The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1970 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1970
Page 2
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PageA-2 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland s. MM Ford Bars Air Bags For Safety DETROIT (AF) - The Fort Motor Co. has given a flit "no" to » federal government proposal that 1973 ears be equipped with an air bag system to pro. tect occupants in event of a crash. Ford's unqualified rejection was the strongest voiced yet in the auto industry. General Motors earlier had called the plan "technically feasible*' but said there was no way of meeting the 1973 timetable. Stuart 14 Frey, chief body engineer of Ford, said Monday, "Ford is as anxious as anyone to halt the death toll on the highways, but even if we did have a developed air bag system, which we do not have now, we could not meet the proposed effective dates for installations in cars." Ford's statement was issued in advance of a June 24 conference in Washington at which government and industry will exchange views on the air bag system. Ford gave 50 magazine writers a first hand look at the system Monday. A film clip showed a test car equipped with air bags colliding head-on with another car at 30 miles an hour. The bag failed to inflate fast enough to keep a boy-sized dummy in the right front passenger seat from crashing into the car windshield. "If that had been a real boy and a real collision, that boy would have been killed," said Frey. A second test involved touching off an air bag system as newsmen gathered around the car. The noise, louder than mat of a shotgun, was followed by inflation of the nine-foot balloon-like bag in a fraction of a second. The force of me expansion of the bag, which was attached to the underside of the instrument panel, pulled the panel out of shape and the bag was shredded. ' "You have to remember that the test you saw involved only an air bag system protecting one of the car occupants," said Frey. "The federal government's proposal would have a separate air bag system for each occupant and thus when me system Was touched off, the force released could damage the car interior considerably." · Frey said Ford had had active study programs under way in the air bag field since 1957 but is convinced it has not found all the answers yet. · He declared: "What must be avoided at all costs, then, is letting enthusiasm cause prema- tore installations of relatively unproved and inadequately developed air bag systems in future cars. ' 1'Any system as potentially dangerous as the air bag if it fires inadvertently must have a system reliability better than a space craft" Rogers Testimony Lid Under Attack In House ARRESTED-Raphael Pavia, 44, i» shown after hi* arrest Monday by the FBI in New York. Pavia, whom an FBI official said was born in Tunisia* will be arraigned on bank robbery charges. (AP Wirepboto) Police Nab Suspect In Bank Holdups NEW YORK (AP - A Tuni. sian immigrant employed as a bartender has been arrested less man an hour after "Dashing Dan"- the well-mannered bank robber- pulled his 20th job in three months. FBI agents and city detectives, acting Monday on tips that resulted from recent newspaper pictures and articles on (he bandit had gone to Queens seeking to question Raphael Pavia, 44. Pavia was arrested as he stepped from a taxi at 2:05 p.m, near his apartment Police said he had $1,910 in his possession, the exact amount taken from a Manhattan bank 45 minutes earlier. Dashing Dan was so named by the FBI because of the politeness and speed with which jhe moved from bank to bank when a teller turned him down. Hidden cameras had snapped his photograph from various angles in the 20 banks. ' Authorities would hand a demanding big bills and warning that he had a gun. On six occasions, the teller denied having large bills and Dashing Dan walked out quietly. The neatly tailored holdup man got more man $35,000 in the series of robberies, the FBI said. Pavia was charged with robbing a Jamaica, Queens, bank March 4 and faces a 20-year prison term and $5,000 fine upon conviction. However, me FBI arrest announcement accused the suspect of 20 attempted robberies- nine in Manhattan, seven in Queens and four in Nassau County. Neighbors said Pavia was married and the father of two daughters and a son. WASHINGTON (AP) - A battle has developed in the House over a secrecy label placed on four hours of testimony by Secretary of State William P. Bogers in which he reportedly told a subcommittee he opposed sending American troops into Cam- Ibetta. Nearly all the secretary's testimony, seven days before President Nixon's April SO announce* meot of the U.S. attack into Cambodia, was deleted when the official transcript of the session was released Monday. "Part* of this testimony may have bean embarrassing to the executive branch, but national security-- not embarrassinent- ia the standard we have set for classifying information in our record,** said Rep. Silvio O. Conte, R-Mtti. Conte, in a dissent signed by six otter members of the House foreign aid appropriations subcommittee, accused Chairman Otto El Passman, D-La., of allowing Rogers to delete almost all his testimony from the public transcript The censored version contained only the opening statement in which Rogers outlined most of the administration's *2.9 billion foreign aid request Both Passman and the subcommittee's senior Republican, Frank T. Bow of Ohio, defended the decision to delete four hours of discussion about Indochina. "We're in a hot war," Passman said. "And if they say it should come out as far as I'm concerned, it will come out" Said Bow: "Publishing dated testimony mat would only add to the existing confusion on this decision is hardly in the public interest" Rogers reported^ told the "Weretognise mat if we escalate and we get involved in Cambodia with our ground troops that our whole program is defeated. Our whole motivation is the other way.** Passman later said in a House floor speech it was clear Rogers' opposition was to U.S. combat support of the Cambodia Lon Nol regime, not to the present campaign. Passman also indicated Rogers supported President Nixon's decision: "On the other hand," Passman quoted Rogers as saying, "we can see that if we were able to move in, if we were able to knock out those sanctuaries, it could very well make it possible for Vietnamixation to proceed at a faster pace." But Conte and Rep. Donald W. Riegle Jr., R-Mich., along with the other dissenters, said Rog- ers* testimony was c l e a r l y against our present troop involvement "Taken as a whole, the secretary's testimony was exactly contrary to administration policy as it was revealed just seven days later,** Riegle said. "For the secretary to now erase all his testimony from the record is a very dubious step and can only result in damaging the credfcility of the* administration." Two Syrians Lose Lives In Israeli Raids High Court Rule Curbs Damage Suits For Bias ^·^ _ _ _ . . - . . . . . · *_a_j*_ J _ · · WMM WASHINGTON (AP) - Reading a Reconstruction era law in a restricted way, the Supreme Court has barred damage suits by victims of puiejy private racial discrimination. The 5-2 interpretation Monday of an 1871 federal civil rights law requires a showing of state enforcement of discrimination before the victim can collect Justice John M. Harlan, speaking for the majority, said the court has always held the Constitution does not protect individuals from private discrimination. In mis first interpretation of the key provision of the 99- year-old law, Harlan said a New York school teacher who claimed she was denied lunch counter service in Hattiesburg, Miss., in 1964 would have to show the discrimination was sponsored by the state before she could collect on her «50,000 suit The ruling still permits the teacher, Sandra Adickes, to press her damage suit against the S. H. Kress chain, but limited by the narrow requirements of proof. Miss Adickes, who is^ white, contends a waitress refused to take her order because she was seated with six black students. The law authorizes damage suits against "every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or usage, of any state or territory," deprives any citizen of his rights. Justice William O. Douglas, a dissenter, said the court was sanctioning a lingering tolerance for racial discrimination. "It is time we stopped being niggardly in construing civil rights legislation," Douglas said. Justice William J. Bretman jr. took much the same approach in another dissent though his tone was milder. In another major action Monday the court postponed until next term a ruling on major challenges to use of the death penalty in the United States. William L. Maxwell, an kansas Negro whose appeal mounted into a test case, was granted a new hearing in federal court on the exclusion of op- . U military command said one of its army patrols killed two Bafld, in the oeeuptsa Golan- Heights. The Israelis suffered no casualties, a apokr A Syrian army spokesman in Damascus claimed Syrian soldiers made three foray s into the' Golan Heights during me night "killing or wounding IS Israeli soldiers." The Syrians admitted' two of their soldiers were missing. On the Ifcyptian front, Israeli jeta swept across the Suet Canal .for a 90.minute raid today, and a military spokesman in Tei Aviv said all aircraft returned ·i ·fitly Israel and Jordan each delivered letters to the U.N. Security Council blaming the other for roe attacks Monday which left. one schootchild dead on each aide and a number of others wounded. Neither country requested a council meeting, however. portents of capital punishment from his trial jury* said the robber note to a teller, Nixon Told Agriculture Prospering · WASHINGTON (AP) - Agriculture Secretary Clifford M, Hardin told President Nixon today the nation's farm economy is on the upswing and that major steps have been taken to meet administration agricultural goals. In his first annual report to the White House, Hardin said progress also has been made in feeding the nation's hungry, improving the environment and planning for the future growth of rural America. "The major continuing problem in agriculture," he added, "and one which specifically affects the level of income, is the capacity and the tendency to produce more of some crops than domestic and foreign markets can handle at satisfactory prices." In summarizing 1969 activities, Hardin mentioned: -- A rise in farmers* realized net income to about $16 billion or$1.2billion more than in 1968. - An increase in average net income per farm to a record high of $5,401 compared with $4,841 in 1%8. -- A per capita personal farm income of a record £2,375 average, compared with $2,163 in 1968 and $1,100 in 1960. - Record total farm assets of $307 billion, compared with *297 billion in 1968 and $178 billion in 1960. - Record farm-owned equity of $249 billion versus $243 billion in 1968 and $178 billion in 1960. However, the report said, average farm income in 1969 stilt was only about three-fourths that of nonfarmers. To combat overproduction, Hardin said, steps were launched last year to arrive at a consensus on new farm legislation which "would bring about production adjustment and maintain farm income without inhibiting the growth of markets or placing obstacles in the way of farming efficiency.*' r N. Ye Soldier Charged In Klan Knifing NEW YORK (AP) - An 18- year-old private is awaiting court-martial for attempted murder in the wake of alleged Ku Klux Klan activities at a U.S. Army post in West Germany, the New York Daily News reported today. The report followed a demand Monday by Rep. Seymour Halpern, B-N.Y., for a congressional investigation of an alleged 47-man KKK klavern. The Army said Monday that it had investigated but found no evidence that a klavern existed at the post, the headquarters of the 14th Armored Cavalry at Fulda, near the East German border. The News, however, said that Pvt Carlos K. Hernandez Rodriguez of New York "is awaiting trial in Germany on charges growing out of a knife fight with an alleged KKK member who belonged to his unit" The newspaper said this information was brought to its attention by John Van Hook, 20, a friend of Rodriguez', who produced a letter in which the Puerto Rican private told of his troubles with a white soldier. It quoted this excerpt from the letter: "He belonged to the KKK and he was trying to use me. He called me a nigger lover and all that. He even wrote or painted on my bedsheets and I quote, 'Nigger lover, stay away from them or you will be next, signed KKK.''» The News said Rodriguez told Van Hook in the letter that his superiors did not act on his complaints and the harassment continued, ending in the fight and attempted murder charge. (Adrertlsemeat) FALSE TEETH ThatLoosta N«wd Not Embarrass Don't ke«p worrying whether your MM teeth will cam* loaM »t tit* wronc time. 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