs ropinq sponsored by the Prescott Javcees Saturday June 30 and Sundav, Julv I. Location Wonlsev Ar<»na East o Prescott out Highway 89 lust pas Prescott Country Club. Events Satnr day, June 30th: Calf roping, 4 rop- Ings. Enter once. Entry fee $35 12:00-2:00 P.M. Bulldooqlna, 4 steer average. Entry fee $35. GRA barre race, 1 go-round each dav. $100 add ed to total oot. Entrv fee $15. Bar beque will be served, Sundav, Julv 1: Team steer ropinq 6 steer aver age. Elimination after 4. Entrv fee *65. Each person can enter twice Starts 12:00. Barrel race samo as Saturday. Barbeaue will be server! Books open Saturday at 8:00 A.M close at 2:00 P.M., Sunday at 8 A.M close at noon. Amount o prize money to be determined bv amount of entry fees paid. Bel tMigklej swarded Jo yyjnn?rs. __ ALFALFA. 2, 3" wire, $1.75, $3,00. 1-3 mile north «f Bethanv Home Roac and 75th. Griffith Avenue. Delivery _____ _ HORSE Boardlno. 934-7154 'IM. *•»•»-» l«l"». HORSE PELLFT3 Alfalfa-Bermuda mix. $65 a ton, 80-1 b b*qs. Free delivery on 2-ion orders 997-4686. ; 616—Poultry ft Babbitt QUAIL Incubator. 275-4623. 959-3883 Bobwhltes. Rlngnecks du'ckiT '93'9¥l7<~ ' DUT rabbits, bunnies. 945 621-rrulfi APrtfluet 630~li*flnM* sidinq • Oder horse, quarter xceliehl with children. $115. MTJsT.ieir beautiful registered Mor- oen stallions, Shows western and =88 sh. Priced to sell, 279-3007, 248- N with land for devef sell all or part. s, PICK your own, i. B>ms vouf.ewn, th Road, south fit tor sign, open « =OR Salt: All or Instrument jceww/y soujpment .Overhaul HIM Jiy.«Ator-Manaa !RESH peaches. Wth "Avenuej ilfaack. 300 vartfs south of C I i_Basellrie-56th St. Tempe. DEN'S Farms • pl«7.v.9ur,,own ripened tomatoes. 2112 West .ISC Ib. ison. ie • rn BfcKinff dally, ..snort eji Deii Farms, Grand •' iny.fome.Road. *: ~"t7"~ ^—— •••?-•• .*+••-•- -'"— I a •• ICK your own plums, I5c lb.J=ast .asellne Road to, Recker Road, Southeast of Mesa. 625-Food i Meat Product! mpletely orocessed for USDA 69ed ° f BUSINESS and FINANCE Classes 110 throujh M 630—Business Opportunities FINEST one man business In area $5900 investment required. Call Col eet Mr. Clark W4J 394-1707, AUTO WRECKING YARD For sale or lease. Owner. 276-7379 or ives & weeKends. B3B.f748 TKEMtNDOUS opportunity, retail business In maior shopping center $18,0od to $25,060. Will train, e w% nl lhance. Box 86-R Republ (rail lie PEST Termite Control business $2u,000 gross. Tempo's Oldest company. 967-6546. After 6 p.m. 966-4411. UILA Bend IravelLodge Kestaurant — Komney International Hotels now Interviewing for qualified restaurani lessee, high volume year round busi ness. Contact Frank Nelson or John O'Haver for I n t e r v I e w., Phi 248-0811. nwnT,' sb-me-|nvenfo7y" avail."'wTll trade. 258-4861. PUBLIC RELATION TYPE? Opportunity for dynamic man or woman capable of Keeping company established clients nappy by contacting weekly (no product Involved) ana keep employees motivated with company financed contest, Incentive awards, banquets and so forth. We'll turn over to you the number of service contracts (accounts and employees) you can prove yourself capable of managing. For each contract you will Invest $400 with a prelected Annual average return of $1980. Please send brief handwritten resume to Box 39-HX Republic and Gazette. A NICE one. No. 8 bar with ,MM,. "• come, low rent. Priced low 20's. 938 3982 GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR of an exciting tourist attraction. Complete Swiss-style community now under development - chalets, quaint shops, offices. State Hwv. Dept. traffic count 1,300,000 Plus. Need restaurants, qlft and curio shops, tea-rooms, etc.. NOW! .75 scenic minutes northeast 'of S.cottsdale on Hwv. 87, V4 mllis north of Pays daily. Call BII Thomas. SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE, Good location. Call 254-7381. Eve., 938-1172. 967-7991, Joe Plngeldlne. ENGINEERING'e q u I p m e n t firm needs manager-investor for Phoenix AUNDROMAf priced right, 602"0 lorth 16th Street._ ayson • open _. _ias. DeveloL ment Superintendent. 602-474-2643 day or evening, or write Box " Payson, Arizona 85541. PRIME-LAUNDRAMAT- Gross over $35,000.. Pick-up dry cleaning rounds out service. Prem ises panelled and carpeted. Owner carry with $12,000 down. Call Dur wod Miller 248-8000. Eves. 277-0578 CARL ERICKSON &<ASSOC. "Maricopa County's Largest" LUNCH wagon and/or lunch wagoti and route for sale. Only qualified buyers need apply, 3770 West Whit Ion. SEE bus. OKE iort. ad Sunday paper. " ASSOC. 277-7417 SPEED Queen distributor has some new and existing coin-op laundries for sale. Be your own boss. Let us show you the way. 266-1344. TARIAL Service, Scottsdale. ilckness, Good inventory Can buv ir lease building For lnt»rvlew 54-42*3. ask for Mr. Herman. PRINT MONEY $56,000 Buys complete northeast printing co. arossmo over $50,000/vear established g r o w I n a """TVESTUNITED ith St. 957-1100 f24 Hrs.1 nt DRIVE-IN restaurant for sale by owner. Excellent location. Asking price $17,000. Frosty King. 1505 N. 35th Avenue. 272-7500. OWNER-OPERATORS Need late model three axle tractors Will also accept complete units including refrigerated or fan semi 'ill operate primarily be "" '/lexico am fv. For'furfhey'Information, call col lect, Alfrelght, Los Angeles, 213-6853500; or Phoenix, 602-276-4248. trailers. Will operate prime tween Calif,, Ariz., New Me El Paso, Texas. Excellent of COIN Idy. 25 mach $5500 total Pacific Assoc. 274-965, EARN $15,000+ ANNUALLY Easy work, terms available, will train. Dry-cleaning Pickup station. 34?-4338. Listen to Our Dally Recording ol Profitable Business Opportunities Call 265-2331 (24 Hours) 1st Phoenix Business Exchange 201 E. CAMELBACK 265-474* OWN A, COIN-OP LAUNDRY, new and existing stores, available now Excellent profit, financing. Distrlbu for. Call anytime, 248-0808. '* ARCO * Service Stations for lease pro Jerry Arno 264 For cash any Kind of Business stock Machine • equipment. Anywhere In Arizona. AL 8-69117 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$m$$$$$$$m$$$s$ SELLING YOUR BUSINESS Let Professional Business Brokers Do It For You J64-040* CORNWELL-MOSS 14 W. Camelback $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!$$$$$$$$$$$$« LAUNDRIE CO. Bendir . ix.-Gross N. Phx,-Gross ,— ..... .... N.W. Phx.-new store-SiOM dn. Mesa — Gross S20M $5M dn. COIN LA . S hl '«R ' V. Phx.-Gr SOUTHWEST COIN-OP SALES 20 N. Mh StT Phx. 254-5021 RESTAURANT,, store,, off Ice spact Lease Northeast 95;-""*- • SWAP & SHOP MEET NOGALES, ARIZONA PIGEONS._252-«08. PIGEONS. 265-3112. RABBITS — Cages. 995-0525. BROWN Ch'nese gander. $6.50. bur- bon red, turkey hen, $12.50, fertile duck eggs. $.60 dozen. 942-3029. MO U NTAIN 'quail. Pheasants, breed- MO U NTAIN 'quail. P ers & chicks. 272-5139. CHICKENS guineas. 278-1195. LAY I NGJiens, [iya slewing, hens and Rancri. ... irq. 1-684-2377 burg. 1-68 PIGEONS NG hens, live Hewing hens and s. si.25 each. Peaceful Valley h, 3V» miles east of Wlcken- PIGEONS, 944-2735^ 3E( BANTIES. 275-6969. GEESE. Ducks. Chicks. 936-3671. PIGEONS, 50c. 272-89S6. FOR SALE BY OWNER Ladle's Ready to Wear store - good location. Opportunity to own your own store with a minimum invest ment. Mode-O^Day National Compa ny provides all merchandise on con slonment - pays freiqht on merchan dise - assumes all mark, downs provides advertising & display mate rial, supervision, guidance olu many other advantages. Be In Bus! ness For Yourself but not by your self. Call 966-9451 for complete Infor matlon. WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS LAONQRY service, lucrative, My. band/Wife operation. Owner, 277-367 NERS » COlNT $3000 mo-Nets $1 center loc-JI 5,00 CLEANE Gr Shop ....... w HOSSACK REALTY fiEAutV salon, fully equipped, seven dryers, five styling spaces, illness forces J m m e d I a t e reduced sale. 849.2427, ipprox'lmatelV 1,0 Three usable Bui automobile wreekir down spS.' Ready >lelj, ake an otter. 957-1870. aAftAGE, all equlpm lorthwest location. Realty,. 849-2326. TOrOUTLET Qelv »SO,oo« total down, euts. you In his eye-glass, and hearing aid bust• s,,ln established,^ year old, nor- ist locanon. Owner retiring. 500 Includes an stock, fixtures. UNITED 11 N. 36th St. 957-1100 »4 Hrs.1 .. money. Requires at . ears comprehensive ex- ..irlence In management, BA, Bs, MBA will be considered an advantage. A broad knowledge of equipment will be helpful, vyii require hard work and creativity. No franchise fee, no cost to you, we will furnish office telephone, secretarial and qeneral overhead expenses,. We will give a comprehensive training course in the technical aspects of the business. Applicant must have an excellent background wlthclean credit and be Bondable. J/VI11, require good references. Requires an individual a goal establish a top business, that creates and, guides. Box r- '** •"••' ••-••----•— . - . - ike Money? Buy or Lease a 'estlnghouse laundromat 264*WANT TO SELL* Give us 90 days to sell vour business. We,have an excellent record of sales ($3,000,000). Call, us for action,, at 264-9919 (24 MmVSfiwtm. 1809 W. INDIAN SCHOOL 264-9919 fSsTETI~Flre~e~z wffh drive-in speaKer system, good equipment, employee >perafed,. nef_flrsf five months $9000. COMPLETE BUSINESS Ready fo, start, t Fal. Invest. Tcine iraue. <.JO-«OQI. SELL of lease. Beauty salon. 5 spaces. Will help finance beautician. 849-2427. . 50* LARGE "lampi, 50 lamp shades ii350. 1039 N. 24th St. UNATTENDED COIN LAUNDRY GR $15,800 vr-Nets $7000 vr 29 washers-7 dryers-$4500 dn HOSSACK REALTY _ 264-4861 WANT active T.V. Technician for oartner and T.V. Service. Excellent location, no competition,, located In center, small Investment. KTEW Sterl-Steam carpet machine. 50' hosa, faucet adapters, detergent, soot testing kit, advertls ng cards. All for S77S. 946-6195. UNION 76 GO FISHING Everv weekend! In booming Page, Ariz, on shore of spectacular Lake 'owell. Owner of busy respected painting f!rm wants to retire. Will sell all equipment & accounts. No debts. Ideal buy for one or two -men who want to live In clean smog-free scenic ariw w/exceotlonal Income potential. Phone 1-645-2A36 or write Quality Painting Co., P.O. Box 126, 86040. SELLING OUf ATTN- BUSINESSMEN , within 60..da We can 8, will sell vour business — • -0 days. Action guarante-- 1 i! REAtfY W "Arizona's Business Specialists'' 5033 N. 19th Ave. 263-023- SHEET METAL And refrigeration business. Est. 1 years-7 trucks-forkllft-all equipment plus name-Cash only. 4000 sq. ft building also available. $23,000 dry Owner will carry at 7'/j% on build- (SSLL n MARY LOU Eves 973-1931 REALTY SPECIALISTS WANTED, Dairy Queen type 5f drive-In, with or without real estate. Any area of state considered. Princi- als onlv. 279-5818. iARBER business, 3 chairs, refrigerated, carpeted, reasonable 9.*i5-',970. Evenings 937-2380. "CLEANE~R~S —Nets $9,000, $S,OOOTn GENL BUSINESS EXCH 248-0102. NEEDS WORK . In a great location. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, refrlg'd home. Walk to school, & Thomas Mall. Selling at appraisal $25,000. For Information call Ann Perry 948-6084 MOERKERKE' REALTY 947-7411 FRUTT stand, 16x16 walMnbox, owner wants to retire. Globe, 42<-2954; 425-0108. ESTABLTSHED excltinei business with contracts. High profit, unlimited market. Units of S5000-10.000. Expansion monev needed Immediately. Working or non-working associates 994-0721. LAUNDRAMAT GOOD LOCATION, Establish**! 20 vears. Business & property included. Make offer. LICENSE Bar — living quarters on 5Vi lots. PropcrN—fixtures «< stock. $31,500 w/$8000 down. WATSON 8, AUSTON 947-2558 BEAUTY Salon for sale. Choice Inca tion. Scottsdale area. $15,000. Call 996-1502. RESTAURANT, West Camelback <e*ts 4C>. fullv eaulpped. Will accept best offer. 266-638?^ LOW CASH DOWN Business h*s existing contracts, now operatlno at 120,000 gal. per year plus nlentv of comrrarclal accounts. Owners' moving nee- es s|t»t»' thU sa|p. LARRY HI ARK REALTY 2728 E, THOMAS 956-5656 SALON DC A 4 wet sfatlbns-7"d"rv'ers entral Phx loc-$2000 down HOSSACK "REALTY FIRST OFFER 264-4861 GROWING CORP., PHOENIX AREA ALL FOR (1) PRICE FINANrE fOM-pANY'S MOBILE HOME SALES USED CAR SALES $100,000 Will Handle. The Future Of fers Tremontfous Potential for Responsible Parties. The Finance Business Potential Alone Merits Your Write BIG JIM EN P.O Box 5868, Phoe- lR_85Q10. . . pnufpped Beauty Shno. $68I>0. 97^0342^ I5XCFLI.EBT onpnrtunltv for an ex perlenced professional service station h n«lne55man. Call Boh Dimstan '64 7474 for details on available station at 15th Avenue-Northern, RFRTAMPANT bv owner. Illness forces clo«lnq of ornf!taM<> little "is tsursnt ••flttlnti "7.0NI wm consider anv reaSonaMe_offer t i65-4M2. . rilIT r-l town dsrtv «">nt? to bnv bhienrlnt co. or prln'lng rn. In or near Phoenix or Turson Cnnflrfun t>l|. Rpplv Box I'-MA, Renubllc and G?f. r»ii; r nurk that " Els-jJint-5 operator. See *v » n 5 ( l' n 4 m«nt. Tempe area. 274-6696 and 267 R<21._ __ _ _ _ . - TP'A'M ER PS'-k. Black fanvnn Cltv F> e =t Inratnn |n tn«n. M^ c tlw nerma nont tenants Pool anH ^hnwp^s, rv. «'nl"ht hnnkiin* vnl «nn=i'(> ff*< rrlR 'n C"l'"t. P"-lr-|o»t« onlv. *"- t>ro"t nnl" r a|l after 4 o.m 74. C«I;T nr "'rlto Al^n T'-ttlr-. P.O • 1 nolnn t. In (o»eo ritv ficwl cnrner lo^atl^n. Rx« | l»"t nelohhorhood. R r n s s $12,000 ST F'non popular shopnlnq center. $10.000 HAwp 11,111 1-T.nHle npv r AH nf>w «-""inn-.»nt excellent location. Terms available. IFFFRYFS 759-R736 All m«rhlne« & eouipment. Contract* & clientele included, owner retlrln" from $60.000 vearlv income 1 wll c^rrv o'yfrents on $27.000 sale orlce n' «"rre"«'l» t"lSIneS5. OFISF RFALTY 992-9370 pv OVNER Established wholesale 4 retail bus! ness,, excellent man «, wife opera ton. Low overhead with good lease Will five 30 days training. Will grcss S^ooo-)- this year and growing 945-2534. after 7p.m. S2SQOO ca PUJMRING Business Partner want ed. Signed contracts. P.O. Box 142 Carefree, Arizona. hep. .LOW dOWJ •"•- •itrect. ir ell two plus acres, ,ooo square feet. Jiidlnos, presently ir,fl yard _and body ment, 3032 South very ttn\t SERVICE STATION leehanlcai business, con- peatfon. 266-gfT'o. „ _ ...-. AR 1 1ST will copy your favorite jlaek/whlte or colo oil, excepL 0orlralts, E 77. jlaek/whlte or color .photograph In 942-S827. ,_. .. .ARPET shampoo, $15 . a room. 43-567 !N7 $3009 down.Aoent. vAfCH repeirino at Its flnestrtT. nex. also. Bill Burns Jeweler, 589.1 west Indian school Road/59fh Ave. ue. 247-4427 MANAGE R '7wahTe"8 fof" "Iperlment house, couple preferred. 258-M54, AL RESTAURANT CALL week. ! BEAurV shop. Good equipment, oood lease. $3750.258- New car plus , account. Help, build a budget chain (coast to coast) requires salary, and ei , ild a bud oast to coast nvestment (secured). RESTAURANT Well-established fast food operation. first time 'offered, bv owneV. $]p,o"66 down, easily nets $18,000. Coniiden- ' ' 939-237 COC KT AIL lounse, excellent B ness, Agent, 938-684«. .Sun City area. fEKAlfi ;B500, 9: 30DT1 nlne/P( --LD yellow go d who would like to mlne/Peralta or Lost Dutchman gold I am onlv ' .---«-.. Inquire 2r Inqure 'hoenlx. ly one who knows locanon. 09 North 8th St. Apt. 6, CO nvestmen'fT' Inquire'"105'South 43rd Street, 9-12 P.M. Monday-Friday. CTION AND SNACK DE- HIP AVAILABLE. E S,t a b.l- route. Truck purchase Is onlv NICE, established^ laundromat in Flaflstaft which Includes, equipment In good area. Lots of potential. Terms are available. Call Rita Quackenbush Real Estate in Flags aff for details,J74-3132, S30 PER month. Babysitting, mv home., 252-0509. 2«-153J IJJJ. TTE, LAUNDERETTE, excellent business, self • ser.ylce and, reasonable oood credit Highway 66. Good >f parklnq. Cash morioaoe. Reply to Ic and Gazette. f 641—Money Real Estate Mortg Mortgage Leant SPECIALIZED FINANCING Venture capital and all types of fl- lancing. Arizona Financial Systems MAKE "money! We loarTmoriey on your home to buy our apartments. Agent,_25t4]86. BCI WILL buy, sell or loan on rea estate mortgages, agreements, anc commissions. 945-1221. HOME-OWNER LOANS Bill consolidation. 1st & 2nd mtges, Fast service. ALL-STATE MORTGAGE 254-501 1st & 2nd mortgages loans Immediate funds 8 per cent Interest Commercial—residential We Buy Mtaes & Contracts . VACANT LAND INTERSTATE MORTGAGE 264-6864 SECOND mortgage loans available VCO Financial Services. 264-6660. ; OT promises! Immediate money irst, second mortgages. Agent, 253 4185. INDIVIDUAL will buy mortgages or contracts. Private i n v e s t m e n 931-0963. FAST commitments — private funds available for hard to place real es tate loans. We also buy existing mortgages. Mortgages, Ltd. 264-9206 evenings, 943-8139. INDIVIDUAL will buy real estate contract or mortgage for persona Investment. 266-1582. IMMEDIATE Cash for contracts anc m ortj mortgages, gages, etc. 955-0272. _ CONSOLIDATE bills (cheap rates, First, second, mortgages. Agent, 253 4185. $200,000 AVAILABLE (cheaper rates.) First, second morgages agent. 253-4186. $50,000 OR over, for most any bur pose. 947-7273. TtiWEST DISCOUNTS It will pay you to check with our "26 year old" firm when sellinn your mortgage or contract. Real Estate Loans available. O'BRIEN INVESTMENT 279-6206 PRIVATE FUNDS AVAILABLE For any worthwhile prolect TOM, 994-9170 645—-Money Wanted $2000 to~$2l,000; 3 years p&l month" ly. Will pay 10% secured by severa 1st_tportjiafles..93W478. MAKE $3600 PROFIT on $10,000-36 month loan. Small dynamic corpora tion needs Immediate yenture capital for business expansion. Persona guarantee. Write Box 8-MA, Republic a_nd_Gazette. I N D I V~l D U A L wants to borrow $15,000 — three year Interest only loan. Will secure with first mortgage on property with double loan amount, 252-2381. NEEDED: $50,000, 10% yearly filter aid on Investment. 258-2693. 'ANTED: $50,000, 8Vs% interes Very hlqh.iesur.ltv, BE a part of growing Arizona, Inter ested? Wish S8500 or more Well se cured first mortgage. 849-1700. FOR sale $50,000 promissory note fully secured. Will discount to qive 'i9h veld. 265-ar-WANT $2000. Secured, for smal business expansion, 934-7948. PERSONALS and MISC. SERVICES Classes 651 through UJ 651—Personals WILL Ngd pay cash for suitable I AN teach you to dance so tha I yone will want_ to be vour partner SS Llla f 95, . TV «, Stereos we bu buy Diamonds, old sola. ewelers 15 W. Wash. 252- offers a o\an for vour life (a recording) LIPCOVERING. 934-4285. b«ND - Weddings etc. 946-8583. WHY not turn unwanted furniture appliances and household items Into ALTERATIONS. 253-0015. IDEAS Inventions, new products wanted. Mr. Koon. 994-0417 TYPING. 266-4096. ' YPING. 2i IOOKK BOOKKEEPING, accounting 242-2660. TYPING. 934-3327. TYPING. 955-0763. SEWING, reasonable. 278-5218. _ _._ "EWING, typing , Ironing. 247-386~9. UPHOLSTERY Boats. Etc. 846-2559. y downyy, 72148. • Cars, Furniture TYPING, Addressing and Stuffing MONIQUE'S COSMETICS New it exquisite. Be watching for them. up fast Capture' them forever In" pictures Children's portraitures done at homi where they feel comfortable, at play where they are themselves. Exclu iive photography session by appoint ment only. Open weekends. 937-5929. R'EUPHOLSTERTNG done, your fab" rjc or ours. 268-9213. NEED FOR IDENTIFY OF WITNESSES TO ACCIDENT OCCUR- ING 3:30 PM. T H U R S D AY, MARCH 22. 1973. APPROXI- IL . . MATELY 10-15 MILES WEST OF SUN CITY, US HGWY 60. REPLY P. 0. Box 11770, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85061. TYPING. 955-8552. JAZZ, blues, rock drummer needed Vernors 997-2355. 942-6154 r; 997-2355. 942-6 KEEPING, taxe; ISH-FRFNCH-Gl 'Ion tausht. 267-0 KKEE_PJNG.tax_es. 267-0130. SPANlSH-FRFNCH-GEpiAN,- c on versallori taught. 267-0851 ACCOUNTING - BMkkeeolng. Large & small accounts. 956-4135. FREE yourself. Wash and wea haircut for a carelree summer. 26* " IVATE piano lessons. New rapid enjoyable method. Beginners, inter mediates. 95?-2266. 255,8355, WANTED: Bookkeeping to do In my home for small businesses. Reason able. 934-4066. r rf day eek. MS- BOB'S "BIG BOY" gwjNg._ie88on,;aiteraflons,2?5-0460T :OR sale",. meTrtbershicLto" Jemb* uiom landscaping, gardening, awn erylce. 992-534f. alter 4pm, wake-uo service, $4.58 (P\NG — all "RTrlBs, Dictaphone. 16 t a I5**«' office experience, call . 992-2095. Ron R.R.i please call Lu. ELEGANT. DreswnakTng, Perfect al terallons. Arrived from London. 2661094. • ILL ctosewlng7279-3320; ~" IEW Phliosopji ipxejMMai :e able people : IND out who you really arel call "Ut who need monev, call 956- , .JANKS for favors received to the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart ol Mary and St. Jude. J. i, Z,G, A „ ' 'Ice Included, $5 weekly. 992-4688. WAKE me UP. with various,phone service Included, $4 weekly. 992-4686, 655—Nurseries Child care BABY SITTING, Tower Plaza are for mentally BABYSITTING. 5 days. 2760490 EXPERIENCED. Excellent, expen- slve. 266-4927. • IPX tl 0 ? 6 ' M7-p030. ) T H E R babysitter. \f n i UD can, mv homei 31sT Avenue-Cactus. 993-8976. BA.BYsTTTlNG, mv home. Mavrvale Vicinity. 272-3644. .HILD care. 63rd Avenue-Indian cChool, 846-3640, WILL babyslT ... Ing mothers, 267-8' home tor work- BABYSITTING. my home vicinity YS Avenue 8. Bell Road7993-884'2.' BABYSITtl NG — 276-B263. BABYSITTING, my home, weekdays, 5946 West Rose Lane, 937-5366. Critl.O TARE. My home. 964-3201. BABYSITTING, n\V Rome. North 32nd Drive. 973-1851. "6031 BABYSIT, cTaVs, mv BABYSTfflNG, my 3-10. 274-6478. iofne,"992l493T lome, child age BABYSITTING, Days. Mv Kirns', Temoe area. 968-5506, INFANTS, my home. 67th Avenue/Thomas. 849-3566, CHILD care, mv home, near Scottsdale Motorola. 946-8756. 17 YEAR old qlrl, dependable, experienced, wants baby sitting lob. E97-0957.' CHILD care, 275-9381. INFANT 8. child care. 27th Avenue/ Northern. Happy, healthy, environment. 995-0442. SOUTH Phoenix, second shift 276-9218. MY HOME, 67th Avenue - Thunder bird. 978-0071. LOVING care my home. Experienced, reliable, references. Starllghl Park. 849-2354. BAB'YSITTING, reasonable,_25_3-7238, CHILD ca'fe mv home,'fenced yard hot lunches. 47th Avenue/Indian School. 272-7338. BABY slttlnq part time, days, arouhc 16th Street/Thomas area. 14 year gir with references, transportation, and Good Samaritan certificate of baby slttlnq. 253-6583. . WILL babysit in mv home. 24 hours 7_d_ays. Reasonable rates. 269-9410. BABYSITTING, mv home. Northwes' area. Reasonable. 247-1266. MY home, 2824 West Rose Lane 242-1574. ; EXPERT full-time child care. Trans oortation available. 67th Avenue /Thomas. 849-4933. 659—Domestic Work Wanted WALLS washed, Windows, Rugs Professionals. 268-0906, 252-4665. FLOOR stripplnq, waxing, Carpet cleaning windows, walls washed Special Home & Apartment cleanups 943-7183. IRONING. 277-0241. MAID For You, Inc. The weekl maid service for homes and apart ments. Quality service, bonded and Insured. 944-1551._ __ D AY'Wp'R K." 268-0716. VACANCY'S"cTeaned. 257-8630. CLEANING 2.5218715, commercial residence GUARAN7 Residentla TEED CLEAN I NG $20 esidentlal & commerlcal. ABC JA N1TORIAL SERVICE, 971-2563. IRONING. 20th Street/Thomas 2.65-6349., IRONING, 59th Avenue-Osborn area In bv 9, out bv 4. 849-5215. CLEANING7 992-'71S5." ~* ~ HOUSES or apartments clean.. Owner do work, no employees. Satis faction guaranteed. Free estimates 258-3711 anytime. DAY work. Please call Debbie May han, 268-4493. HOMES, apartments cleaned. Low rates 268-3261. HOUSECLEANING. 277-19597 IRONING, S1.50 dozen, 51st Aven ue/Th"nderblrd. 938-0547. LADY for cleaning lob. Marvvale area. 846-9323. WILL do Ironing in mv home 931-4060. IRONING, near Thomas Mall 273-0029, EXPERIENCED housecleaning, Iron Ins. 254-9185. COMPLETE house cleaning. Man and wife, experienced, Free estl P ROFESS I ON AL painting^ Interlo and exterior, free estimates, satis faction guaranteed, reasonable rates call after 6 p.m., 931-2273. CARPET shampoo, $15 a room 9/3-S677. DAYWORK. own transportation. Ex aerlencecl. ?68_-62.44 i VACANCIES cleaned. Maid for You Inc. Bonded and Insured, 944-1551. MATURE woman, desires kitchen nursery work, llveout preferred. 955 9415^ WE'LL do all housecleanlnn includ ins washing windows. Reasonable 8i6-5161 J '_ SITTER -971-2986. ' The Jessen Clean Service Is the ultimate in home cleaning Due to customer vacations, for the first time In a year we are now able to accept a verv limited number o cleaning appointments. Call 268-795 at any time. 663—Wise, Jobs CEMENT work 247-3401. LAWNS. $10. 271-9627. CONCRETE work. 247-3371 TREES, hedaes trimmed, removed CONCRETE w"67kT247-3401, LAYING Carpet. $1 vard. 269-8669. FURNITURE moving, experienced reasonable, anytime, 252-9650. TRASH Hauling. 252-3534T TREES, hedges trimmed, removed 944_-020Q.__ LAWN SERVICE - 257-1215. LAWN Service. Valente Orta 276-8908. COOLER service. 992-8029. HOME reluvenatlng, plumbing, ear peniry, showers, all your home re pair needs. 266-1553,279-8361. CLEAN-UP — Hauling. 268-9374. CONCRETE work. 254-0730. HANDYMAN. C a r p e n t r yTdoors roo_fs, painting, odd jobs. 992-8582. TRACTOR~work7'934-962l7"" J_UNK removed, odd lobs done, cal FURNITURE moving. Experlence( low cost moving. 257-8188. mi Ca DOORHANGING. Carpentry. Paint Ing. 956-0572. «9 TiFFGREEN landscaping LAWN rare, 992-0521. 266-4058. PJ21..; nd So CRAWFORD and Son lawn service free estimate. 939-5193. LAWNWO?K, yardwork, excavating small concrete work. We bid on al fohs. large or small. 931-2124. CUSTOM oradln.g. .Clean.-up. Fill dirt. 993-9262. Dumptruck — loader STUDENTS NEED! PART TIME JOBS! IMMEDIATELY! AAule Students with varied experience available for part time iotas rnornlnss, afternoon and evening hours. Classes are 25 continuous months without summer vacation. UNITED ELECTRONIC INST. 255i E. UNIVERSITY DR. PHX CALL 267-1183 KAY LANDJS "WiltTRN Lawn Servic?."948-657J. 663-Mlic, Jobs RIOR & Exterior pamtrna. 15 r ears experience. Free estimates. ™ JIM '. wnservlc'e.l i. Reasonable COOLER Service.'Reasonable rates. -AWN service. Northwest. 938-4595. , CEMENT work done, very reasonable.' 9M-61311. Drapery. 20 years ixperlence. 265-3944. _____ LEE'S Lawn Service, mowTna, edg- na, trimming. Very dependable. J63-8213. 'AINTINO. You supply, we paint. Light hauling and misc. work. Call 268-6913. j; __ YAtTowdFiK, Reasonable. 9"6M99"3. PAINTING, Interior from $20 per , TING, I . 946-3190. ' 272-9214, after 6 p.m. . __ 'G —"No lobToolrnaTT! LAWN Service, cleanup, naulinq, weed control, seeding. Reasonable. 269-0493. vtARK'S expert lawn and trlmmlno service, West Side., 944-5009. service, northeast, uS$Wtt. .VAPORATIVE cooler service. m . ..OFESRIONAL Lawn Maintenance. Commercial — Residential. Year around accounts desired. 242-4856. LAWN work wanfed. 959"7T347~asl 'or Rick or Jim. LAWN service, cutting, weeding cleanup lots, 944-4080. HANDYMAN, anything. 253-3864. BENITO Banda's Garden, Lawn Service. 254-8921. HANDYMAN. 274-7253, DOWN To earth" prices.. Interior-exterior palntlno, free e " HANDYMAN. 938-5654. fRE.E. t r I m m I n g; lawn service, ego 1 TREES, trimming, removal. Free estimates. Reasonable. 265-3755; 254 LA llc_'"plantlng"'meth6d."9Sii'624b.' . .WNS,, bermuda & tiff. Fast, efff- lent 8, Inexpensive by new hvdrau HANDYMAN remodeWg. One cai: dotsJLall! 992-56Z4, COMPLETE lawn sen/Feel Mow, edge and trim 254-7450; PAINTING. Interior 8, exterior. Rea- sonaWe_276-8257._J, Slater.^ ClfR'US trrmmed. fed7944-0200. TRUE Keep Landscaping, Palms; trees trimmed. Rototnllnq; reseed, Complete lawn service. 276-71_0_8j^ , . __j^ REFRIGERATION repair. Reasonable. Guaranteed. 939-5157. __ HOME and apartment repair. Painting, panelinq, plumbing, Floor and HAULING, odd lobs. Free estimates. 942-3527. CARPET cleaning, low rates. Mike work -247-0445. clean granite yards, al colo'-s. 268-4454. 276-2773. FILL Dirt, 942-1410. CONCRETE worr. patios, driveways, sidewalks. 931-4567. FURNITURE moving. Very reason- abLe ! _997J701..___! C & S Lawn care. Mowina, trlm- mlng nrass planting. 997-4519. TEMFNT work. 939-0216. the Arizona Republic Friday, June 20, 1073 C-27 The Phoenix Gazette Want Mi Work Wondm Call 271-9111 663—Milt. Jobs 7AV ALL6N GRADING, Tractor work, lots,, yards „ 9 A ,,years toif course experience. 247-2291, n trees. 937-3134. . rERjOR :.PaTnt[n5: Free estl es,?97-S371. •__ . load. 279-5 AWTiS >y lob oi$fffao7—- you have. nth/ any area. _^.._^^^ _ service, specTallz ns In rtments and large lawns. __ t _. J __^ __ IN i fcKiOR.exlenor painting, 15 years exp_erJence,_asKJor_Bud, 93?:j1 14, ALLPAPERING. Insfde oalntlna. uqniy_workV 931-4439. _ _ _ ,_ PLUMBING repairs, sewers, drains 'S, Do all — Fix aTJT 1 'Hav» rayel." 94A-9388. _______ LOOLE RS serviced, repaired. ._ _ _^ BACKHOE Service. Trees and oiean- ders removed, lot clearing. Also trees trimmed. 955-9494. CAWN Servlee727B-4240. " -. , H5USECLEANING, " husband-wlf» tedm, Homes, offtces.._?3«-3i71. __ HAULINGT'clearTOp, what hav« you. 254-9016. CONCRETE patloTd r I v e w a v s. 274-9402. , -.. TRACTOR work, grafflle driveways, yards, landscaping, concrete grace. 955-5922. , S5j :oc COOLERS, serviced and repaired. 274-7374, YARD work. Lot clean up. Dlscjno. I orunlnq, fertlllzlno, tree removlno. Free estimates. 962-8444., BACKHOE SERVICE; trenchlnq, «x- cavating; pradlnq, lot clearing, frees removed) demolition. 274-3236, LAWN Service. 275-192"!. C E M E NTH small 254-3353, block work. COOLER repair, all around service. Southslde only, 276-8623, 268-3164. iPtt PROFESSIONAL GARDENING anrl LAWN SERVICE. 12 vears experience. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Cem- "»rclal and rosirtentlal. Work-..all over valley, 932-1215. LAWTl care and~misc. hauling. Free oMImate, 955-5594, HAUTTf 992-052L 1IC, 7V«J •J-iJ'+i r __ jj r ING. Free estimates. 266-4058. R QCKSCA£E,JLa ndscape, JZ7-90j HAULING have 1 ton flat truck. 278-0382. SOUTHWEST lawn service. 9423H3T ASPHALT. 2*8-15587- CHAIN link fence. Reasonable, de- pendabe, qua Itv work. 849-1914. " -— '- you want It done 7-'"7. desert plant I n o. Ut^lHH. /Of*l/7f t TOP, fill sand 8, granite. Reasonable, prompt! 997-4129. 934-0665. HAULING, oarage clean-out. Cash-or trade. 268-8389, __, _^, LIGHT Hauflno & Deliver ng -J-'Vi ton pickup. Reasonable rates. 979-4979 ECTECTRIC service, repair. 255^6142^ after 5 p.m. Ol 1C I -J K'"'i LAWN service. Northeast, 956-1047. ' CONCRETE work, driveways, patios, reasonable. 276-5171. HAULING. Clean-up, anything! 276-7262. : PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE ACCOUNTING CHECKING accounts, balanced . conclled. 955-2412. -pair, 1-4794. Service - Repalr-lnstallatlon-Licensed, Bonded. Camelback Alrconditloning Inc. 269-2097. Air cond 8. comm refrig repair, 24 hr. service. Earl Payne Air Condi- tlonlng Service, 996-1798. COOL-AID air cond. & refrigeration service. 12" turbine vents, $35. Installed. Call 992-7884 before f APPLIANCE REPAItT MAJOR Appliance Repair. Guaranteed. 242-4363. 264-4254 ASPHALT ASPHALT PAVING-244-0473 B BATH «. MASSAGE SATli4 n 'TffiH P lAS 9 |^ 265-6624 9-9 New Personnel RELAXING Massages and Sham'- poos. 966-2361. THE NEW TWIST Expert Siajf ?7bll_41 _____ BLACKTOP _ 1 BCACKTOP, SEA'L'COAtlNG. 959-8847 BLACKTOP. SEA'L COATING aUILPING NORTH Mtn. bldrs. 944-5138. Remodeling, additions. & homes. Lie. LICENSED contr. FHA approved remodeling, add-a-room. Mrchai fr«t estimates. Compatlve 937-3344. SHIPS LAWN SERVICE . Cleanups, new lawns, res. malnt..' Comm. & Residential. 265-6418. P f'LL beat any qualified written bid you show me. Lie. Cent. AM 4-3921. flh Cameron Construction i Investment builders of commercial, Industrial & custom home:. Ponded. 263-9176. New constr, res & comm. Remodeling, addn's a specialty. Non-union, lie, bonded, guar. Mv references-anv customer I've ever served 274-3523. ROOM additions, patios, remodeling, Licensed. free est. 278-11BC PAINTING all types, quality work. QualJly_people._943^417. __ _____ INT & Ext. Free est. All work Quar. 2_4__Hr, service. 258-5824,258-3711. g "' r " LARRY & Sons Custom Painting 31 YrsJo.Phx,_Nee<l Work. 9434M6. PAINTING, clean, efficient, reason* ablej;yar. Free estimate. 258-M77. _ YOUNG Italian pafnter needs work. Paperhanglns-annquina. int. & Ext, . 265- CABINETS, KITCHEN & BOOKCASES CARPEMTfc BAT CARPENTRY remodeling & repairs. SmaJl_lobs_a_spec!a|ty.. 266-J522. ALL types caroentry, anywhere. Work quaranteed. 945^5873^ Remodelinq, repairs, floor covering. roofing,.additions. 939-5292. ALL REPAIRS AND PAINTING Just call Charlie, 272-1957. CARPENTRY. Expert. _iZL9j ET C L7?6_ CARPET CLEANING 3 RM & Hall $25 up UDhplst, cleaning. Work guar. 258-5824, 258-3711. -"" -••-•----• 'iving room , 4 way >44-8022 1 »15, ANY Size ll system. 9-12, 5-7._9 CAR PC T 5 ..._._..__ _ pays, Evening and Sundav Repaired. ,. ^^_ . 275-3n53. CARPET LAYER NEEDS WORK Wholesale carpet. 248-0760. 26ir6143. CARPET -. _ CARPET Rolls left from Job, HILo or shag. Terms, 248-8731. QUALIT prices. F tOJNO^ 5m _ . cement work, competitive ree estimates. 277-1971. Driveways, patios, slabs 8, masonry work. Reasonable. 268-3326. A^L T T> PATT6S7"-. reasonable. WORK ,- ^-3741 ^ e %^ V 6 CEMENT work. Small lobs O.K. 247 3752. CEMENT, PatlosTBlpcl Remodelinq, 258- Brick CEMENT WORK. 267-0775. BOIfPITTS CONCRETE CUSTOM CONCRETE talks, patios. Swimming <ooj:decklno. Free estl- 276-7792 HE COOLER MAN Complete cooler service, 263-8522. Associated Cooler Service ,«• repair, $10 service special. Mobl e homes Incl. 944-2140 or 943-3064. & HE-A ALPINE COOLER SERVICE «. RE PAIR. ROOM AIR COND., ALSC 997-1483. I ~DIBT~ mar Best top soli ' Valley 'iroosoll and fUT Immediate delivery. 252-8263, 277-0019 or after 5. TOPSOIL, GRANITE.. ROCK ETC. CALL GLENN, 937-8630 TjRAPERIES_ BRAPERILESTCUSTQM W y work. Frieda & Comm. Ins Cqmpjete Workroom Service .. _..l WORKROOM Quality work. FrTeda 939-2223 Custom & Comm. Installation mple Custom Swaq ELECTRlcgCVork'cioi sniail. Anytime, 945-2301 ne. No lob too ELECTRICAL work, an for estimate. 994-9103, 258 W tLBCTRICAL LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. 948-8887 HEET VInyi", coved & Bonded. 279-1274. H PROFESSIONAL FURN. HAULING Rellanle — Experienced 264-9831 MAN with pickup will haul for you Y_OUR_PR1CE 969-1170 2 TRUCKS 24 fir. servk cleanup,_nojpbjoo smaji^268-: HOME REMODELING QUALITY home remodelinq. SSS En- lerprises. 931-5319. , J JANlTORTATTBWlCg lonable, ready to T U>NDS'C'APTNg~ SPRINKLER and Landscaping Serv- Ice. All work guaranteed. License. Free estimates. 242-2524. . COMPLETE landscaping service, all work and plants quaranteed. Tonv 258-2306 or 253-0856^ -car- - -^^ ' PROFESSIONAL Landscape service, free estimates. 992-2472. _P lAWN SEKVICt Reliable Lawn-Gard e n Service. 943-9137. _?*|NTJI!SL years exp. Insured. . -7964. PAINTER: Colors tailored to taste. Avg. celling $15. 257-1021. . Int. ext. ,neat, efficent, quality workmanship guar. 24W-1S9 tree. est. 253-7107 _ - _ ?a(ntlng Service. Quality Is our standard. All work guaranteed. DISTINCTIVE Int-ext palnfino. Reas. WALLCOVERINGS & paperhdnging. Quality work, FREE_E'5t.J<4j5182 " PAINTING. Interior - exterior. All "J9-9434. . .... L PAINTING Int.-ext. Reasonable.. Satis, guar. Af- work qua PROFE ranteed. 549-943- =ESSIONAL PA .. . te.r_5, 967-478.9. 265-1) 60. _____ PAINTING, carpentry. General all around quality work. 257-8451. PAINTING, NEED WORK 25% off. 30 yrs. exp. 253-6425. J5°/c INI INTERIOR, exterior, oaperhang- Ing, free estimates. 279-0721. j . . . Palntlnq, work quar. Immed. Sefv- Ice. Licensed. Bonded. 956-5356..._ •' PAPERHAN6ING PAPERHANGlNG by brofesslonals, free eestlmates. 2i4.-983f. _ • PAPERHANGlNG, alf'ryp'es. Also painting. Guar. Est free. 253-9903. PATIorcoVBRS Patio .covers, aluminum. Sold 8, In- Free estimates, 279-8622, stalled. 846-6232. COLLEGE student to take wedding 8, reception pictures In color. Reasonable rates. 264-4106, ext. 182, evenings. PLUMB IN? , 7 SONS PLUMBING Rjpalr 939-2882 Remodel A-) NAP PLMET-HtG. HONEST; ~~AS._LI£. PH. "^ JOHNNY'S PLUMBING 942-0707 new constr., sewers, remodel. Reasonable prices. 275-3309. REFRtGEBAtfON _ _~ ROOM AIR conditioners, sales, serv- Ice. New motors $23.95. 275-06S3. Service - Repair - Installation - Licensed, Bonded. Camelback Air Con- dltlonlnq Inc. 269-2097. GUAlC7"A~l~Co7id~-~-' reasonable rates. 83 pOFING , oof Coating,..t 'aterproofs. ' ROOFING, all types. Free estimates, yrs. experience. 275-4812. ____ ROOFING all types small patch lobs, $10. 997-8206, J! 1__ SBWINfl MACHINE CLEAN, OIL & ADJUST All rnakei W In your Tiorna. 252-3821. 942-1184. SPRINKLERS SHIPP'S RESIDENTIAL and industrlaTfiwn sprinkler deslan. Reasonable.

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